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1383 TO 1558. 

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At a Meeting of the SURTBBS SOCIETY, held in Durham 
Castle on Tuesday, December 3rd, 1901, the DEAN OP DURHAM 
in the chair, 

It was resolved, 

That a volume of North Country Wills from the Registers at 
Somerset House be edited for the Society by Mr. J. W. CLAY, 




THE SUETEES SOCIETY has printed a good many 
volumes of abstracts of Wills, more or less full, from 
the registries at York, Durham, and Richmond, which 
its members seem to have appreciated. 

There are, however, many wills of Northern 
persons proved in the Prerogative Court of Canter- 
bury, which are now at Somerset House, and a few 
in the Library at Lambeth Palace. 

These till lately have not been thoroughly 
examined, probably on account of the great labour 
in looking through so many manuscript calendars. 
Some few were printed by Canon Raine in " Testa- 
menta Eboracensia,"* and some short abstracts are 
in .Nicolas' " Testamenta Vetusta," a book which 
came out as long since as 1826, but which is now 

Fortunately, about fifteen years ago the British 
Record Society undertook the task of bringing out 
a regular index to the Somerset House Wills. 

*Brakkynbui-y, Elizabeth, 21 Holgrave, Teat. Ebor., iv. 233 

Brakynburgh, Richard, 31 Home, iv. 233 

Cresacre, Ambrose, 28 Godyn, 

Dyneley, Thomas, 9 Blamyr, 

Graystocke, Dame Elizabeth, 16 Bennett, 

Palmes, Guy, 25 Holder, 

Bauson, Charles, 13 Ayloffe, 

. Isabel, 10 Home, 

Scrope, Lady Margaret, 13 Luffenam, 

,, Sir Bich., 49 Marche, 

,, John, Lord, 26 Home, 

Lady Anne, 26 Home, 

,, LadyEliz., 10 Manwaring, 

Yong, John/ 17 Holder, 

iv. 227 

iv. 247 

v. 3 

v. 80 

iv. 131 

iv. 130 

iv. 4 

iv. 1 

iv. 94 

iv. 149 

v. 50 

v. 72 


Mr. J. Challenor Smith, F.S.A., the then Superin- 
tendent of the Literary Department, edited the first 
volume, from 1383 to 1558. Two more have since 
been issued, continuing the work to 1604. Since then 
it has got on very slowly, but is still progressing. 

This volume contains full abstracts of nearly all 
the wills of persons living in the counties of York, 
Nottingham, Durham, Northumberland, Cumberland, 
and Westmorland, comprised in the first volume of 
the index, viz. to 1558. 

There are at Somerset House many wills of 
persons living in London and the South, who had 
some connection with the North. These were often 
clerics who had changed their livings, and younger 
sons who had left their paternal homes, probably to 
try and make their fortunes in London. They often 
mentioned the places where they were born, the 
churches where their relatives were buried, the 
friends they left behind, and their properties in the 

As it has been impossible to print these in full, 
brief abstracts have been inserted in an Appendix, 
containing the references to the Northern Counties, 
which no doubt will be of interest to the topographer 
and genealogist. 

It only remains to say that the early Latin wills 
were copied by Miss Stokes ; for the rest the Editor 
is responsible. The underground literary room at 
Somerset House is not an ideal place for copying 
closely-written MSS., particularly in the winter months, 
when the electric light is much used, so an occasional 
slip in a proper name may perhaps be excused. 



[Marche, 9.] 

Ego, Robertus de Faryngton, presbiter indignus Lich- 
feldensis diocesis, canonicus ecclesie Beati Petri Eboracensis, 
et rector, licet indignus, ecclesie parochialis de Crofton, ejus- 
dem Lichfeldensis diocesis, expectans omni tempore secundum 
voluntatem Creatoris diem in quo veniet raunicio mea, sanns 
mente, die Sabati, in crastino Annunciacionis Beate Marie 
virginis (March 26), A.D. 1401, condo testamentum meum. 

Lego corpus meum sepeliendutn ubi videbitur melius 

executoribus meis, et ubi melior memoria de me poterit 
haberi. Volo quod debita mea creditoribus meis singulis 
quibus teneor persolvantur, et residuum omnium bonorum 
meorum, expendendum secundum intencionem meam quam 
declare eis vive vocis oraculo, lego ordinacioni executorum 
meorum secundum voluntatem meam antedictam, et omnia 
bona que remanent ultra expendantur fideliter in operibus 
caritatis pro anima rnea.* Ad istud autem testamentum 
meum fideliter exequendum meos facio executores, videlicet, 
magistrum Willelmum de Faryngton, fratrem meum carissi- 
mum, et magistrum Robertum de Hodirsale, doctores theologie, 
dominum Henricum Malepas, canonicum Lichfeldensem, con- 
junctim et divisim, orans eos pro Deo ut faciant fideliter 
cum expedicione pro anima mea. Datum in hospicio meo 
in parochia Sancti Dunstani West, London., die et anno 

Consequenter A.D. 1404-5, mensis Februarii die decimo, in 
quadam camera infra rectoriam de Crofton, dominus Robertus 
de Faryngton, licet eger, sanus tamen mente, magistro 
Willelmo de Faryngton, fratri suo uterino, dedit disposi- 
cionem omnium bonorum suorum ad faciendum sicut pre- 
dictus magister Willelmus noverit ejua voluntatem, sic 
asserens, Frater, tu novisti voluntatem meam et scripturam 
meam scriptam manu mea propria, do tibi disposicionem 
omnium bonorum meorum, ut ammodo ordines de illis prout 

* Here a clause is omitted to the effect they are to dispose as they would 
answer before God, etc. 


melius nosti voluntatem meam, quia nunc relinquo munduxn, 
et nunquam intermittam me cum temporalibus. Scribi feci 
aliqua in absencia tua que volo quod respicias, que volueris 
addere addas, et que volueris subtrahere subtrahas, in nomine 

Dei, etc. 

[Proved 23 March, 1404-5, by the executors named, together 
with the codicil.] 


[Marche, 16.] 

19 Jan., 1407-8. Willelmus filius Johannis de Escryk 
de Selby, in gradu sacerdotali constitutus. Lego corpus 
meum ecclesiastice sepulture de Selby juxta sepulcrum 
parentum tneorum. Lego pro mortuario meo prout moris 
est. Lego ad quindecim libras cere emendas pro quinque 
cereis inde faciendis et circa corpus meum comburendis, 
prout moris est circa corpora defunctorum, summam pecunie 
competentem. Lego ad distribuendum pauperibus ville de 
Selby magis indigentibus secundum discrecionem executorum 
testamenti mei c s. Lego capellano parochiali de Selby xx d.; 
domino Johanni de Shirburn, capellano, vj s. viij d.; cuilibet 
capellano alteri venienti ad exequias meas et oranti pro 
anima mea, xvj d. Davido, abbati de Selby, xiij s. iiij d., et 
domino priori ejusdem, vj s. viij d. Dompno de Cresseby, 
monacho, Ivj s. viij d.; cuilibet alteri monacho monasterii de 
Selby, iij s. iiij d. Item predicto domino abbati et conventui 
de Selby unam cupam cum cooperculo deauratam ponderatam 
cum foliis vinearum. Monasterio de Selby unam cappam de 
panno aureo de Lukes. Clerico parochiali de Selby, vij d. 
Clerico ecclesie majoris de Selby, ij s. Magistro Willelmo 
Cay, xvj d. Ad pitanciam canonicorum de Drax, xiij s. iiij d. 
Ad pitanciam monialium de Apleton, xiij s. viij d. Magistro Ade 
de Ordine Fratrum Carmelensium Bbor., xiij s. iiij d. Fratri 
Ricardo, consocio, vj s. viij d. Fratribus de Ordine predicto in 
Ebor. xxs., et Fratribus de Ordine Predicatorum ibidem, xxs., 
et Fratribus de Ordine Minorum ibidem xx s., et Fratribus de 
Ordine Sancti Augustini ibidem, xxs. Lego ad fabricam cathe- 
dralis ecclesie Ebor., xx s. Item, pauperibus hospitalis Sancti 
Leonard! Ebor., xiij s. iiij d.; ad fabricam ecclesie minoris de 
Selby, xxvj s. viij d.; ad reparacionem viarum in Selby, xiij s. 
iiij d. Beatrici, sorori mee, Ivj s. viij d., duodecim ulnas panni 
linei novi, et unam togam de skarleto, furratam cum bys. 
Agneti, que fuit uxor patris mei, xls. et unam togam de 
Mustrevilers, furratam cam bys. Johanne, ancille mee, xv s. 
et unam togam simplicem. Ricardo, servienti meo, Ivj s. viij d. 
et unum equum gray cum cella et freno. Thome Bryan illas 


quatuor marcas quas Alicia, mater sua, michi debet. Willehno, 
filio fratris mei, decem libras bone monete, ut sint in custodia 
domini Johannis de Burgoyn, capellani, ad ministrandum 
eidem Willelmo prout opus fuerit eidem. Johanni de Brun, 
vj s. viij d. Ecclesie mee Sancte Felicitatis unum vestimentum 
integrum cum pertinenciis suis de panno aureo contexto cum 
cervis et leporariis, et unam cappam de bloido satin, contestam 
(sic) cum literis X., et duo gradalia. Ad distribuendum 
pauperibus parochianis meis ibidem centum solidos. Dimitto 
priori Sancti Nicholai in Bxonia totum debitum in quo michi 
tenetur, et lego eidem priori, vj s. viij d. Cuilibet monacho loci 
predicti, iij s. iiij d. Volo quod executores mei liberari faciant 
eidem priori omues calices suos que (sic) habeo in custodia 
mea. Domino Roberto Peyntor, capellano, xl s., et unum ciphum 
argenteum cum cooperculo, precii xx s. Domino Johanni de 
Burgoyn, capellano, c s., et unum ciphum argenteum cum 
cooperculo, precii quatuor marcarum. Johanne de Bikbury 
c s. et unum ciphum argenteum cum cooperculo, existentem 
apud London. Johanni Taverner, avunculo meo juniori, c s. 
Johanni Taverner, avunculo meo seniori, xiij s. iiij d. Uxori sue 
unam togam de skarleto, duplicatam cum carde. Isabelle Scut, 
iij s. iiij d., et unam togam duplicem. Domino Reginaldo, 
avunculo meo, xx s. et unam togam de worsted. Dimitto 
eidem domino Reginaldo et Beatrici, sorori mee, totum debitum 
in quo michi tenentur. Emme Botiller, iij s. iiij d. Reginaldo filio 
Johannis de Whytmore, Ivj s. viij d., ita quod sint in custodia 
domini Johannis de Burgoyn, ad ministrandum eidem Reginaldo. 
Johanni de Whytmore, vj s. viij d. Ricardo de Roudon et 
Johanne, uxori sue, unum ciphum argenteum cum cooperculo, 
precii xl s. Alicie, filie eorum, unum ciphum argenteum cum 
cooperculo, precii duarum marcarum, vel duas marcas pro 
eisdem, et unum par de bedes de corallo cum uno anulo de 
auro appendente vel vj s. viij d. pro eisdem, secundum libitum 
sue voluntatis. Willelmo de Wessyngton, vj s. viij d. Johanni 
de Lathes, iij s. iiij d. Johanni Hasand, iij s. iiij d. Ricardo 
de Drax xs., et Margarete, uxori ejus, unum par de bedes, 
vel iij s. iiij d.; et Isabelle, filie ejusdem Ricardi, unum filet cum 
placa de argento, precii iij s. iiij d., vel tantam pecuniam. 
Domino Luce, procuratori meo, xls. Magistro Willelmo 
Tallarne, capellano meo, xxs. Domino Paulo, capellano, 
xiij s. iiij d. Clerico domini Johannis de Schyrburn, vj d. 
Willelmo de Scolowe, ij s. Elene filie Isabelle Scut, vj s. viij d. 
Alicie filie Oliveri Burdelen, xiij s. iiij d. Matilde Watson, 
iij s. iiij d. Quoad xliij li. xiij s. iiij d., in quibus Ricardus 
Roide michi tenetur per scriptum suum de Statute Mercatorum, 
dimitto eidem Ricardo xli., sub tali tamen condicione quod 


ipse solvat domino Roberto Peyntor predicto xx li. xiij s. iiij d., 
et ad certos dies congruos xij li. xiij s. iiij d., ut predictus 
Robertas disponere possit de pecunia predicta pro anima mea. 
Quoad xx li. xiij s. iiij d., in quibus Thomas de Selby, manens 
in Caleys, michi tenetur tarn per scriptum suum obligatorium 
quam super una furrura de bever, uno gladio, et una zona cum 
argento ornata, michi per ipsum invadiatis pro quinque marcis, 
de summa supradicta dimitto eidem Thome vij li. vj s. viijd.; 
sub tali tamen condicione quod ipse solvat executoribus [meis] 
xiij li. vj s. viij d. Isabelle, uxori Thome Smallwood, sorori 
mee, illud mesuagium in Selby, jacens in vico vocato Mikilgate, 
in quo predicti Thomas et Isabella manent, tenendum eidem 
Isabelle ad totam vitam suam, ita quod post mortem ejusdem 
Isabelle predictum messuagium remaneat domino Roberto 
Payntor supradicto, ad vendendum tarn care quam poterit, et 
pecuniam inde percipiendam pro anima mea in pios usus con- 
vertat. Predicto domino Roberto, ad reparacionem edificiorum 
in dicto mesuagio existentium, cvj s. viij d., et omnia ilia 
tenementa in Selby que Cristiana de Chestre tenet, et que 
habui" de dono patris mei, ad vendendum cito post mortem 
ejusdem Cristiane, et pecuniam inde percipiendam in celebra- 
cionem missarum convertant (sic). Eidem Roberto vj li. xs. viij d. 
quos dominus abbas de Selby michi [debet] in persolucionem 
viginti marcarum in quibus Johannes de Birne michi per 
scriptum suum obligatur pro abbate, ut disponat pro anima 
mea. Volo quod idem dominus Robertus per se ordinet 
nomine executoris pro omnibus bonis meis infra diocesim 
Ebor. existentibus, et predictus Johannes de Burgoyn et 
Johannes de Bikbury per se ordinent infra provinciam 
Cantuariensem ; non obstante quin ipsi dominus Johannes et 
Johannes transmitti faciant predicto domino Roberto usque 
Selby omni celeritate possibili tantam summam pecunie 
Anglicane ut mea voluntas plenarie poterit adimpleri, et 
liberari faciant predicto domino Roberto omnes cartas et muni- 
menta tangencia tenementa mea infra diocesim Eboracensem. 
Item, volo quod iidem dominus Johannes et Johannes emant unum 
lapidem marmorium pro sepulcro meo in quo sculpetur ymago 
Beate Marie Virginia, sedentis in solio, tenentis Filium in brachio 
sinistro, ad cujus pedes fiat ymago similis sacerdoti genu- 
flectenti, tenenti inter manus unam cedulam conscriptam cum 
hiis verbis, Jesu, Fili Dei, miserere mei. Res. lego [executoribus 
meis] ut ipsi inde disponant pro anima mea; proviso tamen 
quod due partes eorundem bonorum per predictum dominum 
Robertum apud Selby, ubi corpus meum humatum erit, in pios 
usus poterint converti. Sigillum meum apponi feci in testi- 
monium premissorum. Hiis testibus, Ricardo de Drax, 


Johanne de Brun, Ricardo de Upton, Johanne Taverner de 
Selby, [et] aliis. Datum apud Selby. 

[Proved 17 March, 1407-8.] 


[Marche, 19.] 

3 Sept., 1448, 9 Hen. IV. Eobertus Bray ton, clericus. 
Corpus meum ubicunque Deus pro eo disposuerit sepeliendum. 
Item, volo quod Willelmus Kempe, f rater meus, et Johanna, 
uxor ejus, habeant omnia terras et tenementa mea cum 
pertinenciis in Brayton et Selby, ad vitam eorundem et alterius 
eorum diucius viventis, et centum solidos in pecunia numerata, et 
omnia debita et catalla que michi debet (sic] eisdem Willelmo 
et Johanne plenarie relaxentur. Rem. Willelmo Mascalde et 
heredibus de corpore suo procreatis. Et quod idem Willelmus 
Mascalde habeat similiter omnia terras et tenementa mea cum 
pertinenciis in Barley, Enfeld, et London., et in suburbiis 
ejusdem civitatis, sibi et heredibus suis de corpore suo 
procreatis. Rem. Willelmo Kempe, fratri meo predicto, et 
heredibus de corpore suo exeuntibus. Rem. Johanni Mascalde 
et heredibus de corpore suo exeuntibus. Rem. Elene, filie 
predicti Willelmi Kempe, et heredibus de corpore suo 
exeuntibus. Rem. Thome Brayton et heredibus de corpore suo 
procreatis. Et si idem Thomas obierit sine herede de corpore 
suo procreate, tune terre et ten. predicta per executores meos, 
si tune superstites fuerint, alioquin per executores illius sic 
ultimo morientis, vendantur pro anima mea et parentum 
meorum et animabus infrascriptorum et omnium fidelium 
defunctorum, disponantur et ordinantur, prout eis melius 
videbitur fore faciendum; ita semper quod quicumque pre- 
dictorum Willelmi Kempe, Willelmi Mascalde, Johannis 
Mascalde, Elene et Thome Brayton, yel ejus heres, qui terras 
et ten. predicta, sen maximam partem eorundem, primo per 
decem annos proxime post decessum meum sequentes, vel per 
aliquam partem temporis illius, obtinebit, inveniat interim de 
redditibus et proficuis earundem terrarum et ten. proven- 
ientibus unutn ydoneum presbiterum, ad divina celebrandum 
pro anima mea predicta et parentum meorum predictorum, 
apud Brayton, vel Romeney, vel alibi, per disposicionem 
executorum predictorum. Et si ad alterum predictorum Elene 
et Thome Brayton terre et ten. predicta in forma predicta 
acciderint, tune uterque eorum, qui sic ilia obtinebit, per con- 
simile tempus per se hujusmodi presbiterum separatim 
inveniat. Et ut ista onera predicta, prout superius declarantur, 
debite compleantur, ipsos Willelmum Kempe, Willelmum 
Mascalde, Johannem, Elenam, et Thomam, et eorum quemlibet 


ad quorum vel cujus eorum manus terre et ten. ilia evenerint 
onero, et, quantum in me est, oblige, sicut coram Deo inde pro 
me respondere voluerint infuturo. Dicto Willielmo Kempe et 
Johanne, uxori ejus, ultra dicta legata sex marcas. Willelmo 
Mascalde predicto decem libras, et ei pardono totam annuitatem 
suam, quam michi reddere debet certis annis jam futuris de 
tenementis suis in Barley. Predicto Johanni Mascalde decem 
libras. Decem honestis pauperibus virginibus equaliter apud 
Bray ton, London. ,et Romeney, ad maritagia sua, decem marcas. 
Cuilibet tenencium meorum infra London, et Enfeld firmam ad 
me coutingentem pro uno quarterio anni de tenementis que 
vel quod de me tenet, quam volo eis penitus dimitti ut orent 
pro anima mea. Cuilibet ordiiii quatuor Ordinum Fratrum 
Londinensium, decem solidos. Utrique prisone de Newgate 
et Ludgate London, decem solidos. Prisone de Flete, xs. 
Utrique prisone de Mareschalcy et de Banco Regis in Suth- 
werk, scilicet, pauperibus prisonariis in prisonis predictis dis- 
tribuendos, xl d. Cuilibet hospitali de Sancto Bartholomeo, 
Bedleme, Seint Thomas Spitell, et Seynt Maryspitell, scilicet, 
pauperibus ibidem distribuendos, xxd. Fabrice et emenda- 
cioni chori ecclesie de Veteri Romeney xxs., et corporis 
ejusdem ecclesie vj s. viij d., et ut pro anima mea orent ibidem 
in pulpito per tres annos proxime sequentes post decessum 
meum. Eidem ecclesie et parochianis ibidem unam casulam 
de nigro de novo cum stola et fanone et apparatu, precii xxx s., 
de novo faciendam pro uno albo quod in eadem ecclesia nunc 
remanet de stauro. Pauperibus ibidem parochianis distri- 
buendos, xiij s. iiij d. Item, volo quod omnia debita et 
redditus, aretro ad hospitalia Sancti Nicholai et Sancti Jacobi 
Calesii de tempore meo, exceptis debitis que Ricardus 
Oldyngton, Willelmus Orwell, et Johannes Amoree, michi 
[debent] per obligaciones de certis terris et tenementis 
in Calesio et Squiuagio ibidem exeuntibus, pertinentibus 
reparacioni et emendacioni dictorum hospitalium, disponantur 
et dispendantur. Item, volo quod de debito quod Rogerus 
Hillom michi debet in redditu annuitatis et alias mutuo, 
quadraginta solidi eidem Rogero, si de residuo satisfaciat, 
relaxentur. [De] residuo vero bonorum meorum volo quod 
per discrecionem executorum meorum pro anima mea dis- 
ponatur, sicut Deo et eis placuerit; quos quidem executores 
facio Thomam Haxey, clericum, Thomam Braytou, Henricum 
Maupas, clericos, Willelmum Kempe, et Willelmum Mascalde, 
et Willelmum Lane, supervisorem et adjutorem execucionis 
testamenti predicti. In cujus rei testimonium presenti scripto 
meo testamentario sigillum meum apposui. Datum Londoniis, 


CODICILLUS ROBEETI BuAYTON. Item, lego eisdem Willelmo 
Kempe et Johanne, uxori ejus, summas centum solidorum et 
sex marcarum predictorum, et sexdecim marcas dim. ultra 
summas predictas, que continet in toto xx li. Willelmo Lane 
et Elene, uxori ejus, xli. Thome Brayton, decem marcas. 
Willelmo Brayton, fratri suo, quinque marcas. Johanni 
Motte, xiij s. iiij d. Johanni Mallyng unam togam de blodio 
singulam, et iij s. iiij d. Cuidam capellano, per duos annos in 
ecclesia de Brayton pro anima mea celebraturo et pro animabus 
parentum meorum, xli. Item, volo quod quilibet possessor 
terrarum et ten. meorum in London, pro tempore suo inveniet 
unum presbiterum ydoneum, divina pro anima mea et 
animabus predictis celebraturum per decem annos continuos, 
de proficuis terrarum et ten. predictorum, prout in testamento 
inde confecto plenius continetur. Thome Brayton omnes 
libros meos legem terre tangentes; omnesque libros eccle- 
siasticos meos volo vendi et pro anima mea disponi. Willelmo 
Lane omnia utensilia mea tangencia coquinam. Alia vero 
utensilia, bona, et catalla mea quecunque volo quod vendantur 
et pro anima mea disponantur sine dilacione. Item, volo quod 
duo trentalia missarum fiant pro anima mea et animabus 
parentum meorum die sepulture corporis mei. 

[Will proved before Master John Perche, the commissary, on 31 May, 1449, 
and administration granted to Thomas Brayton.] 


[Marche, 23.] 

28 Oct., 1410. Johannes Sewall de Wymppeton. Corpus 
meum ecclesiastice sepulture in capella vel in cimiterio Beate 
Marie de Wymppeton, et cum corpore meo unum animal 
nomine principals cum cella et freno. Domino Roberto, 
vicario de Dunham super Trent, iij s. iiij d. Cuilibet capellano 
existenti ad exequias meas, iiij d. In cera comburendas circa 
corpus meum in die sepulture mee et in septimo die duas libras 
cere. Fabrice ecclesie de Dunham dimidium busselli ordii. 
Ad opus capelle de Wymppeton dimidium buschelli ordii. 
Executores ordino Agnetem, uxorem meam, et Johannem 
Sewall, fratrem meum, ut solvant debita mea et disponant de 
bonis meis prout melius viderint expediri. Et si quid 
residuum fuerit bonorum meorum volo ut dicti executores mei 
subveniant filiis meis. Hiis testibus, domino Roberto, vicario 
de Dunham, Willelmo Asserlys de Wyrsoppe, Johanne Holgh 
de Ragenhyll et alijs. 

[Proved 15 May, 1411-12.] 



[Lambeth Wills, Beg. Arundel, ii, 194d.] 

In Dei nomine Amen. Ego, Willelmus Roos, rector 
ecclesie parochialis de Welburn, in bona memoria mea condo 
testamentum meum apud Welburn predictam xij mo die Maij, 
A.D. 1413. In primis commendo animam meam Deo Omni- 
potenti, Beate Marie Virgini, et omnibus Sanctis, et corpus 
meum lego ad sepeliendum in cancello ecclesie mee predicte. 
Item, lego primo et principaliter ut debita mea solvantur. 
Item, lego Johanni Fouldon, capellano, vj d. Item, lego 
Willelmo Edwey, capellano, vj d. Item, clerico parochiali, 
iij d. Item, lego ad disponendum pauperibus parochianis 
meis, ubi inveniatur maxima necessitas, ij s. Residuum vero 
omnium bonorum meorum ac omnia michi debita unacum 
fructibus autumnalibus ac aliis comoditatibus et proficuis 
quibuscumque, ad dictam ecclesiam meam usque ad syno- 
dum Michaelis proxime futuram qualitercumque spectantibus 
provenientibus et proventuris, de quibus testari potero de 
jure vel consuetudine, lego executoribus meis ut ipsi habeant 
et dispoiiant pro anima mea et pro animabus omnium fidelium 
defunctorum, prout melius sperent Deo placere et anime mee 
saluti expediri. Hujus autem testamenti mei Johannem 
Davy, vicarium ecclesie parochialis de Estudenham, et 
Johannem Robert de Welleburn ordino, facio, et constituo 
executores meos. In cujus rei testimonium presentibus 
sigillum meum apposui. Dat. die, loco, et anno Domini 

[Proved 12 August, (1430).] 


[Lambeth Wills, Eeg. Chichele, i, 283.] 

In Dei nomine Amen. Ego, Michael de la Pole, comes 
Suffolchie, primo die Julii, A.D. 1415, et anno regni regis 
Henrici quinti post conquestum tercio, sanus et compos mentis 
existens, in hunc modum meum condo testamentum. In 
primis, lego animam meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beate Marie 
Yirgini, et omnibus Sanctis, et corpus meum sepeliendum in 
ecclesia domus Ordinis Cartusiensis juxta Kyngeston super 
Hulle, videlicet, inter tumbam patris et matris meorum et 
altare ibidem, absque aliqua tumba super me perficienda ; set 
super me sit una petra bassa, si in partibus borialibus me 

* Son of Michael de la Pole, first Earl of Suffolk, and Catherine, daughter 
of Sir John Wingfield, knight. He was at the siege of Harfleur, and died there 
18 Sept., 1415, being buried at Wingfield, M.I. He married Katherine, daughter 
of Hugh Stafford, second Earl of Stafford. They had issue Michael, third 
Earl, slain at Agincourt, and William, fourth Earl and first Duke, whose will 


decedere contigerit ; et, si alibi infra regnum Anglie me 
contigerit obire, tune in ecclesia collegiata de Wyngfeld, 
videlicet, in parte boriali altaris Beate Marie in eadem ; et si 
extra regnum Anglie contigerit me in fata decedere, tune si 
corpus meum vel ossa mea in Angliam inferantur, ut dictum 
est, apud Wyngfeld, sepeliantur. Et lego pro mortuario meo, 
ubi me contigerit sepeliri, melius animal meum. Item, lego 
Katerine, uxori mee, unum parvum librum cum tabulis 
argenteis et deauratis cum uno diademate, qui nuper fuit 
comitis Staffordie, patris sui. Et lego eidem unum magnum 
primarium, habendum ad terminum vite sue. Et volo quod 
post mortem suam dictus primarius detur heredi meo, et ipse 
qui erit heres oneretur quod idem primarius remaneat heredi 
suo, et sic de herede in heredem quamdiu Deo placuerit. 
Item, lego collegio de Wyngfold unum vestimentum de albo 
panno aurotexto cum toto apparatu et pertinenciis suis, 
videlicet, tribus capis, ij tuniculis, una casula, tribus amitis, 
tribus albis, tribus stolis, iij fanons, ij auterclothes cum 
j fruntelle, ij pilewes, j cylour, ij curtyns de Tartaryn, et 
ij towellis. Item, lego filio meo unum parvum primarium, qui 
nuper fuit Johannis, fratris mei, cum uno anulo et una 
ymagine auri Beate Marie Virginis, et cuilibet alteri filiorum 
meorum et filiarum mearum unum anulum cum benediccione 
mea. Item, lego predicte Katerine, uxori mee, manerium 
meum in Kyngeston super Hulle, vocatum le Courthalle, et 
omnia alia terras, tenementa, redditus, et servicia in dicta 
villa tarn in dominico quam in reversione, si que sint ad ter- 
minum vite vel annorum, cum omnibus pertinenciis suis, haben- 
dum ad totam vitam suam naturalem; ita quod post mortem 
ejusdem Katerine predicta manerium, terre, tenementa, redditus 
et servicia cum suis pertinenciis rectis heredibus meis integre 
revertantur, tenenda de capitalibus dominis feodi per servicia 
debita et consueta imperpetuum. Item, lego residuum omnium 
bonorum meorum ubicumque inventorum, predicte Katerine, 
uxori mee, domino Edmundo de la Pole, chivaler, avunculo 
meo, domino Waltero de la Pole, militi, Johanni Stanerton, 
Eoberto de Bolton, Thome Frampton, Edmundo Drury, 
Ricardo at Hoo, et Roberto de Herdon, clericis, Johanni 
Glenham, Johanni Wode, et Roberto de Bolton, armigeris, 
quos ordino executores meos ut faciant pro anima mea prout 
eis melius videbitur expediri ; volens quod ipsis qui ceperint 
super se administracionem istius testamenti remunerentar 
sufficienter pro expensis et laboribus suis. In cujus rei 
testimonium huic present! testamento meo sigillum meum 
apposui. Dat. die et anno supradictis. 

[Proved 5 Nov., 1415, by Katherine, the relict, with power reserved.] 



[Marche, 33.] 

London., 8 April, 1416. Johannes Prophete, decanus 
Eboracensis. Lego corpus meum putiidum, ecclesiastice 
sepulture tradendum infra cancellum ecclesie mee prebendalis 
de Leyghtou Bosard, aut in ecclesia mea de Ryngwode, si infra 
provinciam Cantuariensem decedam, aut in ecclesia Beati Petri, 
vel in ecclesia mea de Poclinton. Volo quod de Ij li., quas de 
bonis domini Ricardi Felde recepi, xx marce, per ipsum legate 
pro reparacione prebende de Lyme in ecclesia Saresburiensi, 
dicte prebende solvantur; et quod residuum pro salute anime 
dicti Ricardi distribuatur, illis pecuniarum summis computatis 
quas feci distribui quatuor capellanis. Yolo quod x marce, 
quas recepi de magistro Johanne Lynton, pro anima Johannis 
Wynter capellani in usus pauperum erogandas, per executores 
meos pauperibus erogentur. Lego ecclesie de Ryngwode 
missale meum unacum calice meo deaurato. Elizabethe 
Dencourt et Margerie Edolfe, neptibus meis, cuilibet earum, c s. 
Volo quod pro ecclesiis et capellis meis, tarn decanatus mei quam 
alibi, vestimeiita seu alia ornamenta provideantur. Fabrice 
ecclesie Herefordeiisis, ut canonici ejusdem ecclesie orent pro 
anima mea, x marcas. Vicariis chori ibidem, vli. Fratri 
David Hay de conventu Fratrum Minorum Herefordie, cs.; 
et, contemplacione dicti f ratris David, dicto suo conventu, xl s. 
Conventui Fratrum Predicatorum ibidem, xls. Yicario ecclesie 
mee prebendalis de Leyghton, xx s. Cuilibet capellano ibidem, 
et cuilibet capellano capellarum dependencium ab eadem, 
vj s. viij d. Domino Johamii Boseham, xx marcas. Cuilibet 
capellano mecum in meo hospicio commoranti, non promote, 
cs.; set domino Edmundo Lege xli., et cuilibet promoto cs. 
Domino Ricardo Hulle et domino Ricardo Rede, cuilibet eorum, 
c s. Johamii Felde, nepoti meo, c marcas. Rogero Plonfelde, 
juniori, xx marcas. Waltero Ayleston, xl marcas, pro eo 
specialiter quod a multis retroactis temporibus michi fidele 
servicium impendebat. Willelmo Hewale, xli. Cuilibet 
valetto meo, qui michi plurimis annis deservierunt, c s.; set 
Thome Mai-chall, x marcas. Cuilibet de gromis meis, xls. 
Cuilibet pajetto meo, xiij s. iiij d. Magistro Rogero Hore, 
consanguineo meo, c s.; volens quod Biblia sua, quam michi 
dedit ad terminum vite mee, sibi retradatur; alioquin, ipso 
defuncto, traditur (sic) proximo de consanguinitate sua qui 

* John Prophete, prebendary of Malton Manor, 17 March, 1386-7, till 
81 March, 1405, when he quitted it for the prebend of Leighton Buzzard, both 
in Lincoln Cathedral; dean of Hereford, 7 Nov., 1393, in which cathedral he 
also held prebends, all of which with the deanery he resigned when he became 
dean of York in 1407. He held the prebends of Bugthorpe (1406-1416) and 
Langtoft (1404-1407), in York Minster. 


fuerit clericus. Rogero Plonfeld seniori, consanguineo meo, 
et uxori sue, c s. Domino Johanni Brokeholys, c s. Ecclesie 
parochial! de la Stronde, xl s. Domino Roberto, capellano 
meo, portiforium meum, si nullum habeat tempore mortis mee. 
Thome Mason de Hereford x marcas, in recompensacionem 
dampni quod ipse sustinuit occasione capelle Sancti Johannis 
Baptiste. Yolo quod magister Thomas Felde, nepos meus, et 
Johannes Cheser, senescallus hospicii mei, liberam habeant 
facultatem emendi quicquid voluerint de bonis meis, et eos 
constituo executores meos una cum domino Ricardo Rede, 
capellano de Ryngwode, magistro Johanne Boseham et Roberto 
Gare de comitatu Eboraci. Lego Willelmo Wetewang, c s. 
Postquam debita mea persoluta fuerint volo quod una cantaria 
fundetur pro anima mea [etc.]. Hiis testibus, domino Roberto 
Ellysma[n ?], Johanne Felde, Johanne Groley, notario, Thoma 
Wycton, domino Edmundo Gylberd. Lego domine Johanne, 
domine mee de Coliham, unum ciphum coopertum deauratum. 
Roberto ^onge ac conventui suo Fratrum Minorum Londiiiiis, 
xls. Yolo quod magister Johannes Carlton sit unus de 
executoribus meis. Magistro Briano Feyrfax unum ciphum 
argenteum coopertum. Magistro Willelmo Driffeld, v marcas. 
Thome Wycton, camerario meo, xl s.; ita quod sit predicta 
summa contentus pro lecto quern vendicaret in feodum. 

Codicillus. 18 April, 1416. Lego amico meo, domino 
Willelmo Donne, xl s. Willelmo Bakpuz, antiquo servienti 
meo, v marcas. Quia magister Robertus Rosemund pro suis 
sedulis obsequiis michi pluries impensis, secundum discre- 
cionem executorum meorum, remuneretur. 

[Proved 4 May, 1416.] 


[Marche, 36.] 

2 Sept., 1416. Willelinus de Waltham, canonicus ecclesie 
Eboraci. Lego corpus meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesia 
Lincolnie juxta sepulchrum avunculi mei, domini Johannis 
Ravenser, nee super cadaver meum ponatur aliquis lapis nisi 
pavimentum ipsius ecclesie. Epitaphium, vero, meum intitu- 
letur in lapide ipsius Johannis de Ravenser hoc modo : Hie 
jacet dominus Johannes de Ravenser et Willelmus, nepos ejus, 
etc. Fab rice ejusdem ecclesie Lincolnie, c marcas. Fabrice 
ecclesie Eboraci, xl li. Fabrice ecclesie Beverlacensis pro 
constructione fenestre orientalis in choro, xlli. Domino 
Johanni Daniell, fratri hospitalis Sancti Leonardi, xxs., efc 
cuilibet fratri dicti hospitalis, xld. Et Alicie matrifamilias, 
vj s. viij d. Et cuilibet alii sorori ejusdem domus, ij s. Et c s. 


distribuendos inter pauperes ipsius Hospitalis juxta eorum 
indigenciam. Cuilibet domui Fratrum Mendicancmm in 
Eboraco, Beverlaco, Hull, Lyncolnia, et Grymesby, xx s. Patri 
meo xl li., cui sic provideatur de bonis meis quod non egeat. 
Fratri Johanni Parych, v marcas. Capellanis cantarie, vocate 
Ravenser chauntre, xl s. Eidem cantarie magnum portiforium 
quod fuit Ricardi de Ravenser, et missale magnum quod est in 
custodia patris mei et fuit domini Johannis de Ravenser, ac 
unum bonum vestimentum, ac calicem, phiolas, et paxbred 
argenti, que Beverlaci existunt. Fabrice ecclesie del Algar- 
kirk, xl s. Communitati ville de Waltham, x li. Ricardo 
Maudson de Waltham, xl s. Johamie filie Henrici Thomason 
de eadem, xxs. Roberto Granesby, xls. Nicholao Wall, xl s. 
Johanne de Waltham, consanguinee mee, unum ciphum argen- 
teum coopertum, formatum ad modum calicis. Et sorori domini 
Willelmi Dionisse, xls. Capellano qui mecum morari con- 
tigerit tempore mortis mee, iv marcas. Willelmo Grice, clerico, 
breviarium meum versus (sic] Saresburiensis cum integro lecto 
meo qni est Beverlaci. Reginaldo Gatford, xxli. Johanni 
Wandesford, xx marcas. Willelmo Howthorpp, v marcas. 
Johanni Man, c s. Ricardo, coco meo, v marcas. Johanni 
Nyghtyngale, xl s. Johanni de Coquina, xl s. Cok kook, xl s. 
Thome Brian, iiij marcas. Johanni Dyghton, xxvj s. viij d. 
Roberto Lasells, xxvj s. viij d. Willelmo Tole, xx s. Roberto 
de Coquina, xx s. Johanni de Stabulo, xx s. Ecclesie mee de 
Algarkirk meum antiphonarium ibidem, si moriar rector illius 
ecclesie. Magistro Ricardo de Holme unum bonum ciphum 
deauratnm et coopertum. Domino Roberto Claydon quemdam 
ciphum coopertum, formatum ad modum campane, quern michi 
donavit. Magistro Waltero Cook unum bonum ciphum 
deauratum. Petro Hirford, xx marcas. Henrico Harbury 
unum ciphum argenteum, precii v marcarum. Thome Langdale, 
x marcas. Patricio, fratri suo, v marcas, et eorum matri unum 
ciphum argenteum et deauratum. Domino Thome Belby, iiij 
marcas. Domino Stephano Percy, v marcas. Domino Ricardo 
Blakborn, unum ciphum, valoris v marcarum. Magistro 
Roberto Langdale, v marcas. Constituo dommum Robertum 
Ragonhill, clericum in cancellaria domini Regis, dommum 
Johannem Tachwell, personam in ecclesia Beverlacensi, 
Willelmum Gate, clericum meum, et dominum Robertum 
Semar, capellanum, executores meos; et supervisorem, 
dominum Symonem Gauntsted, canonicum ecclesie Eboracensis, 
cui lego duas ollas argenti quas emi de executoribus testamenti 
domini Willelmi Dionisse. Et volo quod in predicta ecclesia 
Lyncolnie fiat unus obitus c solidorum annuatim pro animabus 
domini Ricardi Ravenser et Johannis de Ravenser. Scripta 


sunt hec apud Donyngton. Hiis testibus, magistro Stephano 
Percy, canonico capelle Beate Marie et Sanctorum Angelorum 
Eboraci, domino Thoma Belby, persona in ecclesia Eboraci, 
domino Johanne Hamelton, capellano, Willelmo Outhorpp et 
Johanne Wandesford, literatis. 

[Codicil:] 5 Oct., 1416. Volo ut Collegium Regium Canta- 
brigie libros habeat infrascriptos, viz. lecturam domini 
Johannis Andree in antiquis, in ij voluminibus exaratam, et 
speculum (sic], et Speculum Judiciale in duobus voluminibus, 
lecturam Johannis Andree super regulis juris in papiro, 
Johannem de Lymano super Clementinis; et quod magister 
Petrus Hirford habeat Bibleam meam; et quod interpretaciones 
et Psalterium executores mei scribi faciant in eadem, quam 
quidem Bibleam, post decessum predicti magistri Petri, volo in 
ecclesia Beati Johannis Beverlaci remanere. Et volo quod pre- 
dictus Petrus habeat Pharetram Bonaventuri ad totam vitam 
suam, et quod remaneat [ut supra] ; et omnes alios libros meos 
juris civilis et canonici in ecclesia predicta remanere. Volo, 
eciam, quod dominus Willelmus Bele, rector ecclesie de Hirby, 
Lincolnie diocesis, sit unus executorum meorum. Modo pre- 
sentibus discretis viris, domino Johanne Tachwell et Willelmo 
Lond', capellanis, Eboracensis diocesis, magistro Willelmo 
Cotyngham, notario publico. 

[Proved ? 20 November following.] 


[Marche, 39.] 

26 Maii, 1417. Thomas Gra. Sep. ubi Deo placuerit. 
Item, volo primo et principaliter quod omnia debita mea que 
alicui debeo fideli et competenti modo persolvantur. Et volo 
quod immediate post sepulturam meam executores mei faciant 
ex meliori modo quo poterint perquiri de sanctissimo patre et 
domino nostro papa unam sufficientem dispensacionem de 
quodam voto meo, quod nuper feci, ad oblendum Sancto 
Jacobo in villa de Compostella in Galicia infra regnum Spanie 
unum quadrantem auri, nondum per me completum, et quod 
oblatus fuerit dictus quadrans ymagini predicto. Item, volo 
quod immediate post decessum meum per quatnor dies quod 
tresdecim capellani de quatuor ordinibus Fratrum Mendican- 
cium Ebor. in capella Sancti Johannis Baptiste, in ecclesia 
Beate Marie Virginis in Castelgate in Eboraco, cantent Placebo 
cum le Dirige et missam cum nota de Requiem in crastino, 
singulis diebus predictis, pro anima mea, parentum, fratrum, 

* Probably son of Thos. Graa, Lord Mayor of the City of York, whose will 
is at York, dated 20 May, proved 8 July, 1405 (see Yorkshire Archaological 
Journal, xv, 186). 


sororum meorum, et pro animabus quibus teneor, ac omnium 
fidelium defunctorum, et quod quilibet ordo dictorum quatuor 
ordinum habeat vj s. vj d.; et quod quilibet frater capellanus 
post missam suam celebratam habeat, iij d. Item, volo quod 
octavo die post sepulturam meam quod tresdecim capellani 
ydonei et honesti de dicta ecclesia, si perquiri poterint, cele- 
brent Placebo cum le Dirige in nocte precedente, et quod 
tempore celebracionis misse parochie quod unus dictorum 
capellanorum ad altare Sancti Johannis Baptiste predictum 
in crastino celebret unam missam de Sancto Spiritu cum 
memoria mortuorum, et quod alius dictorum capellanorum in 
dicta capella, pulsatis campanis, celebret unam aliam missam 
de Requiem cum nota ad altare predictum viij die predicto, et 
quod tercius capellanus dictorum tresdecim capellanorum 
celebret terciam missam eodem die de Trinitate, vel de Sancta 
Maria, ad altare predictum, pro anima mea et animabus pre- 
dictis; et quod dicte tres misse, videlicet, una de Sancto 
Spiritu sine nota, secunda de Requiem cum Placebo et le 
Dirige cum nota, et tercia de Sancta Trinitate vel de Domina, 
de singulis octavis diebus in octavos dies per unum annum 
integrum proximum post decessum meum fiant et celebrentur 
devote et ad honorem Dei pro animabus, predictis. Et quod 
singulis diebus septimanarum anni predicti duo capellani 
dictorum tresdecim capellanorum habeant per annum viij s. in 
pecunia, ac panem, vinum, et ceram, de custubus mei predicti 
Thome, pro celebracionibus missarum ad altare predictum, et 
quociens quod aliquis dictorum capellanorum se absentaverit 
ab aliquibus missa seu officio predictis, per eum seu eos cele- 
brandis, ut supradictum est, quod tociens perdat j d. de dictis 
viij s. Et volo quod dicti denarii, si (sic) perditi, ac tresdecim 
denarii de bonis meis, per executores meos sint pauperibus, cecis, 
egenis, seu incarceratis in civitate Eboracensi distributi singulis 
predictis octavis diebus, durante anno predicto. Item, volo quod 
sint ardentes ad altare Sancti Johannis Baptiste predictum 
tres ceree singulis octavis diebus predictis et tempore celebra- 
cionis Placebo cum le Dirige et omnium aliarum missarum 
supradictarum ; et quod clericus parochialis dicte ecclesie 
habeat pro pulsacione campanarum et illuminacione cerarum 
predictarum singulis diebus predictis vj s. viij d. pro anno 
supradicto. Item, volo quod quodlibet altare in ecclesia pre- 
dicta in honore Domini nostri Jesu Christi, Beate Marie 
Virginis, ac illius Sancti seu Sancte, quo illud altare est 
ornatum seu edificatum, habeat unum frontale cum panno pro 
eodem de novo factum et ornatum, precii omnium v marcarum ; 
et volo quod summa altaria in ecclesiis de Wodenderby et 
Howeby (sic) sint ornata honeste in forma predicta ; et quod 
quilibet capellanus, continue celebrans in eisdem ecclesiis de 


Woodenderby et Haweby, habeat xxd.; et quod quilibet 
eorum celebret unam missam de Sancto Spiritu et totum 
officium mortuorum, ac unam missam de Sancta Trinitate vel 
de Domina, in ecclesiis suis pro animabus supradictis. Item, 
volo quod executores mei solvant fabrice ecclesie Cathedralis 
Bboracensis xiij s. iiij d.: et fabrice ecclesie Beate Marie in 
Castelgate Ebor. xiij s. iiij d. Item, volo quod si contingat 
aliquam decimam seu quindecimam domino regi infra duos 
primes annos proximos post decessum meum de parochia Beate 
Marie supradicta fore persolvendam, quod quilibet parochianus 
dicte parochie qui solebat solvere xx d. vel minus de antiquo, 
quod executores mei plene solvant totam hujusmodi summam 
pro singulis parochianis predictis de bonis meis ; et quod pre- 
dicti executores mei fideliter solvant hujusmodi decimas pro 
omnibus tenentibus meis in parochia predicta. Et volo quod 
quedam petra marmorea, precii iiij li., sit empta et posita in 
ecclesia predicta supra corpora parentum meorum. Item, volo 
quod Walterus Askeham, feoffatus meus in omnibus terris et 
tenementia meis in Howeley in comitatu Leycester, immediate 
post decessum meum, si me mori contigerit in viagio domini 
nostri regis nunc proposito, Deo mediante, in regno suo 
Francie, faciat statum domino Johanni Gra, militi, fratri meo, 
et heredibus suis, in omnibus terris et ten. meis predictis ; ita 
semper ut dictus dominus Johannes solvat executoribus meis 
xx marcas, ad perimplendum meam ultimam voluntatem. 
Item, volo quod dictus Walterus faciat statum Koberto, fratri 
meo, et heredibus de corpore suo legitime procreatis, in 
omnibus terris meis in Wodenderby in comitatu Lincolniensi. 
Item, volo quod omnia terre et tenementa mea in civitate 
Eboracensi et in suburbiis ejusdem integre remaneant dicto 
Roberto, fratri meo. Residuum executoribus meis subscriptis 
ad disponendum pro anima mea in piis usibus, etc. Hujus 
autem testamenti mei facio meos executores, videlicet, 
Johannem Langholm et Willelmum Barnby capellanum. Et 
lego eidem Johanni pro labore suo xls., et eidem Willielmo 
Barnby xxvj s. viij d. In cujus rei testimonium, etc., sigillum 
meum apposui. 

[Proved 8 Nov., 1417, by the executors named.] 


[Marche, 38.] 

12 Junii, 1417. Johannes Hovyngham,capellanusnominatus, 
licet tanti ministerii minister indignus, future viagio domini 

* John Hovyngham, called in Le Neve (Fasti, iii, 303) ' Honyngham,' was 
collated to the dignity of the archdeaconry of Durham in November, 1408, and 
was ratified in his office April 12, 1409. 


nostri regis ipsius ore regie ascriptus, tanti instantis periculi 
meditacione conteritus, etc. Lego corpus meuxn ecclesiastice 
sepulture, si de prope civitatem London, diem michi extremum 
iminere contigerit, in ecclesia conventuali Sancti Bartholomei 
juxta dictam civitatem; sin autem infra diocesim Dunel- 
mensem superveniat michi terminus novissimus, in ecclesia 
mea parochiali de Esyngton dispono cadaver meum hujusmodi 
tumulandum.* Si vero occurrant michi fatalia in aliis partibus 
a pretactis locis plurimum distantibus, volo quod rescribat 
locum sepulture unif executorum meorum quern presentem esse 
tune in morte mea contigerit; seu, nullo presente taliter 
executore, disponant de loco sepulture hujusmodi amici qui 
assistent; ita. tamen quod parochialis ecclesia, infra cujus 
parochiam decessero, porcione sua debita non fraudetur. Lego 
dicte ecclesie conventuali priori que et fratribus ejusdem, si 
infra ipsam ecclesiam corpus meum sepeliri contigerit, ut ipsi 
devotum in exequiis et missa mea funerali obsequium 
impendant, et me per annum continuum [post] diem mortis 
mee proximo sequentem in suis oracionibus nominatim et 
specifice commendatum habeant, necnon anniversarium meum 
cum exequiis et missa in crastino, prout moris est, compleant, 
decem marcas. Lego ecclesie mee de Esyngton, pro factura 
unius vestimenti principalis cum una capa et apparatibus 
diacono et subdiacono convenientibus, pro summo altari 
ejusdem ecclesie ordinandi, xx marcas, in recompensam 
unius capellani celebrare soliti in quadam cantaria, quam olim 
occupabat dominus Johannes Calcrofte in dicta ecclesia de 
Esyngton, ad exhibendum unum capellanum per triennium 
continuum ibidem juxta morem antiquum, preter porcionem 
sive pensionem annuam vj marcarum quam idem capellanus 
debet percipere de rectore dicte ecclesie. Eidem capellano 
taliter ibidem singulis annis triennii hujusmodi xij marcas, 
juxta ordinacionem magistri Thome Lees, decani ecclesie 
de Awkland, et magistri Thome Tange, alias dicti Clerk, de 
Elvett, ita tamen quod executores mei sint quieti ab omni 
accione contra eos movenda, ex eo pretextu quod per triennium 
proximo jam preteritum nullus capellanus in dicta cantaria 
divina celebraturus per me exhibitus fuerat. In fabricam 
dicte ecclesie de Esyngton x marcas, ita tamen quod parochiani 
ipsius ecclesie in inquisicione super reparacione mansi sive 
domuum rectorie dicte ecclesie et aliorum locorurn ad archidia- 
conatum Dunelmensem spectancium, considerantes graves 
sumptus quos contra reparacionem dictorum domorum, edi- 
ficiorum, et locorum errogavi, sub debita moderacione deponant, 

* Bequest to St. Bartholomew's for masses omitted. f ? 


et ipsos ad quos spectant infonnent. Ad distribuendum inter 
pauperes parochianos dicte ecclesie de Esyngton, vli.; inter 
pauperes tenentes de Newton Archidiaconi, xls. Uni heremite 
ibidem commoranti, xl d. Ad opus et facturam unius vesti- 
menti integri principalis cum capa [etc.], pro summo altari 
ecclesie mee parochialis de Walgrafe ordinandi, x marcas. 
Inter pauperes parochianos ejusdem ecclesie, v marcas. Ad 
facturam unius vestimenti, ad summum altare ecclesie Sancti 
Petri in Westchepe, London., deservituri, c s. Inter pauperes 
parochianos ejusdem ecclesie, xls. Fabrice ecclesie de 
Sedelscombe juxta monasterium de Bolle, Cicestrensis diocesis, 
xl s. Fabrice ecclesie de Collamsted Abbatis juxta Redynge, 
Wyntonensis diocesis, v marcas. Pro vestimento, ordinando 
per executores meos, deservituro ad summum altare ecclesie 
collegiate de Wolverhampton, Wygornensis diocesis, v marcas. 
Summo altari ecclesie Sancti Laurencii in Veteri Judaismo 
London, pro decimis oblitis, xl s. Summo altari ecclesie Beate 
Marie de Arcubus, London., xl s. Fabrice ecclesie cathedralis 
Sancti Petri Ebor., in memoriam sepulture patris et matris 
meorum, qui ibidem recumbunt tumulati, cs. Ad distri- 
buendum inter pauperes ecclesie de Skipwith, xl s. Summo 
altari Sancte Marie de Stanyngham pro decimis oblitis, xx s. 
Cuilibet capellano dictarum ecclesiarum Sanctorum Laurencii 
et Petri in Westchepe, si me infra dictam civitatem mori con- 
tigerit, qui exequiis meis in sero et in mane in missa inter- 
fuerint, xxd. Volo quod confestim post mortem meam 
solvantur abbatui (sic) et conventui de Bewalanda,* Ebora- 
censis diocesis, xij marce, et quod ipsi habeant commendatam 
animam bone memorie Galfridi, nuper abbatis ejusdem loci, 
animammeam, [etc.] Item, volo quod restituatureisdemabbatiet 
conventui unus libellus qui vocatur Tabula matris, quern habui 
ex liberacione dicti magistri Galfridi, qui quidem liber dimissus 
est apud Esyngton. Volo quod tenementa que habeo in 
Eboraco statim post mortem meam remaneant Willelmo et 
Roberto, fratribus meis, juxta voluntatem patris mei defuncti, 
ita tamen quod Johanna, mater dictorum Willelmi et Roberti, 
teneat per totam vitam suam tenementum illud quod modo 
tenet ex concessione mea. Ordino quod tenementum meum in 
villa de Hugate remaneat Waltero, filio ejusdem (tie] Edmundi 
de Thwenge, ipso vivente, et quod dominus Ricardus Wlverston 
faciat feofofari (sic) dictos Edmundum et Walterum. Johanni 
Kirby, filio Roberti Kylburne alias Mercer, de Kyrkby Mor- 
seyde, x li.; quas volo liberari dominis Ricardo Wlverston et 
Thome Dale, ad melius proficuum dicti Johannis. Roberto, 
patri ejusdem Johannis, xls. Isabelle, sorori dicti Roberti, 

* Byland Abbey. 


xx s., et unam togam cum capucio de liberatis meis. Agneti, 
filie ejusdem Isabelle, xx s. Johanne, uxori quondam patris 
mei, xl s., et unam togam furratam cum capucio de liberatis 
meis. Feretro Sancti Thome Cantuariensis, xl s. Willelmo et 
Roberto, fratribus meis, xl li., sub hac condicione quod hujus- 
modi summa solvetur eisdem in plenam satisfactionem 
pecuniarum quas sibi pretendunt deberi de redditibus meis 
Eboraci situatis. Katerine, uxori Willelmi, fratris mei, unam 
zonam deauratam, que est in quadam cistula inclusa infra 
quandam cistam majorem, depositam penes magistrum 
Robertum, vicarium dicte ecclesie Sancti Laurencii, infra 
mansum vicarie sue London, existentem, et xls., et unam 
togam furratam sive foderatam de melioribus liberatis meis, 
cum capucio duplicate. Domino Thome Dale, capellano, 
Bibliam meam meliorem que incipit in folio die in Actibus, et 
calicem meam et patenam in quo solitus ministrare divina, et 
portiforium meum de usu Ebor., ut commendatas habeat 
animas domini Petri, quondam de G-ylling, et patris et matris 
meorum. Domino Thome Newton, capellano, xl s. Magistro 
Willelmo Bryght, rectori ecclesie Sancti Michaelis Cornhulle, 
London., unam zonam deauratam cum corpore viridi, que est 
in quadam parva cistula infra quandam majorem cistam, infra 
domum hospicii mei London, situatam, ut remittat michi de 
offensa, ex eo quod contra voluntatem suam tenui penes me 
librum suum, quod intitulatur Gorham, copiandum. Ricardo 
Wlverston rotulum devocionum et unam peciam argenteam 
insculptam cum cooperculo argenteo, habentem unam magnam 
knop argenteam in summit ate ejusdem. Johanni Swan, 
servienti meo, c s. Thome Minore, servienti meo, totum ilium 
apparatum armorum quern emi ad ornatum et armaturam 
corporis ipsius Thome in presenti viagio domini nostri regis, et 
xls. Johanni Freston, xxs. Willelmo, coco meo, xxvjs. viijd. 
Gilberto Bradschaw, xxs. Roberto Walhull, xls. Nicholao 
Dixon gladium meum. Domino Henrico Kays librum meum 
ilium, qui vocatur Speculum Curatorum, quern dimisi in 
custodia sua. Johanni Swan lectum cum tapeto, qui erat 
Thome Mydilton, unacum j blankett, et duo linthiamina, et 
[cum] aliis superlectilibus quibus solent ipsi dormire. Johanni 
Freston unam togam de medely, lyned cum rubio bukeram, et 
capucium duplicatum ejusdem. Domino Thome Dale unam 
togam cum capucio de murry greyned cum duplicato capucio 
ejusdem et furura, et libellum sermonum quern composuit prior 
quondam Sancti Bartholomei, quern comparavi de Nicholao 
Haw, et est libellus in papiro. Volo quod Nicholaus Haw, 
reddendo executoribus meis xxs., rehabeat si sibi placuerit 
librum ilium qui intitulatur Grorham super Matheum. Waltero 


Skyner, x s. Domino Waltero, capellano antique, celebranti 
in ecclesia Sancti Petri in Westchep, London., in remunera- 
cionem antiquorum serviciorum, xx s. Marjerie [sic] Claveryng, 
xls. Katerine, servienti Juliane Walton, xxvjs. viijd. Rogero 
Gardiner, xl d. Johanni Baker, xl d. Uxori magistri Thome 
Clerk alias Tange, unum lectum cum cortinis, paled cum viridi 
et rubio, qui est in custodia ejusdem. Dicto magistro Thome 
unum libellum qui intitulatur Bartholomeus de casibus. 
Remitto Roberto Belasees de xxxvj li., michi per ipsum debitis. 
Magistro Thome Lees unam peciam argenti deauratam, chased, 
in bona forma. Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum 
post debita mea soluta lego et dispono primitus ad exhibi- 
cionem trium capellanorum per tres annos continues proximos 
post mortem meam et Walterus [sic] si bona mea sufficiant 
divina et missas celebraturorum, quorum unus celebrabit in 
loco sepulture, si tamen infra regnum Anglie me sepelliri con- 
tigerit, alioquin in ecclesia cathedrali Eboraci ad altare 
proximum monumento patris mei; secundum vero in ecclesia 
parochiali de Esyngton ad altare cantarie quam quondam 
occupabat dominus Johannes Calcrofte ; tercium vero in 
ecclesia parochiali de Waldegrave ad aliquod altare collaterale 
ipsius ecclesie quo celebrabunt pro animabus Willelmi patris et 
Johanne matris meorum, Agnete sororis, dominorum Rogeri 
Walden, episcopi quondam Londonie, et Willelmi Bulkott', et 
episcoporum fundatorum dicte cantarie in ecclesia de Esyngton. 
Constituo executores meos dominos Henricum Kays, Robertum 
Wombewell, vicarium dicte ecclesie Sancti Laurencii, Ricardum 
Wolverston, rectorem ecclesie de Beford, Thomam Dale, 
capellanum, et magistrum Thomam, dictum Clerk alias Tange, 
de Elvett, Dunelmi. Et volo quod libri mei superius non 
legati vendantur. Ordino supervisorem bonorum meorum, 
infra provinciam Eboracensem existencium, magistrum Thomam 
Lees decanum. Ecclesie de Esyngton meum magnum missale, 
nuper a Johanne Boyse per me comparatum. Ecclesie de 
Waldegrave meum novum portiforium magnum, nuper eciam 
mediante dicto Johanne Boyse per me comparatum. Quia 
habeo penes me unum parvum missale ex accommodato domini 
Johannis Wytte alias Qwhyte, capellani, celebrantis in dicta 
ecclesia de Esyngton, volo quod restituatur eidem. Habeo 
eciam unum libellum domini Ricardi, rectoris sancti Petri in 
Westchepe, Londoniis, qui intitulatur Yegecius. Hiis pre- 
sentibus, domino Thoma Leven, capellano parochialis ecclesie 
Sancti Petri in Westchepe, Gilberto Bradschaw, Johanne 
Freston, Johanne Kirkby, Johanne Swan, domino Thoma 
Burton, capellano, Eboracensis diocesis, Roberto Waholl, 
Segero de Crekynbeke, clerico, Colonensis diocesis, et domino 


Thoma Newton, capellano, Coventrensis et Lichfeldensis 
diocesis. Lego ad distribuendum pro animabus magistri Petri 
Pykeryng et Thome Midilton, quondam servientis mei, xl s. 
[Proved 11 October, 1417.] 


[Marche, 45.] 

12 April, 1419. Eobertus Manfeld, prepositus ecclesie 
collegiate Beati Johannis Beverlaci. Sep. in ecclesia supra- 
dicta coram altari Sancti Leonardi in medio are ibidem, et 
foveam mee sepulture cooperiri cum uno lapide marmoris 
decenti, solummodo ob reverenciam ecclesie et non causa 
cadaveris mei miserimi. Yolo quod funeralia mea absque 
pompa fiant absque protelacione temporis, et quod in eisdem 
septem pauperes tunicis de russeto vel nigro induantur, qui 
portent vij torcheos mediocris ponderis quos lego remanere 
summo altari ibidem ubi me sepelliri contigerit. Item, lego 
quod omnes familiares mei infra domum et executores mei 
vestiantur nigro panno; et quod die sepulture mee distribuantur 
in villa Beverlaci, vel alibi ubi me mori contigerit, inter magis 
indigentes convenientes in sepultura mea, x marce; et culibeti 
pauperi lectuali infra villam predictam, ij s.; cuilibet capellano, 
personaliter existenti in exequiis meis, cujuscumque condicionis 
sit, qui celebrare voluerit eodem die missam de Requiem pro 
anima mea, ij s.; cuilibet clerico ipsius ecclesie Beverlaci, 
interessenti et septem psalmos cum letania dicenti, xij d.; 
cuilibet fratri de conventibus de Hulle, Beverlaco, Eboraco, 
Doncastria et Lincolnia, in sacerdocio constitute, ut tres missas 
de Requiem dicant, xij d. Volo quod distribuantur inter 
pauperes tenentes de Wellwyk, Levon, Walkyngton, et Dalton, 
et aliis magis indigentibus infra preposituram, xl li. Johanni 
Calere de Ordine Minorum, vel, ipso mortuo, alii capellano 
ydoneo et honesto, ut celebret per quinque annos pro animabus 
Ricardi de Ravensere, et Nicholai de Louth, et domini Johannis 
de Wendlyngburgh, ac magistri Roberti de Beverlaco, canoni- 
corum quondam ecclesie Beverlaci, xxv marcas. Cuilibet 
domui Hospitali habitant' cum leprosis in Eboraco, Beverlaco, 
et Hulle, vj s. viij d. Roberto, hermite Sancti Egidii in 
Beverlaco, xls. Domui monialium de Wilberfosse, xls. Domui 
monialium de Kyllyng, xls. Cuilibet moniali de Watton, 
que dicere voluerit inmediate post mortem meam unum 
psalterium pro anima meam, ij s., ad earum privatum 

* There is a full account of provost Robert Manfield in the Beverley Chapter 
Act Book (Surtees Society, cviii), ii, p. Ixxxi, and in the Memorials of Ripon 
(Surtees Society, Ixxviii), iii, 194, 


usum. Johanne Bossall, moniali de Kyllyng, si me super- 
vixerit, xl s. Alicie, sorori mee, v marcas et meliorem 
vaccam lactantem quam habeo, in partem veterum vesti- 
mentorum meorum. Matilde, sorori mee, quicquid pertinet 
camere mee de Welwyk, et quicquid pertinet aule ibidem cum 
integra coquina, et veterem aulam meam cum costuris, apud 
Beverlacum existentibus, bordiatis cum nigro panno. Ecclesie 
Eboraci pro capa et aliis petendis per capitulum, xx li., ita ut 
executores mei plenariam habeant administracionem de bonis 
meis. Nove f abrice tumbe Sancti Johannis Beverlaci incepture, 
si non perfecero tamen in vita mea, xx li. Fabrice ejusdem 
ecclesie pro capa et aliis requisitis, xxli. Lego novam casulam 
meam cum albo et amitta, missale meum de usu Eboraci, 
calicem et corporas, que sunt apud Beverlacum, ecclesie de 
Wellewyk. Antiquum portiforium meum, quod habui de 
executoribus Willelmi Garton, lego ecclesie Beverlaci,ponendum 
in aliquo publico loco ubi capellani et clerici poterint habere 
accessum ad eundem. Johanni Ward, v marcas ut oret pro mee. 
In eventu quo successor meus prepositus future vigore utatur 
in recepcione implementi, tune volo quod omne staurum meum 
vivum et mortuum in maneriis infra preposituram Beverlaci 
vendatur, et executores mei satisfaciant dicto successor! meo de 
ccxvij li. viij d. in pecunia secundum quod capita appreciantur 
in registro ecclesie. Et quia in edificacione prepositure et 
prebende Sancti Jacobi sencio me sufficienter f ecisse debitum 
meum, non est intencionis mee quod executores mei aliquid 
ultra solvant pro reparacione successoribus meis. Lego in 
maritacione quinque pauperum virginum per discretionem 
domini Willelmi de Santon et manus domini Johannis Benyng- 
holme, xx li. Imprisonatis in gaola archiepiscopi Eboraci, xl s. 
Johanni Yorke, quondam servitori meo, xiij s. iiij d. Ad 
maritagium Matilde Mounceux, xx li. Volo quod f eoffati mei 
in tenemento meo in Sermonereslane, London., et executores 
mei vendant dictum tenementum carius quo poterint, quia 
excessive dedi pro eodem, non minus presertim quam pro cc 
marcis, et quod cum ilia summa certi detenti in Ludgate et 
Newgate, London., pro modicis summis, deliberentur. Ecclesie 
Beverlaci lib rum vocatum Pars Oculi quern habui de Roberto 
Louthorp. Volo quod omnia bona que fuerunt domini Henrici 
Cliderowe, capellani, existencia in custodia mea, dantur 
pauperibus, et pro illis que deficiunt volo quod unus capellanus 
conducatur, ad celebrandum pro anima mea in ecclesia de 
Hakenay per unum annum, de bonis meis existentibus apud 
Hakenay. Ad maritagium filie Agnetis Dene, x marcas. 
Willelmo Blakeston de Newbald, Petro Broune, et Willelmo 
Broune, fratri ejus, et relicte Willelmi Wharrome de Skitteby, 


cuiiibet eorum, xiij s. iiij d. Volo quod executores domini 
Ricardi Ravensere rehabeant almariolum, stans in inferior! 
camera mea Beverlacensi, infra meam prebendam, et xl s. ad 
distribuendum pro anima mea. Lego xviij libros juris 
civilis et canonici, quos accomodavi reverendo patri, Ricardo, 
Ruffensi episcopo,* Roberto Mounceux, consanguineo meo, ut 
cum eisdem exerceat scolas, et post ejus mortem vendantur 
et precium eorum distribuatur in operibus caritativis. Capel- 
lano, incluso Beverlaci in domo Sancti Nicholai, xls. Lego 
quod emantur lectualia pro vij pauperibus indigentibus ville 
Beverlaci, et quod alii septem pauperes vestiantur tunicis 
prolixis de ruseto, et septem paria sotularum, precii paris xij d., 
in provincia Eboracensi. Volo quod executores mei infra 
villain Beverlaci et extra infra parochiam inquirent diligenter 
de septem pauperibus lectualibus et magis indigentibus 
utriusque sexus, et singulis dictorum pauperum sic electorum 
distribuant septimanatim vd. durante uno anno integro. Lego 
quod de D marcis, recuperandis de executoribus Thome 
Arundele, nuper arcliiepiscopi Cantuariensis, c li. deliberentur 
per indenturam priori domus Cartusiensis Londiniis pro f abri- 
cacione unius celle pro uno moiiacho, construende ad finem 
orientalem nove capelle ibidem, edificande ad finem chori. 
Volo quod quinque honesti sacerdotes conducantur ad cele- 
brandum in ecclesia Beverlaci per quinque annos. Domino 
Willelmo Hornby unam de gownis meis halfsyde, existentem 
Londiniis, cum furrura in eadem et cum uno capucio de nigro ; 
et portiforium meum de usu Saresburieiisi, quod tmi de execu- 
toribus domini Roberti Burstode. Domino Thome Sprotle unam 
de gownis meis, talarem, pellitam, cum uno capucio de nigro 
largo, portiforium meum vetus de usu Eboraci et xl s., ut sit 
solicitus in execucione testamenti mei ad preceptum executorum 
meorum. Et volo quod predictus Willelmus Hornby et dominus 
Johannes Charnell sint auxiliantes cum executoribus meis. 
Volo quod celebrentur duo millia missarum de Requiem infra 
civitatem Londinensem. De bonis meis, existentibus in pro- 
vincia Cantuariensi, lego Roberto Darcy, si onus executoris 
presentis testamenti in se susceperit, novum ciphum meum 
argenteum et deauratum cum cooperculo, stantein, de opere 
torto, et unam aquilam in summitate, et meliorem equum 
meum, et x li. Domino Johanni Rider, supervisor! presentis 
testamenti mei, robam meam nigram cum collobio et capucio 
furrato, et unam peciam argenti cum cooperculo mediocris 
ponderis. Domino meo, Ricardo, Londinensi episcopo, pre- 
ciosam Bibleam meam quam habet ex presto, ut fideliter solvat 
executoribus meis totum debitum quod michi debet, quia per- 

* Bichard Yonge, bishop of Eochester, 1407-1419. 


didi de firma sua de Orset plus quam c marcas. Domino 
Johanni Routh, militi, executor! meo, xx li., et ciphum meum 
magnum argenteum, stantem, apud Beverlacum; domino 
Johanni Tathwell unam de robis meis cum una pecia argenti 
mediocris ponderis et x marcis. Volo quod universa bona 
mea non legata vendantur per executores meos mercatoribus 
et non dominis temporalibus neque spiritualibus, nee eorum 
ministris violentibus, aicut fieri vidi in vita mea. Facio 
executores meos, dominum Johannem de Routh, militem, 
Robertum Darcy, dominum Johannem Tathwell, personam 
ecclesie Beverlaci, et magistrum Thomam Burghe. Et dicto 
magistro Thome lego preciosum librum meum Decretorum et 
x marcas. Et supervisores, videlicet, in provincia Can- 
tuariensi, dominum Johannem Rider, rectorem ecclesie de 
Stone, et de dictis bonis aliis ubicumque existentibus, dominum 
Willelmum de Santon, precentorem ecclesie collegiate Beati 
Johannis Beverlaci, cui lego meliorem capam meam nigram 
canonicalem, et duo de melioribus amiciis meis apud Bever- 
lacum, cum meliori superpellice et c s. Capellano cantarie 
mee Sancto Anne unam parvam peciam de arreys, blodeam, 
intextam cum volucribus, unam tabulam meam mensalem, 
plicatam, de Sprucia, et almariolum, stans in camera sua, ad 
usum ejus et successorum suorum. Hiis testibus, dominis 
Edmundo Barde et Roberto Holme, personis ecclesie collegiate 
Beati Johannis Beverlaci, Thoma Sprotley, capellano cantarie 
Sancte Anne in ecclesia predicta, et Ricardo Sutton, capellano. 
Datum Beverlaci. 

Implementum capitum stauri et vivi et mortui, dimittendi 
in cessione cujuslibet prepositi Beverlaci infra preposituram, 
vel precium eorundem in eleccione decedentis, et sicut ego, 
Robertus, a predecessore meo recepi. In primis, de affris 
dimittendis in diversis maneriis xlij, precium capitis xs. 
Unde summa xxj li. Item, de bobus iiij xx xij, precium capitis 
x s. Unde sumrna xlvj li. Item, de vaccis et tauris iiij xx , 
precium capitis viij s. Item, de bovetis xl, precium capitis 
vj s. Item, de boviculis et juvenculis xl, precium capitis iiij s. 
Item, de vitulis superannatis xl, precium capitis ij s. vj d. 
Item, de porcis, apris et suibus iiij xx , precium capitis ij s. vj d. 
cum exitibus unius suis, si habeat apud Wellewyk, quorum 
ij apri, viij sues. Item, de multonibus dc, precium capitis 
xviij d. Item, de ovibus matricibus cccclx, precium capitis 
xv d. Item, de carectis ferro ligatis x, precium pecie xiij s. iiij d. 
Item, de carucis cum totis attilliis xj, precium omnium inter se 
xxiiij s. Item, de harpicibus ferreis ij, precium pecie iij s. iiij d. 
Summa totalis precii ccxvijli. 


De quibus dimittuntur in diversis maneriis prepositure 
prout sequitur. In manerio, videlicet, de Walkyngton. In 
primis de affris vj, precium inter se xls. Item, de bidentibus 
cccc, precium capitis xx d. Summa xliij li. vj s. viij d. Item, 
de carectis cum hernes ad vj affros j, et de carucis cum attilliis 
totaliter ij, precii xxvj s. viij d. Summa xlvij li. xiij s. iiij d. 
Item, in manerio de Dalton, de affris xij, precium inter se vj li. 
Item, de bidentibus d, precium inter se xlv li. Item, de porcis 
xx, precium inter se Iviij s. viij d. Item, ibidem tres tabule 
mensales cum vj paribus trescellorum, iij longe formule et ij 
curte, j dressyngbord, j morter, j plumbum in f ornace ponderis 
ix petrarum. Precium omnium inter se xiij s. iiij d. Item, 
j cilicium, precii viij s. Item, de cuvis j, precii v s.; j parva 
cuva, precii ij s.; j cuva, precii vj d.; j kymlyn, precii v d.; 
j pannus ventilabri, precii xvj d.; j sporta ; ij ventilabra, precii 
xij d.; viij scutelli, precii iiij s.; j modius novus cum j pek, 
precii xviij d.; j cribrum cum ij rideles, precii viij d.; iij furce 
timales, precii ix d.; j vanga, precii iiij d.; j shovell, precii ij d. 
Item, j furca fenalis, precii ij d.; j carecta ferro ligata, precii 
xxiiij s.; j alia carecta ferro ligata, precii xiij s. iiij d.; 
j tumbrellum cum nova rota, precii xs.; iiij harpices, precii 
xx d.; iij caruce cum attilliis, precii vij s. vj d.; iiij paria trace, 
precii xvj d.; iiij colerez, precii xvj d.; ij corde longe cum 
ij curtis cordis, precii iiij d.; j cella pro carecta, precii vj d.; 
j berebarowe, precii ij d.; j situla, precii xvj d., una precii vj d.; 
ij scale, precii xviij d. Summa lix li. ij s. ij d. 

Item, in manerio de Middilton de affris v, precium inter se 
1 s. Item, de porcis v, precium inter se xij s. vj d., precium 
capitis ij s. vj d. Item, j carecta cum heines, precii xxx s. 
Item, ij caruce cum totis attilliis, iiij hercis, j bussh' lignis 
ferratis,* v ventilabra, j smell', j sporta, ij ventilabra, ij furce 
fenales, j tribulum, precium inter se xs. Summa cij s. vj d. 

Item, in manerio de Leven unus taurus, precii vij s. Item, 
de tauriolis unus, precii v s. Item, de vaccis xl, precium inter 
se xviij li., et de aliis vaccis xl, precium inter se xvj li. Item, 
de vitulis xl, precium inter se Ixs. Item, in jumentis ij, 
precium inter se xxxij s. viij d. Item, de bidentibus cccc, 
precium inter se xlli. Summa Ixxixli. iiij s. viij d. 

Item, in manerio de Northburton. De affris viij, precium 
inter se iiij li. Item, de bidentibus cc, precium inter se Ixiiij s. 
Item, j carecta cum ferro ligata, j tumbrellum cum rotis et 
attilliis, ij caruce, precium inter se xxx s. Summa xxiij li. x s. 

Item, in manerio de Rydyng. De affris iij, precium inter 
xl s. De bobus iiij, precium inter se Ixiiij s.; j carecta ferro 

* Written : lign' ferr'. 


ligata, alia nuda, ij carecte cum omnibus attilliis, precium 
inter se xxx s. Summa vj li. xiiij s. 

Summa totalis ccxxj li. vj s. viij d. Que sunt in manibus 
predictorum Johannis et Rogeri firniariorum. 

Et sic in superplusagio iij li. vj s. viij d. 

Item, in manerio de Wellewyk ultra et prefer parcellas 
suprascriptas remanet in integro staurum mortuum et vivum 
de Wellewyk predicta una cum omnibus ibidem existentibus 
disponendis secundum velle Dei pro salute anime mee. In 
quo manerio in festo Sancti Michaelis, A.D. 1418, fuerunt de 
bidentibus, in primis dimissis in manerio de Wellewyk, in 
manibus domini Roberti de Raven, vicarii ibidem et firmarii 
ejusdem manerii, vicesimo quinto die Aprilis, A.D. 1410, re- 
assumendis quandocumque in cessione, etc. In primis de 
ovibus matricibus in marisco iiij cccc , et cum totidem agnetis 
lactantibus, precium capitis ovis et agni ij s. iiij d. Summa 
xxxij li. xviij s. Item, de hurtardis, multonibus et geldeschep 
v xx et v, precium capitis ij s. Summa x li. x s. Item, de 
hogges et hoggetis ac hoggastres xiij xx vj, precium capitis 
xx d. Summa xxj li. iij s. iiij d. Item, de drapez abstratis 
xxxij, precium capitis xiiij d. Summa xxxviij s. iiij d. Item, 
de vaccis lactantibus xij, cum totidem vitulis, precium capitis 
vacce et vituli xij s. Snmma vij li. iiij s. Item, de vaccis non 
lactantibus viij, precium capitis x s. Summa iiij li. Item, de 
boviculis quatuor annorum et juvencis cum vitulo v, precium 
capitis xs. Summa Is. Item, de iij juvencis cum vitulo, 
precium capitis viij s. Summa xxiiij s. Item, de boviculis 
biennalibus ij, de juvencis biennalibus iij, de tauriolis bien- 
nalibus iij, precium capitis vj s. viij d. Summa Iiij s. iiij d. 
Item, de vitulis superanuatis xiiij, quorum vj masculi et vij 
feminine, precium capitis iij s. iiijd. Summa xlvj s. viij d. 
Item, de affris iiij, j albus vocatus Rolleston, j niger magnus, 
j griseus cecus vocatus Mope, precium omnium in grosso iij li. 
Item, de jumentis liberatis pro implemento v, quorum j vocatus 
Birdeastyn senior, precii xx s. Item, Birdeastyn junior, precii 
xxvj s. viij d. Item, in grossis jumentis, precium capitis xx s. 
Item, ij felice biennales, precium capitis xij s. Summa iiij li. 
x s. viij d. Item, de jumentis gentilibus sibi liberatis in 
custodiam, in omnibus costagiis ad expensas ipsius Roberti 
firmarii, absque hoc quod tractent ne ponantur ad trahendum 
nisi necessitas id deposcat in autumpno, sub tamen aventura 
ipsius Roberti prepositi, et liberandos eidem Roberto preposito 
cum voluerit illos, quinque. Summa iiij xx xiiij li. xviij s. iiij d. 

[Proved 10 July, 1421.] 



[Marche, 46.] 

Vigilia Omnium Sanctorum, 7 Hen. V. (31 Oct., 1419). 
Robertas Thresk, clericus. Lego corpus meum ad sepeliendum 
in ecclesia Beate Marie de Thresk, in quadam capella Sancte 
Anne, in dicta ecclesia de novo constructa. Quod quidem corpus 
meum a loco quo mortuus f uero, volo quod habeat qualibet nocte, 
ubi in aliqua ecclesia possit reponi per noctem, unum Placebo 
et Dirige, et quod quilibet presbiter, exequiis illis interessens, 
habeat sex denarios et premissa in mane, et sic de die in diem 
et nocte in noctem quousque pervenerit illuc quo dictum corpus 
meum requiescet. Cui'ibet Ordini Fratrum in civitate London., 
xx s. Volo quod Robertus Middilton, magister capelle Sancte 
Trinitatis super le Charnell in civitate Wyntonensi, solvat 
Ricardo Inkepenne, armigero, xx li., in parte redempcionis sue. 
Alicie, filie dicti Ricardi, ad maritagium suum xx marcas. 
Willelmo Grey, consanguineo meo, x marcas, ita quod relaxet 
executoribus meis totum statum suum in certis tenementis, que 
nuper adquisivi in marisco de Plumstcd, vocatis Thornes. 
Willelmo Warde, uni clericorum meorum, x marcas. Willelmo 
Scardeburgh, c s. Thome Levesham, c s. Johanni Langford, 
cs. Willelmo Elot, liijs. iiijd. Johanni Kympton, Henrico 
Suthwell, Johanni Goushyll, et Willelmo Waynflet, cuilibet 
eorum, xl s. Roberto Tyerswell, v marcas, duas vaccas, et 
unum equum, precii xiij s. iiij d. Thome Grygg, unam novam 
togam, et volo quod habeat omnes exitus terrarum suarum, per- 
ceptos a tempore seisine earundem in manus meas hucusque. 
Magistro Radulpho Selby unam peciam argenti, deauratam, 
coopertam, quam nuper habui de dono domine Sybille, nuper 
abbatisse de Berkyng defuncte. Abbatie Westmonasteriensi ad 
celebrandum pro anima mea in die sepulture mee, disponendas 
juxta disposicionem prefati magistri Radulphi, x marcas. 
Alicie Kympton, consanguinee mce, optimam meam togam 
furratam. Cecilie Turnor, consanguinee mee, unam de togis 
meis furratis cum bysshis. Remitto Waltero Turnor, marito 
dicte Cecilie, medietatem tocius debiti quod michi debet. Rogo 
Nicholaum Dyxon quod omnia tenementa, in quibus ipse 
unacum aliis ad opus meum extat feoffatus, et precipue in 
comitatibus Surrie et Kancie, vendantur, et alia tenementa in 
villa de Thresk, et prope illuc, aut certe advocaciones eccle- 
siarum, ad valenciam xl librarum per annum, perquirantur et 

* According to bis brass, which is still on the floor of the south aisle in 
Thirsk Church, Robert Thresk, rector of Market Bosworth and King's Remem- 
brancer in the Exchequer, died on 17 kal. Dec. (Nov. 15), 1419. He was collated 
to the rectory of Market Bosworth <jn Jan. 4, 1407 (Yorkshire Archaeological 
Journal, xvii, 321). 


appropriantur in dotacionem cantarie mee in dicta ecclesia de 
Thresk. Volo quod executores mei solvant quolibet anno tribus 
capellanis, divina celebraturis in capella cantarie mee predicte, 
videlicet, uni principali eorum cs. per annum, alii vero 
capellano vj marcas, et tercio capellano, videlicet, Thome 
Skayle, vj marcas per annum, quousque cantaria predicta 
plenarie fumlata fuerit; proviso semper quod tantum quantum 
terre predicti Thome Skayle hereditarie valent per annum 
quolibet anno durante vita sua de dicta summa sex marcarum 
deducatur. Et postquam dicta cantaria plenarie fuerit fundata, 
ordino quod quilibet capellanus habeat decem marcas per 
annum et hospicium suum, dicto Thome Skayle excepto, quern 
volo quod sit contentus de stipendio suo superius assignato. 
Et si quid superfuerit de exitibus valoris dotacionis predicte 
ultra summas predictas, volo quod remaneat ad reparacionem 
capelle supradicte. Nicholao Dyxon aulam meam de tapyser 
werk cum toto apparatu. Ad distribuendum inter magis 
pauperes parochianos parochie mee de Boseworth, xx marcas. 
Ad erogandum pauperibus die exequiarum mearum xx marcas. 
Constituo executores meos Nicholaum Dixon, JohannemWhitby, 
Willelmum Warde et Thomam Levesham, clericos, Ricardum 
Acton, Johannem Thorlethorp, Thomam Phelyp, clericum, 
Thomam Wandesford et Johannem Langford. Supervisores 
vero hujus testamenti mei Rogerum Salveyn, chevaler, et 
Willelmum Kynwalmerssh, clericum. Hiis testibus, Jacobo 
Knottesford, armigero, Thoma Stokdale et Johanne Orwell. 
Nicholao Dixon unum portiforium, videlicet, illud quod 
Johannes Ruggeley michi legavit apud Boseworth, si pla- 
cencior sibi fuerit quam illud quod habet; et lectum meum de 
worstede rubeo et albo cum salutacione angelica. Thome 
Levesham portiforium in custodia predicti Nicholai existens. 

[Proved 6 Dec., 1419.] 


(Marche, 49.) 

April. 1 1 , 1420, 8 Hen. V. Robertus Pudsay, armiger de 
comitatu Eboracensi. Sep. in ecclesia prioratus de Wyrsope, 
si me infra regnum Anglie obire contigerit. Item, volo primo 
et principaliter quod omnia debita mea, que alicui de jure 
debeo, fideli et competenti modo persolvantur ; et quod mee 
expense funerarie fiant humili modo sine pompa secundum 
ordinacionem et discrecionem executorum meorum. Item, volo 
quod feoffati mei in omnibus terris et ten. meis cum omnibus 

* One of the Pudseys of Bolton by Bolland. He does not appear in the 


e^rum pert, quibuscunque, que habeo in comitatu Bark' aliquo 
modo, inmediate post meum decessuin faciant statum suffi- 
cientem in lege Ricardo Pudsay, fratri meo, in et de omnibus 
et singulis terris et ten. supradictis cum omnibus eorum pert.; 
habendis et tenendis prefato Ricardo Pudsay et heredibus de 
corpore suo legitime procreatis, tenendis de capitalibus dominis 
feodi illius per servicia inde debita et de jure consueta. Rem. 
Johanni Pudsay, nepoti meo, et heredibus de corpore suo 
legitime procreatis. Et si contingat prefatum Johannem 
Pudsay sine herede de corpore suo legitime procreate obire, 
tune volo quod omnia supradicta terre et ten. fideli et com- 
petenti modo vendantur per executores meos suprascriptos, et 
volo quod tota pecunia de eadem vendicione proveniens et 
recepta expendantur (sic] per dictos executores mecs in ele- 
mosinis et missis celebrandis, ac aliis operibus caritatis, 
secundum eorum discrecionem, quamdiu durare voluerit, pro 
anima mea et animabus quibus teneor, ac animabus parentum 
et benefactorum meorum, ac omnium fidelium defunctorum. 
Ricardo Pudsay, fratri meo, viginti marcas sterlingorum. 
Elizabethe Caunsfeld, cognate mee, ad maritagium suum, 
viginti marcas sterlingorum, si ipsam maritari contigerit ; et, 
si continget prefatam Elizabethan! obire antequam maritata 
f uerit, tune volo quod predicte viginti marce remaneant Johanni 
Pudsay, nepoti meo. Priori et conventui de Wyrsope viginti 
marcas sterlingorum, ad orandum specialiter pro animabus 
Thome Nevyll, domini de Fournyvale, et mei, dicti Roberti, et 
aliorum prescriptorum. Ecclesie de Bolton unum vestimentum. 
Ecclesie de Stanwyke unum vestimentum. Thome Benett, 
servienti meo, centum solidos sterlingorum. Residuum vero 
omnium bonorum, jocalium, et catallorum meorum superius 
non legatorum do executoribus meis suprascriptis, ad dis- 
ponendum et distribuendum pro anima mea et animabus 
predictis in elemosinis et aliis operibus caritatis, quamdiu 
duraret (sic] voluerit, eisdem modo et forma quibus ipsi 
voluerint ut ego facerem pro eis aut aliquo ipsorum. Execu- 
tores meos, videlicet, Galfridum Louther, Ricardum Pudsay, 
fratrem meum, et Johannem Pygot. 

[Proved 28 Oct., 1420, by Richard Pudsey and John Pygott.] 


[Marche, 49.] 

10 Julii, 1420. Ricardus Petyr, rector ecclesie parochialis 
de Pateryngton, Eboracensis diocesis. Sep. in cancello ecclesie 
mee predicte in medio chori ubi lectiones leguntur in 
diebus festivis. Ad fabricam ecclesie mee predicte, xls. 


Lego meum novum gradale ad usum chori ecclesie mee 
predicte. Domino Thome Fraunceys, ad celebrandum pro 
anima mea et animabus Johannis Petyr et Lucie, uxoris 
sue, parentum meorum, et pro anima Johannis Mascalle, 
in ecclesia mea de Pateryngton, et ad dicendum trentale Beati 
Gregorii cum observatione modi consueti, videlicet, xxx missas 
cum totidem plenis obsequiis mortuorum per unum annum, c s., 
illo anno statim post mortem meam incipiens. Item, duobus 
capellanis viij li. xiij s. iiij d., ad celebrandum pro anima mea in 
ecclesia mea, cuilibet eorum capienti per annum vj marcas 
vj s. viij d., quorum unus sit dominus Johannes Moys, [si] vivat 
et celebrare poterit. Domino Johanni Day, ut habeat animam 
meam in memoria, xs. Item, ad distribuendum inter pauperes 
parochianos meos xl s., ultra elemosinam faciendam per execu- 
tores meos in die sepulture mee. Ad distribuendum cuilibet 
pauperi, capere volenti elemosinam, j d. in die sepulture mee, 
xl s. Ad expensas circa funeralia mea in die sepulture, 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. Cuilibet capellano existenti ad Placebo et 
Dirige, et in missa sepulture mee, vj d., et cuilibet clerico 
existenti in servicio predicto, ij d. Domino Thome Fraunceys 
jupam meam longam de blewmedle cum foratura in eadem, et 
duos libros de papiro, continentes diversos bonos sermones, et 
alia bona notabilia, et superpellicium meum antiquum. Domino 
Johanni Moys jupam meam longam de redmedle de liberata 
domini archiepiscopi Eboracensis, cum j pulche* de stachist et 
scuniculisj eidem jupe pertinente, et capicium de blewmedle. 
Johanni Sturne (sic) de Cicestria et ejus uxori vj cocliaria de 
argento, et j tassam cum covercle de argento, ponderis xl s. 
vel circiter. Uxori ejusdem Johannis lectiim meum antiquum 
cum testa did' cp.lonr, et iij curtynes de redwyrsted, et 
ij blankettz de albo panno Hibernico, et ij linthiamina, et 
ij pylwes, et pelvem meam secundariam cum lavacro. Eidem 
Johanni Surne jupam meam nigram bene foderatam cum 
grey, et capicium de sturgon. Margarete, sorori mee, unum 
coverlit et j coopertorium lecti blodii coloris, et ij blankettz de 
albo panno Hibernico, et iiij linthiamina, et j materas et 
collobium meum de russet. Domino Thome Tolyte, capellano, 
meum parvum portiforium et par cultellorum cum manubriis 
de maser', bene deargentatis. Johanni Tolyte de Cicestria 
jupam meam foderatam cum martryns. Uxori Johannis Surne 
unum mappale et j manutergium de Paryswerk. Uxori 
Johannis Tolyte zonam meam de corico nigro cum rosis de 
argento deauratis. Portiphorium notatum ecclesie parochiali 
de Amburle ; et j vestimentum simplex, valoris xl s., j vesti- 
mentum, videlicet, j casulam et ij tunicles et j capam de una 

* ? pilche, t Perhaps stachio, $ Possibly an error for cuniculit. 


secta, et paruram ad iij aubes et iij amicez, valoris x marcarum, 
ecclesie parochial! Beate Marie de Bur well, Norwycensis 
diocesis. Parochiali ecclesie Sancti Patricii de Trym, Mydensis 
diocesis, unum portiphorium notatum, valoris viij marcarum, et 
j manuale, valoris ij marcarum. Ricardo Payne, famulo meo, 
xl s. ultra stipendium suum, et jupam meam ad equitandum de 
Muster villers, et capicium meum antiquum de nigro, et gladium 
meum, et pelvim meam rotundam, et j coverlet et j par com- 
mune de linthiaminibus, et ij blankettez que fuerunt Johannis 
Whyte, et j manutergium breve de Denant', et jupam meam 
viridem cum capicio de eodem panno. Domino Thome Jordan, 
vicario de Westham, basalardum meum cum argento deaurato, 
et superpellicium meum novum, et librum album vocatum 
Boneventuram, qui incipit Felito genu, in quo libro est 
Apocalipsis et Paris de prebendis, et meos cuffes magnos de 
nigro panno foderatos cum scuniculis, et iij cultellos meos 
in una vagina, cum manubriis nigris deargentatis, et meum 
optimum capicium de moreymedled. Item, ego Ricardus 
Petyr, canonicus Menevensis, lego fructus et omnia alia 
emolumenta prebende mee in ecclesia Menevensi michi debita 
in illo anno quo me mori contigerit, domino Thome Wolaston, 
precentori ecclesie Menevensis, ibidem meo procurator!, ad 
distribuendum inter canonicos et ministros ecclesie Menevensis, 
presentes in obsequiis meis in die sepulture mee seu obitus mei 
ibidem tenendi, cum eidem procuratori meo de morte et hac 
voluntate mea innotuerit, videlicet, sub hac forma. In 
primis lego eidem domino Thome precentori principaliter, 
obsequias meas et altam missam de Requiem in crastino dicenti, 
pro laboribus suis circa funeralia mea ibidem, xx s.; cuilibet 
canonico in obsequiis meis et missa prediptis existenti, ij s.; 
et cuilibet vicario presbitero ejusdem ecclesie in toto servicio 
predicto presenti, et eodem die in missa sua mei memoriam 
facienti se (sic) pro anima mea missam celebranti, xij d.; et aliis 
ministris ejusdem ecclesie distribuat idem dominus precentor 
pro anima mea juxta morem ejusdem ecclesie, in obsequiis 
canonicorum absencium mortuorum observatum. Et tune si 
quid remanet de pecuniis pro fructibus dicti anni debitis, volo 
quod expendatur circa funeralia mea, et quod distribuatur inter 
pauperes. Residuum omnium bonorum meorum lego in dis- 
posicione domini Thome Fraunceys, capellani, Johannis Sturne, 
literati, et Ricardi Payn executorum meorum. Et ego 
Ricardus, rector ecclesie de Pateryngton predicta, lego dictis 
executoribus meis annuale ecclesie mee predicte, seu fructus 
ejusdem, secundum consuetudinem ecclesie et diocesis Ebora- 
censis michi debitos, si me mori contigerit post festum Sancti 
Marci Evangeliste, observatum a tempore cujus contrarii 


memoria hominum non existat. Conditum est hoc meum 
testamentum apud Westham et sigillo meo signatum. 

[Proved 12 Nov., in the year abovesaid (1420).] 

[Marche, 55.] 

26 Oct., 1420. In the nam off gode, I Sir Roger Salwayn, 
kny gth, maky s my testament in thiz maner. ffirst I wy te my soule 
to Gode almythty, to our lady seynt Mary, and to all y e seinttes 
of hewin, and my bones to be beriede in y e grey frerres atte 
Yorke. Also I will that ther where my bones shall be beryde, 
be a flate ston off marbill, ewyn with the gronde. Also I will 
y t y e forsaid freres haue all my gownes off cloth off gold and 
off sylke, w fc outyn y e furres. Also I will y fc y e same frers haue 
xl li. for to synge and pray for me. Also I will that ilkon off 
the other thre orders in ^orke haue x marc. Also I will y l my 
wyffe haue all my housholde holy, with v c lli. that is in hir 
handes. Also I will y fc ther be ordeine for byynge off londe for 
John Salwayn my son, cccc li. Also for y e mariage off Alison 
my doughtir, cccc marc. Also for the mariage off Isabellf my 
doughtir, ccc marc. Also I will y fc my fader dettis, and my 
moders, be paide off my goode^ that is in the Coillors or in the 
fermors handes off my rent ; and if any tenaunt be so pouer y fc 
he may nought, for pouertee, pay his ferine that is owing, 
I will y* ther be nought reseyued off hym but y fc he may 
resonably pay, and y fc y e remenaunt be forgeffyn. Also I will 
that som goode man be ordeine to goo for me to Jherusalem in 
pilgremage, and as far as is cost is lese than c li. in commyng 
and goyng that hit be gewyn for my saule to poure men wher 
most allmose is. Also I will that Richard Chace haue v marc 
off monee and a bay hors y* was Gerard my son; William 
Lister xxli., Thomas Fairchild xl marc, Acris Mersk xxli.; 
littel Petir, Hard Manley and x marc, and y* Acris Mersk haue 
the grey geldyng; Gerard and John my brethir, Hard botiller, 
and a sorede horse y* was bought off Henuden, and y fc Coward 
my brethir chese. Also I will y* GerardJ my brodir have xl li., 
and Thomas my brothir a place in Duffelde, termyn off his 
Hue, y* I purchesede off John Fulthorpe ; and after the desese 
off hym, to turn agayn to the reght haiers off me. Also I will 
y fc Sir Robert Shottesbroke, knynght, haue y e sorde hors ; and 
litill Hans the hoby, and xl s. aboven his hir. Also I will that 

* Sir Eoger Salvayn of Harswell, co. York, knight, was son of Sir Gerard 
Salvayn, of Harswell and North Duffield, and married a daughter of Sir Robert 
Hilton of Swine. (See pedigree, Surteea Durham, iv, 118.) 

t Will 25 July, 1429, to be buried at Swine. (Test, tibor., i, 418.) 

$. He married Agnes Whalton, Lady of Croxdale (a quo Salvin of Croxdale), 


Frost mores and litill Robyn, ilkon off them, haue xl s. Also 
I will y fc Pomfretth, skynner, of Yorke, be paied of v or vj li., 
whedir that hit be, for f urres y fc my lady my moder knowes off. 
Also I will y* William Tropmell, taillor, of London, and Hunt, 
brouderere, be paied of their billes for makyng off a liuerey of 
myn. Also I will that Henry Lounde haue a blake goun 
furred w th funes, and a habirgoun of mylen, opyn befor, y* 
Eichard Stell haues in hys kepyng. Also I will y* ziff any 
seruaunt of myn haue labord for me in my countree sen my 
fader died, y* they be resonably rewardid aftir the seruice y fc 
they haue don. Also zif any man can aske any dete off me, 
other be euidence, or that they be credibill persones, I will y l 
they be paied. Also I will that Elyn Saluayn, my brothir 
Gerard doughtir, haue xl marc for hir mariage. Also I will 
that Gerard my brothir haue a newe fure of martirs and 
j habirgoun of millon. Also I will y fc Johan my brothir haue 
j habirgoun of Gesseram. Also I will that the nonne that 
kepid me in my seknes haue ij nobles, and y fc ther be zif into 
the hous that she wonnes in, xx s. for to syng and pray for me. 
Also I will that Thomas Faarchild haue as mych monee as he 
may purchess hym xl s. be zer. Also I will y fc all the ffurrurs 
that I haue, be sould and doon for my saule. Also I will y* 
Chace haue a habirion of myne. Executors of my testament, 
I will and ordeine Piers de la Hay, Gerard Saluayn, Robt. 
Rodeston, S r Nichol Dixsou, clerk, Robt. Cawode, Robt. Day, 
Richard Chace, and Thomas FairchilJ, to whom I giff and wit 
y e residue of al y e good and catell y fc I haue, y* they ordeine 
and dispose hit in sich wys as may be most meritory for my 
soule, as they will aunswere be-for gode on dredfull day of 
doom. And the surveiors of my testament, I will and ordeine 
William Kylwolmerssh, clerke, and my wyfe, wyttnessyng 
William Philipe, chiualer, Richard Wodevill, William Lister 
and other, also I will that William Lister haue as mych of 
monee as the sorde hors is worth y fc Shottesbroke haue.* 

[Probatum fuit septimo die mensis Marcij anno domini milesimo 
ccccxxij do et commissa fuit administracio omnium bonorum dicti defuncti 
Eicardo Chace et Thome Faarchyld executoribus in dicto testamento 
nominatis, et habent ad exhibendum inventarium citra festum Pentecosti 
proximum iam futurum.] 


[Lambeth Wills, Beg. Chichele, i, 382.] 

In nomine Summe et Individue Trinitatis, Patris et Filii 
et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. Ego, Thomas Haxey, thesaurarius 

* This will has also been printed in The Fifty Earliest English Wills in the 
Court of Probate, London, by F. J. Furnival, in the Early English Text 
Society's publications. 


ecclesie Eboracensis,* per Dei misericordiam sane mentis et 
corporis, sciens nil morte cercius, nil hora mortis incercius, 
timens mortis periculum, cum quemlibet, velit, nolit, ingredi 
oporteat portas ejus, nesciens quid sit michi futura dies 
paritura, cogitans de supremis et anime mee saluti cupiens 
providere, nolens decedere intestatus ; ad laudem Dei Omni- 
potentis et honorem Beate Marie, matris ejus, et omnium 
Sanctorum Dei, de me ipso, rebus bonisque meis, michi a 
Deo collatis, meum sic facio et condo testamentum meum. 
In primis. In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum 
meum quern tu proprio sanguine redemisti. Item, omnes 
injurias, quocumque modo et a quibuscumque michi illatas, 
remitto, volens et precipiens quod debita mea, in papira mea 
nigra manu mea propria scripta, plenarie et festine solvantur. 
Et si aliquem vel aliquos defraudavi vel injuste tractavi, si 
velit vel velint super hoc jurare et bone fame sit vel sint, 
per manus executorum meorum inferius nominandorum juxta 
discrecionem volo quod restituantur. Item, lego corpus meum 
ad sepeliendum in ecclesia cathedralis Beati Petri Ebor., ubi 
meum sepulcrum ordinatum est. Item, lego pauperibus paro- 
chianis de Laxton, juxta necessitates, inter egenos distribu- 
endos, xls. Item, in forma predicta lego parochianis de 
Ternyn xls., parochianis de Bemynstre xls., parochianis de 
Hampton xl s., parochianis de Meelton Roos et Scamelby xl s.; 
Bryngtori, Bithern et Weston, ix marcas; Crauley, xls.; 
Houden, xl s.; tenentibus de Barnby, xl s.; Upton, xl s.; paro- 
chiali firme de Edyngle, xls.; parochie de Kyrtlyngton > xxs. 
Item, lego vicariis et aliis ministris chori ecclesie Lichfeld- 
ensis xl s., chori Sarisberiensis xl s., chori Lincolniensis xl s., 
chori Eboraci xls., chori Suthwellensis xls., chori de 
Houdene xl s., chori Beverlaci xl s., chori Ripon xx s., inter 
vicarios et alios ministros predictarum singlarium ecclesiarum 
predict* racionabiliter per aliquem executorum meorum dis- 
tribuendos. Item, lego ad distribuendum inter pauperes 
tenentes insule de Haxholme, et precipue de parochia de 
Haxey, x marcas. Item, lego cuilibet moniali de Brodholme 
unam vaccam vel xiij s. iiij d. pro vacca. De residue vero 
bonorum meorum hie non legatorum volo quod executores 
mei, videlicet, magister Johannes Gilby, rector ecclesie de 
Knesalle, dominus Rogerus Marcant, rector ecclesie de Laxton, 
dominus Robertus Semer, subthesaurarius ecclesie Ebor., quos 


* Treasurer 1418-25. He was buried in the Minster, in a tomb, with the 
inscription, " Hio jacet Johannes Haxey, quondam thesaurarius istius ecclesie 
qui obiit 21 die mensis Januarij an. Dom. 1424 cujus anime propitietur Deus. 
Amen." (Drake's York, 501.) Mrs. Everild Thornhill, in her will 1707, directed 
payments to be made on Haxey's tomb in the Cathedral. 


meos executores et bonorum dispositores constituo ut ipsi 
faciant et fideliter disponant pro me, sicut velint respondere 
coram Summo Judice, et perimpleant voluntatem meam 
clarius, de manu mea propria in nigro parvo papiro scriptam. 
In cujus rei testimonium sigillum meum apposui apud Suth- 
welle, die Sancti Michaelis archangeli, A.D. 1424, et regni 
regis Henrici Sexti post conquestum Anglie tercio. Item, 
lego cuilibet executorum meorum, administracionem testa- 
menti capienti et fideliter perimplenti, x marcas et unum 
ciphum argenteum coopertum. 

[Proved 12 March, 1424-5, and administration granted to the executors 
named, in the person of Sir Peter Feyston, rector of the parish church "delpyk"* 
in the close of the Cathedral of York.] 


[Luffenam, 5.] 

1 Maii, 1426. Henricus Lounde de comitatu Eboracensi, 
armiger. Recommendo corpus meum ad sepeliendum in 
capella Beate Marie Virginis in ecclesia de Cave in insula de 
Cave in comitatu predicto, inter altare et lavacrum ibidem. 
Summo altari ejusdem ecclesie, pro decimis meis oblitis, unum 
vestimentum. Dyonisie, sorori mee, x marcas sterlingorum. 
Johanne Courtenay, x li. Ad inveniendum unum capellanum 
ad celebrandum ad altare Beate Marie in capella predicta per 
unum annum integrum pro anima mea et animabus Johannis 
Myndrom et Johannis Jalby, et animabus omnium servientum 
meorum qui mecum in partibus transmarinis in guerris domini 
Regis ibidem interfecti fuerunt. Willelmo Fawle, vj s. viij d. 
Volo quod executores mei de toga mea optima faciant unum 
vestimentum, illud sic f actum volo quod deliberetur custodibus 
operis ornamentorum ecclesie predicte. Willelmo Sider de 
Southame, xls. Johanni Hawkeswell, xxs. Ad cooperiendum 
le steple predicte ecclesie de Cave cum plumbo, ita quod 
parochiani pro anima mea exorent, et nomen meum in registro 
suo imponant, x marcas. Custodibus ecclesie parochialis de 
Emelden unum aliud vestimentum ad exorandum pro anima 
mea. Johanni de Lounde, clerico, filio meo, c li. et vj goblettes 
de argento, unum lectum de rubeo worstede. Petro de Lounde, 
ccc marcas et vj pecias argenti, unde una cooperta. Predicto 
Petro, filio meo, omnia ilia terras, etc., in villa et campis de 
Sprotley in Holdernes in comitatu Eboracensi, que nuper emi 
de Roberto Warrant. Meos facio executores predictum Petrum 
de Lounde, filium meum, et Johannem de Lounde, fratrem ejus. 

* St. John del Pyke. 

t The Lounds were of South Cave. There was a monument to Sir Gerard 
de Lounde there in 1480. 


Testibus, Willelmo Button de Lond[on], barbeur, Johanne Toller 
de eadem, taillor, et Ricardo Boreworth de eadem, hostiler. 
Johanni de Wytherwike, famulo meo, v marcas. Ricardo, 
famulo meo, vj s. viij d. 

[Proved 8 (May, 1426), by the said John Lounde, with power 
reserved, etc.] 

[Luffenam, 10.] 

23 Aug., 1428. Robertus Helierd, armiger, de Scaldby, in 
comitatu Eboracensi. Sepeliendum in ecclesia prioratus Beate 
Marie Overey de Suthwerk, coram ymagine Beate Marie, juxta 
hostium capelle Beate Marie ejusdem ecclesie, si me ibidem 
mori contigerit. Priori dicti prioratus, pro dicta sepultura mea, 
quinque marcas. Pardono Ricardo Pykeryng, militi, nepoti 
meo, illas sex marcas quas micbi debet ; et lego eidem unam 
peciamargenti cumcooperculoargenti,precii quatuormarcarum, 
vel duas planas pecias argenti ejusdem pretii, ad eleccionem 
ipsius domini Ricardi. Pardono Thome Fell de Eboraco, 
chapman, illas sex marcas, etc., quas michi debet. Fabrice 
ecclesie de Scaldby, ita quod anima mea habeatur in perpetua 
memoria inter benefactores ejusdem ecclesie, quinque marcas. 
Rectori ejusdem ecclesie, vj s. viij d. Clerico ejusdem ecclesie, 
iij s. iiij d. Domino Johanni, capellano meo stipendiario, sex 
marcas. Willelmo Wresill, servienti meo, ultra feoda sua, 
xl te s. Ordino quod Isabella, uxor mea, solvat xxxij li., in 
manibus meis remanentes de bonis domini Roberti Trays, aliis 
coexecutoribus ejusdem domini. Lego domino Roberto Hilton 
meum librum gallicum de Romanc' Ros'.t Meam facio execu- 
tricem prefatam Isabellam, et ejus supervisorem prefatum 
dominum Robertum Hilton. Datum apud Suthwerk. Volo 
quod idem dominus Robertus Hilton feoffet Johannem Helyerd, 
filium meum, in certis terris in comitatu Eboracensi, annuatim 
ad valenciam centum solidorum, ultra terras per me sibi prius 
ordinatas. Testibus, Thoma Denton, cive et mercero Lon- 
diniensi, domina Elizabet Lovell, Thoma Couper, scriptore 
litere (sic), curato de Suthwerk, et Cristiana Hawkesworth. 

[Proved 3 Sept., 1428.] 

* Possibly Sir Robert Hildyard, knt., of Winestead, who married Maude 
Lovell, and had by her a son, John, who died without issue. 
fThe Romaunt of the Rose, 



[Lambeth Wills, Chichele, 433&.f] 

In noun de la Seint Trinite, trois persones et une Dieu, 
nous Johan, due de Norff, Counte Mareschalle de Notyng- 
ham, Mareschalle d'Engleter, Seigniour de Moubray, de 
Segrave, et de Grower, facoons assavoir au toutes gentz, qore 
sont et enapres serront, que ceste nostre entier et darein 
volunte en forme qen suit, oestasauoir, qe per tou nostre 
treshonore uncle et pier en Dieu, Henry, Cardinale d'En- 
gletere, par noun Henry, evesqe de Wynchestre, Thomas, 
evesqe de Duresme, Simonde Felbrygge, chivaler, John 
Preston, Richard Storesacre, et Robert Southwelle, soient 
seisez en loure demesne come de foe simple en le manoir 
de Neusom ove toutez ses appurtenauntz en le counte 
d'Everwyk et de plusours autorus (sic) manoirs, terres, tene- 
mentez, rentez, reversions, et services ove lour appurtenauntez 
en diverses contez d'Engletere per vertu dune nostre chartre, 
a eux et autres ore mortez per licence de roy nostre 
seigniour qi fuist Henry le quint fait, portant date mesme 
nostre chartres le 9 jour de May Ian tierce de mesme le 
Roy (1415), et sur celle nostre chartre en possession et 
seisun dez les ditz enfeoffez, eions relessez et quiet clamez 
pur nos et noz heirez tout nostre droit et clamez que nous 
avons en toutez manoirs, terres, tenementes, rentez, reversions 
et services auntditez. Et combien que noz ditz chartre et 
relesse estoient faitz simplement et sanz condicon, nientmains 
nous volons et prions a lez ditez enfeoffez qe si Dieux de 
nous face sa mercie et nostre alme de ceste monde passera, 
qils, et chescum de eux, facent et face estate a Katerine, 
nostre tres ame compayne, de toutz lez manoirs, terres, 
tenementz ove lour appurtenauntz deinz lisle d'Axholme, 
contenuz en le dite feoffement, suffrent et suffre nos generalx 
attornez et deputez, en ceste nostre volunte desoubz nomez, 
lever, coiller, et receivre toutes les issuez, profitz, et com- 
moditez quelconqus, scurdantz de toutz lez autters manoirs, 
terres, tenementz, rentz, reversions, et services ove lour appur- 

* John, 8th Lord Mowbray, 4th Earl of Nottingham, and 2nd Duke of 
Norfolk, was second son of the 1st Duke of Norfolk by his second wife 
Elizabeth, sister of Thomas Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel. He was born in 1389. 
He succeeded his brother, Thomas Mowbray, 3rd Earl of Nottingham, who 
was beheaded in 1405 for his share in the insurrection against Henry IV. 
He was at the siege of Harfleur and in the French wars. He died 19 Oct., 
1432, and bequeathed his body to be buried in the Cistercian priory in the isle 
of Axholme. His wife was Katherine, daughter of Ealph Nevile, Earl of 
Westmorland. She afterwards married Sir Thomas Strangways, John, Lord 
Beaumont, and fourthly, Sir John Wodville, brother-in-law of Edward IV, at 
the age of nearly eighty. (See Dictionary of National Biography.) 

t There is a further will at Lambeth, Chichele, i, 435, which follows. 


tenauntz en le dite feoff ement contenuez, au tine et entent 
ovesqe icelx de payre et agreer toz noz dettes quelx per 
escript ou due examinacion il purront trouer estre per nous 
duez aschun persone vivant ou morte deins le roialme 
d'Engleterre ou paraillours; et ovesque icels issues, profitz et 
commodites plenair' faire restitucion et greede quanqe nos 
avons mesfait et a ascune persone encontre conciens et 
droit. Et auxi damesner nostre corps jusqes a nostre priore 
de Newenham en le counte de Bedd', en le quele nous 
voillons Dieux devant estre enterres quele parte que nous 
demons. Et apres ceo nous voillons et prions nos ditez 
enfeffez qe de les ditez issues, profitz, et commoditez ils 
suffrent nos ditz generalx attornez satisfier et agreer lez 
dettez de nostre treshonoure seigniour et pier, qi feust 
Thomas, due de Norff', et fair amesner et reporter en Engle- 
tere les osses du corps nostre ditz seigniour et pier, qe 
unqore reposent a Venys pur son dette, et mesmes les osses 
enterrer en nostre priore de Charterhouse deins nostre Isle 
d'Axholm. Ovesqe mesmes les issuez, profites, et commoditez 
accompler nostre volunte et entent touchant le dite priorie, 
quelx volunte et entent remaignent par divers lez dites 
Priour et Covent, enselez de nostre graunde seal, et sem- 
blablement ovesque les ditez issuez, profitez, et commoditez 
satisfier et agreer les dettez de treshonouree dame et mere 
qe feust Elizabeth, duchesse de Norff', et de nostre tres 
amee friere, qi feust Thomas, comte Mareschalle. [Here 
follows special provision re manors and lands in Norfolk and 
SuffolkJ] Et pur acomplisser et en execucion mettre ceste 
nostre volunte par la survieu et advys de les honourables 
piers en Dieu, Johan archevesque d'Everwyk, chaunceler 
d'Engleterre, Philippe evesque d'Ely, et Wauter, sir de 
Hungreford, tresorere d'Engleterre, ou lune de eux. Nous 
avons fait par icestes Richard Hastynges, chivaler, Esmonde 
Wyntour, Roger Hunte, Nicholais Conyngeston, Gerrard 
Maynell, Robert Southwell, et Johan Alman, joyntement et 
severalment noz generals attorneys. En testimoignm de 
quele chose a ceste present darein volunte tripartite avons 
fait mettre nostre seal. Done le xij jour de May, Ian du 
regine le roy Henry sisme puis le conqueste septisme (1429). 

* Hec est ultima voluntas domini Johannis, ducis Norffolchie, 
comitis Mareschalli, et de Notyngham, Anglie marescalli, etc., 
facta apud Eppeworth, decimo nono die mensis Octobris, anno 
regni regis Henrici Sexti undecimo (1432), videlicet. In primis 
quod corpus suum sepelietur in ecclesia Cartusiensi infra 

* Printed at full length in Nichols' Eoyal Wills, 266. 


insulam de Axeholme in comitatu Lincolnie et quod omnia 
debita sua ex catallis suis integris solvantur. Item, quod 
domina Katerina, uxor dicti domini ducis, habeat omnia vasa 
sua, aurea, argentea, sive deaurata, ac omnia alia ornamenta 
aurea, argentea, sive deaurata, ac omnia alia bona mobilia sua 
et catalla, debitis suis predictis plene persolutis ; preter quod 
illud argentum sive aurum cunatum, existens infra manerium 
de Eppeworth tempore mortis predicti domini ducis, quod 
inter servientes ejusdem domini ducis secundum discrecionem 
dicte domine Katerine post mortem dicti domini ducis par- 
ticipabitur ; et preter quod omnes toge dicti domini ducis, 
tempore mortis sue infra manerium predictum existentes 
distribuantur inter servientes predictos secundum discrecionem 
dicte domine Katerine. Et quod predicta domina Katerina 
habeat ad terminum vite sue manerium de Eppeworth in 
comitatu predicto cum suis pertinenciis, ac omnia alia terras et 
tenementa, redditus, reversiones, et servicia, pascua, pasturas, 
aquas, vivaria sive piscarias, chaceas, warennas cum suis 
pertinenciis, ac omnes alias commoditates predicto domino 
duci sive alii cuicumque nomine dicti domini ducis, sive ad 
opus suum infra insulam predictam pertinencia sive spectancia. 
Item, quod dicta domina Katerina habeat ad terminum vite 
sue omnia maneria dicti domini ducis, etc., infra comitatum 
Eboraci. Item, castellum honoris sive dominium de Brembre 
infra comitatum Sussexie. Item, omnia castella sive maneria 
infra terram de Gower in Wallia cum suis pertinenciis, ac 
dominium de Gower. Item, quod Thomas Newmarche habeat ad 
terminum vite sue officium senescalli manerii de Eppeworthe 
cum vadiis antiquis. Et quod Johannes Dautre, armiger, 
habeat ad terminum vite sue decem libras argenti, annuatim 
percipiendas de manerio de Fornesette in comitatu Norffolchie 
ad duos anni terminos. Item, quod Johannes Pecke habeat ad 
terminum vite sue custodiam parci de Lopham in comitatu 
Norffolchie cum f eodis antiquis. Item, quod Johannes Basset, 
armiger, habeat ad terminum vite sue quatuor denarios per 
diem *. . . . et quod Thomas Hide habeat ad terminum vite sue 

tres denarios per diem * Item, quod omnes servientes 

predicti domini ducis, habentes litteras suas patentes de 
aliquibus officijs sive feodis illis concessis, habendis ad 
voluntatem dicti domini ducis, habeant, et quilibet eorum 
habeat, eadem officia sive feoda ad terminum vite eorundem. 
Item, quod dicta domina Katerina existat capitalis executrix 
testamenti dicti domini ducis cum omnibus aliis personis 
executoribus in ultimo testamento dicti domini ducis nominatis ; 
excepto quod Edmundus Wynter non se intromittat de racione 

* Blanks left in the original. 


execucionis dicti ultimi testament!. In cujus rei testimoiiium 
predictus dominus Johannes, dux, huic present! ultimo volun- 
tati sue sigillum armorum suorum apposuit. 

[Proved 14 February, 1432-3, by the executrix named.] 


[Lambeth Wills, Eeg. Cbichele, i, 419.] 

In Dei nomine Amen. Sept. 1, A.D. 1429. Ego, Willelmus, 
Karleolensis episcopus, sanus mentis et plene sciencie, licet 
egritudine corporis aggravatus, condo testamentum meum in 
hunc modum. In primis, lego animam meam Deo, Beate 
Marie, et omnibus Sanctis, et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in 
ecclesia parochial! Beate Marie Karleoli, videlicet, in quadam 
cantaria fundata in honore Sancte Katerine ; et pro exhibicione 
unius capellani celebraturi in eadem cantaria viginti libras, ita 
quod dictus capellanus percipiet singulis annis ultra fructus 
dicte cantarie quinque marcas, quousque dicta summa xx 
librarum totaliter expendatur; sub ea tamen condicione quod 
talis ordinetur capellanus in dicta cantaria secundum dispo- 
sicionem executorum meorum qui celebrare ibidem possit 
in anima mea in forma supradicta. Item, lego ecclesie 
cathedral! Beate Marie Karleoli unam ymaginem resurreccionis 
de argento. Item, Fratribus Predicatoribus et Minoribus 
Karliolensibus xiij s. iiij d. per equales porciones. Item, lego 
Hugoni, consanguioeo meo, existent! London., omnia terras et 
tenementa mea in Shirynton, que habui de Thoma Bekyngham, 
sub ea condicione quod dictus Hugo voluerit in omnibus regi 
et gubernari secundum consilium et ordinacionem domini 
Alexandri Cok, archidiaconi Karleolensis ; et, si contingat quod 
dictus Hugo, consanguineus meus, noluerit regi vel gubernari 
secundura consilium et ordinacionem dicti domini Alexandri, 
tune volo quod dicta terre et tenementa vendantur et dis- 
ponantur [secundum] ordinacionem et disposicionem supradicti 
Alexandri domini archidiaconi.t Item, volo quod Robertus 
Wraby habeat firmam dictorum terrarum et tenementorum per 
spacium trium annorum proxime sequencium, sub ea condicione 
quod voluerit gubernari secundum consilium prefati domini 
Alexandri. Item, lego cuilibet generoso servienti michi xl s. 
Item, lego Simoni Marbery v marcas. Item, Johanni de 
Chambre v marcas. Item, Johanni Wod v marcas. Item, 
Johanni Burton xls. Item, Willelmo Mathew v marcas. 
Item, Katerine, sorori mee, de ornamentis et vestimentis meis 
ad valorem x marcarum. Hec omnia fiant, si fieri poterunt, 
debitis meis primitus persolutis. Item, lego domino Roberto 

* William Barrow, Bishop of Carlisle, 1423-9 ; translated from Bangor. 
t Written "d'niA." 


Somercotes parvum calicem deauratum et antiqu[ujm porti- 
phorum (sic) meum. Item, domino Johanni Siwarde porti- 
phorum (sic) meum novum. Item, domino Willelmo Croxton 
capellano unum anulum aureum. Item, magistro Johanni 
Dalton unum anulum aureum secundarium. Item, domino 
Alexandro Cok' unum anulum aureum cum saphiro, quern 
habui ex dono episcopi Lincolniensis, et sex coclearia argentea 
et deaurata et omnes libros meos de jure canonico. Et 
residuum omnium bonorum meorum do et lego prenominato 
domino Alexandro Cok, archidiacono Karleolensi, et domino 
Roberto Somercotes, ad disponendum secundum discrecionem 
suam, et eosdem dominum Alexandrum et Robertum ordino et 
constituo executores rneos. Hiis testibus, magistro Johanne 
Dalton, domino Johanne Colby, domino Johanne Sywarde, 
Simone Marbery, Johanne Wod, Roberto Wraby, Thoma 
Bromfeld, et aliis. 

[Proved 10 March, 1429-30, by Robert Somercotes, with power reserved.] 


[Luffenam, 17.] 

Die S. Andree (30 Nov.), 1431. Johannes Hertylpole, 
rector ecclesiarum de Byngham et Sondore. Lego corpus 
meum ad sepeliendum in cancello alterius ecclesiarum pre- 
dictarum, si prope alteram eorundem per xv miliarum decedam. 
Ad faciendum exequias meas absque pompa in distribucione 
pauperum, xl li.* Uni capellano in ecclesia de Gaynesburg per 
unum annum, et uni alio capellano in dicta ecclesia de Brygham 
(sic) per quatuor annos missam de Requiem singulis diebus 
Lune et Veneris celebraturo [etc.]. Cuilibet capellanorum pre- 
dictorum apud "Weston et Gaynesburgh vij marcas, et apud 
Brygham, x marcas. Lego Roberto, fratri meo, xx li., unam 
peciam argenti cum coopertorio, super pedes stantem, duas 
pelves cum lavacris, unum lectum meum de worstede paliatum, 
unam longam cistam nigram, et aliam novam apud Sondoye 
(sic), duo magna rekkes, et ij magna verua, in casu quo decedam 
ante ipsum. Johanni Gunby, armigero, unam peciam cum 
coopertorio cum ymagine Sancti Johannis Baptiste et unam 
aquariam deauratam. Hugoni Helweys unam parvam peciam 
argenti cum coopertorio et xls. Thome Smyth, clerico, unam 
parvam peciam deauratam cum coopertorio stantem, et duas alias 
pecias deauratas de una sorte sine coopertoriis. In distribucione 
pauperum parochianorum de Weston, cs. Summo altari 
ibidem j missale et unum vestimentum precii xij marcarum. 
Summo altari de Melles unam capam precii c s. Pauperibus 

* Legacy to Carthusians of London, etc., omitted. 


ibidem cs. distribuendos. Fabrice ecclesie de Brygham et 
capellan[is] ibidem, xxli. Pauperibus parochiaiiis ibidem 
x marcas per supervisum Willelmi Stapilton et Alexandri 
Mercer. Ecclesie cathedrali de Herford unam capam precii c s. 
Ecclesie de Gaynesburgh unum vestimentum precii x mar- 
carum. Abbati de Glaston duas phiolas deauratas. Willelmo 
Dent, servienti meo, unam magnam peciam argenti de moneta 
Pareys cum coopertorio, et unam aliam peciam argenti cum 
coopertorio, et unam aliam deauratam cum coopertorio, de 
quibus communiter servitur; unum lectum integrum de 
worstede cum coopertorio de bokeram, in quo jaceo, j materas, 
unum bonum coverlyte cum tapite de opere tapster', ij 
blankettes de fustian, duas carentinillas, tria paria linthia- 
minum, duo manutergia bona, duo coverlytz, ij candelabra de 
auricalco, unam ollam eneam, unam patellam secundam post 
magnam, vj discos, vj salsaria, vj parapsides, et unum chaurger 
de electro, duas andenas parvas, j cupbord, et omnia scabella 
mea apud Londonias, j trachiam, unum frixorium, j cultellum 
porrectum, tria verua ferrea, vj cusshynys, duo banqueris de 
worstede cum toto aulario de worstede de le parlour, unam 
ollam electrinam, j cathedram longam, ac xx li., necnon unam 
pelvim rotundam pro rasura, et aliam pelvim cum lavacro, 
unam cistam meam, ferro undique ligatam, et aliam cistam de 
Flaunders, que sunt apud Weston, xij cocliaria argentea, 
j magnum salarium argenteum cum coopertorio, de quo michi 
cotidie servitur, et ij bordclothys. Janyn, servienti meo, 
x marcas, etc. Bicardo Hodak' de Gaynesburgh, capellano, 
quatuor ulnas boni panni lanei mei. Lego omnes alias togas 
meas et j clavidem furruratam, inter pauperes scolares 
Oxonienses graduates distribuendas. Alicie, nuper [?uxori] 
Walteri, fratris mei, xl s. Priori de Caldewell, patrono meo, 
x li. in auxilium reparacionis claustri sui. Willelmo Prestwyk, 
clerico,unum magnum salarium argenti cum coopertorio, et duas 
ollas argenti. Nicholao Newton, clerico meo, cs., unam peciam 
deauratam, vocatam Gourd', et lectum meum de tapetoria 
quern emi de executoribus Ricardi Colman. Johanni, cognato 
meo, xxli., ad inveniendum ipsum Universitati Oxoniensi vel 
Cantabriggiensi, unum librum de Pupilla oculi, unum librum 
de diversis tractatibus, et aliud de Omeliis Sancti Gregorii, 
j missale, unum calicem, unum corporale et unum vestimentum 
mea apud Londonias. Volo quod psalterium meum glosatum 
vendatur alicui personi (sic), plus offerenti pro eodem, et de 
pecuniis inde provenientibus ibi seu vestimenta mea emantur 
.et ecclesie de Gaynesburgh imperpetuam (sic) memoriam pro 
anima mea et Johannis Spryngthorp donentur. Et dictos 
Willelmum Prestwik, Thomam Smyth, Nicholaum, Robertum, 


et Willelmum Dent, executores meos facio. Testibus, Johanne 
Frank', Johanne Mapylton, magistro Nicholao Stokys, 
Nicholao Wymbusshe, Roberto Monter. Datum Londiniis. 
[Proved 17 Nov., 1432.] 


[Lambeth Wills, Beg. Chichele, i, 457.] 

In Dei nomine Amen. Cum breves dies hominis sint et 
apud Deum solum sit numerus mensium ejus, Qui inpreteribiles 
vite terminos constituit mortalibus universis, ne, cum venerit 
quasi fur dies Domini sonueritque michi terribilis ille mortis 
clangor, caducis et momentaneis exteriorum curis cogatur 
animus implicari, ego, Robertus, inutilis ecclesie Londoniensis 
minister, vocatus episcopus de speciali sanctissimi domini 
Eugenii divina providencia pape quarti licencia, vive vocis 
oraculo michi data, condo testamentum meum et meam volun- 
tatem ultimam per hunc modum. In primis, lego animam 
meam Deo Omnipotenti, creatori suo, et Ejus misericordie 
iafinite, corpusque meum sepeliendum, si in Anglia vel prope 
ad tres dietas me mori contigerit, in ecclesia Sancti Pauli 
Lou don., supra chorum ante magnum altare, si non per me 
contingat prius fabricari de novo sedem episcopalem, sub qua, 
eo casu, sepiliri, si congrue fieri poterit, volo et opto. Item, 
volo quod post funeralia mea que, salva honestate ecclesie, 
fiant nee ponipose, de omnibus bonis meis primo debita mea 
persolvantur plenarie. Item et post hec, lego ecclesie Sancti 
Pauli London, mitram et omnia insignia mea pontificalia preter 
anulum meum pontificalem, quern super capsam Sancti 
Erkenwaldi figi et ibidem remanere imperpetuum volo, de illo 
anulo dico quern a domiuio Venetorum habui. Item, lego eidem 
ecclesie vestimentum cum apparatu diaconi et subdiaconi que 
a domino et patre meo legata habui. Item, si antequam ad 
Basileamf venero, vel antequam equos meos aut remisero aut 
veudidero, me mori contingat, lego cuilibet familiarium meorum 
equum quern equitat, et cuilibet scutifero xl s., cuilibet valetto 
viginti solidos, ac cuilibet inferior! servienti meo proprio 
xiij s. iiij d. Item, lego Willelmo Egmanton portiphorium meum 
parvum et minus missale, ac unum apparatum misse pro 
sacerdote, et librum qui dicitur Pupilla oculi. Item, lego 
magistro Willelmo Elot Bibliam meam minorem. Item, lego 
eidem librum qui dicitur Summa Confessorum, ac parvum 

* Son of Henry, (third) Lord Fitzhugh of Kavensworth, by Elizabeth 
Marmion, heiress of Tanfield. Master of King's Hall, Cambridge, Chancellor. 
Bishop of London, 16 Sept., 1431. Buried in St. Paul's Cathedral. (See 
Dictionary of National Biography.) 

f The Council of Bale sat from 23 July, 1431, to May, 1443. 


libellum, scilicet Flores Benedicti. Item, lego magistro Roberto 
Galyon, cancellario meo, utmm ciphum argenteum et deauratum 
coopertum, et limphatorium deauratum pro aqua. Item, lego 
magistro Thome Mordon, senescallo hospicii mei,unum bassinum 
seu pelvim cum aquario de argento, unum ciphum argenteum 
deauratum coopertum, unam cameram integram cum lecto de 
viridi. Item, lego Willelmo Holgrave, civi et draperio London., 
fidelissimo amico et servitori meo, unam cameram cum lecto 
integram de rubeo, unam ollam argenteam, unum ciphum 
argenteum coopertum, et xx li. Item, lego Matilde, uxori sue, 
unum ciphum argenteum coopertum et xij cocliaria argentea. 
Item, lego domino Fitzhugh, fratri meo, lectum meum de 
tapstriwerke cum leonibus et pelicano superius. Item, lego 
sorori mee, uxori ejus, par precum de corallo cum gaudys de 
auro, et optimum anulum meum. Item, lego cuilibet sororum 
mearum unum anulum geminatum. Residuum vero bonorum 
meorum do et lego magistro Roberto Galyon, magistro Thome 
Mordon, Willelmo Egmanton, Roberto Danby, et Willelmo 
Holgrave, quos constituo hujus mei testamenti et mee ultime 
voluntatis executores, ut ipsi de eisdem bonis disponant pro 
salute anime mee in missis et elemosinis ac aliis piis operibus. 
In cujus rei testimonium hoc presens testamentum meum manu 
mea scripsi et sigillo meo signavi. Dat. Dovorrie, xv Junii, 
A.D. 1434. Item, lego Roberto Danby prefato unum [ciphum] 
argenteum coopertum, vocatum the belle, et ad formam campane 
formatum. Item, lego librarie communi Universitatis Cante- 
brigie Textum Moralium Philosophie. Item, Codeton super 
quatuor libros sentenciarum. Item, lego ecclesie Christi Can- 
tuarie exposicionem de PatreW super librum Numeri et Ruth. 
Item, unum aulare seu apparatum de rubeo worstede pro aula, 
que vocatur \e table vel misericordia, in qua comedunt monachi 
carnes, videlicet, extra refectorium. Item, lego Galfrido fratri 
meo, militi, vj discos argenteos, iij salsaria, unam ollam 
argenteam, unum ciphum argenteum deauratum coopertum. 
Item, lego magistro Waltero Belt librum de Pastoribus, 
Omelijs, Dialogis, et super Gantica, in uno volumine. 
[Proved 13 Feb., 1435-6, by the executors named.] 

[Luffenam, 20.] 

6 Nov., 1435. Robertus Frende de Houeden, canonicus. 
Lego ad ecclesiam Beate Marie de Waltham summo altari 
unum librum missale, calicem, et meum vestimentum sacer- 
dotale, in honore Dei et Beate Marie, et antifenarium (sic] 
meum remanena in choro ejusdem ecclesie. Do unum gradale 
ad ecclesiam in qua baptizatus fui. Do Ricardo, consanguineo 


meo, uni executorum meorum, omnia ilia tenementa que liabeo 
infra dominia de Houeden et Cotnesse in comitatu Ebor., ac 
omnia ilia tenementa que descendebant jure hereditario in 
partibus australibus, videlicet, in villa vocata Brensby, et 
omnia carucas, plaustra, carectas cum suis tenementis (sic], tarn 
cum equis quam cum bobus, apud Waltham et Cotnesse, et 
omnia utilensia mea apud Houeden et Waltham. Johanni 
Gargrave j crateram cum coopertorio argenti. Roberto 
Connestable unam aliam peciam cum coopertorio de argento. 
Stephano, servienti meo, pro suo bono servicio michi facto, 
x li. Johanni Sharp, meo famulo, xli et unum gregium equum 
cum sella. Willelmo Gye, clerico meo, x marcas et alium 
equum meuin, bay coloris, cum sella. Willelmo Askby meum 
portativum me ministrum fieri sacerdotem* pro sua diligenti 
labore [in] infirmitate mea, et ut ipse diligenter quotidie pro 
me ad Deum oraret. Bicardo Laverok de Houeden, servienti 
meo, xl s. Willelmo Kesteven et Agneti, uxori ejus, xl s. 
Thome Lasyng, servienti meo, vj s. viij d. Residuum bonorum 
meorum do Johanni Gargrave, Roberto Connestable, et 
Ricardo predicto, executoribus meis. Datum apud Sonnynges. 

[Proved 10 Dec., 1435, by Richard Arnesby, kinsman of the deceased, 
with power reserved, etc.] 


[Rous, 16.] 

I March, 1440-1. Commission issued to John Almayne, 
kinsman of the deceased. 


[Rous, 15.] 

II Marcii, 1442-3. Robertus Lambton de Lambton in 
episcopatu Dunelmensi, gentilman. Sep. in ecclesia domus 
Fratrum Camelitarum Londin., juxta sepulturam Willelmi 
Lambton, patris mei. Fabrice ejusdem ecclesie, xls. Ad 
inveniendum unum capellanum, Fratrum Carmelitarum, ejusdem 
domus, ad celebrandum in eadem ecclesia per unum annum 
integrum x marcas. t Lego societati mee in Furnivales- 
ynne, London., xx s. Willelmo Warner, civi et cissori 
London., et Cristine, uxori ejus, c s. Perdono Johanni 
Grymstone, civi et pellipario London., debitum quod michi 
debet. Johanni Hitte, servienti ejus, nuper servienti meo, xx s. 
et meam zonam de serico, hernesitam'cum argento. Johanne, 

* Me m'istr' fieri sac'd'. 
f Legacies to St. Dunstan's-in-Fletestrete, and St. Andrew's, Holborn, omitted. 


uxori mee, cli., et omnia hustilmenta, utensilia, et necessaria 
aule, camere, coquine, et pincerie mee, in Lambton, tam in 
jocalibus quam in aliis rebus quibuscumque, eisdem spectan- 
tibus, mea maxima pecia argenti stante cooperta tantummodo 
excepta. Johanne Fetherstaynhagh' vidue, xli. Thome, filio 
ejusdem Johanne, xli. Cuilibet fratrum ejusdem Thome, xls. 
Pardono cuilibet tenencium meorum totum debitum quod michi 
debet. Johanni Wright, servienti meo, de Lambton, cs. 
Johanni Tomson, xl s. Odardo Tomson, xx s. Roberto Peper, 
xl s., et meum equum nigrum monoculum. Thome Taylor, 
xiij s. iiij d. Margarete Forster, servienti mee, xl s. Mar- 
garete, filie [blank] Huchenson, xiij s. iiij d. Alicie Wryght, 
xiij s. iiij d. Roberto Bratingham et uxori ejus, xl s. 
Odardo Symson, servienti meo, x li. et meum bawdryk argenti. 
Willelmo Dryclyff et uxori ejus, xx s. Cuilibet filiolorum 
meorum, vj s. viij d. Summo altari ecclesie de Chester in 
episcopatu predicto, xx s. Cuilibet capellano ejusdem 
ecclesie, ad exorandum pro anima mea, iij s. iiij d., et utrique 
clericorum parochialium ibidem, xx d. Ad inveniendum unum 
capellanum celebraturum in predicta ecclesia de Chester per 
tres annos integros, xvj li. Thomasine Bothe, c s. Alicie 
Lambton, sorori mee, tam pro parte mea quam pro toto legato 
per patrem meum sibi facto, cli. Johanni Lambton, fratri 
meo, militi de Rodes, c marcas. Willelmo Lambton,* fratri 
meo, xx li. Perdono Thome Lambton, fratri meo, totum 
debitum quod michi debet, et lego eidem, c s., et predictam 
peciam meam stantem. Johanni Nicolson, clerico meo, xx s. 
Roberto White, xxs. Perdono Johanni Solet et Henrico 
Smyth totum quod michi debent. Quoad omnia animalia 
mea, per me quibuscunque prestita, do eadem ea habentibus ad 
inde faciendum suam liberam voluntatem. Thome Pencher, 
civi et aurifabro London., x marcas. Residuum omnium 
bonorum meorum do executoribus meis ad disponendum pro 
anima mea; et facio meos executores predictum Willelmum 
Lambton, fratrem meum, Johannem Borell', gentilman, 
Robertum Milne, clericum, et predictum Odardum Symson ; et 
supervisores istius testamenti, dominum Willelmum, Lincolnie 
episcopum,t et Radulphum, dominum de Cromwell, thesau- 
rarium Anglie. 

[Proved 9 April, 1443, by the said William Lambton.] 

* Son of William Lambton of Lambton. He died without issue. From his 
brother, who succeeded him, the Earl of Durham descends in direct male line, 
t William Alnwick. 



[Godyn, 19.] 

17 Jan., 1466-7, London. Petrus de Tastar', prepositus 
ecclesie collegiate Beati Johannis Beverlacensis, commendo 

animam meam Sanctissime Trinitati , Beatis Michaeli, 

Gabrieli, Raphael!, et omnibus sanctis et archangelis, principi 
apostolorum Petro, doctori gencium Paulo, Beato Johanni 
Evangeliste, Jacobo et Andree, ceterisque apostolis et evan- 
gelistis, Beatis Stephano, Laurencio, Vincencio, Saturnino, 
gloriosis martiribus, et toti curie celestium civium, cum Deo 
jugiter regiiancium. Volo corpus meum sepeliri debere in 
ecclesia Beati Jacobi de Garlekhithe, London., et hoc si 
contingat me obire in civitate London.; hoc excepto quod, si 
contingat me mori in domo Ordinis Fratrum Heremitarum 
Sancti Augustini, volo omnimodo sepeliri in ecclesia ipsorum 
Fratrum London. Sed si contingat me obire in aliquo bene- 
ficiorum meorum, tune ibidem volo sepeliri ubi continget me 
decedere. Volo quod, die sepulture mee, seu postquam cito 
noticia mei decessus ad executores meos pervenerit, distii- 
buantur in elemosinis, exequiis, et piis operibus, xx li. Fratribus 
de Ordine Predicatorum, London., xx s.f Volo quod fiant 
exequie mortuorum die tricesimo et fine anni primi quo fuero 
defunctus in loco sepulture mee. Nolo tamen quod fiant 
expense inutiles pro aliqua pompa mundana, sed solum pro 
ministris ecclesie et Dei pauperibus. Volo quod ematur unum 
apparamentum sacerdotale, quod Anglice appellatur a sute, 
videlicet, tres cape, duo rocheti, et alia necessaria, ad valorem 
xx li., et quod detur ecclesie mee de Leighton Busard. Eidem 
ecclesie missale meum optimum, pro quo solvi xij marcas, ut 
remaneat perpetuo in dicta ecclesia. Volo quod emantur duo 
antiphonarii ad valorem viij marcarum, et ambo dentur ad 
servicium ecclesie mee de Chartham in Kancia. Volo quod 
ematur unum missale ad valorem x marcarum, et quod detur 
ecclesie de Chartham. Willelmo Pyneu, servitori meo, xli. 
Domino Eaymundo Bernard, presbitero, meum portiforium 
alias portuous, pro quo solvi viij marcas. Item, ordino quod calix 
meus detur ad servicium ipsius ecclesie in qua corpus meum 
contigerit sepeliri. Johanni Gaucem, servitori meo, xvli. [et] 
meliorem lectum meum cum uno coopertorio de tapissaria, 
quod habeo in domo, cum curtinis meis et sobreseu melioribus, 
[necnon] unum ciphum deauratum, stantem supra tres pedes, 

* Peter Taster, dean of St. Savien, Bordeaux, was collated to the provostry 
of Beverley by Archbishop Neville on Sept. 29, 1465 (Reg. Georgii Neville, 
to. 2d). There is an account of him in the Beverley Chapter Act Book, ii, p. xci. 

t Legacies to the friars of all the other orders in London, and to the 
prisoners of the King's Bench Prison, etc. 


quern emi ab uxore Willelmi de Linis. Philippe de la Plassa, 
servitori meo, xli. Volo quod in ecclesia in qua continget 
corpus meum sepeliri ordinetur unus presbiter, qui ibidem 
serviat in divinis officiis per spacium quinque annorum, datis 
presbitero hujusmodi pro singulis annis x marcis. Volo quod 
in ecclesia mea de Chartham ordinetur unus sacerdos qui 
ibidem per triennium resideat et eidem ecclesie in divinis 
deserviat officiis unacum aliis, ita tamen quod duobus primis 
annis celebret in predicta ecclesia, et tercio anno dumtaxat 
celebret in capella de Horton, ab ecclesia supradicta 
dependenti; et hujusmodi presbitero singulis annis dentur 
x marce; et in hoc preferatur presbiter suus serviens apud 
Chartham. Ecclesie mee quondam Sancti Jacobi de Garlek- 
hithe, London., xxli., quas volo expendi in reparacionibus et 
ornamentis, eidem ecclesie necessariis; primo solutis tamen 
decem libris quas dicta ecclesia michi debet ex mutuo pro 
reparacione cantarie vocate Oxenford. Georgio Bushett, 
servitori meo, xxli., pro gratuitis serviciis per ipsum michi 
impensis. Item, plus unam obligacionem Thome Fox. Item, 
volo quod ematur unus calix deauratus, ponderis trium 
marcarum de Troia, ad servicium Dei in ecclesia mea de 
Westbedwyn, in comitatu Wiltshirie.. Volo quod frater 
Nandinus, Ordinis Heremitarum, nacione Burdegalensi, habeat 
de bonis meis iiij nobilia. Willelmo Gassias, scolari, nepoti 
meo, librum meum Decretorum, Decretales, Sextum, et Cle- 
mentinas meas meliores, [et] xx marcas. Willelmo Fersdon, 
servitori meo, x marcas. Willelmo Barbor, servitori meo, iij li. 
Willelmo Petitt, servitori meo, iiij marcas. Willelmo Drury, 
servitori meo, xl s. Servitori meo, Gilberto, xx s. Ricardo 
de Beverlaco, servitori meo, xx s. Ricardo de Kancia, custodi 
equorum meorum, xx s. Volo quod Ricardus Charnok, puer 
meus, teneatur ad scolas grammaticales per biennium expensis 
meis, et quod nutriatur et vestiatur honeste de bonis meis, dum 
tamen fuerit in servicio meo tempore mortis mee. Henrico, 
coco meo, xxs. Facio executores meos magistrum Thomam 
Kent, utriusque juris doctorem, Willelmum Essex, rememora- 
torem domini nostri regis, magistrum Guillelmum de Lacuna, 
juris canonici bacallarium, dominum Raymundum Bernard, 
presbiterum, et Johannem Gaucem servitores meos. Rogo 
tamen eos quod si aliqua bona restant, complete isto meo 
testamento, quod habeant respectum ad beneficia mea in dis- 
tribucione ipsorum et ad pauperes Christi et ad servitores 
meos. Volo quod de bonis Bartholomei de Albernia dentur 
xxli., intra bona mea existentes, reverendo fratri, Dominico 
de Scog'umanno, magistro in theologia, ad orandum pro anima 
ejusdem Bartholomei, Ordinis Heremitarum Sancti Augustini, 


ad quod faciendum consensit Amaneu Bertet coexecutor meus 
in bonis dicti Bartholomei. Magistro Guillelmo de Lacuna 
librum meum Biblie, ad orandum pro anima mea. Raymundo 
Rossen, moranti Calesii, xli. Memorandum quod de bonis 
Bartholomei de Albernia deliberavi domino de Kendall, filio 
domini capitalis, dum idem dominus de Kendall erat London., 
1 marcas, ut michi videtur pro bono pacis et confirmacione 
bonorum predicti Bartholomei, quia predictus dominus de 
Kendall pretendebat se habere interesse in hujusmodi bonis ; 
super hoc tamen non sum certus, sed dubito aliquando an pro 
conservacione bonorum meorum quia idem dominus de Kendall 
a me intendebat petere mutuo pecunias, eidem domino 
deliberaverim predictas 1 marcas, hinc est volo quod de bonis 
meis propriis distribuantur pro salute animarum predicti 
Bartholomei et mei ipsius 1 marce. 

[Proved 13 July, 1467.] 


[Luffenam, 35.] 

27 Mar., 1448. Agnes Stapilton, vidua, nuperuxor Briani 
Stapilton, militis. Lego corpus meum sepeliendum in ecclesia 
Fratrum Predicatorum in civitate Eboracensi juxta sepulturam 
dicti Briani. Priori dicte domus v marcas. Ad distribuendum 
inter pauperes die sepulture mee, xxxiij s. iiij d.f Fratribus 
Ordinis Augustinensis in Staunford, xs. Cuilibet quatuor Ordi- 
num Fratrum in Lincolnia, vj s. viij d. Cuilibet domorum vocata- 
rum Charterhouses in Anglia, xxxiij s. iiij d. Ministratori et 
Fratribus domus Sancti Roberti in Knasburgh, xx s. Johanni 
Tymble, capellano, vj s. viij d. Johanni, capellano in capella 
Beate Marie Magdalene in Bboraco, vj s. viij d. Johanni 
Witton, capellano, xiij s. iiij d. Ad distribuendum inter 
viginti alios capellanos, vj s. viij d. Fratri Johanni Orre de 
domo Fratrum Predicatorum in Eboraco, vj s. viij d. Fratri 
Johanni Thurlowe, vj s. viij d. Abbatisse de Denney, unum 
crucifixem (sic] et unum librum de Frensshe. Monialibus de 
Synynghwayte, xxs., et librum meum vocatum Bonaventure. 
Monialibus de Arthyngton, xx s. et librum meum vocatum 
Prik of conscience. Monialibus de Ayssheholt, xx s. et librum 
meum vocatum Chastisyng of goddeschildern. Monialibus de 
Nunne Monkton, xxs., et librum meum vocatum Vice and 

* Daughter and heiress of Sir John Godard, and widow of Sir Brian 
Stapleton of Carlton, who died 1417 and was buried in the Church of the 
Friars Preachers at York. She had a son Sir Brian, a daughter Elizabeth 
who married Sir William Plumpton, and a daughter Joan who married Sir 
William Ingleby. 

f Legacies to other friars omitted. 


vertues. Domine Johanne Ynggelby, filie mee, unum mantel! um 
furratum cum menyvere, duo optima mea capucia, j barbe et 
j kerchief de kyrspe et j cry mill' kerchief. Matilde Wadesley, 
sorori mee, meam optimam togam furratam cum menyvere et 
meam sellam cum novo apparatu. Willelmo Plumpton, militi, 
unum librum cum Orisons. Roberto Plumpton, filio ejusdem 
Willelmi, unum magnum yverycombe. Willelmo Plumpton, 
filio dicti Willelmi Plumpton, meum magnum psalterium. 
Margarete Darell unum par de tyres cum duobus paribus de 
edges, et unam parvam cistam coopertam cum panno operate 
in le stole. Isabelle Plumpton, unam latam zonam de nigro 
serico, garnisatam cum argento deaurato, et meam parvam 
murram. Agneti Plumpton, unam nigram zonam, garnisatam 
cum argento deaurato, unum librum de Frensshe. Elizabethe 
et Johanne Plumpton unam zonam de blodio et unam zonam 
de nigro serico, garnisatas cum argento deaurato. Agneti 
Ynggelby, meum primarium cum duobus clapsis (sic). Elene 
Ynggelby, meum librum de Frensshe de Vita Sanctorum. 
Katerine Yngelby decem opera de peerle. Johanni Yngelby 
unum par precum de argento cum gaudeis deauratis. Isabelle 
Thwate unum par precnm de coral lo cum gaudeis de auro. 
Magistro Greorgio Plumpton unum anulum de auro cum 
ij ymaginibus in eodem. Elizabethe Bekwyth unum cor de 
auro enameld cum blodio et nigro. Domine Elizabethe 
Maudesley unam flammiolam de lawne, unam de Raynes, et 
duas de smal barbes, et unum anulum de auro cum ymagine 
Trinitatis. Facio executorea meos dominam Johannam 
Ynggelby, viduam,et Brianum Stapilton, militem, filium meum. 

[Proved 1 April, 1448, by Sir Brian Stapilton, with power reserved, etc.] 


[Lambeth Wills, Beg. Stafford, 170.] 

In Dei nomine Amen. Die Sabbati, xxviij die mensis 
Decembris, A.D. mcccc mo xlviij, ego Robertus Roos, miles, 
films Willelmi, nuper domini de Roos, etc., compos mentis et 
sane memorie, condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. 
In primis, lego animam meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beate Marie, 
et omnibus Sanctis ejus, et corpus meum sepeliendum in 
ecclesia Beate Marie de Pipewelle, in diocesi Lincolnie; ad 
cujus honorem dicte ecclesie Beate Marie do et lego unam 
magnam crucem argenteam et deauratam, et duo candelabra 
argeutea magna cum duobus fiolis argenteis, simul cum uno 
vestimento sacerdotali, diaconali, et subdiaconali, videlicet, 

* Probably son of William, seventh Lord Boos of Helmsley, and Margaret 
Arundel ; and brother of John, eighth, and Thomas, ninth Lords. 


panni aurati rubei coloris. Item, lego dicte ecclesie ejusdem 
abbathie pro celebracione missarum et observacione dierum 
obitus mei xx* 1 li. Item, lego ecclesie cathedral! Cicestrensi 
duo torticia magna. Item, lego ecclesie Beate Marie de 
Suthwyk unam situlam pro aqua benedicta imponenda, 
videlicet, de argento, cum uno aspersorio pro eadem de 
argento. Item, volo ut sint xxiiij or pauperes noviter vestiti ad 
portandum xxiiij or luminaria de cera. Item, lego sacerdotibus 
ad celebrandum et exorandum pro salute anime mee xxx^li. 
Item, lego ad distribuendum inter pauperes et pios usus 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. Item, lego servientibus meis, officiariis in 
hospicio meo secundum gradum et condiciones eorundem per 
discrecionem et visum executorum meorum c marcas, et volo 
quod f eoffati mei in manerio meo de Gayton cum pertinenciis 
faciant statum executoribus meis ut ipsi perimpleant voluntatem 
et intencionem meain quo ad sustentacionem filiorum meorum. 
Item, volo et ordino quod omnia debita mea vera et probabilia 
ante omnia persolvantur. Residuum vero omnium bonorum 
meorum non legatorum volo et (sic] disponendum juxta 
ordinacionem executorum meorum pro missis celebrandis ac 
pro sustentacione et subvencione filiorum meorum, videlicet, 
Henrici et Johannis, et Alianore, filie mee, et in aliis piis 
usibus convertendum. Hujus autem presentis testamenti 
ordino et constituo Annam, uxorem meam, unacum aliis 
executoribus subscriptis, quos meos constituo executores, 
videlicet, Nicholaum Husey, Johannem Merbery, Robertum 
Wesenham, et Willelmum Austyn, armigeros. In quorum 
omnium testimonium huic presenti testamento meo sigillum 
meum apposui. Hiis testibus, domino priore prioratus Beate 
Marie de Suthwyke, Roberto Lathbury, armigero, et domino 
Johanne Clerk, capellano et multis aliis. Dat. die et anno 

[Proved 28 Jan., 1448-9, and afterwards 21 Feb., 1448-9]. 


[Lambeth Wills, Stafford, 1896.] 

.In the name of y e Fader Son & Holy Goost, oon God in 
three persones. Be it knowen to al Crysten men that these 

* Younger son of Michael de la Pole, second Earl of Suffolk, and Katherine, 
daughter of Hugh, second Earl of Stafford. He succeeded his brother, Michael, 
third Earl of Suffolk, who was slain at Agincourt, aged 19. He was in the 
French wars, and brought over Margaret of Anjou to England. He was created 
Marquis of Suffolk, 14 Sept., 1444, and Duke of Suffolk, 2 July, 1448. 
E.G. 1421. He was impeached and banished for five years, but was beheaded 
on his way to the Continent in a small boat, 2 May, 1450. Buried at Wingfield. 
He married Alice, daughter of Thomas Chaucer of Ewelme, widow of Thomas 
Montacute, fourth Earl of Salisbury. (See Dictionary of National Biography 
and Hope's Garttr Plates.) 


presentez shal hereafter here or see, that y, William de la 
pole, Due, Marques, and Brie of Suffolk, in good hele of my 
body and in my good mynde y e xvij day of Janyuer, the 
xxvi;j the yere of kynge Henry the vj te (1448-9), and of oure 
lord m'ccccxlviij, make my testament in the wyse that f olweth. 
First y bequethe my soule to ye hieghnesse and mercy of 
Hym that made it and that so mervousely bought it with his 
preciouse blode, and my wretched body to be beryed in my 
Charterhouse at Hulle, where y wol my ymage and stone be 
made and the ymage of my best beloved wyf by me, she to be 
there with me yf she lust, my said sepulture to be made by 
her discretion in ye said Charterhouse where she shal thinke 
best, in caas be yat in my dayes it be not made nor begonne ; 
desiringe, yf it may, to lye so as the masses that y have 
perpetuelly founded there for my said best beloved wyf and 
me may be daily songen over me. And also ye day of my 
funeralx, the day of my berieng, that ye charge thereof be 
bysette upon pore creatures to pray for me, and in no pompes 
nor pryJe of ye world. Also y wol yat my londes and goodes 
be disposed after that that y have disposed them in my last 
wille of ye date of these presentez, and only ordeyne my said 
best beloved wyfe my sole executrice, beseching her at ye 
reverence of God to take ye charge upon her for the wele of 
my soule, for above al the erthe my singuler trust is moost in 
her, and y wol for her ease, yf she wol and elles nought, that 
she may take unto her such on personne as she lust to name, 
to helpe her in yexecution yerof for her ease, to laboure under 
her as she wold commande hym. And last of al with the 
blessing of God and of me, as hertely as y can yeve it to my 
dere and trew son, y bequethe betwene hym and his moder 
love and al good accorde and yeve hym her hoolly, and for a 
remembraunce my gret balays to my said son. Writen and 
singned with myn hande and name, and sealed with ye sealle 
of myn armez, ye xvij day of Janyuere ye regne of kyng 
Henry y e Sixte, and ye yere of oure Lord abovesaid. 

[3 June, 1450. Commission issued to Eobert Wode, bachelor of law, rector 
of Ewelme, and Robert Takyll, M.A., rector of Merssh, to prove the 
above will. 

Certificate of such proof in Ewelme Parish Church, 23 June, and grant of 
administration to Alice, the relict and executrix named, under the seal of 
John Stokes, archdeacon of Ely, dated 30 June, 1450.] 


[Wattys, 12.] 

Sept., 1450. Johannes Mareschall. Sep. in capella 
ecclesie Beate Marie in villa de Kyngeston super Hull, prope 
sepulturam patris mei, si me ibidem mori contigerit ; si autem 



infra civitatem London., volo quod corpus meum sepeliatur 
infra capellam Beate Marie in Ordine Fratrum Minorum 
London., videlicet, prope ymaginem Beate Marie, in muro 
boreali ejusdem capelle. Magistris Godard et Kiry, utrique 
eorum, vj s. viij d., ut orent pro anima mea. Cuilibet f ratri 
ejusdem Ordinis qui afEuerit sepulture mee, iiij d. Fabrice 
ecclesie Marie Magdalene, apud finem de Oldefisshestrete, xx s., 
ut rector vel parochialis presbiter oret pro me. Volo quod 
tenementum meum in Hull vendatur et quod duo capellani 
conducantur pro salario competente ad celebrandum in capella 
predicta in Hull, quousque moneta totaliter expendetur, pro 
animabus Willelmi Wylton et Agnetis, uxoris sue, pro- 
genitorum meorum, Ricardi Mareschall, patris mei et Elene, 
uxoris sue, matris mee, et Agnetis et Alicie, filiarum ejusdem 
Willelmi. Roberto Dalehouse v marcas, et unam togam 
penulatam. Summo altari ecclesie Marie Magdalene predicte 
pro decimis oblitis, xx s. Fabrice ejusdem ecclesie, xx s. 
Capellano parochiali ibidem, iij s. iiij d., et cuilibet capellano 
ejusdem ecclesie et clerico, xij d. Ad distribuendum inter 
pauperes parochianos, xs. Operi Sancti Pauli London., 
vj s. viij d. Capellanis et clericis Fraternitatis de Jesu ut 
celebrent pro me, vj s. viij d. Magistro Bury, doctori 
Augustinensi, vj s. viij d. Duobus capellanis de le Charnell in 
cimiterio Sancti Pauli, utrique eorum, vj s. viij d. Fratribus 
Predicatoribus Oxonie, ut orent pro me, iij s. iiij d.* Constituo 
executorem meum prefatum Robertum Dalehous. 
(.Proved 5 Nov., 1471.] 

[Stokton, 1.] 

7 May, 1454. Dominus Thomas Thruston, rector ecclesie 
parochialis de Rokeby. Sep. in cancello ejusdem ecclesie. 
Fabrice de Rokeby, xl s. Domino Willelmo Bosse, x marcas 
et omnes libros meos et unam crumenam argenteam. Nicholao 
Cawley meam rubeam togam de scarlet. Item, quatuor 
Ordinibus Fratrum, xx s. Johanni Howette, xx s. Willelmo 
Howette, vj s. viij d. Johanni Wykus, vj s. viij d. Cuilibet 
filiolo meo unam ovem. Laurencio Deyston, vj s. viij d. 
Roberto Grilberte, unam vaccam sex solidorum octo denariorum. 
Johanni Tubney, unam vaccam sex solidorum et octo denariorum. 
Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum do domino Willelmo 
Bosse, capellano parochiali de Rokeby, et Thome Thruston, 
filio Simonis Thruston, executoribus meis. 

[Proved 25 Nov., 1454, by Thomas Thruston, with power reserved, etc.] 
* Legacies to London Friars, etc., omitted, 



[Stokton, 26.] 

26 Aug., 1458. Robertas Thawites, clericus. Sep. in chore 
ecclesie Collegiate de Aukeland Sancti Andree. Summo 
altari in eadem ecclesia unum vestimentum de novo. Summo 
altari Sancti Cuthberti ibidem unum missale. Ordino 
reverend um in Christo patrem et dominum Willelmum, 
Eliensem episcopum, ac Henricum Thawytes et Ricardum 
Thawytes, f ratres meos, executores meos in partibus australibus 
et partibus borealibus. Hiis testibus, domino Roberto Symson 

et domino Johanne Blakwell capellanis, et Ricardo [ 

blotted and illegible . . . . ] clerico et multis aliis. 

[Proved 31 Oct., 1458, by Richard Thawytes.] 


[Godyn, 26.] 

21 May, 6 Bdw. IV (1466). *Henry Brounflete, knyght, 
Lord Vessey. To be buried in the church of the Whyte freres 
in London, wherof and of alle the ordure of the same within 
the realme of Englond, I, the said Lord Vessy, am principall 
founduor, in suche place of the same churche to be buried as 
by thaduyce of Thomas Ryppllingham and William Rylston, 
two of myn executours, shalbe most thought convenent. To 
the hous of the said freres in London, xli. To every 
ordure of the freres in London xx d., the which shalbe at my 
beriall. Also I will yat myn executours reward my servauntes 
suche as happen to be with me at the tyme of my deth, yat is 
to saye, every gentilman x marc, and every yoman v marc, and 
every grome xxxiij s. iiij d. To Mawde the wife of Thomas 
Gowsell,vmarc. I make myn executours Thomas Rypplyngham, 
William Rylston and John Fereby, sum tyme my servaunt, the 
survivor of the same, Sir Simon Hothom, parson of 
Bletsowe, sum tyme my chapleyn. 1 will yat all the lord- 
shippe^ londe, etc., I to my use been seised of, y fc is to wit 
the maners of Lonsbourgh in the countie of Yorke and 
of Brompton, Aton, Malton, Wellom, Sutton, Wivethorp, 
Wykham, Brounflete, and Bardelby in the county aforesaid 
shall remayne to my doughter Margaret and to the heires of 
hir body, and as to all other my lordshippes, etc., which at any 
tyme were myn in fee simple, as in North Cave, Clif, and Clif 

* Summoned to Parliament 24 Jan., 1449. His wife was Eleanor, daughter 
of William Lord Fitzhugh. His daughter Margaret was wife of John Lord 
Clifford, killed at Towton, and mother of the " Shepherd Lord." She afterwards 
married Sir Lancelot Threlkeld. He married first Joan, daughter of Thomas 
Holland, Earl of Kent. 


Wighton, Burneby, Fangfosse, Ellerker, Brantingham, Faxflet, 
Weton, Esthorp, Lonsbourgh, Holme, Brompton and Gateforth 
shalbe sold. And as to alle other ray lordshippes, etc., as the 
manor of W ymington in the countie of Bedford and alle other 
my landes in the counties of Northampton, Bedford and 
Bukkyngham, as by me at the tyme of my deth doth happen 
not to be solde shalbe sold by myn executours. And as to a 
certeyn tenement in Kyngeston uppon Hulle be also sold and 
that aswell all the revenue and the money for the salle of all 
the said lordshippes, etc., be restreyned and disposed for the 
wele of my soule, as in chantres and other werkes of charite 
according to my last wille to them declared. I will yat myn 
executours pay to the parsonne of All halow the lytle for the 
oblacon afore forgoten and unpaied by me iiij marc, also to 
the reparacon of the same church xl s. Also to Alhalowen the 
more xls. Also to the house of Fereby a pasture called 
Bagflete and my lond in Drewton in the couute of York. I 
wille that myn executours do ordeyn vj prestes perpetualle to 
be founde to singe for my soule, my fader and my moder, of 
the which vj prestes I will that iiij of them be ordeyned to 
sing for my soule and the other too of the same vj to sing for 
the soules of my fader and my moder in suche place as I have 
afore this tyme declared to myn executours. Witenesses, Rauf 
Rylston, Thomas Rypplyngham, and William Rylston, etc. 

[Proved last Jan., 1468-9.] 


[Godyn, 31.] 

2 Oct., 1470. Dame Elizabeth Welles, lady Welles. My 
body to be buried in the church of Freres of our Lady of 
Dancastre, where the body of Sir Robert Welles, knyght, late 
my husband, lieth buried, or ell where by the discrecon of myn 
executors. And after that my body be buried I wol that all 
my dettesin which I am rightfully bounden that they be paied. 
Also I bequeth to the prior and covent of the said Freres if my 
body there be buried so that they devoutly pray for my soule 
and the soule of the said Robert and all Cristen soules, x li. 
And in caas my body be not buried in the said church of Freres 
thanne I wol that ye same xli. be disposed aswell for my 
buriyng where my body shall happe to lye as other wise by the 
discrecon of myn executors. I bequeth to Alice Walton, my 
gentilwoman, a gowne of blewe furred with grey, a peyr of 

* Daughter of John Bourchier, Lord Berners. She married Sir Robert 
Welles, who, with his father, Lord Willoughby and Welles, was executed by 
Edward IV in 1469, for rebellion. She was buried at the Carmelites Friars, at 


tyres of gold, a gurdill of white damask werk harneysed with 
silver and over gilt, and in money xx s. To Thomas Turnay, 
gentilman, a crosse and iij smale cheynes of gold. I wol that 
Sir William, chapeleyn, have for his salary to hym by my dieu 
at the fest of Saint Mighell last passed, xxxvj s. viij d. Also 
that myn executors fynde hym to syng for my soule and for 
the soules of my late husband and all Cristen people passid to 
God by half a yere next my decesse at parish church of Saint 
Botulf at Boston, paying hym for his salary xxxvj s. viij d. To 
William Sendell xl s. over his wages, a white hangyng for a 
bedde, that is to saye, a celour and testour with curteyns and a 
fetherbed with a bolster. To William Kyng, my servaunt, 
xxvj s. viij d. over his wages. To Thomas Halkyngton, my 
servaunt, xiij s. iiij d. over his wages. The residue of all my 
goodes I yeve and bequeth unto myn executors, so that they 
dispose it for my soule and the soules of my said husband and 
all Cristen people passed to God as to them shall seme moost 
to the pleasur of God and profute of my soule. And I make 
myn executors my goode and gracious lady and modir, Dame 
Margery, Lady Berners, and my brother, Sir Humfrey 
Bowgchier, knyght, the said Thomas Tournay and William 
Sendell. Ferthermore I give and require all the persones 
which been enfeoffed in the lyvelode late of my said husband, 
that they see that his dettes be content in as goodely hast as 

they can. 

[Proved 8 Oct., 1470.] 


[Godyn, 31.] 

2 Oct., 1470. Dame Jane Nevill, widowe. To be buried 
in the chapell of our lady within the College of Warrewik 
wher the body of Sir Herry Nevill, knyght, late my housbond, 
liettht buried. I bequeth unto the said college for my 
burying, and that the Dean and Chapitre devoutly pray for 
my soule and for the soules of my said housband and alle 
cristen people passed to God, ij gownes of blewe velvet, 
therof to make a vestiment and copes, on of whiche gownes 
belongeth unto the body of my late housband, and that 
other to my selfe, with ten markes in money. I wol that 
myne executours finde a preste in the said chapell to singe 
for my soule and the soules of my late housband and alle 
cristeyn people passed to God by iij yeres next aftre my 

* Daughter of John Bourchier, Lord Berners, and widow of Sir Henry Nevile, 
knight, who was slain at Edgcot, near Banbury, 1469, v.p., and buried in the 
Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick. He was son of George Nevile, Lord Latimer, 
third son of Ralph Nevile, 1st Earl of Westmorland, by Joan, daughter of John 
of Gaunt. 


deceace. To be disposed in almesse v marc. I wol that as 
touching the xli. due to be paied atte the fest of Seint 
Martyn the Bisshop of an obligacon of c markes, in whiche 
my good lord and fader is bound unto Sir Robert Danby 
and other, be disposed aboute the performyng of my testa- 
ment. Also as touching the iiij xx xiiij li. to me due of my 
jointor atte the fest of Seint Michell be disposed by myne 
executours. To Philippe Godmerston, my gentilwoman, a 
long blak gowne furred with blak boge, a blak girdill of 
damaske werke harneysed with silver over gilt and a flour 
of gold with an emerand. To Richard Mounford, my ser- 
vaunt, over his wages and the money I owe hym, xls. To 
John Bradshawe, my servaunt, over his wages, xls. To 
Thomas Wright, my ser vaunt, xx s. To William Rudde, my 
servaunt, xx s. To Nicholas Gaydon, xiij s. iiij d. To Johanne 
Wever, my nors, xs. To my good and gracious lady and 
moder, a ryng of gold with a gret dyamond. Unto my 
brother, Sir Humfray Bourgchier, knyght, a rynge of gold 
with a floure de lice of rubies. To my brother, Thomas 
Bourgchier, an ouche of gold with a diamond, five rubies, 
and two perles. To Dame Elizabeth, lady Wellis, my suster, 
a flowre of gold with a rubie and two half perles. To my 
sonne, lord Latymer, my wedding rynge. And the residue 
of all my goodes I bequeth unto the disposicion of myn 
executours, to be disposed for my soule and the soule 
of my late housband. I make myne executours, Sir John 
Bourgchier, knyght, lord Berners my fader, Dame Margerie 
his wife, my moder, Thomas Bourgchier, my brother, and 
John Bradshaw. I wol that Sir William, which I finde 
nowe at Oxenford, that he ther be founde fulle with my 
goodes by ij yeres next. I bequeth my crisome gowne of 
fyne threde and lawne to the College of Warrewik to be 
disposed for a corpas, and my crisome cloth of fyne threde 
to the church of the hospitall of Welle for a corpas, and I 
wol that two corpas caces be made for the said corpas. I 
bequeth a ringe of gold with table dyamond to be offered 
at the shrine of Seint Thomas of Cauntbury to the honor 
of God, and that blissed martir, Seint Thomas. To Thomas 
Wright, a blak hors. To Richard Mounford, my hors called 
Garnett. To John Bradshawe, my best standing cuppe, with 
a cover. To Alianore, my long gowne, furred. To the 
parson of seint Marie Magdalene atte old fissh streete ende, 
a cruse of silver. To Huntele wife, a ring of gold, with 
a jacynt. To Alice Walton, a paire of tyres of gold, with 
muche blak silke therin. To Thomas Nevill, my son, my 
grete primer. 

[Proved 16 October, anno supradicto.] 



[Wattys, 12.] 

25 Marche, 1473. John Payntour, of Kyngeston upon 
Hull, of the dioses of York, moreover lyeng in extremis in the 
towne of Sandwich. My body to be buried in the church 
yarde of Saint Clementes in Sandwich. To the vicar, xij d. 
To the church werkes, vj d. I wyll that myn executor give for 
me unto men and women in the day of my buriales in brede 
and ale unto the valew of iij s. I bequeth unto the pour 
woman, my servaunt that kepith me, above hir wages, ij s. vj d. 
Also I will that my ij brosshys lyeng in the keping of the wif 
of John Austyn of London, fishmonger, the better of them be 
delivered of my bequest by the handes of myn executour unto 
Margaret, the doughter of John Austyn, and the other droish (sic) 
I will that it be delivered unto Margere, the doughter of Robert 
Taverner of Drypoyll side beside Hull, of my bequest in lyke 
wise to pray for my soule. Also I bequeth that my wife have 
part resonable of all my goodes perteynyng to hir self or to 
hir houshold beyng in Hull. To Thomas Bestney vj silver 
spones and a coveryng to a bed of tapstry worke. To Davy 
White a pair of bedes. To Robert Barun, the cote of the 
Gracedieu, x s. To Robert Dyer, x s. To John Lott, x s. To 
the boye that was with hym, xs. The overplus of all my 
goodes I give unto Nicholas Wawner, William Townour, John 
Austyn, and Henry Nevell, myn executours, that they ordeyne 
and dispose for my soule as they woll answer afore the high 
Juge in hevyn. Witnesse heroff I sett unto my seale. Wrytten 
att Sandwich the day and yere aforesaide. 

[Proved 16 Feb., 1473-4.] 


[Logge, 16.] 

8 Oct., 1483. Richard Rawson, mercer, citezen and 
alderman of London. To be buried in our Lady chapell within 
the parishe church of Saint Mary Magdalene in Milkstrete of 
London, before the ymage of our Lady. To the high auter of 
the parish church of Alholwen in Hony Lane wherof I was 
late a parishen, xxs. I bequeth v mark to be bestowed in 
byng of sume ornament and to be gevyn in the worship of God 
to the parish church of Saint Andrew of Friston by the water 
in Yorkshir. I bequeth iij li. vj s. viij d. in bying of sum 
ornament to be gevyn unto the parish church of Allhalowen at 
Castelforth in York shir. To be disposid amonges pour maidens 

* He must have been a younger member of the family of Kawson of Fryston, 
whose pedigree is in Glover's Visitation, 351, but his name does not there appear. 


manage, pour housholders, and pour people at Pountfriet, 
Shirburn, Friston and Castelforth in York shir and theraboute, 
xxvj li. xiij s. iiij d. To be applied in a mending of Fery 
brigge and Catelforth brigge and high weis, xxli. To Isabel!, 
my wif, in name of her part and dower of all my goodes after 
the use of the cite of London all my hushold, my plate, my 
harneys and myn array belonging to myu owen body onely 
excepted. To A very, my son, ccli. To Christofir, my son, ccli. 
To John, my son, cc li. To Richard, my son, ccli. To Elizabeth, 
my doughter, cc li. To Alice, my doughter, cc li. I woll that 
Isabell, my wif, shull have cccli. to her owen use, that other 
cccli. shalbe disposed amonges my brethren and sisteryn and 
amonges my pour kyunes people, and other ccc li. egally be 
devyded amonges all the children of my brethren and sisteryn, 
and other cccli. in marying of pour maidens, relevment of pour 
persones and pour housholders, in amending of high noyous 
and jeopardous weyes and in other werkes of mercy. To 
my broder Robt. Rawson xxli. To my brother Jamys 
Rawson xx mark. To my broder Henry Rawson xx 
mark. To my suster Elizabeth Shawe xx mark. To 
my suster Kateryn Rishworth xx mark. I will that myn 
executors shall yerly geve a certeyn porcion of money to my 
sustre Elene Aylemer, to her owen use, unto the tyme that the 
summe of xx li. be unto her fully gevyn. To Richard Aylemer, 
my suster Elyn Aylemere son, my godson, x li. To every other 
child of the same Elene x mark. To every childe of the 
children of my brother Robert Rawson x mark. To everich 
of the children of my brother Henry Rawson v mark. To 
Johne Baxster, my suster doughter, iij li. vj s. viij d. To the 
sone of my suster Elizabeth, iij li. vj s. viij d. To my suster 
Margare Fisher iij li. vj s. viij d. To my godson John Fisher 
xl s. To my godson Richard Fisher xl s. To everich of the 
v other bretheryn and susteryn of the same John Fisher and 
Richard Fisher, xxs. To John Fisher, late alderman of London, 
to thentent that he take upon hym the execucion of this my 
testament, xxvj li. xiij s. iiij d. To Nicholas Lath ell, gentilman, 
to the same entent, xxvj li. xiij s. iiij d. The residue I woll 
shalbe divided into two egall partes, wherof I woll that 
Isabell, my wif, shalhave one parte, and that other parte shalbe 
egally disposed amonges my children. I make Isabell, my 
wiff, John Fisher, late alderman of London, and Nicholas 
Lathell, executours. 

[Proved 26 Oct., 1485.] 




[Milles, 8.] 

John Pykyrton, otherwise called John Malpas. Unto the 
churche of Carlton in Lyndrik, my hors. Also to my buryell 
and to pour folkes, vj s. viij d. To Sir John Wroo, parishe 
prest of the same churche, vj s. viij d., for to say or cause to be 
said xx masses for my soul. To John White, vj s. viij d. If 
the churche may suffre and my lord that I serve as I suppose 
he wull, I wuld that John White and Mawd his wife have the 
brigan dynes and salett and other stuff for my keping.- And 
yf my lord take y e stuff than I wold that he gave unto the said 
John White my wages that is owing unto me. I wull that 
Richard Hart of London shall take c sterlinges in a kist in the 
house of Anable Benstede at the Towr hill and devyde it 
betwixt my brother Hugh and my sustre Alice. And wher I 
promysed xxs. to M[aister] Wollis for the getting of ixli., I 
wull that he have none therof . Also a pair of shetes in the said 
Richard Hartes house to be yeven unto maistres Johane Rider, 
dwelling with the Duches of Norfolk. Also I wull that my 
stuff that is at Marworth in Kent be yeven to William 
Horworth. To my brother Hugh a blak gowne. The residue 
of my goodes I put to the will and disposicion of Richard 
Hart, myne executor. 

[Prored 21 Jan., 1487-8.] 


[Milles, 30.] 

30 November, 1489. Herry Hudelston,* of Comberland, 
squier. My body to be buried in the parrish church of 
Seint Sepulcre withoute Newgate, in the suburbie of London, 
in sume place ther convenient, by the discrecon of myn 
executours. To the high auter of the same church, xij d. 
To the auter of Corpus Christi, xij d. To Robert Grene, 
citezin and girdeler of London, my long gowne of tawney 
furred with blak booge, my longe gowne of blak chamelett 
furred also with blak booge, my dunne gowne of tawny 
chamelett furred with booge, and all my Jornetf of white 
and grene damask. To the wife of the same Robert Grene, 
a litill cross (?) of goolde harnysed with siluer, a small paire 
of bedis of corall, with gaudees of silver and gilt, and my 
smale goold ringes. To Agnes Browne, doughter to the said 

* The Hudleston family possessed Millum, co. Cumberland, for a lengthy 
period. The testator's name does not appear in the pedigree in Plantagenet 
Harrison's Hittory of Yorkshire. He would be a younger son. 

i A sort of cloak. 


Robertes wife, a paire of bedis of calsodonye with gaudees 
of silver and gilt. To Sir John Hudleston, knyght, my 
fader, a goold ringe, whiche my lady my moder gaf me. 
To Herry Dykes, my servaunt, a gowne of tawny furred with 
blak booge. To Nicholas Dykynson, my servaunt, a longe 
gowne lyned. To George Dykynson, my servaunt, my gray 
ambeling gelding. And I wil that the Deane of the Kinges 
Chapell have my white ambeling hors or gilding if so be 
it be his duete or right, or els hit be dissposid by rnyne 
executour. To Katine Piron (?) a silver spone and xij d. in 
money. To John Skelton, hostiler, a paire of blak hosin 
and a dowblett of white sarsenett. The residue to the said 
Robert Grene to perform my will and to distribute for the 
helth of my soule, I make him myne executour, and Sir John 
Hudleston, knight, my brother, supervisour. 

[Proved 12 December, anno supradicto.] 

[Vox, 16.] 

8 Aug., 1490. Stephanus Shotton. Lego ecclesie Beati 
Michaelis de Berefrido meum optimum animal, vel alias 
secundum usum civitatis Ebor.; duas libras cere circa corpus 
rneum comburendas ; cuilibet presbitero existenti ad exequias 
meas, iiij d. Uxori Radulphi Gray unam togam de violett. 
Lego unam togam blodiam Johanni Moore, servienti meo. 
Radulpho Gray de tenementis meis in Barwyk, xx s. Johanne, 
uxori mee, unum tenementum in villa de Carbroke. Residuum 
Johanne, uxori mee, et Johanni, filio meo, et facio predictam 
Johannam et Radulphum Gray, consanguineum meum, 
executores meos. Yolo tamen quod dicta uxor mea omnia 
bona mea, ab aqua de Trent versus austrum existentia, 
administret per se, et dictus Radulphus Gray administret 
omnia bona mea a dicta aqua de Trent versus boream existentia. 
Hiis testibus, domino Willielmo Sowerby, capellano, et 
Cristofero Harner. 

[Proved 23 Nov., 1494.] 


[Dogett, 7.] 

12 Sept., 1491. Robert Portington, one of the clerkes of 
the remembrauncers of the tresourers parte in the kingis 
escheguier at Westminster. My body to be buried in the chapell 
of our Lady within the monastery of Saint Leonard of Strat- 

* The testator does not appear in the pedigree in Glover's Visitation 
(p. 561, Foster Ed.). 


ford at Bowe in the countie of Midd [lesex] . And I woll that 
myn executors hereunder writen do ordeyne and cause to be 
made over my buring place in all goodely hast after my 
decesse, that is to say, in the wall of the said chapell of our 
Lady, asnygh unto my body as they goodely may, a tombe of 
marble after their discrecions, with as goodely and convenient 
werkis as they can or may for and with the some of xx marc 
st [erling] . Item, I bequeth to the high aulter of the parissh 
church of saint Clementes beside Candilwke streete of London 
wher I am parissher for my tythes and duties forgoten, xx s. 
To Sir John Aylemer, parsonne of the same parissh church of 
saint Clementes, xxs. To the f raternite of Saint Kateryne in the 
said church to have my soule pray for, xl s. I bequeth towardes 
the making of a new clocke in the church of Saint Clementes, 
xx s. To Felice the wif of Roberte Doket, xl s. I will that 
myn executours ordeyne an honest prest to singe hie masse for 
my soule, the soules of my fader and moder, within the chapell 
of oure Lady within the monastery aforesaid, and during xx 
yeres kepe an obite for my soule, which obite I will ther be 
spent yerely to my lady prioris ij s., and to every other lady 
xvj d., and to every prest in the monastery of Saint Leonardes, 
iiij d. To the clerke ther iiij d., and I woll ther be expendid 
yerely at the obite in bred and ale to the relif of such as shalbe 
at the obite, xij d. To the college of Howdene in Yorkeshir a 
sute of vestymentes of cloth of gold of the price of xl li. To 
thabbote of Stratford towardes the reparacon of his walles, c s. 
To every monke of the same place being prest at my decesse, 
vj s. viij d. To every monke being no prest, iij s. iiij d. I 
pardone to the abbote and covent xxviij li., wherin they stand 
bound unto me under their seale. I woll that myn executors 
do cause to be laid apon the buryng place of my fadre and 
modre in the college of Howdene, before the fonte in the church, 
a stone of marble of convenient lenght and bred of the price 
of c s., and do ordeyne a good prest to sing his masse and other 
devine service for my fadre and modre soules by the space of 
ij yeres in the said college, paying to the preest yerely vj li., 
and do ordeyne against the day of my buring to brenne aboute 
my body xij torches of wax. To the mending of the high way 
aboute Mile ende and White Chapell withoute Algate, xls. 
To the reparacion of the new hospitall of oure Lady Saint 
Mary withoute Bisshoppisgate, c s. To maister Pollen, one of 
the chanons of the same place, to pray for my soule, xl s. To 
every sustre, vj s. viij d. To my lady priorisse and covent of 
the monastery of Saint Leonardes, to be distributed amonge 
them, x marces over c marc they owe unto me. To the 
prioresse of Cheshuntie in the countie of Hertford, xx s., and to 


every lady iij s. iiij d. To the reparacon of the parissh church of 
Drameley in the countie of Middlesex] , o s. [Many bequests 
to servants^} To Margaret Lucas, my suster, x marce, my best 
bedd with all thaparell, my stondiug cupp with a cover of 
silver parcell gilt, ij saltes of silver with a cover, and a 
covering of a bedd of tapstery werke. To William Portington 
a standing cupp of silver parcell gilt with talbottes at the fete, 
xij spones of silver with maydens hedes on thendis and xli. 
in money, a fetherbed, a paire of shetes, a paire of blankettes 
and a coverlite. To every of his children v marce. Where I 
have in plegge of maistres Hattecliffe, widow, a stonding 
cupp, and a pece with a cover of silver chased with roses, I 

give them to her To the chapell of oure Lady of 

Skelton in Yorkshir my litle chaleis of silver parcell gilt. To 
Margarete Lucas, my suster, my best maser, a gowne cloth of 
blewe. To William Portyngton the ij d maser, a salt of silver, 
a gowne cloth of violet. To Maister Doctor Lichfeld, chaun- 
celler with my lordes, my best gowne cloth. The residue of 
all my goodes I geve to myn executors to dispose them as they 
shall seme best for the helth of my soule, and I make executors 
maister Robert Lytton, maister Richard Lichfeld, maister 
William Wyld, and Cristofer Smyth, bruer. 

As to the disposicion of my landes in Skelton, Snaythe, 
Carleton and elliswhere, I woll that William Portington have 
all my landes in Skelton, Snayth, and Carltou which wer late 
my f adres, ond if it happen the said William to decesse withoute 
heires I woll they remayne unto the next heires of the kynne, 
and I woll the said William have all my landes that I have 
purchaced in Houedene. I woll that Robert Donyngton have 
all my messuage in Hawton in the countie of Lincoln. 

[Proved 28 Oct., 1491.] 

[Vox, 7.] 

10 Aug., 1493. Thomas Clarell, gentilman, citizen and 
grocer of London. To be buried in the churche yerde called 
the pardone churcheyerde of Seint Powle in London besyde 
the tombe of Deane More ther.* I will that Margaret, my 
wif, have the first parte aftyr that the custome of the citie of 
London will geve hit her, and I will that the yong enfaunte of 
my body be geven that ys within the wombe of my wif, if any 

"There was also one great Cloister on the north side of the Church, 
invironing a Plot of Ground, of old time, called Pardon Church Yard, whereof 
Thomas More, Dean of S. Paul's, was either the first Builder, or a most special 
Benefactor, and was buried there." (Stow's London, i, 640.) 


suche be, have the second part, and the iij th parte I woll that 
myne executors dispose for my sowle in vestmentes and copes 
to be gevyn to Rotherham churche and Rowmer churche and 
other churches x myle a bought, and a blake clothe with a 
wight crosse theron made and a male to cary hit yn. I 
bequeyth to the seid church of Rotherham my clothe of Arras 
of the passyon of our Lord, to hang a fore the rodelofte ther 
as long as hit will endure, and my steyned clothe of the batell 
by twene the lord Skallys and the Bastard, to pray for the 
sowles aforeseide. Item, a vestment of whight damaske 
with my armes upon hit and with the grocers arrays aponne 
the same. 

[Proved 4 March.] 



[Vox. 4.] 

Robertus Mason. Lego corpus meum sepeliendum coram 
imagine Beati Cristoferi in navi ecclesie cathedral is Beate 
Marie, ubi paravi ab antique sepulturam. Fabrice ejusdem 
ecclesie, c s., et xl marcas pro exequiis meis per decem annos 
inter ministros ejusdem ecclesie dividendas. Pro luminaribus 
die obitus mei cum continuacione dierum sequencium, et pro 
trigintali secundum consuetudinem ecclesie predicte, vj marcas. 
Ad distribuendum inter pauperes, xli. Domino Edwardo Luke, 
monacho Sancti Albani, x marcas, et Willelmo Luke, fratri 
ejusdem, vj marcas, et ista fiant secuudum discretionem sororis 
mee, matris eorundem. Roberto Benyng, pauperi clerico 
domestico meo, si ad sacerdotium [se] disposuerit, xx li. Ad 
maritagium Johanne Hareby, postquam nupta est, in pecunia 
vel estimatione jocalium, x li. Ecclesie parochiali de Gatyshede, 
x marcas ad emendum vestimenta, ut honorificentius Deo in 
dicta ecclesia deserviatur. Canonicis Deo servientibus in 
ecclesia conventuali de Alnewyk, cuilibet xx d., et abbati 
ejusdem monasterii, iij s. iiij d., ad celebrandum missas pro 
anima mea prope locum sepulture, xxli. Cuilibet famulo meo, 
preter stipendium suum, xxs. Cuilibet pauperi hospitalis Sancti 
Egidii, interessenti exequiis meis, portanti cereos circa funus 
meum, die sepulture, togam nigri coloris, xij d. [precii]. Omnia 
cetera bona mea do Johanne (sic) Taylor, civi London., 
Roberto, abbati de Alnewyk, et Roberto Stevenot, capellano, 
quos meos executores facio, et ordino dominum Henricum 
Percy, comitem Northumbrie, hujus testamenti supervisorem. 

[Proved 6 Nov., 1498.] 

* Besides the office of archdeacon of Northumberland, Mason was precentor 
of Lincoln, in which cathedral he was buried. 



[Vox, 15.] 
Universis et singulis presens testamentum hujusmodi visuris 

innotescat per presentes quod probus vir, Johannes 

Sotehyll, de parochia de Stokfaston, Lincolniensis diocesis, 
armiger, dum vixit, defunctus, 22 Junii, 1493, suura testa- 
mentum fecit, videlicet, quod prenominatus Johannes corpus 
suum devote legavit in capella Sancti Botulphi in Stokefaston 
predicta, juxta sepulturam patris sui sepeliendum fore. Legavit 
nomine principalis sui curato ibidem cuicunque pro tempore 
existenti prout est mos patrie. Dedit summo altari ecclesie 
parochialis de Stokefaston predicta pro decimis suis oblitis 
iij s. iiij d.; ecclesie matrici B.V.M. Lincoln., xij d.; fabrice 
ecclesie de Stokefaston, xxd.; ecclesie parochiali de Eston, 
xx d. Res. Blizabethe, uxori sue, domine Anne, matri ipsius 
Johannis, Roberto Sotehyll, Henrico Sotehyll, Gerardo Sotehyll 
et Henrico Sotehyll, fratribus suis, Johanni Harryngton, et 
Willelmo Babethorp, armigeris, ad disponendum pro salute 
anime sue donavit, et [eosdem] constituit executores. Pre- 
sentibus tune ibidem discretis viris, dominis Willelmo Taylor, 
rectore ecclesie parochialis de Aston, Richardo Burche, rectore 
ecclesie parochialis de Stokefaston, Thorn a Beveryge, capellanis, 
et aliis. 

[Proved 7 Oct., 1494.] 


[Holgrave, 31.] 

The xvj th February, 1505-6. Henry Sothyll of Stokefaston 
in the countie of Leycestre, esquyer. My body to be buried in 
the house of the Grey Freers of London if it so shall happen 
that God of his mercey doo sendes for me within the said citie 
of London. To the same house of Freeres for my buriall ther 
to be hadd and to thentent that they shalbe bounde to pray 
for me, my faders soule and all Cristen soules yerely during the 
liff of Johane, my wiff, xx s. I will that ther be distributed 
amonges the convent of the same at my buryall, Dirige and 

* The testator belonged to a younger branch of the Sothill family, of Sothill, 
near Dewsbury. The senior line ended in an heiress who carried large estates to 
the Saviles of Thornhill, which are now a lucrative possession of Lord 
Savile. There is a will of John Sothill of Sothill in Test. Ebor., iv, 168, with 
copious notes by Canon Raine, with short extracts from this will. The testator 
seems to have been son of Henry Sothill, a lawyer, by Anne, daughter of John 
Boyville, of Stockfaston, co. Leicester, and his family kept up their connection 
with Yorkshire. His wife's will follows. 

t Son of John Sothill (Will No. XLIV) and Elizabeth Plumpton (Will 
No. XLVI). He married Joan, daughter of the well-known Sir Richard Empson. 
By her he had two daughters, Joan who married Sir John Constable of Kinalton, 
and Elizabeth, Sir William Drury. 


masse to be doon by theym, vj s. viij d. To be distributed 
amonges poore folkes, x s. I will that Johane, my wif, yerly 
duryng her lyff kepe an obite for me of Dirige and masse of 
Requiem within my parisshe Church of Stokfaston. To the 
high awter for my tithes forgoten, vj s. viij d. The residue of 
all my goodes I geve to Johane, my wif, to doo with theym as 
to her shall seme most best. I will that my wif have all my 
londes in Ardyslowe in Yorkeshire for time of hir lyf. I make 
myn executors Johane, my wif, Sir Richard Emson, knyght, and 
John Haryngton, esquier. Memorandum that these be dettes 
that I owe. Unto the Kynges good grace x li., to oon Robert 
Bewyk iiij li. iiij s. viij d., to Thomas Sothill for the beyng of 
a chief rent in Ardysley xli., to the underbayly of royaltie 
of the duchie within the precincte of Stokfaston ij s. viij d., 
to John Lytley ij s., to myn uncle Henry Sothyll 1 li. for the 
performance of my gran dames will. 

[Proved 16 May, 1505.] 


[Adeane, 19.] 

Dame Elisabeth Sothill. My body to be buryed at the 
Gray Freeres at London in that same place that my sone Henry 
Sotehill is buryed, and my hert to be take out of my body and 
buryed at Stokfaston by my housbande. I bequeth for my 
mortuary to Seint Johns. To the church of Lincoln xx s. I 
will that my brother in lawe, Robert Sotehill, pay to the 
mariage of my doughter Elizabeth as he hath promysed by his 
feith and truthe of the dett that he owith me a c li., and the 
residue of det I forgeve hym afor God and man. I will that 
Johan Sotehill, Robert, Thomas and Arthur, my sonnes, have 
acording to the will of my housbande, their father, x marc a 
pece in the manor of Clifton in* York, and v marc to my son 
Gerard, their brother, in the same manor. I will my son 
Gerard have the manor of Ashley e to hym and to his heires 
for ever. I will that such landes as I have in Hakenbye and 
Stanethwaith in the shire of Lincoln and Uppingham in 
Rutland be solde toward the contentacon of my brother 
Heselryge for th'arearge of covenauntes of the mariage of 
my doughter Anne. I desire my doughter Johan Sotehill, for 
all love and kyndenes that have been betwix hur and me, to 
take the disposicon of my doughter Annes joynter. I will 
that my son John Sotehill have of the landes of myn 
enheritaunce in the manor and town of Gressyngton and 

* Daughter and co-heiress of William Plumpton of Plumpton, and widow of 
John Sothill of Stockfaston. 


Steton to the yerely value of x li., for terme of his lyfe. I will 
my son Gerarde have in the same town v marc yerely. I will 
that my doughter Elizabeth have v marc to hur mariage. I 
will that my son Heselrige and my doughter, his wyfe, have 
all my stuff at Stokfaston. To Kateryne a payr of shetes and 
a tawny gowne. To my cosyne Beatrice a payr of bedshethes, 
and a counterpoynt at Sir John Rooclyfes. Item, that my stuff 
ther be devyded among all my children. Executors, John and 
Gerarde, my sonnes. Witnesses, Robert Sotehill and Beatrice 

[Proved at Lamehith, 17 Feb., 1506-7.] 


[Home, 1.] 

The xj day of August, 1496. Edmonde Talbotte, esquier. 
I will that my body be buried in the church of the Freres 
Prechours next Ludgate in London, and I give to the com- 
monaltie of the same place xl s. I will that I have iij 
bretherne of the same religion to sing and pray for my 
soule by the space of an hole yere, to eche of the ij xls., 
and for the wages of the thirde brother liij s. iiij d. To 
the master priour of the same place j olde noble of golde, 
to the same master prior ij s. To master Pew x s., and to the 
same ij s. To every broder of the same place being in the 
habite, xij d. I bequeith ij vestementes withe myne armes 
theruppon to the awters of Saint Peter and Saint Domynyke 
in the said churche of Freres Prechours. To every of these 
churches, Yorke, Southwell, Beverley and Ryppon, iij s. iiij d. 
To the gilde of Corpus Christi at Est Retford xxs. To the awter 
of oure Lady at East Retford a vestyment with myne armes 
theruppon. To the gilde of our Lady xs. To every other 
gilde in the same churche of -Retford iij s. iiij d. To my suster 
Anne xl s., or elles my leest saltes. To my suster Jenett my 
flatte gilte pease covered and pounced. To the reparacon of 
the parishe church of East Retford xx s. To the same church, 
for the sepulcre, the covering that they have there of grene 
velvett with myne armes theruppon, and a paynted clothe to be 
above it. To the comen profite of the towne of Retford, xx s. 
To Richard Brooke, my servaunte, iij li. vj s. viij d., and 
j mattres, j bolster, j payre of shetes, j payr of blankettes, 
ij coverlettes, and somme laten and pewter, with suche of my 
clothes as myne executours shall thinke most according. To 
Robert Hall, the preste at Hull, vj s. viij d. I will there be 
disposed amonges the children of John Talbotte, to pray for 
my soule, x s. I will that the priour of the Charterhous of Hull 
have my letter of broderhode of the said house and vj s. viij d. 


in money, and every broder within the same house iij s. iiij d., 
on condicion that the priour will suffer theme to dispose hit to 
theire plesure, and I pray theme to say for my soule, the soule 
of Margarete, my wiffe, and all Christen soules placebo and 
dirige and masse of requiem by note. Also I will that the priour 
of Mounte Grace, the priour within the lie of Axholme and the 
Bevalle, every priour have xij d., and every broder within the 
same places viij d., and every novice iiij d. I will the prior of 
Fereby have xij d., and every chanon viij d., and every novyce 
iiij d. I will the prioresse of Henynges have xij d., and every 
nonne viij d., and every prest viij d., and every novice iiij d. 
To James Lyvesey and William, his broder, to either of theme 
xx s. To Margery Lenols a girdell of grene damaske with 
gilte harnesse and x s. in money. To master Richard Lessy 
an olde noble of golde. To my cosen, Elizabeth Bardesby, 
vj s. viij d. I will that Gilles Talbotte, William, and Edmonde, 
his brethern, have x markes yf it may be spared. To Sir 
Richard Pole, to pray for my soule, iij s. iiij d. To Edmunde 
Wyndham and Edmunde Warde, my godchildren, to every of 
theme a spone of silver. To the house of the Austyns in Hull 
vj s. viij d. To the White Freres in Hull vs. To the curettes 
of Blithburgh, Willoughton, Graignham iij d. The residue unto 
my broder, Nicholas Talbotte, the which Nicholas I make 
my executour. Also I will that suche londes as I hadde by my 
Fader lying in Sladebourn Wodehouse in the countie of Yorke 
be at the will of my said brother Nicholas. These witnesse, 
master Peter Erne, Doctor of Dyvinitie, John Reynoldes and 
Richard Batersby. 

[Proved 25 Aug., 1496.] 


[Home, 17.] 

15 May, 1497. Agnes Gower of Estgrenwich in the 
countie of Kente, widdowe, late the wif of Edward Gower, 
laite of Beverley in the countie of York, esquier. To be 
buried in the church of Saint Mighell in Croked Lane of 
London, in the chauncell before Saint John beside my two 
children. I bequeith for my sepulcre there to the churche 
wardens and masters the sume of x s. To the fraternite and 
brotherhode of the Holy Trynite in the same church, vj s. To 
Agnes, my doughter, oon of my best gownes, and to my suster 
Thomasyne my thirde gowne, also to Margarete Strete my 
fourth gowne. The residue of all my goodes I give to my 
suster, Thomasyn Seby, whome I make myne executrice, and 
Robert Odiham, citezen mercer, coexecutor. 

[Proved 25 Oct., 1497.] 



[Home, 34.] 

In the name of oure Lorde Jeshu, Amen. I, John, Viscounte 
lorde Wellis, uncle to the Kynge, oure soveraigne lorde, and 
brodre to the right noble prynces, Margaret, countes of 
Richemond, naturall and dere modre to oure said soveregne 
lord, beyng of goode and hole memory, y e viij daie of February, 
the yere of oure Lorde God 1498, and in the xiiij yere of the 
regne of our saide soverayne lorde, make this my testament. 
My bodie to be buried in suche place as [to] the kynge, the 
quene, my lady, his moder, and my lady, my wife, shalbe thought 
most convenyent, and the costis and charge of the same burying, 
the obsequyes, masses, f uneralles and all oder thynges therto 
convenyent and necessarie. And also I remyt the makyng of 
my tumbe to the ordre and discrecionn of my saide soverayne 
lady the quene, my lady his modre, and my wife. And after 
these charges and costis aforesaid had and done, I will that 
all the dettis nowe by me dewe or to be dewe be treuly 
contented and paied. And I will that to the honour of 
Almighty God in the aulter afore which my bodie shall next 
lie my executors shall dely ver a pair of candelstickes of silver, 
a masse booke covered with clothe of goolde, a chales of silver 
and gilte, a vestament of blewe velwet enbrodered with my 
armea, a pair of litle cruettes of silver and parcellis gilte, and a 
crosse of silver p[arcell] gilt, which I will do remayne there to 
serve Almyghty God with for ever and in noo oder place. Also 
I geve and bequethe to my dere beloved lady and wife Cecille, 
for terme of her lif, all my castelles, manors, landes and 
tenementes, aswell suche as I have purchased as all odre 
duryng only her life, whome I trust above all oder, that if 
my goodes and catallis wilnot suffice for the performance of 
this my laste will, that she will thenne of the revenues of the 
profittes of my inheritance perform this my laste will. Also I 
will that a preste be founde for ever after my said wifes decease 
to sey masse daily for my sowle and all Cristen sowles at the 
said aulter of the yerely revenues of my purchased landes, 
and oder which my saide lady hath promysed me faithfully to 
purchase to the same entent if my saide purchased landes 
suffice not therto. And I will y fc suche residue as shall fortune 
to be of my goodes that my saide dere beloved lady and wife 
have theym to her owne use. And I make executors the 
saide Cecill, my dere beloved wife, and S r Eaynold Bray, 

* John Welles, created Viscount Welles 1 Sept., 1487 (son of Lionel, sixth 
Lord Welles, who was slain at Towton and buried in Methley Church, and 
Margaret Beuchamp), E.G. Died s.p. 9 Feb., 1498-9; buried at Westminster 
Abbey. He married Lady Cecily Plantagenet, daughter of Edward IV. 


knyght, and in iny uiooste humble wise beseche my said 
soverayne lorde the kyng and the quenes grace, my lady the 
kyngea modre, to be supervisours. 

[Proved 22 June, 1499.] 

[Logge, 10.] 

27 June, 1481. William Hastynges, knyght, Lord 
Hastynges. And for asmoch as the kyng of his abundaunt 
grace for the trew service that I have don, and at the lest 
entendid to have don to his grace, hath offred me to be buried 
in the collegge or chapell of Saint George at Wyndesor in a 
place by his grace assigned, in the which college his highnes 
ys disposid to be buryed, I therfor bequeth my simple body 
to be buried in the seid chapell, and will that ther be ordeyned 
a tumbe convenient for me by my executors, and for the costes 
I bequeth c mark. Also I will that myn executors dispose to 
the ministere of divine service and funeral observances the 
day of burying and to the por knyghtes ther present the same 
day, and in other dedie of almes by ther discrecon, xx li. 
Also I will that in all goodly hast after my decese a juell 
of gold or sylver, to the value of xx li., to be gevyn to the 
deane and chanons of the chapell to the honour of God and 
for a memoriall for me. Also I will that my feoffes gyf 
landes and tenementes to the yerly value of xxli. to the 
deane and chanons, that thei shall fynd perpetuelly a preste 
to sey dayly masse at the auter next to the place wher my 
body shalbe buried, and ther to pray dayly for the kinges 
estate duryng his lyff, and after his deth for his soule, for the 
soules of me, my wyffe and for all cristen soules, after the 
forme and effecte of and ordinance for the same preste by me 
or myn executors her after to be made, and that the same 

* Eldest son of Sir Leonard Hastings of Slingsby (See his will, Ttstamenta 
Vetusta, 279) by Alice, daughter of Lord Camoys. Grand chamberlain to 
Edward IV at the battle of Barnet. Suddenly charged of treason by Richard III, 
and beheaded at the Tower 14 June, 1483. Buried in St. George's, Windsor. 
He married Katherine daughter of Richard Nevile, Earl of Salisbury, widow of 
William, Lord Bonvile and Harrington. The will of his widow (Reg. Holgrave, 
fo. 7), dated Nov. 22, 1503, 19 Henry VII, and proved March 25 following, is in 
these terms: " Kateryn, lady Hastinges, widow, late the wif of William, late 
lorde Hastinges. My body to be buried in Our Lady chapell within the churche 
of Assheby de la Zouche betwene the ymage of our lady and the place assigned 
for the vicares grave." Bequests to George, Earl of Shreusbury, and to my lady 
of Shreusbury, to son Edward, Lord Hastings, sons Richard and William, sister 
Fitzhugh, daughter Hungerford, son George Hastings, daughter Anne Hastings, 
nephew William Ferrers and niece his wife, niece Brokesby. Executors, CecUl, 
marquys Dorsett, widow, George, earl of Shreusbury, and Anne, his wife, my 
daughter, Edward, Lord Hastings, Richard and William Hastings, esquires, my 
sons. [Proved 25 March, 1504.] 


preste have viij li. yerly of the seid xx li. at the f estes of Saint 
Mighell by eleven porcons, and the same deane and chanoiis 
shall dayly fynd to the same preste and his successors for ever 
brede, wyne, wax, vestmentes, boke, chalis and all other 
ornementes necessary for the same preste for the tyme beyng, 
and shall kepe a solempne obite yerly in the seid chapell. 
Also I woll that myn executors gyff to the deane and 
chanons ij vestmentes, ij auter clothis, a masse boke, a 
chalis, a paybrede, and ij cruettes of sylver to be occupyed 
by the seid preste. (Bequests to the abbey of Sulby, co. 
Northampton, Leicester, the church of Assheby de la ^och, 
Coventre.)* Also I will that myn executors geve to my sister, 
Dame Elizabeth Donne, c mark. To the manages of my 
neces the doughtres of John Brokesby cc mark. To the 
mariage of the doughtres of my broder Ferrers c mark. Also 
wher George, erle of Shrewesbury, whos ward and mariage 
to me ys graunted by the kinges lettres patentes, hath maried 
Anne, my doughter, I will that yef the same erle dye, as God 
defende, befor any carnall knowlich betwene the same erle and 
hir had, that than Thomas, brothir to the same erle, take to 
wyff the same Anne yf the law will suffre ytt. And yef yt 
happ the same Anne to dye, as God defende by for carnall 
knowlieh betwene the seid erle and her, or after the deth 
of the same erle betwene her and the seid Thomas had, 
that than the warde and mariage of the erle and his 
brother by sold, and the money be emploied for the per- 
formyng of this my will. Also I bequeth to my said doughter 
plate to the value of 1 mark, and bedding, chamberynges, 
and other stuff to the value of c mark. Also wher I have 
the ward and mariage of Edward Trussell, I will that by 
myn executors hit be sold, and the money be emploied to the 
performyng of my will, and yf my brother S r John Donne will 
by the ward I will that he be preferred therm befor any other, 
and that he have y t better chepe than any other persone by xl li. 
Also I will that my f eoffez of the manors of Bewik and Thurtilby 
in Holdernes in the counte of York, Bolton Percy in the shir 
of the cite of York, the manor of Barow and the hundred of 
Framland in the counte of Leycestre, the manor called Ever- 
ingham in the counte of Notingham, the manor of Fynchley in 
the counte of Midd [lesex] , the Rape of Hastinges in the counte 
of Sussex, and of all my other londes in Bewik, etc., shall suffre 
myn executors to take thissues therof unto the tyme that thei 
have performid my will and paid my dettes. Also I will that 
my feoffes of the manors of Lamley and Bleseby in the counte 

* This will has been also copied in Testamenta Vetuita, where a fuller account 
of these bequests is given. 


of Notingham, the manor of Drakenage in the counte of Warr', 
the manor of Sutton in Holdernes in the counte of York, mak 
estate to Richard my son when he comyth to the age of xviij 
yer, and for lak of issu to William ray son, and for lak of yssu 
to the heiris malx of my faders bodi, and for lak of issu to my 
right heires. And I will my feoffes of the maner of Arnall 
in the counte of Nottingham, the manors of Flekney, Litle 
Asshby and Brentingthorp in the counte of Leycestre, make 
estate to my sone William when he commyth to the age of 
xviij yeres, and for lak of issu to Richard my sone, and for 
lak of issu to the heires malx of my faders body, and for lak 
of issu to my right heires. And I will that my wif and, after 
her deth, thother myn executors have the governaile of my ij 
sonys unto the age of xviij yer. Also I will that my ij 
sonnys have plate to the value of c li., and ey ther of them 
chamberinges, beddyng, and other stuff to the value of c li., 
and they to remayn in the kepyng of my wiff and myn 
execturs to the age of xviij, and then to be delyvered to aither 
of them or to ther issu. And yef oon of them by for that age 
dye withoute yssu, this parte that so dyeth aswell of plate as 
for chamberinges so remayne to his brothir. And yf both 
dye withoute issu, then the seid plate to be disposid for my 
soule, and the chamberinges, bedding and othir stuf by 
evynly devyded betwene my wiff and myn herez. Also 
I woll that my feoffez make estate to Kateryn my wiff 
of the manor of Stokdaubeney, Wilberston and Sutton 
in the counte of Northampton, the manor of Edmonton 
in the counte of Middlesex], the manors of Kyrby, Lubbes- 
thorp, Bramston, Bagworth, Thornton and the parkes of 
Bagworth and Kyrby in the counte of Leycestre, the manors 
of Welborn and Aslaby in the shir of Lincoln, and all my 
other londis in Stok, etc., to Kateryn for her lyff as long as she 
is unmaried, so that she relese her dower in the seid manors of 
Bewyk, Thurtilby, Barow, Bolton Percy, etc., and in all the 
londis assigned to my ij yonger sonnys. I besech the kingis 
grace to take governance of my son and heyr. I make myn 
executors Kateryn, my enterly belovid wiff, myn eldist son, 
Sir Edward Hastinges, knyght, Sir William Husee, knyght and 
Cheif Juge of the Kinges Bench, Richard Pygot, oon of the 
kinges servauntes of. the law, and that Sir William Husee and 
Richard Pygot have eyther of them xl li. I make the right 
reverend fader in God, John, bysshop of Ely, my good lord, and 
also John, Lord Dynham, my good lord and cosyn, surveyors, 
and to have xl markes. And in witnes that this is my last 
will, I did write this clause and last article with my owen 
handes at London the xxvj day of June the yer of our Lord 


God aboveseid, and in the yer of my soverayii lord Kyng 
Edward the iiij th xxj, whose good grace in the most humble 
wyse I besech to be good and tender gracious lord to my soule, 
to be good and gracious lord to my wif, my son and myn heir, 
and to all my children, whom I charge uppon my blessing to 
be tru sogettes and servauntes to you. In the yer of my 
soverayn lord Kyng Edward the iiij th xxj. 

[Proved 12 Aug., 1483. Administration by Lady Katerine, relict.] 

[Blamyr, 29.] 

In the name of Almighty Jhesu, Amen, the xviij th daye of 
Marche,1501-2. 1 Richarde Hastinges,knight,LordWilloughby, 
make my last will. First I will my soule to Almighty God and 
to oure Lady Seint Mary and unto all the Seintes in heven, and 
my body to be buried in the Grey Freres in London, in such 
place within the quere there or within the vestry chapell of the 
same Freres where as is moost convenable, and maye be ordrede 
and agreede by me or myn executors and the wardeyn and 
his brethern of this same. Item, I will to the parisshe church of 
Seint Gyless,to the high awter there, for tythes and oblacons by 
me afore this tyme forgoten, xiij s. iiij d. Item, I will that there 
be disposide aboute my burialles and other funerall expenses 
for the same to be doon, an c markes, or more and less as may 
be thought moost convenient by the discretion of myn 
executors. Item, I will to the Greye Freres for the breking of 
the ground and laying of my said body within oone of the 
places afore rehersed, and a toumbe to be made for me 
according to the saide aggrementes, xxli., and they to praye for 
my soule. Item, I will to the iiij ordre of Freres in London iiijli., 
eche oon of them to have xx s. thereto to bring me to the 
grownde where I shall lye the said daye of my buriall, and to 
syng Dirige and masse of Requiem on the morowe within their 
saide places and to do a trentall of masses for my soule for the 
same. Item, I will to the seid Grey Freres xxli., they to sey a 
dailly masse for me x yeres next, and immediatly after my 
decesse, at such an awter there as my body shall fortune to be 
buried by or afore. Item, I will that my dettes be paid such 
as shalbe duly proved, and if there be any wronges by me 

* Son of Sir Leonard Hastings of Slingsby and brother of William, Lord 
Hastings, who was beheaded by Richard III. He married Joan (relict of 
Richard Pigot, whose will is printed in Test. Ebor., iii, 285), daughter of 
Sir Richard Welles, Lord Willoughby, executed by Edward IV. He was 
summoned 15 Nov., 1482, as Lord Hastings of Welles, but he also called himself 
Lord Willoughby. He had an only ton, Anthony, who predeceased him, and 
died without issue. His wife's will follows. 


doon I will they be paid and content by the discretion of myn 
executours. Item, I will to Dame Johane, my wif, the residue 
of all my goodes, and hir I make my sole executrice, and she 
to have the disposition of the same, and I will that John 
Treswell and Henry Radeclyf be coadjutours with hir to helpe 
hir, and I will that either of them have xli. above theire 

resonable costes. 

[Proved 5 Oct., 1503.] 


[Holgrave, 28.] 

19 Mar., 1504-5. Jane Haystynges, wedow, late the wif of 
Richard Hastynges, Knyght, Lord Willoughby. I bequeth my 
soule unto Almighty Grod, my creator, maker and Savior and 
Redemer of all the world, to our blissed lady Seynt Mary the 
Virgyn, his moste glorious moder, and to all the holy company 
of heven. My body to be buried in the conventual! church of 
the Freers Minors within Newgate of London, in the vawte 
there made purposely for my said lord myn husband and me. 
I will that there be spent aboute my burialles and funerall 
expences, and in other deedes of almes and pitie for my soule, 
by the discrecion of myn executors, cli. To the iiij orders of 
Freers of London, that is to sey, the Grey Freers, the Blak 
Freers, the Austyn Freers, and the White Freers, iiij li.,to every 
ordre of theym xx s., to thentent that they shall pray for my 
soule, and that every ordre of the said iiij orders shall syng 
placebo and Dirige with masse o/ Requiem by note, and a 
trentall of masses for my soule and the soules of my said lord 
and husband, of Richard Pygotte soule, somtyme my husband, 
my children and frendes soules, and all cristen soules. I 
bequeth in lyke wise to the Crowchid Freers in London xx s., to 
thentent that they shall doo as afore I have willed the other 
iiij orders of Freers to doo. To the Freers Minors aforsaid a 
crosse of silver and gilt with Mary and John and our Lady at 
the foote of the crosse. To the Charterhous at Shene, xl s. 
To the Charterhouse in London, iij li. vj s. viij d. To the 
ladyes and brethern of Syon, iij li. vij s. viij d. To the ij 
Ancresses at Bisshyppesgate and at Westminster, xv s., that is 
to say, to the Ancres of Bisshoppisgate x s., and to the Ancres 
of Westminster v s. To the Ancker in London, to all to syng 

* Daughter of Sir Bichard Welles, Lord Willoughby, and sister of Sir Robert 
Welles, who were both executed by Edward IV for insurrection. She married 
first Richard Pigot, serjeant-at-law, a great and wealthy lawyer, who had large 
property in the North Riding of Yorkshire. His will, 14 April, 1483, was proved 
at London, 21 June, 1483, and at York, 3 Aug., 1484, and was printed in Test. 
Ebor., iii, 285. She married secondly Richard Hastings, Lord Welles and 
Willoughby, whose will has just been given. 


a trentall of masses, x s. To the Freers of Northallerton, xl s. 
To the anlter of oar lady chapell in Northallerton a vestment. 
To the church workes of the same parishe church of North- 
allerton, xx s. Unto every ordre of the orders of Freers in 
York, xx s. To the house of the Freers in Bichemont in the 
north countrey, xxs. To Sir Lawrence Butler, preest off 
Poules, xl s. To Sir Thomas Forman, preest, xx s. I will that 
every of my servauntes shall have half yeres wages. I will 
that myn executor shall kepe my household with the servauntes 
till the fest of Seynt Mighell tharchaungell next comyng. To 
Elizabeth Jerard, vli. To Thomas Rady, my servaunt, xls. 
To Thomas Lawday, xx s. To Mary, my servaunt, xx s. To 
Blaunche, my servaunt, xiij s. iiij d. To Sir William, my 
chaplayn, xls., to pray for my soule. To Sir Olyver, my 
chaplayn, xl s. To Ric. Caleston, godson to my lord late my 
husband, xls. To Edward Caleston, my godson, xls. To 
the bretherhode of our Lady in the Quere in the parisshe 
church of Seynt Mary Woolnoth in Lombardstrete of London 
to pray for my soule as a benefactor of the same fraternytie, 
xl s. To the high Awter of Seynt Albons in Wodestrete, 
vj s. viij d. To the church e workes of the said church, xx s. 
To the priores and covent of Clerk enwell, xxxiij s. iiij d. To 
John Cresawell and to Margery his wif, and to Johane his 
doughter, my goddoughter, x marces amonges theym. To 
litle Thomas, my childe, xl s. To my butler vj s. viij d. To 
page, my servaunt, vj s. viij d. To William of Northallerton, 
my servaunt, vj s. viij d. To the boy of my kechyn, vj s. viij d. 
To Jane, my servaunt, xiij s. iiij d. To the Charter hous of 
Mount grace, vj s. xiijli. iiij d. As to the disposicion of all 
that my manor of Romanby and all other my londes within 
England, I will that myn executor shall sell all the same, and 
with the money, if it can be, provide vj preestes, that is to 
say, iiij of theym of the ordre of Freers minors, wherof iij of 
theym to syng for evermore in the conventuall church of the 
Freers minors within London at the awter before which the 
body of my lord and husband lyeth buryed, and the other 
preest of the said iiij preestes Freers to syng for evermore at 
Clerkenwell at the awter before whiche the body of Ric. Pygot 
late my husband lyeth buried, and oon preest, a monck of 
the Charterhous at Mount grace, to syng for evermore in the 
monastery of Mount grace for the soules aforsaid; and the 
vj h priest to syng for evermore for the said soules at the 
Chauntry founded by my fader in the parishe churche of 
Northallerton. And I will that it soo be provided that the 
said vj priestes shalhave yerely for ever more among them for 
their salary xxx ti markes, and if so be that convey nently it 


can not be brought to effecte to have the vj preestes, I will that 
than the money comyng of the sale of the manor, lands, and 
tenementes shalbe bestowed by myn executors for the welthe of 
my soule after their discrecions. Item, where the forsaid Richard 
Pygot willed that certayn manors, londes should be sold by 
me, and wher as I have made sale of partes and parte I have 
not sold, I will that my executors shall sell the same yet not 
sold, and the money comyng to be disposed according to the 
last will of Eic. Pigot. I will that Henry Ratcliff shall have 
his fee of vli. yerely, and over that I bequeth to the same 
Henry x li. upon the condicon that the same Henry shall aide 
my executors for the performance of this my will. The residue 
of all my goodes I geve unto myn executors the which to doo 
and dispose in deedes of almes for my soule as by their discre- 
cions shalbe thought most to the pleasur of God. And I make 
M r William Atkynson, doctor of holy divinitie, M r John 
Caleston, bachiller of holy dyvinitie, and Gilbert Caleston, 
citizen and goldsmyth of London, myn executors, and I bequeth 
to every of my executors xx marces; and overseer I make 
John Cutler, doctor of holy divinitie, freere of the ordre off 
Preers Minors, to whom I bequeth xx markes. 

[Proved 7 April, 1505.] 


[Bennett, 37.] 

4 Nov., 1506. Edward Hastynges, knight, Lord Hastinges 
and Hungerford. My body to be buried, if I dye in London 
or within xx w myles of the same, in the college of Wyndesor 
nyghe to the tombe of my lord, my fader, whose soule God 
pardon, if it may be convenyently, and elles I remytte the 
same to the discrecion of myn executors or to suche as 
shalhave the rule about me att my departyng by the oversight 
of the Erie of Shrousbery,f lord Steward of the Kynges most 
honorable housholde, and of my twoo brethern if they be at 
my departing. Also I will that an honest preest be provided 
to syng and praye for my soule and the soules of my fader and 
moder, and all other my frendes, in the chapell or churche 
where my body shalbe entered, by the space of seven yeres 
next eusuyng, and the same preest in every weke shall say 
placebo, dirige and comendacions with masse of Requiem on 

* Son of William, Lord Hastings, executed by Eichard III. He was second 
Lord Hastings of Ashby de la Zouch, to which dignity he succeeded in 1485 ; but 
having married Mary, daughter and heir of Thomas Hungerford, son and heir of 
Bobert, Lord Hungerford, and Molines, he was summoned to Parliament aa 
Lord Hungerford in 1482, and died in 1507. 

t He married the testator's sister, Anne Hastings. 


the morowe for iny soule and the soules above rehersid and 
other orysons and prayers, and that the same prest have 
yerelie x markes. Also I will that during the same time an 
obite be kept in the same churche where my body shalbe 
entiered. Also I will that the last will of my lorde and fader 
be performed in every thing, and I will that all my dettes be 
paied and my servauntes wages. And if my wif and my son 
will take upon theym the admynistracon of my goodes and 
within oon yere fynde sufficient suertiez to the saide lord 
Steward and to my broder William Hastynges to pay my 
dettes and to performe this my will, then I will they shalhave 
all thissues and profittes of all my londes, and for the 
redemyng of the manor of Fyncheley charged as appereth by 
endenturez made betweene me and S r Thomas Frowick, knyght, 
Chief Justice of the Common Place, and also for the redemyng 
of the manor of Welford by indenture betweene me and 
Thomas Jakes and Richard Sachewerell. And if my wif and my 
son refuse to performe my will, then I woll that the lord 
Steward and all other my f eoffez shalhave full autoritie to make 
sale to such persons as they shall thinke good of the manors 
of Welford within the countie of Northampton, Lubesthorp, 
Wistowe and Bramston within the countie of Leycestre, Bewyk, 
Aldeborough and Slingbery (Slingsby) within the countie of 
Yorke, and with the money to pay all my dettes and performe 
my will. Also I will that my wif enjoy e for the terme of her 
lif all suche manors as I have appoynted for the suertie of 
payment of certeyn somes of money due to the Erie of Derby 
for the mariage of my lady, his wif, my doughter ; provided 
that if the same Erie be not contentid of his money at the 
dayes of payment, that then the said Erie may take thissues of 
theym according to such covenauntes as I have made, and after 
the money be paid and all my dettes paide, and my will per- 
formed and my faders will performed, my wife to have the 
manors duryng hir lif oonly. Also I will that my broder 
Richard Hastynges have oon annuytie of xx li markes by yere 
owte of my lordship of Thorneton and Bagworth, not oonly 
to hym, but also to my lady his wif, or to the longer living of 
theym. Also I will that my brother William Hastynges 
shalhave the stewardship and bayllif wick of my lordships of 
Thorneton and Bagworth and the keping of my parke of 
Bagworth, yelding accomptes of the same. Also where as I 
have graunted to my broder William oon annuytie of xx markes 
by yere, I putt it to be in the choise of my brother whether he 
will have the annuytie or elles my feoffez to make unto hym 
an estate owte of suche my landes as he shall thinke most 
profitable. Also I will that all my servauntes shalhave a 


quarters wages. Also that my servauntes awaytyng upon me 
at this tyme at London after my deth have all the rayment 
belongyng to my body. Also I will that William Lolle have 
the house which he dwelleth yn in Asshby. Also I woll that 
the executors of my lady and moders have yerely xl li. of the 
manors of Bagworth, Thorneton and Lubesthorp unto suche 
tyme as the same executors have receyved asmoche money 
toward the payment of my lady moders dettes. I ordeyne my 
wif and my son executors, and the lord Steward to be 
thoversear, and if my wif and son refuse I make my twoo 
brethern my executors. 

[No date of proof.] 


[Holgrave, 22.] 

In the name of the Holy Trinitie and of our Lady Seynt 
Mary, and of Seint John the holy Evangelist, Amen. The 
xviij day of Juyn the yere of our Lord MV and oon and in 
the yere of Kyng Henry the vij th aft. the conquest of England 
xv j, I John Holme beyng of hole mynde & goode disposicion 
ordeyne and make my last will. I geve and will my soule 
to Almighty God and to our Lady and all the Saintes of heven 
and my body to be buried in the churche afore our Lady. 
Also I geve and will my best beest to myn cors present. Item, 
I will to the high awter wher I am buried for tithes forgoten 
not duely tended, vs. Item, I will to the high awter at Alburgh 
for tithes f oregoten, vj s. viij d. Also I will that there be xxx t! 
masses doon for me the morow aft. that I am buried or within 
three daies aft. if they may be doon, x s. Item, I will that ther 
be geven to poore folkes at my buryall, xl s. Item, to poore 
folkes at Alburgh where most nede is, xxs. Item, I will that a 
preest saye for me my dues in the weke placebo dirige and 
comendacion and masse every day by the space of v yeres, 
xxiijli. vjs. viijd. Item, I will that there be v tapers made and 
stand afore oure Lady and there to be kept the said space of 
v yeres, and at every doble fest and Sondayes to be light, 1 s. 
Item, I will unto the church where I am buried, xiij s. iiij d. 
Item, to the churche at Alburgh, xiij s. iiij d. Item, I will unto 
my doughter Marye if so be that John of Moor wedde hir 
when he cometh to lawfull age, and he will make hir a lawfull 
Joyntor of xxli., I will that she have in queyne plate and 
household to the value of c marces. And if so be that he wedde 
hir not and she wilbe rewled and guyded. as hir moder will 
have hir, I will that she have cc markes to hir mariage. Also 
I will that my broder William Holme have x markes of such 
dett as is owyng me in Holdyrnes. Item, I will that Richard 


Knyueton of Bradley have v markes. Item, I will that my 
servaunteea have xls. delt amonges theym. Also it is my 
will that my wif be myn executrix and to have the disposicion 
of my goodes. And the Residue that levith my will fulfilled as 
corne and catell, household queyne and plate, my wif to have 
it. It. I will that Ric. Knyueton and my brother William 
Holme be oversiers of tbys my will. In wittnes herof written 
with myn owne hand at Shefeld the day and yere abovesaid. 

[Proved 1 Dec., 1504.] 


[Blamyr, 6.] 

19 Jan., 15012. Ricardus Byrd, canonicus residenciarius 
in ecclesia Collegiata Beatorum Petri et Wilfridi, ac rector 
ecclesie de More. Lego pro mortuario meo optimum bovem 
apud More secundum usum patrie ; Johanni Byrde quemdam 
annuatim (sic] redditum xl solidorum, ex[e]untem de terris 
meis infra parcchiam de More; Willelmo Forster octo acras 
prati, jacentes in campis de Mereton (sic), et iiij acras terre 
arabilis in Morton predicta, et unum tenementum. Volo quod 
dominus Willelmus Rawe, capellanus, habeat sufficientem 
exhibicionem in universitate Oxonii per spacium unius anni, 
et quod dominus Willelmus Whixley, capellanus, presentetur 
ad ecclesiam parochialem de More seu ad ecclesiam de Soldon, 
utramque earundem maluerit habere, vigore proximarum advo- 
cacionum earundem michi et ceteris mecum adiunctis con- 
cessarum, prout per litteras sufficientes inde confectas plenius 
apparet. Facio executores meos Ricardum Croft, Johannem 
Byrde, et Willelmum Forster. Hiis testibus : Thoma Back- 
house, prebendario prebende de Stanwigg' in dicta ecclesia 
collegiata Riponensi, ac rectore chori ejusdem, domino Roberto 
Whixley, capellano, et multis aliis. Do Thome Forster et 
Alicie Peyen* unum tenementum in Stanlake, equalis porcioni- 
bus inter eosdem dividendum, cujus quidem tenementi firma 
annualis extendit se ad decim solidos. 

[Proved 10 Mar., 1501-2.] 


[Adeane, 23.] 

7 Jan., 19 Hen. VII (1503-4). John Thwaites of Hardy ng- 
ham, in the countie of Norfolk, escuyer. To be buried in the 
chapell of our Lady within the church of Hardyngham. I 
will that Agnes my wif, if she lyve sole and unmaried, have 

* Prebendary of Sharow, Bipon. Mandate to induct 21 Aug., 1484 (Fowler's 
Memorials of Ripon, Surtees Society, ii, 241). 


the manor Thwates and other londes in the townes of Kykele, 
Scoles, Roydon, Newson, Byngle and Askewith in Yorkeshire 
to the value of xl markes by yere. I will that my feoffez 
suffer myn executors to have profittes of my manors, londes 
in Denton and Askewith in Yorkeshire, and therof to content 
my doughters their manage money, that is to say to Margaret, 
Thomasen, Elizabeth and Elyn, c li. to eche of theym and more 
if it may be borne if they be maried by th advise of my wif 
and myn other executors, and I will that myn executors have 
the said landes in Denton and Askewith for xxiij yeres. I 
will that my sone Edmunde haue all my londes in the towne 
of Thirkes in the countie of Yorke, and for lacke of yssue to 
remayne to Antony my sonne, and for lacke of yssue male to 
my son Cristofer, and for lacke of yssue male to the right 
heires of Thomas Thwates late my son, nowe dede. I will my 
son Cristofer shall have my landes in the townys of Tolston 
and Clifford in the countie of Yorke. I will that the right 
heires male of me and my sonne Thomas nowe dede shalhave 
all my londes in the citie of Yorke and townes of Newcastell, 
Smeton, Holdenshir, Collyngham and Bardesay or elles wher 
in Yorkeshire. I make executors my welbeloved Agnes my 
wif, Antony Thwaites and William Eyre, gent., and I pray 
doctor Urswyk, Archedecon of NorfF, to be supervisour. 
[Proved 7 May, 1507.] 


[Adeane, 10.] 

9 Sept., 1505. Henry Skern, of Waltham. My body to 
be buried wher that it shall please God, and I will that my 
best hors goo for my mortuary. Also I will that there be 
three trentalles songen for me as shortly as they can be conve- 
nyently songen aft["er] my decesse, wher of oon of them I wold 
the Blake Freers of Hull shuld syng for me, and to have x s. 
for syngyng therof, also I bequeth theym xiij s. iiij d. to pray 
for me and myn ancestors their founders. The secunde trentall 
I wold that wor songe at the Grey Freers of Grymsby, and they 
to have xs. therfore and xiijs. iiijd., the which I bequeth them 
to pray for me. The thirde trentall I wold were songe for me 
at the Blak Freers of Grymesby, and they to have xs. therfore 
and xiij s. iiij d. to pray for me. I will that every prest beyng at 
ray Dirige and also at my buryall that syngeth masse viijd., and 
every clerk ij d. To the church of Waltham vj s. viij d., and 
xx s. to the peyntyng of the brest of the Roode lofte. Also I 
have vj s. viij d. in my handes which was bequest ther to by a 

* According to a pedigree of " Skerne of Portington," in Qlover't Visitation, 
p. 108, Foster Edition, he married Ann, daughter of William Langdale. 


man of London, the which I will be content. Also iny fader 
in law, William Langdall, bequest xl s. thereto. Also the which 
my broder Wavisor, my brother Hanby, and I must of con- 
science see that it be content in somuch as we had parte of 
the goodes, and so I will that xiij s. iiij d. be paide for me ther 
to my parte of payment of the said xl s. To the church of 
Scarthow, iij s. iiij d. To the church of Bagesley, iij s. iiij d. 
To the church of Bradlay, iij s. iiij d. To S r Robert G-adden, 
vicar of Bondeby, iij s. iiij d. It., vj s. viij d. to the church 
of Bondeby, and ther for to be praide for every Sonday 
in the pulpitt. To our lady werk of Lincoln, xxd. To our 
lady of Southwell, xx d. To my suster, Dame Marget Skern, 
vj s. viij d. To the chanons of Watton vj s. viij d., and to the 
nones vj s. viij d., and to the high aulter of Watton vj s. viij d., 
beseching my lord and all his brethren that if ever I offended 
them that I may have absolucion and forgiffnes therof. I 
bequeth myn unkyll Richard if he be on lyve att that tyme, 
my gowne furred with white bugie. To John Pattanson, my 
servaunt, the grey gelding that was Screelybie3, and my 
Kendall gowne, and my doblet of tawney worsted, and a pair 
of my buttes. To Edmund Skern my best bors, next my 
corspresent that he will take, willyng hym on my blissinge 
to be goode and kynd to his moder and sithens to his brethren 
and susters. Wheras I have made my cosyn, Sir John Norman- 
dyll, and other feoffez in all my landes in Yorkshire, I will that 
xli. yerely of thissue of my landes duryng the lif of that 
yonger son or doughter of myn that shall fortune longest to 
lyve shal be disposed as hereafter is specified, first I will that 
Richard Skern have of the xli. xxvjs. viij d., and that William 
Skern, my son, Thomas Skern, and John Skern, yche of theym 
to have xxs. duryng their liffes, and as for Robert Skern, my 
youngest son, he shall have by inheritaunce by his moder, 
whiche goeth to the yongest son. To my suster Alice xx li. 
and my gowne lyned with saten of Cipres. I will that Elizabeth, 
my doughter, and Mary have yche of theym xx li. I will that 
my broder Sir John have yerely xx s. to he be beneficed to the 
benefice of the valor of x li. by yere. To the maister and his 
brethren of Seynt Leonardos in York, xx s. To the Charter - 
howse in the yle of Axam, xiij s. iiij d. I will that ther be a 
preest founden to syng yerely att Hotton Crawncewik, and he 
to syng for my fader and me, and my fader in lawe, William 
Langdall. To Robert Ustwaite, my best amblyng foill or other 
foill that he will choyse. To Agnes Skern a coupill of mylk 
keen. All myn other goodes to be at the rewle of my wif, my 
brother Robert and my broder Edwarde, whom I make myn 

[Proved at Lamehith 7 Aug., 1506.] 



[Adeane, 7.] 

31 Jan., 1505-6. Robert Keyle. To be buried, if I dye 
within ij myles of Beverley, in Beverley Mynster, or elles as it 
fortuneth by the discrecion of myn executors. To our lady of 
Lincoln to the Red arke, xls. To the freers at the gresse fote 
at Lincoln, x li. To either house of freers within Grymmysby, 
x li. To the nones ther, x li. To the nones of Stokbyswold, 
xli. To the house of Urfurthe, xli. To the house of Fosse, 
x li. To the howse of Gookwell, xx li. To the house of Grene- 
feld, x li. Soo that iche of thies houses do for my soule, my 
fader Thomas Keyle, my moder Margaret and my wif Elizabeth 
by thadvise and assent of myn executor. I will that Margaret 
Keyle, called my doughter, have to hir mariage or to hir pre- 
ferment xxvij li. xiij s. iiij d., and that the said Margaret be at 
the disposicion of M r John Hall. I will that Elizabeth Keyle, 
callid my doughter, have to hir mariage xx markes. I will 
that at my buriall be xiij bedemen, yche oon of theym having 
a gowne and a hoode after the discrecion of myn executor. I 
will that ther be iiij daies kept for me, that is to sey the day 
of my buriall dirige and masse, the vij th day also my moneths 
mynde in like wise, and at nyn yeres day aft[er] the same forme, 
and at every of the forsaid daies peny dole. Item, I will ther be 
xiij torches ordeyned agenst my said buriall, and the xiij men 
that bere theym till I become to the churche and till I be 
buried, and soo on the iij daies folowing, and then the torches 
to be disposed by the advice of my said executor. I will that 
Jenett my buttler have xl s., and iche servaunt in my house 
aft. xx s. And my londes to be sold by myn executor, which 
I ordeyne M r John Hill, and my kinsman, Nicholas Upton, soo 
as they may see the better for the disposicion of the said 
goodes and landes unbequethed. Thies beyng wittnes, Edward 
Barnby, Nicholas Barnby and John Fax, Sir William Orme, 
with other. 

[Proved 19 May, 1506, at Lamehith.] 


[Adeane, 13.] 

4 Aug., 1506. Alicia Cathorne de Notingham. Lego 
corpus meum ecclesiastice sepulture infra ecclesiam beate 
Marie de Notingham ; meum optimum animal nomine mei prin- 
cipalis ut moris est; fabrice ecclesie beate Marie, vj s. viijd.; 
honesto presbytero, vli. legalis monete ut effundat divina 
servicia pro anime mee salute per unum annum integrum infra 
ecclesiam predictam ad discretionem Magistri Johannis Alestre. 
Residuum omnium bonorum meorum magistro Johanni Alestre 


arcium magistro quern hujus testamenti facio meum executorem. 
Hiis testibus Ricardo Taveruer, clerico, magistro Johanne 
North, arcium magistro, et domino Roberto Lyth. Datum apud 

[Proved 2 Dec., 1506.] 


[Bennett, 30.] 

15 May, 1509. Thomas Pykeryng, gentilman, of the countie 
of York. My body to be buried in the Grey Freers within 
Newgate, in the citie of London, in the ambulatory before the 
choer. I will that the forsaid place have for my burying xl s., 
and the covent to fetche my body to their place. I bequeth to 
the covent and place to have a broder beyng a preest, signed 
by the wardeyn of the covent, to syng duly masse the space of 
an hole yere for my soule and for the soule of my graund- 
moder, x marke. Also to William, my son and heyre, to have 
a bason and an ewer of silver under that condicon that he 
fynde and stablisshe in the foresaide covent by the space of xx 
yeres an anniversary, that is to say a dirige with a masse song 
by note to be contynually done on that day that I shall departe 
owte of this world for me and my graundmoder, paying for 
every anniversary vj s. viij d. And if William my son will not 
be agreable to fulfill this condicon, then I will that the bason 
and the ewer be sold by myn executors. I bequeth unto my 
doughter Margaret xl li., to be paid of the some that M r Fayre- 
fax servaunt oweth me for my sonnys mariage. To Jane my 
servaunt, if it shall fortune hir to have a child, xli., to the 
fyndyng and norisshing of the childe, and if the child departe 
owte of this world son after that it is borne, then I will that 
the forsaid Jane, if she be good and of vertuose disposicon, to 
have x marke. It., Anthony my son, begoton by the said 
Jane, to purchase a legitimacion and to helpe towardes his 
fynding, x li. It., to either of my ij doughters to their fynding, 
v marke, and they to be at the guy ding of the said M r Fayre- 
fax. And I will that Antony be at the disposicon of my gostly 
fader, freer John Hervye. It., to freer Henry Weller, my 
chapleyn, x s., for saying of a trentall of masses. It., to eche 
of my servauntes, vj s. viij d. And as for the residew of my 
goodes, I will they be at the disposicon of M r William Fayref ax 
servaunt aud Walter Sherwoode, whom I ordeyne executours. 
To eche of theym, xl s. And I will that freer Hervye, my 
gostly fader, which knoweth my conscience, will and mynde, 
be overseer, and he to have x s. 

[Proved 20 July, 1510.] 



[Bennett, 24.] 

15 Nov., 1509. Hugo Dacre sacerdos. Lego corpus meum 
sepeliendum secundum discretionem honorabilis viri Cristoferi 
Dacre et Magistri Johannis Prudde; ecclesie parochial! de 
Salkyll, xxvj marcas; cuidam Hispano nomine Lupus, v 
ducatos ; executoribus Edwardi Strangwys, iiij li.; domino meo 
semper honorando Thome fratri meo antiquissimo xij li. quas 
michi debet. Volo quod Cristoferus, secundus frater meus, 
habeat xx nobilia, et Philippus, frater meus habeat xx nobilia. 
Lego Magistro Johanni Prudde capellano meo xx nobilia et 
mediam partem de vasis meis argenteis, togam optimam cum 
cinctura ornata de auro, et bursam optimam, annulum optimum 
omnia volumina mea ; ciphumque deauratum cum coopertorio 
quern mater michi dedit tempore mortis sue; sorori mee domine 
Katerine Fitzhughe, iiijli.; sorori mee domine Anne Strangwys, 
iijli.; Ricardo Blakborn, vli.; Roberto Share, vli.; Johanni 
Hilton, vli.; Ricardo Wilkynson, xl s.; Henrico Calmeraye, xls.; 
Ricardo Harrys, xl s. Volo quod distribuantur pauperibus in 
parochia de Sakill, iij li.; apud Kyrke Oswald, iij li.; apud 
Dacre, iij li.; apud Wemme, xl s.; apud prebendam de Nether- 
bury, xl s. Lego domino Edwardo Menevensi Episcopo togam 
de skarlete duplicatam cum damasko; Willelmo at Water 
doctori, meam togam nigram penulatam cum marters ; Johanne 
uxori Willelmi Prudde, xx s.; nutrici, xx s.; Abbacie de Laner- 
cost meum optimum lectisternium vulgariter a Counterpoynt. 
Volo quod sacerdos celebret pro anima mea et anima fratris 
mei Humfridi per spacium septem annorum. Residuum 
bonoram meorum do Cristofero Dacre et Magistro Johanni 
Prudde quos ordino meos executores. Hiis testibus : Johanne 
Hilton, Henrico Calmeray, Ricardo Wilkynson, Johanne Bell, 
Ricardo Harrys. 

[Proved 20 January, 1509-10.] 


[Bennett, 24.] 

11 Dec., 1509. William Richardson, of Furrebank, within 
the parisshe of Kyrkby Londysdale. To be buried in cristen 
buryall where I shall decesse. Unto the high aulter of the 
parisshe churche, vj s. viij d. I will that oon trentall be doon 
for me, and to dispose in bred unto poore people xiij s. iiij d., 
and to preestes and clerkes xiij s. iiij d. Unto Sir Hughe 
Escam x s., to say a trentall. To Sir Henry Neleson, of Trynitie 
Chapell, x s., to sey another trentall. To Reynold Mauneshed, 

* Son of Humphrey, first Lord Dacre, and Isabel Parr. 


of Seynt Martyns Chapell, x s., to sey another trentall. To 
the reparacon of the church where my body shalbe buried, 
iij s. iiij d. To my suster Mabell, v marces. To my suster 
Margaret, v markes. I will that my moder have my farmold 
duryng hir life if she will have hit, and if she will not have 
hit, I will that she have of my goodes v marke and all hir owne 
goodes. I will that Margaret my wiffe have of my goodes 
xx li. and all the household stuff. I will that my son Thomas 
have of my goods x marke, and John my son other x marke. 
Also I will that Jamys Richardson, my broder, be myn executor, 
to gader up my dettes and pay my dettes, and my wif to be 
with hym executpure if she will, and they to have the reside we 
of my goodes and catalles not bequethed to dispose for the 
helth of my soule. Witnesses, John Garnett and Symon 

[Proved 4 Feb., 1509-10.] 


[Bennett, 27.] 

25 Jan., 1509. Adam Brabazon, late of Alerton. My body 
to be buried in the church of Seynt Mary in Stamford. To 
my suster Isabel!, that gold and silver that she hath of myn 
and also my lond in Hardby, Wykeham, and Calewell for hir 
life, and after hir decesse I will that the londes remayn to my 
broder Brabazon, to John his son, to their heyres for evermore. 
To the saide John, my brother William son, x markes, which 
John Cranmare, of Haflockton, oweth unto me, also Ix quarters 
of malte. To my broder William a place in Alerton which I 
bought of a man of London, and another place in Newerk 
which I hadde of my master, Peers Staynsford. To William 
Hokyrby, x shepe. To Christofer Ivys, a hors or vj s. viij d. I 
will that suche lond as I bought of my maistres Staynford, my 
broder William shall sell ytt an fynd oon of my brother 
Alexander children at the scole aslong as the money therof 
endureth. I will that my brother William shall fynde a preest 
att Estwell for tenne of ij yeres, to syng for my soule and my 
fader and my moders soules. The residew I geve to William 
my brother, which I make my executor. 
[Proved 24 April, 1510.] 


[Holder, 6.] 

Margareta Suffolk. Lego corpus meum sepiliendum inter 
Minorissas cum sponso meo ; Magistro Johanni Pechy, militi, 

* This seems to be the will of Margaret Scrope, widow of Edmund de la Pole, 
Earl of Suffolk, who was beheaded by Henry VII in 1513. Hia wife is called in 


omnia vasa argentea vel plate que venerunt per manus illiua 
de partibus ultramarinis et tria gilt gobbletes cum coopertoriis 
et unum M. (sic) of dyamondis ; ejus uxori unam togam furred 
with lepardis, et unum par precularum de auro ; Doctori Stan- 
disshe unum ciphum de argento deaurato; filie mee inter 
Minorissas unum ciplium stantem ; sorori mee comitisse Oxonii 
sanctum Michaelem cum perles et lapidibus preciosis ; sorori 
mee Gernyngam novam mappam et novum tuale et duodecim 
natkyns of gylouer warkis. Item, sorori mee Anne apud 
Berkyng a syluer potte with ij eyris ; sorori mee Bruys unum 
ciphum stantem de argento deaurato; sorori Sent Clere all 
my perle; sorori mee Gernyngam unum novum par linthia- 
minum et aliud par sorori mee Bruys; Item, all myne olde plate 
hoc est residuum meum totum of plate cheynes Joyelles and 
other stuff to be sold and disposed for my soule. Lego famule 
mee Margerie unam optimam mappam pro mensa cum tualibus 
et napkyns de eodem, tria paria linthiaminum de holond next 
to the best ; eedem Margerie my trussing bed of russett and 
reed' with a counterpoynt of the byrth of our Lorde ; Elizabeth e 
Hart duo paria linthiaminum nova de Holond et unam novam 
peciam de Holond cum duodecim chusshens of beyond see 
warke. Item totidem Margerie famule mee ; my ij trussing 
bedis to my cosyn Pechy et duo paria de fustianis ; Roberto 
Wryghte unam cathedram et unum lectum de plumis and a 
cowrse counter poynte et unum par de blankettes. To Stanley 
unum lectum de plumis et unum par de blankettes with a 
course counterpoynt. To Bekensawe unum lectum de plumis 
et unum par de blankettes with a course counterpoynt; to 
Stanley, xl s.; to Archer, xl s.; to Parys, xl s.; to Wodhouse, 
xl s.; Johanni, xx s.; to Crayforde, xx s. To the cooke and thb 
butteler and the horse keper cuilibet ipsorum, x s.; Katerine, 
xs.; Margerie, iiij li. and a kyrtell of russett satten; Elizabethe 
Hart, iij li. and a kyrtell of blake satten. Item, ad faciendum 
vestimenta inter Minorissas a nyght gowne furred with blacke 
coney et aliam togam de uigro velveto furred blake, and a 
tawny gowne de velveto. Item, xl s. pro uno scolare ; Doctori 
Standysshe xls.; unum annulum with a dyamond Magistro 
Johanni Car, militi ; a potte with ij eres to my lady Caltrope ; 

the pedigree of De la Pole in Frost's Hull, and in the Dictionary of National 
Biography, the daughter of Eichard, Lord Scrope, but it appears more likely she 
was the daughter of Sir Richard Scrope, of Bentley (son of the fourth and 
brother of the fifth Lord Scrope), whose will is printed in Test. Ebor., iii, 297, 
for the following reasons : Sir Bichard Scrope had, according to Canon Baine, 
eight daughters, of whom Elizabeth married John de Vere, thirteenth Earl of 
Oxford, Mary married Sir Edward Jemingham, and Jane married Thomas 
Brewes. The testatrix mentions these three sisters. Curiously enough, Margaret, 
the testatrix, is not named amongst them in the pedigree in the Scrope and 
Grosvenor roll. 


to Margarett my goddoughter, xl s.; Georgio Hall, xx s.; Totum 
residuum bonorum meorum ad disposicionem executoris mei, et 
pro executore meo ordino consanguineum meum Johannem 
Pechy militem, et Doctorem Standisshe supervisorem. 

[Proved 15 May, 1515.] 


[Mainwaring. 22.] 

28 Jan., 1515-16. Roger Baty of Rughole, in the parishe 
of Banton, in the countie of Westmerlande. To be buried 
within the parishe church e of Charlton, in the dioces of 
Caunterbury. To Margarett my wife, all my goodes. I will 
to my wife after my decesse, my manors of Roughole and 
Robertby with all other my lande within the counties of 
Westmerlande and Cumberlande, and after the decesse of 
Margaret to my brother John Appulby and to the heires of his 
body; and if it happen the said John Appulby to decesse 
without issue, then I woll the manors, londes, &c., shall remayne 
to the right heires of me. The residue to my wife Margaret 
and to my brother John Appulby, executours. Witnesses, Sir 
Geffrey, curat of Charleton, my goostly fader, Charles Lan- 
caster, Hugh Falowfelde, Thomas Grybson myn host, Mores 
Kydowen, Edmund Broke and other. 

[Proved 19 March, 1521-2.] 


[Holder, 26.] 

30 Nov., 1516. I James Stranguyssh, esquier, being of 
goode mynde, ordeyne this my present testament. First I 
recomend my soule to Almighty God my Savior, Redemor and 
Maker, and to his most glorious moder Sanct Mary, the virgyn, 
and all the holy sayntes and companye in hevyn, and my body 
to be buryed afor the most blissed figure of oure Lady behynd 
the high aulter within the monastery chirche of Sanct Mary 
Overy, in the burugh of Suthwarth, nere the citie of London. 
I bequeth to the high aulter of the churche of Sanct Thomas 
Hospitall in Suthwark, for my oblacons forgoten, xij d. To 
the brethered of the holy Trinitie within the same churche, xij d. 
To my servaunt named William Sholston, beside his wages, 
xl s. in money. To every one of my servauntes, xx s. I wyll 
that Mast[er] Bisshop, Chanon of Sainct Stevyn Chappell in 

* Son of Thomas Strangways, by Elinor, daughter of Walter Talboys, and 
grandson of Boger Strangways, who was a younger brother of Sir James 
Strangways, of Whorlton, Judge of the Common Pleas. In Flower's Visitation 
he is said to have married Katherine, daughter of the Countesg of Huntley. 


Westminster, have iij li. paied hym by myn executors. The 
residue of all my goodes I gyve unto my dere beloved wife, 
Lady Katheryne, after my dettes paied, whiche I make sole 
executrice, she to dispose the same after her discrecon. I 
frely geve unto the said Lady Katheryne, my wyf, all the 
annuyte of xij li. that I hold by patent, and also all the landes 
that comyth to me by my good and dere moder, Elynor 
Stranguysh, wydowe, of the yerlie rent of xxli. in the citie of 
Salisbury, or within the countie of Wilteshire or elliswher. 
Thies witnesses, S r John Hothom, of the religiouse brethern 
of Saint Thomas Hospitall, John Chyesshyre and Robert 
Flemyng, notary. 

[Proved 9 January, 151&-17.] 


[Ayloffe, 4.] 

In the name of God Amen. Be it knowen to al men that I 
Sir Thomas Parre, knyght, hole of mynde and havyng parfite 
remembraunce, thanked be Almighty God, the -vij th day of 
Novembr. the ix th yere of our sovarayne lorde Kinge, Henry 
the VIII th (1517), ordeyn and make by this my present wryting 
my testament and last wille of my manors, landes and tene- 
mentes and hereditamentes as of my goodes and cattalles 
in maner and forme folowing, first I bequeth my soule to 
Almighty God and our lady, Saint Mary, and to all the holy 
company of hevyn, and my body to be buried accordyng to 
my degre without pompe or pryde, within the Blak Freres of 
London if I dye within xx tt myles of London, and yf I dye not 
within xx w myles of London that my body to be buried where 
myn executors shal thinke moost convieuyent. Item, I will 
that all my recoverers and feoffees and all suche persones their 
heires and assignes that stonde and be or herafter shalbe of 
and in all suche maners, londes, tenetnentes, rentes, fermes, 
rentes, charges, francheses, liberties, advousons, and all other 
herriditamentes with their appurtenences, which I or any other 
to my use have within the Realme of Inglond which late were 
my father, Sir William Parre, Knyght, and to me be descended 
in possession or in use as heire to my said father, shall stande 
and be therof seased immediatly after my deth to the use of 
Mawde, my wyfe for terme of hir lyfe in full recompence and 

* Son of Sir William Parr, Lord of Kendal, by Elizabeth, daughter of the 
fifth Lord Fitzhugh. He was Master of the Wards and Comptroller to 
Henry VIII. He married Maude, daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas Green, of 
Boughton, co. Northampton (whose will follows). He died 12 November, 1518, 
and was buried in the Black Friars Church, leaving a son William, created Lord 
Parr and Marquis of Northampton, and two daughters, Katherine Parr, wife 
of Henry VIII, and Anne, who married William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke. 
His inquititio pott mortem was taken 4 January, 1518-19. 


satisfaction of hir dower of and in all other my manors, landes, 
tenementes and other heriditamentes which I have or any 
other to my use within the realme of Inglond. Also I wille 
that yf my said wyfe do marry and take a husbond after my 
deth, or yf my said wife after my deth doo recover and have 
hir dower of any other my manors, landes and tenementes 
other then I have afore appoynted by this my will to my said 
wyfe by writte of dower or otherwise, that then and from 
thensforth the interest, title, use and possession of my said 
wyfe of and in all my said manors, &c., which were my said 
fathers shal cesse and determyn except suche manors, &c., as 
were my said fathers in Grenchedhey, Strykelond Rogers, 
Greneryge and .in the borowe towne of Kendall, whiche I 
suppose be of the yerely value of one hundred marces, which 
I will my said wyf have only for terme of hir lyfe. Also I will 
that myn executours shal take the profites of my manors, &c., 
which I lately purchased, and also of suche manors as late 
were in variaunce betwene me and the lord Scrope to the 
yerely value of xxx poundes. And also that myn executours 
shalhave suche londes and tenementes as I have in lease of the 
Abbot of Saint Mary Abbey without the citie of York unto 
the tyme that my said executours have percyved, recyved and 
taken, or myght lawfully percyve, receyve and take, the sume 
of viij poundes, which sume of viij li. I will be evenly and 
egally devided betwene my doughters Kateryn and Anne 
towarde their mariage and to marry them with all, and yf any 
of them dye before they be maryed, than she that overlyveth 
to have the whole viij li. Also I will that yf my said two 
doughters or any of them be my heires or my son heires afore 
they be maryed, that then they nor none of them shalhave noo 
parte of the said viij poundes, but I will that it shalbe bestowed 
uppon copes, vestmentes, chalises, and other ornamentes neces- 
sarye and convenyent for the house and churche of Gervys, 
where I am founder, as it shall be thought best by myn 
executoures and the abbot of the said house of G-ervys for the 
tyme beyng. Item, I will that yf my wyfe marry after my 
deth, or yf my wyfe dye before my wille be performed, or yf 
my said wyf recover or have hir dower of other my manours, 
&c., then I have afore appoynted to hir for terme of hir lyfe, 
that then myn executours shall take the profites of all my 
manors, &c., that were my said fathers, Sir William Parre, 
except suche londes as I have afore appoynted to my said wyfe 
for terme of hir lyfe, which I have afore suppoased to be of 
the yerely value of c marces unto the tyme that this my will be 
or ought lawfully be performed. Item, I will tbat yf my said 
doughters be not myn heires nor my sonne heires as is afor- 


said, that then one hundred poundes to be bestowed upon 
copes and vestmentes and other thinges necessarye to be 
gevyn to the said house of Gervys all shalbe thought necessary 
and convenient by myn executours, and myn armes and my 
wyfes to be sett upon them, and yf they or any of them be 
myn heires or my sonne heires, that then the said cli. to be 
partie of payment of the said viij poundes. Item, I will that 
a gilt crosse be gevyn to the parisshe church of Kendale, of 
the value of xl marces. Item, I will there be bestowed uppon 
the chauntery of Kendale one hundred marces, as myn execu- 
tours shall think moost convenient. I will that my servauntes 
Rowland Thornburgh have after the deth of his fader, for 
tenne of his lyfe, the fostership of the olde parke of Kendale, 
with like fee as his father nowe hath. And that Edward 
Middelton shalhave the office of parkship of Ravynsworth for 
terme of his lyfe, with like fee as he nowe hath. Item, I wille 
that my cosyn Richard Duket, the yonger, shalhave the same 
ferme that he nowe hath, called Garnettes house, for terme of 
his lyfe, paying the old rent, without fyne or gressome. Item, 
I will that my servaunt John Warman have duringe his lyfe 
xxvj s. viij d. oute of my purchased landes. Item, I will that 
Edward Mountagne have during his lyfe iij li. vj s. viij d. oute 
of my purchased landes. Item, I will that Kateryn Willoughby 
have during hyr lyfe iijli. vjs. viijd., goinge oute of the landes 
late in variaunce betwene the lord Scrope and me. Item, I 
will that my servaunt John Barmeton have for terme of his 
lyfe iij li. vj s. viij d., goinge oute of the londes late in variaunce 
betwen the Lord Scrope and me. Item, I will that my cousyn 
Jervys Stryklond occupye the same office that he nowe hath, 
and with like fee as he nowe hath for terme of his lyfe. Item, 
I will that James Rokesby, myn auditor, have during his lyfe 
the same fee that he nowe hath, so that he contynue stille 
auditor unto my wife and to my sonne when he cometh to his 
full age, and the said fee to be goinge oute of my purchased 
laudes. Item, I will that Christofer Johnson have all suche offices 
as he nowe hath, and with like fee for terme of his lyfe, going 
oute of the landes late in variaunce between the lord Scrope 
and me. Item, I will that all my houshold servauntes, both 
men and women, have mete and drynke by the space of one 
quarter of a yere next after my decesse, yf they lyst to take it 
ther as myn executours shal appoynt. Item, I will and desire 
my wyfe and my sonne that they shal take my said housholde 
servauntes and their service afore any other aslong as they do 
that they ought to do. Item, I will that my wife have my 
ferme of the Rey during my yeres yf she so longe lyve. And 
yf she dye within my terme, then myn executours to have the 


said ferme duriug the residue of the said yeres after hir 
decesse to perfourme my will withall. Item, I will that my 
brother, Sir William Parre, knyght, have during the nonage 
of myn heire all suche londes and tenementes as I have of the 
Kynge in ferme for yeres in Kendale, if the said Sir William 
so longe lyve ; and when myn heire cometh to full age, then 
my said heire to have the residue of my yeres that then shall 
remayn to his owne use. Item, I will that if I have a yonger 
sonne, that he shall have when be come or shulde come to the 
age of xxiij yeres, all my purchased londes and tenementes, 
and all the landes that late were in variaunce betwene the 
lorde Scrope and me, to hym and to his heires males of his 
body lawfully begoten. And in the meane tyme myn execu- 
tours to have the profites therof to the performaunce of this 
my will in maner and forme as in this my present wille I 
have declared. Item, I will that the College of Jetlingburgh 
shalhave vj li. xiij s. iiij d. to praye for my moders soule and 
myn and all Christen soules, and the same money to be bestowed 
for the welth of the said College. Also I will that my sonne 
William have my great cheyne of gold which is worth cxl li., 
which I wolde be kept towarde the charge of his lyverey. 
Also I will that my sonne William have my signet that the 
Kynges grace gave me. Item, I will that myn heire have, 
after my wille performed, my said ferme that I have of lease 
of the Abbot of York, with all my stock of catell that I have 
goynge there nowe. Item, I will that yf I have any moo 
doughters than two, that then my wyfe shall marry them at 
hir owne cost and charges. Item, I will that all my recoverers 
and feoffees, and all other persones that nowe stande seased 
or herafter shalbe seased, of and in all such manors, &c., 
wherof I have declared and made my will of, shall stonde and 
be seased to the performance of this my will. And that the 
said recoverers and feoffees and every of them shall graunte 
by their dede sufficient in the same to every of the said 
persones to whom I have graunted and bequethed any fee or 
annuytie, the said annuyties and fees for terme of their lyves, 
with clauses of distresse to be conteyned in every of the said 
dedes in the same londes and tenementes where I have 
appoynted the same annuyties and fees to be goyng out. Item, 
I will that the Blak Freres of London have x marces, and the 
White Freres, Gray Freres and Austen Freres, to every of them 
xl s. Item, I will that all grauntes by me made by patentes 
to Maister Davet and to all other persones, that the said 
persones shall enioye and have the same grauntes according to 
the tenure and effect of my writing to them made. Item, I 
will that there be cc marces of money of suche goodes as I 


have by this my will bequeathed to my sonne, which cc marces 
I will shalbe bestowed to the mariao-e of my doughters and to 
help to make up the said sume of viij poundes, because of the 
said londes before appoynted is but of smal valour for the 
levying of the said viijli. Item, I utterly renounce and forsake 
all other wille and willys afore this tyme by me made, and 
afferme this to be my last wille and testament. Item, I will 
that the residue of all my goodes and catalles, plate and dettes 
after my wille performed and afore not bequethed, shall egally 
and indifferently be devided betwene my wyfe and my sonne 
and heire. And my said sonnes parte to be putt in save 
kepinge for him. And of this my present will and testament, 
I ordeyn and make myn executours, Mawde, my wife, Doctor 
Tunstall, Maister of the Rolles, Doctour Melton, and my 
brother, Sir William Parre, knyght. In witnesse that this is 
my will I have putto my seall, yeven the day and yere aforesaid. 

[Proved 27 January, 1517-18, by Matilda, relict, and Sir Wm. Parre, knight.] 


[Thower, 12.] 

Dame Maude Parr, widowe, late wife of Syr Thomas Parr, 
knight, disceasid, the xx day of Maij, 1529, make by thys my 
present wry ting my last wyll. My body to be buryed in the 
Blacke Fryers churche of London, where my husbond lyethe, 
if I dye wythin London or within twenty myles of London ; 
and if I dye not within xx miles of London, then my body to 
be buryed where myn executours shall tbinke most con- 
venyent. Item, I will there be bestowed at and aboute my 
burying oon hundrythe markes and not under nor above. To 
every of the foure orders of Fryers in London, fourty 
shillinges. And if I be buryed at the Blacke Fryers in London, 
then the Blacke Fryers to have thre poundes six shillinges 
eightpence, or elles but xls. To every of the Fryers of 
Northampton in the countie of Northampton, xxs. And 
wheras I have endetted my self in divers great sumes for the 
preferment of my sonne and heire, Willy am Parr, as wel to 
our soveraigne lord the Kinge for the mariage of my said 
sonne as to my lorde of Essex for the mariage of my lady 
Boucha, doughter and heire apparaunt of the said Brie, as by 
indentures made betwene the same Erie and the lady Mary his 
wife and me more at large it apperithe, and for the shure 
payment of the same Erie I and divers of my frendes stond 
bounden joyntly, and also I and other stonde bounden to the 

* Widow of the above Sir Thomas Parr, of Kendal. Her Inquisitio post 
mortem was taken 3 Oct., 24 Heu. VIII (1532). 


use of oure lord the King for suche somes of monay as I owe 
to the Kinges highnes for the mariage of my said sonne. 
And also I am indebtid to Sir Thomas Borow, knight, for the 
mariage of my doughter Katherine, and for so muche as 
my mynde ys that my said debtes shulde be truly paid, I wyll 
that my executours shalhave all my goodes, cattell, leases and 
fermes toward the payment of my debtes and for the perfor- 
mance of this my wyll, and after that then all the residue be 
ordererd as herafter folowythe. And in caas the mariage 
betwen my sonne Willyam Parr and the said lady Boucha 
take not effect or be dissolved by death, disagrement, warde- 
ship or otherwise, I will that all such sommes of money as 
shalbe repaied be bestowed in maner as folowith. Also I 
bequeth to Anne my doughter, over and beside my husbonds 
bequestes, plate to the value of fower hundryth markes when 
she comyth to thage of twenty yeres. And if my said doughter 
Anne dye before she be maryed or before she come to thage 
of xx yeres not marryed, that then her parte by this my will 
shall remayne to hur suster, Katherine Borowe. Item, I will 
that if my said two doughters dye before my said doughter 
Anne be maryed, and before the said plate be deliverid to 
them as ys aforesaid, lyving my said sonne Wyllyam ; that 
then my said sonne Wyllyam have all my plate and juelles 
appointed to my said doughter Anne, he paying for the same 
twoo hundrethe markes, which monay I will shalbe bestowyd 
in finding of scolers marying of maydyns, and in especiall my 
poore kinneswymen, and in other deades of charitie. And if 
my said sonne Wyllyam die without issue of hys body, and 
my said ij doughters dye before they be maryed and before 
the plate be to them delivered, I will that thenne my brother, 
Syr Wyllyam Parr, knight, shal have asmoche plate of myn 
as shall amount to the some of one hundryth poundes to pray 
for my husbandes his brother soule and myne, and for his 
labour as being myn executour. And the residue of my goodes, 
yf my sonne and doughters dye, be given for the welthe of my 
husbandes soule and myn and my husbandes poore kynne and 
myne to have parte tlierof, as to Alice Cruse and Elisabeth 
Odell especyally, every of them to have at the lest oon 
hundrythe li., to other my poore kynne as shalbe thought best 
by thadvise of myn executours, and then the house of Deny 
to have one hundryth markes therof. And then the Eeligious 
of the Fryers Observauntes in England oon hundrethe poundes, 
and to other poore houses of Religion as shalbe thought best. 
And if that chaunce happin that all my said children dye, 
then my cousyn, Sir William Fitzwilliam, knight, to have oon 
hundrith poundes, and Edward Mountague to have oon 


hundreth poundes. Item, I will that all my peerle stones, 
tablettes and broches, bracelettes, beades and ringes egally 
shalbe ordered by myn executours in such fourme as shall 
appere by a cedule herunto annexed. Item, I will that myn 
executours shall finde my doughter Anne meate, drinke, 
clothes and all other thinges to her necessary tyll suche tyme 
as she be maryed, except she be heire to my sonne. To my 
cossin Alice Cruse, forty poundes. To my cossin Elisabeth 
Odell, fourty poundes. I will that my doughter, Katherine 
Borowe, have after my debtis paid my bedde of purple 
satteyne panyd with clothe of golde, and in like maner to my 
doughter Anne my bedde of grene tynsill and white satteyne 
embrotherid with blue velvit, and to every of my doughters 
competent stuff for yche of them for a bedde, and to yche of 
them a payer of fine camericke sheetes. To my doughter 
Katherine Borow my beades of lignum alweys dressed with 
goulde, which the said Quene grace gaue me. I will that 
Edward Mountague have yerely six poundes thirtene shillinges 
foure pence ; that Mawde Appowell have yerely three poundes 
vj s. viij d.; that my cossin, Thomas Pykering, steward of my 
house, yerely have fyve markes during his lyfe; that Leye 
Braye, my servaunt, have yerely fourty shillinges, and Henry 
Anynson iiij markes ; Clemens Pay widdow, xx s. To the said 
Thomas Pykering, twenty poundes in money. The residue I 
gyve to my sonne Wyllyam. I will that myn apparrell be 
made in vestmentes and other ornamentes of the churche, and 
to be gevyn to Malteby, Kegworth and Nonyngton. And I 
ordeyne executours my good Lorde, Cutberd Tunstall, Bisshop 
of London, my welbeloved sonne, Wyllyam Parr, and my good 
brother, Sir Wyllyam Parr, knight, Edward Mountague, 
James Laybourn and Thomas Pykering. To my said lord of 
London I bequethe one ring with a table rubye, and to Syr 
Wyllyam Parr my ringe with an emereld, and also a chayne 
of goulde to the value of xx li., or elles twenty poundes 
some other way ; to James Laybourne vj li. xiij s. iiij d., 
and to Edward Mountague a salver of siluer. I will to 
my doughter Katherine these parcelles, |j perles of ij s. 
a peace, xv and vj pereles of iiij d. a peace, a crosse of 
diamontes with one perle hanging therat, an eine of diamontes 
with thre perles therat, xviij diamontes sett with Fryers 
knottes, a floure with bales and a perle therat, a ring with a 
great paintid dyamont sett with blacke amell, a ring withe a 
table diamont sett with blacke amell meate for my litle finger, 
a payer of braselettes chayne fashion with ij iacentes in them, 
a payer of beades of corall with white crosses, a tablet with 
pictours of the kinge and the queane, a payer of greate beadea 


of mother of perle, a small flatte cheyn the oon link enameled 
in black and the other without, another small flatt cheyne 
without enamell, a pair of beades of lignum, a litle ring with a 
poyntid diamont sett with blacke enamell, a tablett wyth 
reliquis. Memorandum that my doughter Katheryne hath cer- 
teyne parcelles of this hir bequest in her hande as apperythe 
by a byll endentid be hir and me. To my doughter Anne * 
and x perles of ij &. a peace, ^nj peerles at iiij d. the peace, a 
Katherine wheale of dyamontes with iiij perles sett in yt, a 
mullett of dyamontes set in maregolde and one perle at yt, 
a floure w 6 a nemorode and a ruby and one perle hangyng 
tberat, twoo ringes with ij table dyamontes, oon sett in white 
enamell and the other in golde, a dyamont sett in stare with 
one perle at yt, a shorte flatte chayne with blacke enamell, 
another small chayne with black enamell, a tablyt with a 
picture graven of Saint Gregory, a payer of beades of golde, 
a payer of beades of mother of perle with a pipe of golde 
rynyng therewith them, a payer of beades of iacentes with 
white scriptures and beades of golde betwixt them. To my 
lady Bouser a rose of diamontes and rubyes, a ring with a 
poynted diamont sett all in golde, a ring with a long tabill 
diamount sett in black enamell, a paier of beades of white 
corall gauded with golde, a tablet with a peace of tholy crosse 
in yt. To my sonne my braselet chayne with one great iacent 
in yt desiring hym to were yt for my sake. Item, all my 
borders of Pares workys I have disposed them to my doughter 
Katherine. If there remayne any borders in my handes I will 
them to my doughter Anne, and for all other juelles I will 
that they goe to the performance of my wyll. 

[Proved 14 December, 1531.] 


[Ayloffe, 9.] 

13 April, 1518. Christofer Lacy, citezen and grocer, of 
London. My body to be buried in the churchyarde of Saint 
Magnus the Martir next London Brigge, where I am parishe- 
ner, beside the body of William Lacy, late my sonne. To the 
high awter of the said church, iij s. iiij d. I will that all my 
goodes, cattalles and dettes be equally devided into thre 
partes, whereof one parte I bequeth to Elizabeth my wyfe, 
and the second parte to John, Agnes and Margaret, my 
childern, and to the infaunte beinge in the wombe of the said 
Elizabeth my wife yf any be, and yf it happen any of my said 

* One of the family of Lacy of Brearley, near Halifax, a branch of the 
Cromwell Bothom Lacys, who probably had gone to make his fortune in London. 


childern to dye or they shall come to lawfull age or mariage, 
then I will that the parte of hym or her shall remayn to the 
other, and the thirde parte to myn executours for the perfor- 
maunce of my wille and testement. To my brother, Thomas 
Lacy, xl s., and I forgeve him xxj s. which he oweth me. To 
Sir Edwarde Lacy, my brother, my seconde violet gowne 
furred with blak bogye. To my brother, Richard Lacy, my 
blak gowne lyned with saint Thomas worsted and my best 
partelot of blak velwet. To John Vyncent and to my suster 
Agnes, his wife, a gowne of rnsset furred with blak bugge, a 
doblet of blak sarcenet, and in money xiij s. iiij d. To Robert, 
my servaunt, iij li., which iij li. I will be delivered to hym at 
his comynge oute of his termes, and I forgeve him one yere 
of his apprentishode. To John Lacy, his brother, xxs. To 
Hugh Lacy a dagger with a gilte hafte. To Stephyn Fett- 
well, my servaunt, a pece of chainlet, price of xviij s., which 
was delivered to Maister Mononey servaunt, and in money x s. 
To myn Aunt Thomson, xiij s. iiij d. To Elyn, my mayde, 
xiij s. iiij d. To Anne Browne, my worst jaket of tawny 
chamlet and in money vj s. viij d. To Thomas Cheverell, my 
silver pece. To Richard Fletcher, my best jaket of tawny 
chamlet. To Thomas Lameman, xiij s. iiij d., and to his wife, 
vj s. viij d. To John Wilf ord, x s. To Richard Edsawe, my 
jaket of tawny worsted. To Mother Kayle, iij s. iiij d. To 
John Hasteler the younger, a doblett of tawny stamyn and a 
jaket of tawny Saint Thomas worsted. To Agnes Hasteler, 
a rynge of golde which myn Aunt Tomson laide to pleage to 
me. I will that my bowes and myn arrowes be devided 
amonges my companyons at the disposicion of my wyfe. To 
Elizabeth Hall, vj s. viij d. To John Savell, in money xx s., 
and xviij s. whiche he lent to Ambeler of Wakefeld. To John 
Palmer, taillor, a doblet of sarsenet sieved with russet. To 
John Walden, iij s. iiij d. To the parishe churche of Halyfax, 
a cope of the value of xl s. To the awter of our lady there, 
an awter cloth both for above and beneth of Bruges satyn, 
to the valour of xx s. To the chapell of Middysley, a vest- 
ment of the price of xvj s. viij d. To the parishe church of 
Sprydlington, a vestment of the price of xvj s. viij d. To 
Thomas Logh, sumtyme my faders servaunt, yf he be lyving, 
vj s. viij d. Towardes the makyng of roode lofte in the 
parishe church of Saint Magnus, xl s. To the bretherhede of 
our Lady and to the almes in the same church, iij torches, 
that is to sey to either of them twoo. To John Petty te, grocer, 
and to his wife, to either of them a newe blak gowne of v s. 
the yarde. The residue of the iiij h parte to Elizabeth my 
wyfe, executrice, and her coexecutour T make John Hasteler, 


haberdassher, and overseers, John Wattes, grocer, arid 
Richard Panell, merchaunt taillour, and to every of them x s. 
and a new blak gowne of v s. the yarde, and to every of their 
wyves a new blak gowne. 

[Proved at Lamehithe 15 May, 1518, by the executors.] 


[Ayloffe, 18.] 

18 Apriell, 1518. Dame Jane Huddilston, widow, and late 
wif of Syr John Huddilston, knyght. To be buried within the 
monasterie of Heilist afore the image of our Blessid Lady of 
Pitee, and within the chapell of Seint Nicholas, where as my 
tombe is redy made. To the moder church of "Worsett, vj s. 
viij d. To the ordres of Freres in Worcet and Grloucet, every 
house vj s. viij d. My will is that my sonne, John Huddilston, 
have and kepe hym self content with my gift of ij goblettes 
of silver, parcell gilt, a salt of silver, parcel! gilt and pounsed, 
ij boltes of silver and vj spones of silver, which plate was 
gyven unto me with oder by the testament of my late husband 
his fader at his manor of Millom. To my sone Syrnon Hercortt, 
knyght, ij gobletes of silver, a salt of silver pounsed, twoo 
bolles of silver and vj spones of silver, in kepyng of my lord 
Abbot of Heiles and his bretherne. To the aulter within the 
chapell of Seint Nicholas an aulter clothe of pnrpill damaske 
and twoo curtans of sarsinet to the same aulter f renged at the 
endis, an other aulter clothe of purpill damaske and a chales 
with the paten, a corporas case of clothe of gold with perlis in 
yt, a masse booke, a crucifix and twoo lynen aulter clothes, 
with twoo towelles, a pax of silver and ij cruettes of silver, 
all the hangynges within my chamber and my bedde that I 
lye in, with curtans, with twoo pillos of downe. To the same 
church, ij gownes of black velvet and a gown of black saten ; 
to the vestre a cheste. It is my last wille that all my landes 
within Yorkshire excepte Baynton goo to the right heires of 
the Hercourtes after my decease, wherin my husband, Sir John 
Hoddilston, dyde no wrong in his lyf lyke as he testefied, and 
also therof had remorsse at his departyng, and of his saying 
therof 1 recorde me to said lord Antony, now abbot of Heilis, 
and Thomas Sallay, now prior of the monastery. And as 
concernyng Baynton, it is my mynde yt shuld goo to my said 
sonne, John Hoddilston, for terme of his lyf, and after to 

* Daughter and coheir of Sir Miles Stapleton, of Ingham. She appears to 
have married first Sir Christopher Harcourt, and secondly Sir John Huddleston, 
of ilillom, co. Cumberland. 

f ? Hales, a Cistercian abbey in Gloucestershire, 


retorne to my right heires of the Hercourtes for ever. 
Whereas my sonne, John Hoddelston, had a feoffement within 
my lordship of Coterston of the yerely value of xlli., to hym 
and his first wif and to their heires of the gift of my husband 
his fader, that feoffament was made withoute my consent, and 
I never dyd aggre therunto. And this is my will, to have it 
reformed and reserved to my heires of the Hercourtes. I make 
Richard abbott of Wynchcome and Wyllm. Tracye, esquier, 
executors, and Antony e abbott of Heilis, supervisor, and for 
theire paynes I shall gyve unto them in my lyf the thyng they 
shall kepe them content withall. And the residue of all my 
goodes I will it be bestowed in charitable dedes. 

[Proved 10 June, 1519.] 


[Ayloffe, 20.] 

25 Jan., 1518-19. Leonardo Midilton. To be buried afore 
our Lady in the Blacke Preris. To sister Jone xl li. and that 
at my brother gave hir with half the beddes and beddyng 
and all other household stuff excepte plate, Ixxx shepe, vj 
bullockes, vj silver spones with the pece that maister Thwaytes 
hath and a maser. I will that Jane my nece have xx nobles, 
twoo beddes, 1 shepe, vj bullockes. I will that Edwarde my 
cosyn have oon of my copys called Stallis and my suster an 
other, William Rudston an other that he dwelles inne and 
Jane an other, that Edwarde have xl s. in money, that William 
Rudston have iij li. and xx shepe and a cowe that he hathe. 
I will that the Abbey of Shape have xlli. to buyldyng of 
theire stepull, that a prest have x marces to syng for me oon 
yere, that my brother William have x marces, Richard v 
marces, Charles v marces and Elsabeth my suster fyve marces 
and my nece Katryne fiy ve marces ; also that Seint Katrynes 
hall have vli. to fownde a dirige for me for ever. The rest I 
put to the distribucion of William, Doctor Ferrer, M r Raynold 
Baynbrigg, and Roland Bachows, executors. 
[Proved 27 Aug., 1519.] 


[Ayloffe, 23.] 

22 Mar., 1518-19. Brian Walker, parishoner of Kirkby 
Kendall, at this tyme beyng in the parisshe of Newport Panell 
in the Dioces of Lyncolne. To be buried in the churche of 
Petir and Paule of Newporte aforesaid if I fortune to departe 
the world at this tyme. To the moder churche of Lyncolne 
iiij d. To the moder churche of Yorke xij d. For the 


reparations of the churche of Newporte xij d. To Syr Henry 
Key, chauntry prest at Newporte, xijd. To Thomas Sampson, 
parisshe clerke of Newporte, viij d. To Thomas Williamson 
and to Elisabethe his wif, which be my ost and ostes at this 
tyme, for theire labours and esement of theire chambers now 
in my sekenes, xiij s. iiij d. To every childe and servaunt of 
the said Thomas Williamson nowe within his house viij d. To 
John Yarom, osteler and servaunte to the said Thomas, ij s. 
To James Jenkenson my servaunt, which is present with me 
at this tyme, x li. of money. All such dettes as be betwene 
James Long of Leconbussard and me, if I fortune to departe 
at this tyme I do forgyve hym them, and if I fortune to lyfe 
the said James to pay them to me. The residue I gyf to 
Sybell Walker my wif, myn executrix, to fulfill this my last 
will and to dispose as she thynkes best for my soule and all 
Cristen soules as my oder testament which my wif lately had 
playnly shewith and declareth. 

[Proved 18 Nov., 1519.] 


[Ayloffe, 32.] 

8 Dec., 1519. Brian Andrew, chapman, Kendall, dwelling 
in Kendall towne. My body to be buryed within the churche 
of Henston.* To the said churche vj s. viij d., for my grave. 
To every aulter xij d. To John Andrewe, my sune, xxvj li. 
xiij s. iiij d., my wife to have the said money to fynde sufficient 
surtie to pay my sune when he is able to occupy it. I bequeth 
Alis Andrew, my brothers doughter, xx nobles that her father 
bequethed her, also a close called Ellerbanke for the space of 
my termes of xj yeres. To Agnes Docray xj li. of her owne 
goodes, redy money. To Kendall Churche, toward a newe 
vestement, xxs. To Mathew Nicholson my newe chamlet 
jacket. To John Michell, my prentise, xls. and an horse. The 
residue of my goodes to Johan Andrew my wife, and to 
Richard Andrew my brother, and make theym myne execu- 
tours and overseers, Robert Waller and Mathew Nicholson. 
In witnesse, Thomas Draper, preste, Richard Wekes, Thomas 
Heyward, John Allwod, et multis aliis. Item, I bequeth to 
John Allwod a satteyn dublet clothe. 

[Proved 25 August, 1520.] 


[Ayloffe, 82.] 

3 Apr., 1520. Robert Herryson of Kingiston upon Hull, 
merchaunt. If it please God my body to be buryed in the 

* Helsington. 


Trinitie Churche of Hull in the north ile at the feete of 
maister Laught, and to be rongin for with the greate bell, 
havyng dirige and masse with note for my soule with all the 
freers. To the reparacons of the Trinitie Cburche xli. To 
the chapell churche xxs. To the vicar xls. To eytherof the 
freres in Hull xl s., they doing vij yeres after my disceas ones 
a yere dirige and masse with note for my soule, my frendis 
soules, and for all those that I have fared the better for. To 
every massendewe in Hull iij s. iiij d. I charge Katheryn my 
wife, whome I make myn executrix, that I have a preste to 
singe for my soule, my freyndes soules and all those soules 
that I have fared the better for the space of x yeres, and he to 
have yerelye vij markes, and I geve to her full power to 
dispose my goodes after her wisdom. Also I make supervisor 
John Cole, the vicar of Barton upon Humber, and he to have 
x markes. To the reparacon of Saint Botolphe Churche in 
Skirbroke in Lincolnshire there I was borne v li. To Saint 
Katherin Chapell in Saltflete haven xxs. To the crosse of 
the saide chapell xxvj s. viij d. in the same towne. To the 
causey that gothe from Salteflete haven to the churche xl s. 
To every oon of my wives children v li. Also I will have delt 
for my soule by peny mele iiijli. vjs. viij d. To Corpes Christi 
Aulter a table of overse worke, price the same xxx li., and the 
story to be of Corpus Christi. Also I will have a copp bought 
for the Trinitie Churche, price the same xlli. To Richard 
Browne of Skidbroke xxs. and a gowne. To the Staple 
Chapell within our Lady Churche at Caleis x li. to a vestement. 
To John Rowse, to Agnes Rowse, to Isabell Rowse, to 
Margarete Rowse my suster children, every oon of theyme xli. 
To Edward Dalton ij of my beste saltes with oon cover, also 
my beste nutte, my beste gilted pece. To John, Robert, 
Katheryn, Agnes Nedall and Jenet, to every oon of theyme 
xx s. To John, Robert, Thomas and Edward Dalton, sunnes 
to Thomas Dalton, to every of theym x s. To my wife ij tene- 
mentes in Salthouse lane, she doing an obyt for my soule and 
all Christian soules iiij s. by yere for ever more. Also to my 
wife my tenementes in Salteflete haven the tyme of her lyfe, 
and after her descese they to goo to John Rowse and his heires. 
Also to my wyf during her life a crolte called Sedyke 
crofte, and after her disceas it to goo unto our Lady glide in 
Skyrbroke, they dooing an obbet yerely of iij s. iiij d. for ever 
more. To Syr William Jackson xx s. and oon of my gownes. 
To Richard Meyklay my sangyn gowne furred. To John 
Hamound a gowne lyned or furred. To Edward Dalton my 
best cremisen gowne furred. To John Chapman xl s. To 
Richard Sail x s. To Walter Treme xx s. Witnes, Thomas 


Poen, parishe preste of Hull, John Coole, vicar of Barton 
upon Humber, William Jackson, preeste, and John Greffith, 

[Proved 24 Sept., 1520.] 


[Ayloffe, 18.] 

24 Feb., 1518-19. Thomas Babyngton, of Dethyke. To 
be buryed in my parish church of Ashover, near my wif Edith, 
but I will not that the tombe which I have made in the church 
of Ashover be broken or hurt for my carkas, but that it be 
leyde nere the same, and over that place that I shall lye in a 
stone with a scripture after myn executors myndes to be 
leyde. The residue of all my goodes not bequethed I will 
that myne executors dispose amonges poore people to pray for 
me, and in exhibicion and fyndyng of poore scolers in both 
universities of Oxenford and Cambryge after this maner, that 
every scoler of xv scolers, besydes other scolers that I kepte 
before tyme, have yerely xxvj s. viij d., chargyng them to 
praye for the soules of Sir John Babyngton, of Chilwell, 
knyght, Henry Babyngton, doctor in divinitie, my soule, 
Thomas Babyngton, Edith and Margery my wifes, John 
Urmond soule, Syr Robert Gregory, prest, & all Christian 
soules, and Maister Henry Bullock to have the nominacion 
of the same scolers, and to have for his labor xls. I make 
myne executors Antonye Babyngton, my sonne and heire 
apparaunte, Maister Rauff Babyngton, clerke, George Cha- 
worthe, esquier, Roger Grenehall, and my sonne, Syr John 
Babyngton, super visour. 

[Proved 20 June, 1519.] 


[Hogen, 39.] 

18 Feb., 1536-7. Anthony Babyngton, knight. Whereas 
I covenanted to leve my sonne Thomas suche landes as I gave 
in joynter to hym and Katheryn his wife, the doughter of Syr 
Henry Sacheverell, knight, landes to the valew of c li., wherof 
Dethoke and Lutchurche to be parcell, saving xlli. for joynter 

* The Babington family seem to have sprung from Northumberland, and to 
have settled in Nottinghamshire, and afterwards in Derbyshire through the 
marriage with the heiress of Dethick. Thomas Babington was Sheriff of Derby- 
shire and Notts. 1498. He married Editha, daughter of Balph Fitzherbert, of 
Norbury, and died 13 March, 1518, being buried at Ashover. From his fifth son 
Humphrey descended the Babingtons of Bothley Temple, Lord Macaulay's 
female ancestors. 

f Son of Thomas Babington, whose will has been already given. 


of Dame Katherin my wyf e, and x li. for every yonger sonne 
for the terme of their lyffes, I will my saide wife have my 
manor of Kynston & al my landes in Kynston and Thropley, 
in the countie of Nott., for her life. I will my sonne George 
have for his lyffe x li. out of the manors of Lutchurche and 
Ashover, and v li. for terme of lyffe of John Babyngton his 
brother, and all my landes in Sutton Bonyngton in the countie 
of Nott. and Keg worth in the countie of Lecestre. And to 
my sonne Barnard I bequethe xli. owt of Lutchurche or 
Ashover for life, and x li. for the terme of the lyfe of John 
his brother, and all my landes in Puxley in the countie of 
Derbye. And to John my sonne I give all my landes that I 
purchased of Richard Stanhop, his fader in lawe, in Teyswell 
and Rampton. To my sonne Thomas all my landes not before 
bequethed and the reversion of landes appoynted to my wife, 
& my yonger sonnes George & Barnard a basyn and ewer of 
silver, a cupp, a goblett, ij saltes with a cover gilte as my 
father left unto me. And wheare I hadd but iij beddes left 
me I will he have vj fether beddes, vj mattresses, and to every 
fetherbedd ij blankettes and a coverlett and covering, and to 
the other beddes ij coverlettes, and all the formes, bordes, 
trestles, cofers, presses at Dethek, and the carpet of turkey 
warke, with other buttry & ketchin stuffe, and xij oxen, xij 
kye, one hundreth of wedder sbeepe and as many of ewe 
sheepe, and my bull at Ribar and Ashover, saving to me & 
myn executors the oore leade and black warke at the same, 
and I give my saide sonne all my woodes, and the ring that 
was my mothers wedding ring, and the ring that was my 
fathers signet, whiche my father bad me leve to my heire for 
so moche it was old Thomas Babyngton his ring, that maried 
the heire of Dethek, and so desier my sonne to leve the ring 
to suche as pleas God to be his heire. The reside w of my 
goodes, except my oore leade, too boles of browne egge, and 
barrell egge, I geve to my entierly belovyd wife, dame 
Katheryn. And as for oore leade, too boles and my dettes, 
I will shalbe employed in workes of marcy, and specially in 
amending high wayes & bridges, and that the bridge called 
Ages bridge in Kynston be made of stone, and a cawsey or 
bridge to be made in the medow of Kynston towardes Keg- 
worth bridge ende in suche maner that traveling men may 
passe at a floodd there withowt damages. Wyfe and sonne 
John executours and my sonne Perpoint and sonne Markam 

[Proved 2 Sept., 1536.] 



[Dyngeley, 14.] 

24 Sept., 1537. Dame Kateryn Babyngton, widowe, late 
wife of Sir Anthony Babyngton, knyght, deceased. I will my 
body be buried in the newe chapell of the churche of 
Kyngeston in the countie of Notingham as nygh unto my 
husbonde as may be. And that I be brought unto my grave 
and buried as shortly an in as convenient tyme as may be 
after my deceas, and that my executor dispoase unto poure 
people for me at my buriall as he shall thinke convenient. 
Also I will that my executor do fynyshe the chapell which I 
have begonne, and that he cause to be made our tombe of 
aleblaster stone over my husbonde and me in the arche 
betwene the chauncell and the said chapell, and do fynde one 
preest to singe for my soule and my husbonde in the church 
of Kyngeston by the space of one yere next after my decesse. 
I geve unto my daughter Merkham my rynge with the saffure 
in it and my rynge of the f'yve woundes, and half a doseyn 
silver spones with the maidon hede on them, and one of the 
henginges in the parlour; and unto her doughter Anne 
Markham my small cheyn with a tabelett of golde, perle and 
stone to henge at it; and unto my doughter Elizabeth 
Perpoynt one of the hanginges in the parlour; unto my sonne 
John two velvet gownes of my husbondes, the on ffurryd and 
the other lyned, and twoo jakettes velvet, one with sieves and 
the other without sieves, and my best goblett of silver with 
the cover to it, and twoo silver saltes doble gilt and one cover 
to them, and one gilted spone and my husbondes cheyne of 
golde and the henging at the benche in the hall; and unto my 
doughter Seuche his wife my blak velvet gowne and my crosse 
of golde that heiiges at my cheyu, and unto her doughter 
Mary my flowere with the baleys in it ; unto my sonne George 
my secunde best goblett of silver, one gilted spone and half a 
doseyn silver sponys with the lyons on them, and viij oxen 
and vj kye, and one of the hanginges in the parloure, and 
twoo hundreth shepe to goo at his ferme at Bygging for him; 
and unto my doughter Elyn his wife the edge on my paast of 
goldsmythes werke and perle and my peare of beades of moder 
of perle, and the rynge that she was maryed with and the 
rynge of beedes in recompence of a ringe I toke from hur ; 
unto my sonne Barnarde my thirde best goblett of silver, one 
gilted spone, one of the henginges in the parlour and my lease 
for twoo bollys in Belper warde, and yf he be contented with 

* Daughter of Sir John Ferrers. Second wife of Sir Anthony Babington. 


that that I have doon at Hartes Haye then I will my executour 
paye hym twenty poundes in money at his full age, and yf he 
be not so contented then I will he have noo parte of that 
twenty poundes. Also I will that my executour doo make a 
juste accompte unto my sonne George and unto my sonne 
Barnarde of suche money as belongith to them over their 
fynding and to content them the same according to my boke 
of accompt of my brother Say ton hand writing. I geve unto 
my sonne Markham my husbondes silver cup doble gilte with 
the cover to the same, and to my nece Mary Wellys myn owne 
silver cupp doble gilte with a cover to the same, and to my 
nephew Sir G-eorge Griffith, knyght, another silver cupp doble 
gilte with a cover to the same, and other thre silver cuppes 
I wille shalbe bestowed in making a chaleis to serve the aulter 
in the said newe chapell at Kyngston. To Thomas Babyngton, 
parson of Gotham, one fether bedde, twoo mattresses with 
shetes, and all other thinges mete for suche beddes, and oon 
great broche, twoo pottes and oon kettell of xvj galons. To 
my servaunt Humfrey Dukmanton half a hundreth of share 
wcdder hogges and to Thomas Coke twenty ewe hogges. 
I will that my executour doo paye unto Philip Pereson twenty 
markes which was bequested to him by his father and delivered 
into my handes to kepe to his use, and do make a juste 
accompte to my nephewe, John Griffith, of suche money as my 
husbonde and I have receyved to his use by the bequest of 
his father. I geve unto the said John half a hundreth of 
share wedder hogges or ewe hogges at his pleasure, towardes 
setting up of a stock for him. I will that my executour do 
make a juste accompte to my nece Margaret Griffith of such 
money as my husbonde and I have receyved to hir use by the 
bequest of hir father, and to satisfie hir. I geve the said 
Margaret my cheyne of golde, and to Margery Oker my 
gentilwoman thre kye, and to Agnes Hassarde twoo kye and 
to Elyne Sayntandrewe one kowe, to my suster Sayton my blak 
gowne of clothe furryd with conye, and to Sir John Creswal 
xs. for a trentall, and to Sir William Babyngton other x s. for 
a trentall, and to every oon of my servaunt yomen a angell a 
pece, and to every one of my hynde servauntes and serving 
women oon twynter calf. I make my sonne John my fool 
executour, and my nephewe Sir George Griffith and my cosyn 
Humfrey Welles my overseers. I will every one of my 
overseers have tenne markes and my brother Sayton fyve 
markes. The residue of my housholde goodes not bequethed, 
wolle, corne and plate excepted, be egally devided in foure 
partes, and that my sonne John have the first choice, my sonne 
George the secunde choice, my sonne Barnarde the thirde 


choice, and my nece Margaret Griffith the fourth parte. And 
where as my husbonde Sir Anthony Babington by his will 
declared that all his oore leade and blakwerke and twoo boolys 
and all his dettes shulde be bestowed in workes of mercy and 
in amending of high wayes, and specially that a cawsey shulde 
be made from Kyngeston unto Kegworth brigge, which 
cawsey I have begonne to make and as yett is not fynyshed. 
I will that my executour have all my wolle, leade oore and 
blak werke unsolde, and all the residue of my goodes not 
bequethed, shall bestowe them in making of the said cawsey 
and other werkes of mercy according unto his father's will. 
Witnesses, George Babyngton, esquier, Barnarde Babington, 
esquier, Humfrey Wellys, esquier, Humfrey Dukmanton, 
gentilman, Robert Whitworth, Sir John Creswall, chapleyn, 
and other. 

[Proved 20 Feb., 1537-8.] 


[Ayloffe, 26.] 

3 Aug., 1519. Dame Joyce Percy, late the wif to John 
Holme, deceased. My body to be buried in the parishe 
churche where it shall please Almyghty God to calle me unto 
his mercy before the image of our Ladye. My best beaste for 
my corpspresant. I will that xxx masses be said for my soule. 
To the hye aulter of Aubrough x s. for my forgoten tythes. 
Also I will at my burial 1 day be dalte unto every comer 
willyng to receive almes j d., and to all prestis and clerkes at 
the discrecion of myne executours. To Seint Peter Guylde of 
Auldbroughe vj s. viij d. To oure Lady Guylde of Auld- 
broughe vj s. viij d. Also I will that a secular prest be hyred 
to syng for my husband is soule and myne and all oder of my 
fryndes the spacie of x yeris, and that he shall saye thre 
tymes in the weke duryng the aforsaid yeris dirige and 
comendaoion for our soules and all Christian soules. And every 
day when he is disposed to saye masse to praye for us, for the 
whiche he shall yerely receive and take of myne executours 
vij marc and v tapers of wax to be brennyng afore our Lady 
in the church every Sondaye and doble feastes duryng the 
terme of x yeris. To the makyng of the Roode loofte of 
Auldbrough Church x marces. Unto the aforesaid chapell of 
our lady of Auldbroughe iiij kyen to be at the disposicion of 
our ladies gild brethern, so that thei kepe a stokke to that 
entent to uphold and support the chapell of oure ladye, and 

* There does not seem anything known of this lady. Probably she was the 
second wife of Sir Robert Percy of Scotton, comptroller to Richard III, slain at 
Bosworth (see Hunter's Min. Gent., Harleian Society, 873). 


every yere to doo a dirige and a masse for my soule, and to 
give xd. to x poore soulles. To the Lady Chapell of Auld- 
broughe a vestiment of blacke velvet cremysyne and clothe of 
gold. To our Lady of the aforesaid chapell an Agnus of gold 
with viij perlis. Also I woll that the iiij mother churches of 
Yorke yche oon xij d. To the freris minors of Westwodd in 
Beverley a cope of tany damaske broudered with lylly floures 
to the entent that they shall every Fryday when thei kepe 
chapitire and pray for theire benefactours to rehersse thes 
names f ollowyng and to be wryten in theire generall recomen- 
dacon perpetually : Dame Joyse Percy, Norman Wasburne, and 
Blsabeth father and mother, Richarde Serkeld, Syr Robert 
Percy, John Holme, Blynour Wyndame vel Grope, and Dame 
Anne the Countes of Shreusbury. Also I gyve my doughter 
Mary More xx marc sterling, also to my sonne More and 
Mary my doughter I gyve a standyng cuppe with a cover 
gylt, ij sylver bolles, a salt of silver gilt with a cover, vj silver 
spones with achis in the endes, thre gilted spones, my best 
fetherbed, a paire of fustianes, the best counter paynte of 
verdur, oon counter poynt of saye stayned, a borde clothe of 
diaper warke, ij yerdes brode and vj yerdes long, a long towell 
of diapur warke, iij fyne napkynges of diaper and an oder 
napkyn fyne, a paire of shetis of thre bredis, ij paire of ij 
bredis and an half carpett, a crosse of gold with three 
diamantes and a perle hangyng at ytt. And if it fortune 
other of theym to departe, all this stuff to remayne to my 
godson Thomas More, and if he departe to my godson Robert. 
To my godson Thomas More xx marc. To my sonne Robert 
xx markes, and to Frances x markes, and to John x markes. 
Also I gyve if Gode sende hir a doughter, yt to have my name 
and to have xx markes. I bequethe Edward Holme if God 
fortune hym to be a prest to syng the foresaid x yere and 
have that as is aforesaid vij marc, yf not whome the execu- 
tours will. Also I gyve hym a fetherbed with the bolster, a 
paire of blankettes, a counter poynte, six silver spones, a 
silver pece, vj paire of shetes, a borde clothe of twylle warke 
ij yerdis brode, and other ij borde clothes, a garnysshe of 
peauter vessell, iij can dell sty ekes, a basyn and a laver, 
ij pottes and a posnet, vj napkyns, thre towells, a sparver to a 
bed of whit clothe, a blewe mantell, a horsse, vj kyne, twoo 
cofers vigilate et orate et legenda aurea, also a masse booke, 
which masse booke after his dethe I wyll that it remayne to 
the chapell of oure Ladye in Auldbroughe. To my servauntes 
beyng goode and true a yeres wagis besydes theire covenantes. 
To hym that is my prest at my departyng an horsse and a 
yere is wagis. To Elsabeth Dobson if she be with me at my 


departing a fetherbed with a bolster, a paire of blankettes, a 
paire of shetes, ij bredis and an half, ij paire of lenen shetis 
ij yerdis brode, a paire of harden shetes, a sperver of whyte 
with a coverlete. Also it is my will that my sonne More shall 
have my f erme of Lenwyke, according to the indenture betwix 
my Lord Hastinges and me, with the stocke theruppon. I 
make my executours my doughter Mary More, Edward Holme, 
my godsonne John Thorpp, and Robert Garthome and eyther 
of them twoo x s., and my sonne John More overseer. The 
residue of my goodes I will myn executours dispose yt as they 
thynke best. Wytnesses, Nicholas Helliotson and Raulf 

[Proved 8 May, 1520.] 


[Manwayryng, 22.] 

In the name of the Trinitie, the fader, the sonne and the 
holy goost. I Richard Cholmeley, knyght, the xxvj th day of 
December in the yere of our Lord God, 1521, make this my 
will. First, I commende my soule to Almighty God, our lady 
Saint Mary, and to all the holie company of hevyn, and I will 
that my body be buried within the chapell of our blissed lady 
of Barking, besides the Towre of London, on thoder side 
agaynst where Sir John Rysley, knyght, lyeth buried in the 
same chapell, yf the maister and wardeyns of the said chapel 
will therunto agre with me or with myn executours. And yf 
the said maister and wardeyns woll not agree that I shall there 
lye and be buried, then I will nay body be buried in the 
church of the Crossed Freres besides the Towre of London 
before the image of our Lady in the same church yf the priour 
of the said churche will so be contented, or elles in some other 
convenient place within the said church, as I or my said 
executours with the assent of the said priour of the said church 
shal appoynt. And I will all my dettes be paide. And I geve 
to my brother Roger Cholmeley of my plate to the value of 
one hundred poundes, to be delivered to him by myn execu- 
tours. Item, I geve to my said brother my best cheyne, which 
is aboute the value of viij li., to pray for me. Item, I geve to 
Dowlce Striklond, my wiles doughter, eight score poundes be 
me before graunted toward her mariage, besides the xl li. that 
the Maister of the Rolles must paye to her for the same 
entent. Item, I geve to my cosyn, Richard Cholmeley, ten 

* Son of John Cholmley, of Golston. He was of Thornton on the Hill and 
Lieutenant of the Tower of London. He had an illegitimate son, Sir Eoger 
Cholmley, Chief Justice. He is said to have married Elizabeth Nevile, of 
Thornton Bridge. His brother, Sir Roger, was ancestor of the Whitby line. 


markes to bringe hym home into his cuntrey. Item, I will 
that every of my servauntes, aswel men as women, being in 
housholde with me shall have their wages paide, and over 
that every of theym shal have one half yeres wages more. 
Item, I geve to William Cholmeley twenty poundes. Item, I 
will that myn executours and all my said servauntes shalhave 
blak gownes, and my burielles to be doon after the discrecion 
of myn executours. Item, I will that Thomas Sewell, my 
servaunt, shalhave every yere xl s. during his lyfe aslonge as 
he wille abide in service with my said wife, and she to paye 
him the same. Item, the residue of all my goodes I geve the 
same to Elizabeth my wife to pray for my soule, praying her 
to remember my soule as she shall thinke best. Item, my lady 
of Salisbury oweth to me a hundred markes, for the which she 
and my lord Mountacu ben bounden by obligacion. Item, my 
lord Mountacu, for his charges costes and fees, oweth to me 
Ixxij li. iiij s. iiij d., for the which he is also bounden to me. 
Item, my Lord of Burgavenny oweth to me Ixxij li. for like 
thinges. Item, Sir John Savage the younger oweth to me 
vij li. Item, Sir William Skevington, knyght, oweth to me 
twenty poundes for satisfaction of part therof I have 
receyved two barelles of horse shoes and thirty shepe skynnes. 
Item, I have in woll att Caleis to the value of a hundred 
poundes in a stock. Item, I owe to one Mattok twenty 
poundes, to one Bele seven poundes. Item, of this my last 
will I make my wyfe to be my principal! executrice, and Sir 
Henry Wyat, Sir John Daunce and Sir Richard Broke, 
knyghtes, and my said brother Roger to be executors with 
hir, and Maister Lovell to be surveyor of my testament, and 
he to have xx li. for his labour, and every of my said execu- 
tours to have x li. for their labours, and my wife to have the 
custodye of all my goodes. 

Item, as to disposicion of my manours, landes, tenementes 
and reversions, first wher before this tyme I declared and 
willed the manor of Thornton upon the hille, Wykton, Hesell, 
in the countie of York, Blyncolgoe in the countie of Cumber- 
land, and Forsett in the countie of York, and all my londes in 
Thornton upon the hill, Wykton, Blyncolgoe, Hesell, Beverley, 
and Forsett to Elizabeth my wife for terme of hir lyfe, and 
after hir deth to remayn to my said brother Roger and to the 
heires males of his body, and for defaulte of suche issue the 
remaynder to Richard Cholmeley, of Cholmeley, in the countie 
of Chester, which ben aboute the yerely value foure score 
poundes xj s. And I willed yf my wife wolde have any of my 
londes in Stowgwye in the countie of Cambrige, or in Kent, to 
leve asmoch of the other befor remembred to hir appointed 


of the same value to be at hir pleasur. And all the residue 
of all my manours which I had in Inglond, Caleis or Barwik 
I willed to my said broder Roger and to the heires males of 
his body, the remaynder therof to Richard Cholmeley and to 
the heires males of his body, the remaynder to my right heires, 
except londes of the yerely value of xx li., which I willed that 
Roger Cholmeley of Lincolns Inne, my sonne, shuld have to 
him and to his heires males, and for defaulte of issue to 
remayn to my said brother Roger, and also except londes to 
the yerely value of xij li., which I willed shulde be for to have 
a prest to synge for me, and to have an obite or anniversary 
kept. And forasmoch as sithe the same declaracion of my 
mynde and wille I have caused my feoffees to make estates 
by dedes to me and to my said wife of certeyn manours, and 
where I did covenant in consideracon of mariage betwene me 
and my said wife that my said wife shuld have the said manor 
of Thornton upon the hille for the terme of hir lyfe, therfor 
nowe I woll that my said wife shalhave as well all the same 
manours named in the said dedes and also the manor of 
Thornton, and after death of hir to the use of me and myn 
heires, and after hir death I will that my said brother Roger 
shalhave all the same manours, and for defaulte of issue to 
Richard Cholmeley, and for defaulte of issue to my right 
heires. Item, I will that estates be made to a citizen of 
London of my londes in the citie of London to thintent that 
he, by the advise of myn executours, geve the same to the 
maister and wardeyne of the chapell of our Lady of Barkyng 
besides the Towre of London, to thentent that they shall 
fynde a prest to synge and say masse in the said chapell to 
pray for my soule, my wifes soule, my frendes soules and all 
Christen soules, and to have an obite or anniversary there 
yerely yf the said maister and wardeyns agre with me or myn 
executours that I shall be buried in the said chapell on 
thoderside contrary where Sir John Rysley, knyght, lyeth 
buried in the said chapell. And yf the said maister and 
wardeyns will not agre, then I will be buried within the 
churche of the Crossed freres beside the Towre of London 
before the ymage of our lady, yf the priour of the same place 
will be so contented, orelles in some other convenient place 
within the same church, and that then the said priour and his 
covent shalhave the forsaid londes in London to theym and 
their successours by the devise of a citizen of London forever. 
In witnesse wherof I have sett my seale in the presence of 
Sir Richard Broke, knyght, and one of the justices of the 
Comen place, and Robert Laward, of the parishe of Alhalowen, 
Barking, with other moo. 

[Proved 24 March, 1521.] 




[Bodfelde, 16.] 

1 Dec., 1522. Richard Andrewe of Kirkby in Kendall, 
Chapman. My body to be buried within the parishe 
church of the holy Trinitie in Kendall. To two prestes 
viij li. to mynister for my soule and all Christian soules 
in my said parishe church of Kendall the one half, 
and within the chapell of Alhalowes in Kirkby in Kendall 
the other half, the said ij prestes and places therfor 
appoynted as after folowes. To the payment of the coopes 
last bought iij s. iiij d. To Sir Robert Bellengham, knyght, 
my blak horse that is att Casterton and my bastard swerde. 
I will that Sir Robert Wilson, preest, shalhave for to synge 
for me one yere in Saint Georges lofte iiij li. of the said viij li. 
I will that Sir Robert Makreth shalhave that other iiij li. for 
to synge for me one yere in the said chapell of Alhalowes. 
To Henry Blande my best jaket. To Robert Dokwray my 
doblet that is foresleved with velwet. I will that my cosyn 
Thomas Warcop wife shalhave in rule and kepinge Alice my 
brother doughter. To John Andrewe my brother sonne my 
best horsse except that goeth to the church. To Thomas 
Warcop the next hors. Also to have in mynde that I leve in 
the handes of my said cosyn Thomas Warcop wife and there 
as I have assigned hir to take it up where it is owinge to me 
in maner and f ourme f olowinge to the full sume of xx li. that 
I receyved for John Andrewe and Alice my brother children 
of their barn partes of goodes which I will that she paye theym 
or make them to be paide whan they shall come to lawfull age 
in maner f olowinge, that is to witt : To the said John xx 
marces and to the said Alice xx* 1 nobles. Also I will that if 
one of them depart or they come to lawfull age that that 
lyveth to have all the hoole sume, and also yf that both 
departe and goo to Grod than I will that the said sume of xx li. 
shall remayn to the said wife of Thomas Warcop and she to dis- 
pose it for my soule, their soules and all Christian soules. Also 
I will that the said Thomas Warcop wyfe shall receyve suche 
dettes of myn that is owyng to me for to fill out the sume of 
xx li. for my said brothers children, that is to witt, of John 
Batman, Chapman, xls., of Hobson and John Michell iiij 
marces and also of Bryan Abbey xxxvs. Also I will that 
Mabell my wife shalhave the choyse whether she will have and 
stande to and be myn executrix and have half both of all her 
goodes and myn equally or she will stande to and have x li. 
and all hir billes that I had of hers at Southampton that lyeth 

* Probably a brother of Brian Andrew, of Kendal, No. LXXIH. 


with Thomas Holeway. I make myn executours Sir John 
Garnet, that dwelleth in the South, preest, and the said Alice 
my brothers doughter, and I geve to the said Sir John that he 
may pray for my soule v marcee. Also I hertely beseche my 
goode maister Sir Roger Bellengham, knyght, or elles who he 
leves behynde him in his rome for the love of Almighty God 
as he hath ben speciall goo 1 maister to my fader, to me and to 
all my brethern that he w !! take the labour upon him to be 
super visour of this my will, and to have for his labour fyve 
marces. I will Thomas Warcop and Thomas Striklande be 
super visours with him, and either to have xx s. To the church 
werkes xl s. All my goodes unbequethed I geve to John 
Andrewe and Alice, my brother children, and yf they both 
depart then the residue I geve to Thomas Strikland and 
Thomas Warcop wife. Hereof witnesse Christofer Sadeler, 
Robert Jopson, Piers Bateman, Thomas Dokwray and James 
Bradley, with other moo. 

[Proved 28 Jan., 1523-4.] 


[Bodfelde, 7.] 

The xxij day of Aprill, 1523. I, Richard Rokeby, knyght, 
make my last will. First I bequeth my soule to Almighty 
God, to the glorious Virgyn Mary, and to all the company of 
hevyn, my body to be buried in the church or chapel 1 of 
Saint John Baptist within the Savoy in suche place as shalbe 
devised by myn executours. Item, I bequeth towarde the 
belding of the churche or chapelt of our lady in Beverley two 
hundred poundes, wherof I have delivered a certeyn sume of 
money to the use of the said church in partie of payment of 
the said two hundred poundes, as in the church bookes there 
more playnly doth appere. Item, I will that myn executours 
shal cause to be made a tombe in the hospitall of Savoy 
aforsaid where my body shalbe buried after their discrecion by 
the advise of my supervisours. Item, I will that myn 
executours shall fynde a prest in the same hosp'tall of Savoy 
by the space of twenty yeres after my decesse, and the said 
prest to have yerely for his stipende tenne marces owt of my 
landes in Cotingham in Yorkshire. Item, I will that there be 
kept for my soule in the said hospitall of Savoy the space of 
twenty yeres after my decesse an yerely obite the day of my 
buriall, and the maister, brethren and susters there for the 

* Son of John Kokeby, of Sandal (Will Test. Ebor., v, 141), and brother of 
the Archbishop of Dublin. He was comptroller to Cardinal Wolsey. He was 
buried in the Savoy Chapel, as also was his wife. Stow says he died 27 April, 
1523, and Dame Jane the 15th. 


tyme beyng to have yerely during the same tyme for keping of 
the said obite xiij s. iiij d.,to be distributed amonges them by the 
discrecion of the maister there then and for the tyme being. 
Item, 1 will that all my landes in Cotingham after the decesse 
of Dame Jane Rokeby my wife shall remayne unto Richard 
Creke sonne of Robert Creke and to the heires of the bodie of 
the said Richard lawfully begoten, and for lak of heires of the 
said Richard to remayn to the said Robert Creke fader of the 
same Richard and to the heires of the said Robert Creke forever, 
provided alwey that out of the same landes in Cotingham be 
paide yerely aswell the said salary of tenne marces unto the 
preest that shall synge for me in the said hospitall of Savoye 
during the f orsaid terme of twenty yeres, as also the xiij s. iiij d. 
for keping of the said obite yerely. Item, I make Dame Jane 
Rokeby my wife and Robert Creke, gent., myn executours. I 
make maister Bryan Hygdon, deane to the metropolitan church 
of York, and maister William Holgill, chaunter of the same 
churche of Yorke, supervisours. In the presence of maister 
John Ricarde, Doctour of Divinite and Deane of the cathedrall 
church of Dublin, maister Thomas Wadebosse, bacheler of 
Divinitie, Sir Richard Gerward, preest, Thomas Neve, notary, 
and John Wright, baker. 

[Proved 8 May, 15'23.] 


[Bodfelde, 25.] 

Forasmoche as the lyfe of man is in this wreched worlde 
short, uncerteyn, unstable and transitory, it is necessary and 
requisite for every good true cristenman to provide, foresee 
and to ordeyn for the lyfe everlasting in hevyn, I therfor, 
Edward Stanley, knyght, Lord Mountegle, of the order of the 
garter, being hole and good deliberate and parfite mynde 
and memory, and of clere understanding, lawde thankes and 
praise being to Almighty God, my maker and Redemer, 
remembring the good and swete intellect of these centences, 
' Memento homo quod cinis es et in cinerem reverteris/ and of 
this, ' Domini tue quia morieris' (sic), willing while reason rulyth 
my mynde and quietnes in the membres of my body of my 
temporall goodes sum what for the helthe of my soule to dis- 

* Born about 1460, being the fifth son of Thomas Stanley, first Earl of Derby, 
by Eleanor, daughter of Richard Nevile, Earl of Salisbury. He was at Flodden, 
K.G. Summoned 23 Nov., 1514, as Lord Monteagle. He married first, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Vaughan ; secondly, Ann, daughter of Sir John 
Harrington, knight, of Hornby Caitle, who was slain at Wakefield. Whitaker 
mentions a report that he poisoned the male heir of the Harringtons. He died 
6 April, 1623, and was succeeded by his son Thomas, second Lord Monteagle 
(see Dictionary of National Biography), 


poase, ordeyn, make, dispoase and enstablisshe this my present 
testament and last wille the v th day of Aprill in the yere of 
our lord God a thousande fyve hundred and xiij 41 (1523), 
and in the xiiij th yere of the reigne of Kyng Henry the viij th , 
in maner and fourme as hereafter is expressed and written. 
First and principally, I geve and bequeth my soule to 
Almighty God, the glorious and holy Trinitie, to our Lady 
Saint Mary, moder of mercy, Saint Margaret, & to all the 
saintes in hevyn, my body to be buried in the newe chauncell, 
to be made at my costes and charges, in and with all conve- 
nient hast, at the east ende of the chapell of Saint Margaret 
at Horneby. And I woll that myn executours undernamed 
bestowe and expende in and aboute the walles, byldinges, 
irenwerk, glasse and coveryng of the same newe chauncel 
the sume of an hundred marces, and more yf it shall be seen 
requisite to my executours. The same chapell to be dedycate 
in the honour of God and of the blessed virgyn Saint 
Margaret, and in case I departe this present lyfe before the 
holowing of the same chapell and chapell yarde, than my 
body to be for the tyme humate within the priorye churche of 
Horneby, and ferthermore will that on the next day after the 
dedycacion of the same chapell my body to be exhumate and 
transferred, with the consent and assent of the pry our there 
whiche hath granted me the same, the case happenyng in his 
daies, and of other having interest, and soe to be brought and 
buryed within the newe chapell forsaid. Also I will that my 
executours ordeyn and cause a convenient marbell stone to be 
laide upon me, with an ymage of cooper and gilt graven in 
the same, and with vj scochens of myn armys with scripture 
therunto necessary, orelles to lay my body in a standing tombe 
there with an image in groos cooper and gilt theruppon as 
shalbe most agreable and semyng to the chauncell, and myn 
helmet and armes to be sett upp, orelles this otherwise to be 
devised and ordered by my said executors and at their dis- 
crecion, and in asmoche as they may advoide the pompe of 
this wreched worlde, and for this same to bestowe the sume of 
an hundred marces more or lesse as shalbe seen to my said 
executours convennent. Also I will that my executours cause 
my funeralles to be ordered and doon after and in like maner 
and fourme as other barons of Englond being of the order of 
the garter have be used and accustomed to be buried, that is 
to sey avoyding pompe and vaynglory of this worlde, with 
blak gownes to my servauntes, my children and my frendes 
as shalbe by myn executours appoynted and devised the day 
of my buriall with dooyll and distribucions amonges pour 
folkes and other in almes the said day of my buryall, and for 


the same to bestowe the sume of an hundred poundes or more 
as shalbe seen to my said executors. And I will in case my 
body be first humate at the priory, that then the day of 
removing of the same, myn executors cause masse and dirige 
to be doon for my soule at Saint Margarettes Chapel, and then 
to geve in alines to preestes, clerkes and pour folkes as to 
theym shalbe thought expedient. Also I will that xxiiij white 
gownes be gevyn to xxiiij pour honest men to bere torches 
and to do other service the day of my said buriall. Also I 
bequest to every prest saying masse and doyng service the 
day of my buriall for his labour viij d., and to every clerk 
iiij d. And ferther, I will that at day Maister Richard 
Beverley, prior of the blak freres of Lancastre, or in his 
absence an other Doctour of Divinitie, be provided to make a 
sermonde, and to have for his payne and labour xx s. To the 
abbot of Cropton xl s., and to the covent other xl s., to pray 
for me. To the abbot and covent of Cristall xl s. T the 
abbot and covent of Jorevaux xxvj s. viij d. To thabbot and 
covent of Fonesse v marces. To thabbot and covent of Salley 
xl s., and a velwet crymsyn gowne of my wyfe and ladies to 
make a vestment. To thabbot and covent of Cokersande v 
marces. To the prior and covent of Lancastre xl s., they all 
to pray for my soule. To the prior of Horneby, chapleyn 
within the castell chapell of Horneby, for my corspresent and 
mortuary and for my wyfes mortuary, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To 
euery one of my foure moder churches, that is to sey Saint 
Petir of York, our lady of Southwell, Saint John at Beverley, 
and Saint Wylfride of Rippon, vj s. viij d. To my parishe 
churche of Mellynge, for my tithes, oblacions and offerandes 
unpaid and negligently forgotten, xx s. To the priour of 
Horneby, for a generall absolucion of me and to pray for my 
soule, my wifes soules, and the soules of my childern, xls. 
To the moost excellent prince and my soueraigne good Lord, 
King Henry the viij th , a small gold rynge with a table of a 
diamount viij square sett in the same, and an hundred poundes 
in gold, beseching his grace to pray for my soule and to be 
good and gracious good Lord unto my sonne and heire, to my 
servauntes and to myn executors. Also I bequeth unto my 
Lord Cardynalls Grace a gold rynge with a poynt of a diamont 
sett in the same, and twenty poundes in golde, beseching his 
grace to be good to myn executors and favorable for the 
confirmacion of my chauntrye, bedehouse and freescole to be 
had according to the tenor of the foundacion therof. Also I 
will the same foundacion be inviolately in every parte kept 
and performed, as though it were in this my present testament 
hooly insorte and writen and according to the tenor therof. 


To every of these parishe churches xx s., and a kowe to goo 
to their churche werkes for their ornamentes and lightes as 
shalbe thought moost nedefull by the church wardeyns : Lan- 
caster, Bolton in Lonesdale, Halton, Mellyng, Tunstall, 
Thorneton, Warton, Whittington, Ingleton, Bentham, Clape- 
ham, Horton, Tateham, Sladebourn, and Claghton. To the 
freres of Preston, to pray for my soule, xiij s. iiij d.; to the 
freres of Weryngton, for like prayer, xiij s. iiij d. I will that 
yerely myn obite be kept with dirige and masse in the day 
of my departing, at whiche obite I will that the prior of 
Horneby have for his labour xij d., and xij other preestes 
every one of them iiij d., and that yerely there be newe lightes 
made and sett aboue my grave or tombe the day of myn obite, 
to the valor of xiij Ib. wax, and the obit to be made according 
to the tenor of the foundacion of my chauntrie, with distribu- 
cion to pour people, and at the same obite to expende yerely 
xxvj s. viij d. Also I will that myn officers and servauntes 
being officed under me during my pleasure contynue and 
enioye their offices except myn executours prove them not true 
nor substanciall for the performance of this my will and for 
the weall of my sonne and heire, also that suche patentes as 
I have made for terme of lyfe may take effect. I will myn 
executours paye all my dettes and take all dettes due unto me. 
And where as I am in suytt at the comon place before the 
Kinges Justices there at the Kynges sute for the sume of 
ccli. xxxixs. vd., I will that Sir Richard Tempest, knyght, 
content and paye unto my executours the sume of foure 
hundred thirty and sex poundes which I delivered him of 
trust and for diuerse consideracons as he and other knoweth, 
and then that with all diligence contentacion be made to my 
said soueraigne lord the King of the same ccli. xxxixs. vd., 
and the residue to remayn to myn executours towardes the 
perfourmance of my will. And where also I delivered for the 
jakettes and condyth money of two hundred soldears to go 
northwardes to my lord Treasorer in the moneth of Marche 
last past fourty poundes, whiche my servaunt John Aphoell 
hath receyved of the Kinges Treasorer of his werrys at the 
newe castell upon Tyne, I will that Nicholas Tempest and the 
said John Aphoell retayn in their handes xx li. of the same 
equally to be devided betwene them towardes their jakettes 
for the said werrys and their charges susteyned in that 
journey, and the other xx li. will to be paid to myn executours. 
I will where as John Standishe and Rauf Bradshawe ar 
indetted unto me in diverse sumes, they pay the same to my 
executours. I will that every one of myn executours, my 
childer, my servauntes and frendes, have their legacies g,s I 


have appoynted unto theym as hereafter foloweth, whiche I 
entende to deliver with myn owne handes or I departe this 
present lyfe. First, to myn executours, whom I make the 
right honorable and my singuler good lord, Thomas Darcy, 
knyght, lord Darcye, lord Menyll and lord of Knaith, Sir 
John Hussy, Sir Alexander Radclyff, knyghtes, Laurence 
Starky, squier, and Richard Banke, gentilman. My lord 
Darcy to have my coler of garters and my best George with 
stonys belonging to the same, my ij best lytter horsses, my 
lytter and all thinges perteynyng to the same withe a cover- 
yng of tawney tynsell and grene velwet, and to have the 
fermyng of the newe parke at Brereley and the manor place, 
with the demayn landes at Shafton for the terme of nine 
yeres, paying the fermes therof according to his leace ther- 
uppon made. Sir John Hussy, knyght, to haue a salt of gold 
with the cover, and a gray horse that I bought of Rauf 
Arosmyth. Sir Alexander Radclyff, knyght, to have a gowne 
of myn of sadde russet velwet, furred with blak bogie. 
Laurence Starky, squier, to have all his plate which lyes in 
plege in myn handes for fourty poundes, and to be discharged 
of the said xl li. as my bequest ; and that the said Laurence 
shall enioy all such grauntes as I have made unto him, and to 
be my deputie steward, ajid to my sonne at Cokersand Abbey, 
reteynyng to me and my sonne the fee. Richard Banke to 
have an annuytie of ten marces by yere owt of my lordship 
of Brereley in Yorkshire, and also to enioye his lease of 
certeyn londes at Brereley, Hemmysworth and Shafton. My 
childer : Thomas my sonne and heire to have the residue of 
all my goodes not bequethed, my dettes paid, my funeralles 
with the foundacion of my chauntrye, bedehouse and freescole 
fulfilled, and Goddes blessing and myn. Edward my bastard 
sonne to have xli. vjd. for terme of his lyfe owte of my londes 
in Bosley in Chesshire, so that he be feithfull to my sonne and 
heire. Thomas Langton, squier, Baron of Walton, and Eliza- 
beth his wife, he to have a jerkyn of blak satten furred w th 
libertes, and his wyfe a gowne of blak velwet. Edward 
Langton, sonne and heire of the said Thomas and Elizabeth, 
my godsonne, vj kyne to be putt to som frende of his for 
encrease to his profite. My servaunt Nicolas Tempest xli. 
John Aphowell x li. (Other bequests to bailiffs and servants.) 
And where as I have engrosed the foundacion of my chauntrye 
bedehouse and frescole for two prestes, one clerk and fyve 
bedemen, I wyll that myn executours susteyne all charges to 
accomplisshe the same. And where as I the said Lord 
Mountegle, by my dede the last of Marche the xiij th yere of 
King Henry the viij th , have enfeoffed Edward Stanley, sonne 


and heire of Thomas, last Erie of Derby, Henry Stanley, 
squier, sonne of the same last erle, in certeyn of my landes, 
it is my will, never by me to be chaunged, that my said 
feoffees shall contynue their estate in all the premissyes to the 
use underwritten for the enstablisshement foundacion of my 
said chauntrye or hospitall, bedehowse and fresc^le. I bequeth 
to the gilde or fraternitie of Jesus founded within the parishe 
church of Lancastre to pray for my soule, the soules of Anne 
and Elizabeth my wifes, my childer soules and all my frendes 
soules. To the two sociates with the prior of Horneby vj s. 
viij d. I will that James Anderton, squier, shall enioye his 
office of constablisship of my castell of Horneby. I geve my 
sonne Sir Thomas Stanley, person of Baddisworth, and Mary 
Radclyf, widowe, my bastard childer, Goddes blessing and 
myn, and to be sumwhat rewarded at the discrecion of myn 
executours, so that the said Thomas drawe him to sadnesse 
and vertue, and the same Mary to be of honest and good 
disposicion, and to be content with the order of my executours. 
And also where as the prior and covent of Monkebretton 
clayme of me of olde custume a buck or a soor agaynst Mary 
Magdaleyn day yerely, I am content they have the same by 
thandes of my keper there for the tyme beinge to pray for my 
soule. And these to recorde Richard Beverlay, doctor, Thomas 
Evyngton, prior of Hornebye, Geffrey Redmayn, Fraunces 
Morley, Thomas Croft, Alexander Parker, Hugh Dyconson, 
Nicholas Garden, Olyver Thomson, Thomas Twissilton, 
Humfrey Wynder, Robert Parker, Richard Pyncok, and you 
all present, I pray you be goode and loving to my sonn. 

[Proved 25 August, 1524, by Laurence Starky.] 



[Bodfelde, 27.] 

In the name of God, Amen. I, George Hamerton, in good 
mynde, loved be Almighty God, seyng this transitory worlde 
and also mynding by the grace of Jesu to goo over the See 
with the Kinges grace and the Quenys grace, mynding to sett 
such goodes and landes as God hath sende me in good order 
to the pleasure of God and my soule, and for the helpe and socor 
of Elizabeth Hamerton my wife and John Hamerton my eldest 
sonne, Roger Hamerton my secunde sonne and Custans 

* George Hamerton, who sprung from the family at Hellifield Peel, appears 
to have lived at Mcnkrode, Featherstone, Yorkshire, and at Pulborough, Sussex. 
He married Elizabeth de la Moore, and had John, who succeeded him at 
Monkrode, Koger, buried at Featherstone 19 Mar., 1567-8, and Constance, who 
married William Frost, of Ackton, and Francis Wentworth, 


Hamerton my doughter, the thirde day of Maij a thousande 
fyve hundred and twentie. First I bequeth my soule to 
Almighty God, to our lady Saint Mary and to all the Saintes of 
hevyn to pray for me to Almighty God, my body to be buried 
in the holy church yf it please God to take me to his mercy 
beyonde the see, and yf I dye in these parties to be buried at 
Pulborough in my chapell, and I will that my wife cause a 
tombe to be made and myn armes to be sett theron, and to 
kepe a prest oon yere to synge for my soule, my wifes soule, 
my fader soule, my moder soule, godfaders and godmoders 
soules, brother soules and suster soules and all Christian soules. 
Also I will that Elizabeth my wife have all hir goodes that was 
hurs by the gifte of John Onley, and also all the landes that 
came by hir, and also of my landes in Hemonbe and Beltonfelde 
in Yorkshire that I have gevyn hir to hir joyntour, and after 
the decesse of hir to remayn to the right heires of me. Also 
I will that Elizabeth my wife, yf she mary not, have the rule 
of all my landes in Yorkshire and in all other places during 
the nonage of myn heires towarde the marriage of Custance my 
doughter to the helpe and fynding of John and Roger my 
sonnes to the scole. Also I will that my wife deliver or cause 
to be delivered all my goodes in Monkerd and the best f ether- 
bed with the bolster .that is at my park at Mortemer with all 
the stuff e belonging therto, and the best silke sparver and 
counterpoynt that is at Bulborough (sic] to John Hamerton my 
sonne yf he lyve to his full age of xxi yeres, and yf he do not 
to Roger Hamerton my sonne, and for defawte of Roger to 
Custance my doughter, and for defawte of hir to Thomas 
Onley. Also I will that all my other goodes at Mortemer and 
at Southlambeth and at Southwerk shall be departed, the oon 
parte to Elizabeth my wife and the other parte to be devided 
at my wyfe discrecion the oon half to Roger Hamerton and 
the other half to Custance Hamerton yf they lyve, or elles to 
the which that lyveth of myn owne children, and if it please 
God to take all my children then all my goodes to remayn to 
my wife or theym that she will geve it to for to pray for us 
or hir children that she thinketh best and moost necessary. 
Also I will that all my goodes, corne and catall in any place 
in the South parties my wife shall have it with all my dettes 
to fynde hir and my children with. And I will that my wife 
take over oon hundred markes out of my landes of Pomfrett, 
Monkred, Arksey, Federstone, Pryston Jaklyn, Fryston 
Bywater, Acton, Hull, or any place that I have landes in in 
Yorkshire not beyng my wifes joyntour. Also I woll that 
Roger Hamerton shalhave all my londes that I have purchased 
in Sussex or that I have purchased in any shire except 


Yorkshire, when he cometh to full age of xxi yeres, and for 
defawte of heires to Elizabeth my wife the terme of hir lyfe 
and after the decesse of hir to the right heires of my body, 
and for defawte of them to John Onley, and for defawte of 
his heires to the right heires of Elizabeth my wife, the which 
I make myn executrix. Also I will that my suster Elizabeth 
Hamerton have xls. yerely owt of my landes, and also to 
geve xiij s. iiij d. to the freres of Pomfret yerely in almes to 
pray for the soules of my fader James Hamerton and Kateryn 
my moder and me, with all my brothers and susters, and all 
Christian soules, and they to kepe a solempne dirige and masse 
on Saint John Pertlatyns day yerely forever. In the presence 
of Thomas Onley, Sir John Saltwich, Humfrey Bathon, and 
John Lyng. 

The xxi fcl day of August, 1524. George Hamerton, esquier, 
of Pulborough. My body to be buried afore our lady of pitie 
in the Blak Freres of Arundell. Also I geve for my mortuary 
as the use of the cuntrey is. To the high awter of 
Pulborough xx d. To the forsaid blak freres xl s. at the day 
of my buriall and at the day of my monethes mynde other 
xls., they forto have my soule in a perpetual memory. To 
maister John Sacheverell xx s. To Sir Henry Bullok my 
gostly fader xx s. Item, I will that Sir Thomas West, knyght, 
to take the paynes to se my childern ordred, and he to have 
them during their nonage, and they to have suche thinges as 
apperith by my will at London, and Roger my sonne to have 
all suche landes as I have purchased sitlien I was maried. 
Also I desire him to be good maister and father to Custance 
my doughter, and to order hir for my sake as he wolde doo 
oon of his owne. Also I will that Sir Thomas West, knyght, 
have the governance of suche goodes as I have within the 
South parties, he to helpe my children with all as my trust is 
in him. This doon I will that my will which is in London 
shal stonde for my last wille savyng that Sir Thomas West, 
knyght, shall be the chief executour as my wyf shulde have 
ben yf she had survyved me. Witnesses, John Sacheverell, 
clerk, Henry Bullok, clerk, and William Laster, with moo. 

[Proved 19 Nov., 1524.] 


[Bodfelde, 39.] 

John London. 27 May, 1525. xvij yere of King Henry 
the VIII. I make myn executours my mother Elizabeth 
London, Kateryn London my wife, and Lawrence Hollande, 
willing that eche of theyni to have of my goodes xl s., and I 


ordeyn Sir Hugh Clydrowe, overseer, and I bequethe to him 
xx s. I woll that Elizabeth London, my mother, have to hir for 
terme of hir lyfe my manor place of Sowth Cave, with all 
the londes which she hath of my lees. Also I will she have the 
profite of the faire in the market, profite of the courtes. Also 
I woll that Kateryn my wife have to hir for terme of her lyfe 
all other landes and teiiementes, rentes in South Cave excepte 
suche assigned afore to my mother. All the residue of my 
londes in Northe Cave, Hotom, Newton, Beverley and Beswyke 
I woll that Kateryn my wife have for terme of hir lyfe except 
londes in the holding of Thomas Redborn and Kay his wife in 
Beswike, wherof I woll that myn executours take profite xij 
ye res to the mariage of my doughter Kasander, yf she dye or 
she be maried than I woll that the said money be delivered to 
Oswolde London, and he to entre unto the said londes at the 
ende of twelve yeres. And yf it fortune my mother or my 
wife to dye before the feast of Saint Peter called Advincla 
whiche shalbe in the yere of our Lord God a thousande fyve 
hundred and xxxix, than I woll myn executors take the profites 
as they or either of them were seased of at the day of their 
deth on feast of Saint Peter to thentent they shall have the 
thirde parte of the profites to their owne use, and the other 
two partes at the said feast of Saint Peter to be delivered to 
Oswolde London and Kasander London, and yf they be both 
dede on that day then it to be devided amonge my brethren 
and susters. I will that there be thre trentalles saide for me 
at places where Scala celi is in London. For my mortuary 
my best beast. To maister Crowche a tawny gowne furred 
and x s., to Fawkes Lyons hande and to his wife xiij s. iirj d. 
To every oon of my brethern and susters vj s. viij d. The 
residue of my goodes except a medley tawney gowne, a russet, 
a doblet of damaske, a doblet of satyn whiche I woll Oswolde 
rny sonne have, my wyfe shalhave to the fynding of hir 
children, the costes of my buriall only to be accompted therin. 
These men berynge witnesse, William Aleyn, William Crowche, 
Robert Musty ans, Rauf Selby, Water Frost, esquier, Sir John 
Spryngham, prest, and other. 

[Proved 28 Nov., 1525.] 


[Porche, 3.] 

Rauf Swilliiigton. The xj" day of July, 1525. To be 
buried in the Temple Churche in London. I will that George 
Swillington my nevew shall after the dethe of my wife have to 
him and his heires all my londes in Dryffelde in the countie of 
Yorke that I did purchase of Sir Henry Owen, knyght. Also 


I geve to the said George oon hundred marces in money, also 
fourty poundes for the purches of Harpers londes, also three 
goblettes parcell gilte, with oon cover and two saltes parcell 
gilte, with oon cover and thre sponys whiche I had of my 
Lady Greseley, and the residue of my plate I geve unto my 
wife. To Elizabeth my nece oon hundred marces to hir 
mariage. To every doughter of Kateryn Hulcottes my wifes 
doughter xli. to their mariage. Also I will that I have a 
stone in the parishe churche of Dryffelde where I was borne, 
with the ymage of my father and his iiij childern, after the 
forme of Baron. Koclyff hath in the Temple, and there yerely 
to have oon anniversary for my soule and the soules of my 
auncetours. To every house of freres in London and at the 
Charterhouse there and to the freres of Grenewich and 
Bichemoiid, to every of them xx s. To every house of freres 
in Coventre xx s., and to the Charterhouse there xl s. Unto 
my wife my skarlett gowne and my skarlet cloke, and all the 
residue of my apparel I geve to my nevye George Swillington. 
I make myn executours Elizabeth Swillington my wife, 
William Babthorp and my brother Sir Peter Swillington, 
prest. These witnesse, Sir William Quenynborowe, prest, 
Robert Wood, Everard Palmer, Thomas Parvlyn, surgyon, 
and William Chertesey, grocer. Also I will that Sir William 
my chapleyn have the advowson and ferme of the chapell of 
Saint Thomas Thapostell and Saint Anne in Bosworth during 
his yeres. 

[Proved 14 Feb., 1525-6.] 


[Porche, 33.] 

13 Jan., 1526. John Clyfton, person of Berwyke in 
Elmette. I bequeth my body yf I dye in London to be buried 
in the Blak Freres of London, to the whiche place I geve xxs. 
To the prisoners of Newgate x s. To the prisoners of Ludgate 
v s. To the poorest prisoners of the two compters in either 
house iij s. iiij d., and to the poure prisoners in the Marshalsee 
and the Kinges benche, in either house v s. xl s. amonges 
poor people. Unto William Newbolde, keper of my boke, to 
thentent he shalbe trewe and diligent betwixt my maister and 
me and myn executors in my rekenyng and accompte, 
iij li. vj s. viij d. To Sir Olyver Rudde my two longe gownes, 
the best save my newe gowne and my short gowne, my blak 
chamlet cote the furr taken owte, and a tawny chamlet jaket 
lyned with blak coton. To Antony my servaunt iij li., and to 
either of my other two servauntes xl s. To Edmonde Dolman 
vj s. viij d. To the poorest people of the parishe of Barwike 


in Elmette xls.; of Uldale xxs. To Rauf Nevell xls. To 
every of the childre being alyve of Robert Rede and William 
Rede, late of Newcastell upon Tyne, vj s. viij d. To Sir 
Thomas Arthure, chauntrie prest of Saint Cuthbert, in Saint 
Nicolas Church of Newcastell, xx s., praying and charging him 
that my house in Bailly gate in Newcastell that somtyme was 
Sir Thomas Benson myii uncle, sometyme chauntry prest of 
Saint Cutberd, be delivered unto the right and next heire of 
my saide uncle. To maister Myles Spencer, Doctor of both 
lawes, my biggest turkes sett in a ryng of golde and my small 
emerode sett in a ringe of golde, the which e maister Myles 
Spencer, maister Thomas Clerk, my Lorde of Bath, brother 
John Ranwyke, citezen and bruer of London, and Henry 
Bell, citezen and merchaunt taillor of London, I make myii 
executours, and I give every of my said executours xl s. The 
residue of all my goodes I hooley geve unto my executors, 
they to distribute them after their discrecions. These being 
witnesse, maister Miles Spencer, John Ranwyk, Henry Bell, 
Syr Olyver Rudde, and William Newbolde. Item, bequethed 
by me more towardes the mending and reparacon of Tollington 
lane in the countie of Midd. xl s. 

[Proved 12 June, 1528.] 


[Porch, 34.] 

I, Sir Henry Wiloughby, knyght, willing most principally 
the honour of God and welth of my soule, and to be remembrid 
and praid for after my deceas, and which and secundarily 
desiring the welth of my thre sonnes, John, Edward, and 
Hugh, and other my children, make this my last wille, indented 
the vij h day of Maij, in the xx yere of the reigne of King Henry 
the viij th (1528). First I bequeth my soule to Almighty God, 
his creature, my body to be buried at Woollaton, in the church 
of Saint Leonardo, in the countie of Notingham. Also I will 
that myn executors fynde a prest, and the same prest to be 
named and put in the said service by Sir Robert Perot, oon 
of myn executors, to singe for my soule immediately after my 
deceas, my father's soule, my mother's, and my foure wifes, 
Margaret, Eliza"beth, Elyn, and Alice, by the space of xx* 1 

* Son of Robert Willoughby, Esq., of Wollaton, co. Notts. He married 
first Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert Markham, of Cotham ; secondly 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Burgh, relict of Richard, Lord Fitzhugh ; thirdly 
Ellen, daughter of Sir John Egerton, of Wrynhill; and fourthly Alice, daughter 

of Walleys or Walters. He was made a Knight Banneret at the battle 

of Stoke. His youngest son by his third wife, Sir Hugh, was a sea captain, and 
in 1553 tried to search for a north-east passage to India, but perished in the 
attempt. See his life in the Dictionary of National Biography. 


yeres, in the chapell of the churche of Saint Leonardo att 
Wollaton, geving to hym for his salary eight marces in money. 
Also I will that myn executours geve to the prisons in 
Notingham and Ware, to every prison house xx s. in money 
or vitaile after the rate, and to high waies, and in almes to 
my neighbours as they think e convenient. To every house of 
freres observauntes in Englonde x s., and to the house of 
Newark xls. to pray for my soule, and to every Charterhouse 
xiij s. iiij d. to say trentalles for me and to pray for me as a 
brother of there religion. To every of my menyall servauntes 
that hath dwellid with me by the space of thre yeres before 
oon hole yeres wages by a yere to pray for my soule. Also 
I will and charge my sonne John yf any man sue to hym for 
any londes which I have purchased, and if it cannot be duely 
knowen and proved that he hath right therunto and that my 
title therin was not good and sure, that then my sonne, by the 
oversight and advise of my lord bisshop of Exetour and my 
sonne in lawe Antony Fitharberd, knyght, oon of the Kinges 
Justices of his common pleace, or other that is myn executors, 
that he or they restore the said londes to the very owner or 
recompense theyrn in such maner that they fully and well 
content for the same londes. I charge myn executors that 
they recompense almaner of persones that they can 
knowe or have prove in writing that I have offended 
or wronged by my daies in my lyfe, and in my 
name to desire theym of forgevenes and pardon. Also 
I will that myn executours have the manors of Wollaton 
and Sutton Passez and Cossall, and all my londes to paye my 
dettes, and after that John my sonne have the said lordshippes, 
londes, to hym and to his heires according to his olde title of 
inheritaunce. And I will that after my deceas and debtes 
paide my sonne Edwarde have for terme of his lyfe londes to 
the yerely value of fourty poundes parcell of my manors to 
be assigned by myn executours, and I will that xl marces therof 
shalbe for the joynter of Anne, nowe his wife, after hir deceas 
for terme of hir lyfe. And after their deceas I will that my 
sonne John have all the londes, and in defaute of issue the 
remaynder to the right heires of me ... I will that Hugh 
Willughby my sonne shalhave all my londes in Mappurley in the 
countie of Derbie, and Brokistowe and Basseford in the countie 
of Notingham, and a parcell of londe in Walsall in the countie 
of Stafford, to hym and to his heires upon condicion that if 
he obteyn londes of the yerely value of fourty poundes late 
of the inheritaunce of John Egerton, esquier, decessed, his 
graundfather, orelles to be promoted by mariage to the yerely 
value of the said sum, that then the said londes to remayn to 


my sonne, Sir John Willoughby, and to the heires of his body, 
and for defawte of issue to the right heires of me. Also I 
will that all such sumes as I in my lief shall promyse be 
bounden to paye for the mariage of Mary Harbotell, dough ter 
to my doughtier, Jane Harbotell, which be unpaid shalbe 
levied of the rents of the manors of Wollaton, Cossall, Sutton 
Passez. I will that all my plate, juelles, and all my stuffe 
that I have had by my wife and by any of my ancetors, or of 
myne owne making or getting, be valued and kept for the 
performance of this my will. Also I will that all such somes 
as my sonne Edward Fylton owith to mo by reason of a 
obligacon for the repayment of the inheritaunce descended to 
Mary Wife (?), oon of the doughters and heires of Richard 
Harbotell, that my sonne John shall receyve the same sumes 
of money to the use to purchase or bye a mariage for my sonne 
Hugh Willoughbye, if the same Hugh wilbe guyed by my 
sonne John, or elles the same somes to be despoased for the 
welthe of my soule. I will that all my inhousholde stuffe 
shall remayn as heirelomes that be at Middelton or Wollaton 
to my sonne John or to suche other as hereafter shall fortune 
to be heires of the said inheritaunce being of my blod, and 
that they shall not alien nor putt away nor sell noon nor noo 
parcell therof whether of the said mauours they shall think 
better to abide, dwell at their pleasure. I will that all the 
ornamentes belonging to my chapell shall hooly remayn to my 
chapell at Middelton or in the chapell of Wollaton whensoever 
of the same manor my sonne John or suche other as shalbe 
heires will abide- (Annuities to servants.) I make myn 
executors my sonne John Willoughby, knyght, my soime in 
lawe Antony Fitzherbert, knyght, Thomas Fitzherbert, clerk, 
Doctor of Decrees, Rauf Cantwell, clerk, Doctour in Decrees, 
and Sir Robert Perott, clerk, and to every of them I bequeth 
fyve marces, and I will and beseche my lorde Bisshop of 
Exetour to be the supervisour and overseer of my will. These 
being present, Laurence Woodnot, gentilman, Gabriel Barwike, 
gentiliman, William Egerton, gentiliman, Richard Egerton, 
gentilman, John Brendwood, yoman, Richard Eyton, cum 

multis aliis. 

[Proved 1 July, 1528.] 


[Jankyn, 6.] 

18 July, 1528. John Constable, Deane of the Cathedrall 
Churche of our Lady of Lincoln. First I bequethe my soule 

* Third son of Sir Kobert Constable, of Flamborough, by Agnes, daughter of 
Sir Roger Wentworth. His nephew, Sir Marmaduke Constable, was one of the 
commanders at Flodden. 


to God Almighty, our blissed lady his moder, Saint Mary, and 
to all the blissed company of heven, humbly beseching theym 
to pray for me. And my body to be buried within the said 
Cathedrall Churche in the body of the same nygh unto the 
sepulture of Maister George Fitzhugh, sumtyme Deane of 
Lincoln, and I bequeth to our lady werkes of the said church 
for my buriall there xls. Also I will that penny doole to be 
geven to pour men the day of my buriall. Also I bequethe 
tenne poundes for my obite in the churche of Lincoln, to every 
of the foure orders of f reres within the citie of Lincoln x s., 
and they to doo oon obite for the helthe of my soule. Also I 
will tenne poundes for a stone to be bought and to be laide 
upon me where I shall be buried. To every of my servauntes 
his quarter wagis. The residue of my goodes I geve to my 
nevews Sir Robert Tyrwhit, Sir Marmaduke Constable, knyght, 
Maister Edward Darby, Archdeacon of Stowe, John Monson, 
esquier, Thomas Lylowe, clerk, whom lordeyn myn executours. 
These witnesses, Sir Walter Irelond, preest, Thomas 
Gressington of the citie of Lincoln, Alderman Richard Burgh, 
and Richard Langdaile, gentilman, with other moo ; geven at 
Fyskerton nygh Lincoln the day and yere abovesaid. 

[Proved 27 April, 1529.] 


[Jankyn, 4.] 

6 Mar., 1528-9. Walter Froste, esquier, of Westham in 
the dioces of London. To be buried in the churche of 
Westham besides my wife. Unto the highe awter there, iiij s. 
Unto our lady of Alhalovves there, iij s. iiij d. Unto 
our lady of Pitie there, iij P. iiij d. Unto every light 
contynually founde and kept in the said churche, xvj d. Unto 
two hundred pour men and women of the parishe, eche of 
them, xij d. Unto the mariage of twenty pour maidens, eche 
of them, vj s. viij d. To be gevyn unto xviij my pour bedmen 
every weke, ix d. I will that myn executours every Lent by 
the space of fyve yeres geve in pease potage at the monastery 
gate of Stratford to pour people to the value of v s. Unto 
the fynding of an able preest to synge in the churche of 

* Son of Thomas Frost, of Beverley, whose will (with his father's) is printed 
in Test. Ebor., vol. iii, 237, by Elizabeth (probably) Amyas. His daughter 
Margaret married Josceline Percy, youngest son of Henry, fourth Earl of 
Northumberland. Their arms are on a bench end in Sandal Church, near 
Wakefield, about which the late James Fowler, F.S.A., gave an interesting 
account in the Yorkshire Archaological Journal, vol. i, 132. The testator had 
much property at Featherstone and Beverley. He had several brothers, John, 
archdeacon of Essex, Robert, rector of Thornhill, and William of Ackton, whose 
will is printed in Test. Ebor., vol. vi, p. 64. 


Westham by the space of fyve yeres every yere fyve marces, 
to make an able lyving for an honest preest, with the fyve 
marces of the gifte of William Heyward of the same parishe, 
and if the said William dye within the space of fyve yeres 
that than I will that the said preest doo singe in trentalles for 
my soule and John Rookes soule and all Christian soules till 
the said fyve yeres be full complete. I will that Sir Walter 
Froste, my kynsman, doo singe and occupie as is afore rehersed 
in mnner and some for the said fyve marces. Unto my sonne 
Percy my blak velved gown furred with foynes, and also a 
coto of tawny velvet with a plackerd. Unto my sonne Percy 
and to my doughter Margaret, his wife, in plate to the value 
of twenty poundes. Unto my said doughter Margaret my 
cloke of scarlet, brodered with blak velwet, my tawny gowne 
of velwet lyned with blak branched damask. Unto Edward 
Percy, my sonnes sonne, my jakett of tynsyn satyn, and it to 
be kept to his use till he be able to occupye it, and if he dye 
I will it remayne to my doughter Margaret, his mother. Also 
I will of twenty poundes that William Heyward of Westham 
nowe doth owe unto me of the whiche I clerely forgive the 
said William. I geve unto Richard Freyston, esquier, my 
kynnesman, a cupp to the valure of vj li. or better. Unto 
maister Archdeacon of Essex, my brother, twenty poundes in 
plate, be it more or lesse, whiche he hath in his handes, in 
recompence of and for dwelling in his house belonging to his 
office, upon this condicion, that myn executours may have the 
ordering of all such goodes now being within his said house 
according to suche promys as he did make at the buriall of 
my wife, his suster, before his frendes and myn. Unto the 
said maister archdeacon a cupp of silver and gilt in valure of 
vj li. or there aboutes. Unto my cosyn, Sir Walter Froste, 
in redy money fyve poundes. And where as my brother, 
maister John Froste, bequethed unto our lady aulter in the 
churche of Fetherston in the shire of Yorke twenty poundes, 
I geve the same twenty poundes which come to my handes to 
be paid to the same use there to the churchwardens. Unto 
maistres Anne Wheatley, my suster, fyve marces over and 
besides whiche must have and hath during hir naturall lyfe, 
xxvj s. viij d. of annuytie. Unto the churchwardeyns for the 
tyme being of Kirkethorpe in Yorkshire, vjli. xiij s. iiij d., to 
contynue the obite for my mother there. Unto my lord abbot 
of the monastery of Stratford my ryng with a stone called a 
saphir, which I promysed and gave unto him at Cristmas 
before my death. Unto my said cosyn, Sir Walter Froste, my 
chalys, two crewettes of silver and gilt, and a bell of silver, 
with a vestment and all that therto belongith. Unto maister 


Robert Panter, vicar of Westham, a coffer wherin myn evidence 
doth lye. Unto Sir Roger Woode, parishe preest of Westham, 
foure brode yardes of blak clothe for a gowne. The residue 
of all my goodes I geve unto my said son Percy, Margaret his 
wife, and Sir Walter Froste, preest, my kynnesman, whom I 
make myn executors, and my said lord abbot of Stratford to 
be supervisour. These witnesses, thabbot of Stratford, William 
Hayward, Thomas Parker, John Byglond, Robert Snowe, 
Sir Roger Wood, Peter Waye, with many other. 

[Proved 5 April, 1529.] 


[Thower, 7.] 

16 August, 1531. John Rudstone, knyght, citizen, an 
alderman of the cittie of London. To be buryed in the 
churche yarde of Saint Mighelles in Cornehill, where I am 
now a parochian, that is to say in the vaulte being under the 
crosse and pulpett there. All my goodes, merchaundises, plate, 
juelles, redy mony, debtes, and catall shalbe devided in three 
equall portions, of the which I give unto my right welbeloved 
Dame Ursula., my wiff, oon thirde parte. I give unto Robert, 
John, William, Jane and Elisabeth, our childern, to be 
devided amonges them, a second third parte, forasmyche as 
Emme, my doughter by my furst wife, hath had hur portion 
before by reason I have preferred the said Emme by mariage. 
And the last parte of the same I reserve to myselff for the 
accomplishing of this my will. I bequethe unto my wyff all 
the terme of yeres of the great messuage in the parishe of 
Saint Mighell in Cornehill, wherin I now dwell, and after hur 
departing I will that the terme of yeres shall remayne to the 
parsonne and wardeyns to thonly use of the same churche. 
To the high aulter vj s. viij d. To the churche for my 
sepulture xls. Towardes the reparaciones of the church 
workes of Saint Edmondes in Lombard Strete fourty 
shi Hinges. To the every house and covent of the fyve orders 
of fryers of this cyttie, the blacke fryers besides Ludgate, 
the gray fryers, the Austyn ffryers, the whyte fryers in flete- 
strete, and the crowched fryers, fourty shillinges. To the 
nonnes of Mynoresse without Algate fourty shillinges. To the 
amendment of the walles aboute the monasterye of the nonnes 

* Younger son of Robert Kudston, of Hayton, co. York, by Elizabeth Yaxley. 
He married Ursula, daughter of Sir Robert Dymoke. The name of the first wife 
is not mentioned in Glover's Visitation. He was Lord Mayor of London 1528. His 
Inquisitio, taken 1 October, 24 Hen. VIII, says he died 28 August, 23 Hen. VIII, 
Robert, his son and heir, being sixteen years old. (See Glover's Visitation, 
Foster Ed., p. 126.) 


of Dertford in the countie of Kent twenty pound. Towardes 
the mariage of syxty pour may dens xxli. To everiche of my 
godchilderne iij s. iiij d. To everyche of the coventes of the 
fryers observauntes, Grenewiche, Richemond, Canturbery, 
Newark, Southampton, Newcastell, one long wollen gray clothe 
of the price of v marces for every clothe as it shall cost me in 
Blackwelhall of London over and besydes the charges of the 
workemanship. To the fraternytie of the preestes of Pappy 
twenty shillinges. To the fraternyte of Saint Nicholas of 
parryshe clerkes tenne shillinges. I woll be said in the 
parryshe churche of Saint Mighell three treigntalles of masse, 
and I bequethe xxviij s. Towardes thexhibicions of powr 
scolers not benyficed in eyther of thunyversites of Oxforde 
and Cambrydge there studying in holy Dyvinitie fyften 
poundes. I will myn executours ordeyne one of thenglyshe 
brethren of the covent of the crossed fryers to say masse at 
thon of thaulters of Scala celi in the conventuall churche 
there by the space of fyve yeres, and therfore I bequethe 
twenty poundes. I will convenyent loodis of carte coles, the 
sackes to be wele fylled with good coles, to be distributed unto 
pore housholders in the parryshes of Saint Michaell, Saint 
Edmondes and Saint Nichas Aeon by Lumbarde streete, the 
weke next afore the feast of Crystmas, fur xxx carte loodis 
of colis. To every woman and mayden servauut twenty 
shillinges. To my cousyn Robert Rudstoue oone hundrythe 
marces. To my nephewe Walter Roudstone twenty poundes. 
To my cousin Elenor, now the wyfe of Gregory Wylliamson, 
skeynner, fourty marces. To everyche of the childerne of the 
said Elenour foure poundes. I pardon the said Gregory 
which he owe me. To my suster Elizabethe tenne poundes. 
To everyche of the childerne of my brythern in law and of 
their late wyfes my susters, that is to say of Margaret, Dorathe 
and Elisabethe, foure poundes. To my right welbelovid Syr 
Robert Dymok, knight, my wyfes father, a blacke gowne. 
To my lady priores of Dertford a white habit. To either of 
the doughters of the late Lyon Dymoke, my wifes uncle, a 
blacke gowne. To everyche of these parsonnes ensuyng, Thomas 
Davy, skinner, and his wyfe, my cousyus, and Alice Holgill, 
wyddow, and John Dentrup, skryvener, clothe for a blacke 
gowne. To Braunchis wyff, my wyfes kynswoman, fourty 
shillinges and a gowne clothe. To every power housholder in 
the parryshes of Saint Mighelles, Saint Edmondes and Saint 
Nicholas, xij d. To Edward Edington, draper, twenty poundes 
and a blacke gowne. To the wyfe of Sampier, clothworker, 
fourty shillinges and a gowne clothe. To the power prisoners 
in Ludgate, Newgate, the Marshallsee, and the Kinges bench, 


in breade xx s. To thuse of the comonaltee of thonorable 
crafte of Drapers of London, of whome I am a membre, my 
great white standing cupp and cover of silver. To Elisabethe 
Cresnor, professed nonne at Dertforde, a habyt clothe white. 
To everych off Beatrice Marshall, Margaret Mounteney, and 
Felice, sumtyme gentilwoman to my lady of Salysbury, nowe 
nonnes, a white habit. I will xxiiij new torches for myne 
exeguies, whiche shalbe holden by power housholders, and 
unto everiche a gowne of blacke cotton. To the parryshe 
churche of Saint Martyn in Heyton, where I was borne, a 
coape of blue velvet, with my name and armes to be 
embrodered, of the value of four poundes. To the pour 
housholders in Heyton fourty shillinges. To Gregory 
Wylliamson and my cousyn Elenour his wyfe a blacke gowne. 
To everyche of Mayster Wylborne, M r Bayly, Maister Rauffe 
Dodmer, knyghtes, Nicholas Lamberd, Alderman, and Sir 
Laurance Aylmer, knyght, a blacke gowne of vj s. viij d. 
every yarde. To everyche of Wylliam Brothirs, Thomas 
Perpoint, Anthony Burgh, Drapers, and Henry Barton, 
Skynner, a blacke gowne. To everyche of myne apprentices 
and servauntes a blake gowne. And wheras certeyne my 
frendes and their heires stond seased to myne only use and of 
myn heires in manours landes in Holdernes in the countie 
of Yorke, in the cyttie of London, Okysbridge in the countie 
of Midd., and Owndell as elleswhere, I will all my feoffes 
shall stond seased unto thuse of Ursula my wiff, unto suche 
tyme as my right heyre male shalbe of the full age of xxvj 
yeres. And after my heire shalbe of the full age, that all 
my londes shall remayne unto my next heire and to his next 
heire male, and for default of heire male of the surname of 
E-udstone I will all the londis unto my next and right 
heires generall, and for default unto my right heires. The 
residue of all of thirde part unto my childerne. I make 
Ursula my wyff, the right worshipfull Cristofer Askue, cityzin 
and alderman of London, and my nephew Nicholas Roudstone, 
esquire, my executoures, and I geve everyche of them twenty 
poundes and a blacke gowne. To the said Nicholas Roudstone 
my hollow silver bassiu, whiche I occupied at my shavinge. 
To Dorathie, the wife of Robert Venables, xli., and to hur 
sonne, my godsonne, iij li. Overseers I ordeyne the worshipfull 
Sr. Robert Dymok, knyght, my wyfes father, and John Baker, 
Recorder of the cyttie of London, ami I give either of them 
tenne poundes, and to the said M r Recorder and his wyf, 
either of them a blacke gowne. Witnesses, Hughe Welsshe, 
Gregory Williamson, John Ruter. 

[Proved 22 Sept., 1531.] 



[Hogen, 15.] 

20 August, 1531. Lady Lucye Browne, widowe, late wife to 
Sir Antony Browne, knyght. To be buried within the monastery 
of Bisham, f where my lorde my father is buried. I will that 
there shall remayne and be in the lodge at the parke of 
Bagshote contynually during all the tyme my sonnes, Sir 
William Fitzwilliam and Sir Antony Brown, knyghtes, 
shalhave the office of custodye and keping of the said parke, 
six of my fetherbedes, foure matteresses with bolsters, 
py Howes, blankettes, shetes and coverynges necessarye to the 
same for the lodging, ease and profite of my said sonnes when 
and so often as they shall happen to come and lye at the said 
lodge for their pleasure and recreation. The residue of all 
my householde stuffe I geve to my sonne, Sir Antony Brown. 
To my doughter Elizabethe, Countesse of Worcester, to pray 
for my soule, a paire of bedys of golde with tenne gawdies. 
To my doughter Gascoigne, the wife of Sir William Gascoigne, 
knyght, ten poundes in money and a standing cupp with a 
cover of silver and all gilte, to be delivered to hir at hir moost 
nede and for hir reliefe. To every of my servauntes oon hoole 
yeres wages. To Thomas Bone, my servaunt, xl s. To the 
freres observauntes of Richemount and Grenewiche, to either 
of them fyve markes. To the said monastery of Bisham, yf 
my body be buried there, vj s., to pray for my 'soule. I 
bequethe that myn executours shall cause to be saide a trentall 
of masses in the conventual churche of the crossed freres in 
London, the same or as nere to the same tyme as they may 
that my body shall be buried, for my soule, and the priour and 
covent to have xl s. I will that myn executours shall fynde 
som honest preest to synge yerely by the space of fyve yeres 
after my deceas in the monastery of Bisham to pray for my 
soule, the soules of my lord my father, my lady my mother, 
Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam, and for Sir Antony Browne, my late 
husbandes, and for the soule of John Fitzwilliam of Adwike, 

* Fourth daughter of John Nevile, Marquis of Montagu, by Isabel 
Ingoldesthorpe. She married first Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam, of Aldwark, whose 
will it printed in Test. Ebor., iii, 247. They had Thomas, of Aldwark, John, 
slain at Flodden, and William, Earl of Southampton, E.G., whose will follows 
in this volume. She married secondly Sir Anthony Browne, Standard Bearer 
of England and Constable of Calais, who died 1505-6. They had Sir Anthony 
Browne, E.G., of Battle Abbey, who had the monasteries of Bayham and 
Calceto on the death of his half-brother, the Earl of Southampton. Sir 
Anthony the second died 6 May, 1548, being buried at Battle, and had a ion 
created Viscount Montagu. 

t Her father, the Marquis, and her uncle, the Earl of Warwick, the king 
maker, were both buried at Bisham Abbey after the battle of Barnet, 



whiche gave me all he had, and for all my kynne and frendes 

and all Christian soules, the same prest to have every yere tenne 

markes. I will that my feoffes shalbe seased of the manours 

of Barwaye in the countie of Cantebridge, of Rowherdoottes 

in Wilteshire, of Wodfolde in the same countie., of Shaldford, 

Bradston and Alfolde in the countie of Surr., of Estney and 

Eversley in the countie of Southt., of Snettesham and 

Churchwarden in the countie of NorfL, of a rent of xxij s. in 

the manours of Basingstoke and Bottewell in Wilteshire to 

the use of me, and after my decesse the rentes shalbe taken 

by myn executours to the performaunce of my testament, and 

after then the said manours shalbe to the use of Sir William 

Fitzwilliam, knyght, my sonne, and dame Mabell, his wife, and 

heires of the same Sir William; and for lack of the heires 

shalbe to the use of Sir Antony Browne, knyght, my sonne, 

and for lack of heires males to the use of the right heires of 

me. And also of the manour of Wicambreux in Kent, of 

Alveley in Essex, of rente in Bassingbone, Fordham in 

Cambridge, Bradston in Gloucestr., to the use of me, and after 

my deceas to the use of Sir Antony Browne and heires, and 

for lack of heires to Sir William Fitzwilliam, and for lack to 

the right heires of me. Item, where by auctoritie of the 

parliament, the xxxj Marche, xxij Henry the viij h , it is 

enacted that Sir William Kyngeston, Sir Edwarde Guldeford, 

and Sir John Gage, knyghtes, shall holde to the use of me and 

of myn heires all the mansion places and precinctes of the late 

monasteries of Begham als. Bergham and Calceto in the 

countie of Sussex, the manors of Begham, Calceto, Sulham, 

and Bonine, the manour of Levenshothe in the parishe of 

Horsmandone in Kent, and other lands in Sussex and Kent, in 

recompens of oon annuell rent of fyve hundreth markes to be 

had at the kinges exchequer. I will the issues shalbe taken 

for the performance of my will, and after to thuse of Sir 

William Fitzwilliam and Sir Anthonny Browne, my sonnes. I 

wille that all thos personnes whiche stand seasid in oon meswage, 

one croft, and Ixxx acres of lande in Cusworth in the countie 

of Yorke, late in the tenour of Richard Hanley, and lande in 

Lincoln and Nottingham, and in any myne of cole in Haugh 

in the parrishe of Rowmersshe in the said countie of Yorke, 

shall stand to the use of me, and after decesse to the 

performance of my will, and after to the use of Sir William 

Fitzwilliam and Sir Antonny Browne. The residewe of all 

my goodes to my said sonnes. Also I will that Sir Richard 

have a goblet with a cover gilte, and his brother Sir Ellis the 

fellow of it whiche is without a cover. To my nece Hurleston 

a standing cup with a cover gilte. To Johane Forde, xls. 


To Anne Bernerd xl s., and to Thomas Cutler four nobles, and 
to Margery Ambros a gyrdill with corses of golde damaske 
harnised with silver and gilte. Witnesses, Sir Edwarde 
Gruldeforde, Thomas Da veil of Scotney, Thomas Horden, Henry 
Parker, Thomas Hungate, Peter Lloyd, writer of this will. 

[Proved 30 June, 1534.] 


[Thower, 16.] 

20 June, 1532. Raff Hed worth, parson of Stanfeld, in 
the countie of Nottingham. To be buried within the churche 
yard of Stanford,t of the west side of the quere, a parte of 
my bodye to lye within the wall of the said quere. To the 
church of Normanton towardes their buylding, xx s. To a 
preest, for vij yeres, iij li. xiij s. iiij d. by the yere to say masses 
in the churche of Stanford. To the ij coventes of the white 
and gray freres of Nottingham, to either, x s. To the warden 
and his brethern of Derfim college in Oxford my ij pottes of 
silver, and they to remayn to their place for ever, they to pray 
for my soule by name every day after dynner and soper at 
their grace tymes. To the churche of Stanford ij kie, and to 
Normanton as moche and ij heves of bees. To the churche of 
Rempston and WesterlookeJ and Sutton oon quarter of malt 
and oon heve of bees, to the churche of Esterlocke || oon 
cowe, oon quarter malt, oon heve of bees; to the churche 
of Loughborow, xiij s. iiij d. To every personne of Stanford 
and Normanton ij d. besides their dole, and to every 
child that I am godfather to oon heyfer or vj s. viijd. 
I will that my executors shall receve of Gabriell 
Armstrong in the countie of Notingham, iiij xx li., that 
so receved I will they pay it to the wardens of the 
observauntes freres of New Castell upon Tyne, and the said 
wardens to pay over to their brethern xx li., and to their ordre 
of the gray freres of Newarke xx li., and xxli. to other ij places 
of their ordre provided that the said freres shall pray for my 
soule, my fathers, mothers, my suster Denys soules. I will 
that Cuthbert Hedworth, my brothers sonne, shalhave xl s. and 
a colt. I will that all the maydens to the nombsr of xx tie 
within the bysshoppricke of Derham shall have every oon 
vj s. viij d. towardes their mariage. Whereas I have enfeaffed 
my lorde Hastinges and other of my landes in the counties 
of Notingham and Leic., I will they stand seased of the 

* He was probably one of the Hedworths of the county of Durham, of which 
family Mr. Surtees has printed several pedigrees. 

t Stanford-on-Soar. { West Leake. || East Leake. 


premysses for the performance of this my will, provided that 
my suster Eleanor shall have the selling of all the premysses 
during her lyf only, excepted a close, also provided that all 
the landes in Rempston and Haughton that my feoffes shall 
stand seasid to the use of Margaret Richmond and Margaret 
Hedworthe. I will to the said Margarett xlli. I will that 
myn executours shall fynnysshe my purpos for the setting 
forthe of iij of the next of my kyn to their lerning according 
to their tenor and meaning of a drawght wrytten annexed to 
this my will. The residue to be at the disposition of Elenor, 
my suster, Stephen Marlar, the prior of Sancte Leonardos, 
Stanford, Robert Fernham of Querne, and of my cosyn Nicolas 
Vause, executors, and master S r Richard Sacheverell, knyght, 
and master Rauf Sacheverell, his nephew, myn oversears. 

[Proved 29 June, 1532.] 


[Pynnyng, 14.] 

16 Sept., 1532. Hewe Alatt, servaunte to my Lady 
Margaret Dowglas, hole of mynde and sicke in boddy. Furste 
I bequeathe my soule to Allmighty God, my body to be 
buryed withyn the parryshe churche of our Lady of 
Pomfrethe. To the mother churche of Yorke foure pence. 
To my sonne Robert Alatt my proferte of my house yn 
Todington. To my suster Jane twenty shillynges. To my 
suster Margarett Merton twenty shillinges. To my suster 
Jane thurtene shillinges foure pence. To my son Robert 
Alatt my grene cote and my bucke skynne dublett. To my 
keap fyve shillinges. I will that there be a trentall of 
masses soonge for my soule. I ordeyne my brother Richard 
Alatt and my brother Gilbert Alatt to be myne executours. 
I will that my oulde maister, M r Harve, be supervisor of this 
my will. And the resydewe of my goodes my brethern 
Richard Alatt and Gilbert Alatt they to have, and dyspoase 
for the wealthe of my soule. Thies being witnes, Sir John 
Stevenson and Thomas Barker and John Stanger and Robert 
Say and Thomas Candler and Richard Berde, withe diverse 
oother moe. 

[Proved 9 Sept., 1544.] 


[Thower, 22.] 

8 Oct., 1532. ChristoferWylsonne.parsonneofWalkingstonet 
in the countie of Yorke. My body to be buried within the 

* He seems to have been also Rector of Tewin in Hertfordshire from 
1 Mar., 1508, to his death, 20 Nov., 1532, 


chauncell of my church of Walkington aforsaid before the 
Image of Alhalowes. To the metropolitan churche of Yorke, 
iij s. iiij d. To the foure orders of freres in Beverley and 
Hull, to every of them, x s. for a trigintall of masses. To my 
church of Walkington twoo vestmentes, thone of yelowe 
velwet and thother of blue satten with a redde crosse and a 
corporax with the case of clothe of golde. Also to my church 
of Tewing a vestment of yelowe damaske with a white crosse 
of clothe of golde, a corporax with a case of white clothe of 
golde, and a great chest to ley the vestmentes in. To Alice 
Sywell the worst fetherbed at Tewing with a matteras, a 
bolstar, a coverlett, a great ketill, and a posnet. To the church 
house at Tewing my best brasse potte, the gretist ketyll with 
a braiiderith. To the high aulter at KillwallguysJ oon corporax 
with the case, the oon side of clothe of golde and the other 
side an Image of our Lady. To the house of Killwallguys a 
counter with the covering, a cupbord, twoo joyned stolys, two 
joyned formes, a paire of great cobby rons, a basyn with an 
ewer, a stone morter, a dripping panne, a grydyron, the 
hanginges in the hall and the parlour, and twoo halberdes. 
To maister Richard Wilson, my scoler in the brode yattes at 
Oxford, my best fether bedde at Tewing with a bolster, a 
pyllowe, a pyllowbere, a paire of blankettes, a covering of a 
bedde of verdour werke lyned with canvas, a longe gowne of 
scarlett, the fore quarters furred with foynes and the hynder 
quarters lyned with sattyn in Sipers, a long gowne of violet in 
grayne that is with S r Henry Hylle at London, and my best 
sarcenet typett. Also I bequeth to a preest to pray for my 
soule, my father and mother and Sir Robert Hopwood soules, 
by the space of oon yere, at Walkington, vli. Also I will 
that myn executours pay to my brother maister Robert Wylson 
xxx s., and receyve of hym a silver salt with a cover parcell 
gilt, a goblet with a cover and a flatt pece. To Sir Henry Hyll 
a bagge of blak velwet, with rynge of silver and gilte. To 
Raufe Wylson my russet cote and a doublet of chamlet, and 
to his wife a longe gowne of murrey lyned with worsted of 
St. Thomas. To Sir John Tomson, my preest, my best shorte 
gowne, a newe bonett, an olde sarcenett typett and a doublet 
of chamlet. To Robert Wylson of Kyerby and his wife twoo 
shorte gownes, oon of scarlet and thother of blak cloth, both 
lyned with blak cotton. To Sir John Tomson, parson of 
Lockington, a longe gowne of scarlet, the fore quarters lyned 

t Walkington, in the wapentake of Howdenshire, two and a half miles from 

{ Probably Killingwoldgrove, in the parish of Bishop Burton, where there was 
an ancient hospital dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene. 


with blak sarcenet and behinde with satten of Sypers. To 
Margaret Mawndeby, for hir wages a longe gowiie of crymsyn 
lyned with sattyn in Cypers, my best fetherbedde with the 
sparver of dornex and the curteyns of the same, a paire of 
blankettes, twoo paire of shetes, a redde coverlet with 
castilles of it of yelowe, a bolster, a pyllowe, a paire of bellyd 
candelstickes not the best, half a garnysh of vessell with a 
charger. To the foure maidens, to every of them a kercheif 
cloth. To Richard Wylson, my servaunt, a doublet of say and 
my chamlet jaket. To William Selberne an olde doublett, a 
paire of hose and a pair of shoes, also to the shepard a paire 
of casten hose, a russet capp, a paire of shoes, and a litill 
candelstick. To litle Richard Wylson a yarde of clothe that 
is lyfte of my cloke. To every preest being present at my 
dirige and masse the day of my buriall, vj d., and to every 
other persone, viz. man, woman or childe, a penny. Also I 
wille that myn executours shall bestowe the viij h day of my 
buriall or elles the xxx u day fyve poundes. To Sir John 
Tomson, parson of Lockingtou, to Sir Henry Hille, one of 
the vicars of Saint Martyns at London, and to John Dowghty, 
of Walkington, to every of them xiij s. iiij d., whom I doo 
make myn executours to dispoase the residue of my gobdes 
by thadvise, consent and agrement of Maister William Holgyll, 
clerk and chaunter of the metropolitan churche of Yorke, and 
Maister Robert Creke of Beverley, thelder, whome I name to 
be supervisours of this my last will, and I bequethe Maister 
William Holgill a litell riuge of golde with a stone in it, and 
to Maister Robert Creke a cupp gilte with the cover. These 
being witnesse, Maister John Butler and Richard Wylson, 
notaries, and S r John Thomson, preest. 

[Proved 19 Dec., 1532, by executors.] 

[Hogen, 17.] 

[No date.] Thomas Monghumbere aliter Thomas Wilson- 
To the high aulter in the parrishe churche of Cawood, vj s. viij d. 
To Sir Robert, the parrishe preest of Cawood, vj s. viij d., 
whiche he hath in his handes. To Hugh Williams, the clerk e 
of my lordes kitchen, my best horse. To Doctour Laurage 
my gelding that I had of Skireif. To William Hill my 
awmbling nagge. To Thomas Thornetons wif, my hostes, 
xx s. Unto Elizabeth, her maide, x s. To thodre twoo 
maydens that dwelleth w th Thomas Thorneton, vj s viij d. 
betwent them egally. To Maister Whilling, iij li. vj s. viij d. 
To Maister Hewett and to Maister Fillon, xiij s. iiij d. egally. 


To Belcher, my servaunte, xxs. To William Potycary, 
vj s. viij d. To Thomas Clerk es wife, xx d. for a pot of ale. 
'I geve my best ringe to my lordes grace my maister. To 
M r Thesaurer, my lordes grace brother, my best ringe nexte 
that. To Belchtre, my servaunte, my riding cote, ij payer of 
hosen, iij shirtes, twoo cappes, my dowblet that is uppon my 
backe, and the residew of all myn apparrell that I have here I 
geve to my bedfellowe, William Girlington. To Middeltons 
wife, my susters daughter, my bargayn and surrendre that I 
have of Roger Burton, of Wistowe. I geve also to the said 
Myddelton wif, my suster daughter, my bargayne of the 
ferme holde of Kipax hall, whiche I had of myn bedfellowe, 
William Girlington, unto suche tyme as my bedfellow, William 
Girlington, doo pay her fyve poundes, and then he to have it 
agayne. To Brian Middelton, William Browghe, and William 
Girlingtou, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. a peace of all suche dettes as 
Thomas Bennett owethe by statute. The residewe of the said 
debtis, the whiche the said Bennett oweth me, I geve to Brian 
Middeltons wif, my suster daughter. I geve to Brian 
Middeltons wif my rioges and jewelles unbequeathed, or the 
monney that they lye for. It., I geve all my apparrell at 
London, w th my howsehold stuff and bedding there, to my 
britherne and to other of my kynnesfolkes, and to be devided 
amongst them. I geve a preest to singe a hole yere at the 
churche wheras my father and mother was buryed, and he to 
pray for my sowle, my father and mother sovvles, and all my 
frendes sowles, and he to have for his stipende and wage for 
the said yere, iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. To Thomas Thometon, my 
signet of my finger. The residew of my goodes I geve to 
Middeltons wife and to my twoo brithern egally. I make myu 
executour Brian Myddelton and William Brughe of London, 
and William Girlington, my bedfellowe, they twoo to dispoase 
all my goodes according to this my last will, and they to see 
the same trewly perfourmed as they will make answere before 
the face of God at the daye of judgement. Witnes, Sir 
Henry Whitting, phesition, Sir Robert Clerke, parishe priest 
of Cawood, Anthonny Hewer, Belcher Annys, with other. 
[Proved 5 Sept., 1534.] 


[Hogen, 17 and 33.] 

28 May, 1534. Sir William Fitzwilliam,* thelder, of 
Milton in the countie of Northampton, knyght. To be buried 

* In the pedigree in Hunter's South Yorkshire it is stated that he was son of 
John Fitzwilliam (a younger son of Sir John Fitzwilliam, of Sprotborough), by 
Ellen, daughter of William Villiers, of Brokesby, co. Leicester. It does not 


in the new chauncell att Marham which I have of late cawsed 
to be made and newly edified ther, and I will that myne 
executours cause a tombe of marble to be made with a 
scripture makinge mencion of my name. To the churche- 
wardeynes of Sancte Petirs churche the poore fourty 
shillinges, to the churchewardynes of Theydon Canaon in the 
countie of Essex fourtye shillinges, within the churche of 
Sancte Thomas Appostell to them that hathe most neede fourtye 
shillinges. To the iiij orders of freres in Stamfford, if they 
be at my buriall, foure poundes. To the mariages of poore 
maydens, a hundred poundes amongest my tenauntes in 
Northampton and Essex, or within the citie of London; also 
I remitte all suche poore creatures as be in my dett whos 
names apperithe in my vij fch booke of debtes under whose 
names I have written these wordes, Amore del Remitto. And 
where I have gevyn to my right dere and welbeloved wife, 
Dame Jane Fitzwilliam,* for terme of her life, the manours 
Henuinalles, Maydelles, Marshalles, Arnewayes, in the 
countie of Essex, of the yerelie value of one hundred markes 
for hir joyntour, I will that she shall have the same. I will 
the said Dame Jane my gilte basonne with the ewer of silver 
and gilte, twoo gilte creweses, two litle gilte saltes that were 
her owne, twoo gilte spones, twoo white drincking creweses, 
one with a cover, vj white spones, a crosse of diamontes 
whiche I gave to hir, twoo square crosses of golde with her 
apparrell, fyve hundred markes uppon condicon that she 
permitte Robert Dormer, esquier, to occupie the mannour of 
Eythorpp. Also I will that Dame Jane shall have possession 
of my messuage within the parrishe of Sancte Thomas 
thapostell wherin I now dwell for hir life. The residewe of 
my stuffe, hanginges, napry, bras, pewter, &c., to be divided 

state if it was he or his father that went first to London, but at any rate 
Sir William was a successful merchant and made a large fortune. He became 
master of the Merchant Tailors' Company and an alderman, and treasurer to 
Cardinal Wolsey. He bought in 1506 Milton Manor, co. Northampton. He 
married first Ann, daughter of Sir John Hawes, by whom a son, Sir William, 
progenitor of the present Earl Fitzwilliam ; secondly Mildred, daughter of 
Sir E. Sackville ; and thirdly Jane, daughter of John Ormond. He died 
9 Aug. , 1534, being buried at Marholm. 

* As stated above she is said to have been daughter of John Ormond, but 

she must have been previously married to Dynham. Her will is at 

London. 17 Jan., 1540-1. Dame Jane Fitzwilliam. To be buryed in the 
parishe church of Seynt Thomas Appostile in the mydle of the quyer. George 
Dynham my eldest sonne, Olyver Dynham my sonne, Edward Dynham my sone. 
Alice Dynham, Anne Dynham, Mary Dynham, Elizabeth Dynham, doughters. 
Jane Dynham, George Dynham the younger. Elenor Waller, Isabell Lunsford, 
Agnes Jenys my mayde. John Fox my chapleyn, William Smyth my servaunt, 
Richard Morthe my steward. (Other servants.) To parishe churche of 
Waddesdon in Bukkinghamshyre, vestment. Cosyn Bichard Sackvyle. Proved 
23 Oct., 1542. (Spert, 10.) 


into twoo partes, wherof theone parte I geve to Dame Jane, 
thother to Richard Fitzwilliam, my seconde sonne. To William, 
myn eldest sonne, three hundred marces, my best carpett and 
cusshiune halfe covered with clothe of golde, my gilte chalice 
with patent and paxe of silver, my harnis and cootes of fence 
in my galery chamber, my crosse of goolde with a ruby in the 
myddes and sett abowte with thre diamountes uppon condicioii 
he to kepe it in remembraunce to pray for my sowle and never 
to departe from it whilest he levith, my twoo greatest square 
saltes, my satteyne gowne furred, my damaske gowne furred, 
my best blacke gowne furred, and one of my dowblettes of 
black sateyn, and my russet velvit jackitt, all suche stuffe of 
housholde plate, cattail, grayne in my mannour place of 
Milton and Gayues parke. To Richarde, my secounde sonne, 
my best three goblettes and twoo white pottes gilte, my 
seconde greate carpitt, my chamblet gowne furred, my best 
blacke gowne lined with sarcenet, my dowblet of blacke 
satteyne and my jackett of tawnny satteyne. To Christofer, 
my thirde sonne, fyve hundred raarkes, one greate potte of 
silver and gilte, twoo white pottes of silver, a fethurbed, a 
bolster, a coverlett, twoo blankettes and a payer of shetes, 
my night gowne furred, my dowblett of woursted and my 
jacket of wursted. To Fraunces, my fourthe sonne, twoo 
white flagans, a fetherbedd, a bolster, a coverlett, twoo 
blaunkettes, and a payer of sheetes. To Thomas, my fifte 
sonne, three white bowles pounced, a fetherbedde, a bolster, 
a coverlett, twoo blankettes, and a payer of sheetes. To the 
poore scolers within the universities of Oxford e and Cambridge, 
fourty poundes. I will myne executours within one yere 
bestow on the making of the high way betwene Gaynes parke 
and Chigwel fyftye poundes, and that other fyftye poundes to 
be bestowed by thadvise of the Reverend father in God the 
Abbot of Thorney in making of high waies nighe the chappell 
called Sawtry chapell. I will my cowsen, Richard 
Waddington, shalhave the custodye of Thomas, my sonne, my 
cowsen, Richard Ogle, the yonger, of Fraunces, my sonne. To 
Elisabeth Brudnell, my dowghter, wif to Thomas Brudnell, 
esquier, twenty poundes, a bason and a ewer, a standing cupp 
gilte. To Thomas Brudnell, my son in la\ve, my best furre of 
martens which is in my best velvit gowne, and to my dawghter 
his wife my three seconde best boolles, gilte pounced. To 
Anne Cooke, my dawghter, twentye poundes. To my dawghter 
Mary twenty poundes, a bason and a ewer, a standing cuppe 
with a cover gilte, the thirde best which is redy delivered to 
John Shelley, my sonne in lawe. To my good lorde, therle of 
Wilteshire, my riche roos of diamountes and rubies, beseching 


his lordeship to be good lorde unto myn executours. To Ellyn 
Milwarde, my kynneswoman, fyve poundes. (Bequests to 
servants.) To Sir Richarde Smithe, parrishe preest, tenne 
shillings. To Roger Denham, my wifes sonne, tenne poundes. 
To litle Christea, my sonne William daughter, forty shillinges. 
To the priores and covent of Clarkinwell, tenne poundes, to 
have a dirige and masse. To the maister and wardeynes of the 
felovvshipp of merchaunte tailours in the cittie of London 
one of my best standing gilte cuppes, for a perpetuall 
remembraunce there to be kepte in their hall. To Jane Denham 
fourty shillinges. To my nevevv John, the sonne of Thomas 
Fitzwilliam, my brother, ten marces. I make John Baker, 
recorder of London, Antonny Cooke the yonger, esquier, 
Richard Waddington and Richard Ogle the yonger, executours, 
and overseer Sir William Fitzwilliam, knight, treasorour of 
the kinges howseholde, and to have my three best gilte boolles 
with a cover. John Baker shalhave twoo greate gilte pottes, 
and Antonny Cooke fifty markes. The residew into twoo 
partes, thone half amongest my childerne, the other parte to 
my poore kinnesfolkes and to the poore and nede. 

Codicil, last July. To Christofer, my sonne, one white 
pott of silver, matche unto that to him at'or bequethed. To 
Thomas, my sonne, a litle salte gilte whiche was gevyn him by 
his god mother. Wheras I had gevin unto my s-onne William a 
crosse of golde, now I will for diverse consideraconnes that 
Dame Jane, my wife, shalhave the saide crosse to hir use uppon 
condicon that she shall yerely pay during tenne yeres forty 
shillinges, that is to say, twenty shillinges yerely unto my son 
William and twenty shillinges to William, eldest sonne to said 
sonne William. I will that my pece of fyne lynnen clothe to 
be divided betwene Dame Jane, my foure dowghters, and 
Anne Waddington. To Dame Jane my best gowne of blacke 
velvit when the furre is taken out, and she to were it for my 
sake. To my sonne William, my new single gowne of 
satteyne, never woren. To my cousen, Richard Waddington, 
my ringe with a turkezz. 

[Proved 5 Sept., 1534.] 


[Crumwell, 4.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. 1535. I, Rauf Carre, of Newecastell 
upon Tyne, merchaunt, doo make my will. Furst, I give my 
bodie to be bured where it shall pleas God and my frendes, 
the daye of my buriall x s. for a trentall of masses, to every 
ordre of freers within this towne a lode of whete. To my 
sistir Elianor five markes in money, or els in wares of a 


resonable price. To my sistir Anne ij li., in like maner. To 
my brother in lawe Mathue Baxttor, and Edwarde Baxttor, 
either of them a slep of silver weing tene grotes a pece, also 
I give my said bretherne in lawe a nother of them, a longe 
bowe withe all my shaf les, Mathewe to take his chose. To my 
brother in lawe, John Holland, my foxe furred gowne. To 
Bartilmewe, my servauiit, my sad tawny gowne furred with 
black boge, fourtie shillingis in wares or dettes that bee 
payeable. To Bele, my servaunt mayde, xiij s. iiij d. I will 
the reste of my goodes be devided to my wif and my children, 
and she to have the order of the said goodes and children 
during hir wydowhode, and at such tyme as she shall marye 
then I will that my children and there porcions be put in to 
suche frendes handis as wilbe bound to bring them up and 
deliver them the said goodes at xxj yeres of aige, at the sight 
and by thadvise of my grondfather and my father in lawe, 
whiche I make supervisours of this my dede and will. My wif to 
have her feoffament and third of all my landes during her lif, 
and for the rest of all my landes I will they goo to the helping 
and bringing up of all my children to myn eldest sonne be of 
xxj yeres. 

[Proved 5 Feb., 1536-7, by Isabell, relict.] 


[Hogen, 36.] 

9 Apr., 1535. Bartilmewe Wastnes, of Wollaton. To be 
buried in cristen mans buriall. To the parson of Wullaton 
for tithes and oblacons, x s. To my suster, being unmaried, 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To my brother Georges childern, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. 
equally. To Margery Shrygley, doughter to Thomas Shrigley, 
of Lychefelde, vj s. viij d. To Anne Mylaborn, of Ecclesall in 
the countie of Stafford, vj s. viij d. I do release Walter 
Savege vj s. viij d., John Bowde as for vj s. viij d., that they 
may pray for the helthe of my soule. And the residue of my 
goodes not geven I geve to Henry Zouche, gentilman, that he 
may order them for the helthe of my soule, and the same 
Henry I make my sole executour, and my brother Georg 
Wastnes supervisour. In witnes, Sir John Smyth, John 
Bowde, Richard Baker, and Edward Canton. 
[Proved 12 May, 1536.] 


[Dyngeley, 16.] 

21 May, 1536. James Johnson, clerk. My bodie to be 
buried in the parishe church of Thirske. Also such goodes 

* There is a pedigree of Wastnes of Hedon in the Visitation of Nottingham. 
(Harleian Society, iv, 68.) 


and stuffe as I have lefte and not dispoased I will John 
Bowman shall bringe me forth withall and dispoase for my 
soule the day of my burial], and yf any thinge remayn of my 
said goodes then I will that the said John shall departe and 
dispoase it betwixt him and my powre frendes after his 
discrecion. Wittenes, Edward Hanforth, Baily of Thirske, 
and Edward Baccon, with other. 

[Proved 21 May, 1538.] 


[Dyngeley, 13.] 

15 July, 1536. Thomas Farrande, draper, of London. 
First I bequethe my soule to Almighty God my Creatour, and 
to our blissed Lady and to all the hollye company in hevyn, 
my body to be buried in Saint Michell in Cornehill church- 
yarde. To the high awter of the church to the mayntenance 
of the light afore the blissed Sacrament v s., and to saint 
Anne brotherhede xxd., and to the beame light and Saint 
Kateryns iij s. iiij d. To the mending of the waye where moost 
nede is next to London, xl s. To the making of the kawsey 
in Skypton, from the house where my father did departe till 
ye come to the church, xl s. To Mawde my suster twenty 
poundes, and to every brothar and suster iij li. vj s. viij d. To 
every servaunt in my house xl s. To James Vykers twenty 
poundes, and unto Maistres Freman twenty poundes. Unto 
Thomas Kuyght, Robert and Elizabeth, the children of William 
Knyght, threscore poundes, so that they save my executours 
harmeles agenst every man and make no more clayme of their 
fathers goodes. Unto Elyn, my maide, iij li. vj s. viij d. and 
a gowne. Unto the Drapers hall, soe that they make Richard 
my brother free, fyve poundes. And unto my landlord and 
the covent of Saint Mary Overeys xl s., so that they lett my 
brother Richard remayn in the house as tenant. And the 
rest of my goodes, catalles, juelles or dettes, my will fulfilled 
to be egally devided in thre partes after the laudable custome 
of the citie, one parte to my welbeloved wife Amies, and 
another to Andrewe my sonne, and my parte unto my brother 
Richard Farrande, the which I ordeyn my full executour to 
receyve all my dettes and paye my dettes. And if it happen 
to call to his mercy Andrewe my sonne afore he come to 
lawfull age or mariage I give the hoole and for the more 
suertie I will that my brother Richard shalhave both Andrewe 

* Son of Eobert Ferrand, of Skipton. His brother William was one of the 
executors of Henry, second Earl of Cumberland, and ancestor of the Ferrands 
of Skipton, Carlton, and Flasby. (See Dugdale's Visitation.) 


and his parte in his kepinge till he come to lawfull age or 
mariage. Maister Eichard Travys, Kichard Stansfelde, 
William Hilton and George Croche, overseers, and I geve 
them xl s. a pece and a blak gown. 

[Proved 12 Jan., 1537-8.] 


[Crumwell, 6.] 

10 Aug., 1536. Margaret Reede, wydowe, of Newcastell 
upon Tyne, late the wyfe of Thomas Reede, marchaunt, 
deceased. My body to be buryed in the parisshe churche of 
Seint Nycholas afore the aulter of Saynt Thomas there. To the 
reparacon of Seynt George porche within the saide churche 
xx s. To every order of fryers within the towne x s. To the 
vj almes howses, to every one of them iij s. iiij d. I will an 
abill preest shall singe for my soule at the aulter of seynt 
Thomas during thre yeres, and I give for his salary xiiij li. 
To my poor neghbors v li. To Thomas Reede my sonne the 
tenement wherin I now do dwell, with all the implementes 
in the halle, that is to seye, on pay re of o verse hanginges, thre 
counters, oon coberd, on yron chymnay, oon dossen of 
quishens, on fetherbed, my best sault with a cover sylver and 
gylte, xiij sylver spones with the appostelles, one silver pece 
pounced. To John Reede my sone a hundred markes, of 
entent that he shuld provyde hymself a house and a fetherbedd. 
To William Reede my sonne a tenement in a streate called 
the Clothe Markett, wherin John Ratclyfe now dothe dwell, 
all maner of implementes belonging, a hundred markes, on 
fetherbedd. To Elinour Reade my doughter one hundred 
markes, one dossyn sylver spones of the maydenhedd, one 
garnysshe of pewter vessell, a kichynmaye, ij pottes of brasse, 
ij pannes, vj table clothes, vj towelles, vj payre of lynnyn 
shetes, iiij payre of harden shetes, one nest of compteres, 
ij chestes, two dossyn napkyns, one twilled towell, and 
iij pillowes with coverynges. To John Orde my sone in lawe 
one gilt pece with coveringe and ij lawe peces parcell gilted 
that I bought last at London. To Henry Orde xx li. To John 
Blenkynshope my sone in lawe one sylver saulte, one pece of 
the f assion of the boll. To John Blenkynshope the yonger xx li. 
To John Ratclyfe my sonne in lawe and to his children xxx li. 
To Isabell Patenson, doughter of Thomas Paten son, merchaunt, 
tenne markes. To George Sybby my brother one silver pott 
gilted. To Robert Lame my brother in lawe one sylver pece 
that I bought of George Taylour. To my brother in lawe 
Henry Fenele xl s. To my suster, his wyfe, my best gowne 
but one, To Nicholas ffenele, my servaunt, v li. To Elizabeth 


Clarkson, my servaunt, xl s. I forgive Christofer Carr and 
my cosyn Elizabeth, his \vyf, Richard Thomson my cosyn, all 
such dettes as they owe to me. To Johannett Bewycke my 
neice, three yardes of the best brode clothe nowe beinge in my 
shoppe, one half yarde of velvit with as moche worsted as 
will lyne the same. The rest of my goodes I give to John 
Orde and Thomas Reade, whome I make myn executours to 
dispoase for the helthe of my soule. Wyttnes, Sir Robert 
Hyxsonne, parish e preest and curat of Saynte Nicholas churche. 

[Proved 16 June, 1537.] 


[Crumwell, 8.] 

In the name of God, Amen. The xxj daie of October, 
1537. I, Thomas Reade, marchaunte, of Newcastell uppon 
Tyne, make my wyll. To be buried in Saynte Ny colas churche 
within Sainte George porche. Unto the vicar vj s. viij d., 
also for my laye stone vj s. viij d., and to my curat and the 
parishe clark vj s. viij d. To the saide porche of Sainte George 
for reparacons xx s. I will my two brether, John Reade and 
William Reade, be my executours. I will my brother John 
have full possession of all my landes that my father did give 
me, and more, iij s. iiij d. by yere which e I purchased of my 
cosyn Robert Greme, of Anwyke. To my brother John Reade 
my cloth shoppe, with all the dettes and money pertynynge to 
the saide shoppe syns my mother departed. To my brother 
John Orde my best gowne, and to my sister, his wyf, my best 
belt. I will that my brother Orde paie out of the saide shop 
to my suster Elianore Ivj li. vj s. viij d. To my brother 
Blenkinsopp and his children xxli., and to my suster, his 
wyfe, a gowne unshapyn, and her best pyn chest, her amber 
beades and her best crokes, and to hym self my next best 
gowne. To my brother John Ratclif and his children xx li. 
and a gowne to hym self, and to my suster, his wyf, my wyffes 
best sylver beades. To my suster Elianor, to her mariage, 
xxli. Also I will that my executours give to my susters 
doughters Eliz. Patenson xl li., and if it chaunce the said Eliz. 
shuld departe or she be maryed I will the bequest shall come 
to John Reade, William Reade, Elianor Rede, and to all my 
susters children by evyn porcions. To my uncle Seilbe my 
best jacket and my best doblet, and to my uncle Lambe my 
next best doublet and jacket. To my cosyn George Clerkeson 
children, of Anwyke, xx tie markes. To my servaunt Thomas 
Clarkson xx li., and to my servaunt George Clerkson xl s. 

* He appears to be son of Margaret Reade, whose will precedes (his. 


To my cosyn Eliz. Clerkson my kechyn chymney, and to my 
cosyn Nicolas Fynkill iiij li. To my servaunte Jane xxvj s. viij d. 
To my servaunte Anne Hesell xvij s. iiij d. To Thomas Rede 
xl s. I will that a prest shall singe for me and my wyf by the 
space of iiij yeres, and he to have for his salary every yere 
iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. yerelie. To my brother M r Meyre xix s. vj d. 
and certaine suger loves that he owght me, for to make a 
ringe with. To my suster Maires my best demyte and all my 
wyffes gownes and kyrtilles to thuse of my wif (sic) and my 
naunt Byrd saving her tawnye gowne to my cosyn Anne 
Baxter. To my suster my wyfes ringes, with a ringe to my 
naunt Fenkyll, and to my aunte Selhy and to my aunte 
Lambe, every one of them, on. To my brother John Reade 
the house that I dwellid in, with all implement es as it now 
standes saving the gere within the counters chestes and 
cupbordes. I give my aunte Fawdon xxvj s. viij d. I will 
my brother M r Meyre and my brother John Owrd shalbe my 
supervisors. Wytnesses, S r William Hoxston, parishe preest, 
George Selby, Thomas Clarkeson, merchauntes. 

[Proved 3 Jan., 1537-8.] 


[Crumwell, 13.] 

Richarde Anderson, of Newcastell uppon tyne, merchaunte, 
bequeth my soule to Almyghtye God, to our Ladye Sainte 
Marye, and to all the Saintes of hevyn, and my bodye to be 
buryed yn Saynte Nicholas Kyrke in Newcastell, or els where 
God be pleased to wysshe me, or els in the next kyrke where 
God wysshyth me. Also I make my sonne Edwnrde my 
executour of all my goodes, and I will that my wife shalhave 
the thirde parte of my goodes besides my legacyes, and that 
is this : f urst, I give to my brother Peter Anderson sevyn 
poundes in moneye, and he to have his f redom or els my goodes 
to make hym free. Also I will that my mother shall have hir 
fyndynge if so be shee nede of my goodes while she levyth. 
I make my gossyppe George Borrell and Cuthberte Ellyson 
and John Ellyson supervisors, and I give to them thre ryalles 
in golde. To my twoo suster xx s. a pece, and to my brother 
Edward Anderson xxs. And I praye my gossippe George 
Borrell and Cuthbert Ellyson and John Ellyson for to see that 
this my last will performyd as hereafter ys wrytten. Wrytten 
the furst daye of September, the xxix fch yere of Kynge Henrye 
the eight (1537). 

Codicyll, the xxvij th June, 1538, witnesseth that I, Richarde 
Anderson, this daye beinge visited with the visitacon of 


Almyghty God att Selkesworth,* and cannot have a prest as I 
wolde, I putt me holye in the mercye of God, and I will that 
my testamente that lyeth in my cubborde wrytten with my one 
hande shall stande as my last will. Also where as my wife 
beinge no we with childe, beinge forthe of my will, I will that 
Cuthbert Ellyson shall geve to that childe suche porcon as he 
shall thynke good, and also for the order of my son Edwarde, 
and of all other thinges to the affecte of my will, he to order 
in all causes ns he thynketh good, and that he dothe I allowe 
it before God. Recordes, my wif Eliz. Anderson, my brother 
Henry Anderson, Echnonde Veysye, and Margarett Cawarde. 

[Proved 13 May, 1539.] 


[Crumwell, 13.] 

In the name of God, Amen. 1537, the xxj day of Auguste. 
I, George Erie of Shrowysbury, Lorde Steward of the Kynge, 
our souverayne Lorde Henry the viij th moste honorable 
howshold, being in good helthe, ordeyn my laste will. Fyrst, 
I bequethe my sowle unto Allmighty God, our Lady Saynte 
Mary, and to all the holy company of heaven, and my bodye 
to be buryed in the parisshe churche of Sheffeld by my late 
wyfe Dame Anne wher she now lieth, and myn executours to 
cawse rny bodye thither to be brought and entierid as shortely 
as they caniie without tarying past ij dayes, and withowte 
ceremonyes but dirige over evin, iij masses and a symonde on 
the morowe, and poore folkes to have xxv black gownes to 
beare xxv tie torches att my buryall, and not to be geven past, 
c blacke gownes to my servauntes, besides gownes to be geven 
to my wyfe and her ientlewomen. Item, I will a tombe to be 
made over my bodie of marble with iij Images, one of me in 
my mantell of garters and the other of my wyfe in her roobes 
and her arrnyes on my right hande, and the thirde to be of 
my wyfe that now ys on my lyfte hande with her mantell and 
armes, the tombe to be made of marble and well garneshed, 
and the expenses, costes and charges of the premysses to be 
borne by myn executors of the yssus, renttes and profittes of 
the manors landes wherof I declare my will for paymentt of 

* Silksworth, co. Durham. 

t Born 1468. Was with Henry VII at Bosworth. Baised forces for the 
King at the Pilgrimage of Grace. Died at Wingfield Manor 26 July, 1538. 
Buried at Sheffield 27 March, 1538-9. (See Hunter's Hallamshire, p. 74.) His 
first wife was Ann, daughter of William, first Lord Hastings , his second 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Walden, of Erith, co. Kent, where she was 
buried. His son Francis succeeded as fifth Earl. 


my debttes, or elles the same to be made of my goodes not 
bequethed. Also I will that ymediatly after my deceas myn 
executors do give to oone thowsand preestes, every of them 
xj d. to say placebo, dirige and masse for my soule and all 
Christian soules,and xxv tie markes in peny dole to be distributed 
the daye of my buriall to suche pore people as shalbe thereat 
to pray for my soule. To every of the curattes of Sowth 
Wynfeld and Sheffeld for tythes forgotten and to praye for 
my soule vli., and the vicar of Criche xls., and yf they can 
prove any more to be dew I will that myn executors do 
contente ytt. To every of the parisshe churches of 
South wynf eld and Sheffeld a vestementt to be made of myn 
apparell. To the Charterhouses of Beveall, Sheen and 
London, every of them xl s., and to the houses of freres in 
Nottyngham and Derbye, every of them xxs., to say a 
solempne Dirige and masse for my soule. Unto the prior of 
Worsopp one sute of riche clothe of golde, that is to say a 
coope, a vestement, deacon and subdeacon with orpheresses 
and all thinges belonging unto the same, and the same to be 
made and shortely fynisshed att my propre costes and 
delyvered unto the said prior and convent there to pray for 
my soule. Unto the churche of Sheffeld one piece of grene 
clothe of golde whiche remayneth hole, and therof I will that 
myn executors shall make a coope and vestement, deacon and 
subdeacon, and to by orpherezes for the same to the valew of 
xx li. To my right entierly welbelovyd dame Elizabeth my 
wyffe thes parcelles following of plate overgilt, that is to saye 
one greate crosse with our ladye and saynte John Evangelist, 
a litle crucyfix of cremory worke with reliques in yt, an image 
of our ladye and her sonne in her arrays, ij chalices at her 
choise, ij paier of pottes with flatt Talbottes upon the cover, 
ij paier of pottes with standing Talbottes upon the cover, 
vj pouncyd bolles with a cover and a standyng Talbott, 
vj playn goblettes with ij covers, vj standing cuppes with 
covers suche as she will chuse amongest all my standing 
cuppis, a lavor with the rose and pomegarnett, iij cuppis of 
assaye suche as she will chuse owte of vij, a salte of mother 
of perle, a paier of salttes and a cover with the rose upon the 
topp, the small salttes that I am now fynd with at the borde, 
a paier of new salttes for the hall, a spone with a marke of 
G and T, xij spones with saufferons graven upon the knoppis, 
a spone for orengis with a Talbott upon the ende of it, a paier 
of covered basyns with my armes in the myddes, a basyn and 
an ewar with a talbott in the myddes, ij ale crusis with 
strauberys on the toppis, iij candelstickes for soup lighttes, a 
cruse for Renysshe wyne with a cover, an ale cuppe with a 


cover that my lady doithe drincke oon, a cupp called my ladys 
night cappe with a cover. Also I give to my said wyfe thes 
parcelles of silver and parcell gilte, thatt ys to saye, oon paier 
of pottes with lying talbottes upon the cover, one quarte pott, 
vj bolles with a rose and a ryng upon the cover, a plate 
for a syse (?), a spice plate of Spanysshe worke, iij litle 
candelstickes, a basyn for my lady to wasshe her face, a litle 
candlestick for a syse, ij basins with ewers at her choise owt 
of five, a great standing basyn for strawberys or possettes, 
allso these parcelles of silver not gilte, one pott for ale with a 
talbott upon the cover, vj new ale crusys all white new made, 
ij pynte pottes with cover, one dossen spones with knoppis, 
iij paier of flaggons, one paier every one of them a gallon, 
the seconde paier every of them a large quarte, the third 
paier every of them a pynte, viij new candelstickes, iiij can- 
delstickes with double sowkettes, a possenett, a ladle, a paier of 
disshes for butter of sylver, a testing yron with wyars, ij peces 
with ij covers, a litle salte for my chamber, a chafing disshe 
and a gredyron, vj playn goblettes with ij covers, ij silvar 
dishes that my wife did give me. Also I give my said wife 
the pieces of hanginges of tappistre following, first the hole 
hanginges of Belm' and Brem', the hole hanging of Mosyses, 
the hole hanginges of Shepardes, the hole hanging that was 
made for my galorye and the chamber within yt at Coldher- 
barow, the hole hanging of morrene, also theone halffe of all 
suche hanginges of Sayes as I have egally in goodnes to be 
devided. I will my wife shalhave my trussing beddes of 
clothe of golde and blacke velvett and the counterpoynte 
therunto belonging, allso one of my trussingbeddes of scarlett 
with the counterpoynte therto belonging, a trussyng bedd of 
crymsyn velvett and tawny tynsell and curtayns of changeable 
sarcenett, and cushyns of tawny tynsell the on side and 
thother side yelow satten, a trussing bedd of yelow luke 
clothe of golde with my best guylte for the same, the best 
trussing bedd that was made of olde bawdekyn att Wyndfeld, 
oone sparver of blacke velvett and crymsyn tynsell of 
viij thredes and curteyns for the same and one of the best 
counterpoynttes of verdure for the same, ij new sparvers of 
redde and grene of the beyond the see saye, oon new sparver 
of redd and yellowe of the beyonde the see saye, one paier 
of aulter clothes of crymsyn velvett and clothe of golde of 
tissew, the crymsyn velvett imbroderid with strawberys, one 
vestementt of clothe of golde of tissue with all thinges 
belonging unto the same, one aulter clothe of tawny velvett 
and clothe of golde and the vestement belonging unto the 
same, the one halffe of my shettes, napry and other lynnen 


store whatsoever it be egally and after the goodnes to be 
devided, and in likewise thone halffe of all my fetherbeddes, 
mattarezes, bolstars, pillous, counterpointes, coveringes of 
beddes, fusteans, blankettes and coverlettes to be egally 
divided, thone halffe of all my stuff belonging to my kytchen 
iu all places what so what evar yt be, brasse, peawtar or 
other, to be egally devided as afore is saide, all suche horsses, 
geldinges and kyen, bounden wayn, xiiij draught oxen wherof 
ij were given unto her by Thomas Eton and other xij of the 
best that she can gett to be chosen for her of myne owne, all 
my stocke of shepe att Stonymyddleton and thone halfe of 
all my fatt cattell both oxen and sheepe, all my stocke of 
sheepe at Herdwyke. Also I give my said wyfe after my 
deceas my ferme of Worteley whiche I have of Thomas 
Wortlay during my termes. And whear the Kinge highnes, 
by his letters patenttes bering date the xvij daye of Maye in 
the xxix th yere of his raign, hathe graunted unto me the 
wardeshipp, custodye and mariage of Petar Compton, esquier, 
sonne and heyre of Sir William Compton, knight, deceased, 
then being the Kinges warde by reason of the noneage of the 
said Petar, and allso the custodye of the manors of Maxstocke, 
Greate Wylforde, Litle Wilforde and Long Compton in the 
countye of Warwicke, and allso of dyvers other landes within 
the foresaid manors and in the townes of Netherpilterton, 
Kynton, Dorsett, Shukeborough and Herbere, during the 
nonage of the said Petar, whiche Petar Compton is now maried 
unto the lady Anne Talbott, doughter of me the said Erie. I 
will that if it shall fortune me to deceas before the said Petar 
Compton shall accomplishe and come to his full age of 
xx fci yeres that then the ladye Elizabeth, my wyffe, shall have 
aswell the ordre, rule and governaunce of the said Petar and 
lady Anne, his wife, as allso the custodye of the said manors 
during the nonage of the said Petar Compton, and shall take 
the renttes yerely comyng for the fyndyng and keping of the 
said Petar and lady Anne until the said Petar shall accomplisshe 
the age of xx fcl yeres. Also I will that my wyfe shall have to 
her owne use all jewelles, rynges, owches, cheynes, broches, 
girdelles, stones and parelles which she nowe hathe as they 
were enteryd in a boke by perticuler parcelles, also foure 
caskettes coveryd with yron with all jewelles in the same, and 
all moneye conteynyd in the same cakettes, which monye ys 
expressed in a bill signed with my hande, of whiche caskettes 
twoo of them be bigger and twoo smaller, also a pece of 
whitte bawdekyne conteynynge xij yardes and half of my 
carpettes, also xij cusshions of verdures whiche I laste boughte 
of Thomas Farraunte of London, upholster. Also I will myne 


executours to delyver unto my wiff all such stuffe as is to hir 
bequethed ymmedyatlye after my deceas. Also I give unto 
sonne Fraunces, Lorde Talbott, these parcelles followinge of 
silver over gilte, furste, a crosse of silver and gilte haveynge 
the passion of ymagis abowte it, one ymage of sainte George 
on horsbacke, one ymage of sainte Christofer, one ymage of 
sainte Dorothe, one ymage of sainte Barbara, one paier of 
sencers, one chalice, one paier of cruettes, one sakrynge bell, 
one paier of greate flatt flagons with Talbottes apon the sides 
of them, one paier of greate pottes pounced with Talbottes 
and shameferons, one paier of pottes wrethid, one paier of 
playne pottes, vj bolles and a cover playne with Talbottes and 
shameferons apon them, vj goblettes with twoo covers with 
tabottes and shamfrons apon them, one paier of litle saltes of 
guide with amytyes uppon the covers, one paier of saltes of 
parysheworke with Talbottes and myne arrays in the garter 
uppon the cover, an old salte with a cover and a knoppe 
uppon the cover of the kynges gyfte, vj spones playne gilte 
withoute knoppes, one standinge cuppe of course golde with a 
cover with a saufer uppon the toppe, iij standinge cuppes of 
the kynges newe yeres gifte with covers, a paier of grete 
basons with myne armys and my ladye my graunte mother in 
the bottom whiche myne uncle Sir Gilberte Talbott dyd bequeth 
unto me, also these parcelles of silver and parcell gilte, 
vj bolles with a cover and manchons in the botom, three 
candelstickes for soper lightes wrethid, also these parcelles of 
silver and not gilte, one paier of pottes with flatte talbottes 
upon them, xj spones playne withoute knoppes, vj goblettes 
with twoo covers pounced with martlettes, one paier of flagons 
of a pottell a pece, a shavinge potte, a shavinge bason, twoo 
basons and twoo ewyers, my hanginges of vice and vertue, the 
hanginges of Alexaunder, the hanginges of the pr nr, with 
other foure peces that hange within the greate chamber att 
Wyndfelde with the said pr fir, the peces of hanginges that 
belonge unto the gallarye at Wyndfelde and to the olde 
chambre there, the hole hanginges of manchons with all peeces 
of the same sorte that hangythe the parlour at Chelsay, 
the hanginges of course tapestrie that hangeth the great 
chamber at Chelsay, these hanginges for beddes, on sillor, a 
testour, and a counterpoynte of redd and whitte bawdekyn 
for a trussinge bedd panyd with curfceus of whitte and redd 
sarcenet to the same, and iij cusshions of the same bawdkyn, 
twoo of them square and one longe, a sillor, an tester and a 
counterpoynte of grene and redd velvyt figuryd, panyd with 
curtens of redd and grene, and thre cusshions, twoo of them 
square and one longe, of the same velvyfc, one sillor, a testour 


and a counterpoynte of blewe and yelowe damaske and cm-tens 
of blewe and yelowe sarcenet, and thre cusshions, twoo square 
and one longe, one sparver of grene velvyt and clothe of 
golde with curtens of redd and greuene, one sparver of 
crymsyn velvyt and black tynsell, a trussinge bedd of skarlet, 
a counterpoynte and curtens to the same, one trussinge bedd 
of redd and yelowe saye and curtens to them, one trussinge 
bedd of yelowe and grene saye and curtens to them, 
xij ffetherbeddes with bolsters and vj counterpoyntes of 
verduces, xvj mattres with bolsters and coverlettes, vj paier 
of fustyans, foure paier of sheetes of thre breades, vj paier of 
sheetes of twoo breades and a half, xviij paier of shetes of 
twoo breads, vj pillowes, all my stock of sheepe at Herdycke, 
one yron bounde wayne and twelve of my draught oxen of 
the next sorte after my wiffe be servid, with yokes and temes 
to the same, all the residewe of all my kechyn stuff after my 
wiffe have taken owte hir half, provided always that my wife 
shall have all the choise of all my stuffe to hir bequethid or 
annye other be delyveryd. Also I bequeth unto my ladye of 
Northumberlande, my doughter, one chayne of golde with 
whitte and redd namell, one standinge cuppe of silver and 
gilte with a cover of the kynges newe yeres gifte, and also 
one cuppe of asaye. Unto my ladye Dacre, my doughter, one 
cuppe with a cover of the kynges newe yeres gifte. Unto my 
doughter Anne Talbott all the hole hanginge that I boughte 
of Thomas Farraunte of London, upholster, conteynyuge 
vij peces of beestes and flowers, one trussinge bedd whiche 
nowe lyeth in with all manner thinges belonginge to the same, 
and one of my beste quyltes of turkey silke to laye uppon the 
same, three fetherbeddes with bolsters, thre counterpoyntes of 
verdures, twoo paier of fustyans, iiij mattres with bolsters, 
coverlittes and blankyttes, iiij paier of sheetes of thre breades 
and a half, iiij paier of sheetes of twoo breades, twoo standinge 
cuppes silver and gilte of the kinges newe yeres gifte, one 
bason and an ewer percell gilte of the sorte that I am daylye 
find with, one paier of litle pottes gilte with talbottes uppon 
the cover. Unto my sone George Talbott one standinge cuppe 
silver and gilte of the kynges newe yeres gifte. Unto my 
sonne Thomas Dacre one standinge cuppe silver and gilte of 
the kynges newe yeres gifte. Unto my doughter Anne 
Talbott, doughter unto my sonne Frauncis, Lorde Talbott, one 
standinge cuppe silver and gilte of the kynges newe yeres 
gifte. Unto my wiffes woman, Elizabeth Powell, three score 
angell nobles for hir diligente service don unto me. Unto 
M r Doctor Talbott one standinge cuppe with a cover of the 
kynges newe yeres gifte. Unto Maister Holmes one standynge 


cuppe with a cover of the kynges newe yeres gifte. Unto my 
sonne Frauncis, Lorde Talbott, my tawnye velvyt gowne 
furred with sabulles, my black satten gowne furred with 
sables. Unto my brother in lawe William Hastynges one 
standinge cuppe with a cover of the kynges newe yeres gifte. 
And where there is a lease made unto me of the mannor of 
Wirksoppe and in other in Wyrksoppe, Tylne and 
Shiroff within the countye of Notingham. and of the mannor 
of Donnyngton within the countye of Yorke, and in the 
mannor of Blackmere, Whitchurche, Tilstok, Asshe manor, 
Asshe parva, Dodington, Burgball, Altyngton, Newoodhouse, 
Olde Wodhouse, Hollyshirste and Cheyne in Salopp, and 
Malburye in the countye of Chester, I will that myne executours 
shall with the renttes pay all my dettes to the kynge for the 
custodye of Peter Compton, esquyer, and for dettes to Thomas 
Wortlaye, as also all other my dettes, legacies and funeralles. 
Also there shalbe three prestes founden for the space of 
twentye yeres, wherof two of them shall daylye praye, synge 
and saye devyne service in the parishe churche of Sheffeld 
at the aulter where my late wif ladye Anne is buryed, and the 
other priste att the chappell of our blyssed ladye of the 
bridge att Sheffelde, and everye of the three pristes and their 
successours to have eight naarkes yerely of the renttes of the 
aforesaide manners. And I will that whiche of the saide twoo 
prestes yn the churche of Sheffelde shall saye furste masse 
daylye att the saide aulter I will shall before the furste 
lavatorye of the same masse saye de profundis for my lorde my 
father soule, my ladye my mother soule, my soule, the soule 
of my late wiff Dame Anne, the soull of my wiff dame 
Elizabeth after hir departynge owte of this worlde, all my 
children soules, myne auncetours soules, the soules of M r 
Richarde Shreboure and Sir Rycharde Rolston, prestes, and all 
Christien soules. And I will of the renttes in the same lease 
there be three obyttes kepte in the churche of Sheffelde, and 
one anniversarye to be yerely kept in the same church. And 
I will that iiij tapers of wax, every one of them beinge of the 
weight of five poundes, shall burn daylye durynge the saide 
terme of twentye yeres att high masse, mattens and evensonge 
and every principall feaste and every Sondaye. (Glauses about 
the obits, about tapers being renewed, and fresh priests appointed if 
the Reverend neglects, by the Prior of Worltsop. Servants to have 
extra wages.) I will and charge my son Frauncis that if my 
doughter, the Countyes of Northumberlande, have not by 
assigmente, recordie or otherwise promosion to landes owte of 
the late inherytaunce of hir late husbande Henrye, late Erie 
of Northumberlande, deceased, as will extende to fynde hir an 


honorable lyvinge, that then my saide sonne Frauncis and his 
heires shall give and fynde the Counties of Northumberlande 
meyte, drynke, apparrell and other fyndynge durynge hir 
liffe naturall or unto suche tyme as she shall have some landes 
whiche shalbe to hir an honorable livinge. I make my entyerly 
belovyd sonne Frauncis Talbott, knyght, lorde Talbott, my 
sole executour. Wittnes, Edmonde Molenoux, Anthonye 
Nevell, William Holme, priste, Thurston Woodcock. 

[Proved 13 Jan., 1538-9.] 


[Crumwell, 12.] 

3 Nov., 1537. Roberte Jenyson, gentilman, in Barnspathe 
within the bushopperyck of Durham. My bodye to be buryed 
within my parishe churche with my mortuary dewe. I will 
that I be honestly brought fourthe the daye of my buryall at 
the discretion of Agnes my wyfe and hir frendes. I will that 
foure poundes be given for me the daye of my buryall to the 
powrest householders within the parishe. I wyll that a preste 
of good name be heryd a hole yere to praye for the soules of 
me, my father and mother, with all my good fryndes, 
benefactors and good dowers, and he to have iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. 
To Thomas my sonne a silver salte parcell gilte with a cover, 
and yn defawte of hym to William, and in defawte of hym to 
Raaff my yongest sonne, and the same salte to remayne yn the 
kepinge of my wife aslonge as she levythe and after her 
deathe to come to one of my sonnes as ys abovcsaide. To 
Thomas my sonne a gowne furred with fox and a tawnye 
velvyt dublett. To William and Raaffe my sonnes a salte 
panne for the space of tenne yeres standinge at Cambos in 
Northumberlande in the holdinge of Gawyn Myllnbuen, and 
after the tenne yeres it to remayne to my sonne and heire. 
To my foure doughters Agnes, Maryory, Ellyn and Brigitte, 
every one of them xiij li. vj s. viij d. in recompence of legacyes. 
To Agnes my wife a dossen silver spones marked with maydens 
heddes. To William and Raafe my sonnes xiij silver spones, 
and yn defawte of the elder, William, I give them to the 
yonger. I will that my wiffe have the occupatyon and profitt 
of my farme hold in Haswell of the hill aslonge as shee ys a 
wydowe, and in caase she marrye then I will that my twoo 
sonnes William and Raaff have the profittes of the saide farme 
holde, and that my brother William Wren have bothe the 

* Son of William Jenison, of Yokefleet. He married Agnes, daughter of 
William Wren, of the Isle of Ely. His eldest son, Thomas, was of Wai worth 
(see Durham Visitation) ; his second son, William, was a merchant of Newcastle, 
and founded the family of Hurworth and Nesham Abbey (see Surtees' Durham, 
iii, 263). 


orderynge of them and the farmhold for their behoof e and 
profitt. To William and Raaffe my sonnes all my raymente 
excepte the furred gowne and velvyt dublet aforesaide. 
Provyded alwaye that in case the porcons of goodes of my 
fowre doughters aforesaide will extende further then the saide 
xiij li. vj s. viij d. a pece, then I will that all their partes be 
praysed and be put to the moste profette that canne be to the 
prefermente of their maryages by the helpe and advise of my 
executours and supervisours of this my will. I give my leas 
of the parsonage of Brauncepathe unto my wiffe, and all my 
intereste of Whyn flawe. I will that my brother Jewet Salven 
have the order of my eldyst sonne and his porcons of lande 
whiche he shall enter unto after my deceas, and put hym to 
suche exercyse of lernynge and otherwise as he thynketh beste, 
and the overplus, yf anny thinge rernayne, to be kept and pu^to 
my sonnes most profitte and advantage. To John Hille xx d. 
To Roberte Marshall xij d. To Richarde Coyttesforthe viij d. 
To my nurse xij d. To William Wright a whye styrke. To 
Johan Hedley viij d. To Margaret Kyplyn viij d., and to 
Mally my servaunte xij d. The residewe of my goodes I give 
frely to Agnes my wyffe and William and Raafe my sonnes, 
whome I make myne executours. I make supervisours my 
father William Wren, William Wren his sonne, Jenet Salven 
and Edward Parkynson. Witnesses, Sir John Potter, John 
Mallom, William Kendyll, Thomas Williamson, Jamys Clarke, 
the parishe preste, the parishe clarke, with dyvers other moo. 
[Proved 20 Dec., 1538.] 


[Dyngeley, 24.] 

22 Dec., 1537. Sampson Lorde, preest. To be buried in 
the chauncell of Schefelde church, if it please God to call me 
there. To the vicar of Schefelde my typpet of taffata, my best 
capp, a paire of hosen, a shirte, and my cloke. For my buriall 
there, to the church maisters tenne shillinges. To Henry Lord 
the good that is on the farme at Sudbury. To Thomas Lord 
my servaunt fyve poundes vj s. viij d. in the handes of Heyton 
and the hole farme of Dronfeld, my trotting gelding. I make 
my brother Sir John Lord myn executour, to whom I geve all 
my goodes unbequethed, my dettes paid. To every childe of 
my brothers and susters oon royall. To be spende at my 
buriall foure poundes amonges the preestes and poure folkes 
at the discrecon of my servaunt Thomas Lord. Item, the said 
Thomas Lord to deliver to my brother my best horsse, sadyll 
and bridell. Witnesses, Thomas Lord, vicar of Sheffelde, and 
Maister Lyster, parson of Codforth, with other. 
[Proved 29 Jan., 1538-9.] 



[Crumwell, 9.] 

John Radclyf, of Newcastell uppon tyne, merchaunt. My 
bodie to be buried within the churche of Sanct Nicholas, 
before Saint Thomas alter beside my mother Reede. To my 
sone Cuthbert twenty poundes. To my sone George xx li. 
Unto my doughter Margaret xx li. To my sone Robert xx li. 
To my brother Rafe Radcliff xxvj s. viij d. To my curate 
Sir Robert Hexam iij s. iiij d. To my brother Bartram vj s. 
viij d. To my suster Agnes vj s. viij d. To John Landenetter 
of Anwarp xl s., for whiche I am owing hym. I will a preest 
to sing or saye masse of requiem for my soule and all Christian 
soules for the space of a yere after my deceas, as my executours 
can gett hym. I will that Roger Shawes sonne be forgiven 
the odde mony that standith in my boke more than Ixvj s. viij d., 
and for this Ixvj s. viij d. that he owith me still I will that he 
shall paie it to my executours as his promisse was before 
Raaffe Pottes, that is every yere xiij s. iiij d. till the saide 
some be paide. The residue of all my goodes I give unto 
Issabell my wif and Cuthbert my sonne, whome I make joint 
executours. Geven the xj daie of February one thousand five 
hundred xxxvij. 

[Proved 29 April, 1537.] 


[Crumwell, 13.] 

13 Mar., 1537-8. John White, of Newcastell upon tyne, 
merchaunte. My bodie to be buryed within the churche of 
Sainte Nicholas in the saide towne before the ymage of our 
blyssed ladye, where Sir Richarde Bell dothe singe masse. 
Unto my doughter Anne a hundred inarkes in monye to hir 
maryage and all my lande. To John Rawe and my suster, his 
wif, tenne poundes. To Jane Lomley, doughter to George 
Lomley, five markes to hir maryage. To Bartram Lomley 
twentye shillinges, and I forgive cleerly all dettes that he is 
owinge unto me. Unto John Rawe and my said suster twoo of 
my best gownes save one. To Andrewe Bewyck, my especyall 
frinde, a pece of gold of tenne dokettes. To Sir William 
White, chapleyn, x s. To my brother Williams twoo doughters, 
eyther of them five markes to their maryage. To my 
apprentyses and other my houshold servauntes, every of 
them v s. To Dame Horner a crowne of v s. I forgive to my 
cosen John Burghe, for his labor for the makinge hereof all 
suche dettes as he is owinge me. Also I will that the daie of 
my buryall when it shall plais God, the same daye to have 


dirige and masse to be songe after the lawdable custome in 
Sainte Nicholas chore to the lawde and honnor of God. And 
the iiij orders of freers to fetche my bodye to the churche with 
the pristes and clarkes belonginge to Sainte Nicholas churche, 
and every of them to be rewarded after the discretion of my 
wife. Also I will that a preste shall singe masse dayly at the 
awlter of our blyssed ladye afore rehersid. All the residue 
of rny goodes I give all holye to Margaret my saide welbelovyd 
wif, whome I make my sole executrice of my goodes, she to 
dispoase as she shall thinke for the wealthe of my soule as my 
speciall and high truste is in hir above all other lyvinge. 
Presente, Andrewe Bewycke, alderman, John Rawe, William 
White, chapleyn, George Birdes wif, Dame Horner, and John 
Burghe, maker hereof. 

[Proved 17 May, 1539.] 


[Dyngeley, 22.] 

10 Apr., 1538. John Berwicke, of Whetelay, of the parishe 
of Doncaster. My bodie to be buried within the parishe 
churche yerde of Sancte George iu Doncaster. I bequeth the 
daie of my buriall a masse of requyem. I will that Alice my 
wife deale in almes to poore people within the towne of 
Whetelay vs. To my brother Christofer Berwicke my best 
gowne but one, my best velvet doublett but one, one bonnett, 
one paier of hosen and a shirte. I will that my father Robert 
Bewicke have his fyudyng of my wife after my decease duryng 
his lif , or elles my wife to geve hym xl s. yerely after my deceas 
during his life, and a russett gowne furred with fox, and a 
damaskc doublett, one paier of hosen, and one shirte. Also I 
will that Alice my wife have my farmeolde at Wheteley duryng 
hir life, and after hir deceas then I will the said farmeholde 
remayne unto my daughter Alice and to hir heires during 
my termes, and if it fortune the said Alice my daughter to 
die then I wille the said fermeholde remayne unto my 
brother John Berwike duryng my yeris, and if my brother 
John dye then the said farmeholde remayne unto my brother 
Thomas Berwike. Also I will that Christofer my brother have 
my fermeholde at Doncaster after my deceas during the terme 
of xviij yeres, and he to geve my daughter Alice the daie of 
hir mariage twenty markes, and if my daughter dye or she 
be married then I will that my said brother Christofer have it 
duryng his lif. To Edmonde my servaunte a gray gelding 
going in Eltham parke, and one lether doublett. To John 
Warde, of Doncaster, a lether doublett. To Edmonde my 
servaunte xx s. To Gabriell my servaunte a ledder doublett 


and tenne shillinges. The reside w of my goodes unto Alice 
my wife, whome I make my executrix. Also I will that Alice 
my wife geve unto Alice my doughter the daye of hir marriage 
twentye markes. My father and my brother Cristofer 
supervisours of this my will. Witnesses, William Rawson, 
Richard Pastye, and John Warde. Also I bequethe to 
Richarde Pa stye one damaske doublett. 

[Proved 8 Oct., 1538.] 


[Crumwell, 14.] 

1 May, 1538. Petar Bewike, of the towne of Newcastell 
upon tyne, merchaunte. My bodie to be buried afore Sainct 
Katheryne chapell in Sainct Nicolas Churche. To John 
Bewike my eldest somie all my landes in the towne of 
Newcastle upon Tyne to have and to holde to the said John 
and his heires males. And yf it happen the said John to dye 
withowte yssue male, then I will that the landes shall remayne 
unto Peter my sonne and his heires males, yf it happen Petar 
to dye without suche issue male I will that all the landes 
remayne to George my sonne, and for default of issue male 
unto Percivall my yongest sonne, and for defaulte of heires 
males unto Petar Bewike, sone to Percevall Bewike, deceased, 
and to theires males, and in default of issue to William, also 
sonne to Percivall, and in default of issue to Andrew Bewyke 
my brother and to theires males of his bodie. And so I will that 
all the said landes shall remayne unto the residew of my 
brethern and to their males for ever in maner above wrytten 
except one tenement wherin William Bewyke my brother now 
dwellith, which I will bequethe to my wyfe Isabell for terme of 
her lyfe, and my said brother Willyam to inhabytt and dwell 
in the same the space of vj yeres yet to come and to pay yerely 
unto Isabell xliij s. iiij d. To Petar my sonne xl li v and Andrew 
Bewicke my brother to have the custodie of my said son with 
the sum unto Petar shall come to xix yeres. To George my 
sonne xl li., and I will that Thomas Patenson shall have the 
custodie of George till xix yeres full, and then the said sum of 
xlli. to be delivered. To Percivall my sonne xlli., and I will 
my wyfe shalhave the custodye of Percevall till xix yeres full, 
and then the sum shalbe delivered. Item, Adam Johnson 
owith to me x marces by his obligacon. I give five marces to 
Thomas Bewyke my servaunte, and the other five marces to 
Richard Anderson my servaunte. Wheare Edward Maxwell 

* The testator heads the pedigree of Bewick in Surtees' Durham, ii, 193. 
From his son Peter descended the family of Close House, co. Northumberland. 


and Cuthbert Rey owe me Ixli. vj s. viij d., Igive iiijli. xiij s. iiij d. 
to Isabell Delahey, widow, and her children. The residewe of 
the debit I will that it be given to five children of Percevall 
my late brother, deceased, to every of them vj s. viij d., and 
likewise to my suster Nelsones v children every of them 
vj s. viij d., also to ij childer of Edward Bewike every of 
them vj s. viij d. I geve to Henry Bewyke and Janett 
Bewicke, unto Andrewe Bewicke, every of them vj s. viij d. 
To Bartram Bewike a blacke gowne with blacke bogie. To 
William Bewyke my brother my gowne of browne blew furred 
w th fitches, and a horsse colored baye. To my welbeloved 
brother Avery Bewike my gowne lyned with blacke chamblett. 
All suche debttes as Elizabeth Dawson owith unto me I forgive 
her frely, and I will she have vj s. viij d. in money. To Peter 
Bewyke, Henry Bewike, my brother sonnes, vj s. viij d. To 
my brother Bewicke, his ij sonnes, every of them vj s. viij d. 
To Katheryn Nichelson my servaunte x s. To William Bath 
my servaunte v s. To James Bowrye my servante x s., and to 
John Nichelson my servaunte v s. To Katherin Selby my 
servaunte v s. To Thomas Bewike my brother an aungell 
noble. The residew I give unto my wyfe and John my eldest 
sonne, whome I make myn executors, and I make my 
supervisors Andrew Bewike, Thomas Bewike, and William 
Bewike, my brethern. Hiis testibus, Andro Bewyk, William 
Bewike, John Bell, one of the clerkes of the Custome howse, 
and Thomas Bewike my servaunte. 

[Proved 16 May, 1539.] 


[Dyngeley, 26.] 

In the name of God, Amen. The vij th day of June, 1538. 
I, Inggram Percy, knyght, make my will. First, I geve my 
soule to Almighty God and to his blissed mother our lady 
Saint Mary, and to all the holy company of hevyn, and my 
body to be buried within the church of Saint Anne and Agnes 
in the high chauncell before the Sacrament of Saint Anne 
aforsaid. To the high awter xxvj s. viij d. To my funerall 
expenses as my lord Preveyseall and my lord Maiour thinke 
necessary according to my powre as my servauntes can 
certefye. To my doughter twenty poundes, the whiche 
twenty poundes I will that my lady my mother shalhave the 
use therof with the childe untill she be of lawfull age. To 
the moder of the said childe twenty nobles. I will that my 

* A younger son of Henry Algernon Percy, fifth Earl of Northumberland. 
A leader in the Pilgrimage of Grace, and imprisoned in the Tower, but afterwards 
released. His daughter Isabell was illegitimate, and married in 1544 Henry 
Tempest, of Broughton. (Dictionary of National Biography.) 


servauntes shall have their wages paid and a quarter wages 
besides yf my goodes wille extende. To Tristram my servaunt 
the leasse of the tithe of Aubell in the parishe of Warkworth. 
To Richard Gill the tithe of Rock with the leasse. To William 
Wright the leasse of the tithe of Stanforth. To Humfrey the 
tithe of Acclyngoton. To John Anderson the tithe of nether 
Buston. To Parcyvall Galone the tithe of Renyngton. To 
William Elden the tith of Craft. To Roger Taillour the tithe 
of Dunstans, Broghmayns and Brokesfelde. To Robert 
Crafforth the tith of Falowden. To Rauf Corbe the tithe of 
Brunton. To the men aforsaid blak cottes. To Sir John 
Glyn a blak gown. To Davy Luntley thre yardes of blak 
clothe. To maisters Blaknoll xl s. To my hostes, Davy 
Cappers wife, xx s. To maister Cawdwall a gown. To S r John 
Glynne xl s. to pray for me. To William Wright a gelding. 
To Tristram and to Richard Gyll the tithe of Newton by the 
see. To Rauf Korbat xx s. The residue of my goodes I geve 
to Tristram Brathwett and Richard Gill my servauntes, and 
theym to be my executores, and overseers of the same will I 
ordeyn my lord maior of the citie of London, and he to have 
a bonet of velvett with aglettes of golde, and my lady my 
mother a tablet of golde. I will that my servauntes shalhave 
my goodes distributed amonges them at the discrecion of myn 
executours and overseers. Witnesses, John Glyn, preest and 
curat there, William Elvyden, with other, Rauf Caldwall, 

John May. 

[Proved 21 March, 1538-9.] 


[Crumwell, 11.1 

21 July, 1538. John Plowghe, clarke, parson of Sainte 
Peters in Notyngham. Furste, I bequeth my soule unto 
Almigtye God, and my bodie to be buryed in the chauncell of 
Sainte Peters churche. To the churche warkes x s. To my 
brother Christofer Ploughe one advowson of the vacation of 
the churche of Sainte Peter's whiche I had of the gyfte of 
Thomas Hobson, Pryour of Lenton and the coveute there, in 
the whiche I putt as my trustye fryndes to thuse of my 
nephewe John Ploughe,* sonne to my said brother Christofer, 
John Wyllyamson, of Notyngham, draper, Henrye Stathum, 
the maiers clarke of the same towne, and William Waren of 
the same, baker, the whiche advowsou I putt to kepenge to 
John Allensou of the same towne, mercer, to thuse and purpose 
beforesaide. To my brother Gerarde Ploughe xls. To his 

* This nephew, John Plough, was also rector of St. Peter's, Nottingham, 
and an author. (See Wood's Athena, i, 301.) 


sonne Christofer Ploughe three poundes. The residue of my 
goodes I give to my brother Christofer Ploughe, whiche Christo- 
fer I ordeyn executour. I make supervisours John Allenson, 
mercer, one of the Aldermen of the burrough towne of 
Notyngham, and William Holenzed, clarke too maister Mayer 
of the same towne, and everye of them to have for their labour 
vj s. viij d. Wittnes, Roberte Lovate, one of the Aldermen, 
William Warenar, and William Holinzed, with other, Sir 
Nicholas Nedeham. I give to my brother Chrystofer Plowghe 
the stable that I bought of Page, lyinge nye to Maister 
Hasilrygges garden. 

[Proved 18 Oct., 1538.] 

[Crumwell, 16.] 

20 Aug., 1538. Dame Agnes Clerke. My sowle to 
Almighty God, to our lady Sancte Marey, and to all the holy 
companny of heven, and my body to be buryed in the churche 
of Hobye by Thomas Alen my husband. To the vicarye of 
Willoby a mortuary. To the churche of Hoby vj li. xiij s. iiij d. 
yf they feche my body at Willoby, or elles not. To my brother 
William Bankes my indenture and yeres of the parsonage of 
Willoby. To Henry Saxton xli. and my yeres in W T illiam 
Moultes ferme. To Thomas Warde v marke. To Ellen 
Bankes xx fc J e mai'kes. To Mary Waylys xx tie markes. To 
Anthony Walys vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To Elizabeth Walys 
xxxiij s. iiij d. To Joane Wayllys xxxiij s. iiij d. To Edmunde 
Farnworth vj s. viij d. To Margarete Archer vj s. viij d. To 
every oon of my godchildren in Willoby and Hoby oon shepe. 
To William Garton xx s. To John Garves vj s. viij d. To Sir 
John Whelars servauntes xx s. To every oon of my servauntes 
with my wages iij s. iiij d. I will my executour have a blacke 
gowne, whome I make William Bankes my brother. I will 
that Agnes Garton, Ellen Bankes, Mary Wales, that every oon 
of them have a blacke gowne and a hood. The residew of 
all my goods not bequethed unto William Bankes my brother. 
Sir John Vylers, knight, supervisor. Wittnes, Roberte 
Myddelton, Nicholas Garves, and John Robinson, cum 
multis aliis. 

[Proved 23 Aug., 1539.] 

[Dyngeley, 24.] 

21 Aug., 1538. Robert Bevycote, of London. My body to 
be buried in the parishe kirke of Saint Laurence at Sylsthorn 
in Holdernesse. To the Sacrament of the awter xij d. To 


Sir Robert Bowman, the gilde preest, iiij d. To Sir Richard 
Warton, the curat of Sylsthorn, iiij d. To Margaret Gossop 
my hostes, iiij d. To Alice Peerson, the servaunt in the house, 
iiij d. My executour of all my goodes I make Joane Bevycote 
my wife, at London, that the said wife shall dispoase parte of 
the goodes for the helthe of my soule. Cristofer Brygtyffe, I 
desire you as my trust is to se that I be honestly brought to 
the erthe and buried in the parishe churche of Sylsthorne, and 
cawse mass? and dirige to be songe for me and paye you therfor 
because my wife is farr away. Christoofer Brigtyff, byd my 
wife loke in my house, and there shall be founde all my dettes 
to me and fro me, writing. Recordes, Sir Richard Warton, 
Sir Robert Bowman, Thomas Hobson, John Wylson, William 
Byrke of Silsthorn. 

[Proved 14 Jan., 1538-9.] 

[Alengar, 9.] 

The xxviij th day of September in the xxx fci yere of King 
Henry theight (1538). I, Richard Bellocys, of Henknoll, 
makith my last will. Furst, I bequeith my soule to God 
Almyghtie, our Litdy Saint Mary, and to all the holy companye 
in hevyn, and my body to be buryed in hallowed ground. 1 
bequeith for fyndyng of an honest prest to syng and praye 
for my soule and my frendes soules the space of vij yeres in 
Saint Andrewes church within the parishe of Auckland 
xxviij li. To the Mounte Grace twenty shilling to be praysed 
for. For foure trentall of masses xl s. To poer housholders 
vli. For mending of high waies iij li. To Saint Andrewes 
chuch for mendyng of the leade of the body of the said 
churche and the lies of the same vj li. To my suster Smythes 
childer xl s. To my suster Huttons children xx s. To Richard 
Clerwax xx s. To John Kirkham my susters sonne xx s. To 
his brother, John Kyrkham the elder, xiij s. iiij d. To every 
one of my wayting servauntes vj s. viij d. the pece. To 
Thomas Awnderson x s. To Thomas Hogeson x s. To aged 
folkes xx s. To Sir John Fenwicke x s. To Thomas Sotheron 

* Son of Thomas Belasyse, of Henknowle, co. Durham, and Margery, 
daughter of Sir Lancelot Thirkeld. He married Margery, daughter of Richard 
Errington, of Cockle Park, co. Northumberland. She died 20 August, 1587, 
aged 90. M.I., Houghton. Her will, dated 20 Jan , 1576-7, was printed in the 
Durham Wills, vol. ii, 315 (Surtees Society). Their son, Sir William, succeeded 
his uncle Anthony who, having been largely implicated in the spoliation of the 
monasteries, had Newburgh Priory granted at the Dissolution. The testator >^ 
was ancestor of a long line of Lords and Earls Fauconbergs, which came to an 
end in 1802, when Newburgh was carried by an heiress to the present Wombwell 
family, and is now possessed by Sir George Wombwell, bart. 


xs. To poore maydens manage xls. To Eichard Welsed 
x s., and to his wif vj s. viij d. To Agnes Enderson x s. I 
will that my mother and my brother Doctor Bellasys have 
thorder and disposicion of my fermeholde that I have in 
Rykenhall for thuse and prouffed of my sonne William Bellasis 
unto such tyme as he the said William be xxj" yere old, and 
then my said mother and brother to delyver unto my said 
sonne the ferme of Rickenhall to his own handes with such 
prouffettes as came therof. I will my mother and my brother 
thorder of my ferme in Woodhouses, the order of the personage 
of Lethome in Cleveland for thuse of my yongest sonne 
Richard Bellasys unto they thynke by thair discretions the 
said Richard able to occupie the said parsonage, and in the 
meane tyme to distribute the prouffetes of the same amongest 
my children as they shall thynk most mete, and when they 
thynke the said Richard able to occupie the same hymself 
then to delyver unto hym thoccupacon therof. I will my 
mother and my brother have for my terme of yeres that I 
have of the Abbey of Durysme, of the corne of Mykill, Clifton, 
for thuse of my sonne William duryng my yeres. I give to 
my sonne William xlli. worth of my best plate, which shall 
remayne at Henneknoll as heyrelomes. I will my mother and 
my brother have thorder of my ferme of Morton for thuse of 
my sonne Anthony Bellassys unto such tyme that they thynke 
hym able to occupie it hymself. I do give my son Anthony 
for his childes parte a hundreth markes and if my goodes will 
so amount. I will my mother and my brother have thorder of 
my ferme of Fathill and Bradfeld for thuse of my sonne 
Richard. I give to my sonne Richard an hundreth markes for 
his childes parte if my goodes will so amount. I will my 
mother and my brother have thorder of all my parte that I 
have by lease in the coole pittes unto suche tyme as they 
thynke that there be one of my children hable to occupye the 
said pittes, and suche proufetes as shalbe in their handes in 
the meane tyme of the pittes to be for helpyng of all my 
children. I give for the mariage of my doughter Margaret 
Bellasys an hundreth markes for hir childes parte, to the 
mariage of my doughter Jane Bellasses a hundreth markes 
for her childes parte. I will that all suche somes of money 
and rent as be behynd unpaied in Tonstall in Richmondshire, 
which as is assigned by Henry Eurye and his wif Anne to me 
for repayment of certain mariage money which they receyved 
of me, I will that my dough ters have it to thair maryage. I 
will that Margery my wif shall have for hir full part of all 
suche goodes of myne as she ought to have by the la we after 


my deeth cc markes if she can so be content to take it for a 
full contentacon, and if she can not be content then she to 
take as the law will give hir. I will that my sonne William 
have my yeres in Feldom. I make my mother and my brother 
M r Doctor Bellassys my full and sole executours. 

This codicill xxiiij fch day of Marche in the presence of 
Doctour Bellassys and Master John Darell, clerekes. I will 
that my yongest sonne Richard shall have all my fermes 
of Lethom within the countie of Yorke, and of Yarrowe within 
the countie of Duresme, and Blatern within the countie of 
Westmorland, duryng the yeres of my leases, and that my 
mother Margaret Sympson and my brother shall have the 
orderyng of the fermes, and shall distribute the prouffectes of 
the fermes amongest all my children. I will my wif Margery 
shall have the occupacon of my ferme of Morton besides 
Houghton in the countie of Duresme to bryng up my sonne 
Anthony withall. 

[Proved last July, 1540.] 

[Crumwell, 13.] 

19 Dec., 1538. Roberte Lame, of the towne of Newcastell 
uppon tyne. Furst, I bequeth my soule to Almyghty God, my 
bodye to be buryed within the churche yarde of Morpathe. 
To Roberte my sonne my howse after my wifes deceas, and in 
defaulte of hym to my eldyst doughter, and so from one 
doughter to an other. To William my brother vj li. xiij s. iiij d. 
To Thomas my brother vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To George my 
brother vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To Thomas Cowper xl s. To John 
Cowper xl s. To Henry Fynkell iij li. vj s. viij d. To Andrewe 
Bewyke xx s. To George Selbye xx s. To Isabell Lame my 
suster xls. To Katheryne Selby xs. To Elizabeth Lame 
xx s. To a priste to singe for me and my wif twoo yeres, 
iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. a yere. To the buyldinge of Morthpathe 
brige iij li. To Thomas Lyddell my prentyce xxvj s. viij d. 
To William Hawe my curatt x s. The residue to Anne my wif, 
Roberte my sonne, Maryon, Elizabeth, Janett, Jaine, Beyll and 
Margerye, my sone and doughters, and the lengyste lyver of 
them, whome I ordeigne my executours. George Selbye, 
Henry Fenkill, William Lame, and Thomas Lame shalbe 
supervisours. Wyttnes, Andrewe Bewycke, William Blakett, 
John Huntley, and Sir William Hawe, my curatt. 

[Proved 16 May, 1539.] 



[Crumwell, 19.] 

3 June, 1539. Brian Higdon, Deane of the Metropolytane 

Churche in Yorke. I bequethe my soule to Almyghtie God, 

and my bodie to be buriede in the churche of Yorke afore the 

Rode in the southe alye withoute pompe yf I die at Yorke, and 

if I die at Ulleskelf to be buried in the newe chapelle there in 

the churche of Kirkbye afore the Image of Seinct Kateryn, 

and if I die at Thorneton to be buryede in the hye quere of 

Pockelyngton afore the Image of Seinct Peter. To Seiuct 

Peters stocke in the saide churche of York vj li., whiche I am 

owing of yt synce we lent money to the Abbott of Seynct 

Mary Abbaye y fc is dede. To Seinct . Peters warkes 

xiij li. vj s. viij d. yf I do not paye y fc in my lyf . For my obbyt 

to everye canon being present at yt vj s. viij d., and to hym y* 

shall burye me and do masse xiij s. iiij d., and to everye vicare 

and chauntrye prest being at my dirige and masse vs., and to 

every deacon ij s., and unto every querester xiij d., and to y e 

clarkes of the Reverstre of Rogarstons xij d. a pece. To 

Robte Belryngar xij d. To everye on of the Tribulars xx d. 

To every chanon dwellyng within the closse of Yorke onne of 

my newe spoonys for a token. Unto my servauntes on holle 

yers waige from the puryficcicon of o r ladie last past unto the 

purificacon to come with theire lyveries or moneye for them, so 

y fc the blacke lyvarie which theye shall have at my buryall do 

stond for theire shorte lyverie. Unto Robte Froste which 

takith no wages v li. Unto Marmaduke Wavasor xl s. To 

Gawing Yoodall xl s. To Thomas Whithouse, Richarde Bell, 

Robert Erie, xl s. above their wages. To Willyam Shercroft 

xxvj s. viij d. To John Roo xxs. I bequeth xxli. to be 

distribute betwixo my brother Willyam childer being unmaryed, 

so y l everye onne of his doughters have five markes of the 

same, and unto his eldest doughter being maryed on of my 

best silver spoonys and on of my gounes, and to my suster hir 

mother on of my gounys. Unto my suster Elizabeth on of 

my gounes and xl s. Unto my neve (sic) Elyzabeth Closse, of 

Barton, xl s. Unto hir sonne Thomas Stronge xl s. Unto my 

cosyn Elizabeth Burriett, of Burro, xl s., and to everye on of 

hir childer vj s. viij d. Unto everye onne of my kynsmen and 

kynswomen to whome I give nothing elles, vj s. viij d. To the 

churche warke of Caister iij li. vj s. viij d. Fyfe markes to be 

distribute emonges the poore people within Netilton, and 

asmoche to the poore people of Northkelsaye. Unto M r Robte 

* Bachelor, of Broadgates Hall. 26 May, 1515, archdeacon of York; 20 June, 
1516, prebendary of Ulleskelf; 27 June, 1516, dean of York. A benefactor to 
learning. Died 5 June, 1539. Fasti. 18. 


Chaloner wiffe, of Stanley, my crymsyn goune furride w th 
budge. I will my executours do make restitucon for suche 
wronges as I have done to any person if tlieye be provide, and 
if the prove be doubte full rather to inclyne to the complaynt 
than unto me. Unto the abbot and covent of Whitby xl s. 
Unto the pryncypall and the companye of Erode yate in 
Oxforde vj s. viij d., to be applyed upon the chapell stuffe 
within the chapell of Seynct John, and xiij d. unto the churche 
of Aldait. Unto the heigh Alter of Seynct Marye churche 
within Oxforde iij s. iiij d. To the highe alter within the 
chapell of Seynt George within the castell at Oxforde 
iij s. iiij d. To everye on of my god children vj s. viij d. 
Amonges poore people within the parishe of Buknell* within 
Oxforde shire xx s., and to the warke of the Soule church xx s. 
To John Higdon and Bryan my neveys, and to either of them, 
on stondyng goblett. To the parishe churche of Kirke upon 
Wharff vj s. viij d. I will that a prest shall synge for me fyve 
yeres, and have fyve pouiides yerly. I make Sir Robte Huyte, 
vicar of Poklyngton, John Good, and Sir Robte Norham, myn 
executors, the super visours my brother, M r Wyllyam Clyfton, 
subdeane of the churche of York, and I do give unto hym for 
his laboure onne couple of gildyde saltes with on cover which 
was M r Robte Newtons, and M r Robte Chaloner, of Stanleye, 
lernyd mann, and I do give unto hym for his laboure vli. 
Witnesses, Sir Cristofer Catall, vicar of Kirkbye upon Wherff, 
M r Thomas Leedes, William Hargille, Roger Hornley, and 
Robte Wylson. 

[Proved 5 May, 1540.] 


[Crumwell, 17.] 

13 Julye, 1539. Robert Dawson, of Kyllwike Perseye, 
in the dioces of Yorke. To be buryed in the cherche of 
Kyllwykepsey. Unto William Woddall x quarters of barley, 
a mare and a foole. To Henry Dawsone my brother a mare. 
To Thomas my brother a bay geldinge. To Alexander my 
sonne my best gowne and ij spones of sylver. To John Dawson 
my sonne the next best gowne and ij spones of sylver. To my 
sonne Thomas the third best gowne and a cote and ij sylver 
spones. To every of my ij dowghters, Elyn and Alison's 
children, an ewe and a lambe. To John Rokysbye my godson 
an ewe and a lambe. To Robert Garbett a nother ewe and 
a lambe. To the cathedrall churche xvj d. To the churche 
of Poghelington xvj d. To the vicar of Poghejington xij d. 
To the churche of Kyllwykepsey xvj d. To 'the vicar of 

*Bucknell, co. Oxford. 


Kyllwykepsey xij d. To the amendinge of a hight waye 
called Kexbye bridge viij d. To John Martyn a swerde, and 
to Richard Rokesby an ewe and a lambe. The residewe unto 
my wyfe and to my sonnes Alexander, John and Thomas, 
whome I make my executours. Witnes, John Martyne, 
Richarde Rokysby, and Robert Harper. 

[Proved 2 Dec., 1539.] 


[Crumwell, 17.] 

18 Sept., 1539. In the name of the father, the sonne, and 
the holy goyoste, Amen. I, John Blaxton, marchaunte of the 
Tonne of Newe Castle upon Tyne, hole of body, doo make my 
will. Fyrst, I doo legate my soule to God Almyhtie and to 
the virgyn Mary, and to all the celestiall companye of heven. 
My body to be buried within the churche of Seynct Nycholas 
besides the rewestre doure, and nyghe where Willm Dawell 
is buriede, as maye be convenyently hade. Also I give to my 
vicare for forgotten tythes iij s. iiij d. To the churche warke 
of Seyncte Nycholas churche xxs. Also I give to syxe 
prestes of Corporis Christi gylde for beryng of my bodye to 
the grave ij s. To the other prestes of the seide gylde for a 
trentall x d. a pece, and to all other prestes of the seide towne 
to sey psalmes and dyrige for my soule vj d. a pece. To my 
wiffe my house y fc I dwell in, with all other landes by me 
purchased, and to her assynes duryng her lyff naturall, and if 
she stonde at such a necessitie at any tyme duryng hir lyff I 
will y* she shall at hir libertie sell the same and put the moneye 
taken therfore to hir owne use for relif of hir necessetie, and 
if she do not sell yt then I will y fc after hir deth the seide 
house and landes shall go to my doughter Anne Mytforthe and 
hir children and heires lawfully of hir bodye begotten for ever. 
Also I will that Roger Mytforth have for the behove of his and 
hire children Ixli., y l is to wytt, in moneye, playte and ware, 
after the trewe rate and value therof at the discrestijon of 
inyne executrixe. I will that Roger Mytforthe have a 
standyng gylte cuppe. To my doughter Anne Mitforth a 
spongede pece demy gilted, with a coverynge. I will y* the 
seide Roger have the seide legaces before reserfid to hym and 
his children, so y* the saide Roberte make seale and delyverye 
unto my wyff a generall acquytance in due forme to be 
devysede by councell learnyde of my seide wyff, orelles all the 
seide legaces to be voide and of none effecte. I will y k 
Dorothe Bothe have xx li. of my wyff yf she and hir husbonde 
will make and gife hir a generall acquytance, or elles nothyng 


at all. I will that John Syngleton synge for me and my father 
and mothers soulles, and M r John Underwoodes soulle, and for 
my wyves soules, and for all Christen soules, syxe yeres, yerly 
to have for his wages xl s., and to have his boorde with my wyff 
duryng the seide yeres. I will that my brother Roberte 
Dawell, doctor, Archedeacon of Northumberlonde, by (sic) my 
supravysor of this my will, to whome I give a ryall. Also y fc 
my brother Richarde Blaxtonne have towarde his lyvyng at 
the discrescyon of my wyff. Also I will y fc Anne Deyne have 
vj s. viij d., Agnes Laxtone vj s. viij d., Christofer Blaxetone 
iiij markes. Also y fc my brother Willyam Chartseye and my 
sister, his wiff, have ij Angell nobles. Also that my sister 
Swynborne hare a noble. Also that Mary Chertseye, at the 
discrescyon of my wyff, have xx li. Also that John Panterson 
have a noble. Also that Nicholas Sharpraye have a noble. 
John Atkynsone a noble. Agnes Glower ij s. My wyff my 
soole executrixe, to whome I give all the resydue of my goodes. 
Wytnese, M r Doctor Dawell, Archydyacon of Northumberlande, 
M r Willyam Blythman, gentilman, notarye publike, M r George 
Dawell, marchaunte, Sir John Syngelton, and Sir Barthram 
Hartquycke, preestes. 

[Proved 14 April, 1540.] 


[Crumwell, 16.] 

22 Sept., 1539. George Borrell, merchaunt, of Newcastell 
uppon Tyne. To be buryed in the churche of Sainte Nicholas 
before owr lady aulter and under the greate stone nexte unto 
Mayster Brandlyng, and I make my executors my wife 
Margarett Borrell and my cowsen James Lawson. I will that 
my wife have the thyrde of all my landes without the towne 
according to the lawe, also my howse that I dwell in during her 
life, and after her decease I give yt unto John Borrell, son unto 
William Borrell, deceased, my eyre, and to the heires of his 
body, allweyse provided yf his mother will be contente to take 
her rente of my tenementes yerely as they payde to me in tyme 
paste withowte trowbling the tenementes by hyr or anny in hir 
name, and she to be bounde by obligation with suerties she and 
her husband, then I will that John Borrell have the howse 
after the decease of my wyfe yf she will perfourme as is 
aforesayde. And yf she will not then I will that my dowghter 
Elizabeth Lylborne have yt, and the heires of her body, paying 
yerely to the howse of Tynmouth xs., and to the howes of 
Bodas viij s. iiij d., and faylyng of her yssue I give yt 
Alexaunder Borrell and to his heires. To the churche warke 
and for my layre stone xx s. To the iiij orders of freeres that 


goeth before me every oon of them a boll of rye. I will that 
all the preestes of the iiij churches go before me. I will that 
a preeste singe for me a yere, and to have for his stipend 
vij markes. Unto Mayster Sir George Lawson a ryoll, to my 
lady his wyfe a ryoll. To my cowssen James Lawson a ryoll, 
to my cossen his wyfe a ryoll. To my cowssen Edmonde 
Lawson and his wyffe a ryoll. To Cutborte Blunte and his 
wiffe a ryoll. To James Fenwyke and his wyfe a noble. To 
my cowssen Thomas Lawson a noble. To George Bartram 
iij s. iiij d. I will that my wyfe take half a chalder of rye and 
give it uppon Thursdaye nexte comyng to xxxij of my 
iieyghbours that is mooste nedefull, eche oon of them a 
kemyng. To John Bon-ell, when he cometh to the yeres of 
xxi, vj li. xiij s. iiij d., and Robert Lylborne to have the sayde 
money in custody, and he to be bounde to my cowsen James 
Lawson for the delyvery of the same, and yf yt shulde so 
happen that John shulde dye before the age of xvj then I will 
the sayde vj li. xiij s. iiij d. remayne to my dowghter Elizabeth 
Lylborne. I give Mabell my son Williams dowghter iiij li., to 
Margarett his dowghter iiij li., provyded that there mother 
fulfyll all suche articles as is before written, or elles they never 
to have peny of this eight ponnde. And this eight poundes to 
be putt in the custody of Alexander Borrell, and yf they doo 
not marry before the yeres of xx u of age then I will that they 
have their mony. And if they dye then I will that the 
viij poundes com to the handes of John Borrell, and in defawte 
of his issue to my dowghter Elizabeth and her heires, and in 
defawte to Alexander Borrell. To Willni Borrell my brother 
son iiij li. To Edward Greve iiij li. To Elizabeth Watson my 
brothers dowghter xs. To my brothers dowghter Katherine 
Eewellaye x s. To my son Eobert Lylborne iiij li. To 
Alysaunder Borrell iiij li., and I will that my wyfe give to 
my dowghter Elizabeth iiij li. The residue 1 remytt to the 
discrecion of my executors. Sir John Rage, preeste, Gerrard 
Fenwyke, marchaunte, Thomas Lawson of Candlyngton, 
Esquire, Cutberte Blunte, marchaunte, with other moo. 
[Proved 5 Nov., 1539.] 


[Crumwell, 19.] 

5 Jan., 1539-40. Cristoffer Mitforde, of Newcastell upon 
the Tyne, gentylman. To be buryed within the churche of 
Seynt Nycolas before o r Ladies alter as nygh my late wyffe 

* A merchant and alderman of Newcastle. His son Christopher's will is 
printed in Durham Wills, vol. ii, 30 (Surtees' Society). See also a pedigree of 
Mitford in Flower's Visitation of Yorkshire. 


Isabell as convenyeutly maye be. To the vicarye of the 
touue for all my forgotten tythes iij s. iiij d. To my sonne 
Francys Mytforde for his portion cxvj li. xiij s. iiij d., with my 
lease of the manor mansyon of Heton in the countie of 
Northumburlond, but upon condycon that the said Fraunces 
shall stand to this my will and bequest, and if he at any tyme 
refuse so to doo then I give the said lease to Cristoffer 
Mytforde my sonne, and Francis to take his advauntage 
otherwyse of my goodes as tho lawe shall give hym. To my 
said soiine Cristofer Mytforde for his porcyon cxvj li. xiij s. iiij d., 
my dymyssons of Ovingham cole pyttes of Elswike in the 
countie of Northumborlonde, Butterby and Kiblesworth in the 
countie of Duresme, duryng all such yeres as be conteynyde 
in the same dimissions. To Christofer my sonne my housse 
wherin I dwell within the towne of Newcastell, with the cellars 
adioynyng to the same, and all manner of implementes con- 
teyiiyde. That is to seye all manner of beddyng, chymneys, 
napry, copbordes, chistes, farme vassell, and all manner of 
houshold stuff, my plate only excepted. To my sonne Bartrarn 
Orde and Sibill his wyff, my doughter, fiften poundes, and if 
Bartram be contentid with the same I give to Henry Orde 
his sonne xxli., and to his sonne Robte Orde xxli., and to 
suche issue as my seide doughter Sibill is nowe adiudged to bo 
with, be yt man or woman, xx li. To Henry Brandelynge and 
Margerett his wyfe fyftie poundes yf the seide Henry will 
accepte the same for his seide wyfes porcyon, other wise to 
take hir advauntage as the lawe wille. I will a good honeste 
and virtuouse preest shull pray for the helth of my soule 
duryng iiij yeres nyxte after my departyng, and my executours 
yerly to pay the prest vij marckes. I will y fc myne execoutoures 
shall bye a threwgh stone and laye upon my mother in Seynt 
Andrewes Church. I will y fc myne exeutours shall fynde a 
preste of my costes to syng for the helth of the sowles of 
Wyllyani Shaftowe and other his frendes duryng on hole yere 
after my departure, at which churche the frendes of the said 
Willyam Shuftowe shall name and myn exeutours shall paye 
to the preest for the same yere vij marckes. To Jane Mitforde 
my brothers doughter, nowe being at London, xij li., so that 
she followe the advyse of myn executours in hir mariage. To 
my nevewe John Mytforde xx li., so y fc he will renewe my lease 
of Heton to my sonne Cristoffer for twenty yeres mo then in the 
seide lease ys conteynyde, and if he will not do so than I will 
that myn executours shall paye yerlye xxs. to the said John 
my nevewe duryng xx yeres in recompence of such profittes as 
I have taken upon the grounde of Heton. I will that myn 
executours shall at my costes fynde a preste to syng for the 
helth of my soule, of Wyget Harbotle, Esquyer, at Prudhowe 


or at Ovingham, during an nolle yere after my departure, and 
paye vij marckes for his salurye. To everye of tenn poore 
husbondmen vj s. viij d. To everye on of tenn poore maydens 
maryage vj s. viij d. towardes theire dynners in the dayes of 
theire maryages. The rest of all my goodes to Crystofer 
Mytford my sonne, whom I make executour. I make Robte 
Lewyn supervisour. To my frende John Lynne twoo double 
ducattes. To my brother John Mytforde a cowe, a lode of 
wheate, and a crowne. To Peter Henryson my servaunt a 
rydyng jucket wherin I do ryd and vj s. viij d. in moneye. 
[Proved 7 Feb., 1539-40.] 


[Crumwell, 19.] 

16 Jan., 1539-40. Robert Cremor, of Newe castell upon 
Tyne, marchaunte. First, I bequeith my soule unto Almyghtie 
God, to the celestiall company of heven, my bodie to be buried 
in the churche of Alhallowes in the towne of Newecastell 
besides Seinct Annes alter there. To Agnes my wyfe all my 
landes for terme of hir lyfe, after the decesse of my saide 
wyfe unto George Cremor my sonne and his heires, and for 
defalte of suche issue unto Elizabeth Creamor, my daughter 
and hir heires. Unto Edithe Sympson my servaunte xls., 
the worst of my three best gownes. To Thomas Creamor, 
goldesmythe, iij li. vj s. viij d. To Willyam Johnson, of 
Gatishede, his chymneye and iij peces of peuter which lithe in 
pledge for viij s., so y* the saide Willyam do paye unto my 
executours viij s. Unto my cuirate Sir David Tailor iij s. iiij d. 
which I have paide. To Elene Colson xs. To Kateryn 
Glagge xs. To Robte Cremor, sonne of the saide Thomas 
Cremor, xxvj s. viij d. I will y fc Stevyn Thomson, preste, 
synge and praye for my soule during onne yere, and I give 
unto hym v li. To Laurence Rockesbye my servaunte vj li. and 
iij li. over. The residue to Agnes my wyfe, George my sonne, 
and Elysabeth my doughter, whom I make executours, and 
Andrewe Bewicke, marchaunte, supervisour. Wytnesse, David 
Taylour, Stevyn Thompson, preastes, Thomas Creamor, gold- 
smyth, Edmunde Lambton, Richarde Clyffe, and Laurence 
Rokesbye, marchauntes, and Edith Sympson, with other. 
[Proved 21 Feb., 1539-40.] 


[Crumwell, 19.] 

19 Feb., 1589-40. Mariory Wrenne, of Sherburne house, 
wyddowe. To be buried within the quyre of Mary Magdelyn 

* There is a pedigree of Wrenn of Binchester in Durham Visitations, edited 
by Joseph Foster, p. 337. 


nygh unto my husbande. To the brynging forth the daye of 
my buriall xx li., wherof I will xxx s. be given for a trentall 
of masses to be done the same daye, and xls. therof to be 
delt to poore people at Barnachastell and xx s. to poore people 
at Auklonde. To an honest preste to synge iiij yeres for the 
soules of my husbonde and me and Anthonye my sonne xvj li., 
also I give for a yerly obbet to be done the space of x yeres 
next the daye after my buryall at the churche where my 
husbonde doth lye yf it maye be done there covenyentlye 
iij li. vj s. viij d., and lykwyse for the saules of my father and 
mother and the soules before reherside iij li. vj s. viij d. To 
the upholding of the enornamentes of o r Ladies porch in 
Barnachastell vj s. viij d., to be prayed for. To the churche of 
Sharbourne house ij abbas, ij amassez, ij alterclothes, and 
ij towelles, and to the high alter of Pyttington church on alter 
cloth of foure yardes length, and to the high alter of Kellowe 
churche on alter cloth of foure yardes length, to be prayed 
for. To everye on of the iiij prestes of the house iij s. iiij d. 
to pray for me, and to Sir Richarde Johnson of Esyngton 
iij s. iiij d., and to Sir Thomas Cutberde iij s. iiij d. to praye 
for me. To the buylding of Shynkley bridge, yf yt be 
buyldide ageyne vj li. xiij s. iiij d., and if it be not 
buyldyde agayne I will the money to be delte emongest 
poore people. Unto my sonn Frauncys Kylynghall and my 
doughter Kateryn his wyffe all my corne sowen and unsowen 
and xij drawe oxen with waynes, ploughes and other 
appurtenances which I have at Middleton George, and 
xij stootes, vij scowre shepe and foure going at Wynghous 
besides his awne goodes whiche he hathe going att Hartboue. 
The residue of my moveable goodes going at Myddleton 
George and at Hartbone I will go the performance of this 
my will. To my doughter Kateryn aforsaid a dowsen sylver 
spoonez, a sylver salte which lith in pledge of foure markes, 
orelles the money yf yt be loused, a garnishe of peuter vessell, 
a bason with a ewer of pewter, a dowson potagers and oversee 
coveringe and my best counteir clothe. To my sonne Jerrerd 
Salveyne and my doughter Eleyoner his wyffe xxiij u kye with 
theire calves, which I have going at my inkept at Crocdayll, 
and a hundreth hogge going of other my groundes. Unto my 
doughter his wyffe a dowsyn sylver sponys whiche I made last, 
a garnishe of pewter vessell, an oversee coveryng, a coupborde 
cloth, and foure markes in money to bye a sylver salt. To 
my son Rowlande Maddeson and my doughter Jane his wyffe 
xvij 11 stottes and v scoire shepe going at my inkest at Edy, and 
unto my doughter Jane a dowsyn sylver sponys wherof vj ys 
in theire awne handes, ij sylver saltes with a cover, a garnishe 
of pewter vessell and oversee coverynges lynde, a countercloth. 


To my sonne Geffreye a dowsyu of my best quysshens, a dyaper 
bordecloth, a sperver of red and grene whic lie hath in his 
handes, a countercloth, an iryn chymneye in the stewardes 
chamber, a sylver salte double gilte with a cover, on goblett 
gilte, xiij sylver sponys, niarkit with th' appostles, aud after 
hym I will the said goublette, salt and thirtene sylver sponys 
remayne and go to his oldest sonn, and in defaulte, I will he 
give them unto onn of his Irendes to praye for me. Unto my 
brother Christoffer Wrenne aud to my son and sonnes Wrenne, 
either of them a riall in golde. To my son Wrenne 
xl s. to thentente he shall by housholde stuff to the same value, 
and to my doughter Parkynson xl s. To my sister Wylson my 
best kirtle. To my son Wyllyame Wremie v li., vj sylver 
sponys, a rnatteres, a fether bed, a bolster, twoo payer of 
lynnyn shettes, an oversee covering lynde, and to niy doughter 
Kendall on materes, a fetherbedd, a bolster, a payer of 
blankettes, a payer of shettes, and oversee coveryug uu lynde. 
To my nevewe Rauff Wakerfyld xl s. and too sylver spoones, 
and to eyther of his twoo brethren a kye with a calf, and to 
everye on of his two systers a payer of shettes. To Mathewe 
Hyude xl s., a fely stage, and his beddyng which he lyth in, 
and to his suster Elyzabeth a payer of shettes, a gowne, a 
kirtle. To Autonye Bucke xl s., and to Rauff Bucke and 
Thomas Bucke either of them vj s. viij d. To my servaunte 
Henry Lawsoii a fely stagge of thre yeres olde and twoo whyes 
or elles xxs. To everye Queryster within Sharburn house 
iiij d., and deacons viij d. To every man servaunt within my 
howse viij d. and ij yardes of hardyn cloth. To everye woman 
servaunt a whye stirke. To Mariorye Blythman a whye with 
a calf, a matteres, a payer of blankettes, a paier of sheites, a 
coverlet, a bolster. To 8imon Bilbie a whie with a calfe, and 
to Robert Wren, sone of Garmanswey Willm Wren, a whie 
stirke. To Willm Harryson a colte stagge or a felie, and to 
his doughter Marion a whie stirke. The residue of my 
houshold stuff I will be equally devided emonges my thre 
doughters Jane, Elenor, and Katerine, savinge that they shall 
leyve suche stuff and perteyninge the stocke of Sherborne 
house, whiche I am bound to do and leave at the same house. 
All the residue of my goodes I will be at the ordre of Geffray 
my son, whorne I make executor, and I desier Sir Robert 
Bowes, knight, and my cosin Thomas Blenkensopp to be 
supervisours, and I will Sir Robert have for his paynes 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d., and that he have the mariage of Isabell 
Perkinson, and Thomas Blenkinsopp have xl s. Witnesses, 
Sir Willm Tode, curate, S r Cuthbert Bell, Sir Robert Reson, 
Sir Thomas Cuthbert, Sir Rauf Crawe, preiste, Mathew Hinde. 

[Proved 3 April, 1540.] 



[Crumwell, 18.] 

6 Mar., 1539-40. James Elyson, of NorthauklonJe, 
chapman. My bodie to be buriede within the churche of 
Seynte Andree above my mestres Lilburne settes. To the 
warkes of the seide chnrche for ray layer stone iij s. iiij d. To 
the highe alter of the seide churche for offerandes and the 
tythes forgotten ij s. To the parishe preste xij d. To John 
Eleson my brother xl s. and my best garment. To Robt 
Chaumber my kynsman xl s. To Margaret Allyson ij ryalles in 
golde. To Margarette Whortoii xiij s. iiij d. To Kateryn 
Wryght my servaunt iij s. iiij d. To Jane Blakborne and hir 
sister ij bounde of lyne. To the amending of Nowton Bridge 
vj s. viij d. To Richarde Stevynson wyeffe a yarde of the best 
lyne in the shoppe. To the brother of Collage for dirige and 
masse in the day of my buriall xs. To Sir John Gyllys a 
silver spone with an image of the ende gilte. The rest of my 
goodes I give unto Emote Scrargwham my doughter child, 
whom I make my sole executor to dispose as she thinkes best 
by advise of Autonye Robson and John son of the seide 

Antonye. I constitute M r Doctor , chauncelere to my 

lorde of Duresme, supervisor, and I give hym an olde rialle in 
golde. Witnesses, John Ednell, Antonye Robson, Roberto 
Alanson, and Richarde Stevynson. 

[Proved (no date).] 


[Spert, 8.] 

-2 Mar., 1539-40. Margarett Ryther, wydowe. To the 
high aulter of Heddyngham Castell Churche for dirige and 
masse for my husbande sowle, my sowle, and all Christian 
sowles, xx s. To the high aulter of the churche of Elres Colne 
iij s. iiij d., of Seynt Gyles churche in Mapulsted iij s. iiij d. 
I will that within the yere oou dirige and masse be songe 
within the parishe churche of Wakefeld within the countie of 
Yorke for my soule, my father and mother sowles, and all 
Christian sowles, and I give to the same xxs. To my ladie 
Dame Marie Kingston my ringe of gold with the fyve woundes. 
To M re Jane Brewes my lardgest payre of beades. To my 

* If is difficult to say who this lady was, as her maiden name does not 
appear. Sir William Ryther, of Ryther, married Eleanor, daughter of Sir John 
Fitzwilliam, of Sprotborough. He had a younger son Nicholas (father of John 
Ryther, who succeeded to the Scarcroft estate), whose wife's name is not stated 
in the pedigree. She might have been the above testatrix, who seems to have 
had some connection with the De Vere family of Heddingham Castle and the 
Fitzwilliams, according to the will. 


ladye Dame Fraunces Seyntclere a ryall. To M re Elizabeth 
Rede her doughter oone doble docket of goold. To Robert 
Seyntclere hir brother, my godsone, on olde noble. To 
M re Ursula Brewes late sonne oon angell. To M r Robert 
Rochester oon angell. To M re Elizabeth Brewes my spone of 
sylver with a squyrrell of thende. To Mistres Elizabeth Lovell 
my spone of sylver with the letters of J and R at thende. 
To M rs Jane Fithwilliam my best partlet of blake velvet. To 
M rs Elizabeth Miche my gowne of blake clothe, to Mistres 
Anne Goldingham oon payre of sheetes. To Mysters Emlyn 
Badbye my payre of beades of blacke jette gawded with beades 
of sylver and gilt with awmber abowte the gardes. To my 
sonne John Ryther my marying ringe, my bowle of sylver, my 
two goblettes of sylver with one cover, and oon soveraign of 
golde and six spones of sylver slipped. To John Ryther his 
sonne my ryng with a rubby, six spownes of sylver with 
knoppes of thendes and one ryall. To his doughter Elizabeth 
Ryther my payre of beades of sylver gawdyd with golde, six 
new spones, oon ryall of golde, and my two saltes of sylver 
and gilt with one cover. To M r Robert Skerne oon angell. 
To Marye Turner a payre of sheetes. To wydowe Porter a 
black gowne. To Elyne Nycholles one payre of shetes. To 
Agnes my mayde oon kerchif. To M r John Danyell, of 
Messyng, oon sufferyn. To his wyfe oon payre of shettes. 
To her daughter Alice my new spone of sylver slipped at 
thende. To her doughter Anne oon kerchiffe of lynyn. To 
her doughter Jane oon kerchief, to Margaret Danyell oon 
kerchif and oon rayle of lynyn. To Robert Towneley, vicar 
of Messyng, to praye for my soule, one angell. To Sir John 
Morteyn, M r Danyells chapleyn, one angell. To my sonne all 
my goodes not bequethed. To my god-doughter Mary Ryther 
my ring of gold with a bocke rubbey, oon of my fetherbeddes 
with a bolster, one long pillowe of downe, oon payre of 
fustyans, my counterpoynt of verders with roses, oon payre of 
shetes, this given after the writing of my will by reason of 
mariage hadde betwixte my sayd sonne and doughter. 
[Proved 21 July, 1542.] 


[Alengar, 24.] 

18 May, 1540. George Matheson, marchaunt, of Kinges- 
towne upon Hull. To be buryed in our Lady church of Hull, 
or elles in the parishe churche where yt shall please God to 
call me out of this world. I bequeth xx s. to bye a canapie for 
the Sacrament in my churche at Hull. To my cosyn William 
Swan, my servaunt and kynsman, Ixvj s. viij d. To my nephew 


Raafe Watson Ixvj s. viij d. To my nyse Elisabeth Sraithe 
Ixvj s. viij d., and to echo of her children xl s. To Elizabeth 
Welbecke xxvj li. xiij s. iiij d. To Mary Partryche xxli. To 
my scoler, M r Pentland in Oxforde, Ixvj s. viij d. To every 
poor householder in Hull xij d. To every house of massandewe 
at Hull xs., and to the presoners at Hull xxs. To the 
reparacons of my parishe churche at Hull xl s. To my lorde 
Archebisshop of Yorke my best standing cup with the cover 
silver and gilte, being in valor xx li., and to M r Arthur Lawe a 
sylver cupp parcell gilt. To myn host Sampson Audeley xx s., 
and as moche to his wyfe my hostice. To M r Brandesby one 
of myn ale cuppe of sylver and parcell gilt. To eche of my 
prentyses being in my service xl s. To eche of my godsons at 
Hull xij d. To Henry Tharcrase xx s. To the mending of 
eche of the three high wayes from Holdernes to Beverley and 
Aulabye to Hull xxs. To Elizabeth Dixon and to Kelet, 
susters to my said wyfe, eyther of them xl s. To John M'hall 
one of my ale cuppes sylver and parcell gilt. To the 
mariage of vj por maydens, to eche of them vj s. viij d. To 
thexibicion of six scolers, three at Oxford and thre at 
Cambridge, to eche of them xx s., and yt to be distributed by 
my lorde Archbisshop of Yorke. To Anne my wyfe and old 
wasthouse wherin ys a old myle and a olde house standing in 
greate daunger of water whiche stande all in one lytell gardyn 
together. To Anne my wyfe all my leaces, tenamentes, 
rentes, services, and profyttes therof to give and to sell at her 
pleasure, and all moveable goodes, as plate, household stuf, 
and all my debtes, and I make my wyfe my executrix. 
Wytnesses, Maister John Bradesbye, Archar Lawe, Sampson 
Audeley, and William Swan, with other. 

[Proved 25 Feb., 1540-1.] 


[Alengar, 14.] 

30 July, 1540. John Adeson, clerck, curate of Caldbeke. 
To every poore house in Lughborowe iiij d., and iiij quarters of 
rye and iij quarters of barleye and iiij quarters of pese. 
To my suster Jenet Seron a violet gowne and a beede at 
Caldbecke and a redde mantell, a fetherbedde with a boulster 
and a pillowe and a coveryng of tapstery worke, and haulf 
my oulde pewter vessell at Caldbeck and the old cheare. 
To my suster Annes Rudde my best shorte gowne and a 
blacke gowne faced with saten of Cipres, a federbedd, a 
boulster, a pillowe, a coveryng of tapstery worke, and the 


other haulf of my oulde pewter vessell and brasse at Caldbeck, 
and my cloke and a testour paynted, and a newe cheyre and 
the spruse chest which is in my litle chamber. To Henry 
Seron my servaunt a fetherbedde, a boulster, a coveryng of 
tapesterie worke, a standyng beed with testour and curteynes 
of redde and grene, and all the hangynges and a brasse morter 
with a pestell, and a sylver spone and the cupbord standing in 
the parlor, so that his father and mother have thuse therof. 
To Richard Reed, scolar at Cambridge, all my bokes not 
hereafter bequeithed, and all my rayment at Lughborowe and 
nil the lynen geare, a litle sparver of Dornix, and a coveryng 
for a bedde of grene silcke, and another which was bought by 
Syr Richard Greyn, and a pair of blankettes and ij pillowes, 
and a jaket and a doublet of chamblet, and my gowne of 
pewke with blacke cotton without a hoode, and my violet 
gowne withe the hoode, and ij pairs of the best shetes at 
Caldbeck, and a bason and ewer, and my skarlet and my 
murray gowne, and vj sylver spones at Lughborowe, ten 
pound in money to fynde hym at scole over that money which 
I hadde of his in kepyng. To John Rudd, my nephe at 
London, a fetherbed with a bolster, a matres, a pillowe, twoo 
coverlettes, one pair of blankettes, and all the shetes at London 
and the best cheest there, and a litle lettron with a coffer and 
a loke upon it, the table and trestells, ij cheares, a litle stole, a 
paire of aundyrons, and suche bokes as he will chose there, 
ij formes, twentie pounde in money to fynd hym at his lernyng. 
To eche one of syster Jenet Seron s dough ters a sylver spone of 
those which are at Caldbecke and twentye shillinges, and to 
twoo of my syster Annes doughters, eche of them a sylver 
spone and iij li. vj s. viij d., and if all thre dye before they be 
maried then John Rudde to have it. To the said twoo maides 
my suster Annes doughters all the newe pewder and brasse 
vessell which came from London, &c. To my twoo systers 
Jenet and Agnes all my pewder pottes great and small. To 
every poore house in Caldbeck iiij d. To Sir Robert Stockes, 
my cousyn in London, Summa Anthonini, and to his mother a 
silver spone, and to his father another. To Syr Richard 
Grene, peroch prest at Highborowe, my blacke gowne, my 
great chest, the testor in the parlour, summa Anthonini, 
Sermones Richardi, one part of Saint Ambrose workes, 
Athanasius upon Pooles epistels, Theophilactus of the gospelles, 
summa Angelica Symonis Janensis, a chaffyng dishe, &c. To 
Syr Willm Fishpoll, Saint Thomas super epistolas Pauli and 
the bible in foure volumes. To Thos. Barnyngham, William 
Clerck, Henry Fletcher, vicar of Toune Mallyng, John Bothe, 
books. To the reparacons of the church at Caldbecke ten 
shillinges. The residue of all my goodes to Jenet Heron and 


Annes Rudde my susters egally, and I make Henry Heron 
thelder and Henry Fletcher executors. 

[Proved 20 Oct., 1540.] 


[Alengar, 27.] 

16 Aug., 1540. I, John Wrighte, of Plughelande within 
the parishe of Wellwycke, make my will. My body to be 
buryed within the hallowid grounde. To John Wrighte 
xli. To Elysabethe Wrighte xli. To Charles Wrighte 
v marces. To John Clough v marces. To William Bucke 
xl s. To Rycharde Bramley, his wyfe, xl s. To every 
one of Richard Smythes childerne xl s. To George 
Cloughe xl s. To William Pycharde xl s. To Margaret 
Hent v marces. To William Battersby v marces. To Richarde 
Curie xiij s. iiij d. To the vycar of Welwycke vj s. viij d. To 
John Archules vj s. viij d. To William Herdman ij s. To 
Thomas Carter vj s. viij d. To Rouland Murrey vj s. viij d. 
To Elyne vj s. viij d. To Agnes ij s. viij d. Item to 
Elyzabeth. To Julyan ij s. To George Thorpe and his wiffe 
foure quarters of wheate. To John Feron and his wyfe foure 
quarters of whete. To John Fostyne to synge for my soule 
vij yeres xl s. the yere, to wayte on my wyfe withe meate and 
drynke. To the churche of Welwyke vj s. viij d. To the churche 
of Patrington v s. To the churche of Hollyn vj s. viij d. To the 
churche of Holmeton vj s. viij d. To my wyfe all my plate and 
her goodes that she broughte with her. To Robert Wrighte 
my sonne all my plate. Also I wyll that Sir William Constable, 
knighte, Sir Raufe Ellerker, knighte, Master Babthorpe, 
esquier, and Master Grymston, esquier, to be supervysors. The 
resydue unto Robert my sonne, whome I make my executour. 
Wytnesses, the vycar of Wellvvyke, my curate, Bartilmcw 
Thorpe, gentylman, Wyllyam Chayre, and John Parker. 
[Proved 4 April, 1541.] 


[Spert, 2.] 

14 Jan., 1540-1. I, Sir Godfray Foliambe, of Walton 
Hall in the Countie of Derby, knight, being of good, hole and 

According to Glover's Visitation, p. 145, John Wright, of Plowland, was 
servant to King Henry VIII, came out of Kent, and married Alice, daughter and 
co-heiress of John Byther. His son Eobert, by his second marriage with Ursula 
Budston, had two sons, John and Christopher Wright, who were engaged in the 
Gunpowder Plot and lost their lives. 

f The Foljambes were a Derbyshire family origin illy, but came to Yorkshire 
by the marriages of the testator's eldest son, Sir James, to Alice, sister and 


perfytt mynde, neverthelesse sicke in my body, considering the 
uncerten tyme of contynnuance in this present lyfe, make this 
my last wille. Towching my goodes and cattalles and all my 
moveables to and for the pleasir of Almyghtie God, h el the of 
my soule and welthe of my posteritie, childern and servauntes, 
and others my lovers and freindes in maner and forme 
hereafter folowing, and ensuyng. First I comend and bequeth 
my soule to Almyghty God, my Savyor and redemer Jeshu 
Criste, thurgh whose marcy and by the merites of his passion 
I trust to be a saved soule, and to our blessed Lady Seynt 
Mary, Seynt John baptist, and all the holy companye in hevyn, 
humbly beseching them to pray unto our sayd Savyor Jeshu 
Criste to accept, the same to his high grace, marcy and endeles 
joye. And my body or kercas to be buryed in the parishe 
churche of All Sayntes in and at Chesterfeld in the Chapell of 
Saynt George there besides my lady my wyfe. Also I bequeth 
to my mortuary as the Lawes therfore made and established 
dothe axe and require. Also I give and bequeth to the 
mother churches of Coventry and Lichfeld, to eyther of them 
severally vj s. viij d. Also I will that my son James, whome I 
ordeyn and make my full and sole executour of this my last 
will, shall se cause and provide that my body or kercas be 
brought home to my buryall and my funeralles, messes and 
diriges, with all other suffrages and obsequies to be done 
and mynistred for my soule and all Christian soules, to the 
pleasure of God, helthe of my soule, and according as worship 
requyreth after my degree and power of my costes and 
charges. And that my swerde, helmet with the beest upon 
the hedd of yt, and my cote armure to be hanged over my 
tombe and there to remayn for ever. Also I will that the two 
greatest saltes that I have (except one) with a cover to them 
belonging whiche ben doble gylt and my armes in the toppe 
with my wyffes armes, a bason and an ewer of sylver parcell 
gilte with an egle in the myddes and a poosye (seying it ys 
good to have a long throote), two standing cuppes wherof 
thone of them ys hole gilte and hath a bell in the toppe of the 
cover and thother ys parcell gilte and hath an egle in the toppe 
of the cover, and other certeyn jewelles whiche lye in a chest 
amongist certeyn of my evydences that all thies except before 
except to remayn in myn howse at Walton with my sone and 
heire, and he to do therwith as he shall seme best by his 
discression for the helth of my soule. Also I bequeth and give 

co-heiress of William Fitzwilliam, of Aldwark, and of his younger son Godfrey 
to Margaret Fitzwilliam, her sister. The elder branch having died out, the 
present owner of Aldwark descends in the female line from Roger Foljambe, 
brother of the testator. 


to my sone Godfrey a basone and an ewer of silver parcell 
gilt, and an other baason and ewer of sylver parcell gilte to my 
son George, and to be dely vered to them twoo by the discression 
of my sayd executour. Also I give and bequeth to every one 
of my sones a velvet gowne, that ys to wite, to my son James 
my tawny velvet gowne with the furres in the same. Also to 
my sone Godfrey a blake velvet gowne lately furred with 
jenettes, and also the furr of jenettes lately being in the same 
gowne. And also to my sone George a tawny velvet gown 
lyned with tawny Batten. Also I will that thirty of my 
houshold servauntes, the names of whome apperith in a 
scroll hereunto this will annexed, have every of them a blake 
gowne and meite and drinke at Walton Hall by the space of 
one quarter of one yere after my deceas. And to Myles 
Colvyll, George Legh, William Dethick, Michell Pole, Henry 
Hewet, and Arthur Kynder, to every one of them xx s. And 
to every other of my yomen being my household servauntes, to 
have every of them a rewarde after the discression of my seyd 
executour over and above their wages, and to every other of ray 
servauntes being out of my house and of my lyvery a blake 
gowne, and so to some other my lovers and frendes being at 
my buryall blacke gownes as my sayd executour shall think 
convenuent or els not. Also I give to Anne Foliambe my 
doughter fyve hundret markes of lawfull Englishe mony to her 
maryage. And I will that my sayd executour shall give her 
yerely vj li. xiij s. iiij d. towardes her exhibicion unto suche tyme 
as she shalbe promotyd to mariage, and that she shall be kept 
with suche other freendes as shalbe thought convenuent by 
thadvyce of my seyd executour and other her frendes. Also 
I will that all my servauntes of husbondry called hynes shall 
have meyte and drinke after my deceas at Walton hall by the 
space of one moneth of my costes and charges, and I bequeth 
to every of them ij s. over and above their wages. Also I wille 
that my seyd sone James my sole executour shall within the 
space of one hole moneth next and immedyatly after my 
deceasse without any delay take and reserve the lease 
and farme of the prebend of Tikhull, whiche I have in 
ferine of the late abbot and covent of the monastery of 
Westm', according to the covenantes, articles and grauntes 
therof had and made betwen them and me as by ther 
indentures redy to be shewed doth appere, and that done I will 
and also desire my seyd sone James that he wilbe contented 
that my seyd sone Godfrey shall occupie and enioye the farmes 
of the touneshippes here after folowing, that is to wite, 
Whiteley, Hardworth, Haseley, Lympole, Plumtrefeld, and 
Tikhull, and he to paye to my seyd sone James yerely for 


Hareworth vij markes, for Whetely ix li. vj s. viij d., for 
Haseley, Lympole and Plumtrefeld sevyn markes, and for 
Tykhull sevyn markes, and my sone James and his executours 
to have the resydue of the seyd farme, that is to wit, 
Estmarkham, West Markham, Lowdham, and Walesbie, at his 
or their pleasure. Also I give to my doughter Margaret, my 
sone Godfreys wyfe, a kyrtell of blacke velvet and a paire of 

beydes of fyne with a grene tassell which were my 

wyffes. Also I will that my son James have the order and 
maryage with all suche covernauntes as I have of William 
A c shoby and Joyes his wyfe for the mariage of Richard 
Assheby ther sone and heyre, or eny other there sonnes which 
shall fortune to be their heire and maryed to Benet Foliambe 
my doughter begotten of Joane Mannsfeld, or elles to suche 
other gentilwoman as I shuld assigne, name and appoynt, with 
all other covenauntes for and concernyng the same. And 
also the order, rule, governance and mariage of Cristofer 
Fitzrandolf and Jane his wyfe, for the mariage of Thomas 
Fitzrandolff their son and heire, or any other of their sones 
whiche shall fortune to be ther heire and rnaryed to Katherin 
Foliambe my doughter begoten as aboveseyd, or els to suche 
other gentilwoman as I shulde assigne. To the amending of 
high wayes at Whittington vj s. viij d., at Ulgarthorpe between 
Uston hall and Ulgarthorpe v j s. viij d., at Button in le Dale 
vj s. viij d. To the reparacions of Kirkeby in Asshefeld church 
vj s. viij d. I will that my household be kept at Walton hall 
of meyte and drinke after my deceasse by the space of one 
quarter of on yere. Also I will that yf my sone George 
Foliambe do mary and take a wyfe or els inhabitt hym self in 
the country or els where that he shall than occupye the farme 
of West Markham that my sone James shall have, and to paie 
to my sone James the olde rentes, that is to wite, sevyn 
markes. And also the farme of Harworth that my sone 
Godfrey shuld have, and to paye to my sone James the rentes 
and dueties as my sone Godfrey shuld doo with the subsidie for 
West Markeham. The residue I give to my sone James, whom 
I ordeyn my full and sole executour. This will is sealed in the 
presence of William Newenham, knight, John Boswell. Teste 
me, Olivere Shaa, cleric, vicar de Est Markham, William 
Walton, clerke, parson of Barleburgh, p me William Inskip, 
parson of Clown, p me Ricum Calton, p me Edward Bonne. 

[Proved 10 Feb., 1541-2.] 


[Spert, 2.] 

16 Nov., 1541. I, Nicholas Talbott, of Hymsworth in the 
countie of Yorke, gentilman, maketh this my last .will. First, 
I bequeth my soule unto Almightie God, my body to be buryed 
where it shall please hym that I shall departe out of this 
world. Also I will that two partes of my manor of Hymsworth 
and of all other my messuages, lands, etc., in Hymsworth or 
els where, and the profettes therof yerely comyng shalbe 
received and taken by Robert Sayvell, sone of Sir Henry 
Sayvell, knight, and Richard Whetley of Wolley, during the 
terme of six yeres next after my deceasse, for the payment 
of my dettes and for the fulfilling of this my will and bequestes 
in the same. Also I will that the seyd Robert Seyvell and 
Richard Whetley shall delyver to Peter Povey and William 
Shelton my servauntes all suche wages as I do owe unto them 
at my departure, and to eyther of them one hole yeres wage?. 
Also I bequeth to eyther of them their horse which they nowe 
ryde upon, their saddelles and brydles, and to either of them 
vj s. viij d. to bere thaire charges to London. Also I will that 
all my goodes and dettes shalbe gathered by the sayd Robert 
Sayvell and Richard Whetley, and to be put in save keping to 
thuse of Anthony Talbott my sonne in suche place as it shall 
please the right honorable Robert, bishop of Landaph, lorde 
president of the King our soveraigne lorde his honorable 
counsaill in the north parties, and Sir Henry Sayvell, knight, 
whom I do make supervisours of this my last will. And 
also I will that the sayd Robert and Richard shall have 
thair sufficient costes allowed at the discretion of my sayd 
supervisours of and for all suche labors as they shall take for 
thexecucion of this my will. To either of them yerely during 
the sayd terme of six yeres xl s. To every of my supervisors 
ten poundes. I will that the sayd Robert and Richard shall 

bring me f urth honestly according to my degre. To 

Bullocke, doughter of Andrewe Bullocke, my goddoughter, 
xx s. The residue of the rentes of the sayd two parties of my 
landes by the sayd Robert Sayvell and Richard Whetley 
receyved during the sayd terme of six yeres shalbe put in a 
placee convenient by the assignement of my sayd supervisours 
to thuse of the sayd Anthony Talbot my sone, whome I do 
make my sole executour, and he to have all my goodes 

* His Inquisitio was taken 21 April, 33 Hen. VIII (1542), Anthony, his 
son, then being fourteen years old. He was son of John Talbot, lord of the 
manor of Hemsworth, through his wife Isabella, daughter and heiress of 
Sir Thomas Wortley, knight, of Hemsworth. The testator's son sold Hemsworth 
to Sir Thomas Gargrave 19 Elizabeth. 


moveable and unmoveable. Also I will that yf my sayd sone 
Anthony departe and dye out of this worlde afore he come to 
thage of xvj yeres, having no childe then lyving, all my goodes 
and the profettes of the sayd two yeres of my landes to be 
ordered by my sayd supervisours. These being witnes, 
Francis Frobyser, Jo. Silvester, prest, Edmod Balne, Jo. 
Byrkes, Ric. Braton, and others. 

[Proved 18 Feb., 1541-2.] 

[Spert, 10.] 

31 Dec., 1541. Roland Bryckett, of the parishe of Wake- 
ffeld within the dioces of Yorkeshyre, strekyn with infirmyte 
and sekenes. My body to be buryed in the churche yerth of 
Lyndsf eld [erbury] within the dioces of Gaunt. I will have at 
my burying iij masses, ten prestes, and every prest to have for 
his labor vj d., to be done within the churche of Lyndsfeld 
foreseyd. I will to Isabell my wyfe all that her childes parte 
that she shulde have by her father. I will to the same all her 
rayment that I bought for her, all household stuf that I have. 
The residue of my goodes above not bequethed, my dettes 
being payd, I will to Anthony Bryckat and William Brickatt 
my brothers, whom I do ordeyn my executours. I will to 
Anthony my brother and Isabell my wyfe in money indeffer- 
ently betwen them xxvli., whiche some I delyvered to 
Thomas Jackeson my servaunte. Wytness, Sir Nicholas 
Myrris, curat, Thomas Tykerydge, William Byrscye, and 
John German. 

[Proved 21 Oct., 1542.] 


[Alen, 36.] 

28 March, 1542. I, James Lawson, of Newcastell uppon 
Tyne, marchaunt, make my will. Firste, I give my soule to 
Almightie G-od, to our blessed lady, Saynt Mary the virgin, 
and to all tholy company of heaven, and my body to be 
buried within the porche of Saynt John in the church of 
Saint Nicholas in Newcastell. To the high aulter twentie 
shillinges. To the vycar of Newcastell over and besides tenne 
shillinges due unto hym in the name of my corpspresent 

* A merchant at Newcastle. He married Alice, daughter of George Bertram, 
of Newcastle. His son Edmund had a son, Sir Ralph Lawson, who, having 
married Elizabeth, heiress of Roger Brough, of Brough, near Catterick, settled 


vj s. viij d. to pray for my soule. I give unto my sonne 
Edmounde Lawson myn house that I nowe dwell in New- 
castell, and my myln with all maner of profettes belonging to 
the same, to hym and to theyres males of his body, excepte 
that I will that Alice my wif during her widowehed shall 
dwell in the same my house yf she lyste and at her pleasure, 
and have all maner of profites, and for default of yssue of 
the forsaid Edmonde the remayndre of the said house and 
mylne unto George Lawson my sonne, and for default of issue 
unto William Lawson my sonne, and for default of issue unto 
Henry Lawson my sonne. I will that my sonne Edmounde 
Lawson shall have my house in Grynden thare belonging to 
the chauntrey of Saynt Thorns within the churche of 
Alhallowes, and for lacke of yssue male to the said George, 
William, and Henry Lawson. I will that Edmounde shall 
have the leas of my close called Wardelles, remaynder tj 
George, William, and Henry. I will that George Lawson my 
sonne shall have my house by the keyside in Newcastell, 
that William Bartram dwelled in, with all the houses forward 
and backward belonging to the same, and one close that was 
George Walles and my lease of thorchard that was the late 
Awsten fryres, and for lacke of yssue the remayndre to 
Edmounde, William, and Henry, one after thother. I will 
that my wif shalhave my fermeholde in Elswike, and one close 
in the Fyrth belonging to the Westspitell and my fyne called 
Tanselliges, with all maner of corne and catall, to dispose at 
her fre will. I give that my sonne Henry Lawson shall have 
myn house wherin Edward Feiiwyk now dwelleth, and the 
house that Robert Horsley dwelled in in Grynden, nowe in 
myn handes, and for lacke of yssue to William, Edmounde, and 
George Lawson. Provided also that I will that yf my said 
wif Alice shall after my decease fortune to mary, that then I 
will my wif shall have the two houses that Edward Fenwiku 
dwelleth in and the house that Robert Horsley dwelled in 
after she be maryed yf she lyst during her lyf . I give that 
William Lawson my sonne shall have my house in Grynden 
that belongeth unto the chauntrey of Saynt Thomas within 
Saynt Johns Church, and one house in Westgate that 
Sir Rolande the parrishe preste dwelleth in, and one house in 
Sandgate that William Hudson dwelleth in, and for lacke of 
yssue male the remaynder to Henry, Edmound, and George 
Lawson. I will that Edmound Lawson my sonne shall have 
the towne of Westmarisyne with the demaynes according to 
the entayle, and as he haith yt, yelding unto me during my 
lif xxviij li. yerely, and after my deceasse unto Alice my wiff 
during her lif tenne pouiides. To George my sonne an 


annuytie of x li. yerely, to fynde hym at scole, to be levyed of 
theyres of Reymond Tutturys in Calice unto suche tyme the 
some of ccxl li. due unto me be paied ; and yf my sonne 
George deceasse, the said some of two hunderth and fourtye 
poundes or any parcell unpayed I will my sonne Henry shall 
receyve the same. I will that William Lawson my sonne shall 
have all my leases of the house of Saint Bartilmewe according 
unto my lease taken of oure Lorde the King, paing unti my 
saied wif Alice fyve poundes during h(r lyf provided I will 
that my suster Agnes shalhave the mansion house or place of 
Saynt Edmound and thalf of Ulston during her lyf, yelding 
yerely to me and myne assignes iij li. vj s. viij d. during her 
lyf, and my suster shall leave the said house at her deceasse 
and thalf of Ulston unto my sonne William. And I give unto 
William all suche money and plate stuff of housholde utensilles 
there remayniiig, she having her sufficient lyving out of the 
same during her lyf, w ch plate money doth apperteyne unto 
me in recompense of two hunderth poundes which I layed 
downe in sute to obteyne the Kings graunt that her late 
house of Saint Bartilmews might stande. I will that George 
Lawson shall have to hyme and his h eyres males all my 
landes in Neysham, in Hurwurth, in Burdon, and in Hyndell, 
which I did purchace of the Kynges grace, and one close 
within the Lordeship of Dynsdell, the whiche I did purchace 
of Marmaduk Surtes, paying during her lyf unto my wif 
fyve poundes, and for defaulte of thyssue the remayndre to 
Edmounde, and from Edmounde to George. To the children 
of my doughter Isabell Fenwike twentie poundes equally. To 
the children of my doughter Barbara Blount xxli. equally. 
To Robert Ogle my servaunt a yong horse. To James Lawson 
sonne of Edmund Lawson my cheyne and crosse. To 
M r Bowyer xxs. 

Codicil the thirde of Aprill a thousande fyve hunderth xlij. 
I give my brother Thomas Lawson my best gowne, to my 
brother George Lawson my secunde gowne, to my brother 
Roberts sonne my thirde gowne, to every one of my brothers 
and susters children one aungell noble, to every godsonne and 
goddoughter of myn iij s. iiij d. To my suster Agnes fourtye 
shillinges, to by hir a gowne. To my suster Eliz. a ryall, to 
make her a ring. To my suster Barbara a ryall, to make her 
a ring. To my suster Alice my fourth gowne with lynning 
and all that is in yt, and xx s. in money. To every one of the 
late susters of Saint Bartilmewes being alyve at the tyme of 
my deceasse v s. To every one of my housholde servauntes 
daly in house with me vj s. viij d. To an hundreth poor 
housholders in iiij parryshes of Newcastell dwelling viij d. 


a pece, to be chosen of the most neydfull by the churche- 
wardeyns and the parrishe prestes. To every poor man and 
woman dwelling within the almeshouses in Newcastell a 
penny a pece. To either of the pryson houses in Newcastell 
xij d. I will that at the day of my buriall there be xij poor 
men chosen by myn executours being- poore housholders not 
able to labor, to bere everey one of them a torche and to have 
a blacke gowne of ten pence the yerde. I will that every one 
of my foure sonnes and my two sonnes in lawe and ther wives 
shall have a blacke gowne of fyve shillinges the yarde yf they 
be there put. I will that my brother Thomas, my brother 
George Lawson, and my brother George Oxerd, shall have a 
blacke gowne, price xx s., and in the def aulte or absence of 
any of them to take Thomas Myddelton, who is next of my 
bloode. I will that all the prestes within Newcastell dwelling 
be at my masse and dirige that may conveniently be there, and 
to have for there prayers in that behalf according to the 
custome of the towne and all the parrish clerkes in semblable 
wise. I will that sixe of my blode or next of my bloode 
shall bere my corps to the church, and every one to have for 
his labor iij s. iiij d. The residue of my goodes, my wifes 
chamber, iuelles, and adornement and her porcon excepted, 
I give to George, William, and Henry my sonnes equally 
emonges them. And of my will to this codicil to be united 
I make Alice my wif and Edmound Lawson my sonne myne 
executours, to whome every of them I give fourty shillinges. 
Thies being witnes, Richard Bowyer als. Stirley, the writer of 
this my testament, John Carre of Worke, George Fenwike of 
Brynkeborne, and George Dewpp, with other. And overseers 
I make my brother Thomas and Gerard Fenwick, and I do 
give unto every of them fourtie shillinges. 

Mem 111 that James Lawson after the making of his will 
gave to Robert Ogle his servaunt twentie nobles. He gave 
to the churches of Saynt Nycholas, Saynt John Alhallowes, 
and Saint Andrewes in the towne of Newcastell, to every of 
them xx s. Witnes herof, Nicholas Burton, parson of Saint 
Andrewes in Holborne, his goostley father, Richard Hunt, 
and John Tompson. 

[Proved 14 May, 1547.] 


[Spert, 16.] 

30 June, 1542. Jenkyn Williamson, of Dighton* in the 
Countie of Allerton, yoman. To Elizabeth my doughter, 
whiche I begate of Agnes Pacoke, twenty markes, and twenty 

* Deighton, in Allertonshire. 


yewes and twenty lambes, one kowe and oon whye of twoo 
yere olde. To Christofer Williamson my brother thre kye 
and their calves, six gymer lambys, a yonge gray mare whiche 
I lent hym when I cam to London. To the wife and childern 
of my brother John Willyamson, late decessid, one kowe and 
hir calfe. To myn uncle Henry Williamson oon white calfe 
of oon yere olde. To the reparacon of Dighton kirke six 
shillinges and eight pence. To Sir Robert Mawnsel, prest, 
my bowe, my shaftes, and twenty shillinges. To Sybell his 
suster 0011 calfe. To John Cotys my godsonne one calffe. To 
John Adamson and his wife one calfe. To Thomas Corneforthe, 
my servaunt, oon kowe and oon calfe, yf he take to wife my 
cosyn Jenet Hapenye, and to their weddyng fonre busshelles 
of wheate and foure busshelles of malt and twoo ewes and twoo 
lambes. To Katheryn Dawson. oon calfe. To eche of my 
servauntes and to the norys of my house twoo shepe. I geve 
unto Maister Batys and Maister Bygotte my landelordes twoo 
of the best yonge horsses that I have except a yonge rone 
geldyng which I geve to Sir Roger Bassettes to be the 
supervisour of my wille. To Sir Robert Bowes an amblyng 
graye geldyng. To John Tesedale twoo whyes. To my cosyn 
William Tesedale, of London, an ambling white stagge. To 
William Smythe, of the Stanke, one mare. To my cosyn 
Thomas Fountans, of London, my white stagge. To Anne, 
his wife, my golde ringe, and to eche servaunt in his house 
iiij d. To John Egerley, gentilinan, of the Temple, fyve 
shillinges. Executours, Jane my wife, Margaret my doughter, 
and Thomas my brother. Witnesses, John Egerley, Scriptor, 
John Lynde, John Danyell, haberdasher, Thomas Fountans, 
Thomas Powell, preest, William Teysedale, and George 

[Proved 10 Feb., 1542-3.] 


[Pynnyng, 28.] 

This is the last wille of me, Thomas, Erie of Rutlande, in 
writing made the xvj th day of August in the xxxiiij th yere of 
Henry the Eight, 1542. First, where I have the manours of 
Belvoire &c. in the countie of Lincoln, Easton &c. in the 
countie of Leicester, londes in Dalton and Naborne in the 
countie of Yorke, in Carleton &c. in the countie -of Northt, 
in Collesden &c. in the countie of Bedford, in Clipston in the 

* 13th Lord Bos, created Earl of Kutland 1526. He obtained large grants 
of abbey property. He was twice married ; by his second wife Eleanor, daughter 
of Sir William Paston, knight, he had five sons and five daughters. 


countie of Buckingham, of the yerely value of fourbye three 
poundes eight shillinges peny halfpeny, manors in the countie 
of Lincoln of value of twenty three poundes thre shillinges 
and fyve pence, and of thirtye fyve poundes nyntene 
shillinges foure pence halfpeny, and of threttie f oure shillinges 
and nyne pence, and of threscore foure poundes seventene 
shillings and eight pence, and of eight poundes eight 
shillinges and foure pence, and of foure poundes sextene 
shillinges and seven pence, and of manours in the countie of 
Leicestre of the value of twentye fyve poundes fyvetene 
shillinges and eight pence, and of fourty fyve poundes 
eightene shillinges and foure pence, and of sextene poundes 
nyntene shillinges foure pence halfpeny fart hinge, and of 
manours in the countie of Northt of the value of fourtie foure 
poundes twoo shillinges peny halfpeny, and the manor of 
Warsop in the countie of Notingham of the yerely value of 
eightene poundes fyve shillinges eleven pence, and the manor 
of Orston, with the soke and londes in Orston, Sereton, 
Kneton, Scaringtou, Carcolston, Thurveton, Staunton, and 
Dalington, in the same countie, of the value of thirty six 
poundes eight shillinges and twoo pence. And the manor of 
Howsom, and certen londes in Howsom, Levenyng, Barton, 
and Acclom, in the countie of Yorke, of the value of fourtye 
poundes seven shillinges and six pence halfpeny, the scite 
of the late monastery of Croxton and other londis in the 
countie of Leicestre, and the scite of the late monastery of 
Rivaulx in the countie of York, with the demeane londis 
therunto belonging, and manours, londis in Ryvaulx, Grryf, 
Newlathes, Ulthawayte, and Ulwrey, and the graunge of 
Sproxton, Crosby, Cotam, and Newton, and londes in Bylles- 
dale, Raysdale, Hawnbye, and Skiplome, in the said countie 
of York, of late perteynyng to the said moiiasterye of 
Ryvaulx, of the clere yerely value of twoo hundreth fourescore 
poundes nyne shillinges eleven pens halfpeny farthinge ; and 
the manor of Hackford in the countie of Norff., of the value 
of seventen poundes tenne shillinges eleven pens halfpeny; 
and the manours of Holte and Cley in the same countie, of 
the value of fiftie and nyne poundes nyne shillinges eight 
pence halfpeny ; and manours in Lincoln of the value of 
sexten poundes sixtene shillinges and eight pence, and of 
fourescore fyftene poundes foure shillinges nyne pence half- 
peny, and of foure poundes thretten shillinges and tenne 
pence ; and the manor of Storthway te and londes in Storth- 
wayte, Melborne, and Landricknes upon the More of 
Storthwayte, in the countie of Yorke, of the value of fyftie 
and fyve poundes seven shillinges fyve pence halfpeny ; and 


the manor of Seyton and londes of the value of twelve 
pounds sixtene shillinges and three pens ; and the manor of 
Thornton in Craven and londes in Thornton, Earsby, Kelbroke, 
in the same countie of Yorke, of the value of threttye and 
seven poundes thretten shillinges and fyve pence; and the 
manour of Lynton upon Owse and londis in Lynton and 
Yolton in the same countie of the value of fourtye and eight 
poundis nynetene shillinges and one peny ; and the manour 
of Turnham Hale with Clyff in the parish e of Hemyng- 
boroughe of the value of thurtye poundes six shillinges and 
eight pens; and the manours of Eastbourne and Ripe and 
londis in Sussex of the value of fourescore and tenne poundes 
teiie shillinges thre pens half peny ; and the manour of 
Braiikston in Northt of the value of thurteiie poundes sevyn 
pens half peny; and the feeferme of the maiour and cominaltie 
of the citie of Lincoln of the value of thurteiie pound es six 
shillinges and eight pence ; and londes in Sutton upon Trent 
in the countie of Notinghame of the value of tenne poundes 
twelve shillinges eight pens half peny; and in Eykering in 
the same countie of the value of septene poundes twoo 
shillinges and eight pens; and the feeferme of the maior and 
cominaltie of the citie of York of the value of fourty poundes 
and certeyn cotagis, orchardes and gardyns in the parishe 
of our lady upon Busshop hill within the said citie of the 
value of twenty and twoo shillinges; and the manour of 
Roshall in Waterfullford with thappurtennces in the said 
countie of the yerely value of seven poundes six shillinges 
eight pens; and londes in Oswoldekirke and Ampleforde in 
the said countie of the value of thurtene poundes nyntene 
shillinges tenne pens; and in Pockley and Budlome of the 
value of thurtene poundes foure shillinges eleven pence 
halfpeunye; and in Sproxton of the value of twentye fyve 
poundes fyvetene shillinges and fyvepence ; and in Eastlaton 
of the value of eight poundes sixtene shillinges and seven 
pens halfpenye ; and in Harome with the membres of the 
value of fourtye one poundes three shillinges eleven pens 
half peny; and in the lordship of Helmesley at the casele in 
the said countie of the value of threscore poundes eight 
shillinges and seven pence ; and the manour of Haughe with 
thappurtences, parcel! of the lordship of Helmesley aforsaid, 
of the value of twelve poundes thurtene shillinges and foure 
pens; and londes in Cowhowse in grave with Carleton in the 
said countie of the value of nyne poundes nyne shillinges and 
three pens ; and in Ravensthorp and Boltbye of the value of 
thurtye seven poundes nyne pens half peny ; and the manour 
of Ros in Holdernes, with londis in Ros, Mare, Flete, Ulram, 


Braynsburton, Fosseham, Oldburgh, Ringburgh, Wyderwike, 
Ryall, Atwike, Wassande, Bemyngham, Grymston, Garton in 
Holdernes, Youkewike, Tunstall, Wexham, Hompton, Hornes- 
hey, Otteringham, Ederwike, East Newton, Pall, and Hey don, 
of the value of fiftie three poundes sixten shillinges and one 
peny; and in Bolton in Glendale, Edale at the Castle, 
Ederslawe, Ewarte, Woller, Norham, Copelonde, Shotton, 
Bawmburghe, Crookehowse, Hawtell, Kylhm, Millefelde, 
Langton, Twede, Berington, Gowstwike, Holy llonde, Homle- 
don, Buckton, and Bollesdon, in the countie of Northumber- 
land, of the value of one hundreth twoo poundes eleven 
shillinges and twoo pens ; and the scite of the late monastery 
or priorye of Wartre in the said countie of Yorke, and manors, 
londes in Wartre, Hugget, Bishop burton, Newton garthe, 
Hesill, Scorburghe, Craneswike, Willerby, Northcave, 
Burnbye, Hayton, Thex, Bentley, Ousethorpe, Newton nere 
Darwent, Wheldrake, Kylwick Percy, Rudstone, Frasthorp, 
Awborn, Seyton, and the parsonage of Londe, in the said 
countie, of late being parcelles of the possessions of the said 
late monastery or priory of Wartre, of the clere value of 
thurty nyne poundes six shillinges and three pens ; and londes 
in Heskethe, Haromyngs, Scalton crofte, Orlyaure, Brannsdale, 
Sleightholmdale, and Lundcote, late parcelles of the late 
monastery of Ryvaulx; and the manour and parsonage of 
Helmesley and londes in Helmesley, Sproxton, Carleton, and 
Billesdale, late parcelles of the late monastery of Kyrkham in 
the said countie ; and londes in Braunston in the countie of 
Northt, late parcels of the late monasterye of Lylleshull ; and 
londes in Waltham and Croxton in the countie of Leicester; 
and in Upwell, Owtewell, Elme, and Elmythe, in the counties 
of Norff. and Suff., late parcels of the late monastery of 
Nonneyton*; and lands in Saltby in the countie of Leicester, 
late parcels of the late monastery of Draxe; and londes in 
Mustone, Normaiiton, Easthorpe, and Botlesford, late parcelles 
of the late monastery of Oulueston, which maners, londes, 
late parcelles of the late monasteries of Ryvaulx, Kyrkham, 
Lylleshull, Newsted, Drax, and Oulueston, be of clere yerely 
value of one hundreth and seven poundes seventen shillinges 
and eleven pens; and the scite of the late monastery of 
Newstede, withe the demean e londes, and londes in Newsted, 
Uffington, Tallington, Grayingham, and Stamford, in the 
countie of Lincolne, and in Ketton and Casterton in the 
countie of Rutland, and in Bottlesford in the countie of 
Leicestre, and in Braunston in the countie of Northt, late 
parcels of the late monastery of Newstede, of the yerlie value 

* Nuneaton. 


of thirtye and fyve poundes and eleven shillinges; and the 
scite of the late monastery of Garodon in the countie of 
Leicester, with the demeane londis in Garodon and Shepshed 
and the forest of Charnewoode, the graunge of Dixley and 
the parsonage of Dixley, and also the graunge of Halywell 
haughe with londis in Halywell Haughe, Thorpfelde, &c., in 
the said countie of Leicestre, and in Nottingham, Kyrby, 
Woodhowse, and Bonyngton, late parcels of the monastery 
of Garodon, of the value of three poundes seven shillinges 
and tenne pens; and the scite of the late Commandrye of 
the Eagle in the countie of Lincoln, and the londis late parcels 
of the possessions of the late commaundrye of the Eagle, 
and the scite of the late priory of Belvoyre in the countie 
of Lincoln, and all the londes in Belvoyre, Wollestrope, 
Bottlesford, Muston, Knypton, and Redmyld, late parcels of 
the late priory of Belvoire, of the yerlie value of twenty 
and three pounds and thirtene shillinges. All which manours, 
londis amounte to the cleare yerely value of one thowsaud 
eight hundreth threscore and twoo poundes and twenty pens 
over and beside five hundreth fiftie and two pouudes sixtene 
shillinges fyve pens halfpeny farthinge by yere for the yerely 
rentes and tenthes reserved to the Ranges Maiestie. Of which 
manours there is assigned for the lady Elienor, Countes of 
Rutland, my wife, for her joynter and dower of myn 
inheritaunce and for other consideracons and fare promisses 
made by the said countesse to me the said erle, to be loving, 
benyvolent, and favourable to our children, all my manours in 
Belvoire, &c. &c., wherof I had estate of inheritaunce before 
the twentye day of July in the twentye and seventh yere of 
our lord the King, being in the hole of the clere yerely value 
of foure hundreth tenne poundes fiftene shillinges foure pens 
halfpeny farthing. And there is also appoynted to the said 
Countesse all the manours of Croxton and Rivaulx, of the clere 
yerely value of twoo hundreth fourescore poundes nyne 
shillinges eleven pens halfpeny farthing. [Other lands 
enumerated.^ And immediatly after the deceas of the said 
countesse I will that Olyver Maners,* one of my yonger 
sounes, shalhave for terme of his lyfe all the manor of 
Howsome in the countie of Yorke, and all my londes in 
Howsom and Levenyng. And I will that immediatly after 
the deceas of the Countes and after carnall knowlige had in 
lawfull matrymony betwene my sonne Henry, Lord Ros, and 
the Lady Margaret Ros,t that the said Lady Margaret Ros 
shall have for terme of her lyfe the manour of Melton Ros 

* He died of the plague 1563. 

f Lady Margaret Nevile, daughter of Ealph, 4th Earl of Westmorland. 


in the countie of Lincoln and londes in the countie of 
Notingham, in satisfacton of the full dower of the lady 
Margaret. And where there is assigned to John Manors,* oon 
of my yonger sonnes, all my manour of Thornton in Craven, 
with londes in Thornton, Earesby, and Kelbroke, for his lyfe, 
I will that the said John shalhave my said manour and londes. 
And where is appoynted to Roger Maners, f oon other of my 
yonger sonnes, my manour of Lynton upon Owse, with londes 
in Lynton and Yolton, I will the said Roger shall have the 
manour and londes. And where there is assigned to Thomas 
Maners, an other of my yonger sonnes, my manour of Turnham 
Hall, with londes in Turnham Hall with Clyff in the parishe 
of Hennyngburgh, I will the said Thomas have them. I will 
that the Conntes of Rutland and Sir Richard Maners, knyght, 
my brother, Sir John Chaworthe, knyght, my brother-in-lawe, 
Augustyne Porter, Henry Digbe, and Robert Thurston, shall 
have all my woodes, the scite of the commaundry of the Eagle, 
the scyte of the priorye of Belvoire, and of the sale of the 
woodes and of the rents of the londes the some of ... for 
the payment of my dettes and the some of threescore poundes 
for the yerely fynding of my three doughters, that is to sey 
Elizabeth, Fraunces, and Kateryn, unto suche tyme as they be 
maried, and the some of three thowsande poundes for the 
mariage of my three doughters, for every one of theym one 
thowsande pounde toward hir mariage, and the some of fourtye 
poundes to the Countes, Sir Richard Maners, &c., for their 
1 ibour. 

And moreover concernyng my last will of ray goodes and 
catalles, I will that the lady Elienor, Countes of Rotlonde, my 
wife, at her election shall enioye to her owne use all my 
goodes, juels, plate, stuffe of housholde stockes and stores, the 
stockes and stores being annexed unto my fermes of Wertre 
in the countie of Yorke oonly excepted, desiringe my wife that 
if my sonne Henry do use and behofe him gently and naturally 
as shalbecome a sonne to do to his mother, that then she will 
of her owne goodwill give unto my sonne the moyte of my 
foresaid goodes as she apon his deserving can fynde in her 
harte willingly to give hym, orels he to have noo parte therof 
in any wise. As concernynge the stocks annexed to my 
ferme of Wartre, I will shall remayne as parcell of the said 
fermes forever. I make the Countes, Sir Richard Maners, 
knyght, my brother, Sir John Chaworth, knyght, Augustyn 
Porter, Henry Digbe, and Robert Thurston, my executours, 

* He married the well-known Dorothy Vernon, of Haddon, Their descendant 
succeeded as 8th Earl of Rutland. 

t Of Uffington, co. Line, Died 1587, 


and my right welbeloved Sir Thomas Hennege, knight, the 
overser of this testament. Witnesses, Thomas Dysney, John 
Lieke, Thomas Connstable. 

[Proved 19 May, 1545.] 


[Spert, 16.] 

10 Sept., 1542. William Fitzwilliam, knyght, of the moost 
nobill ordre of the garter, Erie of Southampton, lorde keper 
of the Kinges pryvey seall and Chauncelor of the Douche of 
Lancastre. To be buried in the parishe churche of Mydhurst 
in Sussex yf it fortune me to decease within oon hundreth 
myles of the said churche, and I will that my executours doo 
cause oon newe chapell to be creatyd and made withowt the 
said churche and annexed to the same churche, and that they 
do make in the same chapell a tombe for me and for the lady 
Mabyll my welbeloved wife, the same chapell and tombe to be 
made convenient for our estates, and that they do expend 
aboute the making of the same the some of fyve hundreth 
markes. Also I geve unto my moost gracious soveraigne lorde 
the Kinges maiestie my great shipp with all hir takill and 
apparell and ordynaunce to. hir belonging, and also my coller 
of the Garter with my best George besett with diamondes, and 
a tabernacle of silver and gilte besett with stones and the 
mother of perle. Unto Sir Thomas Wryothesley, knyght, the 
Kinges chief Secretorye, the best of my gilt cuppes. To every 
one beyng my housholde servaunt two years wagis, to every 
oon of my kepers oon yeres wagis. To poor housholders and 
other honest people within my walkes within the forest of 
Wyndesore and in other places whiche I have within foure 
myles of my mancyon of Guldeforde one hundreth poundes, to 
be distributed for my soule and for the soules of my father and 
mother and all Christian soules. To my suster Gascoyne, wife 
of Sir William Gacoyne, knyght, certeyn parcelles of my 
plate to the value of twenty poundes. I wille that the plate 
to the value of oon hundreth markes, whiche I have in my 
custodye, for the use of my cosyn Thomas Harvye, be delivered 
to him according to the will of Sir Nicolas Harvye his father. 
Where as I have graunted to Mabill Browne, doughter of my 

* Younger son of Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam, of Aldwark, near Rotherham, by 
Lucy, daughter of John Nevile, Marquis Montagu (see her will in this volume). 
He was brought up with Henry VJII, and knighted 1513. He became treasurer 
to Cardinal Wolsey, and after an important person at the Court and Lord High 
Admiral. He died October, 1542. He married Mabel, daughter of Henry, 
Lord Clifford, but died without issue, when the peerage became extinct, 


brother Sir Anthony Browne, for the preferment of hir 
manage, one annytie of oon hundreth poundes by yere owte 
of my manours of Cowdraye, Dunmere, Bovyate, Sharpe and 
Wanbrough, and also of other landes parcell to the late 
monastery of our blissid lady the virgyn of Waverley in the 
Countie of Surrey, or to the late priory of Esborn in the 
Countie of Sussex at the time of Suppression and Dissolution of 
theym for the terme of foure yeares next after my dethe. I 
charge the lady Mabill my wife and suche as shall fortune to have 
the lands that they doo well paye to the said Mabell Brown the 
annuytie. I will that a bill for the payment of twenty pounds 
whiche my cosyn lady Katheryn Hennage, wife of Sir Thomas 
Hennage, knyght, owith me, be delivered to hir in discharge 
of the same xxli. To James Dyer the best of my gilt crucys 
and tenne poundes. Unto my cosyn Elizabeth Burgh, wife of 
Thomas Burght, twenty markes, and to every of hir doughters 
unmaryed twentye poundes, and to every of hir sonnes tenne 
poundes. To my nephew John Cutte plate the value of oon 
hundreth markes, xij fetherbeddes with almaner apparell 
wherof vj beddes to be of the best sorte and other six to be 
of the meane sorte, twoo beddes of silke and hanginges for 
six chambres of the best that was his fathers or my Aunte 
Scropes not in this wille bequethed. I will that every 
gentilwoman that shall fortune to be in service with the said 
Lady Mabell my wife shall have six poundes xiij s. iiij d. 
towardes hir mariage over and besides hir twoo yeres wagis. 
To my nephewe William, the lord Herberth plate to the value 
of oon hundreth poundes. To my cosyn Thomas Harvy-oon 
hundred poundes. To my cosyn Margaret Folyambe oon 
hundreth markes. To maister Hennage of the Kinges pry vey 
chamber a gilt cupp with a cover. To maister Anthony Deny 
of the Kinges pryvey chamber a gilt cupp with a cover. The 
Residue of all my goodes, plate, money and juelles I geve to the 
Lady Mabell my wife, and I ordeyn the same lady Mabell, my 
welbeloved brother Sir Anthony Brown, my lord Russell, Lord 
Admyrall, and Sir John Baker, knyght, chauncelor of the first 
fruytes and tenthes, to be my executours, and the Kinges 
maiestie if it shall stande with his graces pleasure to be 
overseer of the same, most humbly beseching his highnes. I 
will the said Lord Admyrall and M r Chauncellor to have every 
of them fourty poundes, and my brother* Sir Anthony to have 
foure peces of my richest hanginges of arreys costly wrorght 
and myxte with golde, for their labours. And further more 
in case all my goodes with the revenues of suche manours, 
landes as late were the said Lady Lucy my mothers, wherof I 

* Sir Anthony Browne was his half-brother, 


have free libertie to declare my will for vj yeres after my 
deceas, will not extende to the payment of my debtes, &c., then 
I will my brother Sir Anthony, as well in consideracon of 
the manyfolde kyndenes and brotherly partes by me in my lyfe 
tyme to hym shewid and doon, as for the great preferment of 
a greate parte of my possessions which I by my severall dedes 
have conveyed unto hym, not being inheritable as heire to me 
by the lawes of this realme after the deceas of me and the 
lady Mabell my wife without issue, he do se the dettes and 
legacies to be paid with the issues of the same possessions. 

[Proved 16 Feb., 1542-3.] 


[Pynnyng, 25.] 

20 Mar., 1535-6. I, John Savell, of Alyngton, do ordeyne 
this my last will, firste, I bequeth my soule unto the handes 
of Almightie God, my body to be buried within the churche of 
Alysfordf before the pulpytt. I will that my funeralles and 
expensies therof be ordered after the discrecon of myne 
executours, so that there be at my buryall sixe preestes to 
say masse, having for there paynes after the custome of the 
countrey. I give unto Mathew Levens, of Wakefeld within 
the countie of Yourke, all that my mesuage and house sett in 
the Bowarly Rawe within the saied towne of Wakefeld during 
his lyf. I give all the Residue of all my lands, tenementes, 
rentes, reversions and services within the saied towne of Yorke 
unto my cosen Henry Savell, of Lupsett, and to his heires. I 
will that my saied cosen Henry Savell shalhave in redy money 
eight poundes sterling. I will that evry yere during vij yeres 
next after my death, by the discrecon of myne executours, 
shall by them be gyven unto poor people the some of xx s. 
to pray for my soule. I gyve unto every godsonne that I have 
viij d. I will that at my buriall shalbe gyven unto poore 
people xx s. over and besides the some before mencioned. I 
give unto my before named cosen, Henry Savell, my best doublet 
of blacke sat ten. To John Morse a doublet of black satten, my 
jerkyn of velvet, my jaquett of taffetey, and a cote of clothe 
of marbill cloth not yet made. To John Bannes my cote of 
blewe marbill, and forgyve hym all suche money as he oweth 
me. To Rauf Wright my cote of blacke fryse and xij d. in 
money, and to his wif xij d. To Richarde Jackson my blacke 
cote. To John More and to his wif, eche of them iij s. iiij d. 
To Robert Gore vj s. viij d. To Ussherewood iij s. iiij d. and a 

* He seems to be an unrecorded relation of the Saviles of Lupset. 
t Aylesford, co. Kent. 


paire of hose. To S r Georg Sayer, clerke, iij s. iiij d. To the 
church of Alysforde, towarde the lyeng of one herse clothe, 
xx s. Item, that they shalhave towardes the cashing of there 
greate bell v s. All the residue unto my cosen Henry Savill, 
of Lupsett. I make my saied cosen Henry Savill, and John 
Morse of Alysforde, myne executours, the xx day of Marche, 
in the xxvj yere of the reign of Henry theight, in the presence 
of S r George Sayer, clerk, . . . Lutwyk, Richard Lyllin, Joh. 
Bannes, and John Morse. 

[Proved 22 April, 1545.] 


[Spert, 16.] 

7 Dec., 1542. Henry Pudsay, of Berforth in the Countie 
of Yorke, esquier. I will my body to be buried in suche place 
where as my frendes shall think most convenient. To my 
good Lord John Scrope, Lord Scrope of Boulton, my blak 
rennyng horsse, further I will that Thomas Howgyll shalhave 
the preferment of a farmoulde of foure poundes rent by the 
yere, paying yerely the usuall rent therfor, and in case such a 
farmoulde cannot be provided for him by my executrix 
conveniently then I will that he shalhave Iiij s. iiijd. in redy 
mony sterling in recompence of the said farmoulde. To William 
Nodde a geldyng. To Alice Bokket xl s. To John Hunt xl s. 
I forgeve John Layton xl s. that he owith me. I will that my 
mother shalhave a geldyng, and to every of my susters a 
geldinge or a mare. To Boulton churche xls. To Sorrett 
church xx s., and to Sanct Andrewe church in Holborn xls. 
I will that my funerall expences shalbe of my rentes. The 
residue of all my goodes I geve to Joane my wife, whom I 
make my sole executrix, and I make my brother in lawe 
Maister Robert Mennell the supervisour of my will, to whom I 
geve a geldyng. These being witnesses, Nicholas Borton, 
priest, George Bay ton, Sir Anthony Rutter, priest, wit-h 

other moo. 

[Proved 6 March, 154, by the executrix.] 


[Pynnyng, 10.] 

21 Sept., 1548. Cuthbert Assheley. To be buried in the 
Churchyarde of Saint Mathu in Friday Streat. I desire 
Maister M r Babthroppe and Master Savan to deliver my childes 
parte whiche my father gave me to my maister, M r Richard 

* Son of Thomas Pudsey, of Bolton and Barforth. His Inq. p. m., taken 
10 April, 35 Hen. VIII, says he died 8 December, 34 Hen. VIII, 1542. He 
married Joan, daughter of Sir Ralph Eure, His son Thomas succeeded. 



Dobbs, Alderman of London, and to my brother James. I 
give to the same James tenne pounde, whereof I will he shall 
gyve to the churche of Hemyngburgh yn the County of 
Yorke, where I was chrystyned, forty shillinges, to have a 
Diridge and masse there to be sayde and doon for my soule, 
my father and mothers and all Christian soules. To my 
suster unmaryed, foure poundes. To my three systers that 
be maryed, twenty shillings a pece. To the poore folkes in 
Hemyngburgh, where I was borne, twenty shillings. To my 
said maister, for his paynes and labour to see this my laste 
will performed, twenty shillings. 

[Proved 24 June, 1544.] 


[Pynnyng, 6.] 

30 Mar., 1544. William Stapulton, being in parfitt memory 
and hole of mynde. Furste, I bequeth my soule to God, my 
maker and Redeamer, beseching the holie churche to pray for 
me as God hathe appointed it aftre the manner as it is sett 
forthe by the Kinges Booke to Godes glory, and my body to be 
buryed amonges Christian men in the churche or churche yarde 
where God shall call me to his marcy. I geve to Thomas my 
sonne a thirde parte of my goodes when he shall come to the 
yeres of xxj, to be delyvered by Margaret my wiffe, and she 
to have the use of the same during his nonage. And yf it 
fortune hym to dye then the saide thirde parte to remayne to 
Margaret my wiffe. To Mathewe my sarvaunte an olde gowne 
with a swelling welte faced with blacke budge, a- paire of 
blacke hosen, a round cappe, a jackett of russelles, so that he 
be good and servisable to his m ns Margaret my wiffe as long 
as yt shall please her to kepe hym and he to tarry with her. 
The residue of all my goodes to Margaret my wiffe as her 
owen propre goodes, besechyng my veray good Lorde my 
Lorde Wharton and my cousen Thomas his sonne and my 
nephewe Stapleton to be good Lordes and maister to my saide 
wiffe and sonne, as my veray truste is they wilbe, and that my 
said good Lorde Wharton wilbe good Lorde to the saide 
Margaret my wyffe in suche sute as I have desierid, M r 
Doctor Crome to write unto hym off my behalfe for that I was 
not able for debilite of sicknes to write my selfe. Also I 
ordeyne Margaret my wyffe my sole executrice. In the 
presence of John Stokes, John Ade, and Marques Larke. 
[Proved 7 May, 1544.] 

* Son of Sir Brian Stapleton, of Wighill. He was a lawyer, and an early 
commander at the "Pilgrimage of Grace," but escaped conviction. (See The 
StapeUons of Yorkshire, by H. E. Chetwynd-Stapilton.) 


[PopulweU, 16.] 

1 June, 1544. I, Sir William Newenham, of Kyrkelyngton 
in the countie of Not., knight, purposing to take the jorney 
and viage towardes Fraunce under the rule of the honorable 
Lorde Russell, Lorde privie seale, and lieutenant of the Kinges 
his maiesties rerewarde, do make this my will. Where I 
have landes of the yerely value as hereafter ensuyth, that is to 
sey, the manor of Everdon in the countie of Northampton of 
the yerely value of xl markes, the manor of Newbolde 
in the countie of Northampton of the yerely value of 
Ixxj li. besides one stocke of goodes going on the same 
manor rented at xlvli. yerely and letten to Thomas 
Colez and Robert Haryson of the same towne, the manor 
of Calcote in the countie of Warwike of the yerely value 
of xlvij li. viij s. iiij d. over and besides the joynter of 
Elizabeth wyfe to my sonne and heire Thomas Newenham I 
by thes presentes declare my will. First, I will that my 
welbeloved wyffe Dame Bennet have to her and to her assignes 
for the terme of her lyfe to her owne use the foresaid manor 
of Newbolde, also the manor of Everdon and the manor of 
Calcote with landes to the yerely value of xlvij li. viij s. iiij d. 
with all suche stocke of goodes as I have rented in Newbolde, 
the joynter of Elizabeth wyfe to my sonne Thomas Newenham 
going out of the manor of Calcote onely except, unto suche 
tyme as all my debtes, legacies and bequestes be truly paide, 
together with all suche costes as the same Dame Bennet 
shall be susteyned. To my doughters Jane Newenham, Mary 
Newenham and Susanne Newenham, towardes their mariages 
every one of them one hundreth markes. To my doughters 
Isabell Newenham and Bennet Newenham, every one of them 
one hundreth poundes so that they be ordred by my executrice 
and supervisors. I will that my sonnes Edmunde Newenham 
and Richard Newenham shall have during their lyves landes 
in Calcote called the Mylne felde, now in the tenure of William 
Leigh, esquire, to the yerely value of five poundes, according 
to my graunte of annuitie to every of them made. I will that 
Thomas Newenham, my sonne and heire apparaunt, and 
Elizabeth his wyfe shall have for terme of their lyves all such 
parcelles of the said manor of Calcote and all suche landes in 
Calcote as appoynted for the joynter of the said Elizabeth, 
and the residue of the said manor of Calcote shalbe to the 
performance of my will. And after debtes, legacies and 
bequestes be paide, I will all manors, landes, remayne to my 
sonne and heire. The residue of my goodes I give to my 
intirely belovyd wyfe, Dame Bennet, whome I ordeyn sole 
executrix, [Proved 6 Nov>) 1548<] 



[Pynnyng, 26.] 

1 Feb., 1544-5. Thomas Wright, clerke, vicar of Sher- 
bourne in Elmete. To the high alter of Westerham xij d. 
To the reparacons there vj s. viij d. To Syr Thomas Moyle, 
knight, my best table clothe of draper. To my freend 
William Payne of Greys Inne my gelding. To Thomas 
Tuydhampton vj s. viij d., whiche he oweth unto me, to his 
wit' twentie shillinges, my gowne lyned with blacke worsted. 
To Syr Alexander Shawe, vicar of Paghan, my chalice. To 
every of the children of Thomas Tuydhampton xij d. To 
every of my godchildren iiij d. To the vicar of Godstowe 
my shorte gowne. To Syr Nicholas Marsetter, prest at 
Brasted, vj s. viij d. To M r Parsonne of Brasted one of my 
silver spones. To Thomas Duraunt my working-day gowne, 
my hoses whiche. I do weare, and iij s. iiij d. To James 
Tuydhampton thelder my best satten bonnett. To Sy r 
Bartlett, prest, my best bonnett. To John Peryn one other 
of my course shetes. To John Hedger a course shete. Where 
as William Warner of Boughton besides Wye doithe owe me 
xxx s., yf he do pay to my executours xxs. I remytt the 
residue, and where as Trendon of Wye owethe me xxvj s. ii d., 
yf he pay xvj s. I remytte the residue. And where as thole 
parryshe of Chilham were indebted to Sy r Robert Peele, late 
vicar, whose executor I am, Ixli., whiche he laied oute for 
them aboute the buylding of the steple there, I am contented 
yf they pay to my executours xxxli. to remytt the residue. 
To Alice Lynne my suster, the wif of John Lynne, foure 
poundes. To my brothers, John Wright, William Wright, 
Richard Wright and Robert Wright, the advoyson of the 
personage of Penshurst, whiche was to me gyven by the right 
reverent father in God, Thomas, Archebushop of Canterbury, 
and all the residewe, and to be myne executours. This is 
the last will of me, Thomas Wright, concerning the disposicon 
of all my landes. I give my naturall brethern (above] all my 
landes in Westerham, Etonbrige, Sheldwick, and Godmarsham 
in the countie of Kent, provyded that my brothers, their 
heires, shall bestowe yerelie for twentie yeres twentie 
shillinges in an obite for the soule of S yr Robert Peele, 
clerke, the soules of my father and mother and all Christen 
soules in the chappell of Staunton in Nottinghamshire. 

[Proved 29 April, 1545.] 



[Pynnyng, 30.] 

1 May, 37 Hen. VIII (1545). Roger Peke, marchaunt, 
of Hull. To be buried within the quyre of the parishe 
churche of Saint James in Dovor. I geve fourtie shillinges 
to poure people to pray for my soule. I geve unto John 
Wheler of Dovor all myn apparell at Dovor. The residue 
of all my goodes I geve to Robert Watman, haberdassher, 
of London, whom I ordeyn my executour, and John Wheler, 
my overseer. Witnesse, William Noole, Thomas Van, and 
John Wheler. 

[Proved 10 June, 1545.] 


[Pynnyng, 32.] 

8 May, 1545. Richard Ogden, servaunt to the King. I 
bequeth fyve markes towardes maidens manages in the parishe 
of Hartyll in the Countie of Yorke, and fyve markes towardes 
the highe wayes of the same parishe. To Agnes Powell, the 
wife of David Powell, twentie shillinges. To Richard Baas a 
blak gowne. Toward maidens mariages of the Tower of 
London, Alhalowen, Barking, and Saint Dunstanes in the East, 
fyve markes, and fourtie shillinge to poure maidens mariages at 
large. To an honest priest to synge and pray for my soule in 
Hartyll church, and to another to pray in S fc Petirs churche 
within the towre of London, and for his salarye three poundes 
vj s. viij d. To Thomas Stanley a blak gowne of vj s. a yerde 
and twentie shillinges in money. To maister Gale, treasurer, 
a blak gown, and another to my lady his wife. To maister 
Lee, say maister, a blak gown. To my cousyn Murfyn a blak 
gown. To Dorathe Gale, M r Treasurers doughter, a blak gown. 
To William Maryet, coyner, a blak gown. To John Innolde, my 
servaunt, a blak gown. To maisteres Hygges a blak gowne. I 
forgeve all the dettes which William Higges owith me. Also I 
will that my body be buried within the parishe church of the 
Trinitie in the Citie of York within Goderem gate. To John 
Hayre my kynnesman a vestement,aud the same vestement to be 
gevyn to the parishe churche of Hartill. And for the more suertie 
I have setto my seall the xxj day of May. Witnesses, maister 
Gale, treasurer of the mynte of York, Richard Lee, assayer, 
William Marfyn, fyner there, and sir Edmunde Alen, curat of 
the churche of the Trinitie. I desire my cousyn Wagstaffe to 
be good unto all pour people that owe me money. To my 
cosyn Murfyn, is wife, twentie shillinges. To maister Gale 
my blak velvet dublet. To William Murfyn a velvet jerkyn 
and a sattyn dublet. To Sir Edmunde, my goostly father of 


the churche of the Trinitie, a blak gowne. The residue I 
charge myn executours to dispoase the same in dedis of mercy. 
Humfrey Wagstaffe and Elizabeth, his wief, executours. 
Overseer, Roger Taillor, golde fyner. 

[Proved 2 July, 1545.] 


[Alen, 9.] 

24 Sept., 1545. William Wilson of Hewgill, in the parrish- 
inge of Kendall. To be buryed in ower Ladye wher in my 
parrishe chnrche of Kendall. Unto the reparacons of the 
churche fortie shillinges. Unto Myles Wylson, my naturall 
sonne, the hole tythe of my tenemente in Hewgill which I 
dwell uppon, and as for all householde stuffe, as beddynge, 
messlynge, bras with plate of sylver, it is my mynde shalbe 
equally devyded amonges my thre naturall sonnes, Myles, 
George, and Thomas. Unto my sonne Myles a hundrethe 
markes, besides his childes porcion. Unto George and 
Thomas Wylson, my naturall sonnes, the hole tythe of my 
twoo tenementes, whiche as was heretofore Raynold Wylson, 
to be equally devyded betwixte them, whiche it is my mynde 
that none of them shall sell or lett frome them selves but 
one to another. Unto Mvles and Raynolde, the sonnes of 
Thomas Wylson my brother, foure poundes equally devyded. 
Unto twoo bastardes of George Wylson my brother sixe 
poundes thirtene shillinges foure pence equallye devyded. 
It is my mynde that William Wylson, sonne of Thomas my 
naturall brother, at such tyme as he shall take intereste in 
one tenemente at Mystlehead in the parrishe of Wymandermyr 
shall make suffycient wrytynges unto my executours for the 
parfonnaunce of all artycles in the will of George Wylson 
his uncle. Unto Bryan the sonne of Thomas Wylson my 
brother the tenemente in Hewgill, alwayes provyded that my 
naturall sister Elizabeth have thoccupacion of the tenement 
endurynge her naturall lyffe accordynge unto the wyll of 
George Wylson my brother, and further that the saide 
Wylliam and Bryan, sonnes of Thomas Wylson, shall neyther 
sell, lett, or mortgage the tenemente in Hewgill nor at 
Mystlehedd but unto one of my three sonnes. I will that 
my sister Elsabethe shall have tenne poundes whiche my 
brother George did geve her, and I geve unto Elizabethe 
other tenne poundes. And I will that Averaye Barwycke 
my brother in lawe and my saide syster his wyffe shall have 
all suche movable goodes whiche as bere the marke as cattail 
and shepe, and where as there dothe lacke annye of the 
catall or shepe, I will that they shall have suche lyke agayne 


so manny as the saide Averye and his wyl'e brought with 
them when they came unto my house, also suche beddynge 
as they broughte. Unto every sonne that my syster hathe 
fortie shillinges, and unto everye doughter unmaryed sixe 
poundes thirtene shillinges foure pence a pece at xviij yeres. 
Further it is my mynde that all my thre sonnes for my 
blessinge to be good and kynde to the saide Avery and his 
wyfe and childrene. Unto Alexander Wylson my brother 
sixe poundes thirtene shillinges foure pence. It is my wyll 
that John Edmunde my sonne in lawe shall have xxiij li. 
seven shillinges foure pence in full payment for all debtes, 
&c., between the said John and me. Unto Sir James Inman, 
priste, unto S r Robart Dawson, prist, unto S r Robart Atkynson, 
priste, thirtene shillinges foure pence each. Unto S r Wylliam 
Mowson, priste, twentie pence. I make my thre sonnes 
executours, my surpervisours, John Edmunde my sonne in 
lawe, Thomas Wylson of Stricklandgate and Kendall, Thomas 
Silcot my brother in lawe, and William Wylson of Strick- 

[Proved 22 May, 1546.] 

[Populwsll, 1.] 

6 Nov., 1547. Jane Crewde, otherwayes called Crowyll. 
I bequethe my soule to God, and my boddy to be buryed in 
the churche yarde of Saint Andrewe in Caterige. To the 
chest in Caterige churche vj s. viij d., to be geven to the poore 
people. To Wylliam Snowe one cowe. To Isabell Snowe my 
doughter three kye and my hogge, also to my doughter 
Isabell Snowe foure poundes nynetene shillinges that I did 
lende owte of my pursse to my sonne in lawe Thomas Harryson, 
the which he hath yet in his kepinge. To my sonne Robarte 
Crowde, otherwayes Crowyll, twoo paier of sheetes. To my 
goddoughter Jane Rowffe one paier of sheetes. The residue 
to my sonne in lawe John Snowe, whome I make my executour. 
Thes wytnes, Richarde Marshe, Wylliam Coldayle, William 
Harrowe, George Armorer, curat. 

[Proved 3 Jan., 1547-8.] 


[Populwell, 9.] 

In the name of God, Amen. Be it rememberyd and 
knowen that the v th daie of Septembr in the yere of our 

* Katherine Parr, the well-known last wife of Henry VIII. She remarried 
Sir Thomas Seymour, Lord Sudley, and appears to have died the day the will 
vras written. 


Lorde God a thousande fyve hundveth fourtie and eight and 
the secunde yere of the reigne of the moste excellent Prince 
Edwarde the Sixte by the grace of God Kinge of Englande, 
Fraunce, and Irelande, defendour of the faithe and of the 
Churche of Englande and also of Irelande, in earthe the 
supreme hedd. The moste noble and excellent Princesse, 
Dame Katheryn, Queue of England, Fraunce, and Irelande, 
late the wyfe of the moste excellent prince of famous 
memory, Kinge Henry theight, late Kinge of Englande, and 
then wyfe to the right honorable S r Thomas Seymour, knight 
of the noble order of y e Garter, Lorde Seymour of Sudeley 
and high Admyrall of Englande, lyinge on her deathe bedd, 
sicke in bodie but of good mynde, perfecte memorie and 
discresion, being perswadid and perceavying thextremitie of 
death to approche her, disposed and ordeynyd by the 
permission, assent, and consent of her most dere belovyd 
husbande, the lorde Seymour aforesaide, a certen disposition, 
gifte, testament, and last will of all her goodes, cattalles, 
and debtes, by theis wordes or other like in effecte, being 
by her advisidlye spoaken to thentent of a testament and 
last will in the presens of the witnes and recordes under- 
namyd, that is to saye the saide moste noble Quene, by 
permission, consent, and assent aforesaid, dyd not only with 
all her harte and desire franckely and frely geve, will, and 
bequeithe to the said lorde Semour, lorde highe Admyrall of 
Englande, her maried espose and husbande, all the goodes, 
cattalles, and debtes that she than hadd or of right ought 
to have in all the worlde, wishinge them to be a thousande 
tymes more in value than they weir or been, but also moste 
lyberally gave hym full power, auctoritie, and order to 
dispoase and execute the same goodes, cattalles, and debtes 
at his owne free will and pleasure to his moste comoditie. 
Theis being witnes to the premisses, Robert Huycke, doctour 
of phisicke, John . Yeaven in the castell of Sudeley, 

the daie and yere abovesaide. 

[Proved 6 Dec., 1548.] 



[Populwell, 22.] 

20 Dec., 2 d Edward the sixte (1548). Sir John Willoughbye, 
of Wollaton in the countie of Not., knight. My body to be 
buryed in the parishe churche of Wollaton on the southe parte 

* Eldest son of Sir Henry Willoughby, whose will has been printed, 
No. LXXXVII, by his first wife. He died a. p., and the estate came to his 
nephew Henry. 


of the highe aulter there, as Anne my late wyfe lyethe nowe 
buryed. Also where it hath byne covenaunted by dede bering 
date the xx ti daye of Septembr in the xx u yere of the late 
kinge, upon certayn coveiiauntes of mariage betwixt the late 
right honorable lord Thomas Marques Dorsett, now deceassed, 
of the one partie, and me the said Sir John Willoughbye, 
knight, and Sir Edward Willoughbie, knight, my brother, 
deceassed, and dame Anne his wyfe on thother partie, that 
it shulde be lawfull to me before the feaste of Saynte 
Barthelmewe then next to make unto S r John Markeham, 
knight, and other therm named to be his cofeoffees a good 
estate in fee symple of and in londes in Willughby, Bradmeare 
and Cossall in the countie of Notingham, and in Wykyn in 
the countie of the citie of Coventre, and in other places in the 
counties of Warwicke and Notingham, to the yearlie value of 
oon hundreth poundes or there aboutes, the lordshippe of 
Wollaton and Mydleton onlye except, to the use that Sir John 
Markham and his other cofeoffees shulde stande and be seased 
to thuse of me the said Syr John Willoughby and to the 
performance of suche will as I shulde make for terme of xx* 1 
yeres next after my decease, and for payment of my debtes. 
Wherefore I will and declare my last will in manner as after 
folowith. First, I will that all such persone and persones 
hereafter named shall have, receave and peaceably and quietly 
enyoye for terme of theire lyves according to theire severall 
grauntes therof by me made, all suche rentes as by me 
graunted oute of the said londes of the yerely value of one 
hundreth poundes, that ys to saye, firste, my brother Syr 
Hugh Willoughby, knight, sixe poundes thirtene shillinges and 
foure pence yerely; Sy r Edmond Molynex, knight, one of the 
kinges servauntes at the lawe, xxvj s. viij d. yerely ; Syr 
Anthony Nevell, knight, my nephewe, xxs. yerely; Nicholas 
Pontrell, gent., xxs. yerely; Gabriell Barwike, gent., xxvj s. 
viij d. yerely; Henry Draycote, gent., xxs. yerely; Edmonde 
Dray cote, gent.pcxs. yerely; George Dray cote, gent.,xxs. yerely; 
Phillipe Draicote, gent., xxs. yerely; Alice Draycote, gent., 
xx s. yerely; Anne Draicote, xx s. yerely; Mary Draycote, xx s. 
yerely; Elizabeth Gyfforde, xxs. yerely; George Willoughby, 
gent., xls. yerely; Richard Egerton, gent, xls. yerely; James 
Thurlonde, gent., xxs. yerely; Thomas Swynson, gent., xiij s. 
iiijd. yerely; William Egerton, gent., xls. yerely; John Gosson, 
gent., xiij s. iiijd. yerely; John Trussell, gent., xls. yerely; 
William Swynson, gent., xiij s. iiijd. yerely; Syr Robert 
Perotte, chapleyn, xls. yerely; Christofer Strelly, gent., xxs. 
yerely; Richard Brownell, xs. yerely; Thomas Hyde, xxs. 
yerely; Thomas Bowde, xxs. yerely; William Chambleyn, xs. 


yerely; Robert Fawn, xs. yerely; John Garnet, xs. yerely; 
John Hop well, vj s. viij d, yerely; William Clyston, xxvj s. viij d. 
yerely; ElizabethCurson, my kynneswoman, xxs. yerely; Raffe 
Bartelett, xs. yerely; Thomas Ston, gent., xxs. yerely; William 
Woodnet, xs. yerely; Hugh Sheparde, xs. yerely; Thomas 
Crampton, xiij s. iiij d. yerely; Geofferye Blewe, xs. yerely; 
Urbane Halle, xs. yerely; Edwarde Hargrave, xs. yerely; 
John Hodgeson, xxs. yerely ; William Wilde, xxs. yerely; Hugh 
Large, xs. yerely; Isebrande Barnaby, xxs. yerely; John Mar- 
tyn, x s. yerely; Raffe Kighteley, xx s. yerely; Richard Gorton, 
xs. yerely; William Wolkar, xs. yerely; William Marlowe, 
xx s. yerely; Joyce Burton, xiij s. iiij d. yerely; Robert Dixson, 
x s. yerely; John Poole, x s. yerely; Randle Grove, x s. yerely; 
Agnes Huddesford, vjs. viijd. yerely; William Stokes, vjs. viijd. 
yerely; Agnes Knoles, widowe, vj s. viij d. yerely; John Bate, 
clarke, xxs. yerely; William Kyppas, clarke, xxs. yerely; Eliza- 
beth Lenton, gent., xl s. yerely; John Hall, yoman, xiij s. iiij d. 
yerely. I give to Gabryall Berwyke and Henry Mermyon all 
the rentes of one tenement within the towne of Not. in the 
tenur of Robert Hunter, coke, of the yerely value of xxvj s. 
viij d. To my suster Alice Draycotte xx li. To my neice Alice 
Draycote, her doughter, other xxli., provided yf either of 
them or bothe to departe from this worlde before the tymes of 
payment the some or somes shalbe paid unto Gabryall Berwike 
and Henry Mermyon. To my nece Rose Willoughby, doughter 
to my brother Syr Hugh, x li. To yonge Margaret Willoughby, 
gent., doughter to my nephewe Henry, xli. To William Weste 
xxs. To Richard Gregorye xxs. To Henry Irelond xiij s. iiij d. 
To John Stokes xiij s. iiij d. To Anne . . . . , the litle wenche 
at Wollaton, xx s. To my suster Alice Draycote Ix ewes and 
Ix lambes, they to be delyvered unto her after the next 
lammyng tyme. I will that Thomas Braysbridge, gent., have 
his fee according to the tenure of his patent, and George 
Marmyon, gent., and William Stole. And where I have 
graunted unto Gabriell Barwike and Henry Marmyon one yerely 
rent of iij li. iij s. owte of my manor in Willoughby upon the 
woldes, and other my londes in the countye of Notingham, I 
will that they shall yerely during the terme of xx t5 yeres paye 
the said rent in maner folowing, that ys to saye, thre poundes 
to thre poor folkes to be from tyme to tyme appoynted by 
them, and iij s. yerely residue to the poor folkes within my 
two almes houses in Wollaton. To my brother Syr Hugh 
Willoughby my gowne of blakq velvet lyned with russell and 
faced with blake satten and a sleveles jacket of tawny velvet, 
also I forgive my brother the some of fourescore poundes which 
he owith me. To my nephewe Henry Willoughby all my terme 


in one lease of the tythe whiche I have of the lease of the late 
abbott and covent of Burne Abbey in y e countie of Lincoln, 
and also my gelding and all iny harnes for the warres. To 
every one of my servauntes one half yeres wages. And where 
I have for ever by good convey aunt in the lawe certeyn londes 
in Wigginton in the parishe of Tamworth in the countie of 
Stafford whiche lately belonged to the late free chappell called 
the Spittell chappell in Tamworth no we dissolved, in the tenure 
of Isebrande Barnaby, I will that Gabriell Barwike, gent., and 
Henry Marmyon, gent., for xx tl yeres take the rentes and paye 
in and about the making and repayring and amending of 
bridges and high waies or in other dedes of charitie as by their 
discression shall be thought mete for the helthe of my soule, 
and after the xx w yeres I will that Fraunces Willoughby, gent., 
seconde sonne to~ my said nephewe Henry Willoughby, shall 
have all the londes ... I will that all the ornamentes whiche 
remayned in the chappell at Middelton in the countie of Warw. 
at the time of the deceasse of my father shall remayne to thuse 
of my nephew Henry Willoughby, esquire, according to the 
will of my father, and all utensilles at Midleton and Wollaton 
shall remayn to my nephewe Henry being nowe myn heire. I 
give my nephewe all silver plate, gilt and ungilte. I make 
my said nephewe Henry Willoughby, esquier, and Gabriell 
Barwik, gentilman, executors, and supervisours Syr Anthony 
Nevell, knight, and my brother Syr Hugh Willoughby, knight. 
Witnes, John Lane, Henry Marmyon, Eobert Perrot, preest, 
Thomas Eyton, John Trussell, Mathew Hynd, William Blythe, 
John Pole, gent., Eobert Dickesone, William Eggerton, 
Richard Eggerton, Randall Grove, Thomas Bowde, Richard 
Gorton, and other. 

[Proved 22 Jan., 1548-9.] 

[Populwell, 32.] 

3 Apr., 1549. Leonardo Clarke, of Hawton in the Countie 
of Yorke. I bequeth my soule to Jesus Christe my Savior and 
Redemer, my body to be buried as a Christyn man ought to be 
as my frendes here thinke best. I make Elyn my wyfe and 
my brother William Clarke my executours. I give to Anthony 
my servaunte foure poundes, and I make Henry Watkynson 
my brother my supervisir, desiring hym to be good to my 
brother children, and to see this my will as the lawe will 
appoynte. Theis witnes, M r William Bradlaye, vicar of 
Saynte Martyns in Lon., Edward Westys, Myles Taylar, and 
John Yelston. 

[Proved 27 May, 1549.] 



[Powell, 10.] 

24 Aug., 3 d Edw. VI (1549). John Hartewell, of South- 
scaiie in the countie of Nottingham, husbandman. To be 
buryed in the churcheyarde where yt shall please God that 
I shall departe this worlde. To the poore mens boxe in 
Haringworth xij d. To Laurence my soniie iij li. xiij s. iiij d., 
whiche John Warde of Southscarle owith for a yoke of oxen, 
and iij li. vj s. viij d. which John Bentley of Gryrton oweth for 
a yoke of oxen, and Ivj s. viij d. whiche the said John Warde 
oweth for another yoke of oxen, also a blake mare, my best 
wayne, and all the geyres and ploughes, and two payre of 
plough geres and all yrons to the same, and in more money 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To John Hartewell my sonne foure oxen, 
two mares thone baye and thother graye and two feles 
sucking upon theym, and my seconde payre and the geyres 
to yt, a plough with the geyres, and two payre of plough 
geres, and vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To William my sonne a baye 
mare and a fele, a soreld colte, two steres of three yeres 
old, two steres of two yeres old, and fourtie shillinges, and 
his owne money made of his shepe, being three poundes. 
To Fraunces my sonne two bulchens of three years old, a 
pied stere of foure yeres, a blacke heyfer of foure yeres, a 
baye colte and a graye filley. To Margaret Hartewell, my 
doughter, a maser, a harnese girdell, two sylver spones, a 
sylver ringe, all my household stuf, seven mylche neate, and 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To Margery Taylor, my suster, one sowe, 
two steres, a bacon hogge, a seame of rye and half 
a seame of pease. To Robert Taylor my donne mare. To 
Alice Haywood one score hogge and halt' a seame of pease. 
To Fraunces Hartwell, my brother, my bay horse and a gray 
mare. To my mother xl s. To my brother Fraunces Harte- 
well all the rest of my swyne whiche be not given by this 
my testament. The residue to Laurence my sonne and 
Fraunces Hartewell my brother, whom I make executours. 
John Adaill and Robert Taylor, supervisours. Witnes, 
William Ryley, clerk, John Adaill and Robert Taylor, and 
John Warde, with other. 

[Proved 29 March, 1552.] 

[Populwell, 40.] 

22 August, 1549. Leonard Reresbee, clarke, parson of 
Polborghe in the dioces of Chichester, sicke in bodie. My 

* Younger son of Thomas Eeresby, of Thribergh, co. York, 
and Fulnetby. 


body to be buried in the chauncell of Polberghe, paying 
tholde costome therefore. To the reparacions of the mother 
churche of Chichester fyve shillinges. To the poor mens 
boxe in the churche of Polborghe viij d. To Thomas Reresbe, 
sonne and heire to Lyon Reresbee, esquier, the best golde 
ryng. To my mother a gemon spone of silver percell gilt. 
To Raffe Reresbee, the sonne of the aforesaide Lyon, a silver 
bole which ys at Asheover, in my mothers handes. To every 
one of my godchildren borne in Pullborow a lame and fourtie 
pence of money. To Syr John Full, my curat, a hole quarters 
wages and my best gowne, and to every one of my servauntes 
a hole quarter wages. To Henry Hill, my servaunte, vj s. viij d., 
a hedging bill and an axe. To John Smart a blacke sowe and 
three pigges. To Agnes my servaunte one of the best of my 
calves and vj lambes, a payre of canvas sheetes, and a 
coverled. To Austen Dyson the clarke the yoke of oxen that 
I bought of M r John Jorden, a calfe and iiij shepe, a coverled, 
a payre of sheetes and a materys. I bequethe fourtie 
shillinges to the high waye betwixt the churche and the 
north heth, and the said xl s. for to be put into thandes of 
M r John Jorden, William Grendfilde, and Richard Marley, 
to bestowed within two yeres, and they shall have for their 
paynes taking ij s. I make Margaret Reresby, wedowe, in 
the countie of Darbye, and my brother Lyon Reresby, in the 
countie of Yorke, esquier, Arnolde my brother, and Jane my 
suster, my executours of all my landes, with residue of my 
goodes. Supervisours, Sir John Full, John Jorden, servaunte 
to the Kinge Maiestie, William Grenefeld, mercer, Richard 
Markens, Austen Dyson, the clarke of Pulborow. To every 
of the supervisours vj s. viij d. To M r John Jorden my bowe 
and my arrowes. To William Grenefeld my hande gone. To 
Richard Marten my woodknyfe. To John Humfrey of Hay- 
borne a calf, to give to one of his doughters whiche he wold. 

[Proved 29 Oct., 1549.] 


[Coode, 27.] 

5 May, 1550. John Henrysonne of Kyngeston upon Hulle, 
alderman. My bodye to be buryed in the parishe churche 
where yt shall please God to call me unto his mercye. To 
Elizabethe, my most welbeloved wyfe, all my messuages, 
iandes, &c., within the towne and countie of Kyngston upon 
Hulle, Barton upon Humbre in the countie of Lincoln, 

* In the histories of Hull he is called John Harrison, and the charity he 
founded goes by the name of Harrison's Hospital. It is still in existence. 


Elsternewike in Holdernes, Cottingham Lordshippe and elles 
where, to helde for the terme of her lyfe and after her 
decease I give unto the maior and burgesses of Kingeston 
upon Hulle, and to their successours for ever, all that my 
messuage and gardeyne lying in Kingston upon Hulle in a 
certayne strete callyd the highstrete als. Hulstrete, wherein 
one Thomas Ewrebie, inholder, no we inhabitethe, one other 
messuage in the said strete, nowe in the tenure of one Wood, 
gent., and one other messuage in the said strete in the tenure 
of one Richarde Hargylle, beerbruer, and all that my 
Masyndue Almeshouse and gardeyne in a lane callyd the 
Chappell Laune, and all other my landes in the said Chappell 
Lane, upon this condicon, that the said maior and burgesses 
after the deathe of my wyfe do every weke wekely forever 
paye upon the Saturdaye the some of sixtene pence to such 
poor people as shalbe resident within the saide Masyndue in 
Chappell Lane equally to be devided amonges them. I give 
after the decease of my wyffe to John Harecastell, my sonne 
in lawe, and to his heyres my messuage commonlye callyd 
the Oylemylne with cesterns and all other implementes, 
to gether with all the stables, howses, and closes adioyning 
in Kingeston upon Hulle in a certeyn lane there callyd the 
Lyllie Lane, nighe unto Hasilgate. I give after the decease 
of my wyfe unto Robert Henrysonne, sonne of "William 
Henryson of Swyne, taylor, and to his heyres for ever, my 
messuages, &c., in Elsternewyke. To Anne Burton, doughter 
of William Burton, porter, all my landes in Cottingham. The 
residue and reversion of all messuages, &c., after the decease 
of my wyfe and not before geven, I bequeathe unto Lancellot 
Harecastell, sonne of the said John Harecastell, and for 
defaulte of yssue the remaynder unto John Harecastill afore- 
said and his heyres, provided that yf my wyfe do fortune to 
marye, that than she onelye to have but the moytie of my 
said landes, and thother moytie I will that my sonne in lawe 
John Harecastell shall have after the solempnisacon of her 
mariage during the lyfe of my wyfe onelye. Provided also 
who soever have my mansion or dwellinge house in Kyngeston 
upon Hulle shall well kepe, fynde, susteyne and maynteyne 
Syr Robert Johnson, clarke, for terme of his lyf, aswell for 
his meate, drynke, apparell, and lodging. To William 
Burtonne my foxe furryd gowne, a jacket of warstede, and 
a paire of hoose whiche was laste made for me. To William 
Henrysonne thelder, kerver, a blacke clothe gowne furred 
with connye, a cappe, and a payre of hoose. Unto John 
Henryson, sonne of the said William, a gowne of blacke 
cloth, furryd with fytches, a jackett of wurstede, a dublet of 


wurstede, and a payre of hoose. To my brother in lawe, 
Christofer Browne, a fyne blacke gowne of clothe, furryd 
throughoute with foynes, and a jackett of russet velvet. I 
make my right intierly beloved frendes, M r Alexander 
Stockdale, M r John Oversalle of Kyngeston upon Hulle, 
alderman, John Morgan, and Symon Kemseye, gentilmen, to 
be supervisours, and I give to every one of theme twentie 
shillinges and one blacke clothe gowne fyne, and one fyne 
blacke mornyng cappe. To my brother in lawe, Christofer 
Browne, one blacke mornyng gowne of fyne clothe and a 
fyne blacke mornyng cappe. The residue to my wyfe 
Elizabethe, whome I make executrix. 

[Proved 19 Nov., 1550.] 


[Bucke, 3.] 

10 June, 1550. Myles Newton thelder, of Seynt Martyn 
in Conyngstreyte within the citie of Yorke. To be buryed in 
my churche of Seynt Martyn as nigh the bodye of Anne my 
wyfe as ys possible that not withstonding considering as this 
present the visitacon of God with the plague of pestilence 
within the said citie, I resarve to the discression of myn 
executours. To Syr Thomas Grymston, my curet, vj s. viij d. 
for my tythes forgotten. To the relief of the poor prisoners 
in Yorke Castell iij s. iiij d., within Kydcote in Yorke xij d., in 
the prison xij d. To the amending of the high waye 
betwixt Monkbarre and Monkbridg iij s. iiij d. To the amending 
of the comon cawsey towardes Holgate iij s. iiij d. Towardes 
the reparacon of Layrthorpebrig vj s. viij d., of the comon 
stayth at Ousebrygend iij s. iiij d., of Hessay moor and 
Skipbriglone vj s. viij d., and I will that my lord mayer of this 
citie, my lorde and M r , master Gayll and M r Northe, two of 
my speciall good masters, shall have the custodye of the 
partyclers bequeathed, and the churchwardens of my churche 
to have the custodye of the vj s. viij d. To M r Watson, 
M r Paycoke, and M r Whyte, three of my masters, aldermen, 
and wardeyns of Bowthum ward, xiij s. iiij d. towardes the 
relyef of poor people within the warde. To the reparacon of 
the newe woodbridge called the Wyk bridge vj s. viij d. I will 
that my executours shall paye to my nyce Bridget Newton her 
childes porcon in money, household stuf and juelles of currall 
bedes, the gawden therof and also dyvers bedes therof being 
of sylver and doble gylt. To my nephewes Frauncis Newton, 
George Newton and the said Bridget Newton, for the restitucon 
of suche goodes of theirs as came to my handes sens the tyme 
of the making of brother Randall their fathers inventory, 


fourtie shillinges egally to be devyded emonges them. And 
where as my brother Bryan Newton, Marmaduke Middylton, 
Anthony Frankyshe, gentilmen, and Richard Day stonde 
bounden to me and myn executours in one obligacon for the 
payment of the childes porcon of the said George Newton 
myn nephew, I desire my executours to forsee that matter 
substancially for the well of the childe, and I bequeathe the 
custody of the body of the said George and his porcon, 
xiiij li. xv s. iiij d., to my speciall frende M r William Tankerd, 
of Borowbridge, esquyer. 1 bequeath the custody of my nece 
Bridget unto my sonne Myles Newton and my doughter 
Katheryn his wyfe. Item, my cosyn Richard Percyvall, 
S r Richard Percyvall, prest, his sonne, and other frendes, 
standes boundon to me for the payment of the childes porcon 
of my nephew Fraunces Newton, now student at Cambridge. 
Item, I bequeath the custody of my doughters Katheryn, 
Elizabeth and Mighell Newton, my youngest sonne, and 
their porcions to the said M r Tanckerd my brother in lawe, 
Thomas Staveley, of Ripon, gentilman, and to Miles my sonne, 
and they to put my doughters to honest service to suche tyme 
as that they shalbe rnaried, and yf it happen any of my three 
children to decease before that they shalbe maried then those 
that survyves and my sonne Thomas Newton shall have the 
childes porcon. I will my sonnes Miles and Thomas shall 
immediatly make sale of all my coppehold lande in Acome and 
Acome feildes and of my fyve closes in Wystow, and the 
money to be ymploud in the performance of my will. To 
Thomas Newton and Miles his sonne my messuage in 
Staynebriggate in Ripon and in Aunnesgayte, and after their 
decease to remayne to my sonne Myles and his heyres. I 
forgive him all suche somes of money as that he doth owe to 
me for corne and hey. To my doughter Dorothe his wyfe the 
lynen sheetes with curteyns of white threyd, also a womans 
hoode of vyolet ingrayne and my tawny gowne clothe and six 
sylver spones, and I will that my executours shall make the 
said Thomas of the clere value of thurtie poundes of my 
goodes at Thorpe, so that he shall accompte unto them of the 
resydue of my goodes there, except only all such vessels, 
barkes, and other thinges as belonges to the tanners craft, 
which I give to the saide Thomas. To Thomas Newton and 
to my doughter Dorothye, his wyfe, all right in a close called 
the Hollyng close. To Myles Newton my sonne all my 
messuage in Conyngstreyt, two closes and one tenement in 
Fyshergayte, all my right in a prebend howse callyd Tanghall, 
in a tythe called Hobert tithe at Bishopthorpe, in landes in 
Skipton, al my right of fourtie shillinges by yere of one 


annuitie of all the landes late of William Hungayte, esquyer, 
in North Dalton, so that he shall paye to Katheryn Newton 
my doughter toward her maryage tenne poundes. To 
Katheryn wyf of Miles my sonne one tablet of gold, one ring 
of gold with the armes of the passion of our Lorde Jeshu 
Christ, sixe silver spones with knoppis of the mayden heade, a 
russell frok gardyd with blake velvet, and also one kyrtell of 
cremesyn chamlet that some tyme was Anne my late wyfe, 
whose soule God pardon. To Mighell Newton my youngest 
sonne, messuages in Joopergayte, Westgayte, in Yorke, in 
Sharo besides Ripon. To John Newton my eldest sonne 
fourtie markes, the best gelding, my best saddell, brydell and 
styrropes, a gowne and acquytinces of my frende Anthony 
Norman. To Katheryn Newton my doughter twentie markes 
over her childes porcon, and Katheryn and Elizabeth my 
doughters to have betwixt them the residue of there mothers 
apparell. To my brother Bryan Newton twentie shillinges and 
apparell to the value of xiij s. iiij d. To George Wedderall 
xxxiij s. iiij d., and to every one of his children ij s. To my 
lorde and to my masters, his brethren, to make them a 
recreacon with at suche tyme as it shall please my Lord Mayer 
to appoint, xl s. To my fellowes, my lord mayers officers, 
xiij s. iiij d. To Myles Newton my sonne the churche grounde, 
churche yard, and the walles of the late dissolvyd churche 
callyd Peterlayne lyttill in Yorke, and also one owche of 
baysgold set with peyrll and one precious stone in the myd 
parte therof. To M r William Tanckerd the best of my two 
drynking pottes of silver and one gold rynge. To my cosyn 
Anne his wyfe one other ringe of golde to the value of 
xiij s. iiij d., and to every one of their children iij s. iiij d. To 
my brother Thomas Staveley, of Rypon, my gowne of russell 
satten faryd with black e connye. To my cosyn James Staveley 
six sylver spones and a jacket of blak velvet, and to my cosyne 
Johane his wyfe my white amelyng nagge. To my cosyn 
Elizabeth Jackes vj s. viij d., and to Leonard Jackes, 
Wennyfryd Jackes, William Staveley, Margaret Staveley, and 
Johan Parker, every one xxd. To Elizabeth Newton my 
doughter fourtie markes. To Dorothe, wyf of Thomas 
Newton, my gowne tbat she hath whiche was lately turned. 
To my sonne Myles tenements in Connyngstreyt and in 
Overousegayte, Coppergayte, Mikklegate barre, &c. To 
Myles sonne of Thomas Newton, land in Nyllodykes. To my 
sonne Myles one nest of goblettes weying fourtie ounces, with 
a dossen of sylver spoones with knoppes of the xij appostelles, 
and sixe spones gilt with knoppes of Christ and our Lady with 
all the hanginges of saye in the halle parlor and chambers, 


and two fether beddes, that ys to saye, the bedd that I lye in 
and the bedde that M r Tanckard lyeth in, my best gowne 
furry d with foynes, two saltes. To Thomas Newton a pece of 
sylver parcell gilt with a cover, a ringe of silver and gilted, 
graven with my name, and one pece of sylver to Katheryn 
Newton my doughter. To Mighell Newton a ringe of sylver. 
To John Shipton a ryng of gold with a dyamond. To 
Elizabeth my doughter a pece of sylver withoute a cover. To 
my sonne Mighell a pece or goblet of silver, a ringe of sylver. 
To Myles my sonne my interest in two tenementes and a gardeyn 
in Davigate, my brewing lede, a stepffat of leyd, the maskynfatt 
in my house at Yorke, two of my coverynges which were 
hanginges and other two coveringes with foure blankettes, and 
three payre of lynon sheetes, wherof one to be payre of doble 
sheetes. The residue of all my bedding not given at Thorpe 
and Yorke to Mighell, Katheryn, and Eliz. Newton. Thomas 
and Myles Newton my sonnes shalbe myn executours, and my 
brother in lawe William Tankard, esquyer, and Thomas 
Staveley, of Ripon, to be the supervisours. In witnes, James 
Staveley, of London, vyntener, Thomas Staveley, of Yorke, 
merchaunt, William Tayrt."* 

[Proved 4 Feb., 1550.] 


[Coode, 21.] 

23 Aug., 1550. Richard Langryge, of Kendall, in the 
countye of Westmorland. My bodye to be buryed in Christian 
buriall wheresoever yt shall please Almightie God to appoynte. 
I give unto my welbeloved wief Margaret Langryge my 
messuage or tenemente, to have the same during the tyme 
that she shall lyve soole and unmaried accordinge to the 
custome of the countrye. The remaynder therof to Robert 
Langryge my eldest sonne and to theyres of his bodie law- 
fully begotten for ever. I will that when my debtes be 
paide, my funeralles discharged, and this my last will par- 
formed, that all my goodes and cattalles shalbe devyded 
betwene my wief and children by thoversight of three or 
foure honeste parsones, and my wif to have the thirde parte 
therof, and the rest to be equally devyded betwene my 
children. I make my wyfe and Stephyn Wylson, my sonne 
in lawe, myne executours, and William Harryson and Henry 
Hoggeson be overseers of the same, and I give to either 
fyve shillinges. Witnesses, Willyam Cartewright, Richard 

* This will makes many additions to the pedigree of Newton of Thorpe near 
Ripon in Glover's Visitation (Foster Ed., 274). 


Howghe, James Bridget, William Hastwhittill, Audrewe 
Kempe, and Robert Sudubury. By me Robert Langrige, by 
me Andrewe Kempe, goldsmith. 

[Proved 26 Sept., 1550.] 


[Coode, 15.] 

1 Jan., 3 Edw. VI (1550-1). William Cowper. I bequeath 
gownes to twentie poor men and twentie poore women in 
Thurgarton and there aboutes, and that there shalbe given 
yerelye to twentie poore men twentye shillinges, and to xx fci 
poore women twentie shillinges oute of my landes of Thur- 
garton in the countie of Nottingham, and out of the parke 
there for ever. To William Cowper, my second sonne, the 
copiehold in Upton in the said countie, and for lacke of issue 
to Richard Cowper and heyres of his bodye. To Richard 
Cowper my sonne my manor of Lawligan in the countie of 
Mongomerie in Wales, and for lacke of yssue to William my 
seconde sonne. To Richard my sonne all my mares, &c., in 
the mountayns in Wales, one annuitie of lij s. viij d. whiche 
I have yerely oute of the treasorers office of the cowrte of 
Agmentacions. To my eldest sonne Thomas all my landes 
in Thurgarton after the death of Cicele my wyf, and for lacke 
of issue male to William my sonne, and for lacke of issue 
male to Richard Couper, and for lacke heyres to Olyve 
Cowper my doughter, provided that if it fortune either 
William, Richarde, or Thomas to have issue female, so that 
the landes do dyssend to Olyfe, then I will my doughter 
shall give to every of the said daughters one hundreth 
markes. Also I will that where my wyfe Cycile ys joyned 
purchaser with me of all my landes in Thurgarton, that she 
shall have the same duringe her lyfe yf soole and unmarried, 
she to give unto Thomas fyftene poundes by yere until he 
be maried, and then fourtie markes, and to fynde his wyfe 
and chyldren, and he to kepe his lernynge, where my wife 
hath promysid fathfully never to take husbande after my 
decease, and for the great paynes she hath susteyned with 
me I will that she have the custodye of all my household 
stuff at Thurgarton, and if my wyfe do fortune to marrye, 
then I will my goodes shalbe devyded in three partes, and 
that my sonne Thomas shall have two partes and my wyfe 
the thirde parte. And I will that my wyfe shall have the 

* William Cooper, of Thurgarton (the testator), heads the pedigree of Cooper 
in the Visitation of Nottingham (Harl. Soc., iv, 140). He married " Sciasely, 
d. and heire of John Tolley, of London." See Hunter's Minorum Gentium 
(Harl. Soc., 868). 


keping of all my plato of silver and two chaynes of gold, 
and if she fortune to raarrye the plate shalbe devyded, my 
wyfe to have one parte, my sonne Thomas the second, and 
the thirde to be devyded betwixt my soiines Richard and 
William and my doughter Olyfe. (Further bequests to children 
and to servants.) I make myne executours M r Thomas Alen, 
parson, John Langley of London, goldsmyth, and S r Richard 
Sackevile and S r Arthur Darcye, knightes, my supervisours. 

[Proved 5 June, 1550.] 


[Ketchyn, 16-1 

2 July, 1551. John Stanley, of Sutton in the countie of 
Nottingham. I bequeathe my londe to my sonne, whiche xij 
men shall fynde to be inyne heire. To my sonnes Willyam, 
Henry, John, Mighell, and Margery my doughter, every of 
them xx li. To Johane my wief the thirde parte of laudes. 
Also I beinge brought home of my hole goodes, and my debtes 
paide afore the departinge of any of my goodes, I will that 
myne executors do give to the poore people ten shillinges, and 
to every of my godchildren viij d. To Mighell my sonne my 
house set and being in the streete called Freregate in Derby, 
over his porcion. I will that if Johan my wief do marrie then 
that every of my fowre sonnes and my doughter have thirtie 
poundes a pece. I will that if the xij men do fynde that my 
sonne that ys preist to be myn heire then that he shall geve 
Rowlande my sonne fourtie poundes. To Thomas my sonne 
that is preist xl s. To Agnes my doughter xx s. To Elizabeth 
my doughter xxs. I will that the rest of my goodes not 
bequeathed that Johane my wief have yt and be executrix. 
Witues, Robert Smyth, pewterer, Richarde Elingworthe, and 
John Hurte, with other. 

[Proved 2 Oct., 1556.] 


[Bucke, 30.] 

13 July, 1551. John Nevyle, servaunte to Syr Mychaell 
Stanhope. To the poor within the parishe where I was born 
in Yorkshire, that ys to saye, in Sunton, Howton and Clife, 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To the poore prisoners in Newgate fourtie 
shillinges, of Ludgate xxvj s. viij d., to the flight that be poore 
prisoners there xxvj s. viij d., to the prisoners of the Marshall 
see xl s., to the Kinges Benche fourtie shillinges, to the poor in 
Bethlem withoute Bisshopgate xxvj s. viij d. To my suster 
Esabell Sayntquyntyne or to her children xxvli. xiij s. iiij d. 


To Humfrey Nevyle my kynsman, servaunte to M r Southwell, 
xiij li. vj s. viij d. To one Charles in London, armarer, beinge 
my poore kynsman, or to his children, iij li. vj s. viij d. To my 
brother Anthoney Langdale a ringe of golde with a rubie in yt 
and a ringe of golde playne. To my sister his wief a ringe of 
golde that was enamyled rede and white, havinge two letters 
in the inside of yt. To my cousyne Thomas Langdale a 
crampe ringe of gold. To M r Lashefourde a ringe of gold. 
To my olde fellowe Richard Brewer a ringe of golde. To 
M r John Sydtlynham, servaunte to S yr Robert Southwell, a 
ringe. To M r James Barham my bowes, quyver, shaftes, 
braser, shootinge glove, ,with also a cote of blacke satten 
gardyd with velvet. To James Edwardes a sylver spoone. To 
Humfrey Nevyle all myne apparell and also a coople of coofers 
standing at myn ost Robynsons in London, with all the stuf 
in them excepted my Evydens. Wheras I had lande lying at 
Connshawe nye unto the castell of Branspethe in the countie 
of Durham, descending unto me by the deathe of my father 
whiche I late solde, into the whiche lande one Anthony Esshe, 
esquier, pretending title, caused my father by proces to appere 
before the kinges counsell at Yorke, the kinges Justice of 
Assice being there the same tyme, the matter was 
dismyssed, and my father awarded a some of money, yet 
notwithstandinge lor so myche as the said Anthony dyd 
declare that the lande was layd to morgage with a condicon 
that when soever his ancetoure, the last owner, did offer and 
lend unto myne ansetoures xxxiij li. vj s. viij d., whiche was 
the some his ancetoure dyd receive of myne. I will therefore 
that myn executours paye unto theyres of Anthony Eshe 
xlvj li. xiij s. iiij d. which, with the xxxiij li. vj s. viij d. that 
Eshes ansetours recevid of myne, is fourescore poundes. I 
will that my cheif messuage or house at Whytes Green and my 
lande joynynge unto Ifold parke callyd Sowthlandes shalbe 
sold, and the money to be imployed upon the perfourmynge of 
this my will. And as touching my house called Nutfeld 
landes, I will remayne unto myne next hey re, whiche ys my 
syster Esabell Saynt quyntyne, and her children, unto whom I 
will my house and lande in Kyrkby Moorsyde in the countie of 
Yorke. Executours my verie frende M r Harrie Lasshefourde, 
gent., Richard Brewer, of West Farlegh in Kent, myn old 
fellowe, and James Holden, of Ranham in Essex, yomen, both 
of them servauntes unto Syr Robert Southwell, knight. 

[Proved 27 Cot., 1551.] 


[Bucke, 23.] 

The xiiij th dale of July, 1551. David Clapham, of London, 
gentilman. To be buried in the newe churche of Seint 
Faithes. To Joane, my wief, all my household stuf as yt 
stondes, and all my houses at Paternoster Rowe during her 
lyfe, and I will that my wief shall paye oute of all thes my 
howses three poundes yerely to yonger Thomas my sonne 
and to David my yongest sonne, to kepe them to scole with 
all. And after the deathe of my said wief I give the tenement 
which I nowe dwell in to Thomas Clapham my eldest sonne, 
to hym and the heyres of his bodie for ever. And for default 
of suche'yssue the house to come to David my yongest sonne, 
and for lacke of heyres to come to yonger Thomas my sonne, 
and in defaulte of heyres to Joyce my doughter. To yonger 
Thomas my sonne, after the decease of my wief, the house 
that M r Doctor Standisshe now dwelleth in, and the two 
tenements next adioyning, so that he paye yerely xl s. to 
David my yongest sonne. And if it fortune the yonger 
Thomas to decease, I give the saide three tenementes to 
David Clapham, and if it chaunce my yongest sonne David 
to dye, then I give them to Thomas my eldest sonne, and 
in default of heyres to Joyce my doughter. To Joyce the 
lease in tenementes in Paternoster Row and Warwicke Lane. 
To yonger Thomas my sonne the lease in the personage of 
North Wenden in Essex. I bequeathe my reversion of Dalton 
upon Yorkes wold to Johane my wief. To my sonne Thomas 
thelder my cheyne of gold gilte, and to my yongar sonne 
Thomas a nest of goblettes double gilte, and to Joyce my 
doughter a nest of boulles double gilte whiche I bought last. 
To David my sonne my basyn and ewer of silver parcell 
gilt. The residue of all my plate I give to Johanne my 
wief. All my bookes to my eldest sonne, and my rayment 
to my two yonger sonnes. To David twentie poundes in 
gold, and to Joyce twentie poundes. To my cosyn Anne 
Clapham, daughter to Christofer Clapham, of Beamsleye, all 
the legacies which were bequeathed to me by my other 
cosyn Anne, Thomas Clapham doughter, in my other testa- 
ment, viz. a fether bedd, a boulster, a payre of sheites, a 
payre of blankettes, a pillowe, and a pillow bere with a 
joyned bedsted, which stondes in the litle chamber over the 
well yarde, three pewter platters, three pewter dishes, three 
pewter saviers, and three pewter porringers, a brasse pott, a 

* Eldest son of John Clapham, fourth son of Thomas Clapham, of Beamsley, 
near Bolton Abbey. He is called a "tranilator" in the Diet. Nat. Biog., and 
appears to have been a proctor in the Ecclesiastical Courts at Doctors Commons. 


lattyn candilsticke, a spytt, a payre of cobyrons, a table 
cloth, a towell, half a dozen of napkyns, and twentie 
shillinges in redie money. The residue of my goodes I give 
to Johane my wif, who with her father, Thomas Tayloure, 
and Thomas Clapham my eldest sonne, I make my executours. 
And I make the right honorable M r William Cicill, one of 
the Kinges two principall secretaries, myn overseer. 
[Proved 28 Aug., 1551.] 


[Bucke, 28.] 

The xxj th daye of July, 1551. Mychaell Wilbore, of 
Arksay w th in the countie of Yorke, gentilman, being visited 
with the sod en visitation of God, yet not w th stondinge in very 
good and perfytt remembraunce, do make this my last will. 
My bodye to be buried within my parishe churche of Arksay. 
[ bequeathe all my landes to my sonne and heyre Thomas 
Wylbor. To Phillipe Wilbor my sonne my lease of the 
parsonnage of Arksay. To Samuell Wilbor my sonne my lease 
of my fermholde in Essex, provided that he shall not in 
enywise, nor noo man for hym, put oute the poore man Robert 
Wyburn during his lyfe, being nowe in my fermholde. To 
Phillipp and to Samuell my sonnes, to either of them fourtie 
poundes. I bequeathe Phillipe w th his childes porcion to the 
custodie of my brother Richard Wilbore. I bequethe my 
sonne Samuell with his porcion to the custodye of my brother 
in lawe Robert Usher. To every one of my brethern, to 
William, John and Richard, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To Genet 
Usher my suster tenne poundes. To the said Genet my white 
geldinge. To the said Genett and to every one of my susters 
in lawe a golde ringe the price of xls., with the Image of 
deathe graved therin, in remembrance that they must nedes 
dye this corporall deathe. To my Uncle Richard Wilbore, of 
Pomfrett, my ronyd gelding whiche he solde unto me. To 
Mathewe Brodbery my redd geldinge. To Alison Moldson 
twentie shillinges yerelie duringe her lyfe, to be payde oute of 
my hedd house in Arksay. To my servaunte John Benister 
xl s. To William Wilbore my servaunte xl s. To every one 
of my servauntes, bothe here at Arksay and in Essex, tenne 
shillinges. To Amy Wormlay xl s. To Jenett Barke twentie 
shillinges. I will that William Barke shall have the fermholde 
in Almeholme, painge yerely twentie shillinges. To every one 

* Son of Thomas Wilbore, of Arksey. Had a grant of the Black Friars of 
Pontefract. Went to live at Pondes in Clavering, Essex, having married 
Philippa, daughter of William Bradbury, of Littlebury, Essex. (Holmes' Black 
Friars of Pontefract.) 


of my wiefes doughters tenne poundes. To Edwarde Mawde 
my curat xx s. To every one of my brothers children xx s., 
and to suche of them as be my godchildren xl s. To Sir John 
Freman, the person of Pellam, seven poundes. To the poore 
of Arksay vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To the poore of Clauerynnge 
iij li. vj s. viij d. To the mendinge of the highe waies in Arksay 
fourtie shillinges. I bequeathe tenne cottes yerely to tenne 
poor children within Arksay during the space of three yeres. 
To Christofer Senttingley tenne shillinges. To Renold Soirbye 
tenne shillinges. To my cosyn Thomas Hodshion twentie 
shillinges. The rest of my goodes I give to my loveinge wief 
Phillipe Wilbore, whome I do make my sole executrix, 
desiring her to paye my debtes and receive all debtes, whiche 
she shall perceyve more pleynly by my billes whiche ar in 
Essex and at London in my studye in the Temple and in my 
cofer here at Arksay. I make my brethren William Wilbore 
the person, John Wildbore, Richard Wildbore, and Robert 
Usher my brother in lawe, the supervisours. Witnesses, 
Thomas Mawde my curat, Richard Wilbore, Robert Usher, 
Thomas Hodshion, Christofer Seuttyngley, John Bruister, and 
William Wilbore. p me, Edwarde Mawde, curatie de Arkesay. 

[Proved 16 Oct., 1551.] 


[Bucke, 32.] 

This is the last will of S r Charles Brandon, knight, made 
the xxij th daye of July in the fyfte yerie of the reigne of 
oure Lorde Kinge Edwarde the Sixte. I confesse that there 
ys no other salvacon for me but by the sheddinge of Christes 
most pretious bloode, into whose handes I corny t my soule. 
First, I give unto my cosyne, Humfraye Sackforde, and his 
hey res all my enterest of and in all my landes within the 
lordshipp, manor, and castell of Sygestone within the countie 
of Yorke. Also I give unto Elizabethe my wief and her 
heyres all the residue of my manors in the countie of Yorke. 
To cosyne Humfraye Sackforde the terme of yeres of the 
lease whiche I had of the Kinges Maiestie of the towne- 
shipes of Sheryfhoiton and Straitforthe. I make my wief 
and my cosyn Fraunces Sackforde myne executours, and I 
give my saide cosyn twentie poundes. To my lady of Sussex, 
laite the wief of the Erie of Sussex, the som of two hundreth 
poundes. To my servauntes, every one of them their yeres 
wagies. To my cosyne Anthony Sackforde tenne poundes. 

* Probably an illegitimate son of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. 
Married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Pigot, of Bipon. 


To Robert Mason tenne poundes. To yonge William Nauton 
fourtie poundes. To David Dee tenne poundes. To my lackye 
sixe poundes. To William Peires sixe poundes. To my syster 
Sandon my braslettes of golde. To my lady Elizabeth Talboies 
a ringe to the value of five markes. To M r Metham a ringe 
to the value of fyve markes. To M r Gyldon a ringe to the 
value of fyve markes. In case my saide wief will not, 
accordinge to my will, performe all the contentes therof 
within the space of one yere, then I will all my interest of 
all my landes whiche I had by her, and also all my goodes 
to my cosyn Frauuces Sackforde to that intente he do 
perform the premisses. In witnes whereof I have setto my 
seale. H. Dorset. Thomas Gray. John Grey. 
(.Proved 16 Nov., 1551.] 


[Chayre, 17.] 

11 Aug. (5 Edw. VI), 1551. John Barker, of Bobbers 
Milne in the Countye of Nottingham, within the parishe of 
Radforde, miliier. To be buried within the parishe churche of 
Radforde, neare unto my late dame Luce Englande. To the 
church vj s. viij d. To the poore mannes boxe iij s. iiij d. I 
bequeath the order of my lease and farme to my brother 
William Barker, of Langwyth Bassett in the Countye of 
Darbye, to this only entent that he shall suffer my wief Emott 
to occupye the same towardes the educacon and bringing upp 
of my children so longe as she kepethe the goodes togeither 
and useth them like a good mother ; and if it fortune her to 
dye or otherwise to use herselfe then is aforsaide before the 
tyme that the children come to lawfull age, then I will that 
the farme and my children be at the governinge of William 
Barker; and yf it fortune the said William Barker to dye then 
I will that Henrye Marmyon have my lease an my children ; 
and if it fortune my wief to be with childe, if it be a sonne 
I will that he shall have the some of vj li. xiij s. iiij d. over his 
childes parte at the age of xviij yeres, to this entente only, 
that he may obtaine for him selfe a new lease of the farme 
with the same, and if it be a daughter then she to have as 
other of my children have. I give to Jane my daughter 
xxvj s. viij d. which was bequeathed her by her graundmother 
Luce Englande over her porcon. To John (sic] Barker, 
daughter to my brother William Barker, xx s. and a heickfar, 
and to every other of my brethren and susters children an 
ewe and a lambe or e,ls a wether. To every one of my god 
children an ewe hogge. To William Lancaster halfe a quarter 
of rye or masten. To Wm. Verdsall ij ewes and ij lambes. 


To Adam my brother a say dublett and my best hoase. To 
every of my servauntes an ewe hogge. To Thomas Barker my 
brother my violett coate, and to William Barker an other violet 
coate. To Peter Blanckby my leather coate. To Margery Barker 
halfe a stone of wolle. To Emot my wief vj li. xiij s. iiij d. 
over her thirde parte, to this entente, that shee shall bestowe 
the same uppon reparacons of the mylne at the sight of William 
Barker my brother. To the same Emot a waine, vj oxen and 
ij mares besides her thirde parte. I will that my goodes 
be praised by Adam Barker, William Truman, of Radforde, 
Richarde Duckworth and Jhon Lucas of the same, accordinge 
to the iust valew therof, to thentent my children be not 
deceived in their partes. To M res Jane Thurlande ij ewes and 
ij lambes. To Jhon Collin, of Noto, one lode of heye in my 
yarde under a loode of strawe, and to Agnes his wief a stone 
of woolle. To Hughe Lynnaone a loode of heye. To William 
Trinaune, of Radforde, one of my best weythers. To Jhon 
Lucas one weither of the best. To Henrye Shepparde a strike 
of rye. To maister John Poole, of Basforthe, a bushell of rye. 
To Butler a strike of rye. To Richarde Steele a strike of rye. 
To Robt. Foster a quarter of rye. To Thomas Varsall a strike 
of rye. To Jhon Glossopp an ewe and a lambe. To Shipman 
wief a fliece of woolle. To Jhon his wief an ewe hogge and 
a fliese of woolle. The reste of my goodes to my children. I 
make Emott my wief executrix, and Henry Mermion and 
James Thurlande supervisors. 

[Proved 28 April, 1563.] 


[Tashe, 13.] 

20 May, 1552. Anthonye Sperlinge made his last will 
nuncupative. He willed his lease of Bawtre to be solde, and of 
the same money he willed iij li. vj s. viij d. to be given unto his 
brother John Sperlynge, and a ringe of golde and other 
iij li. vj s. viij d. to be given unto his suster Isabell Sperlinge 
unmarried. He bequeathed to the wyef of Thomas Smyth 
twentie shilliiiges for her paynes taken in his sicknes. To Kare 
wief, his keper, three shillinges. And to . . . , servaunte there, 
two shillinges. To Christofer Bawkwell viij s. iiij d. Item, 
with the rest of his money, apparell and other goodes, he 
willed his debts to be paide apperinge in his booke, and he 
bestowed to his kynnesfolkes and other poore at the discrecion 
of his executour. He made Henry Savile, Esquyre, his master, 
his sole executour. Thes being witnesses, Henry Savile, 
Thomas Smythe, Willyam Jefferey, Christofer Bowkewell, and 
Others. [Proved 6 June, 1553.] 



[Ketchyn, 10.] 

23 July, 1552. Thomas Gascoynge, of Burche Walys, 
esquier. My bodye to be buriede in the churche of Burche 
Walys. To Jane my wief twentie pounde landes during her 
lief within the lordship of Burche Walles, that is to saye, 
Rokelaye haull and Sherlaye haull, and the rest to be taken in 
other places within the said lordshipp where it shalbe most 
convenient. To Jane my wief, after the deathe of my father, 
other twentie pounde landes within the lordshipp of Thorppe 
in Bawyne during her lyf. And if so be that my wief be 
with childe then I wyll and dothe make that childe they re of 
all my landes, and if it shall chaunce that the childe dye afore 
yt come to aige then I will that these landes after the deathe 
of my wief shall dyssend and remayne to M r Leonard West 
my brother in lawe and to my sister his wief and their 
children, to whom I give the rest of all my landes, bothe in 
the Lordship of Burche Wallys and also of Thorpp in Bawyne 
duriug the nonage of the child, and when the child ys come to 
full aige I will that yt shall enter unto the said landes as right 
heire therof. And if so be that the childe dye afore yt come 
to age, then I will that after the deathe of my wief all my 
landes shall remayne to M r West and to my sister his wief and 
childern, and theirs for ever. Provided alwaye that yf the 
lawe will not suffer me to give all my landes thuse by this my 
will, yet so muche as yt will suffer me I give as is aforesaid. 
Also I will that there shalbe a porcion of lande set fourthe of 
M r Westes parte at his owne sight to ther be one hundreth 
poundes taken of yt, whiche some of one hundreth poundes 
shalbe given to the marriage of Maistres Sainteman, M r Westes 
doughter. Also I give furthe of the hole landes of the 
lordshipp to Willyam Hawen my servaunte xl s. yerely during 
his lyf naturall. To John Coke, otherwise called John 
Denyson, xl s. yerely. To Nicholas Medcaulf xx s. yerely. To 
John Cooke, otherwise called Denyson, my servaunte, my 
blacke .gelding that goithe in Womersley parke. Also all my 
goodes I give to Jane my wief, whome I make my full 
executrix. Thies witnes, S r Richard Corbright, prest, and 
curat at Burgh Walles, and William Ellys, smyth, inhabitant 
of the said parishe. 

[Proved 9 July, 1556.] 

* Son of Sir William Gascoigne, of Gawthorp, and Margaret, daughter of 
Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam, of Aldwark. He married Jane, daughter of Thomas 
Rereshy, Esq., of Thribergh. He would be buried at Burghwallis as desired 
in the will, for there is a stone in the church on which is a brass partly 
remaining (see Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, xi, 92). His sister Barbara 
married Leonard, younger son of Thomas West, Lord De-la-War. 


[Powell, 24.] 

This present x fcl daye of Auguste, in the sixth yere of oure 
lorde Kinge Edward the sixte, 1552, I, Anthony Belassis, 
prebendary of Westminster, do make this my will. My bodye 
to be buryed yf I dye nere London as nighe my brother as 
couvenently may be, and yf I chaunce to dye any other where 
to be buried where yt shall seeme good unto myn executours 
or frendes. I will unto the poore inhabitaunt within the 
parishes of Bipley in the Countie of Yorke, Branspeth in the 
Busshoppricke of Duresme, Hartilbury in the countie of 
Wourcester, every of these parishes tenne poundes. And 
albeit the incumbeutes of Bipley and Hartilbury were 
attaynted, wherbye I hadd no delapidacons of the same, yet I 
will unto my successors in them bothe sixe poundes a pece, and 
to my successor in Branspeth eight poundes for delapidacons. 
To the mending of the highe wayes where as myne executours 
shall thinke mete, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To poore maydes 
mariages in the bushopricke vj li. xiij s. iiij d. I remytt and 
forgive unto my nephewy Willy am Belassis, of Hentkiioll, 
sixe score poundes worthe of suche chattall which he bought 
of me at Moreton in Yorkshyre, and f oure score tenne poundes 
whiche I lent hym for purchasing of the lease of Rick well 
als. Coplawe, uppon condicion that my nephewe shall make 
souche annnyties oute of Brincke and Brankhyll unto suche 
of my servauntes as I shall hereafter name, and also make a 
lease of the reversion unto Christofer Atythie of the farme 
wherin Willyam Lambert nowe dwellith, for the terme of 
xxj fci yeres, and also make a lease of Symondsons house for 
terme of my servauntes Henry Hollgate lyfe, whiche thinges 
yf he refuse to do then I revoke these legacies. I give unto 
my saide nephewe William fourescore poundes worthe of the 
plate as he hath in his custody, that was his fathers, over the 
legacie of fourtie poundes worth which his father gave hym 
by his will, uppon the condicion that my nephewe shall fynde 
suertye or bynd hym and his landes according unto his fathers 
mynde and my mynde, that the plate shall remayne unto the 
heyres males of the Belassis which shalbe, whiche frome heyre 
to heyre shall bynde them in lyke bondes to theyres of 
Hollinside and Hunwicke, and for lacke of heyres males to 
go to the right heyres of Richard Bellasis, in which boundes 

* Dr. Anthony Belasyse, younger son of Thomas Belasyse, of Henknowle, 
co. Durham, and brother of Richard Belasyse, whose will is printed No. cxv, 
was a Master in Chancery, Canon of Westminster, and one of the Com- 
missioners for visiting religious houses. He had a grant of Newburgh Abbey, 
which he settled on his nephew Sir William. 


yf my nephewe will not be bounden then I revoke all that 
fourescore poundes worthe of plate whiche I gave hym by this 
my will, and do give the same unto his brother Rychard 
Bellasis and to his twoo sisters Margeret and Jane. To my 
sister Bellassis, my suster Hutton, my suster Wren and 
Margaret Thorisbye, an olde ryall. To my nephew William 
Belassis wief my best Jewell which is an uche of golde after 
the facon of a bucle set with precious stones. To M r Fairfex 
and my lady his wief for tokens, an old ryall a pece. To 
every of my suster Huttons children an angell a pece, and 
so moche to my suster Wrens children, and unto my suster 
Smithes children twentie shillinges a pece, and so moche to my 
suster Clervaux children. To my nephewe John Hutton and 
to his wiefe an olde ryall apece. To Henry Hutton my 
godsonne fyfe poundes. To Anthony Hutton twentie poundes. 
To Anthonie Wren twentie poundes. To my suster Hutton an 
olde standing cuppe of silver and gilt whiche was my mothers, 
and to my suster Wren sexe silver spones that was my 
mothers. I will that my nephewe Richarde Belassis, after the 
departure of his mother or yf his mother do marye agayne, 
shall have the yeres in the ferme of Moreton in the 
Busshopricke of Duresme. I will Christofer Aththie 
my servaunte, during the nonage of Richard Belassis, shall 
receyve the rentes of his landes of Blaterne and Warcopp 
and have thorder of Jarro and Lethome all to the use of my 
nephewe, and to be countable yerely of the same unto my 
uncle master Roulande Thirkelde, parsonne of Melmerbye, 
M r Robert Tempest, of Homeside, M r Thomas Argall, and my 
servaunte Robert Lee, or two of theym, and they to se my 
nephewe founde at scole and after at one of thinnes of the 
Court tyll he come to the yeres of xxv ki if he will be persuaded 
to kepe his studdy so longe, and if he will not then till ho 
come to thage of xxj fcl yeres, and the rest of the revenues to 
be layde in some safe place or otherwise bestowed for his 
comoditie. And if he wilbe advised by theym and kepe his 
booke till he come unto thaige of xxv 1 ' yeres, then 1 will he 
have of my goodes towardes the furniture of his farmes two 
hundreth markes. Whiche my said uncle M r Argall, my 
nephewe Richard Belassis, Robert Lee and Christofer Aththie 
I do make my executours, and I do bequeathe unto every one 
for their paynes twentie poundes. To my said uncle my best 
safer. To M r Tempest my next safer. To M r Argall my 
greate ringe with a ruby. To my nephewe Richard Bellassis 
my plate made at Yorke, that is to saye, two greate saltes with 
cover parcell gilt, thre bowles and thre goblettes of silver with 
their covers, a bason and ewer parcell gilt, xij gilt spones, my 


best bedd and my best sparver nowe being at Newborough. 
To Robert Lee a bedd, and Christofer Aththie an other. To 
my nece Margaret and to my nece Jane two hundreth markes 
a pece over their fathers legacies, which all to gether ys twoo 
hundreth poundes a pece towardes their mariage. To either 
of theym a bedd for their selve, and another a pece for their 
servauntes. I will that my executours shall make of my 
twoo quarte pottess which I bought of the busshopp of Bath 
executours, two dussen spones and two saltes with covers, which 
I give unto my said neces Margaret and Jaune. To every one 
of my wayting servauntes sixe poundes a pece, and a lyvery 
coote of what color they think best, or money to by yt with. 
To my brothers base gotten doughter, nowe being maryed in 
Northfolke, fourtie shillinges. To M r Anthony Hussey my 
best gelding, my executours to furnishe the same with newe 
brydell and sad ell. To M r9 Argall and M re Hussey an olde 
ryall a pece. To M r Boughe a olde ryall. To M r Darrell fyve 
poundes. To Sir Walter Myldmay, knight, a portague of vij 
angeles for a token, and my history of Anthonius Sobellious 
in two greate volumes. To M r Doctor Wotteu, Deane of 
Caunterbury, my thre standing newe gilt bowles with a cover, 
and thelecton of suche books as he thinketh convenient for 
hym. To M r Huntes doughter my goddoughter fourtee 
shillinges. To M r Doctor Lyall my Danske table and my salt 
of parcell gilt with a cover. To M r Husseys two sonnes 
twentie poundes betwene them, and to my gossop Argall 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To my cosyn Thirkelde of the Kinges 
Colledge in Cambridge fyve poundes in money, and the 
lectors of Odefride and Salirite and the holl texte of civill 
lawes. To my nepliewe Richard Bellassis my bookes of the 
temporall lawe, my great Bible, my corpes of civill, Odofrides 
workes of civill, and Borthalles workes, and one of my greate 
Cronica Cronicarum with Imagies. To Willyam Belassis my 
chafing dishe of silver, and the fayre silke tester with horses 
and mulberie trees in yt, and two beddes. To Richard 
Belassis thre f ether beddes. To my brother Willyam Wren 
my bason, my ewer parcel gilt with Belassis armes in yfc, one 
of my best geldinges with saddell and bridell. To my nephew 
John Hutton my greate silver bowle. To M r Briggam my 
nut whiche M r Chamber gave me, with the cover. To olde 
M r Gwy Grascoigne xx s. To the busshopp of Norwiche my 
fare karving kny ves with greate silver heftes. To M r Doctor 
Bell a bowle and a cople of spanyshe chayers. To M r Urmeston, 
sherman, of London, my spice plate silver and gilt. To 
Richard Cragge vij li. To M r Argalles yonge doughter one 
of my large coffers. To Richard Belassis soche of my kichin 
stuf at Newborowe and other where as shall furnyshe hym a 


kichin, my chiste bounde with iron and coper over with iron. 
Unto Brogden, to fynde hym at Oxford, xiij s. iiij d. in the quarter 
for the space of two yeres. Unto my lorde of Northumberlandes 
grace my gilt bason and ewer, and to my Lorde Archebusshop 
of Yorke my greate large Turky carpett, and to Sir Richard 
Reede a drinking cup of silver and gilt with a cover chased, 
and to my chapleyn Sir Robert Huchenson vj li. xiij s. iiij d. 
and one of my blacke gownes. Towardes the begynning and 
furnyture of the device of the poore people in London t wen tie 
poundes. Unto Newgate, the Kinges benche, the Marshalsey, 
tenne poundes a pece, and to Bedlem, Ludgate, and West- 
minster, iiij li. a pece. To the poore prisoners that lyveth in 
almes in the Flete fourtie shillinges. To the poore prisoners of 
the gayle in Duresme and in the castell at Yorke tenne poundes, 
to be distributed betwen them. I will my executours shall se 
with convenyent spede M r Oly vers legacies of xx li. a pece to 
the poore parishoners of Youle Hampton, Kingstanton, and 
Wolstanton, to be devyded unto suche as shalbe most mete 
betwixt this and the latter ende of August, and to Alington 
xx li. and Cocket vj li. xiij s. iiij d. 

Memorandum, the xj th daie of August, the yere above 
mencioned, the said M r Doctor Bellasis, declaring his further 
mynde, willed that where Christof er Aththie, one of his 
executours, the testator hath caused a lease of the parsonage 
of the parishe churche of Tuckelde*in the countie of Yorke to 
be made in the name of the saide Christofer, but to thuse 
of the testator willed the said Christofer to make a good 
assignment of the lease to Richard Bellasis his nephewe, and 
if it shall fortune Richard to dye before his age of xx yeres 
than the residue to remayn to William Bellasis, brother to the 
said Richard. And more, the said testator named the right 
honorable M r Doctor Nicholas Wotton, deane of Caunterbury 
and Yorke, one of the Kinges most honorable councellors, and 
Anthonye Hussie, esquier, to be his overseers and supervisours, 
desiring them to be aydefull to his executours. And that his 
nephewe Richard Belassis shoulde be educated and orderid by 
thadvise of his said overseers. 

[Proved 5 Sept., 1552.] 


[Tashe, 30.] 

I, Rycharde Lyster, knighte, Chief Justice at Plees before 
the King to be hoi den, being hole of mynde this tenth day of 

* Probably Tickhill. 

t Of an old Wakefield family. Married first, Jane, daughter of Sir Ralph 
Shirley; second, Elizabeth Stoke, by whom a son, Sir Michael, and a daughter, 
Elizabeth, married to Sir Richard Blount. See Glover's Visitation (Foster 
Ed., 547.) 


Octobre, in the sixte yere of the reigne of our Soveraigne 
Lord Edwarde the sixte, having no trouble withe sicknes of 
body, lawde be to God Almightie, remembring my greate age 
and uncerteyntie of this mortall liffe, preparing my selfe with 
the helpe of God to be in redynes when God will call for me 
fourthe of this present liffe, make my will. And furste, I 
bequeth my soule to Almightie God my maker and redemer, 
trusting in his mercy e, and thereby and by the merittes of his 
passion to come to everlasting liffe and glory. And I will and 
desier that my deade body when God shall call it from this 
transitorye liffe shalbe buryed yn hallowed grounde ordeyned 
for Christian buriall where myne executours and freends 
thincke convenyent, and that to be don fourthwithe aftre 
my soule be departed out of my mortall bodye without 
prolonging of tyme for enny greate solempnytie thereaboute. 
And aftre that to have suche divyne service as is ordeyned 
for the buriall of Christian men, withe almes to be given 
to the pore and other dedes of charitie as shalbe thought 
convenable by the discretion of myne executors and 
freendes aftre the pleasure of Almightie God. And I will 
that the Kinge our Soveraign. Lorde shalbe satisfied and paide 
of all his dueties whiclie shall belong unto his highnes of suche 
landes as I have and wardeshipp, if anny suche be, withe all 
fines, reliefes, herriottes and other dueties whiche to his 
highnes shall lawfully apperteyn, as I am bounde of duetie, 
being long sarvaunte as well to his highnes for his reigne as 
for the tyme of his noble father King Henry the eighte, as of 
his noble graundefather King Henry the Seventh of noble 
memory, whose soules God pardon. And because I am 
indebted to the Kinges hignes and dyvers parsonnes, I will 
that my debtes be paid by myn executours of suche mony, 
plate and goodes as I shall leave to theym, and of th'e profittes 
of my landes, tenementes, and heriditamentes, in as spedy and 
convenyent tyme as may be for the discharge of my soule, 
trusting to God to pay the greate parte therof or I departe 
this liffe if God suffer me. And I will that all my landes &c. 
at this side Trent shall goo and remayne unto Richarde Lyster, 
sonne and heire of my late sonne Michaell Lister, knighte, and 
to the heires of the saide Richarde for ever. And I will that 
all my landes &c. beyonde Trent aswell copie holde as free 
holde in Wakefelde, Wrenthorpe, Stanley and ells where in 
the Countie of Yorke, shall goo to Charles Lister, younger 
sonne of my said sonne Michael Lister, knighte, and to the 
heires of his body, and for lacke of such issue to the right 
heires of the saide Richarde Lyster lawfully begotten, and for 
lacke of suche issue to the right heires of me. And I will 


that myne executours shalhave the custody of the said Charles 
Lister untill he come to thage of xxj yeres. And then I will 
that they give such bequestes as I make in loving and 
charritable wise to suche my childerne and kynnesfolkes, 
sarvauutes and freendes as I have cause charitably to 
lemembre, that is lo wete, to the said Richarde Lister, sonne 
and heire apparaunte to my sonne Syr Michaell, a gilte cupp, 
a cover and a gilt saulte. To Charles Lister, seconde sonne 
to my said sonne Syr Michaell and Dame Margery his wiffe, 
a nother gilte cupp withe a cover and a gilte saulte. And I 
will (hat they shalhave suche convenyent bedding and other 
housholde stuffe as shalbe thought mete for theym. To 
Richarde Blounte find my doughter Elizabeth his wiffe, and to 
every one of his childerne, one silver cupp, and also to every 
one of my sarvauntes fyve shillinges besides theire quarters 
waiges, and to every one of my sarvauntes that used to ride 
with me an horse or gelding. And I will that myne 
executours shall give to all my late nephewes William Thorpes 
childei-n, after my debtes be paide, suche honest porcon of my 
plate and housholde stuffe as they shall thincke mete for every 
of them to remembre me with theire prayers hereaftre. I will 
that my nece Elizabeth Metheley the wiffe of James Kember 
shalhave xxj yeres of and in the mannor of Halyborne 
Estbroke within the Countie of Southampton, as by my 
executours they shalbe assuered in consideracoii of theire long 
and true service that they have don. I make Sir Richarde 
Blounte, knighte, and Richarde Lister, esquier, my hole 
executours. And I will that suche tenauntes and farmers as I 
have shall enioy theire holdinges, doing theire dueties as shall 
becom theym to myne heires without expultion or stray te 
handeling, specialy when they have paide theire fynes or other 
pleasures. And I dowbte not but my sonne Richarde Lister 
will lovingly handle all my freeudes, doing theym suche 
pleasures as he can because they may continue theire kinde 
and loving myndes towardes hym and his hereafter. Quia 
fideli amico nulla est comparacio, whiche freendes I pray God 
sende hym and me ever, and the grace of God with all. To 
whom be all honnor and glory for ever. Amen. 

[Proved 16 April, 1554.] 



[Tashe, 15.] 

14 Nov., 1552. Anthony Brakenbury, of Sellable, esquire. 
I bequeath my body to be buried where it shall please God. 
To my son Henry a hundreth markes. To my son Richard a 
hundreth markes. To Cycilly my doughter a hundreth markes. 
The residue of my goods I bequeath to William Brakenburye 
my eldest sonne and heyre, and Elenor my wief, whom I 
ordeyne my executours. Thes being witnesses, John Egerton, 
Marten Brakenbury, Mighell Tomson, James Colpotes, Thomas 
Mussenge, surgen, Richarde Brakenburye. 
[Proved 27 June, 1553.] 

Definitive sentence 27 June, 1553, confirming the executorship to both 
executors, the son's appointment having been disputed by the relict. 

[Powell, 31.] 

18 Feb., 6 Edw. VI. (1552). Edmunde Molyneux, knight, 
one of the Kinges Justice of his Comon Place at Westmyster. 
Where 1 have landes, &c., in Thorpe nighe Newarke upon 
Trent, Stoke nighe Newarke, and in Newarke, and in Hunton, 
Carleton, Gedlyng, Colwyke, Stokebardolff, Shelforde, 
Saxendale, Burton Jorce, Gyrton, Newton and Cutell in the 
countio of Nottingham, I will that my yonger children not 
maried, that is to saye, Edmunde, Thomas, Katheryn, Dorothe, 
Anthony, Christofer and Jane Molyneux shall have suche 
severall annuities as be expressed in severall wrytinges, and 
I will that John Broke, nowe or late one of y e bedelles of 
Oxforde, shall have quarterly during his lyfe of the said 
landes in Stokebardolf thirty thre shillinges foure pennce, and 
moreover when the landes be of greater yerely value I will 
that yf my heyre well and truly content the said annuities and 
also paye the said annuities to every of my doughters, 
Katheryn, Dorathe and Jamie, fyve markes unto suche tyme 
as every of theym shall have receyved over their annuyties so 
myche of one hundreth poundes tuwardes their marriages as I 
shall not leave for theym in ridye gold or coyne of sylver at 
tyme of my deathe, then I will that my heyre shall have 

* Son of Ralph Brakenbury, of Selaby, co. Durham, and great-nephew of 
Sir Robert Brakenbury, Lieutenant of the Tower under Richard III. He 
married first Agnes, daughter and co-heiress of Ralph Wycliffe of Wycliffe ; 
secondly Eleanor, daughter of Sir Roger Brereton. (See Surtees Durham, iv, 19.) 

t Son of Sir Thomas Molyneux of that family, of Sefton. He was of the 
Council of the North, and appointed 22 October, 1550, Judge of the Common 
Pleas. He married Jane, daughter of John Cheney, of Chesham-boys, and had 
a large family. (See pedigree in Visitation of Nottingham, Harleian Society, iv, 
72, and Foss' Judges). 


thorder of all the landes as long as he shall performe my will, 
except of suche houses, landes, &c., in Stokebardolf in the 
possession of my sonne Fletcher or doughter Margaret his 
wief, wherof they shall paye the yerely rent, and yf myne 
heyre do not well performe my will then I will that my 
executours shall have thorder of the landes, &c., and yf their 
be defaulte then I will that all the landes shall be to my 
yonger children not maryed during the lyfe and the longer 
lyves of them. And wher I truste that my heyre will performe 
my will I have other landes, the manner and parsonage of 
Kneton in the countie of Nottingham, and other landes in 
Kneton and a pasture called Drinkshaw in the Countye of 
Lincoln, and landes aboute Chesham in the countee of Buck., 
and landes that I bought of Master Taverey, and landes in 
Swaldall, Helagh in Swaldale, in Grynton, and in the parishe 
of Grrynton in the Countie of Yorke. I make my executours 
my three sonnes John, Edmunde, and Thomas Molyneux, and 
my sonne in lawe Robert Fletcher and my doughter Margaret 
his wief. As concernyng my goodes, cattalles, plate, money, 
juelles, stuf of householde, and the profyttes of my ferme at 
Hawton, I will that wheare my late kynde wyef, upon whos 
soule Jesu have mercye, aboute the tyme of her departing oute 
of this worlde, desired me to be good unto her childer, and 
bequeathed unto every of theym a ringe of golde, wherof my 
doughter Dorothe to have the beste, with a juell, and John 
Molyneux to have the seconde ring, and to me her weding 
innge, I, in consideracon of her wylle haue given to John 
Molyneux one ringe, to Edmond another ringe, and to my 
doughter Fletcher an other ringe, and will that my saide wyefs 
legacie shalbe performyd to the remnant of her children, and 
I will that my doughter Dorothe shall have over the beste 
ringe the beste ouche of golde set with stones whiche was her 
kynde mothers. And wher my good and kynde father in lawe 
M r John Cheney, Esquier, whos soule Jhu pardon, bequeath 
to me ten poundes whiche my brother in lawe Master Robert 
Cheney his sonne hath paide to me, I will that every of my 
children have some remembrance to praye for his soule and 
for my soule, and for their kynde mothers soule, and all 
Christen soules. To my sonne and heyre my greate giltyd 
goblet with a cover gilte where upon my armes be graven 
upon the cover, and my doughter Dorothe the best sylver 
goblet giltyd with the cover, and to my doughter Fletcher a 
cope of sylver, and to every of my other children a cupp of 
silver. To my cosyn Fraunces Molyneux my sylver goblet 
parcell gilte with the cover wherupon my armes be graven. 
To my cosyn Michaell Willoughby a lytell saulte gilted with a 


cover somewhat broken and liatli no felowe. I will all my 
debtes may be payde, and restitucon to be made yf I at tyme 
of my departing withhold any mans goodes. To George 
Irelande fourtie shillinges. To Syr Willyam Butler my 
chaplen or stewarde nil such wages as I shall ough hym and 
foure poundes, to the intent that he shalbe helpinge to myne 
executours. And yf my sonne and heyre will kepe howse 
contynually for his yonger brethern and susters which shall 
have no house certen to resorte unto, I will he shall have 
thincrease of my stocke of shepe and the occupacion of my 
beastes and thinges belonging to husbandry except suche as 
hereafter I shall bequeathe awaye, wysshing and desiring 
every of my children in what place they shalbe, humble and 
hartely every daye to praye to Almightie God for grace and 
mercye, and that they may alwayes love God and feare God 
and kepe his comaundementes and be his contynuall servauntes. 
I will that my three yonger doughters have all the apparell 
being waring gayre of their late mothers not being rynge, 
chayne or juels, and every of my doughters to have a litle 
casket which was their mothers, and all the juelles and thinges 
therin conteyned over their said severall hundreth poundes, 
and my doughter Dorothe to have the best, Katheryn the 
seconde, and Jane the thirde casket, and my sone in lawe 
Robert Fletcher and doughter Margaret shall have the house 
at Stokebardolf and all the landes whiche my wief dyd 
occupie. And yf my sonne and heire do paye to every of his 
three yonger systers twentye poundes over the said three 
hundreth poundes, I will my sonne shall have all my plate not 
bequeathed, and all my household stuf, harnes, billes and 
other thinges for the warres, and all my waynes, cartes and 
ploughes, and all my best horses and cattail provided, and I 
will to my cosyn Fraunces Molyneux, when he comyth to his full 
age of xxj yeres, one iron boundon wayne, one carte, one 
plough, two oxen, thre carte horses or mares, three sowes and 
a bore, trusting there shalbe alwayes amytie and love betwen 
hym and my children. And yf my heyre do not paye the 
somes of twentie poundes to his systers then I will that they 
shalhave all the household stuf, &c. &c., egally, except a cupp 
of sylver and gilt which I had of the gift of my brother Irelande, 
which was my late kynde systers his wief Elyn, which cuppe 
my mynde ys that my sonne and heyre shall have, and he to 
leave yt to his heyre yf he will, by cause the same cupp was 
sometyme my owne naturall fathers and mothers cupp. I 
make my naturall brother M r Doctor Molyneux, my sonue in 
lawe Robert Fletcher and doughter Margaret, my executours, 
and my brother Paule Darrell, esquier, and my brother 
Laurence Irelande, esquier, yf it please theym; and super- 


visours Sir Alexander Taylor, parson of Hawtoii, and Sir 
Will yam Butler my chapleyn, bequeathing to my brother a 
gilt salt, to my sonne Flecher a soveraign of golde worth foure 
markes and better, to my doughter a gilt spone with a forke 
in the ende and one of my best gilt spones, and to my brother 
Darrell my best gilt salte, and to my brother Irelande the 
felowe of the same, one of my best gilt spones, and one of my 
best silver spones, and to Syr Alexander Tayler and to Syr 
Willyam Butler a sylver spone and an oxe or a cowe at their 
pleasure. To my cosyn George Brownes wief, yf Katheryn 
and Dorothe Molyneux tarry with her, a gold ringe set with 
dyvers perles and a rubye. To my cosyn Brown her husbande 
one of my geldinges, desiring them bothe to b"e good to my 
two doughters, that they may be brought up in vertue, good 
maner and lernyng to playe the gentilwymen and good 
huswyffes to dresse meate and oversee their householdes. 
The residue, yf my sonne and heire be willing, that myn will 
will be performed, he shall have the same. Where Nicholas 
Haugh ys bounden to me in the some of two hundreth 
poundes, I will that there shalbe no advauntage taken yf the 
said Nicholas performe the last will of his father Thomas 
Haugh, deceased, concernyng the doughters of the same 
Thomas Haugh, which he had by his latter wif, doughter of 
Robert Molyneux, deceased, and I have in my keping for 
Aworye Haugh a sylver salte, six sylver spones, and for Isabell 
Haugh a sylver pece and sixe silver spones, and for Ursula 
Haugh the best baydes of her late mothers and six silver 
spones, and dame Elizabeth Merys hath certyn ringes for the 
said doughters. There be certeyn peces of golde and sylver 
in a fyne glove as I remember, and a paper making mencion 
of Henry Hatfelde, I wolde the doughters of the said Henry 
shulde have the same golde and sylver egually devyded. 
Where syns the deathe of my cosyn Willyam Molyneux I have 
receyved certen somes of money of the ferme of Alker in the 
Countie of Lancaster, and my lady Merys hath receyved other 
somes of money of the ferme of Alker, I will that my cosyn 
Fraunces Molyneux, yf he come of full age of xxj yeares, shall 
have after suche rate of money as I receyved, the same so 
myche as I have receyved therof for my parte. 
[Proved 8 Nov., 1552.] 


[Tashe, 13.] 

19 Feb., 1552-3. Richard Harton, Citizen and Fyshe- 
monger, of London, being at Wykham in Pickeringe lithe, 
make my will. To the poor folkes within the towne of 
Wyckham ten shillinges, of Ruston vs., of Brompton xs., 


the daye of my buryall. To Richarde Harton, soune of John 
Harton, my purs and girdle garnysshed with silver. To John 
Harton my best rydinge cote garded with velvet, and a dublet 
slevid with velvet, and the lease of the howse that he dwellith 
in, whiche I toke of M r Hutcbenson. To the said John the 
greate chest that standethe in my house at Scardeborowghe. 
To my suster Colynson, of Brompton, my house in Wickham, 
my best bedd at Wyckham and the covering with the bolster. 
To my brother Colynson my russett cote and a dublett. To the 
sixe childern of George Colynson xxvj shepe, and the residue 
to Christofer Bartyndale. I will Christofer Bartindale and 
Johane his wief have the use of the howse that he dwellith in 
for tenne yeres, all my tytle of one oxgange of lande, the two 
oxen he occupieth of myne, paying twentie shillinges. To 
George Harton my house that I lyve in at Wickham, the house 
that Christofer Bartyndale dwellith in after the tenne yeres be 
complete. I forgive the said George xxix li. I give to him 
and my suster Colynson my houses in Scardborough, with two 
closes. All my landes in London and Southwark to remayne 
unto Walter Harton and Margaret Harton equallye. To 
Richard Harton of Hooton iij s. iiij d. To Edwarde Huchenson, 
sonne of Richar.le Huchenson, one of my gownes furred with 
foynes. To Anne Colynson a bedsted of waynscote in the 
parlor at Scardeborough, two platters, &c. To Joane Colynson, 
my systers doughter, two platters, two dysshes, &c. To my 
sister Colynson and her doughter Emme the residue of my 
pewter vessell at Wyckham and Scardebrough. To John 
Colynson, my sisters sonne, a greate cheste. To John Harton 
a presse. To Thomas Colynson a matteres. To Christofer 
Bartyndale my worsted dublett, a jerkyn, a payre of white 
hoose, and my doke. I will the residue of my stuf at 
Scardeborough, the salte excepted, be sould by George Hall, 
John Harton, and Walter Harton, and the money to be 
distributed at theyr discrecions to my poore kynesfolke and 
frendes. Supervisours, M r Richard Huchenson, auditor to the 
Kinges Ma tie , and Richard Flower, of London, haberdassher. 
Residue to Walter and Margaret Harton, executours. 
[Proved 12 June, 1553.] 


[More, 7.] 

8 Sept., 1553. Edmond Cartwright, of Ossington in the 
Couutie of Not., gentilman. To be buryed in the churche of 

* There is a pedigree of Cartwright in the Visitation of Nottingham, 1614 
(Harleian Society, iv, 109), in which it states that the testator was son of Hugh 
Cartwright, and that he married Agnes, " daughter of Thomas Cranmer, of 
Sutterton in com. Nottingham, sister of the Bishop of Canterbury." 


Ossington. To Agnes my wief one annuytie of fourtie 
poundes yerely oute of my mannors of Wesfmallyng, 
Kstmallyng, Ewell, and Parocke, iu the Countie of Kent, late 
parcell of the possessions of the late dissolvyd monasterie of 
Westmalling, whiche manors do belonge to me for terme of 
Ixxxxv yeres. I will that Agnes my wief shall holde my 
manor of Ossington during lyff, and after the decease of me 
and Agnes it shall remayue to Hughe Cartwright my sonne and 
heyres. and for default of issue male to George Cavtwright my 
sonne, and for lacke of issue male to Edmonde Cartwright my 
sonne, and for default of issue male to Thomas Cartwright my 
sonne, and for lacke of issue to my sonne Peter Cartwright, 
and for lacke of issue to my sonne John Cartwright, in default 
to the right heires of me. Whereas I have granted after the 
decease of me and Agnes my wief to George, Edmond, Thomas, 
Peter, and John, an annytie of vj li. xiij s. iiij d. oute of my 
landes in Ossington, my mynde ys that my sonnes shall enyoie 
the annyties. I give to my sonne Hughe all my lease of the 
late dissolvyd monasterie of Westmallinge in Kent, and I will 
yf my sonne Hughe departe oute of this worlde and no yssue 
of his body then the lease to remayne to suche heire as to 
whome I have bequeathed my manor of Ossington. To my 
sonne Hughe twentie poundes. To my other fyve sonnes, 
every one fourtie markes. To sonne George a silver beer 
cuppe, two silver spones of the best sorte, a black bald 
geldinge, a gowne of chamblet and a gowne of worsted, and 
a doblet of velvet. To Edmond a salte gilte, two silver 
spoues. To Thomas my best silver salte with a cover gilt, and 
two silver spones. To Peter a silver beer pott and two silver 
spones. To John a silver beer pott and two silver spones. 
To my doughter Peckham for a remembraunce, a pece of 
plate called a glasse cuppe gilt with a cover. To every one of 
M r Peckham's childern and hers xx s. To my doughter Anne 
a bason and ewer of silver, a goblet gilt with a cover, two 
silver spones, and threscore poundes. To my brother George 
my nyght gowne of clothe and xx s. To my cosyn Edmond 
Cartwright, of Norwell, my best clothe gowne and my bay bald 
colt. To my cosyn George Cartwright his brother my soreld 
bald geldinge. To Rauf Bacon my prest xxs. To every 
godchilde xxd. To the poore in Button upon Trent xxs., of 
Wershipp xx s. To the mariages of twentie poore maydens, 
to every e of them vj s. viij d. To my cosen Richard Petynger, 
of Retforthe, fyve poundes sixe shillings and eight pence. 
(Bequests to servants.) Residue shall remayne in the order of 
my wief Agnes and of my sonne Hughe, exocutours. I make 
Harold Rosell, gent., and my nephewe Nicholas Petyngar, 
super visours. [Proved 30 Aug., 1554.] 



[Welles, 33.] 

18 Feb., 1553. Walker, Cuthbert, of Richmonde. To my 
sonne William Walker, nowe beinge with me in my house at 
Bichemonde, that my house at Dowgate within the'parishe of 
Seynte Michael Pater within the Citie of London, and if yt 
happen William to dye without issue then I will the house to 
the next hey res of me. To the same William a gilte cuppe 
with a cover with the Trynytie upon yt, and my seconde 
fetherbedde with a bolster. To my brother S r William 
Walker, preist, nowe being with me in house, one standing 
cuppe with a cover of silver and gilt, and my best fetherbedde. 
To my brother S r Richard Walker, preist, one other cuppe of 
silver and gilte with a cover. To Thomas Corney my best 
gowne. To Edwarde Corney my seconde gowne. To Thomas 
my servaunte my ridinge cote, one pay re of hose, my fustian 
doblett and a cappe. To Agnes my servaunte my gowne 
faced with chamlett, the lesse cawdron, one litle brasse pott, a 
litle panne, ij litle coverlettes that she bought herself, iij of 
the new cuysshons, my best shirte, a diap table cloth, all my 
kercheffes, and xx s. To my cosynne Dorothe Corney the 
thre other cuysshons and a diap table clothe. To the poore of 
Richmonde and Kyrkby Ravenswath vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To 
John Pewdener vj s. viij d. To John Backhouse x s. To John 
Crosbye all my botons of golde. To Rauf Colinges wif 
vj s. viij d. I will my farme in Congresburye in Somei sett- 
shy re whiche I holde of the landes late belonginge to the 
Busshopp of Bathe and Welles to the said William Walker my 
sonne during my ye res upon condicon that he paie to my 
brother William Walker eighte poundes, to my brother 
S r Richarde Walker iiij li., and to my suster Agnes Andersone 
foure poundes, for termes of theire lives, also that he paie to 
Thomas Corney xl s. and to Edwarde Corney other xl s. for x 
yeres after my decease. And if yt fortune my sone to dye 
before lawfull age or be maryed, then I will the farme be at 
the disposition of my brother S r William Walker. The 
residue to my soiiue and to my brother S r William, executours, 
and M r Doctor Dakyn supervisour, and to take the governaunce 
of my sonne. Witnesses, Richarde Crosbye, of Richmonde, 
gentleman, John Crosbye his sonne, John Moyser. 
[Proved 3 Feb., 1558-9.] 


[Kitchyn, 25.] 

In the xxvij u daie of Aprell, one thousaude fyve hundreth 
fiftie and fyve, I, Robert Holgate als. Halgate, doctor of 


Divinitie, and late Archebusshoppe of Yorke, make my last 
will. My bodye to be buried in the parishe churche within 
the parishe wherof it shall please Almightie God to take me 
oute of this transitorie lief to his greate mercie, where I will 
that my funerals shalbo done withoute worldlie pompe, pride 
or vanitie. And I give to the parsonne of the churche where 
I shall chaunce to be buried after my deathe fourtie shillinges 
for my mortuarie aud to praye for me. And I will that xl s. 
slialbe distributed to the poore people in the daie of my 
buriall. Also I will that my servauntes shalhave so moche 
money paide to them agayne as they have leide oute for me or 
lent me. I give to myne executours, their heires and assignes 
for ever, the scite and precyncte of the late priorie of Olde 
Malton in the Countie of Yorke, and all the demeasne landes 
in Olde Malton, Wikham and Howhouse in the Countie of 
Yorke, and the scyte and landes of Yeddiugham in the said 
countie, and the manor place in the toune of Yeddingham, 
and all my landes in Huggate nowe in the tenure of 
Thomas Steyringe, and all my landes called Bysset Howse and 
Bysset landes lyenge in the parishes of Hemysworth and 
Felkirke, and all the chauntrie howse and other buyldinges, 
landes, belonginge to the late chauntrie of Saynt Thomas in 
the parishes of Hemysworth, Baddisworthe or elles where, and 
all my house called the Threasorors house, and all my houses, 
landes, in the Cloyse of the Cathedrall churche of Yorke and 
in the citie of Yorke and bushopesthorpe, and all my scite, 
howses, landes in Newcastell apon Tyne sometyme belonging 
unto the late priorie of y e Whitefreres in Newcastell nowe 
dissolvyd, and all my other landes, rentes, possessions in Olde 
Malton, Wykham, Howhouse, Yeddingham, Pikeringelith, 
Huggate, Byssett, Hemysworth, Felkirke, Thorpe and elswere, 
to thentent and purpose that my executours or the overlyvers 
of them shal within two yeres after my decease fouude, erecte 
and make or cause to be founded, erected, made and 
incorporated one Hospitall of one M r and twentie brethern 
and systers in Hemysworth, to contynewe for ever, and that 
the master therof shalbe a clerke and within tholye order of 
preisteheid at suche tyme as he shalbe therto nominated, and 
shalbe made a perfect master of the said hospitall by the gifte 
of myne executours whiles any of them do live, and after their 
death es by the free gifte and graunte of the parson of the 
parishe churche of Hemysworthe for the tyme being and of 
the two churchwardens of the same church, and of fower of 
the most honest parisheoners of the said churche. And the 
said M r of the hospitall here after to be erectyd shall from 
tyme to tyme during his lief contynually be resident, tarrye 


and dwell apon the same hospitall, and shall not absent hym 
self above one monethe in any yere apon peyn of privacon aud 
losinge of the hospitall, except yt be for greate, urgent and 
necessarie causeys, and suche as shalbe alowed and approved 
by all theis whiche shall have authoritie to make the Maister 
at any vacation therof. And the poore people which shalbe 
herafter put into the same hospitall, for brethren and sisters 
tlierof shalbe by the parsone of the parishe churche of 
Hemysworthe, and the two cliurchewardens, and foure of the 
most honest parisheoners chosen aud taken owte of the poore 
parisheoners of the parishe of Hemys worth, Felkirk, Birkebye 
and Wragbye next adioyninge, provided that there shalbe 
none admytted and put in the hospitall for brethren and 
sisters therof but suche as be fully of thage of Ix yeres or 
more, or els blynde or lame parsons at the tyme of his or 
their admission, and I will that myiie executours shall buylde . 
and make within five yeres after my deathe a suffycient howse 
and lodginge for the M r to dwell in, and a long house with so 
manye severall particions as will serve to the said brethren 
and systers for their cohabitacion and dwellinge in the same 
hospitall. And I will that the rnaister shall yerely perceyve 
and have towardes his lyving twentie markes in money, and 
every one of the brethren and sisters liij s. iiij d. towards their 
lyvinge. And yf inyne executours shall have goodes or 
landes or revenewis sufficient to performe my will and to 
make the said twentie markes yerely twentie poundes, then I 
will the maister shall yerely have twentie poundes, and every 
one of the brethren and sisters shall have foure poundes yerely 
for ever. And I will myne executours shall sell all my 
messuages, landes in the cloise and countie of the citie of 
Yorke, and of the toune of Newcastell apon Tyne, for the 
parformance of my will, and all the leade whiche coverethe 
the bowses and buyldinges within the scyte of the late priorie 
of Olde Maltoii. I make Sir Willyam Peter, knight, 
M r Thomas Gaudye, Sergeant at the Laws, Sir Thomas 
Gargrewe, knight, Edward Wottou, doctor of phisicke, John 
Broxolme, gent., John Goldinge, clerke, and Thomas Spenser 
of Olde Maltoii, executours, and I bequeathe to Syr William 
Peter, knight, one hundreth markes, to M r Thomas Gaudey 
fourtie poundes, and to every one of my executors twentie 
poundes, and shall have all costes and charges at suche tyme 
as he shall goo and take paynes aboute the doinge of any 
thinge comprysed in my will. And I will that none of myne 
executours shall kepe any goodes or other profites in their 
handes. And I make my lorde, therle of Arundell, 
supervisour of this my will, humblye besechinge hym to take 


the paynes to the same fullie to be perform yd by my executours, 
nnto whose lordshipp I do give fourtie pouudes, and I do 
bequeath to M r John Throgmorton, on of the maisters of the 
requests, twentie poundes, and to M r . . . Cordall, our soveraign 
Ladie the Queues Sollicitor, twentie poundes, that they wilbe 
meanes unto her grateys highnes that I and if it please 
Almightie Glod to call me in the meane season to his iiifynite 
marcie oute of this tempesteous and troublesome worlde, myne 
executours maye duelye enyoie all my plate, goodes, cattalles 
and landes accordinge to right and as they haught by the 
lawes and statutes of this her graceis noble real me. And I 
bequeathe to Sir Nicholas Throgmorton, knight, twentie 
poundes, to be assistaunt to se this my last will dulie to be 
parformyd. In witnes, William Boswell, Richard Wheatley, 
clerke, Thomas Wolton, John Spensher, Thomas Browne, and 

[Proved 5 Dec., 1556.] 


[More, 29.] 

The xij th day of Maye, 1555. Alexander Bell. To my 
sonne Arthour Belle my tenement house and landes lying in 
Wynkerton in the bishopricke of Durham, and my tenente 
being than nowe named Robert Wilkinson, which is rent 
yerely fourtie shillinges. I bequeathe my foresaid sonne 
and foresaid tenement to the good keping of my uncle 
Artho r Bell, of Bladon, and that the said Artho r Bell 
yerely receyve the rent of the saide tenement to bring up my 
said sonne Artho r Bell in good lernyng and vertue till he be of 
lawfull aige. Item, that after the death of my said sonne 
Artho r Belle that then my tenement, house and landes 
parteyning to yt I fullye give to my sister Alice Sharpar, of 
Newcastell. To John Breguse, mariner, my wages in the 
Bartilmew for the viage of guine, being the 

viij th of September, 1553, upon condicion that the said 
John Briguse paye oute of the same one monthes waiges to my 
sister Agnes Yonge in Seynt Katheryns, which is xiij s., and 
that the said John Breguse also paye suche debtes as I owe in 
the Bartilmew, whiche is xxj s. I bequeathe of my said wage 
to Danyell Dye fyve shillinges, to William Farnelles fyve 
shillinges, to Richard Berforthe two shillinges, and this paide 
then John Brighouse to have all the rest. To my sister Alice 
Sharpar the parte of my debtes owing me in Newcastell. I 
give my sister Alice Sharpar three poundes whiche Harrye 
Anderson owith me, of Newcastell, upon condicion she paye 
oute of the same to my mystres Harrie Andersons wief, of 


Newcastel, which I owe to her, iiij s., and that she paie of the 
said money to Roger Heryn whiche I owe hym, xiiij s., this 
paid she to have all the rest. To Alice Anderson of my debtes 
owinge ine in Newcastell, as I give her xiiij s. whiche 

Willyam Chapman owith me for osmondes. I give her vij s. 
whiche John Archebade my M r Harrye Andersons man owith 
me. I give her xix s. whiche Willyam Owthauke owith me for 
three frenche crownes I lent hym in Some in Frauuce. In 
witiies wherof these men subscribe their names following. 
Writen in the Bartilmew of London, the 12 of Maye, 1555. 
William Farnally, Peter Bright. 

Memorandum, that aboute an houre or thereaboutes afore 
the said Alexander departed oute of this present lyfe, the said 
Alexander then being of his parfytt mynde and memorie, 
made and nomynate John Brighouse the executour of this his 
saide will. In witnes hereof, Lewis Palmer and Thomas .... 
[Proved 4 July, 1555.] 


[Wrastley, 2.] 

2 Ap., 1556. Henry Aynesworth, of Wynkborne in the 
countie of Notingham. To be buryed in the parysh church 
of Wynkburne in the chauncell anends the place where I have 
used to kncle. I will that every preiste that shalbe at my 
buryall have iiij d. and their dynner, and to every poore man, 
woman and childe that be at the same, one halpeniiy or a 
hal penny white loif. And I will that my wif, my sonne Rauff, 
my sonne Wawn and my doughter his wif, my sonne John 
Aynesworth and Jane his wiff, shalhave blacke gownes the day 
of my buriall. Also I will that xiij daye of waxe shalbe put 
about my herse and burne all the tyme of the dirige and masse 
singing, also that four torches shalbe provided by myn 
executors, and also that James Heypes, Christofer Atkynson, 
Robert Whippe and John Hanson shall beare the paied 
torches, and have every of theym a blacke gowne. To every 
howsholder in Wynkeburne wherof his yearly rent is not 
above tenne shillinges, iiij d. and a penny white loyf. To the 
amending of hye ways in Wynkeburne vj s. viij d., and to 
amending of the hye waye betwene the churche of Hokarton 
and the ende of the layn going towarde Southwell iij s. iiij d. 
I will that Rauff Aynesworth my sonne shalhave two partes 
of my ferme of the manor of Wynkeburn to his owne use, 
paying for the same two partes the yerely rent therof. I will 
my welbeloved wif shalhave the thirde parte of my said farme. 
And in case she do remove and do not a byde dwelling in the 
thirde parte, and then my sonne Rauff shalhave the said thirde 


parte. To my wiff the thirde parte of all iny goodes. I gyve 
unto Rauff all such leasses as I have in landes in Preston in 
Awndernes and Ingoll in the Countie Palantyne of Lancaster. 
To the parish church of Wynkbourne my beste vestement of 
crymyson velvett and albe and amyse, a stole and other 
thinges to the same vestment belonging, and also an other 
vestment of whity Damaske. To the Trinitie alter in the 
parishe church of Preston where I was borne a vestment of 
grene sarsenet, and albe and ammes belong to the same. To 
such persons as shall fortune to be churchwardens of the 
church of Wynkburne thre kyne, and of the wages and 
stipend of the said thre kyne iij s. to be bestowed in bread to 
twelve pore folkes of the parish. And also the parish preiste 
to saye de profundis for my soule, for the soules of Elsabeth 
and Annes my wif, and for the soules of Richard Aynesworth 
and Elsabeth my falther and mother, and also to say dirige and 
messes, xvj d. in money afor the stipend and wages of thre 
kyne, the residue to be bestowed to the most profet of the 
parish church by the churchwardens for the tyme being. To 
every of my servauntes xij d. To John Banyster and Isabell 
Mawne, for their paynes they taike wyth me in my sicknes, 
either of theym tenne shillinges. I will my sonne John 
Aynesworthe, Richard Buckshawe, John Warde, William 
Robynson, Edmunde Kjtchyn, George Hoggeson, John 
Bothomley, John Parker, John Skerclyff, John Sampe, Robert 
Swyfte, William Dankes, Robert Cowarde, Charles Harwoode, 
Robert Wliipp, Richard Helys, Thomas Looke, and Christofer 
Atkynson shall holde the tenementes wherin they do now 
inhabite, paying their rentes. To Sir William Doughtie my 
curate a colte of two years olde. To my doughter Jane 
Wawn twentie shillinges. To Thomas Wawn xs. To 
Elizabethe Wawn x s. To my sonne George Wawn my grey 
gelding. To my godson Henry Wawn a fole. To Mabell 
Blabeke iiij s. To Isabell Nybbes xij d. To Alice Mow xij d. 
To Cecilie Heypes a cowe. Also I will that Rauff my sonne 
shall fynde John Heypes, and kepe hym at the scole untill he 
come to the age of xvj yeres at his costes. The Residue of 
my goodes I gyve unto my sonne Rauff Aynesworth, whom I 
mayke my executor. 

[Proved 28 Jan., 1556-7.] 


[Wrastley, 7.] 

14 Feb., 1556-7. Launcelott Midelton, of Silksworthe in 
the Bishopricke of Durham. I give all my goodes unto myne 
executours for the performance of my debtes. I give unto 


my two doughters fourescore poundes to be payde oute of 
my londes, unto Anne Mydelton myn eldest doughter fourtie 
poundes at the daye of her marriage or at thage of xxj* 1 yeres, 
and unto Custance my yonger doughter other fourtie poundes 
(the same}. I will that the overly ver be thothers heyre, and 
if tjhey both dye than I will that George Mydelton myne eldest 
sonne shall enyoie their partes. Also I will that Nicholas 
Aldye, of Pocklesham in the Countie of Essex, gentilman, have 
the tuicon of George Mydelton, myne heire, with all my 
goodes, cattalles, landes and revenues, untill my sonne be of 
the age of xxj yeres, and then the saide Nicholas to be 
accomptable for all maner of rentes duringe the minoritie. 
The aforesaid Nicholas Aldie and George Midelton executours. 

[Proved 27 Feb., 1556-7.] 


[Noodes, 7.] 

22 Dec., 1556. Eoberfc Goche, of Chilwell in the Countie 
of Nott., Esquier. The goodes, cattalles and suche other stuff 
as came to me by Eleauore my wif, and all my plate and my 
jewelles, that came from Maister Smyth only except, whiche 
I geve to my wif Ellenor Gouche by this my will. I will that 
my sonne Barnabie Gouche shalhave my mannor of Horkestoe, 
yf it fortune Barnabee to dye without yssue male then the said 
mannor shall come to my sonne Robert Gouche, and if he dye 
the said mannor shall come to my brother Richard Gouche, 
and for defaut of yssue then I will that my said mannor 
shalbe divided by the discreation of my executours egally into 
three partes, wheareof one parte I wille the said personnes 
shall allotte to the hole universitie of Cambridge to the 
fynding of poore scolers there that shall procede to studye 
divinitie, and that the seconde parte shalbe to the pore scolers 
of the universitie of Oxford that shall likewise procede to 
studye divinitie, and the other thirde parte I will shalbe to 
thospitall lately found for the poore in London sometyme 
called the Lilill Saincte Barthilmewes in Smythefeld, and if 
it shall fortune that the said house to be dissolved thenne I 
will the said parte shall reverte to the company of the mercers 
in London to thintent the same company shall deliver yerlie 
the said rent to one poore yong man to sett hym up that bathe 
nother father nor mother, fynding them sufficient suerties to 
repay e the same agayn at fyve yeres ende, and the same yong 
man to paye for everye of the v yeres fower markes to thandes 
of the wardeyns of the companye of mercers, and they yerlie 
to make a dynner, and after the dynner be doon the saide 
wardeynes to save Christe have mercy on Robert Gouche 


soule, and after the v yeres be ended I will tbe said company 
shalhave the rent and deliver the same to another yonge man 
in manner above, and so contynually from yong man to yong 
man. I will that Robert Gouche my sonne shalhave the 
reversion of my personnage or rectorye of Houghton in the 
countie of Lincolne after the death of Eleanor my wif, with all 
her landes in Padington in the countie of Middlesex, and for 
defaulte of heires shall come to my sonne Barnabee, and for 
lacke of yssue to my brother Richard Gouche, and for lacke of 
yssue shall remayne to the uses before declared of my mannor 
of Horkestowe. I geve to Elianore my wif my personnage of 
Houghton, with the glebe landes, medowes, feadinges with 
corne and hay, wolle, lambe and all other tithes and profittes 
during her lif, and all her owne landes in Paddington and her 
house in London, and all her housholde stuffe that she brought 
with her, also one annuytie of sixtene poundes out of my 
mannor of Alvingham in the countie of Lincoln during her 
lif, if she keepe sole and unmarryed, provided if my said wif 
do marrye or dye then the annuytie unto my sonne Barnarde 
(sic). I will my sonne Robert shall have one annuitie of fyve 
poundes yerelie out of my mannor of A.lvingham until he be of 
thage of xxj yeares, and to the fynding of hym to the scole, 
and if he die the said rent shall reverte to Bnriiabie. To my 
brother Richard during his lif one annuytie of twenty foure 
poundes of my mannor of Alvingham. To John Thorolde, 
late vicar of Houghton, one annuitie of viijli., and after to come 
to my sonne Barnabie. I will that when my sonne Barnabe 
shall come to thage of xxij yeres that he have my house in 
Distaff lane in the Citie of London. To Richard More my 
servaimte twenty poundes iff he helpe my executours through 
for the making of my accompte with the King and the Queues 
heighnes. To John Dunbye my servaunte xl s. out of my manor 
of Alvingham yerlie, and after the death of the said John to 
revert to my sonne Barnabe. The residue of all my landes in 
Alvingham shalbe receyved and laid up to thuse of Barnabe 
my son, to be paide unto hym when he shall be of thage of 
xxij yeres, yf parcell or all therof be not bestowed aboute the 
buying of his wardeshipp, whiche I will that my executours 
shall ernestly travaill to buye the same. Then his wardeshipp 
being bought I will he be sett to the Innes of Courte, there to 
stndye and applye his lerning in the lawe unto suche tyme as 
by his said lerning lie attayne and come to be made Sergeaunte 
of the Coiflf. I will that when he hathe followed his lerning 
at the lawe so that he is made Sergeaunt of the Coyf therine 
I will my said sonne Barnabee, on my blessing that he never 
take penny or any manner of rewarde for his councell, but to 


geve the same to all men without taking anny tliinges, and 
specially those parsonnes that dwell in Lincolnshir, and if he 
do otherwise thenno I wille that he shalhave no more of my 
manors and landes before to him geven, but only the mannour 
of Horkpsrowe, and that all the rest ymmediatelie after suche 
taking of monney for his counsell shall revert to my sonne 
Robert. I make William Rigges and William Burnell, 
esquiers, Richard Kyneswerth, gent., and my wif Ellen 
Gouche, my executours, and the right honorable my lorde of 
Pembroke my supervisors, to whome for his paynes I forgeve 
hym one hundred poundes he owed me. Witnesses, John 
Hatcher, Robt. Cressy, clerke, p me Ric. Moore, p me Johem 
Button, p me William Eton. 

[Proved 12 Feb., 1557-8.] 


[Wrastley, 46.] 

16 Dec., 1556. Swynborn, Rowlande, clerke and maister 
of Clare hall in Cambridge. I wille that the house comonly 
called Sancte Nicolas hostell in Cambridge be solde for 
thuttermost price, for the whiche I might have had at diverse 
handes fower score poundes. I will that my plate be 
egally divided to my brother John Swynbourn and John 
Swynbourn the sonne of Christofer, further I geve to John 
the sonne of Christofer besides the plate xx li., and to Edwarde 
Swynbourne threscore poundes xiij s. and iiij d. and the vouson 
of the West Spitell in Newcastell if he wilbe preest, if so then 
that vouson to be at the disposicon of my brother John. To 
my suster Temps vli., wherof she hath in her handes 
iij li. vj s. viijd. To Margarete Hall vj spones of vj ounces 
and one half, and to my godson hit- sonne xx s. To the poore 
of Shelforde Parva xxxs., of Stenham xx s., Harston vj s. viij d., 
Hampton vj s. viijd., Naunton vs. To my cousen Symon 
Swynbournes wife, of great Gramsden, a gowne of London 
russet lyned with tawney velvet chamblet. To my mother 
M res Anne Swynbourn one soverain of golde for a token. To 
Clare hall one nutte hole gilted, with a cover waying xviij 
ounces and an half, and to every fellowe for the tyme being 
xij d., and to the butler and bibell clerkes every of them iiij d. 
To my brother John Swynbourne one ring of golde with a 
turkeys stone in it, and to my nevewe John the sonne of 
Christofer my signett of gold, the whiche John and John I 
make myn executours. I make supervisours my cousens 
M r Robert Tempest, off Holmeside, and Symon Swynbourn, of 
greate Gramsden, I geve to M r Tempest a cupp with a cover 


all gilted, waying ounces xj, and to my cousen Symon one 
boll parcell gilte, waying ounces about xx ti , having twoo 
letters in the bottome of it, I and P. The residue I geve to 
myn executours, they to ordre them as they will make answere 
before God. I geve to the Colledge called Clarehall for my 
detrimentes xli. In witnesse, Thomas Baily, president of 
Clarehall, Laurance Webbe, fellow of Clare hall, Thomas 
Chapman, of Clarehall, John Tompson, fellow of Clarehall. 

[Proved 8 Nov., 1557.] 


[Wrastley, 5.] 

20 Feb., 1556-7. Anthonye Johnson, of Wherlton in y e 
bisshopricke of Durram. To my mother Agnes Johnson 
fourtie shillinges in money and tenne wethers, upon this 
condicon, that she shall leve so moche after hir decease to 
my brother Launslot Johnson, his executors or assignes. I do 
give to my mother my mare in recompence of her mare. To 
Alice Johnson my sister in lawe tenne wethers. To foure of my 
brother Christofers children foure wethers and a yewe to the 
yongest doughter. To Christopher Robynson my sisters sonne 
a yewe. To my sister Bettris Robynson fourtie shillinges. 
To Jane Avintan, whom I was determyned to marrie, twentie 
nobjes. To the poore of Whorlton iij s. iiij d., of Marye 
Magdalen in Southwerke iij s. iiij d. To my brother John 
xiiij s. vj d. To my sister in lawe Elizabeth Johnson three 
poundes, uppon this condicion* that she shall give or cause to 
be given after her decease so moche money to Alice Johnson, 
whome she brought upp. To Marye Johnson my brothers 
doughter xl s. To Agnes Johnson, wief to John Johnson, vjs. 
viij d. To Alice Johnson, my brother Launslet Johnson wenche, 
fourtie shillinges, to be paid at the daie of her mariage. To 
Richarde Wilson, my brother Launslett servaunte, iij s. iiij d. 
To Alice Popeson, his servaunt, so moche more. The residew 
to my brother Launslet Johnson, whome I make my executour. 
Witnes hereof, John Lewis, clerke, Richard Wels, William 
Reynard, Richard Wilson, and Elizabeth Johnson. 

[Proved 16 Feb., 1557-8.] 


[Wrastley, 12.] 

7 April, 1557. John Byrrie, of Grove. To the poore in 
Ortsall, and inespeciall in Estretfourthe, tenne poundes, to be 
taken every yere fourtie shillinges of my fermes in Ortsall and 
Thornton. To Katheryn Stanley one greate charger, "a great 


platter, a dyshe, and two countersetes, a candelstick, and xxx a. 
in money. Unto every on of my brethren and sister childern 
(only excepted John Watson) my croppe amongest them this 
yere of my fermes at Tyrvinton egallie to be devyded to every 
one of them, the valewe to be paide unto them at three or f oure 
yeres ende, next the seade corne of the same fermes to be 
resyrvide unto my executours for bothe, the next croppe of the 
said ferraes followinge to be taken oute of yt. To my ladye my 
best raantell and a ringe in my coffer. And to Willy am Baker 
my sworde and hosyen. The Residue unto my M r , Sir John 
Hercy, knight, and M r parsone Perpoynt, whom I make my 

[Proved 3 May, 1557.] 


[Noodes, 10.] 

25 June, 1557. Robert Thornehill, of Wodall in Holdernes. 
To the curate at Walkringham xxvj s. To the executors of 
S ir Peter Gathorpe, late vicar of Walkringham, xxs. Unto 
making of a cawsey from my house to the home yate, if the 
parrishe will beare the rest, xli., or els that to remayn to be 
gevyn unto the poore xxs., and the stocke to remayn for 
evermore in the handes of iiij fyrmen. To the poore of 
Walkringham xxs., Mysterton xxs., Bekingham xs., 
G-aynesborowe xx s., Gringeley vj s. viij d., Mysyn xiij s. iiij d. 
To seven score of the porest of my kynne or freendes xx li. to 
be divided. To Ellen Curtes and John Curtes, with their 
childes partes, in all xxiij li. each. To Elizabeth Curteys 
xiij li. vj s. viij d. To Dorothee Noble forty shillinges, and to 
Anthonny Curteys his farme rent free one yere. To John 
Knagges my servaunt the house his graundefather dwellith 
in during his lif, paying yerelie xij d. To John Wate my 
servaunt vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To every servaunt a yere wages. 
To my servaunt Roche xxs. To John Strete for tenne 
yeres, every yere xx s. To John Bellopt for v yeres, every 
yere xx s. To Margery Pocockes xij li. To Robert Hall, my 
susters sonne, xxli. To my suster Peckes children, egally 
among them and her, xxxli. My wille is that my landes be 
divided in three partes if the lawe will so permitte it, yf the 
law will not so permitte and suffre it, thenne I will that so 
muche as the lawe will suffre doo remayne to the perfourmance 
of my will, and that that lacketh, if any be, I will shalbe paid 
of my hoole goodes, and if any thinge doo remayne of my 
landes I will that tenne poundes be divided among my 
servauntes that taketh no wages and have nothing els geven 


unto them. To my servauut Robert Williamson, during bis 
lif, his house and landes and xxs. yerelie out of Robert 
Smythes farme. To my servaunt James Siper all the stuffe at 
his house, paying yerelie xxvj s. viij d. To the children of 
John Jonson, appoynted by his will to have the ferme William 
Corringham dwellith in, shall have the same. To Hugh 
Thornehill, comonley called by that name which I do call my 
bastard sonne now contynnyug with me, my house at Hull 
now in the tenure of Maister Saltmarshe, all my landes in 
Misterton and Bekingham in the countie of Nott. To Thomas 
Turr vij acres during my lease. To Kighly my servaunte his 
house for life, paying yerelie ix s. To Christofer Norton, my 
susters sone, a silver cupp parcell gilce. I give asmuche 
tymber as will buylde a beadehouse of the comon in 
Walkringham, with vij litle houses, and everye house a 
chymney and a chamber, for vij poore folkes to dwell in ever, 
and to have paide to them every quarter of the yere, a pece 
ij s. ij d. I will that if any thinge geven be not according to 
the lawes of this realme, then I will it be mended by twoo 
indifferent lawyers, utter barristers in the courte, that is to 
say, Sergeaunt Catlyn and Sergeaunte Predieux, S r Anthony 
Nevill, knight, M r Estoft, M r Garrard, and M r Carrowe, or any 
twoo of them, aud they to mende it and to have either of them 
xx s. If I dye without yssue of my bodye lawfully begotten, 
then my will is that my hole landes remayn to my sonne Hugh 
Thornehill, and for lacke of yssue to my right heires. I will 
my brother have th usage of all my fermes during the noneage 
of my daughter, and of my landes and goodes also, accompting 
with my daughter for the same at her age of xij yeres, except 
the fermes in Holdernes, whiche I will shalbe in thusage of 
John Constable, knight, so that within one quarter of a yere 
he to make assuraunce to my daughter of fyve hundred markes, 
if his sonne Henry doo refuse her in marriage, whiche said 
v 00 markes to be forfaite to her use. And these covenantes 
perfourmed I will that my daughter remayn in thandes of the 
saide S r John to his sonue be xij yeres olde. I will that she 
shall not be delivered unto hym except he be bounden in the 
some of twoo thousande poundes to deliver her to her awne 
kynne, that is to saye, to my brother Hugh Thornehill, so that 
she may then be marryed to the most advauntage that the 
lawe will permitte. To Giles Sales and Isabell his wif the 
ferme I have of Urye, and after my yeres the ferme that 
Kyrkeby duellith in. To my said sonne Hugh Thornehill my 
lease of Oxton parsonage. The residewe of my goodes, 
fermes and leases, I putt into thandes of my brother to thuse 
of my daughter Dorothee, which I make my executrix. 


Supervisours, S r John Constable, knight, S r Anthoney Nevill, 
knight, S r John Hersy, knight, and doctor Rokesby. To my 
wif viij kye, a silver pott, a silver salte, and a cover to either 
of them, besides that the lawe dot he geve her. Witnesses, 
Sir Anthonny Nevill, George Browne, George Ryley, and 
Richard Wentwourth. 

[Proved 21 Feb., 1557-8.] 



[Noodes, 9.] 

Be it knowne to all men that if it shulde fortune me, 
Thomas Thurlande, in this my journaye taken the viij th of 
Julye, in the service of the Kinges maiesties affaires towardes 
the borders, by deathe or otherwise to passe out of this 
transitorye worlde, I geve unto Thomas Thurland, parson of 
Gamylstan, and Oliff Thurland, wif to Edward Thurland, 
esquier, to collect all such landes, rentes, debtis, goodes as I 
have, and them to bestowe amongest the children of Edmond 
Thurland, with my brother William Blande as they twoo shall 
thinke most convenient, provided Richard Thurland to have 
my landes. 

[Proved 17 Feb., 1557-8.] 


[Wrastley, 34.] 

2 Sept., 1557. John Roo, clerke and person of Wollerton 
in the Countie of Notingham. My body to be buryed in the 
chauncell, Twyvill. To the church of Twyvill iij s. iiij d. 
To the fre skole of Notingham, to repayre the deskes, xl s. 
To a poore scoler of Oxford that doeth study divinitie, xl s. 
To Emmotte my mayde xls., one cowe, wythall such goodes as 
she brought to me. To Katheryn my mayd xl s. and one 
brasse pott. To the poore people of my parish of Wollerton, 
Cansall and Braton, xl s. To the mending of the hye wayes 
about Wollerton xxs. The residue of my goodes to Harry 
Fosbrok, of Notingham, and to John Hall, of Myddelton, and 
Robert Palm, of Notingham, whom I make my executors. 
Witnes, Sir William Fosbroke, parson of Twyvill, Robert 
Barytt, Harry Beliter, Jane Tomlynson, Margaret Worth in gton, 
with other moo. 

[Proved 20 Sept., 1557.] 

* There is a pedigree of Therland of Ga nston in the Visitation of Nottingham 
(Harleian Society, iv, 154). 



12 Oct., v and vj King Philip and Marye (1558). Michaell 
Wentworth, esquyer. To be buried in Christian man's 
buriall. To Agnes my wif my goodes at Bistor church hile and 
Montlawe, and the wardeship of Marye Curson her daughter, 
except suche horses, geldinges and mares as I had at the tyme 
of my marrying with her, and suche as I have bought or 
bredde sithend the marriage betwene her and me, and my 
wolle of this yere, and all my plate except suche parcelles of 
plate as I had before the marriage, and such parcelles as I 
have bought sithens, and also except all my woll of my sheepe 
at Bisterchurchhile and Montlawe, and one cuppe geven by 
the Quenes Ma tie for a new yeres gifte, wherupon my armes 
and hers is graven, upon condicon she shall discharge the 
executours of me, my cousen Thomas Wentworth, and all 
others that be bounde by any covenaunte in any bondes for 
any matter touching my wife or any of her children. I give 
to my son and heire, Thomas Wentworth, all my moveable 
goodes in my houses at Simon rowe and Wendham. To my 
sonnes Michaell and Henry all my right in thoffice or ferme of 
the Alnyger in the Countie of Yorke, to be egally betwene 
them, and the profites to be towardes their finding during 
their minorities. I will that my executours shalhave thissues 
of all my leases in the personage of Leeke in the Countie of 
Stafford, the personage of Ascar and Askridge in the Countie 
of Yorke, the manner of the Freers house and Streyte withe 
cole mynde uppon the same in the said Countie of Yorke, the 
farme called Newall Graunge, until my executours have paid 
my debtis. Wheras I have at the present day five daughters, 
that is to say, Margaret, Mabell, Alice, Hellene and Kathtrine, 
for the marriage of one of them whicht it shall please Grod to 
putt in mynde that Richard Freestone my warde shalbe 
bestowed upon, and if he disagree then the profitte and 
wardshipp that may be made uppon him to be bestowed upon 
the next that shall happen to be marryed, and for the bestowing 
of the rest I will that my executours shall take thissues of my 
personages of Asker and Leeke, my ferme of the coole mynde 
of Streite, and the profite of my ferme of Strete, being of the 
value of fiftie poundea by yere, to the payment of the marriage 
good of as manny of my said daughters not being married at 
the tyme of my departing, untill suche tyme as everye of 

* Younger son of Thomas Wentworth, Esq., of Wentworth Woodhouse, and 
Master of the Queen's Household. His grandson Michael purchased Woolley 
in 1599, still possessed by his descendant in the female line. 


them be aunswered of one hundred poundes, if it may please 
God to sende them life thereunto. And the said Hellene my 
daughter xx li. over the said hundred poundes in recompence 
of her grandemothers bequest. Item, if any of my daughters 
will not be advised by my executours, but of their awne 
fantastical brayne bestowe them selfis lightly apon a light 
personne, thenne I will that daughter to have but one hundred 
marces. And after the sommes of monney so roune up that 
the personnaage of Leeke, my son Thomas Wentworth 
shalhave it during all the yeres that I have therin, the rest of 
the yeres of all my fermes shall come unto 'thandes of my 
yonger sonnes if itt please God to sende them life, or els to 
my eldest sonne, and if it please God to call them, as all is 
mortal 1, then to remayn amonge my daughters at that tyme 
beinge. To every one of my cousin Hugh Lacy children xx s., 
exceptid Richard Lacye, which was one S r Richard Freeston 
godsonne, to hym I geve xxvj s. viij d., during their lifes, out 
of my fermes so longe as my wife shall live, and after her 
decease I will every of them exceptid Richard Lacye shalhave 
(the above sums] out of the mannours of Fresingfeeld. 
Executours, my nevewe Thomas Wentworth and my nephewe 
Nicolas Denham. To my nephewe Thomas Wentworth my 
black e velvit gowne and my best horse or gelding. To my 
nevewe Nicolas Denman my seconde horse or gelding and a 
gowne of damaske faced with sable powtes. Also I desire my 
cousen Thomas Harvie, knight marshall, and my said brother 
Thomas Wentworth to be overseers. To my cousen Thomas 
Harvie, knight, a mowse donne gelding. To my brother 
Thorn is any of my horsses or geldiuges that he will clause. To 
Brian Denman one other gelding. Witnesses, Nico Rutlande, 
Ambrose Belson, Michaell Mollens. 

[Proved last Nov., 1558.] 


Short Abstracts of Wills of persons living in London and the 
South, having some connection with the northern counties. 

15 Sept., 1384. SIR WILLIAM DE WYNDESORE, kt. Made by 
word of mouth at Evesham. Sir William de Melton, Sir 
James de Pykeryng, and Sir Walter de Strykland, kts., and 
John de Wyndesore, of the diocese of York. Pr. 12 Oct., 
1384 (Rous, 1). 

24 Sept., 1389. JOHN DE APPELBY, LL.D., dean of St. 
Paul's, London. To be buried in the new work of the church 
of St. Paul. My sister's daughter, Margaret de Mordon, wife 
of Thomas Chaunceler. Sir William de Beverley. To the 
parish church of Appelby xx s. Richard de Mordon and 
Hugh Crostwayt, my cousins. To the prior and convent of 
Carlisle xx s. My executors shall not demand arrears of 
pensions due to me from the monasteries of St. Mary, York, 
Holmecoltram, the priories of Durham and Kerkham,* and the 
monastery of Melsa.t To the poor of Appelby xl s. To the 
fabric of the church of St. Laurence there, xs. Pr. 1 Oct., 
1389 (Rous, 2). 

11 Oct., 1389. WILLIAM WALSHAM. The churches of 
Salisbury and Bunnebury.J House of St. John, Chester. 
Church of Lym and chapel of Hallewestoke. To the church of 
Ampulforthelf and the repair of the chancel v marks. Nephew 
William Stone. John Botenam, my vicar. Robert Askeby, 
vicar of the church of Salisbury. John Wotton, my chaplain. 
Pr. 16 Dec., 1389 (Rous, 2). 

29 Apr., 1391. WILLIAM DE DYGHTON,|||| canon of St. Paul's, 
London, prebendary of Totenhale, canon of Salisbury, and 
rector of Staindrop, diocese of Durham. To be buried in St. 
Paul's. Sisters Agnes de Dyghton, the elder and younger ; 
Thomas Esmonson, the latter's husband. To the poor 
parishioners of Staindrop xx marks. To my parish church of 
Staindrop one great portuous, annotated, worth xxij li., and a 
missal not annotated, and a small chalice weighing Ix s. John 
de Burton, rector of Fenestanton, Lincoln diocese, and canon 

* Kirkham. fMeaux. J Bunbury, co. Cest. Lymn HAmpleforth. 
Illl 1363. Called Deighton (Surtees' Durham, iv, 138). 


of Beverley. Sir John of Castle Bernard, rector of a mediety 
of the church of Hoton Russell. Master Skyrlowe, bishop of 
Durham. The parish church of Wyberton, of which I was 
formerly rector. Sir John de Gascoigne, rector of Lyth, 
dioc. of York, and to William, Richard and Richard [his ?] 
brothers. Pr. 9 May, 1391 (Rous, 8). 

7 July, 1391. ROBEKT DE SWILLYNGTON, chivaler. To be 
buried in Kirkeby priory. My manors of Stanford and 
Wydmerpole. I give c marks to amortise the church of 
Burinynstre to the said priory. My plate in cos. Leicester, 
Notts, and Derby. My lord the Duke of Guyene and 
Lancaster. Raulyn de Swillyngton. Roger de Swillyngton 
my son. The .church of Swillyngton, The new belfry of 
Widmerpole. Wife Margaret. Messires Richard le Scrop, 
Brian de Stapulton, Phelipp de Tylney, William Chisuldon, 
William Wyuceby, William Gascoigne, Johan Woodrove, 
Robert Grethed, Henry Fox, parson of Stanford. Pr. 22 July, 
1391 (Rous, 8). 

3 Dec., 1392. GUY DE ROCLIP, clerk. To be buried in 
church of the Friars Preachers, London, next the column 
where the arms of John and Thomas de Rouclif hang. To 
the archbishop of York a piece of gilt plate which the King 
gave me last Christmas. Sir William de Dighton, Master 
Edmund Stafford, Sir Thomas de Percy. Sir John de 
Wendlyngburgh the elder. Sir John de Wendlyngburgh the 
younger, my bastard. Thomas Fairfax. My church of 
Aykescurth,* Yorkshire. Pr. 28 Dec., 1392 (Rous, 3). 

13 Dec., 1393. THOMAS [BRANTINGHAM], bishop of Exeter.f 
To be buried in nave of Exeter cathedral. Richard Bran tin gh am 
and Joan his wife. To Merton Halle and Stapelton Halle a 
book of decretals each. To the church of BrantmghamJ one 
pair of vestments or Is. Master Hugh Hickelyng, Sir William 
Ermyn, Master Robert Rigge, Thomas Barton, John Higans, 
William Hankeford and John Copleston. Pr. SO Dec., 1394 
(Rous, 4). 

10 Mar., 1394-5. HENRY [WAKEPIELD], bishop of 
Worcester. || To be buried before the pulpit in Worcester 
cathedral. Sister Alice. Cousin Thomas Sneynton and John 
his brother. I give xl li. to be distributed among my poorer 
kinsfolk living in the vill of Aton in Pygrynglith. The 

* Aysgarth. 

1 1369-94. Lord High Treasurer of England. There is a very good account 
of him by Canon Hingeston-Bandolph in his edition of the bishop's register. 
I In the wapentake of Howdenshire. 

11 1375-95. Treasurer of England. Pickeringlith. 


churches of Melmorby (Cumberland), Scharneford* (Leics.), 
Combe next Wodestok, and Britbyf in Cleveland. My noble 
lord the Duke of Gloucester. Pr. 27 March, 1395 (Rous, 4). 

4 Dec. ,1395. WILLIAM HOLYM, rector of Symoundesborugh,J 
dioc. of Sarum. Church of Dange, Essex. To the fabric of 
the church of Wythernse, co. York, xl s. To the fabric of the 
chapel of St. Katherine at Holymjl liij s. iiij d. To the fabric 
of the church of Beford, Yorks., xls. To the fabric of Laxton 
church, Notts , xx s. Sister Maud Downe, her husband John 
Downe. Cousins Ralph Shepard and John Holym. Maud 
Downe to have my place (placid) at Holym. Brother Thomas 
Bukke and his son John. Brother John Belot. Pr, 10 Dec., 
1395 (Rous, 5). 

4 Nov., 3 Henry IV (1 401 ). WILLIAM DE HORNEBY. Thomas 
de Hornby and Thomas de Thornburg, to whom I have given all 
my goods. The church of Tunstall, Lanes., where I was 
baptized, the churches of Warthecop.lF Westmorland, Thorpe 
Salueyn,** Yorks., and Wolvertou, Southants., to each a vest- 
ment. William de Sandford, my deceased uncle. Pr. 8 Nov., 
1401 (Marche, 1). 

13 April, 1402. JOHN BooR,ff clerk, canon of Salisbury. 
To be buried before the altar of St. John the Baptist there. 
To every canon of York present at my exequies in the church 
there, iii s. iiij d. My prebendal church of Chermynster and 
Byer a missal. To the poor parishioners of Masham and 
Kyrkeby!^ on the day of my exequies at York, xl s. A chaplain 
to celebrate in my prebendal church of Masham and Kyrkeby. 
The chapels of Landford and Bryggenorth, the church of 
Stapelbrygg. The repair of my chancel of Fontemel. My 
prebendal church of Myddelton. My kinsfolk Sir John Grolde, 
Edith Felpys of Fyssherton, and John Teffente, clerk. Sir 
John Ottelay, my chaplain, of Masham. Master William Clynt, 
my vicar, of Masham. Executors for the diocese of York : 
Master Thomas Walworth, canon of York, and the said William 
Clynt. Pr. 7 Kal. May, 1402 (Marche, 2). 

3 Dec., 1403. RICHARD DE LA POLE|||| made a nuncupative 
will at the manor of Wyngfeld, diocese of Norwich. To be 
buried in the collegiate church of Wyngfeld. Master John 

* Sharnford. t Now Birkby. J Symondsbury. || Hollym. 

?plot. 11 Now Warcopp. **Salvin. 

ft In Fisher's Masham, p. 328, he is called John Bere, being Prebendary of 
the Prebendal Church of Masham 1396 to 1402. 
H Kirkby Malzeard. 

|| || Probably a younger son of Michael de la Pole, of Hull and Wingfield, 
first Earl of Suffolk. 


de la Pole, B.C.L., Sir Thomas de la Pole, knight, Sir Robert 
Bolton and Sir Robert Hedon, clerks. John Denham, Nicholas 
Duffeld, and John Keche. Pr. 11 Feb., 1403-4 (Marche, 5). 

Tuesday before Whitsuntide, 1405. DAVID HOLGRAVE, the 
elder (nuncupative will and written codicil). To be buried in 
Hospital of St. Bartholomew or the Friars Minors, London. 
Ellen, my late wife; my late uncles Roger and David 
Hulgrave; Degory Seys, chivaler, deceased. My manor of 
Preston in Herford shall be sold ; to the chapel of Preston my 
missal. My manor of Mykelfeld in Yorkshire shall be sold. 
My c s. rent from the court of Tortynton in London. Thomas 
Hulgrere of Munshull. The son of William Mason, who 
used to serve me at Mykelfeld. David Hulgreve, my kinsman, 
to have all my lands in Burton Leonard, formerly belonging 
to Henry del Hull of Burton Leonard. William Hulgreve 
to have my rent in the _town of Wyndelstone. My house in 
the close in Newecastell, and lands in Milbourn, Northumber- 
land, and in Erdesdone,* Trytelyngtone,f Newemore and 
Lourbotull.J Thomas son of Thomas Hulgreve, and John 
Burton shall have the lands I bought of Thomas de Burton in 
Burton Leonard. Pr. 11 Oct. and 18 Nov., 1405 (Marche, 
9 and 10). 

8 Nov., 1405. THOMAS WTLPORD, citizen and fishmonger, 
of London. Wife Elizabeth. Tenements in parish of St. 
Anne, Aldrychgate, etc., etc. Poor in "divers towns in 
divers counties of England on the upland" ("sup. upland"). 
The "art" of Fishmongers in Oldefisshestrete and Briggestrete, 
London. Parishes of Pekham and Gamer welle, Surrey, 
Charlewode and Thorley, and St. Mary, Newenton. A chantry 
to be founded of one chaplain at the altar of the Holy Trinity 
in the chapel newly built by me in the church of St. Mary, 
Somerset. William Chamber, Roger Fitzandrew, fishmongers. 
My lands in Torlaston, Notts., to be sold, and the proceeds 
distributed among my needy kinsfolk. Pr. 8 Nov., 1407 
(Marche, 1406). 

2 Dec., 1405. JOHN SKEFTELYNQ, clerk. To be buried in 
St. Paul's, London, next Sir John Burton, formerly my master. 
The sons and daughters of my brothers and sisters. To the 
parishioners of Skeftelyng,|| for their church, one'reredos, 
etc. A chaplain shall celebrate there for 2 years. My poor 
parishioners of Houghton; the repair of Houghton rectory. 
My nephews John and Stephen. Churches of St. Leonard 
next Colchester, and Swanescombe, Kent. Exeter and Wells 

* Earsdon. f Tritlington, I Lorbottle. 

|| Skeffling, near Patringtou, E.K. 


Cathedrals, the chapel of Ottery. To the church of Skeftelyng 
a gilt chalice in the keeping of Reynold Kentewode. My 
mortuary to the rector of St. Magnus, London. Chaplains to 
celebrate at Oxford and Patryngton. Pr. 4 Jan., 1405[-6] 
(Marche, 10). 

12 Dec., 1405. LAURENCE ALLERTHORP, residentiary canon 
of St. Paul's, London. To be buried before the image of St. 
Laurence in St. Dunstan's chapel there. My tenements in 
North Cave, Hothnm and Bruneby,* co. York, whereof William 
Hungate and others are my feoffees, shall be sold. A chaplain 
to celebrate in St. Dunstnn's chapel for my father and mother, 
John and Joan. Executors: Master Henry Hareburgh, canon 
of Salisbury, Sir John Stokes, minor canon of St. Paul's, 
Sir Henry Jolypas, chamberlain there, William Hungate of 
Bruneby, and William Lethum. Overseers : Sir Thomas 
More, canon of St. Paul's, and John Wodecok, mayor of 
London. Pr. 28 July, 1406 (Marche, 11). 

6 July, 1410. ROBERT DE WHITTEBY, rector of Bassingborne, 
diocese of Ely. To be buried in chancel of my prebendal 
church of Keten. The parishioners of Blanford Forum, Dorset, 
of Halmebyt next Elmeslee, Yorks., and All Saints', Thetil- 
thorpe.J To the fabric of the churches of Whitteby xls., and 
of Leek next Wrangle in Holand xiij s. iiij d. Executors : 
Master William Burton, B.C.L., John Marom, chaplain, :md 
William Duraunt. Overseer : Sir John Legborne, canon of 
Lincoln. Pr. 6 Dec., 1410 (Marche, 22). 

13 June, 1412. THOMA.S SLEDMEIR, perpetual vicar of Magor, 
diocese of Llandaff. || To be buried in chancel there. Thomas 
Kemmeys. Thomas Herbord. Churches of Tynterne, Wolstone 
in the Forest, Salisbury, and Redewyk. To the church of 
Sleidmer,U diocese of York, xx s. The Prior of All Saints', 
Bristol. Master Robert Burneby, registrar of Llandaff. Pr. 
12 Nov., 1412 (Marche, 25). 

13 June, 1413. JOHN IVELITH, rector of Aldestr,|||| diocese of 
Lichfield. To be buried in churchyard of Pardonchurchehowe, 
London, within the site of St. Paul's. Kinsman Hugh Eoward, 
near Richmond, xx s. John de York, canon of Coverham. 
To the poor parishioners of Askerigg, co. York, xxs. The 
poor of Blaby, Leics. The church of Denham, Bucks. My 
lands in Newcastle on Tyne, rent owed me therefor by my 
brother John Ivelyth. Pr. 21 June, 1413 (Marche, 27). 

* Burnby, near Pocklington. f Hawnby near Helmsley. 

} Theddlethorpe, co. Lincoln. 
|| Co. Monmouth. Bedwick. ^f Sledmere. || || Alcester. 


27 April, 1419. THOMAS TIKHILL, citizen and mercer, of 
London. To be buried in the principal chancel of St. Lawrence, 
Jewry. To the parish church of Tikhill one chalice, price 
xxxiij s. iiij d. My mother Agnes ; her daughter Alice ; John 
Lord of Retford ; x marks for the exhibition of William, 
Hugh and John, sons of Nicholas Cook; my father, of Tikhill. 
To the warden and poor of the hospital of Tikhill xl s. The 
bridge at Abyngdon, Berks. Church of Chilton, Berks. Wife 
Maud. Thomas Dane, son of Thomas Dano, late mercer. 
Tenements in parish of St. Katherine, Colman, and St. 
Lawrence, Jewry (where I live). Roads in Houneslowe and 
Colbroke. Thomas Page, of Notyngham, William Eitfeld, 
mercer. Pr. 27 May, 1419 (Marche, 44). 

29 Sept., 1420. ROBERT MUSTON (son of William, deceased, 
late citizen and fishmonger, of York), now apprentice of John 
Aylesham, citizen and grocer, of London, in Thames Street, 
parish of St. Botolph, Billingsgate. To be buried in St. 
Botolph's. Joan, Christian and Elizabeth, daughters of John 
Aylesham. Katherine Aylesham, his wife. My sister Joan, 
now a widow. My brother Robert Barton, citizen and 
merchant, of York. William Holthorpe, esq., citizen, of York. 
Pr. 16 Oct., 1420 (Marche, 49). 

9 July, 1423. WALTER COOK, canon of St. Paul's, London. 
To be buried at my chapel of Knolle.* cs. to the poor 
parishioners of my church of Somersham ; c s. and v marks to 
the poor parishioners of my prebends of Milton, Wartlmll,t 
and Faryndou. Residue towards the establishment of Knoll 
college (chapel). Pr. 9 July, 1423 (Luffenham, 1). 

20 Aug., 1423. SIR SIMON G-AUNSTEDE, clerk, keeper of the 
rolls of the Chancery of Henry VI. To be buried in the nave 
of St. Paul's. Brother William Gaunstede, sister Joan. I 
bequeath to the chapel of the vill of Gaunstede one vestment 
for one chaplain. To each priest and each gentleman in my 
"inn" v marks. To the chapel of St. Augustine of Hedon 
one book called a " Catholicon." To the making of a way 
between the vill of Hedon and the hospital of Neuton x marks. 
To the making anew of the way next my "inn" in London 
xx li. Pr. 9 Sept., 1423 (Luffenham, 1). 

4 Mar., 1425-6. ROBERT MALTON, rector of St. Magnus 
Martyr, London. To be buried there. A chaplain shall 
celebrate for 7 years in the church of St. Leonard in Malton, 
co. York. To the repair of the bells of that church I give 
xl li. Thomas Malton, of Enfeld. My sisters Joan Glover, of 
Malton, and Margaret Gower. My tenements in Malton. 

* Co. Hunt. t Warthill in Bulmer wapentake. 


Robert Lokton my son. To the bridge and causeway of 
Malton xls. To the church of St. Michael in Malton xl s. 
To the bridges of Howe and Whitby, xls. apiece. William 
Gower, of Wln'tby, John Drowe, of Malton, chaplain. Pr. 26 
Apr.,. 1426 (Luffenham, 5). 

5 Oct., 1426. WILLIAM PRESTON. To be buried in church 
of St. Dunstan, Fleet Street, London. A chaplain shall 
celebrate for one year in the church of St. Augustine of Hedon 
in Holdernesse. Maud and Margaret, daughters of brother 
Robert Preston. Mother Maud. Hugh Bernard, of Hedon. 
Pr. 18 Oct., 1426 (Luffenham, 6). 

21 Nov., 1431. SIE JOHN PRIKLOVE, rector of Great Leghis 
[Essex]. To be buried in the chancel there I bequeath one 
red vestment to the church of Bugthorpe, co. York. Robert 
Beny, Richard Pollard, Nicholas Rikhill. Pr. 26 Nov., 1431 
(Luffenham, 14). 

24 Apr., 1433. NICHOLAS JAMES, citizen and ironmonger, 
of London . To be buried in church of St. Botulph, Billingesgate. 
Wife Joan, daughters Isabel and Anne. William Estfeld and 
John Perneys, mercers. Souls of parents James and Margaret, 
and of Richard, Thomas and William, and all my children (sic). 
Church of Crowmer, Norfolk. Cousins Nicholas and Margaret 
James. Poor of Ardyngton, etc., Berks. Church of Croydon, 
Surrey. The souls of Thomas Burgh (or Bury e), late rector of 
St. Olave's, Southwark, John Mokkyng, and Robert Manfeld, 
late warden (prepositus) of Beverley. A chaplain to celebrate 
in the parish church of Kendale. Vestments to the altar of 
the Hospital of Kendale. Pr. 4 Nov., 1433 (Luffenham, 18). 

3 Aug., 1439. NICHOLAS AYNESWORTH. The parish church 
of Blacburn, for tithes forgotten. Churches of St. Andrew's, 
Holboru, St. Bridget's, and St. Dunstan's, Fleet Street, London. 
Son Thomas, his sisters Margaret and Isabel. Robert Bolton. 
Collesden in parish of Boxdon, Beds. Sir Reynold Bolde (or 
Golde). The right heirs of Ardernes, co. Lane. Pr. 25 Oct., 
1439 (Luffenham, 26). 

21 Oct., 1442. WILLIAM BABTHORPE, baron of the Exchequer. 
To be buried in the parish church of Clerkenwelle. Dame 
Alys Babthorpe, nun of Clerkenwell, to pray for the souls of 
Johan Willimote and Auyse his wife. The hows of Greseley, 
and of St. James beside Northampton. Brother Thomas. My 
cattle at Greseley and Bothorpe to be sold. Robert Milner, 
his wife and children. John Francys, of Tyknale, my wife's 
cousin. Dame Elizabeth Babthorpe, prioress of Burnom.* 
Lands in Burghbrigge,f Aldeburgh and Menskip. A priest to 

* Nunburnholme, f Borough bridge, 


sing at Burnom and before our Lady altar at Burghbrigge; 
the tenements new biggid on the corner of est part of 
Truttbrigge ioynyng vppon Mikelgate, sumtyme Johan 
Willimotz, which John Swett now holdes of me. The chappell 
werkes of Burghbrigge. The abbot of Selby. Wife Margaret, 
son William. Pr. 7 Nov., 1443 (Luffenham, 33). 

6 Jan., 1442-3. TBOMAS CHYNNORE, citizen and fish- 
monger, of London. To be buried in St. Mary of Graces next 
the Tower of London. Tenements in parishes of St. Dionis, 
Backchurch, etc. Wife Joan. Lands in Somerset of the gift 
of John Chynnor and Maude his wife, my mother. Lands in 
Chynnore, etc., co. Oxon. Leases of tenements in Selston and 
Baggethorpe, co. Notts. Master Adam Moleyns, clerk of the 
King's council. Pr. 1 Mar., 1442[-3] (Ecus, 15). 

17 July, 1444. JOHN CERFF, citizen of London. To be 
buried in St. Paul's churchyard called Pardonchircheyerd. 
Church of St. Sepulchre without Newgate. My son John 
Holme. "The Prior of Drax. The abbey of Gokewell. 
Chaplains to celebrate at Rysby, Drax and Hemmingborough. 
The churches of Roxby, Whitton, Saxby and Appulby. Wife 
Alice to have my manor of Saxby, co. Line., nnd all lands in 
co. York. Marmaduke, son of John Holme. To Julian Lysle 
the manor of Saltcliff and lands in Whitten. My anniversary 
to be kept in the church of St. Mary of Beverley. Codicil, 
29 July, 1444. Pr. Sept., 1444 (Luffenham, 28). 

19 Mar., 1444-5.* EDMUND SHEFELD, citizen and vintner, 
of London. To be buried in church of All Saints', Honey Lane. 
Sons John, William and Nicholas, daughters Alice and 
Katherine. I bequeath xxli. to purging and cleansing the 
ditches of the water of Trent in the parish of Burton in le 
Clay, co. Notts., and making the banks of the said water, and 
preventing it from overflowing the fields of Burton. Wife 
Lettice. Pr. 19 Feb. [1445]. 

19 Feb., 1445-6. THOMAS DUKMONTON, citizen and mercer, 
of London. To be buried in church of St. Thomas the Martyr, 
of Aeon. Tithes to church of St. Lawrence, Jewry. The souls 
of John Norton, of Thomas and Alice, my parents. Church of 
Cullesdone. I bequeath c marks to the building of a chapel 
as soon as possible in Bawtre,t where I was baptized, on the 
soutn side of the church, where my mother Alice lies buried, 
and c li. to find a chaplain to celebrate there. Wife Joan, her 
mother Edith. Brothers Henry and John Dukmonton. Son 
John. Pr. 28 Mar., 1446 (Luffenham, 30). 

* This must be 1443-4, dated 1444. f Bawtry. 


1 Mar., 1447-8. JOHN BOLTGN, burgess of Bristol. To 
be buried in the churchyard of Holy Trinity. Brother Thomas 
Bolton, sisters Margaret and Katherine. The value of my 
garden at York to be given to the parish church of St. John 
there, if the wardens will keep my obit there ; otherwise, to 
remain to the mayor and commonalty of York. Wife Margaret. 
Son Robert. Pr. 18 June, 1448 (Luffenham, 35). 

24 June, 1449. THOMAS PARKEHOUS. To be buried in crypt 
of church of SS. John the Baptist and Evangelist [Bristol]. 
To the church of Bradford, co.York, from whence I came, xli. 
To John my brother, living in Bradford, xli. Son William. 
Cousin William, Bradford. Daughter Margaret. Bastard son 
William. My late wives, late brother Richard, late master 
Thomas Hewster. Pr. I Sept., 1449 (Rous, 18). 

1 Sept., 1452. SIR HENRY PLESYNGTON, kt. To be buried 
in church of St. Mary without Bisshopesgate, London. My 
manor of Toynton, Lines. John Plesyngton, my bastard. My 
house of Redcliff to be sold, also my manor of Ilkeley,* co. 
York, at the discretion of William Anderby, of London, 
gentilman. Pr. 13 Sept., 1452 (Rons, 17). 

16 Mar., 1452. GERARD HESHULL, clerk. Churches of 
North Stowresby, Clay and Bottesford. To the college of St. 
Andrew, of Aukland, one vestment worth xxvj s. viij d. Sir 
Thomas de Roos. Thomas Carter, my bailiff of Bottesford. 
Cousin Master Richard Burton. Roger Misterton, clerk, 
Robert Chamberleyne and John Coke, clerks of the Chapel 
Royal. Pr. 18 Sept., 1452 (Rous, 17). 

20 Mar., 1451-2. JOHN LANGTON, citizen and sadler, of 
London. To be buried in St. Paul's churchyard. Church of 
St. Vedast, where I am parishioner. Father and mother, 
William and Emmote, deceased, John and Rose, parents of 
wife Joan. To the parish church of Newton, co. Northum- 
berland, one banner with a copper cross, gilt, worth xx s. 
Stampe, son of William Stampe, of Akeld, Northumber- 
land, husbandman. Sister Joan Waleys. Son John. Pr. 3 
Apr., 1452 (Rous, 11). 

12 March, 1451-2. WILLIAM SUTTON, Doctor of Decrees, 
will made in St. John's college, Cambridge. Legacies to 
belfry of Helsingfeld and church of Estlawant next Cotestanm. 
To the church of Sutton, Notts., next Rysseworth, xl s., and 
one chalice, to pray for my soul and the souls of my parents. 
To Thomas Cromwell, my sister's son, living in Sutton, xxs. 
To his sister Elizabeth, at Claworth next Ratsworth,-f- xl s. 
Pr. 25 Nov., 1454 (Stokton, 1). 

* See Collyer and Turner's Ilkley, p. 60. t Ketford. 


9 Nov., 1453. ROBERT ROOKE, clerk, perpetual vicar of the 
church of St. Lawrence, in the Old Jewry, London. To Balliol 
college, Oxford, where I was a fellow, I bequeath books of 
homilies, etc., to be chained in the library there. To the 
nunnery of St. Bartholomew, of Newcastle on Tyne, where my 
parents are buried, my bowl with a cover of silver, and to each 
nun iij s. iiij d. Codicil, 7 Oct., 1458, at Whethamstede. 
Pr. Dec., 1458 (Stokton, 14). 

7 Jan., 1457-8. THOMAS ROKIS, senior, armiger. To be 
buried in the church of Winge (Bucks). To the church of 
Halifax Ixvj s. viij d. Wife Margerie. Nephew Thomas 
Rokes xl s. Daughter Isabell Rufford. Sons Robert Rufford 
and John Rokes, exors. Pr. 9 Mar., 1457-8 (Stokton, 12). 

3 Nov., 1458. WILLIAM WALESBY, canon of the royal free 
chapel of St. Stephen, Westminster. I bequeath to Marion 
Hawkyn, a poor woman of the Hospital of St. Leonard, York, 
xx s., and xx s. to be distributed among the poor parishioners 
of Barneby. To the churches of Hasilley, Fordyngton, and 
Heese, and the chapel of Norlhwode, xiij s. iiij d. apiece. 
Pr. 22 Nov., 1458 (Stokton, 14). 

1 May, 1459. ROBERT BEAMONT, clerk. To be buried in 
priory of Bustelesham* Mountagu, co. Berks. Legacies 
to churches of Salisbury, Durham, Segefeld, Brantyngham, 
Yalmeton and Teryngton Regis ; to the poor of Blaktofte 
and Ellercar. Brother William. Nephew Robert Beamont. 
Codicil, 11 May, 1459. Pr. 16 June, 1459 (Stokton, 18). 

J459. WILLIAM NOEMANTON, clerk, one of the maisters of 
the Chancery of our Lord the King. To be buried in the 
church of the Whyte Freres in Flete strete. To be dalt atnonges 
powr people of the parrish of Camsall, in the counte of Yorke, 
xx s. Pr. 31 May, 1460 (Stokton, ID). 

JOHN OKHURST. It is my last will that maister William 
Banton and Pers Percy make a testament for me, John 
Okhurst, of all the goodes that I have in the Counte of 
Carlhill in the keping of maister Robert Bolinghale and in my 
chamber at the Rose, also in the Counte of Cambridge, in the 
Counte of Essex, also at London, also a hors at Walton of my 
lordes of Carlhill is gifte, also that I have in York in my 
chamber, also a paire of brigandines; of all these goodes I 
make my most worshipfull lord of Carlhill survivor, and as 
for the dette that my lord oweth me, as it maketh mension 
by a bill by twene the auditor and me, I forgeve it him. 
Pr. 19 Nov., 1461 (Stokton, 24). 

* Bishani, 


1461. JOHN MILNER, of Stekeforth.* To be buried in the 
church of Kyrkby in Elmete. Mentions the church of 
Stekeforth. Wife Johanna. Pr. 1 July, 1463 (Godyn, 1). 

19 Sept., 1463. KATHEEINE OTLEY, of London, widow. To 
be buried in the church of S fc John Zacharie, under a stone 
where the body of John Frenssh, formerly my man, lies buried. 
Gifts to S fc Cuthbert's church, village of Ackworth, co. York. 
Pr. 6 July, 1464 (Godyn, 8). 

3 Apr., 1464. JOHN PRATE, of Abchurch, London. To my 
fader William Praye, of Newcastell, c marc. To John Pray, 
my brother, x marc. To the chapell makyngs of Saint 
Thomas, at Middleborough, x marc. To the werkes of the 
church of S* Nicholas, att Newcastell, x marc. Executours, 
my maister William York, thelder, and my maisteres Alice 
York and John Mathen. Pr. 18 Sept., 1467 (Godyn, 20). 

28 May, 1464. THOMAS LYE, clerk. To be buried in the 
collegiate church of Southwell, next the chapel of St. Mary. 
I bequeath to the vicars there, to be received into their 
brotherhood, vjs. viijd. Executors: William Lye, of Styrton,f 
and Christopher Scolfeld. Overseers: Sir John Baddesworth, 
clerk, and Sir William Marshall. Pr. 10 June, 1464 (Godyn, 4). 

4 Mar., 1464-5. THOMAS WESTHORPE, clerk. Gifts to church 
of Biompton in Pickeringlith. To nuns of Wikham xx s., of 
Yedingbam, xx s. Robert, William, Richard, and John, my 
brothers. Margaret my sister. Pr. 26 Mar., 1465 (Godyn, 8). 

20 Feb., 1466-7. SIR PETER ARDERN,J late chief baron of 
the Exchequer. To be buried in the church of Latton, in 
Essex. Dame Kateryn, wife, doughters Anne Bolinn and 
Elizabeth Skreene, sone John Skreene, cousyn Brian Rocliff, 
nece Margarete Newport, brother maister Thome Arderne, 
cousyn Maister John Rocliff, nephew Sir Guy Ardern. I will 
that my lifelode in the forest of Galtresse in Yorkshire, in 
the townes of Hoby and Easingwold, be sold. Pr. 10 July, 
1467 (Godyn, 19). 

22 Apr., 1467. ANDREAS HOLES. Chancellor of the church 
of Wells and Sarum. Archdeacon of York. To be buried in 
the chapel of S e Mary Magdalene in the church of Sarum. || 
Pr. 25 June, 1470 (Godyn, 30). 

21 Jan., 1468-9. THOMAS PORTER, citezin and taillor, of 
London, dwelling in South werk. To be buried in the chapelle 

* ? Stickford. t Sturton. 

} He died 2 June, 1467. Monumental brass over his grave at Latton. 
(Foss' Judges.) 

|| A long Latin will. 


of our lady within the church of Seint Mary Mawdelin, in 
Southwerk. Brother Richard Porter and his wife, cousins 
Agnes and Margaret Porter, doughters of Richard Porter, 
Johanne dough ter of John Porter, and his sonnes. To the 
covent of our blessed lady in Founteyne, x s. To the chapell 
of Seint John in the parisshe of Rypon, beyng in Thornton 
Woode, xx s. To the churche of Ripley x s. Johanne my wife. 
Roger Maynell my godson. Pr. 27 Jan., 1469-70 (Godyn, 29). 

12 Oct., 1469. THOMAS RYPLINGHAM. To be buried in the 
church of Seint Gregorie next Powles, in London. I will that 
Katryne my wife have all suche goodes she brought to me, also 
that Rauf my brother have xli., and John my brother xli., and 
everiche of my susters c s., also that Richard my brother have 
my lond in Rippelingham, and as for my lond in Etton I will 
that John my brother have hit, for the faute of issue to Rauf 
my brother, and for defaute of issue to the heyres of Richard. 
To doughter Elizabeth a gowne. To the church of Rowley c s. 
To the Gray Freres of Beverley c s. To the white freres in 
Scarborurgh cs. Pr. 23 Nov.,'l469 (Godyn, 28). 

10 Aug., 1470. HENRY UNTON, of Skulthorp, Norfolk. 
Wife Alice ; son John ; daughter Elizabeth to have my farm at 
"Pountfrett." Pr. 7 July, 1471 (Wattys, 2). 

18 Sept., 1470. WILLIAM LEMYNGE, citizein and grocer, of 
London. To be buried in the church of the priory e of the holy 
Trinitie called Cristes church within Aldgate. Wife Beatrice, 
brother John Lemynge. To the werkes of the church of 
Barneston in Yorkshire, where I was borne, xxli. Pr. 1 7 Nov., 
1470 (Godyn, 32). 

5 July, 1471. SIR RICHARD ILLVNGWORTH, Kn fc . To be 
buried in S* Alban ; s, Wodestrete, London. To the prior and 
Covent of blessed Marie de novo loco* in Shirwode in com. 
Nott., x marks, of Thorgortonf v marks, of Rowforth J xl s., of 
Lenton v marks, of Felley xls., of Worsop|| xls., of Beau vale 
xxli. To Agnes, wife of Ralph Illyngworth my son, 1 marks; 
to Elizabeth, daughter, and Richard and Ralph, sons of said 
Ralph aud Agnes, 1 marks each. Ralph and Richard my sons. 
Pr. 15 July, 1476 (Wattys, 25). 

12 June, 1472. WILLIAM CORBKTT, citezen and iremongre, 
of London. To be buried in the parish church of S* Dunstane 
in the Easte. Unto the bode of the parish church of Rothe- 
bury in the counte of Northumbreland, wher as I was borne and 
cristened, xx s. To the body of the church of Seint Nicolas 
in Newcastell xxs. Wife Anneys, doughter Johanne, sons 
Thomas, John, Robert. Pr. 20 Apr., 1474 (Wattys, 14). 

* Newstead. f Thurgarton. } Rufford. || Worksop. 


2 Sept., 1473. THOMAS RAWSON,* mercer, of London. To 
be buried at church of S* Thomas of Acresse. Mother, Cicele 
Rauson, xiij li. vj s. viij d.; brethren, Robert, James, and 
Henry, each xx marks ; sisters, Elizabeth, Kateryn, Elyn, 
xx markes, and every of their childern xl s. To the church of 
Fryston by the water, that is of Saint Andrewe, vli., and to 
the church of Castelford iij li. vj s. viij d. Sister Isabell and 
Margaret Tyler x li. Johanne my wife, my brother Richard 
Rauson, and father in law Thomas Fyler, Thomas my son, 
Margaret, Amy, and Orseley, and the child my wife is with, 
each cc marks. Pr. 17 Apr., 1474 (Wattys, 14). 

20 Mar., 1473-4. WILLIAM THORE, clerk of Farneham, 
Bucks. To be buried in the church there. To sing for John 
Thore my father, Johanne There my mother, in the church of 
Barnesley for j year, and in the church of Shefeld for vj yeres 
for the soul of Lord John Talbott and for my soul. Pr. last 
March, 1474 (Wattys, 14). 

18 Aug., 1475. THOMAS SCARGYLL, squyer of Hornechirch,f 
Essex. Wife Elizabeth to have my lyvelod in Yorkshire for 
life, remainder to Anne my doughter. Pr. 16 May, 1476 

(Wattys, 22). 

20 Sept., 1475. WILLIAM SCOTTON, citezen and bowyer, of 
S e Olof in Southwerke. To be buried in the chapell of our 
lady in the church of Saint Olof. To William Scotton, of 
Staynton in the co. of York, a gowne. To John Scotton, of 
Staynton, a gowne. To Richard Scotton, of Staynton, a 
gowne. I will xxs. be distributed among the poorest of my 
kynne, and wher moost nede is, in the parish of Rotherham. 
I will a preest within the parish church of Saint Mighell, at 
Owsebrigge ende in the citie of Yorke, to pray for my soule, 
the soules of Richard Clynt, Johanne his wife and their children, 
and a preest in Saint Brydes in Fletestreete for soules of 
Johanne Clynte and Kateryne my wife. I will that Owyn 
Semar my childe have towardes hir marriage to the value of 
x marcs, to be delivered at the discretion of Rose my wife, if 
she abide with her to the time of her marriage. I will John 
Pierles, of London, preeste, John Many, bowyer, and William 
Wright, of York, draper, my feoffees of my nouses in Upper 
Owsegate, Yorke. Residue to Rose my wife; Hi. from sale of 
tenements to be paid unto Thomas Mytldelton, of the countie 
of York, gentilman, according to the will of Kateryne my first 
wife. Pr. 1 Dec., 1475 (Wattys, 20). 

* Probably son of Richard Rawson, of Fryston, and Cecilie, daughter to 

Baildon. (See pedigree, Glover's Visitation, 351.) 

f Hornchurch, 


16 Mar., 1478. ELIZABETH PORTER, of Thrulegh, Kent, 
relict of William Porter, late of the counties of Nottingham 
and Lincoln, gentleman, son of John Porter, of Est Markham, 
co. Nott. Mentions Elizabeth my daughter, and William 
son and heir of John Porter, brother of William Porter my 
husband. John, eldest son of said William. Pr. 16 Oct., 
1478 ( Watty s, 35). 

6 Aug., 1479. THOMAS BOWES, gentilman, one of the 
kepars of the Kinges Estchaunge and money and cunage 
within his tour of London. To be buried in the church of 
Saint Kateryne beside the tour of London. To the church of 
Saint Cuthbertie in Peseholme at York, wher I was borne, xls. 
to the church workes. A prest to sing in the church of Saint 
Cuthbertes in Peseholme, wher I was cristenyd, for my fader 
and moder, brethren and susters, and for me. To my moder 
Annes Bowes xiij li. vj s. viij d. To brother Leonard Bowes, 
money he oweth me. To my nece Anne Troulop, linen, etc. 
To brother Leonard iij sons xl s. To William Bowes my son 
xxx li. To nece Anneis Randie, xxs., etc. To Richard 
Randes, her son, xxs., etc. To my cosyn John Randye, her 
husband, my best signet of golde. Nece Kateryne Troulop 
x mark. Nece Margarete Troulop, otherwise Margarete 
Fusell, cs. To nephew Thomas Troulop my whyte harnes, 
complete, and xx s. To his brother Andrew Trolop my 
brigdandynes, &c. Pr. 19 Oct., 1479 (Logge, 12). 

11 Sept., 1479. WILLIAM SYE, of St. Benett of Grastchurch, 
London, hostiller. To be buried within the monastery of Saint 
Savior of Bermondesey in the countie of Surr. I bequeth iiij 
trentale of masses, one in the church of the Blakk Freres of 
London, another in the Grey Freres of London, another with 
the order of the Austeyn Freres of London, and the iiij th 
withine the order of the Gray Freres of Notingham. To 
Thomas Sye my brother, of Notingham, baker, xl shepe and 
all the woll that was shorne of c shepe. To John Sye, of 
Notingham, marchaunt, xx shepe. To Elyne Sye my sister, 
of Notingham, xx shepe. To Henry Sye my brother, of 
Wallerton, xx s., which is in his handea. To Edmond Harroppe, 
of Biston, xx shepe. Pr. 20 Sept., 1479 (Logge, 12). 

30 Aug. and 15 Dec., 20 Edw. IV. [1480]. THOMAS 
NEVYLL, esquire. Executors : sons John Nevil and Thomas 
Nevil, chaplain, fellow of King's Hall, Cambridge. Over- 
seers : Sir Gervase Clifton, squire of the body to the King, 
and William Nevil, my son and heir. Manors of Picall, 
Rokesby, Yarnwik, Fencotes, Redam,* and Atlocatum, co. 

* Redholme, 


York, to son John, to whom I have let all my livelihood in 
Notts, and Yorks. for 7 years on certain trusts. Pr. 22 May, 
1482 (Logge, 5). 

3 Aug., 1482. JOHN CLAYBRUK, of Lee, in Kent. To be 
buried in the church of S fc Nicholas in Micklegate in the city 
of York. Mentions Margaret his daughter, Richard his 
father, and John Claybruk his relative. Pr. 3 Sept., 1482 
(Logge, 13). 

4 Mar., Ric. III. RICHARD ESTHORP, of Euersdon. All my 
tenements in Selby and Barton, co. York, I give to my son 
Emelina, for life, and my son Brian. John Scote, son of my 
daughter Mercy. Pr. 31 Oct., 1485 (Logge, 19). 

2 Aug., 1484. JOHN WATNO, Hampstead. To the church 
of the blessed Marie in Nottingham, xxs. for my soul. Elizabeth 
wife. John Watno, of Nottingham, chaplain, and master 
John Watno, chaplain, my relations, xiij s. iiij d. Sons 
John, Thomas, Robert Watno. To William Watno my sonne 
my mess, with the gardyne lying therto in Nottingham uppon 
the Long Rowe, the which William Watno my fader, by his 
testament, bequeathed to me and to oon Robert my brother, 
nowe dede. Margaret daughter. Pr. 19 Nov., 1487 (Milles, 6). 

7 Dec., 1484. JOHN WHITE, citizen and vintner, of London. 
To be buried near father and mother in St. Olave's, South- 
war k, where I am parishioner. To the fellowship of 
vintners, of London, a flat cup of silver gilt, with a cover, with 
a lion thereon, weighing 70 oz. To Maudelyn chapell in 
Appleton beside York x s. To Lessingham church in the 
shire of York xiij s. iiij d. To the reparation of the highway 
between St. George's bar and Brigam causey xl s. Pr. 3 Feb., 
1484[-5] (Logge, 21). 

24 Sept., 1485. STEPHYN GIBSON, citezin and mercer, of 
London. To be buried in the church of Seint Thomas of 
Acres. To the aulter of the church of our Lady of the 
Bows, in London, wherof I am a parisshener, xl s." He wills 
his goods in three parts, one part to Job an his wife, one to his 
children, the third part to myself and executors for bequests. 
I bequeith unto the Grey Freres in Dankaster xl s., under 
condicon that they yerely by the spaice of xij yeres sey placebo 
and dirige and masse of requiem within the covent church, and 
that the same shalbe leyd and remaine in the handes of the 
church wardens of the parissh church of Seint George in 
Dancastre, and by them to be paid yerely iij s. iiij d. to the 
Freres. To the reparacon of Seint Mary Magdaleyn Chapell 
in Dancastre iij s. iiij d. To the priour and covent of the 
White Fryres of Dancastre, for placebo, &c., iij s. iiij d. He 


gives bequests to friars in London and to churches there. I 
will that part of a tenement in Dancastre be sold and of the 
money comyng I will that an obite be kepte yerely by the 
space of xij yeres for the soules of William Gibson and his 
wyff, and that ther be spent therupon yerely in that behalff 
iij s. iiij d., and that the wardens of the church of Seint 
George in Dancastre have yerely to see the same seyd xij d., 
and the residew of all the same money shalbe disposed in 
werkes of mercy for the soules of the said William Gibson 
and his wyffe. Johan my wyfe and William Estou, mercer, 
executors. No date of proof (Milles, 40). 

24 Sept., 1485. THOMAS PEERSON, of London, bequeaths 
my body to be buried in the priory church of Seint 
Barthilraew in Smythfeld, and to the body of the church of 
Howden, where I was borne, vj s. viij d. Pr. 18 Jan., 1492-3 
(Dogett, 21). 

17 Nov., 1485. JOHN SYMANDES. To be buried in S 1 
Michael's, Coventry. To S fc Nicholas, Newcastle on Tyne, a 
pair of vestments. Wife Johane. Pr. 9 Oct., 1486 (Logge, 26). 

15 Jan., 1487. ELISABETH KYRKEBY or a LATHOM, of 
London, wydow. To be buryed in the chapell of the Trinite 
in the church of Seint Dunstone in the Est, where the body of 
John Kyrkeby, late my husbond, lyeth. Mentions sisters 
Margarete, Kateryn, Isabell ; John, Edmond, and William 
Heron, brethren. John Heron, citizen and mercer, of London, 
to have a cup. Philipp Strofcher, cousin; daughter of 
Margaret my sister. Johane Strother her sister. Agnes a 
Breydon my cousin, dwelling with me. Roger Heron my 
brother's son. Thomas a Strother my cousin. John a 
Lathom, dwelling with me, a salt bequeathed by Rafe a 
Lathom my husband. Richard Kyrkby my son in law. To 
the church of Felton in the shere of Northumberland, where 
the body of John Heron my fader lyeth buried, a chalece of 
sylver and a vestment, price of the vestment xls., that the 
parishoners of the same church have the soule of my fadyr 
to God in ther prayers recomended. To our Lady of 
Walsingham my gyrdyll harnesed with gold. To our Lady of 
Hull, wher I was borne, a ouch of gold with a lyone sett with 
stone and perle. To our Lady of Dancaster a crosse of gold 
sett with emerawdys. Residue to John Heron, mercer, and 
Thomas Strother. Pr. 20 May, 1487 (Milles, 9). 

31 Aug., 1488. GERMAN MANPELD, citezen and hatter, of 
London. To be buried within the cloyster of the parissh 
church of Saint Magnus beside the brigge of London, next to 
the grave of Johann my wyfe. To the church of Poklyngton 


in Yorksliir, for a trentall of masses for niy soule, my fader 
and my moder sowles, and all our kennysfolkes sowles, x s. 
Pr. 25 Oct., 1488 (Mffles, 17). 

11 Apr., 1490. ROBERT LYNNE, citezeu and wulman, of 
London. To be buriede in the churche yarde of Saint Andrew 
in Cornhill. To the parish church of Alhalowen at Bramwith 
in Yorkeshir xxs., to be distributed by the advise of myn 
executrice in such thynges as be most nedefull to the said 
church. Mentions William and John, brothers ; William and 
Amies Lynne, cousins; Alys and Annes, daughters; his wife 
Julian, executrix. Pr. 2 Apr., 1490 (Milles, 43). 

3 June, 1490. JOHN WEDERHURD, of Northampton, merchant 
of the staple of Calais. Legacies to all the churches of 
Northampton. I leave x marks for a chaplain to celebrate in 
the parish church of Crofte, where I was born ; to the repairs 
of that church vj s. viij d. I bequeath vj li. xiij s. iiij d. to be 
distributed among my kinsfolk in co. York, to pray for my 
soul. To the repairs of St. Peter, York, vj s. viij d. Wife 
Joan, brothers Edmund, Thomas and John, late brother 
Matthew. Pr. 4 July, 1490 (Milles, 25). 

1 Mar., 1491-2. RICHARD STODARD, yeoman, Chesylhurst, 
Kent, bequeaths to the workes and reparacons of the body 
of the church of Kirke fenton in the countie of Yorke, where 
I was borne xx s. Mentions his sons John, William, Thomas, 
and brothers Thomas and Sir William Stodard. Pr. 29 Mar., 
1492 (Dogett, 29). 

8 May, 1492. JOHN WANDESFORD, WANSFORD, sub-dean and 
Canon resident of Wells. Mentions nuns of Keldhome Priory, 
co. York. Pr. 3 Feb., 1492-3 (Dogett, 22). 

29 Oct., 1492. THOMAS HARRYSON, of London, gen. To be 
buried in tne church of S* Martin in Yinetria, London ; 
bequeaths to the church of S* Martin's at end of Ouse bridge, 
York, xx s. Pr. 18 Nov., 1492 (Dogett, 9). 

10 Feb., 1492-3. NICHOLAS SKIPWYTH, clerk, rector of the 
parish church of Byddynham,* co. Bedford. Mentions lands in 
Riccall and a brother Gerard. Pr. 1493 (Dogett, 25). 

6 and 7 May, 1493. ALEXANDER BASSINGTHWAYTE, citizen of 
London. He bequeaths his body to be buried in S 1 Dunstan's 
in Flete Strete, and gives a silver chalice to the chapel of the 
blessed Virgin Mary in Northumbria of the value of xiijs. iiij d. 
Pr. 14 May, 1493 (Dogett, 24). 

* Biddenham. 


17 Sept., 1493. ROWLAND HENRYSONE, of London. To be 
buried at the Greyfryres, London. Bequeaths his brother 
John, dwelling in Gillyng in Rychemond shere, vj marc. 
Pr. 24 Sept., 1493. (Dogett, 25). 

19 Sept., 1493. JOHN RICHARDSON, citizen and dyer, of 
London. Gives to my brethren and suster, Thomas 
Richardson, Robert Richardson, and Johanne Rygge, of 
Worsell in Cliff[land], countie of Yorke, to each xs. Johanne 
wife, Robert and Johanne, father and mother. (Dogett, 28.) 

22 Nov., 9 Hen. VII (1493). RICHARD EYCRODE, London, 
grocer. To be buried in the church yerde of Saint Paule. 
Uncle Richard Eycrode, sisters Alice, Margaret. I will that 
the church of Optenstall, where my father ys buried, have a 
chaleis of Ix s., or els a ornament, to pray for my soule. 
William Eycrode, my cousyn. Pr. 28 Nov., 1493 (Vox, 3). 

16 Nov., 1494. SIR ROBERT TAYLBOYS, knight, Lord of 
Kyme and Redysdale. Legacies to Priory of Bolington, nuns 
of Bolington, the monks of Croyland, Spalding, Kirkstede, 
the colleges of Tatteshall, Cat ley, Haverholme, Stykkeswolde,* 
Burlinges, Tupholme, Bardeney and Stamfylde,f &c. Sons 
George, John, Robert and William. Debts from Sir William 
Gascoigne; marriage between my son George and Elizabeth, 
sister to the said Sir William. Manors in co. Lincoln; manors of 
Newton Kyme, Hornington and Oxton, co. York. Pr. 19 June, 
1495 (Vox, 24). 

7 Dec., 14^4. HUGH COTES, of Carrow, co. Norfolk. I 
bequeath to the gild or brotherhood of SS. Christopher and 
George in the city of York, vj s. viij d. To each poor man in 
the " Messendewe " of the said gild j d. To each house of 
lepers at the gates of York iiij d., to the fabric of the church 
of St. Dennis in York vis. viii d. Pr. 20 March, 1494r-51 
(Vox, 21). 

10 Mar., 1494-5. RICHARD SYMSONNE, gentilman. To be 
buried in the church of Alhalowne the Li tell in Themystrete, 
of London. To the church of Byshopburton in the shere of 
Yorke beside Beverley, x marc for the church werkes of the 
same church, to be prayde for, and the soules of my fader 
and moder and all my children soules. Pr. 4 June, 1494 
(Vox, 11). 

7 Feb., 1495 [-6]. SIR THOMAS BRYAN,t knight, chief 
justice of the Common Pleas. To be buried at Ashruge. Son 
Thomas Brian, and Margaret his wife. Legacies to St. 
Andrew's, Holborn (for tithes forgotten), Masseworthe, and 

* Stixwould. f Stainfeld. J See Foss' Judges. 


St. Sepulchre's, London; the churches of Everton, Heyton, 
and Clareburgh next Retford, co. Notts. The image of the 
Virgin in Masseworthe church. Promises made by me to the 
Earl of Surrey and Elizabeth, his wife, on my son's marriage. 
Pr. 11 Dec., 1500 (Moone, 13)'. 

5 July, 1496. JOHN BOTHE, clericus, prebendary of 
Rikhall. To be buried in the church of Sallowe. Executors : 
Ralph Bothe, clerk, my brother, and Charles Bothe, clerk, my 
nephew, and John Maple, clerk. Pr. 28 July, 1496 (Vox, 33). 

24 Feb., 12 Heu. VII. (1496-7). WILLIAM GAAL, citezin 
and tailor, of London. To be buried in my church of Saint 
Dunstone in Weste. To the Abbott and Convent of Awnewik 
in the Countie of Northumbr., that they shall pray for my 
soulis and for the soules of Alice and Annes my wifes, our 
faders and moders. Wifes sonne Hugh Burges. Residue to 
Annes my wife. Pr. 20 Apr., 1497 (Home, 9). 

3 Nov., 1497. JOHN BROUNE, knyght, citezin and 
alderman, of London. To be buried in the churche of Saint 
Mary Magdalene in Milke Streete. Towardes the werkes 
of the church of Lowyk in the Countie of Northumberlande 
v marces. To the pouer housholders within the said Countie 
xxvj li. xiij s. iiijd. Cosen maister George Werke, clerke, 
cosen Alice his suster. To my two cussons Thomas a Werke 
and Raufe a Werke, which were taken prisoners by the Scottes, 
towardes there raunson x marces. To my cosen James a 
Werke, his wif and children, x marces. Wifes suster, 
Elizabeth Belknap, late the wif of Nicholas Hutton, mercer, 
my cosen her son Doctour Hutton, my wifes broder Thomas 
Belwoode, cosyn Margarete Haydok, godson John Nevill 
sonne of George Nevile, cosyn Sir John Fenkell, cosen Edward 
Fenkell. To the iiij children of William Browne my sonne 
and Kateryn, late his wife, iiij li. Dame Anne my wife. To 
my Lord Cardenall Archebis>hop of Caunterbury, to be goode 
to Dame Anne my wif and my sonnes William and Thomas 
Broune, a cuppe. Pr. 25 Jan., 14978 (Home, 18). 

16 Apr., 1499. EDMUND CHADERTON, Clericus, Cancellarius, 
Canonicus of Westminster. If dying within 20 miles of the 
College of Southwell, to be buried in the chapel of S* John 
the Baptist. Margaret and Johanne, sisters. Richard my 
brother. Elizabeth his daughter. Pr. 12 Oct., 1499 (Home, 38). 

1 May, 1499. WILLIAM BAYNETON, citizen and brewer, of 
London. To be buried in the church of Saint Botulf withoute 
Alderchgate, where the body of Denys, late my wife, lieth. 
To the parish church of Esingwold in the Countie of York, 


where I was born, xli. Humfrey my son. Johanne my 
daughter. John Halle my brother in lawe. Pr. 8 May, 1499 
(Home, 32). 

23 June, 1499. THOMAS BAEOWE, Archdeacon, Prebendary 
of Langtoft. He makes gifts to the churches of Cottingham, 
Langtoft, Grymston, the cathedral church of York, S 6 John's, 
Beverley, Skydby. Brother Richard Barowe. Thomas his 
son and heir. Pr. 10 July, 1499 (Home, 37). 

5 Aug., 1499. THOMAS DAGLAS, citizein and wax- 
chaundeler, of London. To be buried in the churche of 
Say nt Clemente nygh Candehvikstrete. To my iij susters, 
doughters of Symond Daglas my fadre, xl poundes. To suster 
Elizabeth Todde xxli. William Daglas, younger sonne of 
Thomas Daglas. William Daglas the elder, of Kentishe 
Towne, smythe. Elizabeth my wife. Agnes late my wife. 
To thabbey of Awnwike in the Countie of Northumberland e 
a Jewell. Pr. 6 Dec., 1499 (Borne, 35). 

3 Mar., 1499-1500. THOMAS BAXTER, of Lytill Burdo, in 
Essex, gentilman. To be buried in the chauncell of the said 
church. To the church of Bolton uppon Derne xx s. To the 
reparacons of the brigges in the towne of Bolton v marc, of 
the which v marc is expended then xiij s. iiij d., and so resteth 
iiij marc, with v marc of the goodes of Richard Rawson, 
Alderman of London, myne uncle. To the high awter of 
Bolton iij s. iiij d. I will a trentall of masses in the church of 
Bolton for the soules of Thomas Hewite the elder and Edmund 
Mows. To John Baxster my brother x marc. To Alison my 
suster xl s. To Kateryn Ryshworth my moder in lawe xl s. 
I will that John Baxter my sonne and heire have all my 
londes in Bolton, Goldthorp and Wath, which to me descended 
by the death of Robert Baxter my fader, except thoos londes 
which Johane my wife and moder to the said John Baxter is 
seased in. I will John my sonne have all my purchased lond 
in Bolton, Goldthorp and Wath ; as for defaute of heire male 
I will the lond remayne to the next heir of me. Residue to 
Johane my wife. M r John Cutt, M r Avery Rawson and John 
Baxster my brother, executours, that they dispose for me as it 
pleaseth God. Pr. 19 May, 1500 (Moone, 4). 

6 Apr., 1500. WILLIAM MICHELL, citezen and draper. To 
be buried in the parissh church of All Halowen the Lesse in 
Temysestreete in the Citie of London, by fore my pue there, 
yf it may be. I forgeve unto William Hansell, of the Citie 
of Yorke, dyar, iiij li. To John, Robert, William, Herry and 
Richard Plummer, sonnes of Henry Plumer, of Raskell in the 
Counte of York, to everiche of them xxvj s. viij d. To Alice 


Bluett, of Yorke, my sustre, xxvj s. viij d. To Elyn Andrewe, 
of Raskell, my suster, xx s. viij d. I will that my cousin 
Robert Hogge, citezen and dyar, of London, be content of 
vli., which I owe unto him. The residue unto Kateryne my 
wife. Myn executours, Kateryne my wife and Robert Hogge 
my cousin. Pr. at Lamebeth, 8 May, 1500 (Moone, 3). 

4 Sept., 1500. WILLIAM WHYTE, citizen, draper and 
Alderman of London. To be buried in the chapel of Seint 
Kateryn and Seynt Anne in the parish church of Seynt 
Swythyns in Candylwike Strete, afore the image of Seynt 
Anne. Souls of William and Cecyle my father and mother.* 
Margaret late my wife. To the parysh church in Tykhull in 
Yorkeshyer, in whych paryshe I was borne, a mustrance of 
silver to the valor of x markes, therto be usyd yerly upon 
Corpus Christi day, and borne apon prestis shuldres as of 
old tyme yt hath be usyd to be done with another such 
musteraunce ther, whych I am informyd of was stolne and 
wrongfully withdrawen from the same church, to thentent 
that the curat and parishons shall for evermore pray for my 
sowle, the sowlys of Wylliam Whit and Cecyle my father and 
mother, as for a benefactor of the same church. Nicholas 
Whyte my brother, ys sone. Master Richard Whyt my 
brother, vicar of Harworth. Robert Whyte my sonne 
dec marke. To be payd to John White, of Tykhull, broder 
to the same Nicholas, x li.; also to Robert Whyt, of Tykhull, 
brother to same John, other xli. To Richard Parkar my 
suster sonne, of Beyngeley, x li. To Kateryn Woodward, 
daughter to my lady my wife, xli. To John Whyt, of 
Beverley, marchant of the stapull of Caleys, xli. To SJT 
Thomas Whyte, prest, now beyng of the Kings College 
at Cambridge, vj li. Agnes wife. Pr. 19 Feb., 1504-5 
(Holgrave, 4). 

9 Oct., 1500. THOMAS GOODWYN, parson of Ikynham and 
Vicar of Twyknam. To be buried within the parish churche 
of Twyknam. To the parishe churche of Saynt Oswold the 
Marter in Fylay, where I was borne, to pray for my faders 
soule, the soule of Dame Elizabeth Yorke, my soule, and all 
cristen soules, xx s., and a chalice gilt with a scripture on the 
foote. Unto my moder xli. to be delivered unto her by myne 
executours yerely xxs. as long as she lyveth duryng the said 
x li., and if it happen her to decesse or the money be spendid 
that thenne I bequeth the residue unto my suster Elyn. To 
my snster Elyn x li. as she nedith, so that hir husband Bernard 
enyoie nevir a peny therof, and part of my household stuf 
and ij masers. Pr. 28 Nov., 1501 (Blamyr, 21j. 

* See their M.I. at Tickhill, in Hunter's South Yorkshire, i, 241. 


12 Oct., 1500. RICHARD CLERK, of Seynt Magne, citezen 
and bowyer. To be buried within the parisshe churche of Seynt 
Magne. To every of my children, John, Richard, Antony, 
Thomas and Oustyn, ten poundes, a flate pece of silver parcel! 
gilt and a brasse potte, when they come to lawful age. To 
Margarete my suster xl s. To Cecily my suster xx s. and a 
pece of silver parcelles gilt, and to every of their childern 
xiij s. iiij d. To Geffrey Lyngard, preest, all thadvantage that 
I have to come in the benefice of Seynt Magne. To Crystyn 
my moder in lawe my ryng of golde called a hoope. To 
the high awter of the parisshe churche of Fishlake in 
Yorkeshire, wher I was borne, an awter clothe steyned, price 
xxvj s. viij d. The residue to Johane my wiff, my executrix. 
As to the disposicon of my landes in the towne and parisshe of 
Fishlake, I will that my feoffez in all that my tenemeute which 
sometyme was John Clerk my fader make a lawful! estate of 
all the same unto John Clerk my son. Item, I will my said 
ffeoffez in lyke wise of my tenemente with a crofte called 
Hudcroft in Fishlake, which I late purchased of John Perkyn, 
make a lawfull estate unto William Cantlowe. Pr. 6 Nov., 
1500 (Moone, 17). 

5 Nov., 1502. ROBERT GOLSTON, citezen and draper, of 
London. To be buried in the parishe churche of Sent 
Christofer in London. To my doughter Johane Cape x marc. 
To Thomas Cape her brother v marc. To my ij yong systers 
at Newerke x marke. To my fader my gowne of violet furred 
with blake bogy. To my uncle Rychard Golston, of Newerke, 
my gowne of tawney furred with shankles. Unto Jenet myn 
Aunt, dwelling in Newarke, to be paid to her yerly vj s. viij d. 
Margarit my wif . Pr. 13 Jan., 1502-3 (Blamyr, 21). 

12 July, 1503. ROBERT CASTELL, of London. To the fabric 
of the church of Poklington, Yorkshire, xxs. Wife Elizabeth, 
daughters Agnes and Elizabeth. Pr. 24 Nov., 1505 (Holgrave,40). 

24 Nov., 1503. HENRY KYNGE, citezen and letherseller, of 
London. To be buried in the churchyerd of the parisshe 
churche of Allhalowen in Honey lane, of London. Legacies to 
William my son. To the churche of Calbeke in Northumbre- 
land a vestement, or xxx s. iiij d. for the same. Pr. 29 Jan., 
1503-4 (Holgrave, 2). 

22 Jan., 1503-4. ROBERT HOBSON, citizen and dyer, of 
London. To be buried in the church of Alhalow the Litel in 
Temmis Stret at the foot of my master William Elmet. 
Thomas Hobscn my brother sonne, brother sonne John at 
Berwick, brother sonne Richard, suster Agnes at Cukfeld, 


Luce my brother doughter. To the church in Holy Ilelond, 
ther my father and mother Hue beryd, a vestement and a 
coope. Sir Richard, doughter Alice, wife Elizabeth, cosin 
Margaret Ax. Pr. 25 Jan., 1503-4 (Holgrave, 10). 

17 Aug., 1504. WILLIAM BRLTER, draper. To be buried in 
the church of S 4 Marten in the Yyntre with my wife Margett. 
To our lady church in Nottingham a coope of the valour of 
xl s., and the figure of the Assumpcion of our lady upon hit. 
Unto a preest to syng for my soule by the space of iij yeres 
in the same church xx li., and every yere an obite. Wife 
Agnes. Pr. 24 Sept., 1504 (Holgrave, 17). 

30 Oct., 1504. JOHN MARTYN, clerk of the diocese of York, 
archdeacon of Salop in the cathedral of Hereford. Lands in 
England inherited from father Thomas Martyn. To the 
church of St. Mary at Hill (?) (de monte alto), London, one 
great portuous " pelite impressum," or xx s. for the same. 
Pr. 9 Nov., 1504 (Holgrave, 20). 

11 Feb., 1504-5. HENRY HOTTON, clericus. To be buried 
in the Cathedral Church of Chichester. To the church of 
Ullesby in the diocese of Carlisle a missal and manual. To 
the poor of the parish xxs. To the church of Hunwyke 
a missal. Mentions Richard Hotton my brother, Elene 
Bellingham my sister, Thomas Bellingham her son, Matilda 
Middelton my sister, Ralph Hotton son of Edmund Hotton my 
brother. Residue to William Hotton my brother and William 
Beverley, executors. Pr. 3 Mar., 1504-5 (Holgrave, 26). 

26 Mar., 1505. JOHN LYLLE, Vicar of Lymyngton, 
Hastynges. To be buried in the chancel of the church of 
Lymyngton. My parents William Lylle and Johanna. To 
S 4 Trinity of Pontefract a peece of silver for a chalice. Exors., 
Alice Jenkenson, Tho 8 Copley and Richard Gee. Supervisor, 
Edward Belknapp, arm. Pr. 4 Nov., 1505 (Holgrave, 41). 

8 Sept., 1505. GREGORY BORNE. To be buried within 
the churche of Seint Sepulcre of London. I give Henre my 
son my house in Selbe, and I will that he have xxxli. in 
money, that Thomas myn apprentice have xx s. To Richard 
myn apprentice xx s. To Thomas Shuxborough xiij s. iiij d. 
To Katheryn Stele xiij s. iiij d. I will that Sir Thomas Petty 
have vj marc to syng for a yere. Wife executrix, and Sir 
Thomas Petty to se this will fulfilled. The remanaunt to my 
wife, and Piers Hyll to be overseer. Pr. 13 Jan., 1506 
(Adeane, 17). 

22 Sept., 1505. SIR THOMAS KNIGHT, of Northingilby. 
To be buried at Saxilby. Elizabeth my wife, lands in 
Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Humphry Hercy and 


Alice my daughter, his wife, and Jane Wymbishe, profits of 
lands in Walesby and Teilby during their lives, and after to 
Christofer Wymbishe and his heirs. Executors to found a 
chantry for the souls of me and my father and mother, and 
Roger Knight and his wife and their parents. Pr. 15 Dec., 
1509 (Bennett, 23). 

No date. RICHARD HORTON, of Borford, in the countie of 
Oxenford. To be buried there. As tochyng the disposicion 
of all my londes and tenementes in the citie -of Yorke and 
elleswhere, I will that my wif Elizabeth have theym, and make 
her sole executrice. Pr. 21 Oct., 1505 (Holgrave, 37). 

10 Oct., 1505. ROBERT MORLEY, citizen and draper, of 
London. To be buried in the choer of the parisshe church 
of Seynt Margaret in the towne of Westminster, wher I am 
parishoner. To myn Awnte Alison xl s. To my broder 
Christofer Morley c markes, and I will my broder fynde an 
honest prest to syng within the parisshe church of Gruysborne* 
in the Countie of Yorke, wher my fader and his lyeth buried. 
To myn awnt Margaret Laysonbe xl s. To my broder John 
Dunstall xli. To be geveu in Cleveland towardes the 
mariages of poore maydens suche as bey of my kyne xx nobles, 
to every may den vj s. viij d. To my servauut and cousyn 
Johane Sutton x markes. To the prior and covent of 
Grysborne vli., that is to witte, to euery chanon to pray for my 
soule and my moders soules viij d., and the rest to thuse of 
ther saide place. To the same prior and covent xxx s., that 
they kepe yerely duryng iij yeres a solempne obite. The 
residue to Elizabeth my wit', soole executrice. Pr. 27 May, 
1508 (Adeane, 36). 

12 June, 1506. RICHARD MARREYS, citezen and vynter, 
of London. To be buried in the body of the College church 
of Seynt Thomas of Acrez. To the parisshe churche of 
Kyrkeby in the Countie of Yorke, wher I was borne, towards 
the reparacon of the stepull, xl s. To the noury of Hampoll, 
to thentent that the nones cawse a masse to be song for my 
soule afore the ymage of Seynt Richard ther, and that they 
also pray for my soule and doo a dirige for the same, vj s. viij d. 
To the house of the Grey Freeres of Doncastre, that they syng 
a trentall of masses in their covent church, vj s. viij d. To the 
White Freers of Doncastre, to the same intent, vj s. viij d. To 
William Marreys my son x marces. To Margarete Marreys 
my servaunt and kynneswomau a gowne, &c. To Laurence 
Dey my suster's husband xxvj s. viij d. To Robert Crosley, 
married unto another of my susters, xiij s. iiij d. To my suster 

* Guisborough. 


Margery Lee x s. To my broder Robert a gowne and doblett 
and a woodknyff and xx s. To Nicholas my brother a gowne, 
a dublett, and asmoche money. I geve to my lord of Surrey a 
hoggeshede of Grascoyn wyne, desyring him to be goode lord 
unto my wif. The residue to Agnes my wif. To William 
Marreys my uncle my tawney gowne, a jackett, and xl s. 
Pr. 11 July, 1506 (Adeane, 9). 

24 Dec., 1506. RICHARD PATRIKB, priest. To be buried in 
churchyard of Allhallows', Brytlinsey.* I bequeath to the 
church of Trinity of Hull xl s., if it may be borne, likewise to 
the church of our Lady there xxs. My horse mill and "wyne 
mylle" and ij closes without Beverlay gattes, and my house in 
Hornsay, to be sold ; also my house in Lowgate in Hull. 
Witnesses: Thomas Banke, of Hull, and John Gyblove, of 
Brytlyngsey. Pr. 20 July, 1507 (Adeane, 29). 

17 Mar., 1507-8. ROBERT SHEFFELDE, clerk, parson of 
Chatham in Kent. To the abbey of Nunnes callid Swyne 
Abbey, in Holdernesse beside Hull, xli., to be paid in maner 
folowing, that is to say every yere xiij s. iiij d., unto tyme the 
said xli. be truely content and paid, and I will that the 
prioresse shall have xxd., and the supprioresse xvj d., and 
every lady of the same place that is professed xij d., and 
every noves viij d. of the said money. Pr. 8 May, 1509 
(Bennett, 14). 

Last Apr., 1508. JOHN LAMBARD, ser vaunt of God and 
of Seynt Johns. To William Lambarde my nevewe all my 
londes in the towne of Hempworth. To Robert Lambarde 
my nevew my place in Plumsted. Nephew Thomas. If my 
nevewes depart without yssue then all my movable and 
unmovable be kept to the behoff of my cosen John Lambard 
son, of Tykyll in Yorkshire. Pr. 26 Feb., 1510 (Bennett, 38). 

2 Aug., 1508. ROBERT ROYDON, of Leverington, gent. To 
be buried in the churchyard of Seynt Clementes in Cambrige. 
To the high aulter of the church of Aberforth within the 
Countie of Yorke iij s. iiij d. To the reparacon of the said 
church of the Trynitie of Aberforth xx s. To the reparacon 
of the church of Kirkby upon Waithf v s. To the reparacon 
of the church of Seynt Maurice withoute Monkebarr in the 
subbarbes of Yorke vs. To the prioress and the nunes of 
Appultonxs. To the priores and nunes of Hamepoll xs. To the 
church reparacons and monastery of the same place, and the 
chapell of Seynt Richard, x s. To the noones of our lady of 
Waldyngwelles xs. To the reparacon and glasyng of awyndowe 
in the monastery of Swyne Abbey. To the abbas and covent of 

* Brightlingsea. t ? Kirkby Wharf, 


the same Abbey for a masse for my soule, the soule of my fader 
Edward Holmes and Anne his wif, xs. To the iiij orders of 
Freeres within the citie of Yorke, to every house v s. To every 
house of Massendewes and lepers at Yorke xij d. To the house 
of Freeres of Poumfrete v s., of Doncaster v s. Sons Richard, 
John and Robert. Isabel my wife and M r William Stevynson, 
of Cambrige, executors. Pr. 26 Aug., 1508 (Bennett, 7). 

3 Aug., 23 Hen. VII (1508). ROBERT GEOFFEREY, mercer, 
London. To be buried in the cloister of Pardon churchyerde 
in Pawlys. Thomas my broder, Sir Henry, preest, my broder, 
Sir John, preest, my broder, Roger my broder, my susters 
Alice, Elizabeth, my awnte Margarete Dighton. To the 
church off Alhalowen in the towne of Skypsy in Yorkeshire, 
where I was borne, xl s. Pr. 7 Aug., 1508 (Bennett, 3). 

15 Nov., 1508. RICHARD THOMSON, Citezen and Merchaunt 
Taillor. To be buried in the churchyerd of the cathedrall 
church of Seynt Paule of London. If Margery my wif and 
my childern happen to decesse I bequeth v marces of the 
residewe to the works of the body of the parisshe church of 
our lady of Hemyngburgh in the countie of Yorke, where I 
was borne and cristened. My wif and Thomas Thomson my 
brother, executors. Pr. 12 Dec., 1508 (Bennett, 8). 

16 Feb., 1508-9. ALEXANDER WAIDE, rector of the church 
of Rowspar.* To be buried in the choir of S. Mary's church 
there. To the church of Adwyk near Doncaster iij li., for 
making a window. He mentions John, William, Thomas and 
Richard Waide, brothers. Pr. 26 Feb., 1508-9 (Bennett, 11). 

4 Oct., 1509. JOHN MIDDELTON, citezen and mercer, of 
London, merchaunt of the Staple at Caleis. To be buried in 
S fc Kateryn Colman church. To the parisshe church of Seynt 
Mighell at Esteryn^toii in the countie of Howden, for a sewte 
of vestmentes, to thentent that the parisshens there may pray 
for my soule, xxli., to the reparacon of the body of the same 
church iij li. vj s. viij d. Agnes my suster, Alice and Margaret 
her doughters, hir iij sonnes, Alice and Heleyn my doughters. 
Pr. 13 Nov., 1509 (Bennett, 22). 

20 Nov., 1509. ELIZABETH KNYGEJT, late the wif of Sir 
Thomas Knyght. To be buried in the newe chapell of 
Saxilby church, by my husbond.t A preest to syng in the 
chapell of our lady at Worsop church to pray for the soules of 
my fader and moder, and for all the soules of my husbondes 
Sir Thomas Knyght, Sir Charles Pylkyngton, Sir Robert 
Ratcliff. To the prior and covent of Worsop xiij s. iiij d. To 

* ? Rusper. See his will, 22 Sept., 1505, 


the abbot and covent of Roche xiij s. iiij d. To the priores 
and covent of Wallingwelles xiij s. iiij d. To the abbot and 
covent of Welbek. To the pryores and covent of Bryddeholme 
xiij s. iiij d. To the mendyng of the bridge and cawsey of 
Worsop xx s. To the reparacons at Worsop church xxs. 
Residue to the disposicion of my son Sir John Towneley, 
knyght, to the manages of his doughters bigoten betwene hym 
and dame Isabell his wife. Pr. 17 Nov., 1509 (Bennett, 22). 

8 Jan., 1509-10. SIR NICHOLAS BATEMAN, parson of the 
medyete of Wetherden, co. Suff. My house in Mauncefeld 
Woodhouse to the elder sone of Henry Walker. Agas and 
Elizabeth, susters. Pr. 5 June, 1510 (Bennett, 29). 

3 Mar., 1509-10. WILLIAM BYRLEY, clerke. To be buried 
in the church of Barns. To Anne Byrley my neste and 
goddoughter xxvli. and all the stuff I have at Rycall. To 
the churche of Eglesfeld my chalice. To broders Robert 
and John Byrley, each vj spoonys. Suster Anne Lyndall a 
pece of silver and a gowne. To my nephewe John Byrley 
the stuff that his fader bequethed hym. Pr. 21 Oct., 1510 
(Bennett, 32). 

24 Aug., 1510. WILLIAM CUSFOORTH, of Lenn (?Lynn). 
Wife Agnes, nephew John Cusforth. To the pari>she 
churches of Ansten in Yorkeshire x s., of Adwyke x s. 
Pr. 23 Aug., 1511 (Fetiplace, 3). 

10 Sept., 1510. JOHN THOMPSON. To be buried in the 
queere of the monastery of Seynt John Baptist of Holywell 
nyghe London. For my landes within the towne of Notyngham 
I geve theym to John Pye the sonne of Willinm Pye, of 
Worsop, and after his decesse to the children of John Cooe, of 
Warsop. Pr. 10 Feb., 1510-1 (Bennett, 36). 

7 Nov., 1511. THOMAS WILKYNSON, clerke. To be buryede 
in the chauncell of the parisshe churche of Orpyngton in 
Kent, yf I decease in London than in the chapell of our lady 
within the churche of Sancte Helyns in London. To the 
prior and covent of Malton to pray specially for my soule, 
the soulys of my father and moder, and all Christian soules, 
x markes. Pr. 23 Jan., 1511-2 (Fetiplace, 17). 

5 Apr., 1513. ADAM FACBTT, "decretorum doctor." To be 
buried in the Cathedral church of Chichester. To the parish 
church of Sedbargh, where I was born, sacerdotal vestments. 
Brothers Richard and Thomas Facett, Agnes Jackson my 
sister. Pr. 29 Apr., 1513 (Fetiplace, 17). 

12 May, 1513. BRYAN ROCHE, sergeant of the catry of 
our Lord the King. Wife Elizabeth, and children. Brother 


William. To the parish church of Wixley in the Countie of 
Yorke xx s. To John Hocherson, of Wixley, xl s. Pr. 29 
May, 1514 (Fetiplace, 33). 

26 Apr., 1514 RICHARD STOKDALE, citezin and merchaunt 
tailor, of London. To be buried in S* Martyn's, Otwith. 
Five trentals of masses to be paid in that church, another at 
the friars at Grenewythe, another at the Charter House, 
another at the Grey Friars, another at the Austin Friars. A 
preist to say mass f or vij years for the souls of my father, my 
mother, and Grace Martyn, in the church of Wresill, co. York. 
To Wresill church a white cope of the value of vli. To 
Edward Estoft my cousin x li. To either of the daughters of 
Thomas Hall at Green wyche vli. Residue for charitable 
deeds. Robert Pagett, merchant tailor, executor. Pr. 14 
Mar., 1515-6 (Holder, 21). 

6 Feb., 1515-6. ROBERT HAROM, capellanus, Hamylden, 
Bucks. Gives to church of Hamylden for burial vj s. viij d., 
to sing in the church there for my father and mother and for 
my Master Raff Scrope vj s. viij d., to by a masse boke for 
the parish church of Stanton, to the iij orders of fryers of 
Skarborow iij li., to Agnes Scropp xxs. My master M r Raff 
Scrope to be supervisor. Pr. 3 Mar., 1515-6 (Holder, 15). 

6 Feb., 1515-6. JOHN HERON, citizen and mercer, of 
S fc Dunstan in the Est. Body to be buried there. Son Thomas 
executor. To the covent of Whitefriers at Hull in the 
countie of Northumberland (sic] fora trentall of masses vli. 
Mentions Elizabeth daughter of John Lawson and Agnes her 
sister. To Sir John Cutt, kn fc , and Sir John Dawiiey, knt., 
each ij hoggshedes of Gascon wyne, they to be supervisors. 
Pr. 13 Mar., 1515-6 (Holder, 15). 

16 Mar., 1515-6. WILLIAM MENETT, Citizen and draper, 
of London. To be buried in S e Peter's, Cornhill, where 
Johanne my daughter lies buried. My two daughters to have 
c marks each. To the parish church of Drayton, co. Nott., 
where I was born, xxs. Residue to wife Agnes. Pr. 4 Apr., 
1516 (Holder, 16). 

16 July, 1516. WYLLYAM CLEYTON, merchaunt of the 
staple at Caleis. To be buried within the parisshe churche of 
our blessed lady within the towne aforesaide. To the behove 
of my brother Sir John, my ij susters and their childern, xl li., 
to be distributed amongest them after the discrecion of my 
father. To the Friers Observauntes withiu the towne of 
Newewerke upon Trent xx s. Residue to Thomas Cleyton iuy 
father and Syr John Cleyton my brother, myn executours. 
Pr. 27 Sept., 1516 (Holder, 23). 


6 Jan., 1516. JOHN ROBYNSON, prest and parson of the 
church of Fawkham in Kent. To be beryed within the 
churche of All Halowes in Lumbardes Strete. I will that a 
prest shall synge for my fader soule, my moder soule, and for 
all Cristen soules during a yere and a half within the churche 
of Elvington in Yorkshire, and the same prest or another prest 
to synge for me half a yere within the churche of Escreke. 
To the thre eldest children of my broder William v markes a 
pece. I wyll that Thomas Jameson, merchaunt and citezen, of 
Yorke, have the custodie of the bequest. Sister Agnes and 
brother William. Pr. 14 Apr., 1516 (Holder, 16). 

24 July, 1517. JOHN WEST, citizen and mercer, of London, 
Alderman. To be buried in the chancel of S* Mary Magdalen, 
Milk S fc . Wife Elizabeth, children William, John, James, 
Katheryne, Bridget, now wife of Robert Palmer, mercer. 
To the parish churche of Millington in the Countie of York, 
where my father lyeth buried, iij cupes, a vestyment, a gospell, 
a pystell of grene satteyn of Bruges, thorfrayes redde satteyn 
of Bruges, and to the churche of Everyngham, where my 
mother lyeth buried, a cope of lyke stuffe, and I wyll that the 
parisshe priest of Millington, where I was borne, have the 
saule of me, the saules of James West and Alyce West, my 
fadre and mothre, Syr John Browne, John West, Elizabeth 
my wif, our childern. Pr. 18 Sept., 1517 (Holder, 33). 

17 Dec., 1517. WILLIAM BILBOROWB, of London, grocer. 
To be buried in the church of Al halo wen the More in 
Thamys Strete. To the parishe churche of Wressell in 
Yorkshire xls. Brother Thomas Bilborowe, cosin James 
Davison. He gives his sister Elizabeth Bilborowe and his 
prentyce Robert Bilborowe the residue, and if they die to the 
finding of two priests to sing for his soul, his father and mother's 
souls, at the church of Al halo wen and the church of Wressell. 
Pr. 26 Jan., 1517-8 (Ayloffe, 4). 

6 Apr., 1518. ROGER DAELEY, Priest. To be buried in the 
church of S e Margaret in Suthwerk. To my brother Sir 
Thomas Darley a gowne of murrey furred with blak bogye, or 
elles my gray nagge, so that my brother be diligent for the 
conveyaunce of dueties of my benefices to the handes of myn 
executours, also a dublet of blak sat^n, a cote of damask 
lyned with white cottyn. The residue to Maister Nicholas 
Maior, executor. Due unto me in Estryngton in Holdenshire 
for agrement betwixt me and a preest and Sir John Atkynson, 
vicar of the same, x marces. Pr. 17 Aug., 1518 (Ayloffe, 8). 

14 July, 1518. ANTHONY AYLMER, Rector of Seggefield in 
the Bishoprick of Dunelm and Vicar of Harlowe, co. Essex. 


To be buried in my church of Harlowe. My father Lawrence 
Aylmer, knight and Alderman of the City of London, and 
Thomas Aylmer, gentleman, my uncle, exors. Pr. 26 Aug., 
1518 (Ayloffe, 10). 

1 May, 1520. ROBERT SWYLLINGTON, of London, citizen 
and draper. To be buried before our Ladye of Pitee within 
oure Ladies Chapell where I doo use to sett within the church 
of Seint Clement, wher I am parisshoner. To the church 
warkes of Dryffeld, where I was borne, xs., to pray for my 
soule. He mentions cousin Babthorpp, wife Margaret, who is 
to be executrix, nephew George Swillyngton, neice Elizabeth 
Swyllington. I woll to have a tombe within the chapell 
there as I doo lye to be made after the devise of my brother 
Rauff. Pr. 10 May, 1520 (Ayloffe, 26). 

16 Nov., 1520. ROBERT SHIRWOD, of London, fishmonger. 
To my fader John, dwellyng in the Busshoppryck of Durham 
in Houghton, my best gowne, doblet, and jaket. Pr. 14 Dec., 
1520 (Mainwaring, 8). 

20 Aug., 1521. MARMADUKE BLASTON, of S* Gyles, 
Cambridge. To be buried in the church there. All lands I 
have purchased in the Bishoprick of Durham and in 
Cambridge to my wife Margery for life. To Richard my 
eldest son all my lands in Durham, viz. in Eslabye, Seham and 
Sunderlond, after decease of his mother. To son Hugh lands 
in Cambridge. Pr. 13 Oct., 1521 (Maynwaryng, 16). 

21 Aug., 1521. WILLIAM BARDE the elder, citizein and 
fishemonger, of London. To be buried in the body of the 
parishe church of Saint Nicolas, Coldabbey, next to the 
south dore, where the body of Joane my Lite wif there restith. 
William Turke my son in lawe and Elizabeth his wife my 
doughter. To the werkes of the parishe churche of Ingram in 
the Countie of Northumberland, where I was cristened, xx s. 
To the werkes of the parishe church of Felton in the said 
countie, where my father and mother lye buried, xx s. To the 
prioresse and covent of Halyestoure in the same countie xx s. 
Residue to William Barde my sonne, executor. Pr. 13 Aug., 
1528 (Porch, 36). 

24 Apr., 1522. NICHOLAS BATEMAN, of Lynne Bisshop, co. 
Norff. Towardes the reparacions of Killyngton Chapell and 
Hutton Chapell in the Countie of Westmerland, to eache xx s. 
Johanne, Beatrice and Anne, doughters, eche xx s. Johane my 
wife, executrice. Pr. 7 Feb., 1522-3 (Bodfelde, 2). 

17 May, 1522. WILLIAM COOKE, Doctor, Parson of 
Hecham* in the diocese of Norwiche. To be buried in the 

* ? Heacham, co. Norfolk. 


chauncell there. I give to my executors all my frutis of this 
yere (in churches of Norwich), also of Burton Latyn, Swaleclif, 
Tonstall, Cristis church in Yorke, Lastyngham Welle, and my 
prebende belonging to the College church of Rippon, towards 
the charges of the dilapidations of my church and parsonage 
houses. Pr. 12 June, 1522 (Manwaring, 25). 

22 July, 1522. JOHN SURDEVALL, Priest in Paul's, London. 
I will that ther be ij copys in my chamber of blew damaske, 
one to be delyvered to Waghen, where I was borne, with Seint 
Peter on the coler, and the other with Seinfc Cuthbart on the 
coler to Darnton, where my prebend lyethe. To the poore of 
Waghen vj s. viij d., of Darnton vj s. viijd. Pr. 13 Dec., 1522 
(Manwaring, 28). 

3 Jan., 1522-3. THOMAS BYRKES. To be buried in the 
Freres at Richmond, Surrey. To Anne, wife, londes for life 
except my londes in Notingham shire. Antony son. Dettes 
to be paide, that is to say, to Maister Marymon xxli., for the 
whiche is owyng to me of Maister Browne, of Newark, for 
landes that I solde to him there, Ixli. Pr. 9 Mar., 1525-6 
(Porch, 4). 

22 Sept., 1523. THOMAS ELRYNGTON, gentilman, sonne and 
heire of Symonde Elryngton, esquier, decessed. To be buried 
in the church of Hogeston, where my ancestors lie buried. 
Mentions wife Alice, lands in Kent, Yorkshire and Sussex, 
daughter Mary, son Thomas to have manor of Dencourt, 
remainder to John my son, in default of issue to John More, 
son and heir of Sir Thomas More, knt., "under treasourer of 
Inglond." Pr. 27 Jan., 1523-4 (Bodfelde, 16). 

1523. HENRY HEBBESON, Kendall man. To be buried in 
the churchyard of Buxsted. Kateryn my wife to have all my 
goodes, sole executour, and Thomas Warkop and Adam 
Waryner, overseers. I will they doo for me in Alhalowe 
chapell of Kendall xls. Pr. 4 Mar., 1523-4 (Bodfelde, 17). 

17 Mar., 1523-4. ROBERT FENROTHER, citezen, alderman 
and goldsmyth, of London. To be buried in the church of 
S* John Zacharys. Thomas father and Johane mother, 
Awdry, Julyan and Margaret, daughters. Julian wife. I be- 
queath a newe chaleis to be made with a paten therto of silver 
and parcel 1 gilt of the value of liij s. iiij d., to be gevyn to the 
parishe church of Thornton in Pykeryng Legh in Yorkeshire, 
where I was born, upon the foote of which chaleis I woll that 
myn executors shall cause to be graven a scripture making 
mencyon of whose gifte it is. Pr. 27 Apr., 1524 (Bodfelde, 19). 

21 Aug., 1524. WILLIAM STATHUM, mercer, London. To 
be buried in the churche of Saint Martyn in Iremonger lane. 


To the parishe churche of Bleysbey in Nottinghamshire, in the 
parishe that I was borne in, to have a glasse wyndowe in the 
chauncel over the high awter, and in the said glasse my fader 
and moder and all their childern, at the discrecion of my 
brother Henry Stathum. Wenyfride my wife. Childern 
Kateryn and Alice my ij doughters, and the childe that my 
wife goeth with all, every oon thre hundred poundes. Suster 
Margaret Stathum, brother Robert, brother Henry, suster 
Elizabeth and her first husband William Jonson, of Horsley 
in Darbyshire. To have a masse in the abbey of Thorgoton 
there, as my fader lyeth buryed. John Barnard fader in 
la we. Pr. 31 Mar., 1525 (Bodfelde, 32). 

20 Dec., 1524. THOMAS BECK. To be buried in the 
College churche of our lady of Manchester in the chapell of 
Jesus. To Sir Robert my sonne syxe score poundes for his 
chihles parte. To the church of Wegyn* to the glasing of a 
wyndowe for my brother Mathew and me xxxs. To the 
chapell of Sanct Sonday within the parishe churche of 
Kendall, where my wife is buried, ten marces, to be disposed 
by the discrecion of maister Thomas Belengeamf my brother 
in lawe, William Standish, William Becke, of Skelmesawre, for 
a trentall, xs., for a soule masse and dirige x s. in the same 
church. To a lowne in Kendall parishe betwene Castell parke 
and the bridge which I made myself, vj s. viij d. To Richard 
Beck xl s. To Agnes Beck vj s. viij d. To Cecile Becke 
v marces. To sonne Thomas and his heires the nominacon of 
a prest to singe in the chapell of Jesus in the college churche 
of Manchester. To my wife and sonne Thomas a hundred 
nobles, to be executours. Goodes in thre partes, one to my 
wife, one to my sonne Thomas, paying his brother Syr Robert 
six score poundes, one for my bequestes. To son Thomas 
all my plate brought with me and bought since I com to 
Manchester, and half of the pewter that I brought from 
Kendall. Maister Edmond Trafforth, of Trafforth, esquier, 
and maister Edmond his sonne, overseers. Pr. last Sept., 
1527 (Porch, 24). 

29 Mar., 1525. SIR MILES BUSSY, knight.J To son Henry 
my manor of Wigsley, Notts. Lands in Kynherbe, Lincoln, 
Bracebrige, Scottun, Newarke, Thisilton and Southweth, in 
cos. Lincoln, Notts, and Rutland ; also in Mawnton, Northorp, 
Balderton, Barnabe and Cleypull, bought by John Bussey, 
knight, and which my uncle Edward Bussey holds for life. 
Manors of Knopthorp, Scotton, Hogham and Merston. Son 
John. Pr. 12 Feb., 1525-6 (Porche, 4). 

* Wigan. t Thomas Bellingham, of Helsington. 

{ See Lincolnshire Pedigrees, Harleian Soc., 215. 


4 Nov., 1525. JOHN HEWSTER, citezeii and mercer, of 
London. To be buried in the churche of Saint Mighell in 
Bassingshaw in London. Brother Richard Hewster, clerk. 
To suster Margery, rents of landes in the counties of Yorke 
and Salop. To sonne Cristofer a ryng. To sonne William 
twenty poundes and landes in the Countie of York. Jane 
my wife, execu trice. Sonne Jerome. Pr. 11 Dec., 1525 
(Bodfelde, 40). 

10 Feb., 17 Hen. VIII (1525-6). Administration of 
THOMAS SEYTON, of the County of York, granted to Anne 
Seyton, widow (Crumwell, 1). 

31 Mar., 1526. THOMAS NYCHOLL, prest. To poor of Bey re 
in Dorset shire xl s. The Collegiate church of our lady of 
Southwell to have xls., and the parishe church of Sowth 
Muskham xx s., and to the poor there xx s., and likewise to 
the church and parishioners of Cawton, where I am parson by 
reason of the prebende in the church of Southwell. Pr. 9 Oct., 
1526 (Porch, 10). 

14 Apr., 1526. CECILE DUCKMAN, late wife of Richard 
Duckman, of Wandelsworth, widow. To be buried in the 
parishe churche of Alhalowes, of Wandelsworth. To Thomas 
Rogers and John Rogers my brethren, dwelling in the Countie 
of York, to eche xx s.; and to Agnes my suster, dwelling in 
the same, xxs.; and to Margaret, hir doughter aud my 
goddoughter, xiijs. iiijd. Residue to my good brother Richard 
Rogers, executour. Pr. 30 Apr., 1526 (Porch, 6). 

18 Dec., 1526. THOMAS HUSTWAYTE, citezein and peawterar, 
of London. To be buried in the chapel of our lady within 
the parishe church of saint Mildrede in Bredstrete. Suster 
Alice Hustwayte, dwelling in Scarborough, neese Agnes, 
doughter of my brother John, brother John Bloxwiche, 
brother James Hustwayte, of Plymowth, cosyn Sir Richard 
Ustwayte, preest, cosyn Robert Hustwayte, sonne of ray 
brother James, cosyn Willm Bloxwiche, sonne William. My 
wife Joane to haue moietie of my londes in Kilham upon the 
Wolde in the Countie of York during lyfe, and after her 
decease to my sonne Willm Hustwayte. Pr. 15 Jan., 1526-7 
(Porche, 12). 

2 Aug., 1527. JAMES BUTLER, citezen and dyer, of London. 
To be buried in the church yarde of Saint Benet at Powlis 
wharf. To the parishe of Saint Elene in Wheldrik in the 
Countie of York, where I was borne, a vestment with all 
thapparel to the same belonging, for a prest to say masse, of 
white damaske My executors to sue of oon John Mowbray, 
of Pekring, late being a dyer in York, liij s. iiijd., and if 


recovered to be bestowed among the poor people of Wheldrik. 
To John Butler my brother, dwelling in Wheldrike, my best 
gowne, &c. To William his sonne my best cote, &c., and to 
every of my brothers and suster childern there xij d., except 
Margaret Hargill my suster doughter. I will my brother 
William, with my wife and sonne Thomas, to have custodye of 
my two leases of my ferms at Lewesham. Pr. 3 Dec., 1527 
(Porch, 26). 

13 Oct., 19 Hen. VIII, 1527. THOMAS ILDERTON, citezen 
and Stokfishmonger. To be buried in the parishe churche o 
Chikwell in the lower ende of the north He, whiche I did make 
longer in length. I will that Antony my sonne and executour 
pay to the brethern of the White Freres in Hulle parke besides 
Alnewike, all suche money as I owe to them for their praiers 
for me before our blissed lady there, also that he have all 
my londes in Chikwell, and ley upon my grave a stone. 
Pr. 20 Oct. 1528 (Porch, 38). 

1529. WILLIAM KYTSON, merchaunt tailour, of London. 
To be buryed in the churche yarde of Aldermary, London. 
To my inaister Thomas Crakenthorp, citiziu and merchaunt 
taylour, of London, v li., and all my ferme in the parryshe of 
Staunton in the counde of Apulby. Uncle Simond Aparke, 
Uncle Sir Myles Aparke. Johane Aparke xl s. Residue to 
Thomas Crakenthorp, sole executour. Pr. 20 Sept., 1531 
(Thower, 7). 

1 Mar., 1529. HUMFREY BOLLE. To be buried in the 
churche yarde of Saint Andrewe in Holburne. To brother 
William Bolle xl s. in money or catell. To brother John Boll 
xl s. I will that maister Thomas Lumley have fyve marces for 
certeyn rekenynge that was betwixt his wife and me, to the 
profit of his yongest sonne, to be paid by the handes of my 
Lord Lumley. Also I have gevyn my marrowe and companyon 
Rowland Watson knowlege that I will be good uncle to my 
brother Cristofer childern at the ordre of my lorde and 
maister. To my wife two ringes of golde, my badge, for a 
tokyn. The residue I will that my lorde Lumley, by thadvise 
of Thomas Lumley and Sir Richard Turner, chapleyn, have 
full power for the welth of my soule and to the profite of my 
wife and my brother Cristofers childern, and my lord to be 
executour. Pr. 10 July, 1529 (Jankyn, 9). 

16 May, 1530. JOHN PEIRSON, citizin and barbour surgeon, 
of London. To be buryed in the churche of Saint Mighell at 
Quernhith. To the reparacions of the church and chapell of 
Holmeswath in the Lordeship of Egton in the Countie of 


Yorke, betwene them xx s. To suster Alice and her doughter 
Reignes. To Anne Kene and Elizabeth Kene my doughters in 
lawe tenne poundes. Pr. 10 June, 1530 (Jankyn, 18). 

15 July, 1530. EDWAEDE WATSON, of Lidington, co. Rutland. 
Suster Janet Peers >n, suster Dame Sibell at Saint Kateryns, 
Richarde Bryan my cosyn, Johan Smyth his suster, and to 
his sister maried at Kirkham in Yorkshire, cosyn Agnes 
Smyth. To poor people at Sledmare, where I was bourne, 
iijli. vj s. viij d. To the prior and Covent of Newested xxs. 
Brothers Symon and William Watson, Henry Watson my sonne 
at Newested, Edwarde my sonne, Keneline (?) my sonne, Barbara, 
Mary, Briget, Susan, doughters, wife Emme, brother in lawe 
Henry Sapcotte. Pr. 2 Oct., 1530 (Jankyn, 21). 

5 Apr., 1531. DAVID BEDOO, preest. To be buryed in the 
Savoye. To my lord and master, my lord of Carlyle, a gelding. 
To Henry Collyer at Carlele my best gowne at Appulby. 
To Sir Leonard Langhorne the second best gowne there. 
Pr. 9 May, 1531 (Thower, 3). 

20 June, 1531. WILLIAM BOWDEN, citizen and diar. To be 
buried in the sowth yle of the churche of Alhallowen uppon 
the celler* in Temmestreete, where the body of my first wife 
lieth buried. To the churche of Boonburghf in Northumbr- 
lande, where my father Robert Bowden and my mother lieth 
buried, a chalice with the patent of selver and corporas and a 
vestment complete, of the value of all, v li. To the churche 
of Elderton a chalice with a patent of copper and gilt and 
corporas, with a vestment, of the value of liij s. iiij d. To 
Raaf Bowden, when he shall come out of the termes of his 
apprentishode, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. The residue to John Bowden 
and Geffrey Bowden my sonnes egally, at their ages, xxiiij 
yeres, executours. Overseer, Robert Lounde, dyar. Pr. 9 Feb., 
1534-5 (Hogen, 22). 

7 July, 1531. LAWEAUNCE EGGYLSFEELDE, yoman usher of 
the Kinges Chamber and clerke of the chequer of his most 
honorable garde. To be buryed in Saint Stephens churche in 
Walbroke in the South side as nere unto my suster Johane 
Herthill, late decessed, as convenyently. For the lordeshippes 
of Sutton and ElbyngtonJ (sic] uppon Dar vaunt that I have 
takyn by lease, the profittes shall be payed unto my executors 
during unto suche tyme that John Egglesfell my brothers 
sonne be maryed, and then they shall deliver unto hym my leas. 
His brother Laurance, sisters Sybyll, Mary and Margaret 
Egglesfeld. Landes in Laton in the Bysshopricke of Derham. 
Suster in law Jane Egglesfeeld. Pr. 1 Oct., 1531 (Thower, 8). 

* On the cellars, for it staudeth on vaults (Stowe, i, 523). 
t ? Bamburgh. | Elvington. 


6 Jan., 1531-2. ROBERT BROKETT, citizen and baker, 
London. To be buryed in the churche of Sainte Martyn 
in Iremonger lane. To my suster Jennett Robynson in 
Framlyngton in the Countie of Northumberlande fyve poundes. 
To my cousens Robert and Thomas, my brother Johns sonnes, 
dwelling in Aleman*iu the saide countie, fyve poundes a peace. 
To brother Thomas Brockettes children fyve poundes a pece. 
Cousens Elizabethe, wife of Thomas Atkinson, Alice wife of 
John Hunte, Margarete Smythe, Alexander Watson. Brother 
William Brockett, goldesmithe, executour. Pr. 23 Sept., 1533 
(Hogen, 5). 

10 Mar., 1531. ROGER D ALTON, armiger. To be buried in 
Croftonf church. Anne, Margarete, Joanne and Elizabeth, my 
daughters, cc marces. Richard my son xl marces annuity. 
Roger and Thomas Jakis, Joann my wife and Richard my 
son, executors. Henry Faryngton, Richard Banaster, Master 
Richmond, supervisors. I grant to Anthony Lathon, Thomas 
Bonde, vicar of Crofton, Richard Clerk, vicar of Legh, and 
Adam Banaster, all my lands in Dalton in county of York. 
Pr. 6 Dec., 1543 (Spert, 29). 

13 Mar., 22 Hen. VIII (1531). ROBERT LABREY. To be 
buryed in Sepulcre chapell in the sowthe side of tho chapell 
of Jesus in Manchester churche, and in the same chapell that 
I dyd make my selfe. I give xx s. to the churche warkes in 
Manchester, and xx s. to the churche warkes in Kendall there 
as I was horn. Anne, Elizabeth, Alyce, my daughters, 
William Hulton, husband of my daughter Elizabeth. Pr. 28 Jan., 
1538-9 (Crumwell, 12). 

17 Sept., 1532. ROBERT HOGEN, of the house of our 
soveraigne Lorde the King, Esquier. To be buryed within 
the chauncell of the churche of Saint Luke of Charlton in the 
Countie of Kent. To Thomas Jackson. Thomas Hatecliff, 
John Barbour, Raffe Hogen and Thomas Harrison, a horse. 
Raaffe Hogins, Robert Hogins, Johanne Martindale and Agnes 
Martindale, to have the rentes of my mesuage in Estgrenewiche 
for viij yeres, and after to remayne unto Marion my wif. The 
said Marion to have all other landes in Charlton, and after the 
disceas they shalbe sold, and the money to be dispoased in 
deades of charitie. I gyve unto Roger Barker, citezin and 
inholder, all my terme of yeres wiche I have of the graunt of 
our Lorde the King, called Sutton and Terington, within the 
forest of Gawteres, and I will that Richard Gresham, mercer, 
and the said Roger shall have all my interest in the towne of 
Westminster. Residue to Marion my wif. Pr. 1 Apr., 1533 

(Hogen, 2). 

* Alnham. f ? Croston. 


6 Nov., 1532. RICHARD FYNCHE, citezen and founder, of 
London, being seeke, in the porch of the parisshe churche of 
Saint Nicolas of Notingham, in the Dioces of Yorke, in the 
presence of the parson Heury Sheparde and Humfrey Goulson, 
ordeyned Leonard Skevington, gentilmau, and John Plavys, 
his executours, and willed they shulde have the distributinge 
of his goodes. Pr. 27 Mar., 1533-4 (Thower, 24). 

17 Feb., 1534. HENRY WILKYNSON, of London, bruer. To 
be buried in the churche of Saint John before Saint Cristofer. 
I bequeth unto Styllington, where my father and mother lyeth 
buryed, xx s., to pray for the soules of them and of my 
brethern. Brother Robert Wilkyiison. The residue to my 
wife Julyan, executrice. Pr. 17 Apr., 1535 (Hogen, 23). 

24 Mar., 1534. ROBERT WYGEN, of London, grocer. To 
my father xl s., which dwellith in the bisshopryke of Durham. 
Brother William Wygen. Cosyn Willm Stokysley. Pr. 21 Apr., 
1535 (Hogen, 23). 

12 May, 1535, 27 Hen. VIII. JOHN BLACKDEN, preest. To 
be buried in the chauncell of Sainct Laurence, Pultney. To 
John Blackden, apprentice with M r Pollstede, vj li. xiij s. iiij d., 
and to Willyam Black den his brother iij li. vj s. viij d. To 
Roger Blackden my brother iij li. vj s. viij d., my foxfurred 
gowne, one doublet of worsted and iij oxen, ix shepe, whiche 
are in the handes of my brother Thomas in Durham, and to 
Symond Blackden my brother Thomas sonne iij li. vj s. viij d., 
whiche is in his fathers handes. To my brother serjaunte 
xx li., to his wife iij li. vj s. viij d., and to his sone John 
Blackden iij li. vj s. viijd., and to his ij doughters xl s., also 
unto my brother Cutbert Blackden, serjaunte of the kinges 
confectonarie, one ring, the whiche Cutbert, servaunt, I make 
my executor. Pr. 24 Nov., 1537 (Dyngeley, 1 1). 

19 Sept., 1535. ROBERT CODWORTHE, of London, haber- 
dassher. To my brother William Codworthe tenne poundes. 
To Richard, John and Thomas, my brethern, fyve markes a 
pece. To my suster Issard tenne poundes. To my suster 
Annes fourty shillinges. To my father xl s., to my mother 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To the pour folkes of the parishe of 
Sylkeston, to be gevyn every Sonday in bred and fleshe, xij d., 
untill the sume foure poundes be ended. The residue to 
Richard Lambard and John Blundell, executours. Pr. 1 Oct., 
1535 (Hogen, 27). 

8 Oct., 27 Hen. VIII (1535). ROBEBT SHORTON, clerk. To 
be buried within the quere of the college of Stoke. I will 
there be distributed oon hundreth poundes, of which thirty 


poundes to twenty townes, amonge my pour parishners at 
Segefeld foure poundes, Newporte thre poundes, Stoke xls., 
Welles xl s., Lowther xl s. Pr. 8 Nov., 1535 (Hogen, 28). 

14 Jan., 1535-6. JOHN BROWNE, of Lynne Bisshop, 
merchaunt. To be buried in the jparishe church of Saint 
Margaret in Lynne, where as my first wife lieth buryed. I 
will that my chaleis and my masse boke with my vestment 
shall goo to the chapell of Kendall, named Alhalowes, where 
I was borne. Christofer eldest sonne. Thomas secunde sonne. 
Vyncent Browne yongest sonne. Margaret wife. Pr. 21 Mar., 
1535-6 (Hogen, 30). 

31 Oct., 1536. WILLIAM BROKET, citizen and goldsmyth, 
of London. To be buried in the myddell ile of the church of 
Saint Peter in Westchepe. To my suster Jennet Robynson, 
of Framlington in the Countie of Northumbrelande, xxli. 
To Robert Broket and Thomas Broket, my brother John 
Brokettes sonnes, xiij li. vjs. viijd. every of them. To brother 
Thomas Brokett sonne and doughter tenne poundes a pece. 
To Thomas Brokett, in Over Toynton in Lincolnshire, xli. 
Alice Hunt his suster xx marces. Brother Robert decessed. 
To Richard Clerkson and William Bydnell, merchauntes, of 
Awnwick, vj s. viij d., and I geve to theym to have a dirige 
and a masse in Alenam* church, where I was borne and 
cristenyd, and for a drynking of bred and ale and chese xxs. 
The residue to Henry Holland my susters sonne. Pr. 25 Nov., 
1536 (Hogen, 41). 

1537. ELEANOR ANLABY. To be buried in the Freres 
churche at Dunstaple ; doughters Anne and her husband, 
Margaret, Annes and her husband, son Sir Edmond, preest, 
cosin Anne Powell. I will that Richard my sonne shall have 
all my landes within the shires of Bedford e, Buckinghamshire, 
Hertfordshere, Yorkshire, and for lack of heires to be devided 
among my dowghters. Richard my sonne and Sir Edmond my 
sonne, preest, executours. Pr. 25 Sept., 1537 (Dyngeley, 9). 

20 Feb., 1537. ANTHONY FENTON, of Saint Clement 
Danys without the barrys of the newe Temple of London, 
gentilman. To be buried in Saint Clement church. To 
William Fewilliams, of my lordes house, my hole chaumber in 
Westmynster as it stondeth. To my ostys William Dawson 
wife my litle ryng of golde. To my nourse and keper for hir 
greatt payne taken aboute me in the tyme of my sikenes twoo 
aungelles of golde. To my ost Richemonde in Westmynster 
my gown, and I forgeve his wife and him all dettes. I will 
that Christofer Fenton my brother shall aftre my deceas have 

* Alnham. 


all the termes of yeres in my leessis of the parsonage of 
Roodstone, belonging unto Saint Mary Abbey and Lewesbam* 
Wrellton, and that my brother shall of suche money and 
goodes that he hath of myn paye unto either of my twoo 
susters fyve marces sterlinge a pece, and my mother fyve 
marces, and the residue to his owne use. I will that my 
leasse in the forest of Bewlandef be solde, and of the money 
a hundreth poundes be gevyn to my good lord and maister 
in recompence of his great kyndnes. William FewilliamsJ 
and parson Chatterton, executours. Pr. 10 Apr., 1538 
(Dyngeley, 15). 

5 Aug., 1537. JOHN KYRKBYE, citezen and grocer, of 
London. To be buried in the church of Saint Olave's in the 
olde Jurye. To suster Elizabeth tenne shillinges. I geve my 
house in Nottingam of twenty shillinges by yere (to my wife), 
and after hir to my childe the which that she is withall. To 
my brother Henry Mar a blak gowne and his wife another, 
and my brother John Mar a blak gown, to my suster Elizabethe 
children amonges them the rent of my house in Notingham 
oon yere, the which is twenty shillinges. To my brother 
Henry Mar one ryng of golde. To rny childe, the whiche my 
wife is withall, all his duetie of my goodes according to the 
constitucon of the citie. To my brother Henry Mar the title 
of the house on the Chepside. Residewe to my wife, sole 
executrix. Pr. 7 June, 1538 (Dyngeley, 18). 

12 Aug., 1538. RAAFE THOMSON, of Hurste. To my 
suster Helyne, dwellynge in Topclyffe apon Swaell, five 
markes. To my cosen Margett Grevys, in London, twentye 
poundes. To Johne Bolton, dwellynge att Watton besides 
Beverley xls. Daughter Margerye Hyde. Wife Margaret, 
exec. Pr. 4 Mar., 1538-9 (Crumwell, 12). 

17 Sept., 1538. RYCHARD BENSON, of Kingeston upon 
Thamyse, esquier. Executors to distribute vj li. xiij s. iiij d. 
among the poorest people within the parish of Knabysborowgh|| 
within the countie of Yorkeshire. Cicell Benson my nyse. 
John, Harry, Elizabeth, children of my brother John Benson, 
deceased. . . . Benson, late wife of my brother W m Benson, 
and her childre. My nephews Robert, Thomas, Henry Benson. 
Exors., wife Elizabeth, Robert, Tho s and Henry Benson. 
Pr. 5 May, 1540 (Alenger, 6). 

14 Apr., 1539. RICHARD DAWTON, maryner, Sainte 
Dunstanes in the easte. To be buried in my parishe churche. 
To Joane my suster all my landes in the lordeship of Barnard 

* Levisham. f ? Bowland. J Fitzwilliam. || Knaresborough, 


Castill, which came unto me by the inheritaunce of my father 
Richard Dawton. Mentions brother Harwood and his vessels. 
Pr. last May, 1539 (Dyngeley, 28). 

27 Sept., 1539. JOHN WBYTTE, citizen and girdeler. I 
will my brother Robert Wrytte shall paye noe rent for his 
house he dwels in Hnrworth, and have the house untill Peres 
Wrytte come to lawfull age, and yf he dye the howse to 
remayn to my wyfe, and yf she die to the next of the stocke 
of the Wryttes. To Peres my sone all my landes in Harworth, 
Farworth, Claworth, Wiston in Blyth, and Nome.* I forgyve 
William Wentworth the rent of the howse he dwellith in for 
fyve yere, and I give the same to my brother Thomas Wryttes 
doughter, dwelling at Retforth with my unkell Thomas 
Wright, and I give her vj s. viij d. To my unkell Thomas 
Wrytte a prymer. To cosyn William Wilbore a velvett sworde 
girdell. Wife executrix. Pr. 24 Oct., 1539 (Dyngeley, 32). 

4 Oct., 1539. WILLIAM JACKESON, of S l George's, South- 
wark. To Thomas Jackeson my brother my gowne, xx s., and 
one yonge horsse, and a stone of wolle. To brother Robert a 
gowne, and all my landes in Blacketoy t parishe in Yorkeshire, 
and a stone of wolle. To my suster, wyfe of Thomas Brykett, 
xx s. and a stone of wolle, and ten shillinges in Richard 
Brykettez hand. To my wyfe all my landes in the parishe 
of Saynt George, and the reste of my goodes. Pr. 12 Nov., 
1539 (Dyngeley, 33). 

23 Feb., 1539-40 (31 Hen. VIII). ROGER LUPTON, clerk, 
prebendary of the Kinges College of Wyndsor in the countie 
of Barke. To be buried in my chappell at Eton. To suster 
Isabell Hundley vj li. and xx li. To my cosen Roger Lupton 
xx li., to Richard Lupton sonne of John Lupton xx li. To 
Richard Lupton' s brother of the whole hous xli. Residue, 
xxiiij li., to be distributed to my kynnes folke and other in 
Sedbare.t To Roger sone of Robert Lupton, sometyme of 
London, cooke, xxli. Bequests to Eton College and Windsor. 
Pr. 12 Mar., 1539-40 (Alenger, 4). 

24 Sept., 1540. THOMAS THOMSONS, Doctor of divinitie, 
vicar of the churche of Endefeldejin the countie of Middlesex, 
and parsone of the parishe churche of Welwyne in the countie 
of Herfurthe. I will that my executours shall exhebtt in 
wry ting to the M r and f el owes of Seynt John's College in 
Cambridge this articule of my testament, that where they 
stand bownde for the performaunce of my will as towching 
the ordynatice and foundacon of two felowes to contynewe for 
ever there of my fundacon to praye for me and my bene- 

* Norney, f Sedbergh. J Endfield. 


factours, one of the seyd felowes I will that he shalbe always 
in Yorkeshyre, and he or they that were borne under the 
Archidiaconre of Clevelande to be preferred before all other of 
y e seyd shire, the seconde to be of Richemond shire or 
bisshoporicke, and for lacke of these two shyres then of ony 
other of the ix shyres by yond Trente. I will that Christes 
college in Cambridge shall have my landes in Malton. He 
mentions also Arthur Palmere my syster sone, my syster 
Anne his mother, William Weddered his mother, my syster 
Johanne, half brother Richard Clerke. Pr. 14 Feb., 1540-1 
(Alenger, 23). 

14 Dec., 1540. SIR HUGHE HASTINGES, of Elsyng, co. Norf. 
I will myn executours shall receyve the rentes of all those 
landes whiche my cosyn Fraunces Hastinges, Edmunde 
Wright, Bryan Strynger, Edmund Hudson, Richard Smythe, 
Agnes Brigges, wedowe, Robert Medylton, Robert Hudson, 
and Richard Newyke, parson of Smeton, now occupien in 
Fenwyke, Norton, Mosseley, Smeton, Southcavs, Snayth, 
Pollyngton, Askerne, Elmeshall, Thorp in Balne, Barnby super 
Don, Cusseworth, and Bramwith, in the countie of Yorke, and 
of my manours of Wellowe and Grymeston in the countie of 
Notyngham, during the terme of elleven yeres. To pay my 
daughters Anne and Elizabeth ccx marks each, and after 
elleven yeres my son John to have the laudes. Wife Kateryn 
to have jewelles, &c. My executours to bring up my nevewe 
Laurence Nevell until my sone John do accomplishe xxj years. 
Brother in law Sir Thomas Lestraunge, son John. Makes 
coseyn William Hastinges and brother Marteyn Hastinges 
executors. Pr. 9 Feb., 1540-1 (Alenger, 22). 

7 Aug., 1541. SIR WILLIAM HOLLYS, late maire of London, 
knight. To William my sonne my manors in Derbye, 
Nottingham, and Lincoln, thalf of the mannor of Crumwell in 
Rafford in the Countie of Nottingham lately purchased of 
Syr Edmund Knyvett, knight, of the yerely value of xxiiij li., 
and mannor of Houghton in the Countie of Derbye of John 
Babyngton, gentilman, in defaulte of yssue to the right heyres 
of me. To Fraunces my sonne the mannor of Grarton* in the 
Countie of Yorke lately purchased of therle of Rutland, of 
the yerely value of fourtye poundes. To Dame Elizabeth my 
wife landes in London and countie of Lincoln. Johanne 
Whiddon dough ter unto Anne Whiddon my late dough ter. 
Pr. 17 Dec., 1542 (Spert, 14). 

24 Aug., 1541. WILLIAM LOVINGTON, priste, parsonne of 
the parish churche of Sainte Nycholas Olaves in Bredstrete 

* Garton-on-the-Wolds, 


in London, gives to my cousiu Agnes Lovington all suche 
londes as be in the towne of Wolenstowne within the parish 
of Belingham* within the busshoprick of Durrani, which John 
Lovington, late deceased, brouther unto the saide Agnes, dyed 
pocessid of. Pr. 5 Sept., 1541 (Alenger, 34). 

6 May, 1542 (34 Hen. VIII). JOHN LUND, citizen and 
haberdassher, of London. To be buryed in the churche of 
Saynt Michel 1 in Woodstrete in London. John Rychardson 
my brother, Joane his wyfe, Isabell Robertes my syster, 
dwelling in the parishe of Rothewell in the countie of Yorke, 
Adam Lund my kynseman, Cycelye Lund mother of the sayde 
Adam, Isabell wyfe of Robert ... of Newson in the parishe of 
Wresyll in the. countie of Yorke, Thomas Lund of Reydon in 
Norff. Resydue to Alice my wyfe. Pr. 29 June, 1542 (Spert, 7.) 

14 May, 1542 (34 Hen. VIII). SIB WILLIAM PYKERING, 
kn*.f To be buried in the churche of Saint Ellyn within 
Bisshoppegate. Sonne William all plate and my right in 
manors. Doughter Anne Pickeryng six poundes thirtene 
shillinges and foure pence during lyfe. George Pickeryng my 
base borne sonne vj li. xiij s. iiij d. yerely owt of my londes in 
the towne of Catwyke in Holdernes. Wife Elinor, mother 
to the said William, over that whiche the lawe grauntith 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. yerely. To Anthony Pykeryng Iiij s. iiij d. 
yerly owte of my londes iu the countie of Yorke. I will that 
Bartilmew Story my servaunt shalhave the bailywike of 
Netherdall in the said countie during the leasse and to have 
yerely fourty shillinges. Pr. 6 Feb., 1542-3 (Spert, 15). 

15 Oct., 1542. LEONARD JOHNSON, citezen and stockfisshe- 
monger. To be buried in the porche under the steple of 
Saint Martyn the Orgar. To William Johnson my cosyn, nowe 
beyng in Spayne, fourtye poundes. To Elizabeth and Alice 
Johnson, my brother's doughters, fyve poundes each, and for 
the other twoo susters Kateryn and Agnes, I comitte them to 
the discrecion of Alice my wife. To Christofer Johnson, 
parson of Stanton in Nottinghamshire, my gown and xls. 
taken of my landes in Heckelyng.J Pr. 27 Feb., 1542-3 
(Spert, 16). 

23 Oct., 1542. RICHARD WYLKINGSON, citizen and mercer, 
of London. To be buryed in the churche of Seynt Anthonye. 
Wyfe Anne, mother Johanne Aleyn, wydowe, brother Symon 
Wilkinson, brother Thomas Aleyn. To the reparacons of the 
high noyoies wayes iu Blackwell in the parishe of Darlington 

* Bellingham, co. Nortbants, or Bellingham by Stockton, 
t He died 19 May, 1542. His M.I. is in Stow's London, i, 431. 
} Hickling. 


iij li. vj s. viij d. Uncle William Wilkingson and his wyfe. 
Cosyns William Bery, Leonard Etherington, Thomas Parrys, 
mercer, Thomas Assendell. Pr. 21 Nov., 1542 (Spert, 13). 

5 Apr., 1543. WILLIAM WYLKYNSON, citezen and mercer, 
of London. Johane wife, Thomasyn, Jane, Frances, and 
Christian, my doughters. Symonde Wilkynsoii my brother, 
Alice Brawnson suster. Nevewe Symonde Wilkynson. To 
the amendinge of the high waves, &c., aboute the towne of 
Blakwell (? co. Durham), where I was borne, tenne poundes. 
Pr. 21 Nov., 1543 (Spert, 27). 

25 June, 1543, confirmed 1546. JOHN CONYNGSBYE, of 
North Mymmes in the County of Herts., esquier. Executors 
to sell lands in Hellowe* of Swaeldale in the County of York 
lately purchased of nephew Christofer Conyngesbye. Pr. 26 
June, 1554 (More, 28). 

6 Nov., 1543. BARTHILMEWE FOSTER, Citizen and girdeler, 
of London. To be buryed in the churche of Saint Laurence 
in the olde Jurye. To brother Anthonye Foster fourty 
shillinges. To be bestowed within the parishe of Saint Peters in 
By well in the countie of Northumberlande vjs. viijd. in diriges 
nnd masses, and amonges poure people. Residue to Joane my 
wife, executrice. Pr. 6 Dec., 1543 (Spert, 29). 

1 Jan., 1543-4. ROBERT PROUDPOTE, priest, late vicar of 
Belton. To be buried in the churche or churcheyarde of 
Alhalowes in Willoughbye on the Wolde. I will be brought 
to the grounde as it shall please my cosyn Robert Hall and 
my cosyn his wife, and as touching my goodes I have gyven 
him them freely, and make him executor. Pr. 1 June, 1545 
(Pynnyng, 30). 

6 June, 1545. FRAUNCES STYLECRAGE, citizen and carpenter, 
of London. To be buried in the church of Our Lady in Alder- 
manbury. To my mother Johanne Stylecrage, other wyse 
called Jenett Stylecrage, dwelling in Wharleton in the Bushop- 
ryke of Durham, and to John Stylecrage my brother, and to 
Alyce and Eliz. my sussters, tenne poundes. Residue to Eliz. 
my wif, executrix. Pr. 9 Apr., 1556 (Wrastley, 11). 

3 Aug., 1545. SIR JOHN ALEN, kn fc , Alderman of London.f 
He gives his son Christopher Alen the manors and lands in 
Baltherton, Knapthorpe, otherwise Cnapthorpe, Codyngton, 
Barnabe co. Nott., and Hawnby, Clynt, Hoterington, Muston, 
Fyle, Blaktofte, Redhouse, Skagelthorpe, and More Monkton, 
co. York. Pr. 15 Jan., 1545-6 (Alen, 1). 

* Healaugh. f Lord Mayor of London 1535. 


27 Sept., 1545. JOHN DOKETT (or DUCKETT), citizen and 
mercer, of London. To be buried iu the church of S* Lawrens, 
Old Jury. Wife Thomasin, children Martha and Stephen, 
brother Lionel Duckett. Gives to poor of Flyntham iiij li., of 
Sybthorpe, Sereton, Kneton, and Syryston* in Nottyngham 
xx s. Pr. 23 Jan., 1545-6 (Alen, 2). 

(No date.) EGBERT HANSON, Yicar of Lytle Myssenden. To 
be buried in the parish church of S* Peter's, Chaulfont. To 
the said church one vestment and a pair of iron racks. To 
the church of Myssenden a vestment, of Huthersfelde one 
vestment and a frontal, of Ambry (Almondbury) a vestment, 
of Yeland (Elland) one vestment, of Darfeld one vestment. 
To Himsorth Chappell one vestment. To the poor of Great 
Myssenden xiij s. iiij d., of S fc Peter's, Chalfont, xxvj s. viij d. 
To the prisoners of Aylesbury ij s. To Richard Lyon, of 
Chalfont, all my goods and my copyhold there to keep an obit 
for xx years. To my cousen M 1 ' Hanson, of Oxford, all my 
books. To M 1 ' Okewell, of Great Missenden, my velvet tippet 
and a book. Pr. 4 Nov., 1545 (Pynnyng, 41). 

4 Oct., 1545. JOHN WATSON, of the parishe of our blessed 
lady at Stroud in the County of Mydd., arowehedmaker. To 
Thomas Watson my brother and to his heires all those two 
acres and one haulf acre of errable land lyeing nere the 
landes of John Barbor in the newe assarte in Cawood in the 
County of Yorke, whiche I, the sayd John Watson, nowe have 
by the free gifte of one Thomas Watson, nowe deceased, late 
father of us the sayd John and Thomas Watson. Pr. 4 Nov., 

1545 (Pynnyng, 42). 

23 Dec., 1545. JOHN PAEKAR, prest and parsonne of 
Stanesfeld, co. Suff. To be buried in the churchyard there. 
He gives amongst his parishioners of Elwick, co. Durham, vli. 
He mentions last half yeres farme of my benefice of Elwicke. 
Pr. 4 May, 1547 (Alen, 34). 

27 May, 1546 (38 Hen. VIII). GEORGE BRIGGES, citizen 
and merchant tailor, of London. To be buried at S 1 Mighill 
in Cornhill. He gives William Derbyshire of Henor, in co. 
Nott., vli., and to the parish of Estwood, co. Nott., a crosse 
of value of xxvj s. viij d. Residue to his wife Alice. Pr. 7 Oct., 

1546 (Alen, 21). 

1 June, 1546. RICHARD BEVERCOTTES of the close of 
Lincoln. To be buried in the Cathedral there. To have a 
dirige and masse at Newarke. To the mending of Barr Yate 
and churche warkes there iij li. vj s. viij d. To wife Margaret 
lands at Newark, after to Thomas Massingberd and Alice his 

* Syerston. 


wife, my daughter. Thomas Massiugberd my son. Brother 
Awsten Massingberd ; brother Anthony Bevercottes. Pr. 
29 Nov., 1546 (Alen, 23). 

1 Edw. VI (1547-8). THOMAS EDGAR,* of Barmondsey in 
the countie of Surrey, esquier. To be buryed in the chauncell 
of the church of Mary Magdaleyn there. Wife Elizabeth my 
house in London, nece Dorothe sister to Alice Gibson, Robert 
Edgar, Nicholas Edgar my kyniiesman, William Edgar father 
to said Nicholas. I give my manors of Burton Constable, Hunton 
Garreston, Hunthank, and Clyfton in the countie of Yorke to 
the reverend father in God, Bushopp of Saint Assaph, during 
the life of Alice Gibson my neace, and after her death to 
Edgar Gibson her sonne and my godsonne, and after his 
deceasse to my right heires. And wheras I am seazed of the 
manours of Igmanthorp, Kirkedighton, Newson, Ferman,t 
Loftehouse, Susacres, and Ayzerley in the countie of Yorke, 
and of landes there which I lately purchased of Robert 
Roose, esquire, my mynde is all the landes shall descende 
to my right heyre and his hey res. Pr. 23 May, 1547 (Alen, 35). 

18 Aug., 1547. JOHN HALL, citizen and goldsmith. To be 
buried in the church of S* Gyles withoute Crepulgate. Son 
Edward Hall. William yonger son of William Hall the elder, 
my brother. John brother of said William Hall. William 
Hall son of Robert Hall, my brother. Wife Katherine. 
Elizabeth Hacke my sister. I give to the reparacon of the 
parishe churche of Gotam co. Nott xls. Pr. 16 Nov., 1547 
(Alen, 48). 

26 Oct., 1549. WILLIAM TWYDAYLL, of Gresbye co. Line., 
now being in the parish of S fc Oswald's co. Duresme. To be 
buried in the church of S* Oswald's. Will made at Gresbe 
19 Feb. last to stand in full strength, son Thomas executor. 
Pr. 5 Feb., 1550-1 (Bucke, 4). 

28 June, 1550. THOMAS LANGTON, citizen and skynner, of 
London. Son Thomas ; brother Richard Langton. I give to 
be distributed to the poor of Kingeston upon Hull, where I 
was born, 10. Sermons in the church of St. Dunstan's in 
the East, London, where I am a parishioner. Cousin 
Christopher Langton ; his son Thomas. To 8 scholars at 
Oxford and Cambridge, at the discretion of Mr. Howper, 
bishop elect of Gloucester, etc. Pr. 25 Feb., 1550-[l] 
(Bucke, 6). 

17 July, 1550 (4 Edw. VI). SIR WALTER BONHAM, of 
Hakney, knight. Wheras Sir John Gresham the yonger 
hath assuryd to me the manner of Lytton in Craven, and 

* See Yorkshire Fines, Tudor, i, 101. f Farnham. 


landes in Grenefelroshe, Haultongill, Foxhope, Over Hessyldon, 
nether Hessyldon, Slayghtes, Skodderhalle, and Fountance 
Hall, of the yerely value of fiftye poundes, fyve shillinges and 
eleven pence, upon coiidycon that yf Sir John do paye the 
somme of dccclxxx poundes that then the sale to be void. 
Yf S r John do not paye the some then Kellam and Clement 
Throgmorton shall have the half of the manner of Lytton, 
&c., and the other half my executours shall sell. Pr. 20 Aug., 

1551 (Bucke, 22). 

5 Mar., 1551. JOHN ROGERS, citizen and clotheworker, of 
London. To Richard Rogers of Hartyll in the countie of 
Yorke, my eldest brother, tenne poundes. To every of the 
children of the same Richard fourtie shillinges. To John 
Rogers of Wales in the said countie, my second brother, tenne 
poundes, and every of the children of the said John fourtie 
shillinges. To William Rogers of Wodall in the said countie, 
my third brother, tenne poundes. To every of the children 
fourtie shillinges. To Isabell Reade my syster sixe poundes 
tkirteene shillinges and foure pence. To every of the children 
fourtie shillinges. To Margaret my syster, Belches wief, 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. To every of the children fourtie shillinges. 
To John Hewet my apprentice fiftie poundes. Johane my 
wief. Syster Jane, William Syms wief, tweiitie poundes. To 
John Syms her sonne tweiitie poundes, to every other of her 
children fourtie shillinges. Hughe Parker of London, 
plaisterer, tenne poundes. To Annes syster, to Hughe wief, 
and John Cotes, tenne poundes. To Margaret sister of Annes 
Cotes fourtie shillinges. Pr. 2 April, 1552 (Powell, 10). 

27 June, 1551. RICHARD STANSFELDE, Esquier, citizen 
and skynner, of London. Gives lands in Eland, Greteland, 
Barsland, Hutherfeld, Shepeley, Ardesley, to Isabell Cooke, 
daughter, for life. Pr. 16 Dec., 1551 (Bucke, 36). 

20 Aug., 1552. ROBERT BENSON, of Kingston upon Thames, 
gentilman. To be buried in the Trinity Chancel in the parish 
church of Kingston. To Johan Benson, mother, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. 
To brethren and sisters in the County of York, vj li. xiij s. iiij d., 
divided. To sister Cicely xl s. To poor of Knaresborough 
xx s. Eldest son Richard, second son Thomas, third son 
William, sons Robert, Henry ; daughters Christian, Marie, 
Johane. Wife Mary, brother Thomas Benson. Pr. 5 Oct., 

1552 (Powell, 25). 

2 Sept., 1552 (6 Edw. VI). ROBARTE PAKENHAM, of Totinge 
becke (Tooting Bee) in the Countie of Surr., Esquier. Elizabeth 
my wiffe, on jewel set with stones, which was my Lady Loveles. 
To my sonnes Edmond, John, Anthony Pakenham, and to 


suche other childe whiche hereafter I shall have, all my 
manner, landes which I have purchased, and also my ferme 
and terme of yeares of and in Kyrkystall in the Countie of 
Yorke. Pr. 30 Nov., 1552 (Powell, 32). 

17 May, 1553. THOMAS LOWNJJK, citizein and grocer, 
London. To be buried in the churche yarde of Saint Mary 
Magdalene in Milkestrete. Goodes in three partes, one to 
Katheryn my wief, one to Margaret my doughter, one unto 
myself. I bequeath towardes the reparacons of the highe 
wayes in the lane called Kexbye lane nighe the Citie of Yorke 
tenne poundes, and other tenne poundes towardes the wayes 
upon cawsey betwene Kexbye and Wilton. To my poore 
kynsfolkes at Poklington. teune poundes. Brother Jerrard 
Lownde, Johane his doughter, uncle John Smythe. Pr. 3 Aug., 
1556 (Ketchyn, 11). 

23 June, 1554. AUGUSTINE HYNDE,* citizen and alderman, 
of London. He gives to Augustyne Hynde his second son 
all his lands in Laxton and Upton, Co. Notts., and in Hartehill 
in the County of York. Pr. 9 Mar., 1563-4 (More, 6). 

8 Sept., 1554. LEONARD HUCHESON, clerk, of Crowtoii als. 
Crolton, Northants, clerk. Poor of Bladon, Kensyngton, 
Northawlerton, S. Egidius in Durham. Margaret Hucheson 
als. Taylor in Durham. Robert Wilkynson in Durham. Pr. 
25 Oct., 1554 (More, 9). 

27 Feb., 1554-5. ANTHONY CALVERLEY, of S l Magnus, 
London, marchauntailor. To Isabell Harper, of Calverley, my 
mother, twenty pounds. The residue of goods to be devided 
in two parts, one to Alice my wellbeloved wife, and the other 
amongst my three children. She to be executrix. Pr. 14 Mar., 
1554-5 (More, 21). 

28 May, 1555. CHRISTOFER VAVESSER, of litle .Seynt 
Bartholmew, London, Marchaunt Taylor. To be buried in the 
church of S fc Bartholomew, wherein I dwell. Wheras I of 
late being a bachelor and maried the widowe of Thomas 
Slater, a very kynde and lovinge woman unto me, having a 
childe named Anne Slater, I give her v li. The third part of 
my lands in Yorkshire to my wife during life, and the residue. 
Pr. 21 June 1555 (More, 28). 

18 Nov., 1555. CHRISTOFER RICHARDSON, Citizen and dyer, 
of London. Blizabethe Richardson my brother's doughter. 
John Richardson, dwellinge at Dorram, Alice his doughter, 
G-eorge Richardson, of Hagarstone, cosyn John Smythe, 

* Augustine Hinde, clothworker and alderman, died 10 August, 1554 ; buried 
at St. Peter's, Eastcheap. M.I., Stowc, i, 625. 


William Richardson, of Horton in Northomberland. I will 
that Willyam Richardson, clarke, and M r Gregory Richardson, 
and John Richardson, of Twedmothe, and Andrewe Mope, 
of Barwycke, have every of them a golde ringe. Brother 
Langam. Cicilie Richardson my wif all my landes, executrix. 
Pr. 12 May, 1556 (Ketchyn, 6). 

13 Feb., 1555-6. ALICE JACKSON, of S fc Clement, East- 
cheape, London, widow, late wife of Benet Jackson, citizen 
and butcher. To Nicholas Inchebolde, of Gersborne in York- 
shire, iij li. To churches of our ladie, Golbroghte, Saincte 
Andrewes in Albroughte, and S fc James of Burghebrigge, three 
banners of silk. Pr. 4 Mar., 1555-6 (More, 41). 

11 May, 1556. SIR RICHARD DOBBYS, knight, citizen and 
Alderman of London. To be buried in the parishe churche of 
Saynt Margaret Moyses in Frydaie Strete. Goodes in three 
partes, one to Dame Alice my wief, one to my doughters 
Margaret Stokmeade and Elizabeth Eglysfelde equally, the 
thirde to myself. To my brother Andrew Dobbis, dwelling in 
Cliff in the parishe of Hemyngbrough in the countie of Yorke, 
whear I was borne, ten poundes. John my brothers sonne. 
Pr. 15 June, 1556 (Ketchyn, 8). 

27 June, 1556. ROBERT HARRYSON, citizen and grocer, 
London. To be buried in the churche yarde of Alhalowe in 
Hony Lane. Margaret my wief, Mighell, John and Elizabeth 
my children. To Willyam Webster of Nottyngham iij s. iiij d. 
To Alice my fathers sister at Barton in the Beanes iij s. iiij d. 
Pr. 25 Sept., 1556 (Ketchyn, 14). 

2 Aug., 1556. THOMAS ANTAN, of Stratfild Sey co. South- 
ampton, clerke. Wife Katherine, sons Thomas, George and 
James, daughters Alice, Mary, Isabell, Elizabeth, Anne, 
Dorothee, brothers John, James, Henrye Chamberleyn. Men- 
tions lands in Castilford co.York. Pr. 29 Nov., 1558 (Welles, 1). 

10 Aug., 1556. JOHN BELL, preiste, of Clerkenwell. To 
the poore of Tadcaster fyve poundes. (Many bequests to 
Oxford.) Pr. 24 Oct., 1556 (Ketchyn, 18). 

14 Aug., 1556 (3 Philip and Mary). THOMAS DERELOVE, of 
London, Citizen and vintner. Mentions Robert Derlove, the 
brother of Richard Derlove, of Harrygate near unto the 
forest of Knaresbroughe. Wife Anne. Pr. 6 Sept., 1558 
(Noodes, 41). 

18 July, 1557. AMBROS WOOLLEY, of Water Lambeth in 
the Countie of Surry, esquire. Aw drey my wiffe, fifty poundes 
owte of my mannor of Huddelston and Sherborn during her 
liff, to be payed by my sonne in lawe Richarde Terrell, 


esquire, myn executor. Daughter Jeritrude Vaughan, nevew 
Robert Wool ley, cosen G-ylbart sonne of my cosen Henry 
Wolley. Manor of Wylstrope to Grace Terrell my daughter, 
and for defaut of heire to Thomas Terrell sonue of my 
daughter Izabell Worthington. Residue to Richarde Terrell, 
sole executor. Pr. 31 Mar., 1559 (Welles, 50). 

1 Sept., 1557. JOHN HALYLE. To be buried in the 
church of S fc Martyn's, Outewiche, in the chappell of our lady 
there so nye my late wif Elizabeth there buryed. To my 
brother William Halile, thelder, one howse in Fishestrete, if 
William die before Elinor his wife then I give her the house 
for life, and after both deceassea to William Halile, yonger 
son of said William. To my brother Robert Halile and to his 
heires my manor of Gilmanby within the Archdeaconry of 
Richemonde, of the yerely value of xij li. To my brother 
Edward Halile a house in East Cheap. To my brother 
Richard a house in the Paltry. To my sister Isabell, now or 
late wife of Rauf Wilson, a goblet. To my sister More a 
bole. To my sister Alice, wife of William Turpyn, six spoons. 
To Julyan Beane my late wife's daughter a house in Bread 
Street and six goblets. To Thomas Wilkynson, of London, 
cordwainer, and to Isabell his wife my neice, daughter to my 
brother Edward, a house in Garlick Lith. To Richard Halyle 
my servant, my brother Edwarde son, a howse. To William 

Newby, of Kirk Fenton, and to my neice his wife, 

daughter of my brother Robert Halile. To William, Anthony, 
John, Robert, sons of my brother Robert Halile, a silver 
crewse. To Jane my brother Robert's daughter three goblets. 

To my neice my brother Halile daughter, wiffe of 

Laycock, a crewse. To my neice my brother Edwards 
daughter, two houses at S. Garlick hithe. To my neice Anne 
daughter of my brother Edward, black for mourning. To 
my cousin Thomas Stedeman, of Sherebone in Elmet, 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. Residue to John son of my brother Robert, 
and Richard son of brother Edward, with John and Richard 
executors. Dated at Newcastell in the presence of Sir Robert 
Brandling, kn*, Cuthbert Ellyson, merchant, Humphry Carr, 
yoman, Tho s Sawbery, yeoman, William Cotier, yeoman. 
Pr. 18 Sept., 1557 (Wrastley, 35). 

6 Sept., 1557. CHRISTOPHER DODGESON, of Dray ton, Middx. 
(son and heir of John Dodgeson, late Alderman of the City 
of York)-, now servant to the Right Hon ble Lord W m Pagett, 
Lord Privy Seal. To be buried in the parish church of 
Harmesworfche, but if I die in London in the church of Great 
S fe Bartholomew in West Smithfield. Pr. 13 Aug., 1558 
(Noodes, 37). 


14 Jan., 1557-8. SILVESTER TODDE, of Tynwell in co. 
Kutland bequeaths to Silvester Sylliharde my godsonne, my 
farme of Byton in Yorkshire. Pr. 13 May, 1558 (Noodes, 21). 

22 Feb., 1557-8. WILLIAM WALKEE, of Davyes Tnne in the 
parishe of Saincte Andrewe in Holborn. To be buryed in 
Saincte Andrewes churche. I bequeathe all my landes lying 
nye the towne of Richemound in Yorkeshir to the wardeyne 
of thospitall of Saincte John baptist lately founded at Kirkeby 
Raven swathe by Doctor Dakyn by whatsoever name they be 
incorporate, so that the said hospitall doo paye to Annie 
Porter and to her heires forever yerelie tenne poundes. To 
Margery James the wif of ... James fortie shillinges after the 
deceace of Sir William Walker and S r Richard Walker. To 
the poore in Richemounde fyve poundes. Doctor Dakyn and 
S r William Walker, executors. Pr. 28 Feb.,1 557-8 (Noodes,10). 

23 Mar., 1557-8. CUTHBEBT THOMSON, citizen and brewer, 
of S fc Lawrence, Poultney, London. To be buried in the 
church there. To poor of Thorneton Stewarde and for 
mending of the highways liij s. iiij d. Mentions his sister 
. . . Thomson, now or late of Middleham. Mary wife, Robert 
son, brothers Richard Thomson, Frances Kighley . Pr. 1 7 May, 
1558 (Noodes, 24). 

26 July, 1558. JOHN MACHELL, S l Peter, Westcheape, 
citizen and alderman of London. Gives manor of Burneshed 
in countie of Westmorland to Johane wife for life, after to 
John son and heir, in default of issue to Matthew 2 d son, 
Thomas 3 d son. Pr. 10 Oct., 1558 (Noodes, 65). 

9 Aug., 1558. WILLIAM RIGGE, esquire, of Straglethorpe, 
co. Line. Mentions Norwell and Norwell Woodhouse, and 
lands in North Carltoii, Coddington, Newark, Fiskerton, 
Grange, and Gaunton, co. Nott. Anne his wife, Edmonde, 
Richard, Thomas, William his sons, Jane, Judith, Elizabeth 
his daughters. Thomas his brother. Pr. 20 Oct., 1558 
(Noodes, 62). 

5 Sept., 1558. RICHARD HUTTON, citizen and carpinter, of 
London. To be buried in All Hallowes, Stayning. To the 
poor folkes of the townes of Alborowe, Burrowbrigge, and 
Roclif in the said parish of Alborowe xxx s., and for masse, 
dirige and light to be said in the said parish of Alborowe 
tenne shillings, to be ordered by the discreacions of Robert 
Sympson and my cousen Richard Jonson of the said parrish. 
Mentions Jane, wife, William Hutton, clerk e, brother, John 
Knevett, father in law. Pr. 5 Oct., 1558 (Noodes, 51). 



,, RICHARD, 109 


THOMAS, 100 








,, LADY JANE, 73 




YORK, 232 

,, JAMES, 139 










JOHN, 212 


,, DAME MAUD, 91 

,, SIR THOMAS, 87 

,, ROBERT, 27 

,, THOMAS, 142 
Roo, JOHN, 244 
Roos, SIR ROBERT, 49 

,, WILLIAM, 8 

HENRY, 64 

,, JOHN, 64 


,, NICHOLAS, 179 

,, CUTHBEBT, 232 

,, JOHN, LORD, 68 


,, SIB JOHN, 200 


,, WILLIAM, 198 

THOMAS, 196 


BELL, JOHN, 294 
EGBERT, 292 

BOOR, JOHN, 249 

HALL, JOHN, 291 
THOMAS, 263 


* Page 264. Misprint. For Henrysone, read Heuysone. 




ALICE, 294 

THOMAS, 291 
LUND, JOHN, 288 
LYU.E, JOHN, 269 



,, ELIZABETH, 260 
RicHARDSon, JOHN, 264 
CHR., 293 



JOHN, 273 
,, RALPH, 285 
,, RICHARD, 272 













JOHN, 290 


WEST, JOHN, 275 





THOMAS, 273 









N.B. The letter H after the page refers to the note. The names of the places 
are printed as far as possible in the way they are now spelt. 

Abbey, Bry., 109 

Aberford, 271 

Abingdon, 252 

Acklam, 185 

Acklington, 157 

Ackton, 116-7, 124 

Ack worth, 257 

Acomb, 208 

Acton, Bic., 27 

Adaill, Jno., 204 

Adamson, Jno., 184 

Addison, Jno., 173 

Ade, Jno., 194 

Adwick, 129, 272-8 

Agincourt, 8, 50n 

Ainsworth, An., Eliz., 237; Hy., Jane, 

236; Juo., 23G-7; Nic., 253; Ra., 

236-7; Eic., 237 
Aislaby, 27(5-7 
Akeld, 255 
Alanson, Eob., 171 
Alatt, Gilb., Hugh, Eic., Eob., 132 
Albernia, Bart., 47-8 
Aloester, 251 

Aldborough, 76-7, 104, 253, 294, 296 
Aldie, Nic., 238 

Aldwark, 129, 176, 190, 219 
Alen, Aleyn, Anne, Jno., 288; Chr., 

289 ; Sir E., 197; Sir J., 289; Tho.. 

158, 212, 288; Wm., 119 
Alestre, Jno. , 81 
Alfold, 130 
Algarkirk, 12 
Alington, 223 
Alker, 229 
Alkyngton, 150 

Allcnson,Allyson, Jno. 157-8 ; Marg. 171 
Allerthorp, Laur., 251 
Allerton, 84, 183 
Allington, 223 
Allwod, Juo., 98 
Alrnan, Jno., 37 
Almayne, Jno., Tho., 44 
Almholme, 215 
Almondbury, 290 
Alnham, 282, 284 
Alveley, 130 

Aln wick, 63, 142,280 ; Wm.,45w, 265-6, 


Alvingham, 239 
Ambros, Marg., 131 
Ampleforth, 186, 247 
Amyas, Eliz., 124 
Anderby, Wm., 255 
Anderson, Awnderson,Agn., 232 ;Edw., 

Pet., 143; Eliz., Hy., 144; Har., 

235-6; Jno., 157; Eic., 143, 155; 

Tho., 159 

Anderton, Jas., 116 
Audree, Jno., 13 
Andrew, Al., 98, 109; Brian, 98, 98/i ; 

EL, 267; Jno., 98, 109, 110 ; Job., 

98 ; Mab., 109 ; Eic., 98, 100, 109 
Aulaby, 173; Elean., 284 
Antan, Al., Anne, Dor., Eliz., Geo., 

Is., Jas., Jno., Marg., Th., 294 
Anwarp, 153 
Anyson, Hy., 93 
Aparke, Joh., Sir M., Sim., 280 
Aphowell, Jno., 114-5 
Appleby, 247, 281 ; Jno. de, 247, 254 
Appleton, 261, 271 
Appowell, TMaud, 93 
Appulby, Jno., 86 
Archebade, Jno., 236 
Archer, Marg., 158 
Archules, Jno., 175 
Ardern, Sir Guy, Sir P., Tho., 257 
Ardernes, 253 
Ardsley, 65, 292 
Ardyngton, 253 
Argall, Mrs., 222; Tho., 221 
Arksey, 117, 215-6 
Armoree, Jno., 6 
Armorer, Geo., 199 
Armstrong, Gab., 131 
Arnesby, Eic., 44 
Arnewayes, 136 
Arnold, 71 

Arosmyth, Eauf, 115 
Arthington, 48 
Arthure, Sir T., 121 
Arundel, 118; Earl, 234; Marg., 49 

Tho., 22 
Ascar, 245 
Ash, 150 



Ashby, 69-71, Ion, 77 

Ashley, Cuth., 193 

Ashover, 100, lOOr?, 101, 205 

Ashridge, 264 

Askby,Wm.. 44 

Askeby, Bob., 247 

Askeham, Walt., 15 

Askern, 287 

Askrigg, 245, 251 

Askue, Chr., 128 

Askwith, 79 

Aslaby, 71 

Assendell, Tho., 289 

Asserlys, Wm., 7 

Assheby, Joyce, Eic., Wm., 178 

Aston, 64 

Atkinson, Atkynson, Chr., 236, 237: 

Jno.,165, 275; Sir Kobt., 199 ; Tho., 

282; Wm., 75 
Atwick, 187 
Atythie, Chr., 220-3 
Aubell, 157 
Auburn, 187 

Auckland, 16, 53, 159, 169, 171, 25-3 
Audeley, Samp., 173 
Austyn, Jno., 57; Wm., 50 
Avintan, Jane, 241 
Ax, Marg., 269 
Axholme, 36-8, 67, 80 
Aylesbury, 290 
Aylesford, 192-3 
Aylesham, Chris., Eliz., Jno., Joan, 

Kath., 252 
Ayleston.Walt., 10 
Aylmer, Ant., 275; EL, Eic., 58; 

Laur., Tho., 276; Sir J., 61; Sir 

L., 138 
Aysgarth, 248 
Ayton, 53, 248 
Azerley, 291 


Baas, Eic., 1U7 

Babington, Ant., 100, 102, 104 ; Barn.. 
102-4; Ed., 100, lOOn; Elyn, 102; 
Geo., 103-4; Hy., 100; Jno., 101, 
287; Kath., 100-2; Marg., EaL, Sir 
J.,100; Sir W., 103; Tho., 100-1, 103 

Babthorpe, Alys., Eliz., Marg., Tho.. 
253; Mr., 175, 193; Wm., 64, 120, 

Backhouse, Jno., 232; Bol.,97; Tho.,78 

Bacon, Edw., 140; EaL, 231 

Badbye, EmL, 172 

Badsworth, 116, 233 ; Sir J., 257 

Bagesley, 80 

Bagshot, 129 

Bagthorpe, 254 

Bagworth, 71, 77 

Baildon, Cec., 259n 

Bailey, Tho., 241 

Baker, Jno., 19, 128, 138; Eic., 139; 

Sir J., 191; Wm., 242 
Bakfuz.Wm., 11 
Balderton, 278, 289 
Balue, Edm., 180 
Bamburgh, 157, 281 
Bampton, 86 
Banaster, Ad., Eic., 282 
Banbury, 55n 
Banke, Bankes, EL, Wm., 158; Eic., 

115; Tho., 271 
Bannes, Jno., 192-3 
Banyster, Jno., 237 
Barbor, Jno., 282, 290 ; Wm., 47 
Barde, Edm., 23; Joan, Wm., 276 
Bardesby, Eliz., 67 
Bardney, 264 
Bardsey, 79 
Barforth, 193 
Barham, Jas., 213 
Barke, Jen.,Wm., 215 
Barker, Ad., Em., Marg., 218; Jane, 

Jno., Wm., 217; Eog., 282; Tho., 

132, 218 

Barking, 26, 85, 106, 108 
Barkislancl, 292 
Barlborough, 178 
Barlby, 53 
Barley, 5 

Baraieton, Jno., 89 
Barmston, 258 
Barnaby, Isab., 202-3 
Barnard, Jno., 278 
Barnard Castle, 169, 285 
Barnby, 33, 2515, 278, 287, 289; Ed\v., 

Nic., 81; Wm., 15 
Barnes, 273 
Barnet, 69n, 129 
Barnsley, 259 
Barnyngham, Tho. ,-174 
Barowe, Barro\v,70-l; Kath., Wm.,39; 

Eic., Tho., 266 
Bai-tindale, Chr., 230 
Bartlett, 196; EaL, 202 ' 
Barton, 99-100, 162, 205; Hy., 128, 

185, 261; Tho., 248, 294 
Bartram, Geo., 166; Wm., 181 
Barum, Eob., 57 
Bar way, 130 
Barwick, 120; Av., 198; Gab., 123, 


Barytt, Eob., 244 
Basford, 122 
Basingstoke, 130 
Basset, Jno., 38; Sir 11., 184 
Bassingbourn, 130, 251 
Bassingthwaite, Alex., 263 
Bate, Jno., 202 
Bateman, Anne, Bea., 276; Jno., 109; 

Joh.,277; Nic., 273, 276; Piers, 110 
Bath.Wm., 156 
Bathon, Hum!., 118 



Battersby, Eic., 67; Wm., 175 

Battle, 129?i 

Baty, Marg., Rog., 86 

Batys, Mr., 184 

Bawkwell, Chr., 218 

Bawtry, 218, 254 

Baxter, Anne, 143; Edw.,139; Jno.,58, 

266; Mat., 139; Rob., Tho., 266 
Bay ham, 129 
Bayly, Mr., 128 
Baynbrigg, Ray., 97 
Bayneton, Den., Hum!., Jno.,Wm., 265 
Bayton, Geo., 193 
Beadlam, 186 
Beaminster, 33 

Beamont, Lord, 36w; Rob., Win., 256 
Beamsley, 214, 214 
Beane, Jul., 295 
Beauvale, 145, 288 
Beck, Agn., Cec., Ric., Rob., Tho., 

Wm., 278 
Beckwith, Eliz., 49 
Bedoo, Dav., 281 
Beeford, 249 
Beigham, 130 
Bekyngham, Tho., 39 
Belasyse, Ant., 159H-GO, 220; Dr., 

160-1, 223; Jane, 160, 222; Marg., 

160, 222; Ric., 159-61, 220-3; Rob., 

19; Tho., 159, 220n; Wm., 160-1, 


Belby, Tho., 12-3 
Bele.Wm., 13 
Beliter, Har., 244 
Belknap, Edw., 269; Eliz., 265 
Bell, Alex., Art., 235; Dr., 222; Hy., 

121; Jno., 83, 156, 294; Ric., 162; 

Sir C., 170; Sir R., 153 
Bellingham, 288; El., 269; Sir R., 

109-10 ; Tho. , 269, 278 
Bellopt, Jno., 242 
Belot, Jno., 249 
Belper, 102 
Belryngar, Rob., 162 
Belson, Amb., 246 
Belt, Walt., 43 
Beltonfelde, 117 
Belvoir, 184, 188-9 
Belwood,Tho., 265 
Benister, Jno., 215 
Bennett, Tho., 28, 135 
Benningholme, 187 ; Jno., 21 
Benson, Cic., Eliz., Hy., Jno., Ric., 

Rob., Tho., Wm., 285; Cec., Chris., 

Hy., Johan, Mary, Ric., Rob-., Tho., 

Wm., 292; Sir T., 121 
Benstede, An, 59 
Bentham, 114 
Bentley, 8077, 187; Jno., 204 
Beny, Rob., 253 
Benyng, Rob., 63 
Berde, Ric., 132 
Bere, 279 

Berforthe, Ric., 235 

Bermondsey, 291 

Bernard, Bernerd, Ann, 131; Hugh, 

253; Ray., 46-7 
Berners, Lady, 55-6 ; Lord, 55 
Berrington, 187 
Bertet, Ann, 48 
Bertram, Al., Geo., 180?J 
Berwick, 268, 294 ; Chr., 154-5 ; Jno., 

Rob., Tho., 154 
Bery.Wm., 289 
Bestney, Tho., 57 
Beswic'k, 119 

Bevercottes,Ant.,291 ; Marg., Ric., 290 
Beverley, 11, 12, 20-3, 467?, 66-7, 81, 

105, 107, 110, 113. 119, 124>i, 133-4, 

173, 248, 253, 2(54, 266-7, 271, 285; 

Jno. ,23; Ric., 113, 116; Rob.. 20; 

Wm., 247, 269 
Beveryge, Tho., 64 
Bevycote, Joan, 159 ; Rob., 158 
Bewick, Bewyck, 70-1, 76; And., 153-6, 
. 161, 168; Av., Bart., Edw., Geo., 

Hy., 155-6; Jan., 142, 155-6; Jno., 

Pet., Perc., Wm., 155; Rob., 65; 

Tho., 155-6 
Beyngoley, 267 
Biddenham, 263 
Bikbury, Jno. de, 3-4 
Bilbie, Sim., 170 

Bilbourne, Eliz., Rob., Tho., Wm., 275 
Bilsdale, 185, 187 
Binchester, 168 
Bingley, 79 

Bird, Geo., 154; Jno., Ric., 78 
Birdcastyn, 25 
Birkby, 234, 249 
Birne, Jno. de, 4 
Bisham, 129, 129, 257 
Bishop Burton, 133, 187, 264 
Bishopthorpe, 208, 233 
Bister, 245 
Bittern, 33 
Blabeke, Mab., 287 
Blaby, 251 

Blackburn, 253; Jane, 171; Ric., 12,83 
Blackden, Cuth. , Jno., Rog., Sym., 

Tho., 283 
Blackmere, 150 
Bladon, 235, 293 
Blakeston.Wm., 21 
Blakett.Wm., 161 
Blaknoll, Mr., 157 
Blaktoft, 256, 286, 289, 
Blakwell, 288-9; Jno., 53 
Blanckby, Pet., 218 
Blande, Hy., 109; Wm., 244 
Blandford, 251 
Blaston, Marm., 276 
Blaterne, 221 

Blaxton, Chr., Jno., Ric., 165 
Bleasby, 70, 278 
Blenkinsop, 142; Jno., 141 ; Tho., 107 



Bletsoe, 53 

Blewe, Geof., 202 

Blount, Barb., 182; Eliz.,Eic.,223H,225 

Bloxwiche, Jno., Wm., 279 

Bluett, Alice, 267 

Blundell, Jno., 283 

Blunt, Cuth., 166 

Blyncolgoe, 1C7 

Blyth, 286; Wm., 203 

Blythburgh, 67 

Blythman, Mar., 170; Win., 165 

Bobbers Mill, 217 

Bodas, 165 

Bokket, Al., 193 

Bolde, Sir E., 253 

Bolinghale, Rob., 256 

Bolington, 264 

Bolinn, Anne, 257 

Bolle, 17; Humf., Jno., Win., 2*0 

Bollesdon, 187 

Boltby, 186 

Bolton, 114, 187, 193, 260; Jno., 255, 

285; Marg.,Kath.,Tho.,255; Eob., 

9, 250, 253, 255 

Abbey, 214?i 

by-Bolland, 27)1-28 

Percy, 70-1 
Bonby, 80 
Boncle, Mr., 282 

Bone, Bonne, Edw., 178; Tho., 129 
Bonham, Sir W., 291 
Bonvile, Lord, 69 u 
Bonyngton, 188 
Boor, Jno., 249 
Bordeaux, 46 
Boreworth, Eic., 35 
Borford, 270 

Borough, Kath., 92-3; Sir T., 92 
Boroughbridge, 208, 253-4, 294, 296 
Borton, 55 ; Nic., 193 
Boseham, Jno., 10-1 
Bosley, 115 
Bossall, Jno., 21 
Bosse, Wm., 52 
Boswell, Jno., 178 ; Wm., 235 
Bosworth, 26n-7, 104n, 120, 144/( 
Botenham, Jno. , 247 
Bothe, Chas., Bal., 265; Dor., 164; 

Jno., 174,265; Tho., 45 
Bothomley, Jno., 237 
Botiller, Em., 3 
Bottesford, 187-8, 255 
Botwell, 130 
Boughe, Mr. , 222 
Boughton, 87, 196 
Bourchier, Jno., 54?i-5; Lady, 91-2 ; 

Sir J., 56 ; Sir H., 55-6 ; Tho., 56 
Bovygate, 191 
Bow, 61 

Bowde, Jno., 139; Tho., 201-3 
Bowden, Gef., Jno., Ba.,Rob.,Wm.,281 
Bowes, Ann, Leon., Tho., Wm., 260; 
Sir E., 170, 184 

Bowkewell, Chr., 218 

Bowland, 285 

Bowman, Jno., 140 ; Bob., 159 

Bowrye, Jas., 156 

Bowthorpe, 253 

Bowyer, Mr., 182 ; Eic., 183 

Boxdon, 253 

Boyse, Jno., 19 

Boyville, Jno., 64 

Brabazon, Ad., Wm., 84 

Bracebridge, 278 

Bradbury, Mat., Phil., 215?) ; Wm., 2^5 

Bradesbye, Jno., 173 

Bradford, 255; Wm., 255 

Bradley, 78, 80; Jas., 110; Wm., 203 

Bradmore, 201 

Bradsha\v,Gilb., 18-9 ; Jno.,56 ; Ea., 114 

Bradston, 130 

Brakenbury, Ant., Cec., El., Hv., 

Mart., Ea., Eic., Sir E., Win., 226 
Br amber, 38 
Bramley, Eic., 175 
Bramwith, 263, 287 
Brancepeth, 151-2, 213, 220 
Brandesby, Mr., 173 
Brandling, Hy., Marg., 167; Sir E. 
Brandon, Ch., 216; Sir C., 216 
Brandsburton, 187 
Bransdale, 187 
Branston, 71, 76 
Brantinghani, 54; Joan, Ric., 

Tho., 248, 256 
Brasted, 196 
Brathwett, Trist., 157 
Bratingham, Eob., 45 
Braunston, 186-7 
Bray, Ley., 93; Sir R., 68 
Braysbridge, Th., 202 
Brayton, 5-7, 244; 111., 5; Ric., 180; 

Eob., 5, 7; Tho., 5-7; Wm., 7 
Brearley, 94n; 115 
Breguse, Jno., 235 
Brendwood, Jno., 123 
Brentingthorp, 71 
Brereton, El., Sir E., 226 
Brewer, Eic., 213 
Brewes, Eliz., Urs., 172; Jane, 171; 

Tho., 85 

Breydon, Agn., 262 
Brian, Al., 3; Tho., 2, 12 
Bridget, Jas., 211 
Bridgnorth, 249 
Brigges, Agn., 287; Geo., 290 
Brigham, 40; Mr., 222 
Brighouse, Jno., 236 
Bright, Pet., 236 ; Wm., 18 
Brightingsea, 271 
Brington, 33 
Brinkburn, 183 
Bristol, 251, 255 
Brodholme, 33 
Broke, Brooke, Edm. . 86 ; Jno. , 226 ; 

Eic., 66; Sir E., 107-8 



Brokeholys, Jno., 11 

Brokesby, 135; Jno., 70 

Brokett, Rob., Wm., 282; Tho., 284 

Brokistowe, 122 

Bromfeld, Tho., 40 

Bromflete, 53 ; Marg., Sir H., 53 

Brompton, 53-4, 229-30, 257 

Brothirs, Wm., 128 

Brough, 180;;; Eliz., Bog., 180n; Win., 


Broughall, 150 
Broughton, 150)) 
Brown, Browne, Broune, Agu. 5'J ; 

Ann, 95, 26-5; Chr., 207, 284; Geo., 

229, 244 ; Jno., 265, 284; Kath. , 265 ; 

Lady L., 129; Mab., 190-1 ; Mr., 277; 

Pet., 21; Eic.,99: Sir A., 129, 129/), 

130, 191-2; Sir J., 275; Tho., 235, 

265, 284; Yin., 284; Wm., 21, 265 
Brownell, Ric. , 201 
Broxolme, Jno., 234 
Brudncll, Eli/,., Tho., 137 
Bruer, Agn.,Wm., 269 
Bruister, Jno. , 216 
Brun, Jno. de, 3, 5 
Bryan, Bri., Marg., Sir T.,Tho., 264 ; 

Ric., 281 
Brychett, Ant., Is., Rowl., Wm., 180; 

Ric., Tho., 286 
Bryddeholine, 273 
Brygham, 40-1 
Brygtyffe, Chr., 159 
Bucke,Ant.,Ra.,Tho., 170; Wm.,175 
Buckuell, 163 
Buckshawe, Ric., 237 
Buckton, 187 
Bugthorpe, lOn, 253 
Bukke, Jno., Tho., 249 
Bulkott.Wrn., 19 
Bullock, And., 179; Hy., 100, 11H 
Bunbury, 247 
Burche, Ric., 64 
Burdelen.Al., 01., 3 
Burclon, 182 
Barges, Hugh, 265 
Burgh, Ant., 128; Eliz., 121?), 191; Jno., 

153-4; Ric., 124; Tho., 23, 121)), 

191, 253 

Wallis, 219, 219n 

Burgoyn, 3-4 

Burlinges, 264 

Burnby, 54, 187, 251 

Burne, 203 

Burneby, Rob., 251 

Burnell.Wm., 240 

Burnshead, 296 

Burmynstre, 248 

Burrell, Borrell, Alex., 165-6; Geo., 

143, 165; Jno., 45, 165-6; Marg., 

Wm., 165 
Burriett, Eliz., 162 
Burro, 162 
Burstrode, Rob., 22 

Burton, 254, 277; Ann, 206; Jno., 

39, 247, 250; Joy., 202; Nic., 183; 

Ric., 255; Rob., 252; Rog., 135; 

Tho., 19, 250; Win., 206, 251 

Constable, 291 

Joyce, 226 

Leonard, 250 
Burwell, 30 
Bury, Mag., 52 
Bushett, Geo., 47 

Bussy, Edw., Jno., Hy., Sir Miles, 27 
Butler, Jas., 279; Jno., 134, 280; Sir 

L., 74; Tho., 280 ; Wm., 228-9, 280 
Butterby, 167 
Button, Jno. , 240 
Buxted, 277 
Bydnell, Wm., 284 
Byers, 249 
Byglond, Jno., 126 
Bygotte, Mr., 180 
Byland, 17 
Byrkes, Ann, Ant., Tho., 277; Jo., 

180; Wm., 159 

Byrley, Anne, Jno., Rob., Wrn., 273 
Byrseye, Wm., 180 
Byrrie, Jno., 241 
Byssett, 233 
By well, 289 

Caister, 162 

Calais, 99, 107-8, 129)), 182, 253,272, 271 

Calbeck, 208 

Calceto, 129?i-130 

Calcote, 195 

Calcrofte, Jno., 16, 19 

Caldbeck, 173-4 

Caldwell, Ral., 157 

Calere, Jno., 20 

Caleston,Edw.,Ric.,74; Gilb.,Jno.,75 

Calewell, 84 

Calmeraye, Hy., 83 

Calton, Ric., 178 

Caltrope, Lady, 85 

Calverley, 293; Al., Ant., 293 

Camber well, 

Cambos. 151 

Cambridge, 100, 127, 130, 137, 173-4, 

208, 238, 240, 255-6, 260, 267, 271-2, 


Camoys, Lord, 69 
Camsall, 256 
Candler, Tho., 132 
Cunsal 1, 244 

Canterbury, 127, 196, 223, 265 
Cantlowc, Wm., 268 
Canton, Edw., 139 
Cantwell, Ral., 123 
Cape, Jno., Tho., 268 
Capper, Dav., 157 
Carbroke, 60 



Carcolstou, 185 

Care, Bea., 66 

Carlisle, 39, 247, 256, 269, 281 

Carlton, Carleton, 48?;, 59, 62, 140;;, 

184, 1S6-7, 226, 296 
Carr, Chr., Eliz., 142; Humf., 295; 

Jno., 85, 183 ; Eal., 138 
Carrow, 264 ; Mr., 243 
Carter, Tho., 175, 255 
Cartwright, Agn., Ann, 231; Edm., 

230-1; Geo., 231; Hugh, 230-1 ; 

Jno., Pet., Th., 231 ; Wm., 210 
Castell, Agn., Eliz., Eob., 268 
Casterton, 109, 187 
Castle Bernard, Sir J. of, 248 
Castleford, 57-8, 259 r 274 
Catall, Chr., 163 
Cathorne, Al., 81 
Catley, 264 
Catlyn, Serg., 243 
Catterick, 180;;, 199 
Catwick, 288 
Caunsfeld, Eliz., 28 
Cave, 34, 34, 53, 118-9, 187, 251, 287 
Cawarde, Marg., 144 
Cawley, Nic., 52 
Cawode, Bob., 32 
Cawood, 134-5, 290 
Cawton, 279 
Cay, Wm., 2 
Cecil, Wm., 215 
Cerff, Jno., 254 
Chace, Kic., 31-2 
Chaderton, Edm., Eliz., Joh., Marg., 

Kic.-, 265 
Chalfont, 290 
Chaloner, Rob., 163 
Chamber, Mr., 222; Wm., 250 
Chamberleyne, Hy., 294; Eob., 255 
Chatnbleyn.Wm., 201 
Chambre, Jno. de, 39 
Chapman, Jno., 99; Tho., 241; Win., 
- 236 

Charlton, 86, 282 
Charlwood, 250 
Charminster, 249 
Charnell, Jno., 22 
Charnok, Eic., 47 
Charnwood, Eic., 47 
Chartham, 46-7 
Chatham, 271 
Chatterton, Parsun, 285 
Chaucer, Al., 50; Tho., 50 
Chaumber, Rob., 171 
Chauncelor, Tho., 247 
Chaworth, Geo., 100; Sir J., 189 
Chayre.Wm., 175 
Cheney, 150 ; Jane, 226 ; Jno., 226-7; 

Rob., 227 

Chertsye, Mary, 165; Wm., 120, 165 
Cheser, Jno., 11 
Chesham, 226-7 

Cheshunt, 131 

Chester, 45, 247 

Chesterfield, 176 

Chestre, Cris. de, 4 

Cheverell, Th., 195 

Chichester, 50, 205, 269, 273 

Chigwell, 137, 280 

Chilham, 196 

Chilton, 252 

Chilwell, 100, 238 

Chislehurst, 263 

Chisulden.Wm., 248 

Cholmeley, Eliz., 107; Jno.,106n; Ric., 

106-8; Bog.,. 106-8; Sir R., 106; 

Wm., 107 
Chyersbye, Jno., 87 
Chynnor, 254; Jno., Maud, Tho., 254 
Clapham, 114; Ann, Chr., Dav., 214; 

Joan, 214-5; Jno., 214;;; Joyce, 

214 ; Tho., 214, 214n-5 
Clarborough, 265 
Clarell, Marg., Tho., 62 
Clark, Clarke, Clerk, Agn., 158; Ant., 

268; EL, 203; Jane, 152; Jno., 50, 

268; Joh., 268; Leo., 203; Ric., 

268, 287; Rob., 135; Tho., 16, 19, 

44, 121, 135. 268; Wm., 174 
Clarkson, Eliz., 142-3; Geo., 142; 

Tho., 142-3 
Claughton, 114 
Clavering, 215-6 ; Marg., 19 
Claworth, 286 

Claybruk, Jno., Marg., Ric., 261 
Claydon, Rob., 12 
Claypole, 278 

Clerkenwell, 74, 138, 253, 294 
Clervaux, Ric., 159 
Cleveland, 249, 270, 287 
Cley, 185, 255 
Cleyton, Sir J., Wm., 274 
Cliderowe, Hy., 21 ; Sir Hugh, 119 
Cliff, 53, 186, 189, 212, 294 
Clifford, 79; Lord, 53, 190/t; Marg., 53 
Clifton, Clyfton, 65, 160, 191; Jno., 

120; Sir G., 260; Wm., 163 
Clipston, 184 
Close House, 155 
Closse, Eliz., 162 
Clough, Geo., Jno., 175 
Clown, 178 
Clyffe, Ric., 168 

Clynt, 289; Jno., Ric,, 259; Wm., 249 
Clyston.Wm., 202 
Cnapthorpe, 289 
Cocket, 223 
Coddington, 289, 296 
Codford, 152 

Codworthe, Jno., Ric., Rob., Tho., 283 
Coke, Cook, Cooke, Alex., 39, 40; Ann, 

137; Ant., 138; Isa., 292; Jno., 219, 

255; Nic., 252; Tho., 103; Walt., 

12, 252 ; Wm., 276 
Cokersand, 115, 143 



Colby, Jno., 40 

Colchester, 250 

Coldayle.Wm., 199 

Cole, Coles, Jno., 99 ; Tho., 195 

Colesdon, 184, 253-4 

Colinges, Bal., 232 

Collin, Agn., Jno., 218 

Collingham, 79 

Collyer, Hy., 281 

Colman, Eic., 41 

Colpotes, Jas. , 226 

Colson, EL, 168 

Colvyll, Myles, 177 

Colwick, 226 

Colynson, Ann, Em., Geo., Joan, Jno., 

Tho., 230 
Combe, 249 
Compostella, 13 
Compton, 147; Pet., 147, 150; SirW., 


Congresbury, 232 
Connshawe, 213 
Constable, Jno., 123; Bob., 44; SirJ., 

64n, 243-4; Sir M., 123n-4; Sir B., 

123n; Sir W., 175; Tho., 190 
Conyngeston, Nic., 37 
Conyngsbye, Chr., Jno., 289 
Cooe, Jno., 273 
Copeland, 187 
Copley, Tho., 269 
Coquina, Jno. de, Bob., 12 
Corbe, Bal., 157 
Corbett, Ann, Joh., Jno., Bob., Th., 


Corbright, Eic., 219 
Cordall, Mr., 235 
Corneforth, Tho., 184 
Corney, Dor., Edw.,Tho., 232 
Corringham, Wm., 243 
Cossall, 122-3, 201 
Cotam, 185 
Coterston, 97 

Cotes, Ann, 292; Hugh, 264; Jno., 292 
Cotestaam, 253 
Cotness, 44 

Cottingham, 110-1, 206, 266; Wm., 13 
Cotys, Jno., 184 
Courtenay, Jno., 34 
Coventry, 70, 120, 176, 201 
Coverham, 251 
Cowarde, Bob., 237 
Cowdray, 191 
Cowhouse, 186 

Cowper, Jno., 161 ; Tho., 35, 161 
Coyttesforthe, Bic., 152 
Crafforth, Bal., 157 
Cragge, Bic., 222 
Crakenthorp, Tho., 280 
Cramlington, 166 
Crampton.Tho., 202 
Cranmare, Jno., 84 
Cranmer, Tho., 230 

Cranswick, 187 

Crauley, 33 

Craven, 291 

Crawe, Bal., 170 

Creke, Creyke, Bic., Ill ; Bob., Ill, 134 

Cremour, Agn., Eliz., Geo., Bob., 

Tho. , 168 
Cresnor, Eliz., 128 
Cresseby, Dom. de, 3 
Cressy, Bob., 240 
Creswell, Joh. , Jno., Marg. , 74 ; Sir J., 


Crewde, Bob., 199 
Creykynbeke, Seg. de, 19 
Crich, 145 

Croft, 263 ; Bic., 78 ; Tho., 116 
Crofton, 1, 282 
Crome, Dr., 194 
Cromer, 253 

Cromwell, 287; Bal., 45; Tho., 255 
Crookhouse, 187 
Crope, EL, 105 
Cropton, 113 
Crosbie, Jno., Bic., 232 
Crosby, 185 
Crosley, Bob., 270 
Croston, 282 
Crostwayt, Hugh, 247 
Crowche, Croche, Geo., 141; Win., 119 
Crowton, 293 
Crowyll, Jane, Bob., 199 
Croxdale, 31?;, 169 
Croxton, 185, 187-8 ; Wm., 40 
Croydon, 253 
Croyland, 264 
Cruse, AL, 92-3 
Cuckfield, 268 
Cumberland, Earl, 1-iOn 
Curie, Bic., 175 
Curson, Eliz., 202 ; Mary, 245 
Curtes, Ant., EL, Eliz., Jno., 242 
Cusforth, Agn., Jno., Wm., 273 
Cusworth, 130, 287 
Cutell, 226 

Cuthbert, Tho., 169-70 
Cutler, Jno., 75; Tho., 131 
Cutt, Jno., 191, 266 ; Sir J., 274 


Dacre, 83 ; Chr., Hugh, 83 ; Lady, 149 ; 

Lord, 83n;Tho., 149 
Daglas, Agn., Eliz., Sym., Tho., Wm., 


Dakyn, Dr., 232, 296 
Dale, Tho., 17-9 
Dalehouse, Bob., 52 
Dalington, 185 
Dalton, 20, 24,184,214,282; Ann.Eliz., 

Joan, Marg,, Bic., Bog., 282; Edw., 

99 ; Jno., 40, 99 ; Bob., 99 ; Tho. , 99 
Danby, Bob. ,43; Sir B., 56 



Dane, Tho., 252 

Dange, 249 

Dankes.Wm., 237 

Daniell, Danyell, Jno., 11, 172, 184; 

Marg., Mr., 172 
Darby, Edw., 124 

Darcy,Lord,115; Bob. ,22-3; Sir A., 122 
Darell, Dan-ell, Jno., 161 ; Marg., 49; 

Mr., 222 ; Paul, 228 
Darfield, 290 
Darley, Bog.,Tho., 275 
Darlington, 277, 288 
Dartford, 127-8 
Daunce, Sir J., 107 
Dautre, Jas., 38 
Davell, Tho., 131 
Da vet, Mr., 90 
Davison, Jas., 275 
Davy, Jno., 8; Tho., 127 
Dawell, Dr., Geo., 165; Wm., 164 
Dawney, Sir J., 274 
Dawson, AL, 163; Alex, 163-4; El., 

163; Eliz., 156; Hy., 163; Jno., 

163-4; Kath., 184; Bob., 163, 199; 

Tho., 163-4; Wm., 284 
Dawton, Kic., 285-6 
Day, Jno., 29; Eic., 208; Eob., 32 
Dee, Dav.. 217 
Deighton, 183-4 
De la Hay, Isab., 156; Piers, 32 

Moore, Eliz., 116 

Pole, Edm., 9, 84;i; Mich., 8, 

8n, 50n, 249 ; Jno., Eic., 249; Sir 

T., 250; Walt., 9; Wm., 50 
War, Lord, 219 

De Vere, Jno., 85 

Dencourt, 277; Eliz., 10 

Dene, Agn., 21 

Denharn, 250-1 ; Jane, Eog., 138 

Denman, Bri., Nic., 246 

Denny, 48 

Dent, Wm., 41 

Denton, 79; Tho., 35 

Dentrup, Jno., 127 

Deny, Ant., 191 

Denyson, Jno., 219 

Derby, 145,212, 287; Earl, 76,111, 116 

Derbyshire, Wm., 290 

Derelove, Ann, Eic., Eob., Tho., 294 

Dethick, 100, 100n-l; Wm., 177 

Dewpp, Geo., 183 

Dey, Laur., 270 

Deyne, Ann, 165 

Deyston, Laur. , 52 

Dickesone, Eob., 203 

Digby, Hy., 183 

Dinsdale, 182 

Dionisse, Wm., 12 

Dixley, 188 

Dixon, Dyxon, Eliz., 173; Nic., 18, 

26-7H, 32; Eob., 202 
Dobbs, Bic., 194 

Dobbys, AL, And., Sir B,, 294 

Dobson, Eliz., 105 

Docray, Dokwray, Agn., 98 ; Eob., 109; 

Tho., 110 

Dodgeson, Chr., Jno., 295 
Dodington, 150 
Dodmer, Eal., 128 
Doket, Fel., Eob., 61; Jno., Lion., 

Mart., Ste., Thorn., 290 
Dolman, Edw., 120 
Doncaster, 20, 54, 54n, 154, 261-2, 272 
Donne, Eliz., Sir J., 70; Wm., 11 
Dormer, Eob., 136 
Dorset, H., 217 ; Marg., 69/i, 201 
Doughtie.Dowghty, Jno.134 ; SirW.237 
Dover, 197 
Dowglas, Marg., 132 
Downe, Jno., Maud, 249 
Drakenrage, 71 
Drameley, 62 
Draper, Tho., 98 

Drax, 2, 187, 254; Is., 3; Eic., 3, 4 
Draycote, AL, 201-2; Anne, Edm., 

Geo., Hy., Mary, Ph., 201 
Drayton, 274, 295 
Drewton, 54 

Driffield, 119-20, 276; Wm., 11 
Drinkshaw, 227 
Dronfield, 152 
Drowe, 253 

Drury,Edm., 9 ; Sir W.,64w; Wrn.,47 
Dry cliff, Wm., 45 
Drypool, 57 

Dublin, 111 ; Archb., 110 
Duckman, Cec., Eic., 279 
Duckworth, Eic., 218 
Duffield, 31, 31n ; Nic., 250 
Duket, Eic., 89 
Dukmauton, AL, Hy., 254; Humf., 

103-4 ; Tho., 254 
Dunbye, Jno., 239 
Dunham, 7 
Dunmere, 191 
Dunstable, 284 
Dunstan, 157 

Duraunt, Tho., 196; Wm., 251 
Durham, 131, 235, 247-8, 276, 283, 

288, 293 

Dyconson, Hugh, 116 
Dye, Dan., 235 
Dyer, Jas., 191; Eob., 57 
Dyghton, Dighton, Agn., 247; Juo., 

12; Marg., 272; Wm. de, 247-8 
Dykes, Henry, 60 
Dykynson, Geo., Nic., 60 
Dymoke, Lyon, 127; Sir E,, 126-8; 

Urs., 126 
Dynhain, AL, Ann, Edw., Eliz., Geo., 

Jane,136?i; Lord,71; Mary,01iv.,1367 
Dysney, Tho., 190 
Dyson, Austen, 205 



Earshy, 185, 189 

Earsdon, 250 

Easington, 169 

Easingwold, 257, 265 

Eastburne, 185, 191 

East Greenwich, 2, 282 

Easthorpe, 187 

East Lay ton, 186 

East Markhara, 260 

Eastney, 130 

Easton, 184 

Eastrington, 272, 275 

East Tuddenham, 8 

Eastwell, 84 

Eastwood, 290 

Ecclesall, 139 

Edale, 187 

Ederslawe, 187 

Edgar, Eliz., Nic. , Rob. ,Tho. , Win., 291 

Edingley, 33 

Edlington, Edw., 127 

Edmunde, Jno., 199 

Ednell, Jno., 171 

Edolfe, Marg., 10 

Edsawe, Ric., 95 

Edwey, Wm., 8 

Edy, 169 

Egerley, Jno., 184 

Egerton, El., 121w; Jno., 122, 226; 

Ric., 123, 201, 203; Sir J., 121; 

Wm., 123, 201, 203 
Eggylsfeeldc, 273; Eli/., 294; Jno., 

Laur., Mary, Marg., Syb. , 281 
Egmanton, Wm., 42-3 
Egton, 280 
Elden, Wm., 157 
Elland, 290, 292 
Ellerker, 54, 256; Sir R., 175 
Ellingwortli, Ric., 212 
Ellison, Ellyson, Cuthb., 143-4,295; 

Jas., 171; Jno., 143, 171 
Ellys, Wm., 219 
Ellysman, Rob., 11 
Elm, 187 

Elmete, 257 ; Wm., 268 
Elmsall, 287 
Elmythe, 187 
Elot, Wm., 26 
Elryngton, Al., Jno., Mary, Sym.,Tho., 


Elsing, 287 
Elstermvick, 206 
Elswick, 167, 181 
Eltbam, 154 
Elvet, 16 

Elvington, 257, 281 
Elvyden, Wm., 157 
Elwick, 290 
Ely, 51, 71, 151n 
Erne Pot, 67 

Emelden, 34 

Empson, Joan, Sir R., 64n. 65 

Enderson, Agn., 160 

Enfield, 5, 6, 252, 286 

England, Luc., 217 

Eoward, Hugh, 251 

Epworth, 37-8 

Erith, 144?i 

Erie, Rob., 162 

Ermyn, Sir W., 248 

Errington, Marg., Ric., 159 

Escam, Sir H., 83 

Escryk,275; Beat., Jno., 2 ; Wm.,2,3 

Esholt, 48 

Esmonson, Tho., 247 

Essex, 256, 259; Wm., 47 

Esshe, Ant., 213 

Estfield, Wm., 252-3 

Esthorp, 54 ; Bri., Ric., 261 

Estlavant, 255 

Estoft, Edw., 274 ; Mr., 243 

Eston, 262/i 

Esyngton, 16-7, 19 

Etherington, Leo., 289 

Ethorwick, 187 

Eton, Tho., 147; Wm., 240, 286 

Etonbrige, 196 

Etton, 258 

Euersdon, 261 

Eure, Anne, Hy., 160; Joan, Sir R.,193 

Everdon, 195 

Everingham, 70, 275 

Eversley, 130 

Everton, 265 

Evesham, 247 

Evyngton, Tho., 116 

Ewart. 187 

Ewell, 231 

Ewelme, 50, 51 

Ewrebie, Tho., 206 

Exeter, 248, 250 

Eycrode, Alice, Ric., Win., 264 

Eyre, Wm., 79 

Eythorp, 136 

Eyton, Ric., 123; Tho., 203 

Facett, Ad., Ric., Tho., 273 

Faircbild, Tho., 31-2 

Fairfax, Bri., 11 ; Mr., 82 ; Tho, 248 : 

Wm., 82 
Falloden, 157 
Falowfeld, Hugh, 86 
Fangfoss, 54 
Farnally, Wm., 236 
Farnelles.Wm., 235 
Farnham, 289, 291 
Farnworth, Edrn., 1,58 
Farraunte, Tho., 147, 149 
Farworth, 286 



Faryndon, 252 

Faryngton, Hy., 282; Bob., Win., 1 

Fauconberg, Earl, 159n 

Favrcon, Sym., 84 

Fawkham, 275 

Fawle, Wm. , 34 

Fawn, Rob., 202 

Fax, Jno., 81 

Faxfleet, 54 

Featherstone, 116/1-7, 124, 124/j 

Felbrygge, Sim., 36 

Felde, Jno., Eic., 10-1 

Feldom, 161 

Felkirk, 233-6 

Fell, Tho., 35 

Felley, 258 

Felpys, Edith, 249 

Felton, 262, 276 

Fencotes, 260 

Fenele, Hy., Nic., 141 

Fenkell, Edw., Sir J., 265 

Fenkill, Hy., 161 

Fenrother, Eob., 277 

Fenstanton, 247 

Fenton, Ant., Chr., 284 

Fenwick, 287; Edw., 181; Ger., 166, 
183; Geo., 183; Is., 182; Jas., 166; 
Sir J., 159; Tho., 183 

Fereby, 54, 67; Jno., 53 

Fernham, Rob., 132 

Feron, Jno., 175 

Ferrand, An., And., Ric., Rob., 140; 
Tho., 140; Wm., 140>* 

Ferrer, Dr., 97 

Ferrers, Sir J., 102; Wm.> 69 

Ferrybridge, 58 

Fersdon, Wm., 47 

Fetherstonhaugh, Jno., Tho., 45 

Fettwell, Ste., 95 

Feyston, Sir P., 34 

Filey, 267, 289 

Fillon, Mr., 134 

Finchley, 70, 76 

Fisher, Jno., Marg., Ric., 58 

Fishlake, 268 

Fishpoll.Wm., 174 

Fiskerton, 124, 296 

Fitzalan, Tho., 36?i 

Fitzandrew, Rog., 250 

Fitzherbert, Ant., 112-3; Ed., Ral., 
100; Tho., 123 

Fitzhugh, El., 53; Geof., 43; Geo., 
124; Hy.,42w; Kath.,83; Lord, 43, 
53, 87n, 121);; Mat., Rob., 42 

Fitzrandolph, Chr., Jane, Tho., 178 

Fitzwilliam, Chr., 137-8; Earl, 136; 
EL, 171; Fr., 157; Jane, 136-8, 
172; Jno., Lady L., 129; Marg., 
176n, 219n; Ric., 137; Sir J.,171, 
175n; Sir T., 129, 129n, 190n, 219; 
Sir W., 92, 129-30, 135, 138, 190 ; 
Tho., Wm., 137-8, 176n 284-5 

Flashy, 140 

Fleckney, 71 

Flemyng, Rob., 87 

Fletcher, Hy., 174-5; Marg., 227-8; 

Ric., 95; Rob., 227-8 
Flintham, 290 
Flodden, llln, 123;j 
Flower, Ric., 230 
Foljambe, Anne, 177 ; Ben. , 178 ; Geo., 

177-8; Godf., 177; Jas., 176-8; 

Kath., 178; Marg., 178, 191; Rog., 

176n; Sir G., 175 
Fontmell, 249 
Forcett, 107 
Forde, Jno., 130 
Fordham, 130 
Fordington, 256 
Forman, Sir T., 74 
Forsett, 107 
Forster, Foster, Ant., Bart., 289 ; Marg., 

45 ; Rob., 218 ; Tho., Wm., 78 
Fosbroke, Hy., Sir W., 244 
Fosham, 187 
Fosse, 81 
Fostyne, Jno., 175 
Fouldon, Jno., 8 
Fountains, 258, 292 
Fountans, Ann, Tho., 184 
Fowler, Jas., 124n 

Fox, Hy., 248; Jno., 136 ; Tho., 47 
Foxhope, 292 
Fraisthorpe, 187 
Framland, 70 
Framlington, 284 
Frampton, Tho., 9 
Frank, Jno., 42 
Frankyshe, Ant., 208 
Fraunceys, Francys, Jno., 253 ; Tho. , 


Freman, Mrs., 140; Sir J., 216 
Frende, Rob., 43 
Frenssh, Jno., 257 
Fresingfield, 246 
Freston, Freyston, Jno. , 18-9 ; Ric. , 

125, 245 ; Sir R,, 246 
Frobysher, Fr., 180 
Frost, Jno., 124n-5 ; Rob., 124, 

162; Tho., 124>; ; Sir W., 125-6; 

Walt., 119, 124; Wm., 116w, 124 
Frowick, Sir T., 76 
Fryston, 51, 58, 117, 259 
Full, Jno., 205 
Fulthorpe, Jno., 31 
Furness, 113 
Furnival, Lord, 28 
Fusell, Marg., 260 
Fyler, Tho., 259 
Fynche, Ric., 283 
Fynkell, Hy., 161; Nic., 143 
Fyppes, Rob., 218 




Gaal, Ah, Ann, Wm., 265 

Gadden, Bob., 80 

Gage, Sir J., 136 

Gainsborough, 40-1, 242 

Gale, Dor., Mr., 197 

Galone, Pare., 157 

Galyon, Bob., 43 

Gamston, 244 

Gandye, Tho., 234 

Garbett, Bob., 163 

Garden, Nic., 116 

Gardiner, Bog., 19 

Gare, Bob., 11 

Gargrave, Gargrewe, Jno., 44 : Sir T., 

I79n, 234 
Garnet, Garnett, Jno., 84, 202; Sir J., 


Garodon, 188 
Garrard, Mr., 243 
Garriston, 291 
Garthorne, Bob., 100 
Garton, 187,287; Agn., 158; Wm., 21, 158 
Garves, Jno., Nic., 158 
Gascoigne, Guy, 222; Jane, 219; Bic., 

Sir J., 248; Sir W., 129, 190, 219w; 

Th., 219; Wm., 248, 264 
Gassias.Wm., 47 
Gate, Wm., 12 
Gateforth, 54 
Gateshead, 63, 168 
Gatford, Beg., 12 
Gathorpe, Pet., 242 
Gaucem, Jno., 46-7 
Gaunsted, 252; Sir S., 252 ; Sym., 12 ; 

Wm., 252 
Gaunt, Jno. of, 55w 
Gaunton, 296 
Gawtres, 282 
Gaydon, Nic., 56 
Gayll, Mr., 207 
Gaynes Park, 137 
Gee, Bic., 269 
Gedling, 226 

Geofferey, Hy., Jno., Bob., 272 
German, Jno., 180 
Gersborne, 294 
Gerward, Sir B., Ill 
Gibson, Al., Edg., 291; Job., Ste, 261; 

Wm., 242 
Gilberte, Bob., 52 
Gilby, Jno., 33 
Gill, Bic., 157 
Gilling, 18, 264 
Gilmanby, 295 
Girlington, Wm., 135 
Girton, 204, 226 
Glagge, Kath. , 168 
Glaston, 41 
Glendale, 187 
Glenham, Jno., 9 

Glossop, Jno., 218 

Gloucester, Duke, 249 

Glover, Joan, 252 

Glower, Agn., 105 

Glyn.Jno., 157 

Goche, Barn., Elean. , Bic., Bob., 


Godard, Mag., 52 ; Sir J., 48 
Godmersham, 196 
(iodmerston, Ph., 56 
Godstow, 196 
Gokewell, 254 

Golde, Sir J., 249; Sir B., 253 
Goldinge, Jno., 234 
Goldingham, Anne, 172 
Goldsborough, 294 
Goldthorp, 260 
Goley, Jno., 11 

Golfiton, 106" ; Marg., Bic., Bob., 268 
Good, Jno., 163 
Goodwyn, Tho., 267 
Gore, Bob., 192 
Gorton, Bic., 202-3 
Gosson, Jno., 201 
Gossop, Marg., 159 
Goswick, 187 
Gotham, 103, 291 
Goulson, Humf., 283 
Goushyll, Jno., 20 
Gower, 38; Agn., Edw., 67; Marg. 

252; Win., 253 
Gowsell, Maud, Tho., 53 
Goykwell, 81 
Gra, Jno., 15; Tho., 13 
Granesby, Bob., 12 
Gray, Grey, Jno., 217; Ba.,60; Tho. 

217; Wm., 26 
Grayingham, 67, 187 
Great Gramsden, 240 
Great Leighs, 253 
Green, Grene,Greyn, Maud, 87ra; Bob. 

59-60; Bic., 174; SirT., 87 
Greenwich, 67, 120, 127, 129, 274 
Greetland, 292 

Gregory, Bic., 202 ; Sir B,, 100 
Greme, Bob., 142 
Grenchedhey, 88 
Grendfilde, Wm., 205 
Grenefeld, 81 
Grenefelroshe, 292 
Grenehall, Bog., 100 
Greneryge, 88 
Gresby, 291 
Greseley, Lady, 120 
Gresham, Bic., 282 ; Sir J., 291 
Gresley, 253 
Gressington, Tho., 124 
Gressyngton, 65 
Grethed, Bob., 248 
Greve, Edw., 166 
Grevys, Marg., 285 
Grice, Wm., 12 



Griffith, Sir G., 103; Jno., 100, 103 

Marg., 103-4 
Grimsby, 12, 79, 81 
Grimston, Grymston, 187, 266, 287: 

Jno., 44; Sir T., 207 
Grindon, 181 
Gringley, 242 
Grin ton, 227 

Grove, 241 ; Rand., 202-8 
Gryf, 18S 
Grygg, Tho.,26 
Guildford, 190 
Guisborough, 270 
Guldeford, SirE., 130-1 
Gunby, Jno. , 40 
Guyene, Duke of, 248 
Gyblove, Jno., 271 
Gybson, Tho., 86 
Gye, Wm., 44 
Gyfforde, Eliz., 207 
Gylberd, Edm., 11 
Gyldon, Mr., 217 
Gyll, Eic., 157 
Gyllys, Sir J., 171 


Hacke, Eliz., 291 

Hackford, 185 

Hackney, 21, 291 

Haconby, 65 

Haddon, 189" 

Haflockton, 81 

Haggerston, 293 

Hales, 96 

Halifax, 95 

Halkyngton, Tho., 55 

Hall, Halle, Edw., 291 ; Eliz., 95 ; Geo., 

86, 230 ; Jno., 81, 202, 244, 266, 291 ; 

Kath., 291 ; Marg., 240 ; Mer., 24S ; 

Rob., 66, 242, 289, 291 ; Sta., 24K ; 

Tho., 274 ; Urb., 202 ; Wm., 291 
Hallewestoke, 247 
Halton, 114 
Haltongill, 292 
Halyborne, 225 
Halyestoure, 276 
Halyle, AL, Ann, Ant., Edw., Elin., 

Eliz., Jno., Ric., Rob., Wm., 295 
Hambleden, 274 
Hamelton, Jno., 13 
Hamerton, Const., Eliz., Geo., Jas., 

Jno., Kath., Rog., 116-8 
Hamound, Jno., 99 
Hampole, 270-1 
Hampton, 240 
Hanby, 80 

Hanforth, Edw., 140 
Hankeford, Wm., 248 
Hanley, Ric., 130 
Hansell, Wm., 266 

Hanson, Jno., 236 ; Mr. Rob., 290 

Hapenye, Jen., 184 

Harbotell, Jane, Mary, Ric., 123 ; Wyg , 


Harbury, Hy., 12 
Harby, 84 
Harcourt, Chr., 96n 
Hardingham, 78 
Hareburgh, Hy., 251 
Hareby, Jno., 63 
Harecastell, Jno., Leon., 206 
Harfleur, 8n, B6n 

Hargille, Marg., 280; Ric., Win., 163 
Hargrave, Edw., 202 
Harlow, 275-6 
Harmsworth, 295 
Harner, Chr., 60 
Harom, Rob., 274 
Haromyngs, 187 
Harper, Isab., 293 ; Rob., 160 
Harrington, Ann, Sir J., Ill/;; Jno., 


Harringworth, 204 
Harrison, Harryson, Eliz., 294; Jno., 

Marg., Mig., Rob., 294; Jno., 205 /<; 

Rob., 195; Tho., 199, 263, 282 ; Wm., 

170, 210 
Harrogate, 296 
Harroppe, Edw., 260 
Harrowe, Wm., 199 
Harrys, Ric., 83 
Hart, Eliz., 85 ; Ric., 59 
Hartbourn, 169 
Harthill, 197. 292 
Harston, 240 
Hartlebury, 220 
Harton, Geo., Jno., Marg., Ric., Walt., 


Hartquycke, Bar., 165 
Hartwell, Fr. , Jno., Laur., Marg. , Wm. , 

Harvie, Harvye, Sir N., 190; Tho., 

190-1, 246 ' 

Harworth, 177-8, 267, 286 
Hasarde, Agn., 103 
Hastings, 70; Ann, 144)i, 287 ; Edw., 

75; Eliz., Fr., Jno., Kath., Mart., 

Sir H., Wm., 287; Lady J., 73; 

Lord, 69, 69i, 75, 15ii, 106, 131, 

144 ; Sir E., 71 ; Sir L., 69?), 72n ; 

Ric., 37, 72, 73, 76 ; Wm., 76, 150 
Hastwhittell, Wm., 211 
Haswell, 31?;, 151 
Hatcher, Jno., 240 
Hatecliff, Mrs., 62; Tho., 282 
Hatfelde, Hy., 229 

Haugh, Av., Isab., Nic., Tho., Urs., 229 
Haverholme, 264 
Haw, Nic., 18; Wm., 161 
Ha wen, Wm., 49 
Hawes, Ann, Sir J., 136?; 
Hawkeswell, Jno., 34 



Hawksworth, Chr., 35 

Hawkyn, Mar., 256 

Hawnby, 185, 251, 289 

Hawtell, 187 

Hawton, 62, 227, 229 

Haxey, 32; Jno., 33 n ; Tho., 6 

Haxholme, 33 

Hay, Dav., 10 

Hay burn, 205 

Haydok, Marg., 265 

Hayre, Jno., 197 

Hayton, 126n, 128, 187, 265 

Hay wood, Al. , 204 

Heacham, 276 

Healaugh, 227, 289 

Heanor, 290 

Hebbeson, Hy., Kath., 277 

Heddingham Castle, 171, 171 

Hedger, Jno., 196 

Hedley, Jno., 152 

Hedon, 139n, 187, 252-3; Sir B., 250 

Hedworth, Cuth., Marg., Ral., 131-2 

Heese, 256 

Heinings, 67 

Helierd, Isab. , Jno., Rob., 35 

Hellifield, 116re 

Helliotson, Nic., 106 

Helmeys, Hugh, 40 

Helmsley, 186-7, 251 

Helsingfeld, 255 

Helsington, 98, 278 

Helys, Eic., 237 

Hemingborough, 186, 189, 194, 254, 

272, 294 
Hemonbe, 117 

Hemsworth, 115, 179, 179n, 223-4, 290 
Heneage, Katb., Sir T., 190-1 
Henninalles, 136 
Henry VIII, 87n 
Henryson, Eliz., Jno., Bob., Wm., 

205-7; Peter, 168 
Hent, Marg., 175 
Heptenstall, 264 
Herbert, Lord, 191 ; Wm., 87n 
Herbord, Tbo., 251 
Hercott, Sym. , 96 
Hercy, Humf., 269 ; Sir J., 242 
Herdman, Wm., 175 
Herdon, Rob. de, 9 
Hereford, lO/i, 11, 269 
Heron, Hy., Jen., 174-5; Eliz., Edm., 

Iiab., Juo., Kath., Marg., Wm., 262 

Jno., Tho., 274 
Herryson, Kath., Rob., 99 
Hersy, Sir J., 244 
Herthill, Job., 281 
Hertilpole, Al., Jno., Walt., 40-1 
Hervye, Jno., 82 
Heryn, Rog., 236 
Hesell, Ann, 143 
Heselryge, 65-6 ; Mr., 158 
Heshull, Ger., 255 

Hesketh, 17 

Hesleden, 292 

Hessle, 107, 187 

Heuysone, Jno., Howl., 264 

Hewale, Jno., 10 

Hewer, Ant., 135 

Hewett, Hewite, Hy., 177 ; Jno., 292 ; 

Mr., 134; Tho., 266 
Hewster, Chr., Jer., Jno., Ric., Wm., 

279; Tho., 255 
Hexam, SirR., 153 
Heypes, Cec., Jno., 237; Jas., 236 
Hey ward, Tho., 98; Wm., 125-6 
Hickelyng, Hugh, 248 
Hide, Tho., 38 
Higans, Jno., 248 
Higden, Bri., Eliz., Jno., Wm., 162-3; 

Bri., Ill 

Higges, Wm., 197 
Hildyard, Hy. , 133-4, 205; Jno., 81, 

152 ; Sir R., B5n ; Wm., 134 
Hillom, Rog., 6 
Hilton, Jno., 83; Rob., 35; Sir R., 

31?i; Wm., 141 
Hinde, Mat., 170, 203 
Hirby, 13 

Hirford, Pet., 12-3 
Hitte, Jno., 44 
Hobson, 109; AL, Eliz., Ric., Bob., 

268; Tho., 157, 159, 268 
Hoby, 158 

Hochenson, Jno., 274 
Hockerton, 236 
Kodak, Rac., 41 
Hodgeson, Hodshion, Hoggeson, Geo. , 

237; Hy., 210; Jno., 202; Tho., 

159, 216 

Hodirsale, Rob., 1 
Hogen, Mar., Ralph, Rob., 282 
Hogeston, 277 
Hokyrby, Wm., 84 
Holden, Jas., 213 
Holderness, 173 
Holes, Andreas, 257 
Holeway, Tho., 110 
Holgate, Hy., 220; Rob., 232 
Holgh, Jno., 7 

Holgill, Al., 127; Wm., Ill, 134 
Holgrave, Dav,, Rog., Tho., Wm., 

250; Wm., 43 
Holinzed, Wm., 158 
Holland, Hy., 284 ; Jno, 139; Joan, 

53n; Laur., 118; Tho., 53?i 
Hollyhurst, 150 
Hollym, 175, 249 
Hollys, Eliz., Fran., Sir W., Wm., 

Holme, Holmes, 54 ; Ann, Edw. , 272 ; 

Edw., 105-6 ; Jno., 77, 104-5, 254 ; 

Marm., 254; Mr., 149; Bic. de, 12; 

Rob., 23; Wm., 77-8, 151 
Cultram, 247 



Holmpton, 175, 187 

Holmside, 221 

Holte, 185 

Holthorpe, Wm., 252 

Holy Island, 187, 269 

Holym, Jno., Wm., 249 

Holywell, 188 

Homildon, 187 

Hoo, Eic. at, 9 

Hopwell, Jno. , 202 

Hopwood, Bob., 133 

Horden, Tho., 131 

Hore, Rog., 10 

Horkstow, 238-40 

Hornby, lllra, 112-4, 116; Tho., 249; 

Wm., 22, 249 
Hornchurch, 259 
Horner, Dame, 153-4 
Hornington, 264 
Hornley, Eog., 163 
Hornsea, 187, 271 
Horsemandone, 130 
Horsley, 278 ; Bob., 181 
Horton, 47, 114, 294; Eliz., Bic., 270 
Horworth, Wm., 59 
Hoterington, 289 

Hotham, 119; Sim., 53; Sir J., 87 
Hougham, 278 

Houghton, 159/z, 161, 212, 239, 250, 276 
Hounslow, 252 
Hovingham, Jno., 15, 15n 
Howden, 33, 43-4, 61-2, 262, 272 
Howe, 253 

Howeby, Howeley, 14-5 
Howette, Jno., Wm., 52 
Howghe, Ric., 211 
Howgill, 198 
Howgyll, Tho., 193 
Howhouse, 233 
Howper, Mr., 291 
Howsom, 185, 188 
Howthorpp, Wm. , 12 
Hoxton, Wm., 143 
Huchenson,Hucheson,Edw.,Ric., 230 ; 

Leon. ,293; Marg., 45, 293 ; Rob., 


Huddersfield, 290, 292 
Hudleston, 294 ; Hy. , Jane, Jno. , Sir J. , 

96; Sir J., 60 

Hudson, Edm., Rob., 287 ; Wm., 181 
Huggate, 17, 187, 233 
Hulcotes, Kath., 120 
Hull, 8, 9, 12, 20, 51-2, 54, 57, 66-7, 

98-9, 117, 133, 172, 197, 205, 262, 

271, 280, 291 
Hulle, Ric., 10 
Hulton, Eliz., Wm., 282 
Humfrey, Jno., 205 
Hundley, Isab. , 286 
Hungate, Tho., 131 ; Wm., 209, 251 
Hungerford, Lord, 75n ; Sir W. de, 37 

Hunt, Alice, Jno., 193, 282; Mr., 222 ; 

Ric., 183; Rog., 37 
Hunter, Tho., 202 
Hunthank, 291 

Huntley, Countess, 86?i; Jno., 161 
Hunton, 226, 291 
Hunwick, 220, 269 
Hurte, Al., Agn., Jas., Jno., Joan, Ric., 

Rob., Tho., Wm., 279 
Hunvorth, 182 
Hussey, Ant., Mrs., 222-3; Nic., 50 ; 

Sir J., 115 ; Sir W., 71 
Hustwayte, Tho., 279 
Hutton, 80, 276; Ant., Hy., Jno., 

221-2; Dr. Nic., 265; Jane, Ric., 

Wm., 296 
Huycke, Rob., 200 
Huyte, Rob., 163 
Hyde, Marg., 285; Tho., 201 
Hyll Piers, 269 
Hynde, Aug., 293 
Hyxsonne, Rob., 142 

Ickenham, 267 

Ilderton, Ant., Tho., 280 

Ilkley, 255 

Illingworth, Ann, Eliz., Ral., Ric. 

Sir B., 258 
Inchebolde, Nic., 294 
Ingham, 96n 
Ingleby, Ynggelby, Agn., El., Jno. 

Kath., 49; Sir W., 484 
Ingleton, 114 
Ingoll, 237 
Ingmanthorp, 291 
Ingoldesthorpe, Is., 129;; 
Ingram, 276 
Inkpenne, Ric., 26 
Inman, Sir J., 199 
Innolde, Jno., 197 
Inskip, Wm., 178 
Irelande, EL, Geo., Laur., 229 
Irelond, Hy., 202; Walt., 124 
Ivelith, Jno., 251 
Ivys, Chr., 84 

Jackson, Agn., 273; AL, Ben., 294 
Ric., 192; Sir W., 99-100; Tho. 
180, 282, 286 ; Wm., 286 

Jakes, Tho., 76 

Jakis, Tho., 282 

Jalby, Jno., 34 

James, Ann, Isab., Joan, Marg., Nic. 
Ric., Tho., Wm., 253 

Jameson, Tho., 275 

Jaques, Eliz., Leon., Win., 209 



Jarrow, 221 

Jeffreys, Wm., 218 

Jenkenson, Alice, 269 ; J,s., 98 

Jenys, Agn., 136?t 

Jenyson, Agn., Brig., El., Mar., Ba., 

Bob., Tho., Win., 151, 151 
Jerard, Eliz., 74 
Jerningham, 85, 85n 
Jerusalem, 31 
Jervaulx, 88-9, 113 
Jetlingborough, 90 
Johnson, Jonson, Ad., 155 ; Agn., Ah, 

Chr., Eliz., Kath., Leon., Wm., 288; 

Al., Agn., Ant., Eliz., Jno., Laur., 

Mary, 241; Chr., 89; Jas., 139; 

Bic., 169, 296; Bob., 206; Wm., 

168, 278 

Jolypas, Hy., 251 
Jopson, Bob., 110 
Jordan, Jno., 205; Tho., 30 

Kancia, Bic., 47 

Katherine, Queen, 199 

Kayle, Mrs., 95 

Kays, Hy., 18-9 

Keche, Jno., 250 

Kegworth, 93, 101, 104 

Kelbroke, 186, 189 

Keldholme, 263 

Kelloe, 169 

Kember, Jas., 225 

Kemmeys, Tho., 251 

Kempe, And., 211; El., Joh., Wm., 5, 

6, 7 

Kemseye, Sym., 207 
Kendal, 48, 87, 87/1-90, 91n, 97-8, 109, 

198-9, 210, 253, 277-8, 282, 284 
Kendyll, Wm., 152 
Kene, Ann, Eliz., 281 
Kensington, 293 
Kent, Earl, 53 ; Tho., 47 
Kentewode, Beyn., 251 
Kesteven, Agn., Wm., 44 
Keten, 251 
Ketton, 187 
Kexby, 164, 293 
Key, Hy.,98 

Keyle, Eliz., Marg., Bob., Tho., 81 
Kiblesworth, 167 
Kighley, Fran., 296 
Kighteley, Ba., 202 
Kilham, 187, 279 
Killington, 276 
Killingwoldgrove, 133, 133 
Kilnwick Percy, 163-4, 187 
Kinalton, 64?i 

King, Kynge, Hy., Wm., 268 ; Wm., 55 
Kingerby, 278 
Kingstanton, 223 

Kingston, Kyngeston, 100-4, 147, 285, 
292; Mary, 171; Sir W., 130 

Kington, 147 

Kippax, 135 

Kirk Deighton, 291 

Fenton, 263, 295 

Oswald, 83 

Kirkby, Kirby, Kirkbye, 71, 133, 162, 
178,188,248-9,257,270; Jno., 17, 
19; Eliz., Jno., Bic., 262; Jno., 285 

Lonsdale, 83 

Malzeard, 249 

Moorside, 17, 213 

Ravens worth, 232, 29G 

Wharfe, 1G3, 171 

Kirkham, 187, 247, 281; Jno., 159 

Kirklington, 33, 195 

Kirkstall, 113, 293 

Kirkstead, 264 

Kirkthorpe, 125 

Kiry, Mr., 52 

Knagges, Jno., -242 

Knaith, 115 

Knaresborough, 48, 285, 292, 294 

Kneesall, 33 

Kneeton, 185, 227, 290 

Knight, Knyght, Eliz., Bob., Tho., 
Wm., 140 ; Eliz., Sir T., 269 ; Bog., 

Knoles, Agn., 202 

Knolle, 252 

Knopsthorpe, 278, 289 

Knottesford, Jas., 27 

Knynetpn, Bic., 78 

Knyvett, Jno., 296 ; Sir E., 287 

Korbal, Ba., 157 

Kydowen Mores, 86 

Kykele, 79 

Kylburne, Bob., 17 

Kylwolmersh, Wm., 27, 82 

Kylynghall, Fr., Kath., 169 

Kyme, 264 

Kympton, AL, Juo., 26 

Kynder, Art., 177 

Kynesworth, Bic., 240 

Kyplyn, Marg., 152 

Kyppas, Wm., 202 

Kytson, Wm., 280 

Kytchyn, Edm., 237 

Labrey, Al., Ann, Eliz., Rob., 282 

Lacuna, Wm. de, 47-8 

Lacy, Agn., Chr., Eliz., Hugh, Jno., 

Marg., Bic., Sir E., Tho., Wm., 

94-5; Hugh, Ric., 246 
Lambard, Jno., Rob., Tho.,Wm., 271 ; 

Nic., 128; Ric., 283 
Lambert, Wm., 220 
Lambeth, 117, 294 



Lambton, 44-5; Al., Jno., Tho., Wm., 

45; Edm., 168 
Lame, Lamb, . . . , 143; Ann., Bey 1 ., 

Eliz., Geo., Isab., Jane, Mar., Rob., 

Tho.,Wm., 161 
Lameman, Tho., 95 
Lamlsy, 70 
Lancaster, 113-4, 116; Chas., 86; 

Wm., 217 

Landenetter, Jno. , 153 
Landlord, 249 
Landricknes, 185 
Lane, Jno., 203; El.,Wm., 6-7 
Lanercost, 83 
Langdale, Ann, Wm., 79 K; Ant., Tho., 

213; Eic., 124; Bob., 12; Tho.. 

12, 213; Wm., 80 
Langford, Jno., 26-7 
Langholm, Jno., 15 
Langhorne, Leon., 281 
Langley, Jno., 212 
Langryge, Marg., Ric., Rob., 210-1 
Langtoft, 10, 266 
Langton, 187; Edw. , Eliz., Joan, 115 ; 

Jno., Wm., 255; Chr., Ric., Tho.. 

291 ; Tho., 115 
Langwith, 217 
Large, Hugh, 202 
Larke, Marg., 194 
Lasells, Rob., 12 
Lashefourde, Hy., 213 
Laster,Wm., 118 
Lastingham, 277 
Lasyng, Tho., 44 
Lathbury, Roh., 50 
Lathell, Nic., 57 
Lathes, Jno. de, 3 
Lathom, Jno., Rafe, 262 
Lathon, Ant., 282 
Latimer, Lord, 33, 56 
Latton, 257 
Laurage, Dr., 132 
Laverok, Ric., 44 
Laward, Rob., 108 
Lawday, Tho., 74 
Lawe, Arch., Art., 173 
Lawligan, 211 
Lawson, Agn., 182, 274; AL, 181-3; 

Barb., 182; Edm., 166, 180w, 181-3; 

Eliz., 274; Geo., 181-3; Hy., 170, 

181; Jas., 165-6, 180, 182-3; Jno., 

274; Sir G., 166; Sir R., 180n ; 

Tho., 166, 182-3; Win., 181-3 
Laxton, 33, 249, 293 ; Agn., 165 
Laybourn, Jas., 93 
Laysonbe, Marg., 270 
Layton, 281; Jno., 193 
Leake, 131, 251 
Leavening, 188 
Lee, 261; Marg., 271; Ric., 197; 

Rob., 221-2 
Leedes, Tho., 163 

Leeke, 245-6 

Lees, Tho., 16, 19 

Legborne, Jno. , 251 

Lege, Edm., 10 

Legh, Leigh, 282; Geo., 177; Wm.. 


Leicester, 64, 70 
Leighton Buzzard, 10, 10, 46, 98 
Lemynge, Bea. , Jno., Wm. , 258 
Lenols, Marg., 67 
Lenton, 258; Eliz., 202 
Lessy, Ric., 67 
Lessingham, 261 
Lestraunge, Sir T., 287 
Lethome, 160-1, 221 
Lethum.Wm., 251 
Leven, 20, 24; Tho., 19 
Levening, 188 
Levens, Mat., 192 
Levenhothe, 130 
Leverington, 271 
Levesham, Tho., 26-7 
Levisham, 285 
Lewis, Jno., 241 
Lewyn, Rob., 168 
Lichfield, 1, 176; Dr., 62, 251 
Liddington, 281 
Lieke, Jno., 190 
Lilleshull, 187 
Limpole, 177-8 
Lincoln, 10-12, 48, 63, 65, 80-1, 97, 

124, 130, 185-6, 251, 287 
Linis, Wm. de, 47 
Linton, 186, 189 
Lister, Lyster, Chas., Marg., Ric., Sir 

M., Sir R., 223-5; Mr., 152; Wm., 


Little Baddow, 267 
Litton, 291-2 
Llandaff, 251 
Lloyd, Pet., 131 
Lockington, 133-4 
Lofthouse, 291 
Logh, Tho., 95 
Lokton, Rob., 253 
Lolle.Wm., 77 

Lomley, Bart., Geo., Jane, 153 
Londesborough, 53-4 
London, Eliz., Jno., Kas., Kath., 

Laur., Osw., 118-9 
Long, Jas., 98 
Looke, Tho., 237 
Lopham, 38 
Lorbottle, 250 
Lord ,Hy., Jno., Samp., Tho., 152; Jno., 


Lott, Jno., 57 
Loughborough, 131, 173-4 
Lounde, Hy., Jno., Pet., 34 ; Hy., 32 ; 

Rob., 281; Sir Ger., 34w 
Louth, Nic. de, 20 
Lonther, Geof., 28 



Louthorp, Rob., 21 

Lovate, Bob., 158 

Loveles, Lady, 292 

Lovell, Eliz., 35, 172; Maud, 35?i; 

Mr., 107 

Lovington, Agn., Jno., Wm., 287-8 
Lowdham, 178 
Lowick, 265 
Lownde, Jer., Job., Kath., Marg., Tho., 


Lubbesthorp, 71, 76-7 
Lucas, Jno., 218; Marg., 62 
Luce, . . . , 3 
Luke, Edm.,Wm., 63 
Lumley, Lord, Tho., 280 
Lund, 187; Ad., Al. , Cec., Joan, Jno., 

Tho., 288 
Lundcote, 187 
Lunsford, Is., 136u 
Luntley, Dav., 157 
Lupset, 192-3 

Lupton, Jno., Rob., Rog., 286 
Lutchurch, 100 
Lutwyk, . . . , 193 
Lyall, Dr., 222 
Lyddell, Tho., 161 
Lye, Tho., Wm., 257 
Lylborne, Eliz., Rob., 166 
Lylle, Jno., Job., Wm., 269 
Lyllin, Ric., 193 
Lylowe, Tho., 124 
Lymans, Jno. de, 13 
Lymington, 269 
Lymm, 247 
Lyndall, Anne, 273 
Lynde, Jno., 184 
Lyndrick, 59 
Lyndsfeld, 180 
Lyng, Jno., 118 
Lyngard, Gef., 2(58 
Lynne, 273, 276; Al., Ann, Jno., Jul., 

Rob., Wm., 263; AL, Jno., 196; 

Jno., 168 

Lynnrone, Hugh, 218 
Lynton, Jno., 10 
Lyon, Ric., 290 
Lysle, Jul., 254 
Lyth, 248 ; Rob., 82 
Lytley, Jno., 65 
Lytton, Rob., 62 
Lyvesey, Jas., 67 


Macaulay, Lord, 100 

McHall, Jno., 173 

Machell, Jno., Johan, Mat., Tho., 296 

Maddeson, Jane, Rowl., 169 

Magor, 251 

Makreth, Rob., 109 

Malbury, 150 

Mailing, 174, 231 

Mallyng, Jno., 7 

Mallom, Jno., 152 

Malpas, Hy., 1 ; Jno., 59 

Maltby, 93 

Malton, 19?i, 53, 233-4, 252, 273, 287; 

Robt., Tho., 252 
Man, Jno., 12 
Manchester, 278, 282 
Manfeld, Germ., Job., 262 
Manfield, Hob., 20, 20n, 253 
Manley, Li., 31 
Manners, Jno., 01., Hog., Sir R,, 189; 

Tho., 184-5 
Manneshed, Reyn., 83 
Mannsfeld, 273 ; Joan, 178 
Many, Jno., 259 
Maple, Jno., 265 
Maplestead, 171 
Mapperley, 122 
Mapylton, Jno., 42 
Mar, Hy., Jno., 285 
Marbery, Sim., 39-40 
Marcant, Rog., 33 
Marfleet, 186 

Marfyn, Murfyn, Win., 197 
Marholme, Marholm, 136, 136 
Markens, Ric., 205 
Markham, 101, 178; Anne, 102; 

Marg., 121n; Sir J., 201; Sir R., 


Marlar, Ste., 132 
Marley, Ric., 205 
Marlowe, Wm., 202 
Marmyon, Geo., 202; Hy., 202-3, 

217-8; Mr., 277 
Marour, Jno., 251 
Marreys, Agn., Marg., Nic., Rob.,Wm., 


Marsetter, Nic., 196 
Marshall, Mareschall, Agn., AL, EL, 

Ric., 52; Bea., 128; Jno., 51; Rob., 

152; SirW., 257; Tho., 10 
Marshaller, 136 
Marshe, Ric., 199 
Marston, 278 
Marten, Grace, 274 
Alartindale, Agn., Job., 282 
Martyn, Jno., 164, 202, 269; Ric., 

205; Tho., 269 
Marworth, 59 
Maryet.Wm., 197 
Mascalde, Jno., 5-6, 29 ; Wm., 5-6 
Mascalle, Jno., 29 
Masham, 249, 249n 
Mason, Rob., 63, 217; Tho., 11, 250 
Massingberd, AL, Aws., Tho., 290-1 
Masworth, 265 
Mathen, Jno., 257 
Matheson, Anne, 173 ; Geo., 172 
Mathew, Wm., 39 
Mattok, . . . , 107 



Maudesley, Eliz., 49 

Maunashed, Bey., 83 

Maupas, Hy., 6 

Maudson, Bic., 12 

Mawde, Edw., Tho., 216 

Mawndeby, Marg., 134 

Mawne, Is., 237 

Mawnsel, Bob., 184 

Mawnton, 278 

Maxstoke, 147 

Maxwell, Edw., 155 

May, Jno., 157 

Maydelles, 136 

Maynell, Bog., 258 

Meaux, 247 

Medcalf, Nic., 219 

Medley, Ba., 106 

Melbourne, 185 

Melles, 40 

MeUing, 113-4 

Melmerby, 221, 249 

Melton, 33, 188 ; Dr., 91 ; Sir W., 248 

Mendham, 245 

Menett, Agn., Job., Wm., 274 

Merbery, Jno., 50 

Mercer, Alex., 41 ; Bob., 17 

Mereworth, 59 

Mersk, Acris, 31 

Merssh, 51 

Merton, Marg., 132 

Merys, Eliz. , 229 

Messing, 172 

Metham, Mr., 217 

Metheley, Eliz., 225 

Methley, 68ra 

Meyklay, Bic., 99 

Meynell, Mennell, Menyl, Ger., 37; 

Lord, 115 ; Bob. , 193 
Meyre, Mr., 143 
Miche, Eliz., 172 
Michell, Jno., 98, 109; Kath., 267; 

Wm., 266 
Micklefield, 250 
Middleborough, 257 
Middleham, 296 
Middleton, Midilton, 24, 169, 201, 203, 

244,249; Al.,Hel., Jno., 272; Ann, 

Cus., Geo., 238; Bri., 135; Chas., 

Jane, Leo., Wm., 97 ; Edw., 89, 97 ; 

Geo., 169; Laur.,237; Mann. ,208; 

Bob., 26, 158, 287; Tho., 18, 20, 

183, 259 
Midhurst, 190 
Milbourne, 250 
Milfield, 187 
Millington, 275 
Millom, 59n, 96, 96n 
Milne, Bob., 45 

Milner, Jno., Johan, 257 ; Bob., 253 
Milton, 135, 137, 252 
Milwarde, EL, 138 
Minore, Tho., 18 

Minskip, 253 

Misterton, 242-3; Bog., 255 

Mitforcl, Mytforth, Anne, Bog., 164; 

Chr., Fr., Jane, Jno., 166-8 
Mokkyng, Jno., 253 
Moldson, Alis., 215 
Moleyns, Adam, 254 
Mollens, Mic., 246 
Molyneux, Ant., Chr., Dor., Dr., Edm., 

EL, Fr., Jane, Jno., Kath., Bob., 

Sir E., Sir T., Tho., Wm., 226-9; 

Edm.,151; Sir E., 201; Th., 226-7; 

Wm., 229 

Monghumbere, Tho., 134 
Monkbretton, 116 
Monkrode, 116, 117 
Mononey, Mr., 95 
Monson, Jno., 124 
Montagu, Montacute, Edw., 89, 92-3; 

Lord, 107; Marq., 129/i; Tho., 50n, 


Monteagle, Lord, 111-5 
Monter, Bob. , 42 
Montlawe, 245 
Moor Monkton, 289 
Mope, And., 294 

Mordon, Marg., Bic., 247; Tho., 43 
More, Moore, 78 ; Dean, 62 ; Jno., 60, 

77, 106, 192, 277; Mary, 105-0; 

Bic., 239, 240; Sir T., 251, 277; 

Tho., 62n, 105 
Moreton, 220, 221 
Morgan, Jno., 207 

Morley, Fr., 116 ; Chr., Eliz., Bob., 270 
Morpeth, 161 
Morse, Jno., 192-3 
Mortemer, 117 
Morteyn, Sir J., 172 
Morthe, Bic., 136n 
Morton, 160-1,220-1 
Mosseley, 287 
Motte, Jno., 7 
Moultes, Wm., 158 
Mounceux, Mat., 21 ; Bob., 22 
Mounford, Bic., 56 
Mounteney, Marg., 128 
Mount Grace, 67, 74, 159 
Mow, AL, 237 
Mowbray, Jno., 36, 279; Kath., 38; 

Tho. , 36n 
Mows, Edm., 266 
Mowson, Wm., 199 
Moyle, Sir T., 196 
Moys, Jno., 29 
Moyser, Jno., 232 
Munshull, 250 
Murrey, BouL, 175 
Muskham, 279 
Mussenge, Tho., 226 
Muston, 187-8, 289 ; Bob., 252 
Mustyans, Bob., 119 
Mykill, 160 



Mylaborn, Anne, 139 
Myldmay, Sir W., 222 
Myllynbuen, Gaw., 151 
Myndrom, Jno., 34 
Myrris, Nic. , 180 
Myssenden, 290 
Mysyn, 242 

Naburn, 184 

Naunton, 240 

Nauton.Wm., 217 


Nedeham, Nic., 158 

Neleson, Sir H., 83 

Nesham, 151, 182 

Nettleton, 162 

Neve, Tho., Ill 

Nevile, Nevill, Nevell, Ant., 151 ; Arch., 

46n; Elean., Ill ; Eliz., 106?; ; Geo., 

55n, 265; Hy., 57; Humf., 213; 

Jane, 55; John, 129n, 190n, 212, 

260, 265; Kath., 36?i; Laur., 287; 

Ra., 36?i, 55n, 121; Ric., 69, Ilia; 

Sir A., 201, 203, 243-4; Sir H., 55, 

55n; Tho., 28, 56, 260; Wm., 260 
Newark, 84, 122, 127, 131, 226, 268, 

274, 277-8, 290, 29C 
Newbald, 21 

Newbold, 195; Wm., 120-1 
Newburgh, 159n, 220n, 222 
Newby, Wm., 295 
Newcastle, 79, 121, 127, 131, 138, 

141-3, 151n, 153, 155, 161, 164-6, 

166, 168, 180-3, 233-6, 250-1, 

256-8, 262 
Newemore, 250 
Newenham, 37; Ben., Edm., Is., Jane, 

Mary, Ric., Sir W., Sus., Tho., 195; 

Sir W., 178 
Newlathes, 185 
Newmarche, Tho. , 38 
Newport, 284; Marg., 257 

Pagnell, 97-8 

Newsom, 36, 79, 288, 291 

Newstead, 187, 281 

Newton, 119, 157, 185, 226, 252, 255 ; 

Anne, Brid., Bry., Dor., Eliz., Fr., 

Geo., Jno., Kath., Mich., Miles, 

207-10; Nic., 41; Rob., 163; Tho., 

18, 20, 208, 210 

Derwent, 187 

East, 187 

Garth, 187 

Kyme, 264 

Newyke, Ric., 287 

Nicholson, Nichelson, Nicolson, Jno., 

45, 156; Kath., 156; Mat., 98 
Noble, Dor., 242 
Nodde.Wm., 193 

Nonyngton, 93 

Noole, Wm., 197 

Norbury, 100 

Norfolk, Duch., 37, 59 ; Duke, 36, 36n-7 

Norham, 187; Sir R., 163 

Norman, Ant., 209 

Normandyll, Sir J., 80 

Normanton, 131, 187; Wm., 256 

Norney, 286 

North, Jno., 82; Mr., 207 

Northallerton, 74, 293 

Northampton, 70-1, 91, 195, 253, 263; 

Marq., 87 
North Burton, 24 

Kelsey, 162 

Mimmes, 289 
Northorpe, 278 
Northumberland, Countess, 150-1 ; 

Earl, 150, 156n 
North Wenden, 214 
Northwode, 256 

Norton, 287; Chr., 243; Jno., 254 
Norwell, 296 
Norwich, 222, 277 
Nottingham, 70-1, 81-2, 102, 122, 131, 

145, 157-8, 188, 244, 260-1, 283, 

285, 287, 290, 294 ; Earl, 36n 
Nowton, 171 
Nuneaton, 187 
Nunkeeling, 20-1 
Nun Monkton, 48 

Nycholles, Nycholl, EL, 172; Tho., 279 
Nybbes, Is., 237 

Odell, Eliz., 92-3 

Odiham, Rob., 67 

Ogden, Ric., 197 

Ogle, Ric., 137-8; Rob., 182-3 

Oker, Marg., 103 

Okewell, Mr., 290 

Okhurst, Jno., 256 

Okysbridge, 128 (? Uxbridge) 

Oldburgh, 187 

Oldyngton, Ric., 6 

Olyver, Mr., 223 

Onley, Jno., Tho., 117-8 

Orde, Bart., Hy., Jno., 141-3; Hy.. 

Sib., 167 
Ordsall, 241 
Orlyaure, 187 
Orrne, Sir W., 81 
Ormond, Jane, Jno. , 136 
Orre, Jno., 48 
Orston, 185 
Orpington, 273 
Orwell, Jno., 27; Wm., 6 
Ossington, 230 
Oswaldkirk, 186 
Otley, Kath., 257 



Ottelay, Jno., 249 

Ottery, 251 

Ottringham, 187 

Oulveston, 187 

Ousethorpe, 187 

Outhanke, Wm. , 236 

Outhorpp.Wm., 13 

Outwell, 187 

Ovingham, 167-8 

Oversalle, Jno., 207 

Owbrough, 187 

Owen, Sir H., 119 

Owndell, 128 

Oxerd, Geo., 183 

Oxford, 47, 56, 100, 127, 131, 133, 137, 
163, 173, 223, 226, 238, 244, 251, 
256, 290-1 ; Earl, 85 ; Countess, 85 

Oxton, 243, 264 

Pacocke, Agn., 183 

Page, Tho., 252 

Pagett, Bob., 274 ; Lord Wm., 295 

Paghan, (?) Paul, 196 

Pakenham, Ant., Edm., Eliz., Jno.. 

Bob., 292 
Palin, Kob., 244 
Palmer, Art., 287; Brid., Bobt., 275 ; 

Ever., 120; Jno., 95; Lew., 236 
Panell, Eic., 96 
Panter, Bob., 126 
Panterson, Jno., 165 
Parkehous, Jno., Marg., Tho., Wm., 

255 ; Bic., 267 
Parker, Parkar, Alex., 116; Hy., 131; 

Hugh, 292; Jno., 175, 209, 237, 

290; Bob., 116; Tho., 126 
Parkynson, Edw., 152 
Parr, Anne, 88, 92; Is., 83n ; Kath., 

87?i-8, 94, 199n; Lord, 87n; Maud, 

87, 91; Sir T., 87, 91, 91; Sir W., 

87, 87n-8, 90-3; Wm., 90-3 
Parrys, Tho., 289 
Parsonne, Mr., 196 
Partryche, Mary, 173 
Parvlyn, Tho., 120 
Parych, Jno., 12 
Paston, El., Sir W., 184n 
Pasty e, Bic., 155 
Patenson, Pattanson, Eliz., 142; Is., 

141; Jno., 80; Tho., 141, 155 
Patrike, Bic., 271 
Patrington, 28-30, 175, 251 
Paul, 187 
Pay, Clem., 93 
Paycocke, Mr., 207 
Payn, Bic., 30; Wm., 196 
Payntour, Peyntor, Jno., 57; Bob., 3-4 
Pechy, Jno., 84, 86 
Pecke, Jno., 38 

Peckham, Mr., 231, 250 

Peele, Bob., 196 

Peerson, Pereson, Peirson, Al., 159; 

Jan., 281; Jno., 280; Ph., 103; 

Tho., 262 
Peires, Wm., 217 
Peke, Bog., 197 
Pellam, 216 
Pembroke, Earl, 81n 
Pencher, Tho., 45 
Penshurst, 196 
Pentland, Mr., 173 
Peper, Bob., 45 
Perche, Jno., 7 
Percy, Edw., 125; Hy., 63, 156n; 

Isab., 156n ; Jose., 124n; Joyce, 

104-5; Marg., 125; Pers., 256; Sir 

J., 156; Sir B., 104-5 ; Sir T., 248 ; 

Ste., 13 

Percyvall, Eic., 208 
Pereson, Ph., 103 
Perkinson, Is., 170 
Perkyn, Jno., 268 
Pernevs, Jno. , 253 
Perpoynt, Eliz., 102; Mr., 242; Tho., 

128 ; . . . , 101 

Perrot, Bob., 121, 123, 201, 203 
Peryn, Jno., 196 

Petitt, Pettyte, Jno., 95; Wm., 47 
Petty, Sir T., 269 
Petynger, Nic., 231 ; Bic., 231 
Petyr, Peter, Jno., Luc., 29; Bic., 28, 

30; Sir W., 234 
Pew, Mr., 66 
Pewdener, Jno. , 232 
Peyen, Al., 78 

Phelyp, Philipe, Tho., 27 ; Wm., 32 
Pickering, Pykeryng, 233, 279; Ant., 

82; Anne, Elin., Geo., 288; Marg., 

82; Pet., 20; Bic., 35; Sir Jas., 

247; Sir W., 288; Tho., 82, 93; 

Wm., 82 

Pickeringlith, 248, 257, 277 
Pickhill, 260 
Pierles, Jno., 259 
Pigot, Pygot, Eliz., 216n; Jno., 28; 

Eic., 71-2w, 73, 73n, 74-5; Th., 216n 
Pillerton, 147 
Pipewell, 49 
Piron, Kat., 60 
Pittington, 169 
Plantagenet, Lady, 66ra 
Plassa, Ph. de la, 47 
Plavys, Jno., 283 
Plesyngton, Jno., Sir H., 255 
Plonfelde, Bog., 10-1 
Ploughe, Chr., 157-8; Ger., 157; Jno., 

157, 157n 

Plowland, 175, 175 
Plumer, Her., Jno., Bic., Bob., Wm., 

Plumstead, 26 



Plumpton, Agn., 49; Eliz., 48/1-9, 64n; 

Geo., Is., Jno., Bob., 49; Sir W., 

48; Wm., 49, 6o, 288 
Plumptrefeld, 177-8 
Plumstead, 271 
Plymouth, 279 
Pocklesham, 238 
Pockley, 186 

Pocklington, 10, 162-3, 262, 268, 293 
Pocockes, Marg., 242 
Poen, Tho., 100 
Pole, Poole, Jno., 202-3, 218; Mic., 

177 ; Eie., 67 
Pollard, Ric., 253 
Pollen, Mr., 61 
Pollington, 287 
Pollstede, Mr., 283 
Pomfret, 58, 117-8, 132, 215, 215", 

269, 272 
Pondes, 215 
Pontrell, Nic., 201 
Popeson, Ric., 241 
Porter, Agn., Jno., Job., Marg., Ric., 

Tho., 257-8 ; Ann, 296 ; Aug., 189 ; 

Eliz., Jno., Wm., 260 ; Mrs., 172 
Portington, Rob., 60; Wm., 62 
Potter, Sir J., 152 
Pottes, Ra., 153 
Potycary, Wm., 135 
Povey, Pet., 179 
Powell, Agn., Dav., 197; Anne, 284; 

Eliz., 149; Tho., 184 
Praye, Jno., Wm., 257 
Predieux, Serg., 243 
Preston, 237, 250 ; Jno., 36; Maud., 

Rob., Wm., 253 

Jaklyn, 117 

Prestwyk, Wm., 41 

Pricklove, Sir J., 253 

Prophete, Jno., 10, lOn 

Proudfote, Rob., 289 

Prudde, Jno., Wm., 83 

Prudhoe, 107 

Pudsay, Hy., Joan, 193; Jno., Ric., 

28; 'Rob., 27; Tho., 193n 
Pulborough, 1167t, 117-8, 204-5 
Puxley, 101 
Pycharde, Wm., 175 
Pye, Jno., Wm., 273 
Pykerton, Jno., 59 
Pylkyngton, Sir C., 272 
Pyncok, Ric., 116 
Pynen, Wm., 46 

Quenynborowe, Wm., 120 
Querne, 132 
Qwhytc, Jno., 19 


Radcliffe, Ratcliffe, Agn., Bart., Cath., 

Geo., Ra., Rob., 153 ; Hy., 73, 75 ; 

Jno., 141-2, 153 ; Mary, 116 ; Sir A., 

115; Sir Rob., 272 
Radford, 217-8, 287 
Rady, Tho., 74 
Rage, Jno., 166 
Ragonhill, Rob., 12 
Raine, Canon, 64?t 
Rainham, 213 
Rampton, 33, 101 

Randes, Randie, An., Jno., Ric., 260 
Ranwyk, Jno., 121 
Raskelf, 266-7 
Raven, Rob. de, 25 
Ravenser, Jno. de, 11-2 ; Ric., 12, 20 
Ravensthorp, 186 
Ravensworth, 89 
Rawe, Jno., 153-4 
Rawmarsh, 130 
Rawson, Al., Av., Chr., Eliz., Hy., 

Isab., Jas., Jno., Ric., Rob., Wm., 

58; Amy, Cic., Elyn, Eliz., Hy., 

Jas., Marg., Ors., Ric., Tho., 259; 

Avery, Ric., 266; Wm., 78, 155 
Raysdale, 185 
Reade, Rede, Reede, EL, 141-2 ; Eliz., 

172 ; Isab., 292 ; Jno., 141-3 ; Marg., 

141, 142?t ; Ric., 10, 174 ; Rob., 121 ; 

Sir R., 223 ; Tho., 141-3 ; Wm., 121, 


Reading, 17 

Redborn, Kay, Tho., 119 
Redesdale, 264 
Redholme, 260 
Redhonse, 289 
Redmayn, Gef. , 11<> 
Redmile, 188 
Redwick, 251 
Remston, 131-2 
Rennington, 157 
Reresby, Arn., Leon., Lyon, Marg., 

Raf., 205; Jane, 219rt; Tho., 205, 


Reson, Rob., 170 

Retford, 66, 241, 252, 255, 265, 286 
Rewellaye, Kath., 166 
Rey, Cuthb., 156 
Reydon, 288 
Reynard, Wm., 241 
Reynoldes, 67 
Riber, 101 
Ricarde, Jno., Ill 
Riccall, 263, 265, 273 
Richardson, Al., Chr., Cic., Eliz., Geo., 

Greg., Jno., Wm., 293-4 ; Jas., 84 ; 

Job., Jno., Tho., Rob., 264; Wm., 83 
Richmond, 74, 127, 129, 232, 264, 277, 

296; Countess, 68; Marg., 132 
Rider, Joh., 59; Jno., 22-3 



Rievaulx, 185, 187-8 

Bigge, Ann, Edm., Eliz., Jane, Jud., 

Ric., Tho., Wm., 296 ; Bob., 248 
Bigges, Wm., 240 
Bikhill, Nic., 253 
Bingborough, 187 
Bipe, 186 
Bipley, 220, 258 
Bipon, 33, 66, 78, 113, 208-9, 216n, 

258, 277 
Bisby, 254 

Bishworth, Kath., 57 
Bobert, Bobertes,*Is., 288; Jno., 8 
Bobinson, Robynson, Bet., Chr., 241 ; 

Jen., 282, 284; Jno., 158, 275; 

Wm., 237, 275 
Bobson, Ant., Jno., 171 
Roche, 273 ; Bry., Eliz,, Wm., 273-4 
Bochester, Bob., 172 
Rock, 157 
Bockley, 219 
Boclyff, Boecliffe, 296; Baron, 120; 

Bri., Guy, Jno., Tho., 248; Sir J., 

66; Tho., 257 
Rodeston, Bob., 32 
Bogers, Jno., Tho., 279; Joh., Jno., 

Bic., Wm., 292 
Roide, Ric., 3 
Rokeby, 52, 260 ; Dr., 244 ; Jas., 89 ; 

Jane, HOre, 111; Jno., HOn, 163; 

Laur., 168 ; Ric., 164 ; Sir B., 110 
Rokis, Jno., Marg., Tho., 256 
Rolston, Ric., 150 
Romanby, 74 
Romney, 6 
Roo, Jno., 162, 244 
Rooke, Rookes, Jno., 125 ; Rob., 256 
Boos,Bos,186; Ann, Elean.,Hy., Jno., 

Sir R., 49-50 ; Lord, 49n, 184n, 188 ; 

Marg., 188 ; Rob., 291 ; Tho., 255 ; 

Wm., 8 

Resell, Ear., 231 
Rosemund, Rob., 11 
Roshall, 186 
Rossen, Ray., 48 
Rothbury, 258 
Rotherham, 63, 190;;, 259 
Rothley Temple, 100?t 
Rothwell, 288 
Rouden, AL, Jno., Ric., 3 
Routh, Jno., 23 
Rowffe, Jane, 199 
Rowherdootes, 130 
Rowley, 258 
Rowmer, G3 

Bowse, Agn., Isab., Jno., Marg., 99 
Roxby, 254 
Roydon, 79; Isab., Jno., Ric., Rob., 

Budde, Ann, Jno., 173-5; Oliv., 120-1 ; 

Wm., 56 
Budstone, 187; Eliz., Em., Jane, Jno., 

Nic., Rob., Urs., Walt. ,Wm., 126-8; 

Wm., 97 

UulTord, 2-38; Isab., Rob., 256 

Ruggeley, Jno., 27 

Busper, 272 

Bussell, Lord, 191, 195 

Buston, 229 

Buter, Jno., 128 

Butland, Countess, 188-9 ; Earl, 184, 

184?i, 287; Nic., 246 
Butter, Ant., 193 
Byal, 187 
Bydyng, 23 
Rygge, Joh., 264 
Byley, Geo., 244; Wm., 204 
Rylston, Ra., Wm., 53-4 
Rypplyngham, Eliz., Jno., Kath., Ral., 

Ric., Tho., 258; Tho., 53-4 
Rysley, Sir J., 106-8 
Ryther, Alice, Jno., 175;i ; Eliz., Jno., 

Marg., Mary, Nic., Sir W., 171-2 
Ryton, 296 


Sacheverell, Jno., 118 ; Ral., Sir R., 

132; Ric., 76; Sir H., 100 
Sackford, Ant., Fran., Humf., 216-7 
Sackvile, Mild., Ric., 136n; Sir R,, 212 
Sadeler, Chr., 110 
Sainteman, Mrs., 219 
St. Andrewe, El., 103 
St. Quintin, Esa., 212 
Sales, Giles, Is., 143 
Salisbury, 87, 247, 249, 251, 256-7; 

Earl, 50, 69, lll?t ; Lady, 107 
Salkeld, 83 
Sail, Eic., 99 
Sallay, Tho., 96 
Sallow, 265 
Saltby, 187 
Saltfleet, 99 
Saltmarshe, Mr., 243 
Saltwich, Sir J., 118 
Salvayn, Salveyn, Al., El., Ger., Is., 

Jno., Sir B,, 31-2; El., Jer., 169; 

Jen., 152 
Sampe, Jno., 237 
Sampson, Tho., 98 
Sancton, 212 
Sandal, UOn, 124 
Sandford, Wm., 249 
Sandwich, 57 
Santon, Wm. de, 21-3 
Sapcotte, Hy., 281 
Savage, Sir J., 107; Walt., 139 
Savan, Mr., 193 
Savile, Sayvell, Hy., Jno., 192-3; Hy., 

218; Jno., 95; Lord, 64i ; Rob., 

Sir H., 179 
Savoy, 110-1 
Sawbery, Tho., 295 
Sawley, 113 
Sawtry, 237 
Saxby, 254 



Saxendale, 226 

Saxilby, 269, 272 

Saxton, Hy., 158 

Say, Rob., 132 

Sayer, Geo., 193 

Say ton, . . . , 103 

Scalby, 35 

Scambleby, 35 

Scarborough, 230, 258, 274, 279 

Scarcroft, 171w 

Scardeburgh, Wm., 26 

Scargham, Em., 171 

Scargyll, Ann, Eliz., Tho., 259 

Scarrington, 185 

Scarthovr, 80 

Scawton, 187 

Schyrburn, Jno. de, 3 

Scoles, 79 

Scolfeld, Chr., 257 

Scolowe, Wm. de, 3 

Scorborough, 187 

Scote, Jno., 268 

Scotton, 104, 278; Jno., Kath., Bic,, 

Wm., 259 
Screveton, 290 
Scrope, Agn., Ral., 274; Lord, S5n, 

88-9, 193; Marg., 84?i ; Ric., 248; 

Sir R., 85 
Sculthorp, 258 
Scut, EL, Is., 3 
Seaharn, 278 
Seaton, 186 
Seby, Thorn., 67 
Sedbergh, 273, 286 
Sedgefield, 257, 275, 283 
Sedlescombe, 17 
Selberne,Wm., 134 
Selby, 2, 4-5, 254, 261, 269; Geo., U3, 

161; Kath., 156, 161; Ral., 26, 119; 

Tho., 4 

Sellaby, 226, 226?i 
Selston, 254 

Semar, Owyn, 259; Rob., 12, 33 
Sendell.Wm., 55 
Senttingley, Chr., 216 
Sereton. 185 
Serkeld, Ric., 105 
Seron, Hy., 174; Jen., 173-4 
Sewall, Sewell, Agn., Jno., 7; Tho., 107 
Seymour, Lord, 199-200 
Seyntclere, Fr., Rob., 172 
Seys, Deg., 250 
Seyton, Anne, Tho., 279 
Shaa, 01., 178 
Shafton, 115 
Shaftowe, Wm., 167 
Shalford, 130 
Shap, 97 
Share, Rob., 83 
Sharnford, 249 
Sharow, 78n 
Sharp, 191 ; Jno., 44 

Sharpar, AL, 235 

Sharpraye, Nic., 165 

Shawe, Eliz., 58; Rog., 153 ; Sir A., I'.tli 

Sheen, 73, 145 

Shefeld, AL, Edm., Jno., Kath., Let., 

Nic., Win., 254; Rob., 271 
Sheffield, 78, 144-5, 150, 152, 259 
Shelford, 226, 240 
Shelley, Jno., 137 
Shelton,Wm., 179 
Shelwick, 196 
Shepley, 292 
Shepparde, Hy., 218,283; Hugh, 202; 

Ral., 249 
Shepshed, 188 

Sherburn, 58, 168, 170, 196, 294-5 
Shercroft.Wm., 162 
Sheriff Hutton, 216 
Sherington, 39 
Sherlaye, 219 
Sherman, Urm. , 222 
Sherwode, 258; Walt., 82 
Shipman, Jno., 218 
Shipton, Jno., 210 
Shirburn, Jno! de, 2 
Shirley, Jane, Sir R., 223 
Shirwood, Rob., 276 
Sholston, Wm., 86 
Shortou, Rob., 283 
Shottesbroke, Sir R., 31 
Shotton, 187; Job.., Ste., 60 
Shreboure, Ric., 150 
Shrewsbury, Countess, 105; Earl, 6(1 n, 

70, 75, 144 

Shrigley, Marg., Tho., 139 
Shuckburgh, 147 
Shuxborough, Tho., 269 
Sibthorpe, 290 
Sider, Wm., 34 
Sigglesthorn, 158-9 
Sigston, 216 
Silcot, Tho., 199 
Silkstone, 283 
Silksworth, 144, 237 
Silvester, Jno., 180 
Siper, Jas., 243 
Skallys, Lord, 63 
Skayle, Tho., 27 
Skeffling, 251 
Skeftelyng, Jno., 250 
Skelton, 62 ; Jno., 60 
Skerclyff, Jno., 237 
Skern, Agn., Edm., Edw., Eliz., Hy., 

Jno., Marg., Ric., Rob., Tho., Wm., 


Skevington, Leon., 283; Sir W., 107 
Skidbrook, 99 
Skidby, 21, 266 
Skiplam, 185 
Skipsea, 272 
Skipton, 140w, 208 
Skipwith, 17; Ger., Nic., 263 



Skirlawe, Bishop, 248 

Skreene, Eliz., Jno., 257 

Skyner, Walt., 19 

Skyrbroke, 99 

Slaidburn, 114 

Slater, Anne, Tho., 293 

Sledmeir, Tho., 251 

Sledmere, 251, 281 

Sleightholme Dale, 187 

Sleights, 292 

Slingsby, 76 

Smallwood, Is., Tho., 4 

Smart, Jno. , 205 

Smeaton, 79, 287 

Smyth, Smithe, Agn., 281 ; Chr., 62; 

Eh'z.,173; Hy.,45; Joh.,281; Jno., 

293; Mr., 238; Ric.,175,287 ; Bob., 

212, 243 ; Sir J., 139 ; Sir K., 138 ; 

Tho., 40-1, 218; Wm., 136n, 184 
Snaith, 62, 287 
Siiettisham, 130 
Sneynton, Jno., Tho., 248 
Snowe, Is., Wm., 199; Rob., 126 
Soirbye, Ken., 216 
Soldon, 78 
Solet, Jno., 45 
Somercotes, Kob., 40 
Somersham, 252 
Sondore, 40 
Sorrett, 193 
Sotheron, Tho., 159 
Sothill, Art., Eliz., Ger., Hy., Jno., 

Joh.,Bob., Tho., 64, 64n, 65, 65n-6 
Southame, 34 

Southampton, 109, 127; Earl, 129n, 190 
South Scarle, 204 
Southwark, 6, 35, 86, 117, 241, 257-9, 

Southwell, 33, 66, 80, 113, 236, 257, 

265, 279 ; Rob., 36-7 ; Sir B., 213 
Southwick, 278 
Spalding. 264 
Spencer, Jno., 235 ; Miles, 121 ; Tho., 


Sperling, Ant., Jno., 218 
Sproatley, 34 
Sprotborough, Tho., 22-3 
Sproxton, 185-7 
Spryngham, Sir J. , 119 
Spryngthorp, Jno., 41 
Stabulo, Jno. de, 12 
Stafford, Earl, 8, 50/t ; Edm., 248; 

Kath., 50 
Staindrop, 247 
Stainfeld, 264 
Stamford, 48, 84, 136, 187 
Stampe, Wm., 255 
Standish, Dr., 85-6, 214; Jno., 114; 

Wm., 278 
Stanerton, Jno., 9 
Stanethwaite, 65 

Stanford, 131-2, 248 

Stanger, Jno., 132 

Stanhope, Eic., 101 ; Sir M., 212 

Stanlake, 78 

Stanley, 163, 224 ; Agn., 212; Edw., 

Ill, 115; Eliz., Jno., Joh., Marg., 

Mich., Bowl., Wm., 212 ; Hy., 116 ; 

Kath., 241; Tho., 197, 212; Sir T., 


Stansfelde, 290; Eic., 141, 292 
Stanwick, 28, 78 
Stapleton, Agn., Bri., 48; Marg., Tho., 

Wm., 194; Bri., 218; H.E.C., 194/i; 

Sir B., 48n-9, 194 ; Sir Miles, 96 
Starky, Laur., 115 
Stathum, AL, Hy., Kath., Marg., Eob., 

Wm., 277-8; Hy., 157 
Staunton, 185, 196, 274, 280, 288 
Staveley, Jas., Jno., Marg., Tho.,Wm., 


Staynsford, Peers, 84 
Staynton, 259 
Stechford, 257 
Stedeman, Tho., 295 
Steele, Kath., 269 ; Kic., 218 
Stell, Eic., 32 
Stenham, 240 
Steton, 66 
Stevenson, Eic., 171 ; Sir J.. 132 ; Wm., 


Steyringe, Tho., 233 
Stillington, 283 
Stixwold, 81, 264 
Stockdale, Alex., 207 ; Eic., 274 ; Tho., 


Stockfaston, 64-6 
Stodard, Jno., Eic., Sir W., Tho.,Wm., 

Stoke, Stokes, Stocks, 71, 226, 283-4; 

Eliz.,223n; Jno., 51, 194,202; Nic.. 

42; Sir J., 251; Sir E.,174; Wm.. 


- Bardolph, 226-8 

Daubeney, 71 

Stokmeade, Marg., 294 
Stokysley,Wm., 283 
Stole, Wm., 202 
Ston,Tho., 202 
Storthwaite, 185 
Story, Bart., 288 
Stosacre, Eic., 36 
Stow, 124 

cum-Quy, 107 

Stragglethorpe, 289, 296 - 

Straitforthe, 216 

Strangways, Ann, Edw., 83; Ely., Jas., 

Lady, Rog., Sir J., Tho., 86-7; Sir 

T., 36n 
Stratfield, 294 
Stratford, 61, 124-6 
Strelly, Chr., 201 
Strete, 245 ; Jno., 242 ; Marg., 67 



Strickland, 88; Dowl., 106; Jerr., 

Rog., 88-9 ; Sir W., 247 ; Tho. , 110 
Stringer, Bry., 287 
Stronge, Tho., 162 
Strother, Job., Phil., Tho., 262 
Sturne, Jno., 29-30 
Sturton, 257 
Stylecrage, Eliz., Fr., Jen., Job., Jno., 


Sudbury, 152 
Sudeley, 200 ; Lord, 199 
Sudubury, Rob., 211 
Suffolk, Duke, 50n-l ; Earl, 8, 50>i-l, 

84n; Marg., 84 
Sulby, 70 
Sulham, 130 
Sunderland, 276 
Surdevall, Jno., 277 
Surrey, Lord, 271 
Surtees, Marm., 182 
Sussex, Earl, 216 
Suthwell, Hy., 26 
Sutterton, 230 
Sutton, 53, 71, 122-3. 178, 186, 212, 

231, 255; Jno., 270; Ric., 23; Wm., 

35, 255, 281-2 

Bonnington, 101 

Swaleclif, 277 

Swaledale, 289 

Swan, Jno., 18-9; Wm., 172-3 

Swanescombe, 250 

Swett, Jno., 254 

Swillington, 248; Eliz., Geo., Ralph, 

Sir Pet., 119-20; Marg., Ral., Rob., 

Rog., 248; Eliz., Geo., Ral., Rob. ,276 
Swinburne, Ann, Chr., Edw., Jno., 

Rowl., Sym., 240 
Swine, 31?i, 271 
Swyfte, Rob., 237 
Swynson, Tho., Wm., 201 
Sybby, Geo., 141 
Syddenham, Jno., 213 
Sye, El., Hy., Jno., Tho.,Wm., 260 
Syerston, 290 
Sylliharde, Sil., 296 
Symandes, Job., Jno., 262 
Symondsbnry, 249 
Sympson, Edith, 168; Marg., 161; 

Od., 45; Ric., 264; Rob., 53, 296 
Syms, Jane, Jno., Wm., 292 
Syngleton, Jno., 165 
Syningthwaite, 48 
Sywarde, Jno., 40 
Sywell, Al., 133 

Tachwell, Jno., 12-3 
Tadcaster, 294 
Takyll, Rob., 51 

Talbot, Ann, Dr., Eliz., Francis, Geo., 
Lord, Sir G., 144-51; Ant., Jno., 
Nic., 179-80; Edm., Gilles, Jno., 
Nic.,Wm., 66-7; Jno., 259 

Talboys, Talboies, Eliz., 217; Walt., 
86 ; Geo., Jno., Sir Rob., Wm., 264 

Tallarne, Wm., 3 

Tallington, 187 

Tamworth, 203 

Tanfield, 427i 

Tange, Tho., 16, 1!) 

Tankerd, Wm., 208-10 

Tastar, Pet., 46, 46/t 

Tatham, 114 

Tathwell, Jno., 23 

Tatteshall, 264 

Tavener, Juo., 3, 5 ; Ric., 82 ; Rob., 57 

Taylor, Taillor, Taillour, Dav., 168; 
Geo., 141; Jno., 63; Marg., Rob., 
204 ; Myles, 203 ; Rog., 157, 198 ; 
Sir Alex., 229 ; Tho., 45,215 ; Wm., 

Tayrte, Wm., 210 

Teffente, Jno., 249 

Tempest, Hy., 156n; Nic., 114-5; Rob., 
221, 240; Sir R,, 114 

Ternyn, 33 

Terrell, Gr., Ric., Tho., 294-5 

Teryngton, 256 

Tesedale, Geo., Jno., Win., 184 

Tewin, 132, 133 

Teyswell, 101 

Tharcrasse, Hy., 173 

Thealby, 270 

Theddlethorpe, 251 

Thex, 187 

Theydon, 136 

Thirkeld, Marg., Sir L., 159 

Thirkelde, Rowl. , 221 

Thirsk, 26, 26-7, 79, 139-40 

Thirtleby, 90 

Thisleton, 278 

Thompson, Tomson, Cuth., Ric. , Marv, 
Rob., 296; Jno., 45, 133-4, 183, 
241, 273; Marg., Ralph, 285 ; Mig., 
226; Oct., 45; 01., 116; Ric., 142, 
292; Sir J., 133-4; Ste.,168; Tho., 
272, 286 

Thore, Jno., Joh., Wm., 259 

Thorisbye, Marg., 221 

Thorlethorp, Jno., 27 

Thorley, 250 

Thornburgh, Rowl., 89 ; Tho., 249 

Thornes, 26 

Thorney, 137 

Thornhill, I24n ; Dor., 243 ; Ev., 33 
Hugh, 243; Rob., 242 

Thornton, 71, 77, 106, 107-8, 114, 
162, 186, 189, 241,277; Tho., 134-5 
Steward, 296 

Wood, 258 

Thorolde, Jno., 239 



Thoroton, 185 

Thorp, 208, 219, 226, 233, 287; Bart., 

Geo., 175; Jno., 106 

Salvin, 249 
Thorpes, Wm., 225 
Threlkeld, Sir L., 53n 
Thresk, Eob., 26, 26 
Thribergh, 204, 219/i 
Throgmorton, Clem., 292 ; Jno., Sir N., 


Thropfelde, 188 
Thropley, 101 
Throwley, 260 
Thruston, Sim., Tho., 52 
Thurgarton, 211, 258, 278 
Thurland, Edw., 01., Bic., Tho., 244; 

Jas., Jane, 218; Jas., 201 
Thurlowe, Jno., 48 
Thurston, Rob., 189 
Thwaites, Thwaytes, Agn. , Ant., Chr., 

El., Eliz., Jno., Tho., 79 ; Hy.,Eic., 

Rob., 53 ; Mr., 97 
Thwenge, Edm., 17 
Tickhill, 177,223,252,267; Tho., 252,271 
Ticknall, 253 
Tilstock, 150 
Tintern, 251 
Tinwell, 290 

Todde, Eliz., 266; Silv., 296 
Toddington, 132 ' 
Tode,Wm., 170 
Tole, Wm., 12 
Toller, Jno., 35 
Tolley, Cec., Jno., 211 
Tollington, 121 
Tolyte, Jno., Tho., 29 
Tomlynson, Jane, 244 
Topcliff, 285 
Torlaston, 250 
Tortynton, 250 
Totenhale, 247 
Toulston, 79 
Tournay, Wm. , 57 

Towneley, Isab., Sir J., 273; Rob., 172 
Townour, Wm., 57 
Towton, 53, 68;; 
Toynton, 255, 285 
Tracye,Wm., 97 
Trafford, Edm., 278 
Travys, Ric., 141 
Trays, Rob., 35 
Treme.Walt., 99 
Treswell, Jno., 73 
Tritlington, 250 
Trollop, And., Ann, Kath.,Marg., Tho., 


Troprnell, Wm., 32 
Truman, Wm., 218 
Trussell, Edw., 70; Jno., 201, 203 
Tubney, Jno., 52 
Tunstell, 114, 160, 187, 249, 297; 

Cuth., 93; Dr., 91 

Tupholme, 264 

Turke, Eliz.,Wm., 276 

Turner, Tumor, Cec., Walt., 26; 

Mary, 172 
Turnham, 186, 189 
Turpyn, Al.,Wm., 295 
Turr, Tho., 243 
Tutturys, Ray., 182 
Tuydhampton, Tho., 196 
Twede, 187 
Twickenham, 267 
Twissilton, Tho., 116 
Twydayll, Wm., 291 
Twyvill, 244 
Tyerswell, Rob., 26 
Tyerydge, Tho., 180 
Tyler, Marg., 259 
Tylne, 150 
Tylney, Phil., 248 
Tymble, Jno., 48 
Tynmouth, 165 
Tyrvinton, 242 
Tyrwhit, Sir R., 124 


Uffington, 187, 189>< 

Uldale, 121 

Ulgathorpe, 178 

Ulleskelf, 162, 162 

Ulrome, 186 

Ulston, 182 

Ulthawayte, 185 

Ulwrey, 185 

Underwood, Jno., 165 

Unton, Hy., 258 

Uppingham, 65 

Upton, 33, 211, 293 ; Nic., 81 ; Ric., 5 

Upwell, 187 

Urford, 81 

Urmond, Jno., 100 

Urswick, Dr., 79 

Urye, 243 

Usher, Gen., 215 ; Rob., 215-6 

Ustwaite, Rob., 80 

Van, Tho., 197 

Varsall, Tho., 218 

Yaughan, Eliz., Ill" ; Jen., 295 

Sir T., lllJi 
Vause, Nic., 132 
Vavasour, Vavesser, 80; Chr., 293: 

Marm., 162 

Venables, Dor., Rob., 128 
Verdsall, Wm., 217 
Vernon, Dor., 189 
Vescy, Lord, 53 
Veysye, Edm., 144 



Villiers, Wm., 135 
Vykers, Jas., 140 
Vylers, Sir J., 158 
Vyncent, Jno., 95 


Waddesdon, 13G 

Waddington, Anne, Eic., 137-8 

Wadebosse, Tho., Ill 

Wadesley, Mat., 49 

Waghen, 277 

Wagstaffe, Eliz., Humf., 198 

Waholl, Rob., 19 

Waide, Alex., Jno., Eic., Tho., Wm., 272 

Wakefield, 95, 111, 171, 180, 192, 

224; Alice, Hy., 248 
Wakerfyld, Bal., 170 
Waldegrave, 19 
Walden, Eliz., Sir E., 144 ; Jno., 95; 

Eog., 19 

Waldingwells, 271 
Wales, 292 

Walesby, 178, 270; Wm., 256 
Waleys, Joan, 2o5 
Walgrafe, 17 
Walhull, Eob., 18 
Walker, Bri., Syb., 97-8 ; Cuthb., Eic., 

Wm., 232; Hy., 273; Eic., Wm., 


Walkeringham, 242-3 
Walkington, 20, 24, 132-4 
Wall, Nic., 12 
Waller, El., 136; Bob., 98 
Walles, Geo., 181 
Wallingwells, 273 
Walsall, 122 
Walsham.Wm., 247 
Walters, Al., 21 
Waltham, 12, 43-4, 79, 187; Jno., 12; 

Wm., 11 
Walton, 115, 176-8, 256; Al., 54, 56; 

Jul., 19; Wm., 178 
Walworth, 151n; Tho., 249 
Wanborough, 191 

Wandesford, Jno., 12-3, 263; Tho., 27 
Wandsworth, 279 
Warcop, 221, 249; Tho., 109-10 
Warde, Edm., 67; Jno., 21, 154-5, 

204, 237; Tho., 158; Wm., 26-7 
Ware, 122 
Warenar, Wm., 158 
Wark, 183 
Warkop, Tho., 277 
Warkworth, 157 
Warman, Jno., 89 
Warner, Chr., 44; Wm., 44, 196 
Warrant, 34 
Warter, 187, 189 
Warthill, 252 
Warton, 114; Sir H., 159 

Warwick, 55-6 ; Earl, 129n 

Waryner, Adam, 277 

Wasburne, Norm., 105 

Wassand, 187 

Wastnes, Bart., Geo., 139 

Wate, Jno., 242 

Water, Wm., 83 

Fulford, 186 . 

Wath, 266 

Watkynson, Hy., 203 

Watman, Bob., 197 

Watno, Eliz., Jno., Tho., Wm., 261 

Watson, Eliz., 166; Bridg., Edw., 

Em., Hy., Mary, Sus., Sym., Wm., 

281; Bowl., 280; Jno., 242, 290; 

Mat., 3; Mr., 207; Tho., 290 
Wattes, Jno., 96 
Watton, 20, 80, 285 
Waverley, 191 

\Vawn, Eliz., Geo., Hy., Jane, Tho., 237 
Wawner, Nic., 57 
Waxholme, 187 
Waye, Pet., 126 

Walys, Ant., Eliz., Joan, Mary, 158 
Weaverthorpe, 53 
Webbe, Laur., 241 
Webster, Wm., 294 
Wedderhed.Wm., 287 
Wederhurd, Edm., Jno., Joan, Matt., 

Tho., 263 
Weighton, 54 
Wekes, Eic., 98 
Welbecke, 273; Eliz., 273 
Welborn, 71 
Welburn, 8 
Welford, 76 
Welham, 53 
Well, 56, 277 
Weller, Hy., 82 
Welles, Cec., 68; Eliz., Lady, 54, 56; 

Humf., 103-4; Jno., 68n; Mary, 

103; Sir E,, 54, 54?i, 73n; Vise., 68, 


Wellow, 287 
Wells, 250 
Wels, Eic., 241 
Welsed, Eic., 160 
Welsshe, Hugh, 128 
Welwick, 20-1, 23, 25, 175 
Welwyn, 286 
Wendham, 245 

Wendlynburgh, Jno. de, 20, 248 
Wentworth, Agn., Sir B., 123;r, Agn., 

Al., Hel., Hy., Kath., Mab., Marg., 

Mich., Tho., 245-6; Fran., 116n; 

Eic., 244; Wm., 286 

Woodhouse, 245 re 

Werke, Geo., Jas., Bal., Tho., 265 
Weryngton, 114 
Wesenham, Bob., 50 
Wessyngton, Wm. de, 3 



West, Weste, Alice, Eliz., Jas., Jno. , 
Kath., 275 ; Leo., 219 ; Sir T., 118 : 
Tho., 219n; Wm., 202 
Westbedwyn, 47 
Westerham, 196 
West Farleigh, 213 
Westham, 30, 124-6 
Westhorpe, Jno., Ric., Bob., Tho., 

Wm., 257 
Westmarisyne, 181 
Westminster, 87 
Westmorland, Earl, 55/< 
Weston, 33, 40-1 
Westys, Edw., 203 
Wetewang, Wm., 11 
Wetherden, 273 
Weton, 54 
Wever, Job., 56 
Whalton, Agn., 31 
Wharrome, Wm., 21 
Wharton, Lord, Tho., 194 
Wheathampstead, 256 
Wheatley, 154 ; Ann, 125 ; Ric. , 179, 235 
Wheldrake, 187, 279-80 
Wheler, Jno., 158, 197 
Whiddon, Ann, Job.., 287 
Whirling, Mr., 134 
Whipp, 236-7 
Whitby, 163, 251, 253 ; Jno., 27 ; Rob. 

de, 251 

Whitchurch, 150 
White, Whyte, Agn., Ann, Marg., Sir 

W., Wm., 153-4; Dav.,57; Cec., 

Nic., Ric., Tho., 267 ; Jno., 30, 59, 

153, 261, 267 ; Mr., 207 ; Rob., 45 
Whithouse, Tho., 162 
Whitley, 177-8 
Whitting, Sir H., 135 
Whittington, 114, 178 
Whitton, 254 
Whitworth, Rob., 104 
Whixley, 274; Rob., Wm., 78 
Whorlton, 86?;, 241, 289 
Whorton, Marg., 171 
Whytmore, Jno., Reg., 3 
Wickambreux, 130 
Widmerpole, 248 
Wigan, 278 
Wigginton, 203 
WighiU, 194 
Wigsley, 278 
Wilbarston, 71 
Wilberfosse, 20 
Wilbore, Jno., Mich., Phil., Ric., Sam., 

Tho., 215-6; Wm., 215-6, 286 
Wilde, Wm., 202 

Wilf ord, 147 ; Eliz. , Tho. , 250 ; Jno. , 95 
Wilkinson, Wilkynson, Wylkynson, 

Anne, Christ., Fran., Jane, Job., 

Sym., Ric., Thorn., Wm., 288-9; 

Hy., Jul., Rob., 283; Isab., Tho., 

295; Ric., 83; Rob., 235 

Williams, Hugh, 134 

Williamson, Eliz., 98, 183-4; Hy., 

Jane, Jenk., Jno., Marg., 183-4; 

Rob., 243 ; Tho., 98, 152, 183-4 
Willimote, Ann, Joh., 253-4 
Willoughby, 158, 201-2, 289; Alice, 

Ann, Edw., Eliz.,Elyn, Hugh, Jno., 

Marg., Sir H., Sir J., 121-3; Ann, 

Fra., Geo., Hy., Marg., Rose, Sir E., 

Sir H., Sir J., 200-3; Kath., 89; 

Lord, 72, 73n ; Mich., 227 
Willoughton, 57 
Wilson, Wylson, Alex., Bridg., Eliz., 

Geo., Myles, Wm. , 198-9 ; Chr. , 132 ; 

Jno., 159; Ral., 133, 198 ; Ric., 133-4, 

241; Rob., 133, 163; Sir R., 109; 

Ste., 210; Tho., 134, 198-9 
Wilstrop, 295 
Wiltshire, Earl of, 137 
Winchelcombe, 97 
Windsor, Wyndsore, 69, 69, 75, 190, 

286 ; John de, Wm. de, 247 
Winge, 256 
Wingfield, Sn, 9, 50;;, 144, 145-6, 

148, 249 ; Sir J., 8 
Winkburn, 236-7 
Winkerton, 235 
Wistow, 76, 208 
Withernsea, 249 
Withernwick, 187 
Witton, Jno., 48 
Woddall, Win., 163 
Wodevill, Ric., 33 
Wodfolde, 130 
Wodvile, Sir J., 36 
Wolastou, Tho., 30 
Wolkar, Wm., 202 
Wollaton, 121-2, 139, 200, 202-3, 244, 


Wollis-, Mr., 59 

Wolsey, Card., 110, 136, 190n 
Wolston, 251 
Wolton, Th., 235 
Wolverhampton, 17 
Wolverston, 17-9; Ric., 19 
Wolverton, 249 
Wombwell, Bob., 19, 159n 
Womersley, 219 
Wood, Wode, Jno., 9, 39, 40; Rob., 

Sir R., 120 

Woodcock, Jno., 251 ; Thur., 151 
Woodenderby, 14-5 
Woodhall, 242, 292 
Woodhouse, 150, 188 
Woodnot, Laur., 123 ; Wm., 202 
Woodrove, Joh., 248 
Woodstock, 249 
Woodward, Kath., 267 
Wooler, 187 
Woolley, 179, 245n; Amb., Awd., 294 ; 

Hy., Rob., 295 
Woolstanton, 223 



WoolBthorpe, 188 

Worcester, 96, 248 ; Countess, 129 

Worksop, 28, 145, 150, 258, 272-3 

Worrnlay, Amy, 215 

Wortley, 147; Is., Sir T.,179n; Tho., 
147, 150 

Worthington, Isab., 295; Marg., 144 

Wotten, Dr., 222-3, 234; Jno., 247 

Wraby, Bob., 39-40 

Wragby, 234 

Wrangle, 251 

Wrelton, 285 

Wren, Agn., 151?*; Ant., 169, 221; 
Chr., Cut., EL, 170; Gef., Jane, 
Kath., Marg., Rob., 168-70; Wm., 
151, loln-2, 170 

Wrenthorpe, 224 

Wresill, 274-5, 288; Wm., 35 

Wright, Wryght, Al., 45; Chas., Chr., 
175; Eliz., 175; Jno., 45, 111, 175, 
175,196; Kath. , 171 ; Ea., 192; Eic., 
196; Rob., 85, 175, 196; Tho., 56, 
196, 286; Wm., 152, 157, 196 

Wriothesley, Sir T., 190 

Wroo, Jno. , 59 

Wrynhill, 121 

Wrytte, Jno., Piers, Wm., 286-7 

Wyat, Sir H., 107 

Wyberton, 248 

Wyburn, Rob., 215 

Wycliffe, Ra., 226 

Wycton.Tho., 11 

Wygen, Rob., Wm., 283 

Wykeham, Wickham, 53, 84, 229-30, 
233, 257 

Wyken, 201 

Wykus, Jno., 52 

Wylborne, Mr., 128 

Wyld,Wm., 62 

Wylliamson, Elean., Greg., 127-8: 

Jno., 157 

Wylton, Agu.,Wm.,52 
Wymbishe, Chr., Jane, 270 
Wymbushe, Nic., 42 
Wymppeton, 7 
Wynceby,Wm., 248 
Wymler, Humf., 116 
Wyndham, Elean., 105; Edm., 67 
Wynter, Edm., 38; Jno., 10 
Wyntour, Esm., 37 
Wytherwike, Jno. de, 35 
Wyton, 107 
Wytte, Jno., 19 

Yarom, Jno., 98 
Yarrow, 161 
Yaxley, Eliz., 126n 
Yealmpton, 223, 256 
Yedingharn, 233, 257 
Yelston, Jno., 203 
Yokefleet, 151 
Youlton, 186, 189 
Yonge, Agn., 235 
Yoodall, Gaw., 163 
York (pass.), AL, Wm., 257 
Yorke, Eliz., 267 ; Jno., 21 

Zouche, Hy., 139 



DA Surtees Society, Durham, Eng. 
20 Publications, 

S9 v.116